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"Our team sucks!" yelled Shannon as she threw her pom pom to the ground.

Being the sexiest cheerleader on the squad, Shannon always got away with being the biggest bitch on the squad. Her figure always got herself out of tight situations. Shannon knew she was hot too. Especially when dressed in her uniform. Her short skirt would be one of the reasons why the bleachers would be filled at all the high school football games. Since the team had the worse record in high school history, Shannon was the only attraction worth seeing at the game.

They had only two more games to go in the season. With a record of 0-8, the team was ready to call it quits. Especially Shannon, who wasn't shy in sharing her opinion.

"You guys suck!" Shannon yelled across the field. The rest of the girls in the squad ignored her like always since none of them liked her anyway.

Shannon's snobby personality pissed off just about everyone she knew. Including the guys on the team.

"You guys couldn't catch a cold let alone an open pass!" Shannon continued to yell.

"Why don't you give it a rest, Shannon?" said Trish, one of her many enemies on the squad.

"Who asked you for your opinion?" Shannon gave her a dirty look before fixing her skirt. Shannon's body was the only thing that people liked about her. Shy from a super model, Shannon was a natural beauty in her face and body.

Around 5'5, her body fit her perfect with a clear white creamy complexion. Thick black hair, green eyes, her breasts and legs were a thing to die for.

The game was almost over as the majority of the fans began to leave. The score board read, 42-3 visitors. Another losing game at home. Shannon knew it too as she began to leave herself.

Grabbing her water bottle from off the bench, Shannon walked to the locker room. The other cheerleaders and the team stayed behind.


The girls locker room was very quiet. Having the whole place to herself, Shannon unlocked her locker and began to take her uniform off. She had worked up a good sweat from cheering and complaining for the past 4 quarters. A nice relaxing shower would be just the thing she needed.

Kicking off her sneakers and white cotton socks, Shannon pulled her top over her shoulder and took her skirt from off around her waist. Grabbing her towel, she made it over to one of the private showers.

It only seemed minutes but Shannon had a nice, long, relaxing shower. Shannon was a fanatic about her hair. She would wash it at least three times a day. With her favorite shampoo, Shannon gave her hair a proper cleaning.

With shampoo in her eyes, Shannon stuck her head under the water to rinse her eyes out. Getting the shampoo out of her eyes, Shannon reached over the edge of the shower to grab her was nowhere to be found?

Suddenly, the quiet locker room was no longer. The sound of several footsteps filled the room. Thinking it must be the rest of the girls, Shannon stepped out of the shower and headed to the main locker area to get another towel. If she only knew what waited for her around the corner.

Naked, Shannon combed her hair with her fingers back over her head as she headed to the lockers. Taking the corner, she was shocked to see the entire football team waiting for her. Naked themselves, all 23 members of the team stood their in the locker bay with only their helmets on their heads.

Letting out a shocking scream, Shannon quickly threw her left arm around her breasts and her right hand down between her legs.

"Get out!" Shannon turned quickly and headed back into the shower area. Running bare foot back into the showers, the football team followed.

"Oh come on now Shannon." said one of the players. "I think we need to have a talk."

Shannon ducked behind one of the shower bays as the team surrounded her from all sides of the locker area.

"Get away, HELP ME!" Shannon cried out.

Laughing, the guys knew that there was nobody around to hear her.

"We're the only ones here Shannon? Everybody else has gone home." The guys continued to stand there in the nude as the side door of the locker room opened. Shannon began to feel relieved as she knew one of her cheerleader friends have come to her rescue.

"Looks like the whole team is here" said Trish, as she strutted into the locker area.

"Trish, get the coach! I want all these bastards reported!"

The guys continued to laugh as Trish joined in.

"I think Shannon has to learn a little lesson in team spirit", said Trish. The guys cheered her on. Shannon's heart skipped a beat as Trish began to leave. "Have fun Shannon."

Surrounded by horny, angry, and very naked guys, Shannon could do nothing but cry. Still trying to hide her body behind the shower, a group of the guys went in after her.

Trying to over power the team, Shannon kicks and screams as they pick her up off her feet and carry her into the center of the locker room. There, Shannon is let go as she stands in a circle of erect cocks aimed up at her.

The water on Shannon's ass glimmers as it jiggles from the cold air of the locker room.

"Please don't, no." Shannon cries. Hugging herself with both her arms, she begins to shiver from the cold.

"We can't do this guys, it's not right." said one of the guys. The entire team looks confused as he walks over to the shower to turn it on. "It's not warm enough."

The confused looks turn into horny grins as a handful of the guys run into the showers to turn on all the water to create a warm steam. Shannon remains scared as the guys slowly close in on her.

"Get away!" Shannon demands as hands begin to grope her from all around. Trying to swat hands away, the guys completely surround her, giving her nowhere to turn. From behind her, one of the guys pulls her arms down from off her breasts. As soon as they are pulled down, both her breasts are grabbed and squeezed. Shannon closes her eyes as they begin to stroke her legs and between her legs.

"You are so fucking hot" "Look at those tits" "Look how tight she is?"

"Please stop, no." Shannon cried out as she is forced down to her knees. With her eyes still closed, Shannon is afraid to open them for fear of what she will see.

One of the guys grabs her from the back of her hair as another positions himself in front of her mouth. With her eyes still closed, Shannon's hands are guided to two different cocks from each of her sides. Shocked from what she is handed, she opens her eyes to see a room full of erect, giant, cocks in her face.

"No-" Before she can talk, a cock is placed firmly on her lips to suck. She struggles to fight as the steam from the showers begin to fill the locker area. Being forced to hold onto two cocks at once, she has no way to fight to protect her face as one of the guys grabs her nose.

Unable to breath, the guys know that she will soon open her mouth. Which she does as his cock slowly enters her hot, little, mouth. The guys cheer as the show has begun.

"Ah sweet, that's it, suck it good"

Shannon closes her eyes as her head is guided back and forth to face fuck the guy in front of her. Shannon quickly starts to jerk off both the cocks in her hands in order to get it over with.

"Yeah that's it, faster, faster."

It only takes seconds for Shannon's mouth to be full of cum.

"Hold her!" the guys yells. Shannon tries to spit but is forced to swallow in order to breath. He drops out of her mouth as another guy takes his place. Shannon's mouth is refilled with another cock.

"1 down, 22 to go Shannon!"

Without resisting, Shannon begins to suck the second cock of the night. This time, without any help from anyone behind her. Thinking this over for a second, she realizes that the guy behind her is no longer standing but is kneeling behind her.

"Will you look at the ass." Shannon hears as she feels her ass being rubbed and squeezed. She tries to turn her head to see what is going on but is forced back around.

"Oh God no." Shannon cries.

"Hey Shannon!" Turning to her side, Shannon turns just in time to see one of her jerking buddies shoot his load on her face and into her clean black hair. The guys cheer with laughter as Shannon is quickly silent.

Shannon is forced to bend over as she is quickly forced to her hands and knees. Placing the head of his cock on her tender, tight, lips, he quickly plunges forward without a care.

Shannon lets out a yell as the cheers from the guys cover her cries. From both ends, Shannon begins to pleasure two guys at once. While busy working both guys, other members of the team begin to stroke their cocks in front of Shannon near her face.

Not paying any attention to them, it is a big surprise when they begin to wack off and cum on her face and in her hair.

From behind, the guy pulls out of her just in time to shoot his load on the back of her head.

"Who sucks now!"

One by one, each of the guys have their way with Shannon by decorating her with their man hood. Within the hour, the team gets their revenge.

Collecting their helmets, they exit the locker room leaving Shannon to herself. Covered with the entire football teams cum, Shannon reaches for her shampoo and heads back into the shower.

A tough lesson learned for school spirit!
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