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My Rape Fantasy Rape Nu Sex Story Free Free Rape Wedding Pictures Rape Video Clip
I am just a small town girl; I come from a small family, and have the best of intentions. I moved to the "big city" a few years ago. I have a productive job as a teacher. I like my life. One summer day while on break the following happened to me. I had no idea that this could ever happen to a person like me. I lover every one and try to be a kind person. Let the story tell itself…

I was walking down the sidewalk and this guy was following me. I knew he was following ME. I walked around the corner, just a corner like any other one. It turned out to be a brick alley with no outlet. I was trapped. I looked over my shoulder and there was this tall, dark man with a mountain man type hat on. He had a large black coat that was very long. Almost to his ankles. His boots were high, they must have been up to his knees. I walked on. Hoping he would think that I was going to enter a door he didn't know about. What else could I do? That was all I could think to myself. "Just keep walking."

I kept walking, looking for my "hopeful" door that may not have been locked. I saw one, I went to it. Thank my higher power that it wasn't locked. I rushed in. I turned and grabbed for anything I could prop against it. I found a long broom handle or something. I ran it through the inside handle. I felt secure, but was I. Please, let me be safe.

I turned around, it was dark. I had to feel my way around the room. I was looking for a place to hide, just in case "he" got in. I searched, feeling my way around the dark room. It seemed like an eternity, but I know it was only a few minutes. I reached out and felt this thing move, I could squeeze in, I did. It turned out to be a tunnel. Not really a tunnel, but a round, hollow escape. I fit in it and started to crawl. Suddenly I heard a banging on the outside door. Almost like a hollow echo, but closer, "he" was trying to get in. "Crawl faster!" That was all I could think. I kept going, but it was short. I was breathing hard, at least that was what it sounded like in my head. Pounding, the pounding won't go away. My heart, my head, what am I going to do. I can't hold my breath. I have to let it out sometime. I can't control my heart. Somebody help. Please help me!

There is silence now. Is he inside? What do I do? Lie quiet. If he is inside, maybe he won't hear me. I am silent now. Hoping, waiting. Will he find me? The pounding is so loud. Make it go away. What does he want? Will he kill me? Will he rape me? I can't take it. Which is better, death or rape. I don't know. If he kills me, all is over. But if he rapes me, what will he do and how long will it take. Minutes? Hours? Days? What do I do? Do I try to escape, leave this place and run, or just stay and hope he passes over. Misses my hiding place. Someone please help me.

I can feel his footsteps on the floor. He is near, getting closer, oh my God, can he hear me? Something rattled, away from me. His footsteps are getting farther away. Something fell, I think, what was it? There are so many things in this room. I want to scream. "Help me someone, help." I don't dare. My hand over my mouth. "Don't do it," I think to myself.

The footsteps are getting closer. What, is he banging on stuff? It sounds like a baseball bat hitting metal. It is so loud. Please, someone help. I jerked. NO! He will hear me. Don't! Lie quiet. I try to control my muscles, but I can't. He was there. He jerked the door to my escape open. He had my leg. I am kicking, hard. I can't get his hand off of my leg. I am crawling, but there is no more room. I scream, "Somebody help me."

I know the tunnel I am in muffled the sound. He wins. He pulls me out, still kicking and screaming. I know no one is around. No one can hear me. He bends me over the edge backwards and rapes me. Tearing my clothes from my body. I can't stop him, he is too strong for me to fight him. So tall, I pray for forgiveness. I can hear him unzip his pants. His cock rips through my body. I can only take him in and let him do what he wants.

When he is finished, he takes his long coat off and wraps it around me. I am so weak. I fall into his arms for support. I am numb. I want to fight, but there is so little will left in me. He kisses me, gently, softly. What does this man want? He just raped me, forcefully. I didn't have a choice. Now his is kissing me gently.

He picks me up and carries me. Like he has cat eyes. He carries me through the dark warehouse. We are outside now. He is walking and all I can do is put my arms around his neck so I don't fall. Where is he taking me, and for what?

He tells me to put my face down into the coat and covers my eyes so I can't see where we are going. He carried me for a short distance then put my legs down and leaned me against a car. He unlocked the door and shoved me in. My legs scraped against the bottom of the door as he was forcing me in. He took something that was soft and bound my wrists. His hands were so quick. I was still dazed from the raping. He then placed a blindfold over my eyes. He opened the coat and exposed my ample breasts. He pinched each nipple, soft at first, and then harder. It was almost brutal. He took each nipple into his mouth, softer now, first licking them and then sucking them. He finished this torment with several hard twists as he squeezed and pulled my nipples downward. He put the seatbelt on me over my arms. I felt so trapped. The car door slammed shut and I heard him walk around to the other side. The door opened and he was in the car with me. He started the engine and we were off.

It seemed like we drove forever, but I had lost all concept of time. He reached over periodically to torment my swollen, aching nipples. I felt like they were probably bleeding by this time. I felt the car pull over to the side of the road. He leaned over and sucked and bit my nipples. He forced my legs apart and thrust one or two fingers into me. I couldn't tell. My pussy ached from the rape.

"Good bitch," he said. "You are nice and wet for my fingers." I hadn't realized it, but I was wet. Partly from his cum, but some of that was from my own fluids. He shoved his fingers into my mouth, "Suck your juices whore," he said. "Lick my fingers clean," I had to comply.

The car was moving again. I had no idea what was going to happen to me. I just knew that I had to survive this. All I wanted was to go to sleep and wake up knowing this had been a horrible dream. We drove on.

Ouch, another pinch and twist. God I wish he would stop that. My nipples are really beginning to hurt. I squeezed my eyes tight behind the blindfold. We kept driving. We finally pulled over. He reached over and grabbed my whole breast this time and sucked hard on the nipple.

"We're here cunt," was the last thing I heard before the door opened and he was walking around to pick me up out of the car. He carried me a few feet and I felt him reach down to open a door. He carried me inside and I noticed the smell of dead air, air that doesn't move much, almost musty.

He laid me down on the bed. From behind the blindfold I could tell a dim light was turned on. He pulled the coat away from my body. He pulled down some covers and scooted me underneath them. Hands still tied, blindfold still on. "Get some rest," he said. "You're gonna need it."

I don't know how long I slept. It seemed like he had just laid me there. I awoke to my hands tied above my head now and a gag in my mouth. Not a dream after all. He heard me whimper and came over to the bed. He pulled the covers back and laid down beside me. He gently kissed my neck. He gently started to massage my breasts again.

Suddenly he was that animal sucking hard and biting me. First my neck, then my chest. He sucked my breasts hard and worked his way to the swollen areolas. More torment. I heard him unzip his pants again. His weight shifted on the bed and his cock was rubbing my right cheek.

"You're gonna suck it now bitch. I had your pussy, now I want your mouth." His voice was so rough.

He grabbed the back of my head and slipped the gag downward and out of my mouth. He rubbed his cock all over my lips. He spit on his hands and rubbed it on his cock and over my lips. I didn't want to take it in.

"Don't fight me or this will get worse for you," was his answer to my reluctance. He slapped my face with his cock. Stinging little slaps on my lips. I opened them and he shoved my face onto his member. It was only partially hard. I felt it start to grow in my mouth.

"Take it all bitch."

He straddled my face with his hand still on the back of my head. He forced his cock into my mouth, pulling out and then shoving in. It kept growing. I was gurgling and grunting. I could barely breath his thrusts were so quick and forceful. The head was at the back of my throat. "Swallow it whore." His voice was deeper and rougher now. He was really enjoying this wasn't he?

I tried to relax the back of my throat. I had only swallowed a whole cock once in my life and that was with a former lover who was gentle and waited for me to suck him. I couldn't relax but it didn't matter. The head started down my throat anyway. I couldn't breath anymore. I couldn't scream. "That's it bitch," came out of his mouth and he started to moan. Thank the powers that be that he shot his load quickly. He pulled his dick out and I gasped for breath.

I felt him shuttering on top of me. He pulled his leg over me and grasped both of mine up towards my head. He slapped my ass hard several times and shoved his fingers into my pussy again.

"Don't fight me slut. You can never fight me. You are even wetter now than you were before." He got off the bed and I heard him move to the other side of the room. A door opened, or shut, I don't know which, and I heard water running.

What could possibly come next?

* * * * * *

I heard his heavy footsteps approaching me again. He laid back down beside me. He was naked now. He had a cool washcloth in his hand and wiped my face and mouth.

"I don't do my own cum," was his explanation for this. Then he kissed me gently again.

He pulled the covers over both of us. My arms were aching from being restrained. Did I dare ask to be released? Even for a little while? I started to take the chance, but my throat was sore and I couldn't speak. My words were barely audible.

"Cat got your tongue?" He laughed when he said it. "Correction, cock." He laughed harder at that one.

"Fucking bastard," I thought to myself. I wished I could see him so he could look into my eyes to see the hatred I knew was flaming from them. It was probably best he didn't see my eyes, not right then anyway. God only knows what he would have done due to a 'look that could kill.'

He started to caress my body all over. Slowly, gently he touched my stomach, the outsides of my hips, between my breasts. He felt me all over. He barely touched my nipples, but it didn't matter. They were on fire from his brutal attacks earlier. My ass cheeks were still stinging and my pussy was crying silently from his forceful finger thrusts and the rape.

He parted my legs and began to massage my clit. He slathered his fingers with my juice and rubbed my clit again, harder this time. He flicked his tongue on my nipples. I felt myself heating up. What the hell was happening? My hips started to move with his touch and my back was arching for his mouth on my tits.

"I can't, I can't enjoy this," I thought to myself. Before I knew it there was an explosion deep in my belly. My entire body shivered. He knew he had won. He took an orgasm from me that I didn't want to give. How could I possibly enjoy his touch after what he had done to me?

"Good girl, good whore," he said. "See what happens when you do what you are told. You liked that, didn't you?"

I started to weep. I didn't know what was happening. I didn't want to be there. Make it all go away.

I felt so defeated. I managed a whisper and asked if he would untie my hands for a little while. He did. He knew I was weak and couldn't get away from him. He laid my arms down beside me. I felt the blood rushing back, and the tingling with it, into my hands.

I curled on my side away from him into a sort of fetal position. He cupped his body up behind me. I felt his manhood growing again. I still couldn't speak. The whisper for freedom had taken its toll on my voice.

He started to hump me from behind, rubbing his cock on my pussy and poking it inside me. "Roll over," he said and forced me onto my stomach. He grabbed my hips and pulled me toward him. He was on his knees resting back and I felt him inside me again.

He was banging me from behind. I heard, and felt, his thighs slap my buttocks and his nutsack slap my clit. He pulled out and I thought I was going to get a break this time, but no. He shoved two fingers in my pussy and rubbed the juice on my ass. He shoved them back in and then into my anus. I realized what was coming next and with every ounce of strength I tried to plunge forward.

My arms were flailing and my legs were kicking again. It was no use. He lunged after me and put his arm under my stomach. His weight was on top of me and I was forced back onto the bed.

"I told you not to fight me bitch," and he shoved the full length of his cock into my ass. I don't know where it came from, but a scream ripped from my throat.

"Go ahead, scream all you want you fucking whore. No one can hear you." With this he began his rhythm. Hard and brutal. Brutal and hard. The thrusts came and came and came.

All of his weight was on top of me so I couldn't move. I had to take this new type of assault. I had never done this before. I had only had a few lovers and none of them ever wanted to do anything like this. Straight sex, oral and vaginal, was all the experience I had. I started to cry.

"Please, please." "Stop, I can't take it." I heard myself pleading with this madman.

"You will take it bitch," was the answer I got.

I don't know how long he fucked me like this. It seemed forever. From the little experience I had, to this point, I remembered that my lovers could always last longer after the initial lovemaking. But this was not lovemaking. This was brutal and rape. I endured as much as I could.

He woke me by slapping my ass and pulling my hair. I didn't feel the rhythm anymore. But as soon as he knew I was awake again he started over. He never pulled out, just did what he had to do to wake me and then continued his assault on my most private of private parts.

"You will stay awake cunt." He didn't yell it, but I could tell by the tone of his voice that he meant business.

"Now fight me. Fight me and try to get my cock out of your ass."

I didn't know where I would get the strength to fight him.

"Do it bitch," he commanded.

I started to try to raise myself up. I tried to fight him off. I lifted my legs and arms and tried to push myself up to the head of the bed. I struggled with all my might. Maybe if I gave him what he wanted he would cum and this nightmare would stop. Maybe I could go home. Maybe I would live.

"That's it, good whore. You know you want this." He continued the assault on my ass and he started to stiffen. His was groaning as he pushed me back down. He came hard and fast. His thrusts were just as hard and fast. His whole weight was on me and his body started to shudder then relax.

It was over and he pulled out. He picked me up and carried me to the bathroom, the source of the water earlier. He sat me on the commode so I could expel his cum. He started the water and gave me a bath.

He washed me and said gentle words to soothe me. "Where in the world did this maniac come from?" I thought to myself. He finished the bath and towel dried me off.

He carried me back to the bed. I was exhausted from the brutal attacks on my body. I couldn't speak, the pleas earlier had stolen my voice again. He gave me a drink of water and told me to lie still. I had no choice. I fell into a deep sleep.

The next day, I awoke with my hands tied again and my legs propped up. He was inside me again. Would this nightmare ever stop…

The End, or is it?