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"It's getting late guys, I'm going to head home."

Jenna stood as she spoke, her girlfriends protesting. "Aw, come on girl, its only 1, we've got another hour before last call!" She laughed, shaking her head as she slipped her coat over her shoulders.

"Yeah, I know, but I've got to work in the morning. Its ok, you guys stay here, have fun. I'll see you later." With that, she scooped up her purse and waved at them, heading for the door.

She was cute. Not supermodel material by any means, but definitely easy on the eyes. Short in stature, with wide hips and voluptuous breasts. Dark hair with caramel colored streaks hung about her shoulders. She had a clear complexion, with bright green eyes. She wasn't skinny, but she had enough meat on her bones to be attractive. Rarely did she have to wear makeup, but even when she did, she never wore a lot of it. Tonight she'd dressed simply for the bars. A dark long sleeved shirt and blue jeans clung to her hips. Dark high heeled 'hooker' boots topped the look off. She was looking good tonight.

She'd gone out with the girls for a few drinks after work tonight, and it had been fun. With a fulltime job and her quiet, shy demeanor, it was hard to meet people. She really didn't get to go out much. Tonight they'd grabbed something to eat and then stopped in at the bar. It was getting late though, and she had to be up around 8. It really was best that she left now, there'd be other times, after all.

She wove through the crowds, heading for the exit. She thought about calling a cab as she reached the doors, but decided against it. It was a warm night and she only lived a few blocks away. Might was well just save the money and get some exercise. She started out down the main street, walked maybe a block and a half, and turned down a side road as a shortcut. She was humming to herself, feeling the cool air wash over her face. It was only then she realized she was a little drunk, and she giggled. She heard a snap behind her and she froze. She twisted her head behind her to see what it was, and sighed in relief. Just some guy.

She picked up the pace, walking down the street at a moderate pace, following the twists and turns of the intricate route home. Pretty soon she'd forgotten about the guy behind her. Nearly halfway there now.

"Hey, Girl. C'mere!" A voice sounded behind her. She blinked, turning to see who'd called out. There was a handful of guys hanging around a street corner she'd just rounded, about 10 feet away standing on the steps of a red brick house.. She grunted and turned again, and she felt a hand on her arm. "Not so fast bitch." She yelped, trying to jump back, but he held her firm. "Come on honey," he crooned "We're having a party, you're the guest of honor."

"What the fuck?" She growled, still trying to pull herself from his grasp, however futile the task may be. His buddies surrounded her now, and the shock of what was actually going on here seemed to finally sink in. She gazed at them, wide eyed. The 'leader' held her arm firm, and 4 other guys had her enclosed in their circle. "What the hell do you want?" He laughed, tugging her towards the house.

"You know exactly what I want, girlie." The leader spoke again. He was tall, younger guy, about her age. Blonde hair and a goatee. He would have been cute, less the circumstances of their meeting. The guy to her left was older. Mid 40's she guessed. A big guy, husky. He alone could have over powered her. The third guy was black. Short curly hair, large dark eyes, late 20's for him she guessed. He shouldered her into the building and she whimpered as he licked his lips. She wriggled, determined not to go easily regardless. Not that she had much chance of escape really. The guy shoved her from behind, and she twisted to get a look at his face as she disappeared into the front door. He had dark hair, fair skin. He was a sight to behold, early 20s, probably younger then her, but still a sight for sore eyes. A glimpse at the 5th man was shocking. He couldn't have been a day older then 18, face pockmarked with bad teenage acne. Definitely the ugly duckling of the group. She almost felt bad for him until he leered at her the way he did. She felt her face go white. Hands mauled her from all directions as she was ushered into the door. A soft whimper escaped her lips, she fumbled for her phone, but it was snatched away from her before she could so much as flip it open. They muscled her into the living room, the older man sitting down on the couch, and pulling her into his lap. Fingers locked around her waist as the others gathered around, the old man started chewing on her neck, roughly, she squirmed.

The leader finally spoke. "My name's Eddie, little lady. This here..." He pointed to the old man, "Is Jack. Its his birthday tonight. Guess what his present is?"

She growled, struggling mightily, but easily getting nowhere. She'd been right about Jack, anyway. Even alone, she had no defense against him. "Get the fuck off me asshole!"

Jack started laughing, and murmured against her ear "Mmmm feisty little slut aren't you? That's good, I like a good chase.. the harder you struggle, the harder I get, bitch." Jenna whimpered, feeling his cock against the small of her back, subsiding in her struggling. Eddie continued with the introductions.

"This here is Davon." The black man waved and flashed her a charming smile. She scoweled at him, and he laughed at her. "Troy..." The dark italian man simply averted his eyes. She decided she felt bad for him, he probably didn't even want to participate. "And lastly, our little buddy Dennis." The young boy gazed at her as if she were already naked. "You're gonna be his fist, baby!" Again, Jenna started to struggle, but Jack held her firm. "Lets get this party started!" Eddie exclaimed.

Jack twisted her, bending her arms behind her back, looping one muscular arm through them, and the other around her neck. Eddie motioned at Dennis to go ahead. He approached, and she tried to kick him. He caught her legs easily in one arm, and she quickly discovered he was a lot stronger then he looked. holding both her legs in one arm, his left hand moved to her waist, fumbling with the zipper. She shrieked, and kicked with all her might while Dennis wrestled her out of her jeans. Jack held her so tight he threatened to cut off her air supply. Tears streamed down her cheeks. She watched Eddie and Davon whip out their cocks, stroking silently, watching the girl struggle for her life. Dennis got her jeans and panties off finally.

"I want her to suck me, dad." Dennis muttered to Jack and he nodded, laughing. Pushing her to the floor, never loosening his grip, he pushed her to her knees. He moved to his own behind her, holding her tight, whispering in her ear.

"You be nice to my boy you little whore. Any teeth and I'll fucking kill you myself, you got it bitch?" There goes that idea. She whimpered and nodded, but kept her mouth firmly closed. Dennis started to strip, pushing his pants to the floor as he got into position in front of her. He waited for her to open her mouth, stroking his cock to hardness, pressing the head against her sealed lips. He must have gotten tired of waiting though, finally grabbing her nose and holding it closed. After about 30 seconds, she opened wide, gasping for breath, he shoved his cock in. Jack held her tight, as his son fucked her face. arms locked behind her back, head tilted back, Jack's arm around her neck, she gagged with Dennis's every thrust. He was grunting, shoving his cock down her pretty little throat, forcing her to deep throat him. Her eyes watered as she struggled, crying. Soon his movement became erratic, jumpy. He started to shake, and just when she though her jaw was going to pop, he came hard. Salty, bitter come erupted into her mouth, she started to choke. It poured down her throat faster then she could swallow. It was dribbling out of her mouth, down her chin onto her top, mixing with her tears. He finally pulled his now wilted cock from her mouth, followed by the rest of the come. She started to cough, sobbing now, begging them to let her go.

Her head dropped, letting the rest of the come dribble from her lips, Jack chuckling behind her, murmured against her ear. "See slut? That wasn't so bad right?" She said nothing, but halfheartedly attempted to squirm from his grip. The others watched in silence, still stroking their cocks. Her eyes snapped open wide, back arching as Jacks fingers began to probe her. Her efforts renewed, writhing with all her might. His hand slid down her hips, the other locked around her chest, holding her in place while he explored her cunt. She felt his beefy fingers split apart her labia, smoothing gently against her clit before dipping inside.

"GET THE FUCK OFF ME!" Hips bucking in an attempt to dislodge the intruder. Tears flowing easily now, he pressed his hips back against her, his stiff cock still clothed, nestled against her ass. Again, she slumped down. The realization hit her that she was going to hurt herself if she didn't stop fighting so hard. Head bowed, she relaxed against his grip. He murmured in her ear, reassuring almost, despite the situation.

"That's it baby, relax." Jack grinned, and motioned over Davon as she settled. Davon cupped her face lifting it. eyes flicked open for a moment before lazily sliding shut. She opened her mouth and waited. Davon grinned at Jack before sliding his cock slowly into her mouth. Jenna pressed her tongue against him. Maybe, if she got them all off quickly they'd just let her go. Almond eyes flickered up to his, she decided she might as well give it a shot, not like she had anything to lose. A soft moan escaped her lips as she slid her lips down his cock to meet him. Head tilting back gently, relaxing, allowing him to push into her throat. Tongue sliding slowly against his dark flesh, she sucked while he let loose and fucked her face. She'd moan every now and then, hoping to hurry him along.

"Jesus.. the bitch likes it!" Dennis howled with a cheer, bending down to watch the action. While Jack held her tight and Davon moaned, Dennis reached in and started fondling her. Gently at first, unsure, he stroked her breasts lightly. Pinching her nipples as they began to stiffen and stand at attention. Davon shuddered, pulling his cock suddenly from her mouth. Jenna whimpered in surprise, lunging forward for him, but he avoided her easily.

"Cock hungry slut..." He muttered, groaning as his hand wrapped tight around his cock, he came all over her breasts. She moaned softly, looking down at the mess, and giggles softly. She really was drunker then she thought, and with a sudden pang of realization like a punch to the gut, she knew he was right. She prayed Jack wasn't going to touch her again, she could feel the wetness between her legs. Too late... His fingers roaming, probing, slid back to her pussy. A growl of delight came from behind her as she begged him to stop. His fingers played against her sopping clit, before diving inside of her cunt. He kissed her neck, nipping gently but still holding her tight. Her body racked with sobs, her eyes slid closed. For a little while, she forgot about the other men, all she could feel were Jacks fingers, expertly playing her like a guitar. Soon enough her crying stopped, replaced with soft moans. His thumb stroking against her clit, three thick fingers stretching her more than she'd ever experienced.

It stopped all of a sudden. He withdrew his hand, and her eyes snapped open to question why. He'd released her now, standing as stripping. She moaned, and glanced around the room, they were all hard. Hard for her... She shuddered, licking her lips. Jack was naked now, sitting on the couch. He just watched her, grinning. She pouted cutely, crawling to him. His cock was huge, she'd never seen anything tat thick before. Kneeling before him, the others utterly silent, she poked her tongue out and gave him one long lick. Eyes widened in shock as he grabbed her suddenly by the hair, yanking her up.

"Don't play with me bitch. Its not going to be that easy, your pussy is mine." She whimpered and nodded as best as she could, pushing herself up into his lap. he relaxed his grip on her hair, muttering against her "That's it slut. Be a good girl." She averted her face, burying it in his neck. She knew what he wanted. She had to give it, She had no choice. Kneeling, straddling his hips, she positioned him against her, Slowly lowering her hips. Wasn't going fast enough for him apparently, he grabbed her hips and violently thrust her down. A shriek in pain, followed by his laughter. It felt like he was ripping her open. He relaxed, letting her adjust to him. Whimpering softly, finally he grabbed her hips, bouncing her up and down on his cock. The angle allowed his pelvic bone to stroke against her clit, and very shortly she was enjoying it again. She moaned, fingers sliding down to help herself along, pressing, rubbing her clit. She was losing herself in the moment again, when she heard someone behind her. Head twisting, Troy was standing there, fingers stroking himself. She winced. His hands reached out, exploring her.

'No.. please don't! anything but that... please.." No reaction. Cold hard eyes. She twisted away from him, burying her face again into Jack's neck, shuddering. Troy's fingers gathered her juices, spreading them up her ass. As she bounced up and down on Jack's monster cock, he probed her ass. She sobbed. Fingers worked their way inside her, each time gathering more of her wetness, spreading it around. as soon as she figured what he was doing wasn't that bad, he pressed the head of his cock against her ass. Again she begged for mercy, and again she was met with silence. Her sobs were renewed as he pressed gently in. His cock slid deeper, she inhaled sharply. He waited a few moments for her to adjust and relax. She could feel their cocks pressing against each other, barely separated by a thin membrane.

She shuddered, stiffening. Jack assaulted her clit with his fingers, sensing what was coming. A yelp, they both fucked her slowly, Jack's thumb pressing and rubbing insistently against her. The feel of 2 cocks inside of her was just too much. She cried as the orgasm shook through her, every muscle in her body clamping tight. She shuddered, ashamed of herself, but finally giving into them. her head twisted. Eddie, standing there, grinning at her. She opened her mouth, not having to say more. He moved to the couch, grabbed her hair and forced her mouth down his cock. She swallowed him eagerly as wave after wave of orgasm slid through her body. She fucked them, all of them. Harder and faster, their cocks filling her completely.

She felt Jack cum. He shuddered as her pussy milked him dry. She stayed atop him, her own hands moving down to finish the job. Pretty soon Troy came too, dumping his seed deep inside her ass. She devoted her attention to Eddie, sucking and licking with fury until he too was ready. At the last second he pulled away from her, releasing his come all over her face.

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