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She was of medium height, perhaps 5'5 weighing maybe 120 pounds, her breasts were nice, well as far as I could tell under her t-shirt, and her ass was very firm. She had long blonde hair that curled at the end and green eyes. She was beautiful and sexy. I had started to watch her about a month ago. She had caught my eye one evening as I was sitting on my deck reading the paper. As she walked by she politely said hello, I nodded. I had wondered why she was walking alone through the some what deep woods I lived in, but I soon realized that she was walking for her health. Seeing her every evening became the highlight of my day. From inside my home I had taken many photos of this gorgeous blonde walking by. Seeing her tight ass move through those shorts made me hard every time.

I started to be outside every day waiting for her to walk by so we could make small talk. Her name was Sandy and she lived about 3 miles up the road. She had moved here about two months ago and loved being in the outdoors. Not long after that she would stop and take a break while sitting on my deck with me. I would get her a glass of water and admire her sleek legs.

One night after she had gone on her way I walked back inside and made a promise to myself, that I would have Sandy. But I would wait a few days till Friday. I prepared myself. She would probably refuse but I was ready for that. Thinking of fucking someone I barely new felt like a rush to me. Her screaming for me to stop, trying to push me off her, me holding her down with her small wrists. My 8 inch cock was pounding. I couldn't relax so I went upstairs to my bedroom. I put in a porn. I laid on my bed fully exposed, cock stiff. As I watched some guy tap some chicks ass I stroked my dick, wishing it was Sandy's hand. I gently squeezed my balls and tighten my grip on my cock. I felt myself going to cum so I focused back on to the movie. As the man came in the girls ass I too came. If felt so good to feel my hot cum surge out of me. I cleaned up and went to bed needing some rest before I finally take Sandy.

Friday evening came somewhat slow but as always on the dot Sandy came walking by. She walked up my deck stairs and I handed her her glass of water. She said thanks and went on to talk about her sisters new baby. She looked incredible and my cock was half stiff when I got up and told her I wanted to show her my new entertainment system. As I walked her through the house she commented on how nice it was. Then I led her to my bedroom. She was first surprised at the size of the room but I soon surprised her with something else.

As she made her way around the room gazing out the balcony window, I shut the door and locked it. She looked at me with almost a fear in her eyes and said she had better go and continue her walk. I told her no and as she started to run for the door I grabbed her and through her on the bed. She was screaming and pushing me. I could hold her hand above her head with one of my hands. With the other I ripped off her clothes. For a second I stared at her body... So perfect. I grabbed the rope next to the bed and tied her hands and feet to the bed rails. I told her to shut up or I would have to kill her. She was quiet until I took my clothes off. She pleaded with me not to rape her. But I had to, my cock was so stiff it needed a good fuck.

I started by licking her sweet pussy. I teased her clit a little licking it, gently biting it. Then I moved my tongue across her lips and then into her cunt. She let out a small moan, I new she'd eventually enjoy this. Slowly fucking her with my tongue I soon started to taste her honey. She was so delicious. While licking her clit I fingered her hot cunt. Moving my fingers so slow, I could tell she was enjoying it because she ever so lightly moved her ass to the motion of my fingers. I wanted to fuck her with my cock so bad. But I wanted to wait and enjoy her body a little more. So I placed my self on top of her so that my dick was touching her pussy but not penetrating it. I pulled her head to one side and licked her neck, whispering in her ear that I was going to fuck her soon. She let out a half cry half moan and that only excited me more. I licked and sucked on her firm tits making her nipples hard. I loved flicking my tongue on her hard nipples. She was moaning again and my cock couldn't take it any more, it needed a good tight slick pussy wrapped around it. I wrapped my hand around my dick and slowly pushed it in Sandy. She screamed no and I pulled out. Pulled her head to one side again and told her to shut up that I was going to fuck her like crazy and there was nothing she could do about it.

I wrapped my hand around my cock again but this time a shoved it in her and began to fuck her hard. Her tight pussy was like nothing I had ever felt. So creamy wet my dick slid in and out of her so easy. I was fucking her so hard putting it in her so deep and there wasn't a thing she could do. She lay there helpless as I forced my cock deeper and deeper in her. I was ramming it in her so fast. I could feel myself wanted to cum. I pull out and place my throbbing dick on Sandy's tits. I put them together around my cock and slowly let her tits fuck my huge cock. I looked over at the clock... 8pm. I had to get finished soon. So I gave her pussy a few more licks, savoring the sweet juices. Then I forced my dick back in her and once again fucked her hard and fast. The bed was thumping up against the wall as I pushed my cock deeper in her. Fast and harder I felt my balls tighten. I didn't want this to end but it had to. I thrust my dick in and out of her dripping cunt and then pulled out and came all over her pussy lips. She sighed a little, maybe thankful it was over. I took a shower and got dressed. Grabbed my suit case and untied Sandy. I told her if she told anyone her life would be very miserable. She nodded and ran out the door. I got in my car and headed off to the airport.

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