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Allen Stanton was tired with apartment hunting. He had been at it all day and was getting a bit weary of looking at potential lodgings. However, he also needed to find an apartment so he could begin his new job without the hassle of working all day long and hunting for an apartment after work. The ad he was holding stated there was a single bedroom apartment with a kitchen, breakfast nook and a large living room. The rent was not shown, but he found the address and climbed the steps of the elegant old brownstone to ring the bell. A woman answered the door and when he told her that he wanted to see the apartment, she let him in. She was in her early forties, he judged, looked very nice with an average body and ample breasts. She was dressed in an old housedress, wore old looking slippers, her hair was combed, but not very stylishly and she wore no makeup. He couldn't tell if she was shapely or not as the loose housedress hid everything except the ample breasts. Introducing herself, she said her name was Mrs. Inga Mueller. Entering the sitting room of the still elegant brownstone she introduced Allen to her husband Karl. He was tall, in his late forties or early fifties, well proportioned with a pleasant smile and a strong handshake.

"Well," said Allen, "it's nice meeting you. May I see the apartment, please?"

"Of course," Mrs. Mueller replied, "please follow me up the stairs." Allen could see that this brownstone used to be a very fashionable turn of the century mansion that had been remodeled to create an apartment in part of the home. He followed Mrs. Mueller up the stairs remarking that the home was beautifully appointed. "Yes, my grandfather built it in 1899 and my family have lived here ever since," she told him as the reached the third floor. She unlocked the door and they entered a spacious living room, very well furnished, clean and fully carpeted. The kitchen was large with a range, oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Allen was very impressed with the furniture in both the living room and kitchen as well.

They entered the large bedroom furnished with a king size bed with short bedposts at both the head and footboards. There were large closets, dressers, wardrobes, several stuffed chairs and a desk. Both the living room and bedroom had televisions and telephones. The bathroom was also larger than most apartment bathrooms he had seen with an entrance from the bedroom and another from the kitchen. Everything seemed perfect all Allen had to do was move in if the price was right. He asked the Mueller's about the rent and was amazed that it was extremely reasonable. Without any haggling, Allen said he wanted the apartment and was ready to sign a lease.

"Oh, that won't be necessary," Karl said to him, "a handshake is fine with us, but we would like a weeks notice if you decide to leave." Allen was astonished at how reasonable they were and what nice people they seemed to be.

"Oh Mr. Stanton," Inga said, " the rent also includes breakfast and supper on weekdays and lunch too on weekends."

"But I have my own kitchen," Allen replied, "I expected to fix my meals myself."

"Of, course, but you're welcome to join us if you like," Mrs. Mueller told him. "I usually cook enough for three, but it's your decision," she concluded smiling. "When will you move in?"

"Well, everything I own is in my car, so I can move in right now, if that's all right."

"Yes, yes," Karl said, "I'll help you carry your things up to your apartment, Mr. Stanton.

"Please, call me Allen."

"Only if you agree to call us Inga and Karl," Karl replied with a smile. They all agreed and the two men went to Allen's car to fetch his belongings. Soon, Allen was placing his things away and examining his rooms. He was enthralled by the quality of workmanship in the old brownstone mansion, as he looked at all the hand carvings on doors, around windows and on the furniture. Allen was very satisfied with his lodgings and settled in comfortably. He was watching TV when there was a knock at his door. It was Inga.

"Mr. Stan…I mean Allen, if you're hungry I have cooked a large pot roast. If you want to join us for supper, we'll be eating in about ten minutes," Inga told him.

"Yes, Inga, I would like that very much. I'll wash up and be down in time to join you and Karl," he replied. Inga smiled and left. Allen was pleased that she had asked him to supper as he had not eaten since lunchtime and this would also be a good time to get to know his landlord and lady a bit better. He washed and went down to the dining room. Karl was seated at the head of the table and Inga at the opposite end. His plate was set to the right of Karl and Allen took his seat. A lovely young woman, in a maids' uniform, entered carrying plates of beef roast, mashed potatoes and carrots. She appeared to be in her early twenties, was very good looking with a lovely body hugged close by her uniform. He didn't get a good look at her breasts as they were partially hidden by the plates she carried, but what little he saw was appealing. "Allen, this is Helga, our maid, cook and housekeeper. Helga, this is Allen, our new boarder in the apartment," Inga explained.

"Nice to meet you, sir," Helga said as she poured them each a glass of Chardonnay. "Inga didn't mention that she does as much, cleaning, cooking and housekeeping as I do," she added. Karl explained that both women worked hard at making the house and living here as pleasant as possible. He went on to tell Allen that Helga usually lived in with them, but she was going to visit her sister for about three weeks, leaving in the morning. He added that he and Inga would be completely lost without her. "Oh, Karl, you know that's not so," Helga said, with a grin, "Inga does things much better that I do and you know that." They chuckled at Helga's response and began to eat. Helga joined them, sitting opposite Allen.

The dinner conversation dealt mostly with the history of the house and Inga and Karl's background. Karl was a retired Physician and Surgeon, with an ample financial portfolio that served he and Inga extremely well. The apartment was not let for the money, but to have some additional people living there with them. Inga's history was as a teacher in the local high school. She met and married Karl when she was just twenty-two. They had no children and had lived at this house their entire married life, Inga for all her life as she had been born there.

"I guess I should tell you of one of the wonderful added benefits of your apartment, Allen," Karl confessed. Allen smiled and was all ears, not knowing what to expect. "Previous occupants have told us that they dreamed many dreams while living there. Even those who said they rarely dreamed when they slept encountered dreams nearly every night," Karl told him. "I have slept there myself and I too dreamed some marvelous dreams," he added, "I can't explain it, but it seems to work."

"Well," Allen replied, "I could use some pleasant dreams from time to time." They laughed in good humor and completed their meal. Helga hurried to clean the table and kitchen then called a taxi to go to the airport. The three of them moved into the elegant living room to finish their wine and continue their conversation. Both Inga and Karl were very pleased that Allen did not smoke at all nor drink very much. Finally, the Mueller's decided to retire and rose to go to their bedroom. Allen too, decided that he would retire and climbed the grand staircase to the second floor behind them. As he turned to climb the stairs to his third floor apartment he noticed a large, full length, mirror at the bottom of the stairway to his apartment. He bid his landlords goodnight and went to his rooms.

Allen decided to shower and stripped naked to enter the shower. On the second floor, Karl turned on the TV to see a color picture of Allen, as he was about to enter the shower. "Come, Inga, see our new boarder," Karl called to Inga. Inga, naked, sat down next to her naked husband to watch Allen. "He is well endowed, eh Inga?" Karl observed.

"Yes, darling, he is. Not as well as you, but about seven inches when hard, perhaps more, I would suspect," said Inga, "But, we must do something about all that unsightly hair around his cock and balls, Karl," she added.

"I know, my love, we shall deal with it soon. He is not hairy on his chest or ass, though. I prefer them like that too," Karl said as he watched. Inga reached over to stroke Karl's cock as they watched Allen shower. She rubbed her clit as Karl's huge cock swelled to a full eight inches. She drew his ample foreskin back and bent down to lick the thick clear drop of pre-cum seeping from his cockhole. "Look, look, Inga," Karl alerted her, "he's reaching for the towels." Allen pulled a towel from the linen closet and an English version of a European erotic magazine fell to the floor. He picked it up and quickly leafed through a few pages. It showed photos of men and women engaged in various sexual positions and perversions.

Allen dried himself and sat down on the toilet seat to look more closely at the magazine. As he turned the pages he became more and more aroused. His cock swelled to just over seven inches and became very thick as well. He had a full foreskin, which hid his cockhead from view as he read the magazine. Allen began to read an erotic story and his cock stiffened even more. He got up and locked the bathroom door and resumed reading. He pulled his foreskin back revealing a huge purplish cockhead, profusely oozing thick clear pre-cum. Allen scooped up the pre-cum with his finger and licked his finger clean. Both Inga and Karl sighed approvingly when they saw him lick his pre-cum. Allen was completely absorbed in the story as he began stroking his cock, masturbating to the erotic tale. Inga and Karl smiled and continued to fondle one another as they gleefully watched Allen pleasure him self. Soon Allen let out a muffled cry and erupted in a strong orgasm, spewing thick white cum nearly three feet into the air. "Ahhhh, wonderful!" exclaimed Inga, "he's a shooter as well, Karl."

"Yes, love, I see. I think we have found a very good boarder," Karl said. "I think he shall have a dream tonight, Inga. What do you think?"

"Of course, darling, he'll think it was the magazine stories and images working overtime," Inga grinned happily. "First, I need to fuck your brains out. I'm so hot, Karl." He lay down on his back with his upright cock pointing at the ceiling and smiled at his lovely Inga as she mounted him. She drove herself down hard on his cock, embedding it deep within her wet pussy. She moaned in ecstasy as she slowly rose and fell on Karl's magnificent engine. Meanwhile, Allen cleaned himself and decided to see what might be in the refrigerator to drink. It was empty, so he decided to go downstairs to the main kitchen and find some fruit juice. As he descended the stairs to the second floor, he looked into the mirror to see Inga and Karl fucking. Allen was stunned. He never expected the scene he witnessed in the mirror. Karl and Inga had purposely left their door wide open and were fucking wantonly. She moaned and sighed as she rode him hard and Karl thrust his hips up into her with each of her down thrusts. Allen was transfixed. He could not take his eyes from them. Inga was gorgeous, her full breasts swayed wonderfully as she moved and they had just the faintest hint of sag as she fucked with her head back and eyes closed. Karl pulled her toward him to take a nipple in his mouth to suckle it, alternating from one nipple to the other.

Allen sat down on the steps to watch in fascination as his cock formed a huge bulge in his pajamas. It did not occur to Allen that if he could see them, they could also see him watching them. Karl could see him clearly in the mirror and whispered to Inga that they were being watched as planned. The thought of being watched drove Inga's arousal even higher as she sat up and groaned, pulling hard at her nipples! She stiffened and shuddered in a massive orgasm that caused her to nearly pass out. Her cunt clenched Karl's cock as she spasmed causing him to explode, cumming hard. Allen could see Karl's balls draw up tight and contract to pump his cum deep into Inga's cunt.

Finally, their orgasms subsided and Inga rose up to sit on Karl's face. He licked and sucked his cum from her pussy. He swallowed a mouthful of cum then filled his mouth again, kissing Inga to transfer his cum into her mouth. She moaned and swallowed happily. Inga turned around to a sixty-nine position to lick his cock clean, glimpsing a view of Allen sitting on the steps watching them. Acting as though she didn't know he was watching she licked and sucked Karl's still hard cock, milking it with her lips. Allen quietly backed up the steps, returning to his apartment. He drank some cool water, removed his pajamas and got into bed naked. He normally slept naked and his going to bed nude was not lost on the Mueller's, as they watched on their TV monitor. Allen lay in the semi-dark bedroom thinking about what he had just witnessed. Suddenly he realized that if he could see Inga and Karl, perhaps they saw him watching. He reasoned that they hadn't seen him or they would have shut the door. Yawning, he quickly drifted off to sleep.

Allen lay sleeping when a panel in his bedroom opened and Inga stepped quietly into his room followed by Karl. Inga shook Allen's shoulder, but got no response as he was in deep slumber. "I think the drug has taken effect, Karl," Inga whispered. Karl nodded and slowly removed the covers from the sleeping Allen. The Mueller's removed their robes and stood naked next to the bed. Inga placed soft leather loops on Allen's wrists and twisted them to a figure eight and pulled the loops over the bedposts. Karl put loops on Allen's ankles and pulled his legs up to loop them to the same bedposts as his wrists. His legs were spread wide and his cock balls and asshole fully exposed to the whims of the Mueller's.

Inga examined Allen's flaccid cock and his ample balls and found both to her liking. Karl put KY jelly on his finger and pushed it into Allen's asshole, turning his finger to loosen the tight sphincter. "I don't think he has ever had anything in his ass, Inga," Karl remarked as he slowly pushed a second finger inside. Inga climbed on the bed and began to lick Allen's balls and cock. Slowly the drugged mans cock began to respond to Inga's tongue and soon was hard and erect. Inga measured its length and girth and smiled at the results as she showed them to Karl.

"He's shorter than you, love, but thicker," she told him. "I shall love both of you inside me together, darling," she added. Karl produced a butt plug an inch and a half in diameter and eight inches long, he lubed it and inserted it into Allen's asshole. Once the butt plug was seated, Allen's sphincter closed over the depression in the end of the plug to hold it fast. Karl moved to Allen's chest to examine his nipples. They were long for a man and very hard. Karl began to lick them and they grew even harder. Inga joined in and each sucked a nipple while Inga stroked his cock. "I think that eventually I shall pierce his nipple, Inga," Karl remarked, "what do you think?" Inga nodded her approval without removing the nipple from her mouth.

They took turns sucking Allen's cock to the brink of orgasm, only to stop and deny him release. Through the drugged state he was in, Allen's cock still responded by venting huge amounts of pre-cum each time they stopped sucking him. His cock would stiffen emitting a stream of pre-cum laced with wisps of white semen. Allen's balls drew up against his body, aching to empty their load, but each time they were denied. The two of them played their sexual games with Allen for nearly two hours before they decided that he had had enough for the first time. They removed his restraints and Allen lay in bed in the same position they had found him. Karl told Inga to suck his cock and let him cum all over his belly.

Inga set to her task and soon Allen's cock was twitching and throbbing. She felt the first spasm in his cock and took the first load of cum into her mouth to swallow. She released his cock and Allen began shooting his cum high into the air, arching over and splattering on his belly. He delivered huge volumes of thick white gooey cum to the satisfaction of his landlords. Inga kissed his cock as it softened while Karl removed the butt plug and wiped Allen's asshole clean. He motioned to Inga to leave while he sprayed an antidote into Allen's nostrils. The antidote would allow the drug to wear off quickly, but not awaken the sleeping man. They left the room closing the panel behind them.

The next morning, Allen awoke refreshed and apparently rested. He removed the bed covers to discover cum on his belly. Most of it had dried, but there was no doubt in his mind that he had a wet dream during the night. Embarrassed, he wiped himself clean and checked the bed covers, but found no stains on the covers. Relieved, he got up and went into the bathroom. As he showered and shaved he thought about the magazine stories he had used to masturbate, and the erotic scene he had witnessed in the mirror. He reasoned that both the stories and the scene of Inga and Karl resulted in his wet dream. While dressing, the accounts of his dream slowly filtered into his mind. He remembered that he had dreamed that Karl and Inga came into his room naked and played sexual games with him. Oh well, he thought, dreams don't count. Allen made a list of groceries that he should buy to stock his refrigerator and its freezer. He put the list in his pocket and went downstairs, passed the 'magic' mirror and on to the dining room where Karl and Inga were having breakfast. "Well, Allen, how was your first night in your apartment?" asked Karl.

"Ah, it went well. I slept like a baby," Allen replied. Inga asked if he would like breakfast and Allen declined. "I will take a cup of coffee for the road, though," he told her. Inga went to the kitchen and brought back a travel mug with a lid. She filled it with coffee and Allen accepted it and turned to leave. "Oh, by the way, I did have a dream last night, but I don't recall any of the details," he falsely told them to preclude their asking further. He didn't wait for a response as he left for work, telling them he would return around six o'clock. Inga called to him and ran to give him a house key. "Oh yes, I do need that, don't I?" he smiled and left.

"Well, my love," began Inga, "last night was a success."

"Yes, it was," replied Karl, "and tonight will be even better."

"Soon he will be ours, Karl. I can hardly wait. I get wet just thinking about it."

Karl smiled and teased his wife. "Don't forget, Helga will also be joining us when she returns." Inga grinned happily and rose to clear the breakfast dishes from the table. That night when Allen came home he had supper with Karl and Inga again and soon was feeling sleepy. Inga had put the drug in his dessert and it took effect slowly. Allen said goodnight and climbed the stairs to go to bed. Soon he fell into the deep sleep again and Karl and Inga entered his room to practice their perversions on him. Karl embedded a thicker butt plug into his ass, stretching it to more easily accommodate his big cock. Helga continued to play with his cock and balls while both of them sucked his nipples. After nearly an hour, they made Allen cum all over himself again and they left.

The Mueller's continued to mold Allen unwittingly to their sexual schema as each night they increased the context of their games. Allen, for all practical purposes in a sleep state, but he also participated in the sexual activity. By the end of the second week he was being fucked in the ass regularly by Karl, and would suck Inga's cunt while Karl fucked him. Both Inga and Karl would suck his cock and Allen sucked Karl's cock to orgasm. They permitted Allen only two orgasms per night so he wouldn't become worn out. The first was anytime during their games as either Inga or Karl sucked him off or when Allen fucked Inga. The second orgasm was directed onto his belly to continue the impression that he was having wet dreams. The sexual escapades were video taped, to include several close-ups of Allen sucking cock or being fucked anally. Karl did most of the taping as 'insurance' to prevent Allen from exposing them if he refused to become a part of their games. Soon the Mueller's had been 'training' Allen for nearly three weeks. It was time for Helga to return and Inga could not have been more anxious for her to come home. Both women were bisexual and lovers. Helga also participated in the Mueller's perverted sexual escapades and enjoyed her employers' deviant sex practices. She too wanted to return home quickly as she was very much aware of what Karl and Inga were doing with Allen.