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Helen came home about 1am, and as usual she showered and went straight to sleep. As a construction worker, I'm up early and out of the house before she rises. All day at work I kept thinking about the tape and what my lovely wife was being forced to do. Finally, my anger centered on Briggs.

Although short, fat and balding, Briggs was a millionaire many times over. He lived in a large house just outside London and had recently married an absolute stunner. She was a good few years his junior, about the same age as Helen with the same model looks and figure. Briggs absolutely idolised her, she was his main purpose for living. "If anything were to happen to my lovely little Linda, well, I'd kill myself," he announced to the press shortly after as showbiz wedding.

As Briggs's PA, Helen had become good friends with Linda and often commented on how Briggs set her on a pedestal. "You know what Hon, he spent £75,000 on a ring for her today, as though she needs another one." "I guess he must really care for her," I said, "wow, that's an understatement, he worships her. Oh, by the way, I have to go away for a few days, business."

I'd thought about everything long and hard and decided that whatever it took my marriage was worth saving. I knew Helen had been drugged and blackmailed and although it hurt to know that she was continuing to fuck other men, I had to try. I called her into the lounge. "Sit down, I've got something to show you." I could see the fear in her eyes as I started the video. I'd picked a scene where she was half dressed giving Briggs a blow job, I thought this would be less painful for her and me than watching a full length fuck scene. "Oh my God, where did you get that?" The colour had drained from her face and she was a deathly white. "I'm so sorry Hon, I can explain, please, please Hon, let me explain please ..." She stared at the screen as Briggs shot wad after wad of spunk into her lovely mouth. I turned it off but before I could say anything she completely broke down. I took her in my arms and told her that I knew everything, the drugs, the blackmail, everything. It took a full hour before her tears dried up but I was left holding an empty shell.

"This business trip, what was it really?" I asked her. In a matter of fact voice she told me. "Mr Briggs has arranged for all this years customers to meet in the Hilton for a gang bang party. I'm the gang bang." "How many?" "Oh, 20 maybe 30, I'm not sure." "Any other girls going to be there?" "No, he say's I remind him of Linda. He does all the things to me that secretly he dreams of doing to her, only of course he wouldn't really." "Will Linda be there?" "Yes, he usually slips her a sleeping powder and makes sure she's in bed before the party really starts." "OK, can you get me in?" "Sure, I print all the invites, it's a fancy dress party so wear a mask and no one will ever no."

I told Helen my plan and although reluctant, she finally agreed.

Dressed as Zorro I entered the party without any problem and promptly found Helen. She was dressed in a ball gown complete with ornate face mask. We spent some time chatting to Linda and it was easy to slip the drug into her drink. At about 11:30 Helen said it was time, "he'll be slipping her a powder any time now," "OK, go do your stuff." Under some pretence or other Helen got Linda to follow her to our hotel room.

The drug was taking effect, and although still fully conscious, Linda had no control over her actions. Quickly, we stripped Linda of her costume passing it to Helen. "How do I look," she asked adjusting the face mask, "he'll never know the difference," I said. Helen returned to the party.

She returned about 20 minutes later. "Well?" "Yep, he brought me a drink, just as always, I pretended to drink it, said I didn't feel too good and was going to bed." "Great, now what?" "OK, the rooms set up next to his suite. I'm supposed to strip of to my stockings and shoes and be ready on the bed when they arrive. He thinks I'm already slightly pissed, but that's how he likes me."

Covering her with a bathrobe, between us, we half walked and half carried Linda up to the room. Once there, we dressed her in stockings and shoes and placed her on the bed. The mask covered most of her face and in the dim light she could have been anybody. Still drugged, she simply laid there staring at the ceiling. "Oh fuck, look." Helen looked on in shock. Linda had a big bushy cunt whereas Helen's was totally smooth. I've never shaved a pussy so fast in my life. When I'd finished, Helen covered it in baby oil to try and remove the razor rash. When she'd finished she hid behind the curtain with the video camera.

Ten minutes later and the door opened. "Ah, I see someone has beaten us to it," an elderly man said. "Has the fun started yet, Charles tells me she's quite the little whore, takes it up every hole and at the same time." He walked over to the bed and looked down at the beautiful female form stretched out before him. "Oh yes, if anything she looks even more radiant than last time I had her." As he undressed, more people entered the room. "Lets tie the bitch down," said one man. I helped tie her arms to the headboard, ready to intervene should someone try to remove her mask. She was looking from man to man but the powerful drug prevented her from talking. Helen told me the drug prevented you from speech and although it allowed very little movement, you could hear and feel everything that happened.

Securely tied and with her mask still in place the men started to take turns. The old boy mounted her first, fucking her missionary style, his wrinkly old arse pounding away until he shot his load. He was replaced by another while a younger man knelt by her head and fucked her mouth. She moaned a lot but this was taken as a sign of enjoyment and simply spurred the men on. After several men had deposited their loads in her young cunt, Briggs made a grand entrance. "Ah, gentlemen, started without me I see, and just how is our young whore performing?" he asked laughing. Seeing her tied down brought a big smile to his drunken face. My heart leapt into my mouth as he leaned over her. With his face no more than inches from hers he taunted her. "Tonight my little fuck slut, you are going to find out what it's like to be fucked in every hole several times over. Then, I might even let the staff have a go." The men cheered as he stood over her. "Untie the bitch and put her on the floor, I'm going to arse fuck her real good."

As instructed, they untied the unfortunate girl and placed her on the floor on her hands and knees. "Wait a minute," said a large black guy. He lay beside her, his massive black prick standing up like a flagpole, "OK, now put her on top." With her cunt already full of sperm it was easy to place her on his large prick and I watched as she was forced down on it. Satisfied that she was well impaled, Briggs got behind them.

"Fuck me she's tight tonight," he said attempting to dry fuck her arse, " never had this problem before," he said breaking out into a sweat. "Here Charlie, try this," another guy said handing him some KY. Briggs spread the jelly onto the tip of his cock and started again. This time it slipped in easier. Linda groaned deeply. "Oh yeah, that's it bitch, take it like the fuck slut you are. Fuck me your tight tonight, you been exercising those arse muscles." They all roared with laughter as Briggs puffed and panted as he shoved more and more fat prick up her arse. Another man joined in and holding her head up by her hair he forced his cock into her mouth. "Down her throat, she fucking loves that," Briggs said encouraging him. "Oh yeah, great, lets really show this whore how we treat our women."

The three men fucked her senseless and once spent were replaced by three more. In the space of three hours she was fucked in every hole and every position possible. At one time several men spunked into a wine glass and they cheered as they forced her to drink it, holding her head back and pouring it in. True to his word, as the number of men started to dwindle, Briggs invited the kitchen staff, mainly uneducated black guys to join in abusing his white fuck slut. "That's it boys, show the little white whore what those big black cocks can do. Stretch that cunt and arse boys, I want to hear her beg for mercy."

They were savage with her and made her take two large cocks up her cunt at the same time. As daylight started to penetrate the room the last man said goodnight leaving just me, Briggs, Linda and Helen who was still hiding behind the curtains. "Well go on boy, help yourself, she's just some poor bastards fuck slut, give one last fuck for me," Briggs said flopping back in the chair exhausted. I dragged the half conscious Linda over to him and laid her out in front of him. "So you can watch one last time," I said filling her arse with my cock. I didn't take long to cum and pulling out I offered my cum covered cock to her mouth. "Looks like you've got one hell of a slut here, Mr Briggs," I said, making sure she got every drop. "I sure wouldn't like to be her old man, what with all that spunk and shit up her." Briggs laughed. "Don't worry son, she's got tomorrow to recover, beside the stupid bastard doesn't even know what a whore he's married too. Christ, is she was my old lady I'd fucking kill her."

Helen emerged from behind the curtain, video camera still in hand. At the same time I removed my mask. Briggs looked at me and then at Helen. "Helen, but, if your ... then who ..." I'll never forget the look on his face. His tired drunken fucked out brain was trying to take it in. He turned to the prone figure laying in front of him. Spunk was running out of every orifice, her face and hair were covered in it and she was moaning like a hurt animal. As Briggs removed her mask, his scream could be heard all over the hotel. Helen and I slipped out quietly.

When we turned on the news next morning the job was complete. "Millionaire and beautiful young wife found dead after hotel orgy. The police suspect suicide."
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