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It is the summer of 1999 and Wes is setting in his small apartment watching porno, he is slowly jerking his thick 8inch cock. He stares intently at the screen as he watches 2 woman going at it, as his phone rings breaking his trance.

"Hello?" asked Wes as he turned loose of his cock and grasped the phone. He stands up to zip his pants as the voice on the other end of the phone starts talking to him.

"Hey baby, we need to talk about something." Spoke the person on the other end of the phone. Wes sighed deeply realizing that it was his fiancée Carolyn on the phone, and she did not sound happy at all.

Carolyn and Wes had been together for more then 2 years and were engaged to be married in only a few months. She sat in the small office at the restaurant where she worked, spinning back and forth in the office chair twirling her auburn hair in her fingers as her and Wes talked.

"Sure what do you want to talk about? You want me to come up there and see you on your break like normal? Or what?"

"No Wes, I would rather do this and just get it over with...Wes we have to break up. I think I like someone else."

"Are you fucking kidding me! You damn bitch! You don't even have the damn guts to do this to me face to face you have to do it over the damn phone like a coward. It's that fucking asshole Anthony ain't it?" Wes screamed in anger as his fist crashed through the drywall in this bedroom, shattering it to pieces.. His face turning redder by the second tears strolled from his face as he grabbed his goatee and pulled on it as they continued talking.

"All I can say is I am sorry." She said in a tone that was not that convincing. Carolyn continued spinning back and forth in her chair, with not even a tear being shed from her cold brown eyes. She listened closely to Wes screaming at her before she finally hung up the phone and went back to her job.

Wes threw his cordless phone across the room as he ran his hands threw his hair pulling on his short brown hair and goatee as tears rolled down his face. "I can't believe her! After all we been through and she is going to pull this shit. This crap ain't over."

Later on that same night....

Carolyn is locking the doors to the restaurant and walking across the parking lot. She quickly scurries across the parking lot as fast as her short legs could carry her. Carolyn was only 4'11 inches tall and had a very nice body firm 36B breasts and a nice firm round ass combined with her short 18yo frame made her quite hot. As she scurried across the lot she never paid attention to the dark black van that was pulling into the lot. The vehicle came flying around the parking lot almost striking her as it blew by; startled by almost being hit she froze in her tracks as the van came back around for a second pass. The brakes screeched out in the dark calm night as the van slid to a stop and the back doors flew open, 2 men leap from the vehicle grabbing her and blindfolding her and handcuffing her in less then a second. They have her restrained and thrown in the back of the van. She screams out as her body crashes into the van, a hard hand strikes across her face followed by the orders of "Shut up or die bitch!"

Tears flowed from her eyes being soaked up by her blind fold as the 2 men yelled at a 3rd man to just drive. Carolyn squirmed around on the floor of the van as the 2 men grabbed and jerked her legs open. Panic overtook her body as she could feel what she believed was rope being tied around her ankles forcing her legs to remain open. She instinctively screamed out again, as her legs were being forced open.

"Maybe I should put something in that mouth to shut her up!" Laughed one of the men as he slapped her across the face again, while grabbing his own crotch. Carolyn's face began to turn white and sweat formed on her brow, as she her mind raced knowing what the men had planned for her. She couldn't help thinking if she had not fucked Wes over earlier tonight he would have been there to pick her up and all this may not be happening.

"Well I guess we need to get these clothes off her huh?" laughed the other man who had not been slapping her. He pulled a knife from his pocket and began to cut threw Carolyn's pants and panties, ripping them to shreds as he jerked the rags off her body. She shook as the cold chill hit her now bare legs, "Mmm look at that nice pussy." Spoke the man with the knife as he slapped his hand against her pussy. The Van raced along what seemed to sound like a dirt road as the guy continued spanking her pussy. "Well you can fill that mouth up any time you want, Bubba."

Bubba smiled widely as he undid his jeans and began jerking his clothes off. "Why thank you Jethro, since this was your ideal I was waiting for your okay." Bubba quickly undid his jeans and pulled them off. Carolyn could hear the commotion as the two men calling themselves Bubba and Jethro, laughed as they undressed themselves.

As Bubba rubbed his 7inch cock back and forth across her lips, Jethro took the knife and finished cutting Carolyn's clothes off her body. Carolyn just lay motionless with her hands cuffed behind her back as she felt her shirt and bra being cut from her body. The van suddenly comes to screeching halt as the third man makes his way to the back.

"Well Bufford, are we where no one will find us?" questioned Jethro as he threw the rest of his cloths towards the front of the van, and began to lower his mouth to Carolyn's neatly trimmed pussy.

"Yeah ain't no one gonna find us out here." Answered Bufford in what was an obviously fake voice, as he too began to undress to join the party. "Well you gonna eat that shit or what?"

"Oh yeah!" smiled Jethro as he began to lick all around her inner thighs slowly moving toward her clit. Carolyn shook at his touch in felt almost as if electricity was coursing threw her veins. She tried to be disgusted, she tried to hate what was happening but her body was giving in. Her Pussy was responding to the tongue-lashing in was receiving from Jethro.

Bufford and Bubba now took up kneeling on both sides of her face, both of them holding her head by the hair as they took turns fucking her mouth. Carolyn tried to scream out but when she opened her mouth one of their cocks would quickly silence her. Soon all her scream attempts were replaced by low moans as Jethro was working over her pussy.

Jethro was now deep into his work his tongue sliding in and out of her pussy as his thumb rubbed her clit hard and fast. He could hear his buddies cussing Carolyn like a dog ordering her to suck fast or harder. Jethro began sucking on her clit as her body shook through what seemed to be an intense orgasm, he began to slide his finger into her pussy as she screamed more and more in pleasure and pain. He slowly was working 2 fingers in and out before adding another and another. Soon he was fisting her with one hand and jerking his 8inch shaved cock with the other. Carolyn could no longer suck on the other 2 dicks as the pain from his fist overtook her body.

The 2 men just stared at Jethro fisting her cunt. Bubba began slapping his dick across her pain-contorted face. "Come on whore suck my dick!" He screamed at her as now him and Bufford were slapping their dicks on her face. Both men began trying to force their dicks in her mouth, their shafts touching as they forced her mouth open wider then she ever thought possible. Jethro slowly withdrew his fist and began to lick in clean of her juices. She may have been trying to scream but her body was in a continual orgasm from the hardcore fisting she had been receiving.

"Come on down here boys! I want that damn mouth." Spoke Jethro as him and his friends swapped places. Jethro threw his leg over Carolyn's head so he was basically squatting over her face as both Bubba and Bufford went down to take turns on her abused pussy. "Alright you dirty bitch, Your gonna lick my asshole and I mean lick it good." Commanded Jethro as he lowered his ass to her face.

Bufford laid the cold steel of the knife against her bare stomach to let her know she had no choice. As Bubba slid his throbbing cock deep inside her eager pussy and began to pound into hard and fast, he seemed to be just trying to tear her pussy apart with each stroke. Carolyn moans and screamed, but she also began to probe Jethro's asshole with her tongue.

Jethro grunted hard as she was eating out his ass and he was still jerking on his throbbing cock. Bubba and Bufford seemed to be working on her like a tag team, swapping out every few minutes. Carolyn seemed to enjoy Bufford's cock more as he wasn't trying to fuck her as hard as Bubba was. All her protests were fading quickly as her moans filled the van.

Carolyn thought to herself how disgusting it was to be licking this strange mans shit hole but knew she had to, so she could stay alive. She could also tell the man was jerking off as his body was shaking back and forth from his hard strokes. Carolyn was trying to block it all out, she was trying to hate these horrid men and in her mind it was working but her body was telling another story. All her thoughts were soon broken as the man above her started grunting harder and harder. Carolyn without thinking shoved her tongue as far into his ass as she could. Jethro was about to cum all over her as she just held her tongue there.

Jethro's whole body jerked and spasm as his cock exploded huge globs of hot steamy cum all over her face and hair. Jethro had never ever came that hard or in such a large amount. He came close to collapsing against her face but barely held himself up long enough to get off her. He lay there next to her head looking at her cum covered face and hair. He smiled at the sight of her there like that, powerless and helpless.

The other two had already came inside her pussy and were laying there catching their breath all three were grinning an evil grin as they looked at each other.

Carolyn's ankles were now a blood red from where her legs were tied open. "Please just untie my legs.. I won't fight you I swear." She begged and pleaded with the men as she felt her legs being freed.

"Okay I will undo you, but if you fight with us you are going to get hurt!" Stated Jethro as he cut through her ropes. "Besides this way we will be able to fuck you even harder."

Carolyn gasped at the ideal of being fucked again; her pussy already screaming from the fisting and fucking it had already gotten. In her mind she had been hoping that once all three of them had shot their load they would be done with her. Her heart sank when she realized they had only just begun to have their way with her.

Jethro was slowly running his hand across her face as he caught his breath; globs of sticky white cum covered her cheeks and hair. He wiped most of it off her face before plunging his fingers into her mouth. "Taste it whore!" He screamed at her, as he was getting ready for another fuck, by jerking his engorged cock with his other hand.

"Lets DP the bitch."

"Not a bad ideal Bufford, I know for a fact she has got a virgin asshole." Stated Jethro as him and Bufford rolled Carolyn on to all fours.

Bufford lay flat on his back his engorged cock pointing straight up as Jethro and Bubba forced Carolyn to straddle him. Bufford grabbed her hips and started making her ride him harder and harder.

Carolyn winced in pain as his cock was hurting her so badly, she felt so angry but yet it some way she loved it. Her body was no longer as tense as before and she wasn't trying to fight with them either, she could feel her own juices running down her inner thighs. She had never been so hot or wet before in her life. Bufford's cock hurt her as he drove it up in her like a piston, but it was also giving her great pleasure. She started to once again loose herself in orgasmic pleasure, but was once again snapped back to reality when she felt Jethro spreading her ass cheeks open. "Please I am begging you, don't fuck my ass! I have never been ass fucked!" She cried out knowing the pain would be intense.

Bubba had now crawled back toward the front of the van; he stood up holding his cock even with her mouth. He rubbed it across her lips, slapping her face with it as well. He stared at her ruby red lips and knew he wanted her to suck him dry. He quickly grabbed her hair and jerked her head forward forcing her mouth down onto his cock and instantly silencing her begging. "Well Jethro, only one whole left to fill!" He laughed as he began fucking her mouth like a pussy.

Jethro was busy stroking his own cock and licking and tasting her asshole. He licked and probed her asshole just like she had done for him earlier. He loved the sounds of her muffled moans and groans as Bubba was keeping her mouth filled and Bufford was taking care of her pussy. He slowly came to his knees as he know felt her asshole was properly lubed up with his spit. He grabbed his shaft and slowly rubbed the head of his swollen red cock against her puckered virgin asshole.

Carolyn gasp loudly as Jethro's cock head broke into her ass; he smiled as he knew she was in very intense pain. The fucking motion of the 3 was awkward at first with all three of Carolyn's holes completely filled now. Carolyn's body screamed in pain as the three men began fucking her with reckless abandon. Her asshole felt like it was being ripped to pieces by Jethro's thick hard cock.

Bubba now holding Carolyn's head by two handfuls of hair jerking her head back and forth as he thrust his dick in and out of her mouth. His balls beating against her chin hard and fast, he grunted hard and loud as he pounded her mouth. His breathing became faster and harder as he could feel his balls filling with hot cum, as he was nearing explosion. His pace quickened, as he knew he was ready to cum his thrusting became more and more intense as sweat rolled of his forehead, and his face contorted as his orgasm approached. "Holy shit! I am gonna cum!" He screamed out as his dick exploded in her mouth filling her mouth with globs of thick cum.

Carolyn's mouth could not hold all Bubba's cum and his cock as well. The cum poured out her mouth as his dick kept pounding into her mouth. The cum ran down her chin and was dripping from her mouth as Bubba kept pumping his cock in and out till he was completely drained.

Bufford kept holding a tight grip on her hips as he thrust his dick in and out of her abused cunt, he too was nearing orgasm as him and Jethro kept jerking her body back and forth wherever they wanted it. The body heat in the van built to a fever pitch as all four people dripped sweat from the intense heat. Bufford knew he was ready to blow he could hold back no longer as his cock jerked and spasm harder and harder as his wad of cum exploded filling her pussy with his white hot seed.

While both Bufford and Bubba crawled off to different corners on the van to catch their breath, Jethro kept pounding Carolyn's asshole as her knees burned from sliding against the cheap carpeting in the van. Her face burned from the slaps she had received and from the embarrassment she felt having her asshole violated like this. Carolyn was a control freak at heart and her mind raced with so many different thoughts as she knew there was nothing she could do to get away from these men. Her thoughts raced from enraged anger to intense pleasure and back to embarrassment and humiliation.

Bubba and Bufford breathed heavily as they both seemed to cheer on the ass fucking Jethro was putting to Carolyn. Jethro's sweat poured off his body as his dick pounded into her tight asshole. She screamed out in pain, as he would not let up, in fact her screams only seemed to make him more crazed to fuck her harder and harder. He seemed as if he was trying to rip her ass apart, a crazy smile crossed his face as he knew he would soon cum. He beat his palm against her ass cheeks, as he pounded into her faster and harder. The cheers of his friends seemed to drive him harder and faster, his cock jerked as he pulled out of her ass right before he came.

Jethro grabbed her hair and jerked her head back to his cock; he rammed his dick into her mouth and blew his thick hot load deep into her mouth. Carolyn gagged as she was choked with Jethro's cock and his cum. She could taste what she could only believe was her own ass she gagged and coughed against his dick. Jethro smiled as he looked at her cum soaked face, her make up running down her cheeks from her crying.

Jethro collapsed backwards onto his ass, trying to catch his breath as Carolyn sat there on her knees still blindfolded and still handcuffed. She looked so sad and pathetic her body drenched in sweat and cum. He smiles as he picks up a camera and begins snapping picture after picture of her.

"Well, Wes are you and your friends done with me yet? Jethro?" Asked Carolyn. "I mean you really didn't think I wouldn't realize it was you? We been fucking for 2 years!" Her voiced raised to almost a scream.

The three men sat silently as she screamed out their names. Wes froze in fear as he reached up and pulled her blindfold off. "So now what should we do with you?" he asked her.

"Well to keep you three out of trouble your gonna do everything I say from now on!"

To be continued:

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