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She pushed the car up to one hundred and thirty kilometres an hour, trance thumping through her body, the air beating in the window, and the rainforest blurring into pastel greens. Her hands gripped the wheel, and warm thrills and shivers rippled through her body as she relished the speed, leaving the memories of New Years Eve behind her. She could almost taste Paul's cum from when he'd shot across her tongue, and she smiled, remembering the creamy texture as it had dribbled down her chin. It was a night of dancing, drinking, kissing and fucking. Her hand fluttered off the wheel, softly caressing a breast and sliding down to gently press between her legs. She sucked in a breath and pushed her foot slightly harder on the accelerator.

Waking her from her pleasant thoughts was the flash of blue and red lights in the rear view mirror, followed by a pulse of high-beams coming from a central motorcycle headlight. "Fuck," she muttered, instantly easing off the pedal. The bike's indicator came on, and a gloved hand pointed toward the side of the highway. 'That's all I need at ten o' clock in the bloody morning,' she thought, braking gently and pulling the Audi over to the gravel shoulder.

The cop took his time to slide his visor up, unbuckle the clasp, flick out the stand, remove his gloves and switch off the bike. She adjusted her flimsy dress, making sure her breasts were concealed and pulling the hem as far as she could down her thighs. The cop climbed from the bike, removed his helmet and slowly walked towards her car. She noticed his hair was thick, dark and tousled from the helmet. Her heart beat faster as he approached and she prayed he wouldn't test her for any substances.

"Morning Miss," he said, towering beside her window, his hand brushing back his hair and sunlight gleaming on his dark glasses. "Do you have your licence on you?" His face was angular and she could see the dark outline of his whiskers. She noticed flecks of grey running through his hair.

"Just a moment..." She picked up her silver handbag and searched for her purse. 'He's pretty cute,' she thought as she turned back to him. "I've got it here... Here you are."

He took the card and turned slightly, examining it, then sighed loudly. "Okay Sara, I'm going to go write you a ticket. Just wait a moment, and keep the engine switched off." His voice was chocolaty smooth, and she picked up a tone of playfulness. As if he thought she had been a naughty little girl.

Sara watched him walk back to the bike, checking out the way his rump moved under the cotton fabric of his uniform. 'He sure is a handsome son-of-a-bitch,' she thought, noticing the way his leather jacket gripped his frame tightly, angling up beneath his arms to cover broad, thick shoulders. Ideas curled through her mind, from stories she'd read in her brother's Penthouse magazine's 'Forum'. She recalled one particular tale where a girl was pulled over by a cop, and she'd sucked him off to avoid getting a ticket. 'God, I wouldn't half mind doing that to him, for any reason,' she thought, becoming aware her nipples were hard and somewhat noticeable through her dress. Tingling anticipation settled deep in her belly and she felt herself begin to smoulder within her panties.

He was beside her window again as she smoothed her hemline once more, glimpsing an enticing shape packaged beneath his sparkling belt-buckle. His belt was slung low holding his black baton, silver handcuffs and his sidearm. She could make out the thick, rounded shape of his cock through the material and by all indications, he appeared to be partially erect. Excitement crept up her spine as the Penthouse story again sprang to mind. She gulped as she realised she was staring at the bulge of his cock, and felt her cheeks warm with embarrassment. He smiled and leant down closer to her window, the ticket in his hand. She realised she could smell her own excitement, her pussy releasing fragrant aromas of musky sexuality. She felt herself blush even more fiercely.

"Is there anything you want to tell me?" He asked, and she heard him inhale deeply.

"I'm not sure what you mean," she gulped, feeling the sexual tension rising like a curtain between them. 'Does he mean what I think he means?' she wondered, incredulous. He was so handsome, and had a mature, experienced air of charisma about him, as if he'd seen it all, and understood the way of the world. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach.

"What do you think I mean?" She watched as his tongue moistened his dry lips and his fingers curled over the window edge.

Suddenly her nervousness peaked, and she moved beyond herself, to a place where the curtain of tension disintegrated. "I'd like to tell you to forget the ticket," she said, keeping her voice low. "I'd like to help you to forget the ticket." She let her own tongue flicker across her lips, and sucked gently on her lower lip, brushing back a bang of sandy hair.

His face suddenly hardened, and he stood up tall, his sunglasses gleaming in the Byron Bay sunshine. "You do realise that attempting to bribe a police officer is a serious offence. As is solicitation," he added. "Just how far do you think you can go, Miss?"

His words were like a slap in the face. "Umm, oh, that's not what I meant! I'm sorry..." She cringed, in a hot bath of embarrassment. 'This is not what happened in Penthouse,' she thought. "Jesus. Please officer, just give me the ticket and I'll get out of your way. I'm truly sorry."

"It's too late for that." He said. The rasp of leather from his jacket became the only sound in the quiet country road. "I think you'd better step out of the vehicle." He tugged on her door and it clinked open, his other hand rested threateningly on his nightstick.

"I'm fucking sorry. Please, I take it back, I don't know what came over me. It's just... I just thought... Oh, it doesn't matter." Realising she'd made a huge mistake, she unbuckled her seatbelt and climbed out of the car. The asphalt felt hot beneath her feet and she could smell the salty sea air.

"I've got the whole thing on tape. You understand you'll need to get a solicitor. But right now, you're going to have to follow me into the station, have them print you, and check out your file." His words were pure business, a well practiced authoritarian routine.

"I don't have a file. And I've never been in trouble with the law. Please, just let me go, I promise I'll never do anything like this again." Her thoughts went to her parents, and she could hardly bare to think about what they would say when they found out. 'God, my father,' she thought, 'he'll think I'm a fucking prostitute.' She shuddered with hopeless frustration.

"Turn around and put your hands on the car." He ordered, his notebook in hand and his police uniform spotless and gleaming.

Feeling tears spring to her eyes she turned around and held the warm roof of her father's Audi. A breeze fluttered her thin dress and she was uncomfortably aware of how slutty she looked. Like a cheap whore in her skimpy dress, with no bra, g-string lines visible, and long sandy windswept hair. Her bare feet and toe rings wouldn't help either, garnished with bright pink nail polish. She sighed miserably and sniffed as she felt her eyes begin to water.

"What I meant was," the smooth voice said behind her, very close to her ear. "If you had anything to tell me, such as anything you might have in the car that maybe shouldn't be there. I think you know what I mean. Or does your boyfriend take care of all that."

"God, no," She sniffed. "No, there's nothing like that."

"I suppose it's probably all gone after last night. New Years in Byron Bay. I know what goes on." He brushed his hands down her sides, over her waist and around her hips. The leather toe of his boot nudged her soft calf, and she parted her legs slightly. She had never felt more vulnerable.

"I don't do drugs. I don't even smoke cigarettes. Please, I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything by what I said. I'm really a good girl."

His hands slid down her left leg, pressing inches away from her crotch, which was rapidly cooling as razor sharp fear began to slice through her. "You're a good girl," he repeated with a dangerous tone, crossing to her right leg, tracing the straps of her panties where they ran tightly across her rump.

"Hey!" she spat, curling her head. "You can't touch me like that. I'm supposed to have rights."

"Can't I?" He replied. "A moment ago you were offering me sexual favours to tear up your ticket." He leaned closer, inhaling deeply beside her neck. She felt a rush of excitement pulse through her body, down to her fingertips and up again, prickling up the skin on her scalp, then rushing down to her toes before settling deep within her belly. She felt her molten core begin to melt like lava, the warmth again surfacing inside her.

His hands touched her sides ever-so-gently, barely scraping her through the material before caressing her bare armpits, and she suddenly felt his cock press against her rump. She shivered, then groaned. Lust burned inside her, and her nipples crinkled erect. She realised she was about to be raped by a uniformed policeman, and the feel of his hands cut through her fears and filled her with steaming liquids of tingling desire.

"What are you going to do to me?" She moaned as his hands curled around her breasts, holding them gently and warming her nipples. The sound of an approaching car tore through the silence, and he quickly released her. A red car swirled past in a whirlwind of air, and she caught sight of a pale face looking at her through the window.

Sara turned and saw the cop had removed his sunglasses. His eyes were as crystal blue as the crashing waves, yet they seemed somewhat gentle. "Let's go in there," he motioned towards an opening in the rainforest. "Lock your car, and bring the keys." He swiftly walked to his bike, his boots crunching in the gravel, and the sound of a bird whistle flittered past her. 'This is becoming a weird morning,' she thought, rolling up the window and slamming the door. She watched as he rolled his bike into the shadows of a Poinciana, its bright orange flowers punctuating the canopy like Christmas lights. "Come on," he coaxed, his eyes gleaming feverishly.

She took his hand, nervous, anxious, excited and scared all at once. She wondered if she should be doing this. What the possible dangers were. He was a cop, but cops can be psychos too. 'I can't turn back now,' she knew, and a spark of adventure lighted up inside her knew and she decided she didn't really care. She stepped carefully through the mat of leaves and moss, trying to avoid any sharp objects piercing her tender skin.

"Here," he stopped, turned and pulled her body against him. "Let me look at you. You're just amazing. I'm going to do such filthy, depraved things to you." He pulled her against his uniformed body, and she pressed her cheek against the leather. His face angled down until his lips met with hers and she pressed herself closer, pushing her tongue into his mouth and sliding her hand down over his firm rump. He groaned into her mouth, his hands running over her skin, pulling the hem of her dress up, sliding over the milky sides of her breasts. His cock jutted against the fabric of his pants and felt hot and solid against her. Her tongue licked over his, sliding over the edges of his teeth.

He pulled up her dress, releasing their lips as he lifted the flimsy garment over her head, then kissed her passionately again as she folded her almost naked body against him. Her panties felt sopping at the crotch, and so hot it felt as though she'd wet herself. She couldn't believe the lust she was feeling. There was an electric current coursing through her body.

He knelt down in the damp mat of rotting plant matter and moved his face toward her steaming centre. She groaned as she heard him inhaling her female aroma, smelling the erotic scent of her sex. She gripped his thick hair with both hands and parted her legs as much as she could to allow him greater access. His fingers held her thighs and she felt him penetrate the elastic of her panties, pulling them aside, one edge getting trapped within the folds of her pussy, soaking up the fluids gathering there. Then his hot tongue touched her, and she almost collapsed as her knees trembled uncontrollably. He pushed his face into her, his whiskers roughly brushing her thighs as his tongue sluiced through her plump pussy lips, collecting layers of her magma and flicking over the hole of her urethra. Her clitoris pulsed rhythmically, and her body shuddered as he sucked her inner lips into his mouth, pressing them against his teeth and releasing them, then doing the same with her little clitoris. It was as if he wanted to suck all the juices out of her, to drink the liquids of her sex like a religious sacrament.

He removed his hungry tongue from her depths and tore her panties from her body, his face feverish and shiny with her fresh juices. "Take out your cock." She whispered throatily. He stood up in the shadowed canopy of the rainforest and pulled off his leather jacket. His shirt underneath was wet around the arms with sweat and she saw his shiny police badge, making the gravity of the situation surface once more. His fly unzipped and he pushed his underwear aside to release a mammoth cock, at full strength, with blue veins bulging out all over it like a bodybuilder's torso. The head was golden and tremendously engorged, its vertical slit partly open, looking like a snake ready to spit hot venom across her belly. His body was trim and muscular, with a thatch of dark, curly hair across his pectorals that ran down to his crotch.

She gulped at his size, painfully aware his cock was much bigger than any of the boys' around her own age. She almost expected it to sizzle when she touched it, like a hot branding iron plunged into cold water. He moaned as her fingers curled around it and she knelt down before him, ready to pray to the god of cock, her fingers frantically tugging at his belt buckle. She wanted him open and bare in the cool of the forest. With a delicious anticipation she licked at the eye, dabbing her saliva onto it, testing its temperature with the tip of her tongue. She felt it pulse, and a large bulb of clear fluid worked its way to the surface. Sighing, Sara touched her tongue to it, and watched as a sticky strand stretched from his raw opening to the tip of her tongue.

Finally she unclasped his buckle and tugged his pants down, the angry beast wobbling before her eyes, the strand breaking and another swirl of pre-cum staining her as the head bumped against her cheek. With the weight of his police equipment, his pants crumpled around his ankles, and the gun slapped against his motorcycle boot with a heavy thud. She curled her hands around his buttocks, parting them, squeezing them and rubbing them, before opening her mouth as wide as she could and taking the head of his cock into her mouth.

It felt like a huge fleshy gobstopper as she sucked gently, her tongue moving to the opening and snaking inside. He groaned as she sucked, and forced as much of him into her mouth as she could. Her hand reached between his cheeks for his balls, and she stroked his perineum gently before rubbing the hot, bulging sack. His cock tasted salty and sweet. She forced it further into her mouth until it pressed against her tonsils, and she felt her body tense in response, fighting the mechanical urge, before she released it covered in thick globules and bubbles of saliva, hanging between them in strands. Beads of sweat broke out on her forehead. "Fucking hell, that is the nicest cock I've ever seen," she said, licking her lips with admiration before engulfing it once more.

Her pussy was streaming with juices, and her hand reached under her to rub her clitoris and slide around in the slippery fluid. She reached further under until she could feel her own arsehole, rubbing her juices all over it, and pushing her fingertip inside. In her squatting position she felt it open and suck in her digit, and she reached back around and did the same to him, finding his tightly coiled ring and hearing him grunt even more loudly. As soon as she pushed her finger in she felt his cock swell, his balls contract, and everything explode with pungent semen into her open mouth. The taste was buttery and sweet, streaming down her throat and filling her mouth. She felt some escape from the corners of her mouth as his cock convulsed again and again, huge globules of semen spurting into her welcoming mouth. His cock slipped from her lips with a soft pop and another geyser of sperm shot right out before her eyes, splashing across her nose, catching on her eyelash and painting her cheek. Hungrily she engulfed him again, her tongue running circles around the head until the eruptions subsided, and she removed her finger and gently massaged his heavy balls.

"Whoa Sara," he breathed. "That was fucking intense. Where did you learn those tricks at your age?" He sighed with exhaustion, sucking in the cool forest air, and swaying slightly before her. He bent forward and began picking up his pants.

She slowly stood up, her face dribbling thick sperm, some of her eyelashes pasted together with it, and her knees dirty from the ground. "I want you to fuck me. I want you to make me come." She fingered her clitoris, rubbing her finger around it with a steady, circular motion. "I need to be fucked hard." She reached his drooping cock with her other hand, pulling and slapping at it. She licked her juices off her fingers, smearing his white frosting across her lips. "Can you get it up again, Officer?"

His face glowered at her, his eyes like cold blue steel. "Bend over. Hold onto that tree," he indicated roughly, pulling his nightstick out of his utility belt. "I'll start you off with this."

She met his challenge, the fire in her belly burning so intensely made it impossible to turn back. She leaned over as far as she could and took hold of the tree trunk, arching her back and spreading her legs so her bottom opened, and she knew from his moan he was feasting his eyes on her ripe pussy and anus. "Give it to me."

She felt his hands grab her roughly and his face press into her backside before his tongue lashed between her parted lips and stab into her hole. She felt screams escape her lungs, and her nails dug into the flesh of the tree. His tongue licked every crevice and probed every hole as his whiskers scratched against her white, parted cheeks. He was like a starving man on a chocolate cake. She shuddered as he stretched her apart and stabbed into her again, making his tongue hard and venturing deep within her, then making it soft and lapping at her like a puppy. She could sense his love for the flavours of each of her holes. Then his face left her, and she heard him licking his lips. Looking between her legs she saw him dribbling and rubbing his saliva over the nightstick. His cock was hanging like a donkey's, semi-erect but starting to move. He pressed the end of the stick against her pussy, rubbing it up and down, over her clitoris and up to her anus. "Stick it in me, Officer. Fuck, I need it badly," she hissed, her fingers returning to her clitoris to rub at it furiously. She could already feel the makings of a guttural orgasm sewing its seeds deep inside her belly.

As felt it poised at the entrance to her pussy, she pushed herself back onto it. Inch by inch it travelled up inside her until it bumped against her womb. Deliciously full, she increased the tempo and pressure on her bud, revelling in the feeling the nightstick was giving her.

"Oh, you dirty little bitch," the cop growled. "You love it, don't you?"

"Come on, move it harder and faster," she panted, her legs beginning to wobble. "Oh, fuck," she groaned.

He moved the nightstick like a piston, in and out, hammering against her womb. Looking between her legs she noticed his cock was back to full strength, jerking out in front of him knight's lance. "Give me that fucking hard dick, Officer!"

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