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It was Friday night about 8 p.m. when the phone rang. My boyfriend answered it and handed it to me, saying it was someone from work. When I said hello, the voice on the other end was Nick's. I started to get a sick feeling in my stomach, thinking how close it was that my boyfriend could have found out. Nick told me that he wanted me to meet him in a Motel Saturday instead of where we have been meeting. He gave me the name of the Motel and said to be there at 4 p.m. He told me it was time that I met his wife. He told me that we would be spending the night there, to make sure that I brought a change of clothes and what ever else I needed.

As I hung up the phone I started to think what I would tell my boyfriend. I would have to let him know I would not be home till Sunday. He asked me if anything was wrong. I told him that my boss wanted me to go to Chicago to meet with a client tomorrow. That I probably wouldn't be home till Saturday. He seemed a little disappointed, but then assured me that he would find something to occupy himself with. He reminded me that he has been wanting to start restoring the sports car that he bought about a year ago, but never had anytime to get to it. I know that he has been buying parts for it and storing them in the garage with the car. That seemed to make him happy, knowing that he would be able to work on the car without having to ignore me the whole weekend.

Saturday afternoon I packed a small overnight bag with a change of clothes and personal items. I was shaking all day, just the thought of what was going to happen tonight made me feel ill. I kissed my boyfriend good-bye and left a few hours early. I didn't really know where the Motel was and I knew I needed a couple of drinks in me before I got there.

It took me about 35 minutes to find the Motel. As I was looking around I noticed a bar right around the corner of it. I pulled in the parking lot and walked in. There were only a couple of people in there, it was still early. After about an hour there I had four beers in me. I could feel the effects, since I am only a social drinker. I knew I had to be about half lit to be able to go through with this. And I knew if I backed out Nick would make sure that my boyfriend would find out.

It was about ten till four and a few more beers later, when I grabbed my purse and walked out of the bar. As I was pulling in the Motel parking lot I saw Nick's car parked in front of one of the rooms. Room 6. I parked my car on the other side of the parking lot and sat there for a few min, trying to get the courage up to get out. As I was sitting there the door of room 6 opened and Nick stepped outside looking around. He noticed my car and started to walk towards it. When he got to the car I rolled down the window.

"What's taking you so long" he said.

"I don't know if I can go through this" I replied

"She is not here yet, get your bag and come in the room with me" he ordered.

I took the keys out of the ignition and grabbed my bag and purse. Locking the car door, I followed him to the room.

It was fairly a large room, on one side was a table with two chairs. On the other side was a large bed with mirrors on the ceiling. In front of the bed was a TV and a phone on a dresser. He had the air-conditioning on low. There was an overnight bag on the table and a six pack cooler. He walked over to the table and pulled out a beer from the six pack cooler and handed it to me.

"She will be here in about an hour. She wanted to get a couple of items from the grocery store" he laughed.

He turned on the TV and looked at me with a smile, "You'll like this, they have a satellight dish and they get the smut channel"

I looked at the TV and there was a X-rated movie playing. There was a blonde girl getting fucked by two men. I turned my head, I did not want him to think I enjoyed watching such things.

He walked over to the edge of the bed where I was sitting and sat down next to me. "We can start having a little fun before my wife arrives. I told her that I would have you nice and wet" he said with a wicked grin on his face. He took the beer out of my hand and put it on the night-stand next to the bed.

Taking a hold of my face with both hands he started to kiss me deeply. Kissing my neck, my face, and my mouth for almost ten minutes. I don't know if it was the beers that I had or the effect of his kissing me, but I was starting to relax and I could feel the juices starting to flow in my pussy.

"Take off your clothes" he ordered me.

As I was sliding my shoes off, he also started to take off his clothes. It was the first time that I really looked at his body, he was very muscular. His stomach was like a rippling river. Usually it was to dark to tell what he looked like and I really didn't want to look at him before. I didn't want to feel anything for him. But here I was admiring his physique. How wonderful his big arms looked, and that wash board stomach was to die for.

He slid across the bed and said he wanted me to sit on his face. He wanted to watch himself licking my pussy with the mirrors on top of the ceiling.

I climbed on top of him and straddled my legs across his face, my pussy just above his mouth. He was licking his lips. "I love to see a wet clean shaved pussy, It makes my Dick hard" he said, as I lowered myself down to his mouth.

I rocked my self back and forth across his tongue, the whole time he was looking up in the mirror and at me. He put one of his fingers to his mouth and licked it, sliding his hand underneath me, he inserted his finger in my ass. I started feeling like I wanted to explode at that moment. With the pressure of his finger in my ass and his tongue on my clit. My eyes were closed tightly, rocking my pussy in a faster speed around his tongue so that he hit the right spot at the right speed.

"Oooooo yea, eat me, I'm gonna cum all over your face, that's it lick my clit, finger my ass. Oooooo here it cummmmms. I'm cummmmming" I said in a gasping voice. My orgasm hit me like an earthquake, I was shaking violently. I fell to the side of him and collapsed on the bed shaking and whimpering.

He rolled over on his side looking at me. His face was glossy with my orgasm all over it, he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me over, we started kissing. It felt wonderful. It seemed for a short while that I forgot where I was, why I was there and who I was with. But that ended all to soon when I heard the door opening. I broke away from Nick's embrace.

In walked a woman about 5' 7" tall, about 140 lbs with long black hair in a short outfit. She had a beautiful body. Her breast were very large with her slim waist. She was carrying a grocery bag. I was curious as to why she would have had groceries with her.

Nick got out of the bed and walked over to her grabbing the bag and putting it down on the dresser near the TV. He gave her a long and deep kiss. "Mmmmm, I can taste that you have been eating pussy already, I'm glad you started without me, I didn't want to hold things up"

He looked at me and introduce his wife "This is my wife Sarina." I stood up and grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around myself. "Sarina, go and give Lisa a kiss hello" he said smiling pushing his wife with his hand on her back.

She walked over to me and said smiling "You are just as cute as Nicky said you were, it is so nice to meet you. I know we are going to enjoy each others company" With that she placed her hands on both sides of my cheeks and brought her lips to mine. It felt more tender than any man that ever kissed me. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and we shared a deep kiss. Standing in front of me she took the blanket and slid it down off of me. "I want to look at you, you have such a beautiful body you shouldn't hide it" she said with a smile on her face.

"I brought some things from the grocery store, I think you might like them. I love eating things off of people. Sucking on a Dick with a pineapple ring around it makes me get off" she said with a little chuckle in her voice.

She walked over to the bag and starting taking the items out, It looked like she had everything there to make an ice-cream sunday except the ice-cream. There was a can of whipped cream, a jar of cherries, a jar of pineapple rings, a container of strawberries and four bananas

"Maybe for dinner we can have a pizza delivered" Sarina said after taking the items out of the bag. "Let me freshen my self up with a quick shower before we have some fun"

Sarina walked into the bathroom and I heard the shower turning on. I turned around to find Nick standing next to me.

"I don't think I can go through this" I said.

"Don't worry, you will learn to love it. We are not going to hurt you. That is if you don't give me a reason to. You will fuck my wife and me till I we are through with you. I don't think you have any other choice now do you?"

"No, I said "But won't she be mad at seeing you with another woman?"

"She has no say as to what I do, and she knows that if she don't like it she can leave anytime she wants. We have a very open relationship. She fucks who she wants and I fuck who I want. Then there are times like this when we both enjoy fucking the same person. It really turns us both on seeing each other fucking someone else." Nick explained.

I couldn't believe what he was telling me. I never new anyone who had such a relationship. I was just hoping that my boyfriend never found out. That this would all be over with soon and I could get on with my life.

I heard the shower shut off and Sarina emerged from the bathroom wearing only a few droplet's of water on her body. She walked over to the items on the table and placed them on the bed.

"I thought we would start out with both of us pleasing Nick for a while" Sarina said grabbing the jar of pineapple's. "Come over here Nick and lay down in the middle of the bed, I'm getting a little hungry for a snack" she said chuckling.

Nick walked over to the bed and sprawled out in the middle of it.

"Come here honey, you can help decorate the sunday with me, then we can eat it off of his cock." She opened the jar of pineapples and cherries. She took one of the pineapples and placed it over Nick's cock. It slid down to the base of his dick laying on top of his balls. His cock was not fully erect yet. She told him to stay soft so that they could suck it till it got hard. I remembered the time when I had his cock in my mouth and it was semi hard. It felt wonderful feeling it grow inside my mouth. I was sitting on one side of Nick, with Sarina on the other side. She handed me the can of whipped cream and told me to make his cock into a sunday.

I squirted whipped cream along his shaft and on top of his mushroom shaped head. She opened the jar of cherries and placed one on top of the head of his cock.

"Mmmmmm that looks good enough to eat. I will let you have the first lick at it though, I'm not to crazy about cherries. But, Nick loves them." Sarina said.

I lowered my head down towards his cock and grabbed the shaft, my hand was covered in whipped cream. I took the head of his cock with the cherry on top and placed it in my mouth. It tasted wonderful, I could feel the cherry sliding around my mouth as I was sucking on his dick. He was starting to get hard in my mouth. I could feel myself starting to get wet just from sucking on his dick.

"Mmmm, yea baby, suck his cock. Oh honey she looks so cute sucking your cock. How does it feel?" Sarina said

"Nice, real nice. Lick my balls Sarina while she sucks my cock" Nick gasped

He spread his legs wider so that Sarina could lick at his balls. The whole time I had the head of his cock in my mouth. She was licking his balls and shaft at the same time. Her tongue would sometimes hit my lips. Nick started to buck his cock upwards towards my mouth. Sarina placed her hand on top of my head as to guide it down his cock. "Yea baby, take his cock all the way down your throat. That's it suck him. Suck his cock."

Sarina licked her finger and looked up at Nick, He was watching what was going on in the mirrors on top of the ceiling. She slid her hand under his ass and pressed her finger to the opening of his ass. He lifted his butt a little so that she could enter a little more. He was groaning loudly. The whole time saying

"Yea bitches, suck my cock. That's it finger my ass. Oooooo yea it feels so fucking good. Sarina make sure she keeps her head there so I cum down her fucking throat. Yea, Oh that looks so fucking good. Fuck yea, oh yea suck it baby suck it make me cummmm.

Sarina kept her hand on the top of my head while I bobbed up and down on his cock. The whole time shoving her finger in and out of his ass. He was shoving his cock upwards now a little faster, I could tell he was on the verge of cumming. He cock was rock hard.

"Yea that's it suck his cock baby, make him cum. Swallow it honey, Swallow all of it. Mmmmmm yea, she looks like she loves to suck cock. I can't wait till you lick my pussy honey. If you lick pussy as good as you suck cock I will be pleased. Oh yea fuck her face Nicky"

"Get ready bitch, I'm gonna cummmm. Yea her it cums." Nick was shoving his cock upwards and Sarina was holding my head down on it. I felt his cum shoot down the back of my throat. I know it would have shot across the room if it wasn't in my mouth. It was hitting the back of my throat at lightning speed. His hips were bucking spastically. I swallowed as much as I could some of it ran out of my mouth over his balls.

I sat up after his orgasm subsided. Sarina looked at Nick and told him she was going to clean him up. She started sucking on his now limp cock and eating the pineapple ring off of him. He was semi-hard again when she was finished.

"Mmmmm that tasted good Nicky" Sarina said shoving the last piece of pineapple in her mouth. "How did it feel Nick?"

"Fucking Great. Know I want to see the two of you getting it on for a while till I get hard again, then I will join in. I can't wait till I get my cock up your tight ass Lisa" Nick said with a big smile across his face.

Know I knew why he hadn't fucked my ass in the last couple of weeks, he was waiting for a night like this.

"I am still hungry" Sarina said looking over at me.

Nick sat up and slid back on the bed. resting on the headboard. Sarina grabbed a banana and started pealing it. She threw the banana peal on the night stand and slid over so that she was next to me. She turned her head so that we were face to face. Placing her hand on my cheek she guided my mouth to hers. We kissed for a couple of seconds when she slid back over a little.

"Lye back honey, you will enjoy this"

Nick spread his legs and told me to lay between them with my head resting on his stomach. I was in a half sitting and half lying position. Lisa slid down to the bottom of the bed and told me to spread my legs, she maneuvered herself between them on her belly.

She started slowly kissing her way up my thighs till she reached my pussy. Gently she opened the lips of my cunt with one hand and started to guide the banana across my clit. It felt strange at first. I looked up in the mirror and Nick was watching, he caught me looking in the mirror at him and gave me an evil smile.

"Mmmmm Nicky, she is so fucking wet." Sarina said while shoving the banana inside my pussy and taking my clit in her mouth sucking on it.

"That's it Sarina, eat her pussy. Fuck her pussy. Yea baby, looks good." He said while he was pulling on my nipples.

At first I was nervous and thought I would not get into it. But all the attention they were paying to my pussy and tits was driving me crazy. I started to slowly move my hips in a circular motion. While Sarina slowly increased the speed of licking on my clit.

"I told you, you would enjoy this, you love having your pussy licked don't you?" Nick asked

"Yes, ohhhh yes eat my cunt eat me, fuck my pussy, that's it faster lick my clit faster" I grunted.

Sarina started licking my clit faster while shoving the banana and a finger in my cunt. It felt like the banana turned into mush, mostly all I could feel was her finger sliding in and out and her tongue on my clit. I started to buck my cunt up towards her face at a faster pace. She kept up with me, as I got faster she started to lick faster.

"Ohhh yea, Oh my God I'm going to cummmm. Yea oh fuck yea, mmmmmm"

Nick increased the pressure on my nipples and I felt like I was going to explode any second.

"That's it bitch, fuck her face, cum in her mouth, you little slut you love this."

I gridded my pussy in her face so hard I thought I broke her neck, but she kept licking. I was cummming. I couldn't say anything there were only grunts coming from my mouth. My hips were vibrating. Sarina never stopped licking my pussy. She was licking my pussy a little slower every now and then flicking my clit with her tongue sending shivers through me.

When she was finished she sat up with a smile on her face. "I thought you would like that. Know seeing how I am the only one who hasn't gotten off yet, I think it is my turn."

Nick helped me to sit up so that he could get off the bed. He walked over to the box that was on the table and grabbed a few of the dildo's out and placed them on the bed next to me. I could see that watching his wife eat me out had an effect on his cock. It was half hard by now.

Sarina scooted herself in the middle of the bed. Placing a pillow under her ass so that it was elevated up some.

"Remember what I did to you at the picnic table, I want you to do that to Sarina"

I knew what they both wanted, I was nervous. It wasn't bad having a woman eat me out. But I wasn't to sure of how I would like eating another woman's pussy.

I positioned myself in-between Sarina's legs, she handed me two of the dildo's she wanted me to use. She told me to use the larger fat one in her pussy, and the long slender one in her ass. The one was made of jelly and the other was of hard plastic material.

I tried to mimic what she had done to me a few minutes earlier. I started slowly kissing my way up her thighs till I reached her pussy. I opened her lips and started to lick around her clit. She was very wet. I took the larger jelly dildo and placed it at the opening of her pussy. Slowly I slid it in. I started to slide it in and out while I flicked my tongue across her clit. I could tell she was enjoying it by the moans she was making. I pulled the jelly dildo out of her pussy and grabbed the hard plastic one. Guiding it up inside her cunt to get it wet for her ass. I pushed it in and out a few times. It was soaked. I put it to the entrance of her ass and slowly started sliding it in and twisting it. She was rolling her hips and moaning louder. I grabbed the jelly dildo and slid it inside her pussy with one thrust. She bucked her hips upwards.

"Lick my clit baby, Oh it fells so good. You taught her well Nicky, very well" Sarina purred

I tried to keep up with her movements of her hips. When she was rolling them faster I licked her clit faster. The whole time shoving the dildo's in and out of her pussy and ass. She was moaning louder and louder. I thought they would hear her in the next room. Nick was on top of the bed sucking on her nipples. I could see that his cock was almost rock hard. I was actually enjoying giving this woman pleasure. It started to make my pussy wet hearing her moan and licking her. I increased the pressure of my tongue on her clit which sent her over the edge.

"Ohhhh ohhhhhh yeaaaa, fuck, fuck" was all she could say. Her hips bucking wildly. I could feel her orgasm all over the dildo and my face.

I sat up and slowly taking the dildo out of her ass. Leaving the one in her pussy, slowly moving it in and out till she recovered from her orgasm. Her eyes were glazed. She had a smile across her face that looked permanent.
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