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This is a work of fiction and is intended to be entertainment for adults in locations where it is legal. If it is illegal in your location, DO NOT read it. Real rape is a terrible thing. I would never really hurt anyone in that way. But fantasy rape and role play is a turn-on for many of both sexes.

This is my first submission.

I got Monica last night. Actually, a couple of my friends had their nasty way with her. Yep, balls-deep, in her own bed. Serves her right. I just wish it had been me, but I couldn’t risk it. “Not her type”, she’d said. Well, I showed her. Now we’ll see to what extent.

I’m sitting here with the video tape Bean Pole had just handed me. Didn’t tell me his name before he walked away. Just “a present from the boys” is all he said. My heart jumped. I hadn’t asked them to tape anything. Just to give me the scoop at the gym, tomorrow. My dick is twitching. Boy, I’ve got to see this!

I reach the VCR in nothing flat. I pull the tape from its sleeve and ram it into the slit, (oops, I mean slot) - Just as my buddies must have rammed it home last night. Man, I can’t wait. As I wait for the machine to engage and the picture to appear, I begin to think about how we had gotten to this point.

I met Monica at school. A pretty 25 year old Latin girl – a real goddess. Always wore the nicest clothes, since she worked at a local boutique. Fantasized about her for weeks before I got up the nerve to ask her out. When she cut me off at the knees all I wanted was to shove my cock up her sexy ass and make her squeal. Then I overheard some guys at the gym.

Jake and Chris were carpet layers who sometimes laid more than carpet. They were boasting about that afternoon’s latest conquest – a sexy housewife in her late 20’s with the sweetest ass just waiting to be stuffed. Of course our boys were only too happy to oblige. She struggled mightily at first, only to squeeze the life out of each of them during screaming, shaking multiples. Oh, what fun. I got hard just listening to them which, of course, was a little embarrassing at the gym.

These boys would serve my purposes just fine I thought. They were both fit and trim from their hard work. And they were bigger than they had a right to be, from the gym. Of course, they also had the BAD-ASS attitude I was looking for. I wanted her TAKEN, not fucked. Roughed up, humiliated, used and abused. Not hurt permanently, of course. But a balling to remember, for sure.

Next workout I showed them a picture of Monica from class. It didn’t take much convincing to bring them on board. The bulges in their pants gave me early confirmation. They couldn’t wait to knock on her door – in more ways than one. So I laid down the plan.

I knew from listening to Monica in class that her new, lucky ass, boyfriend was out of town on business. She’d also said that she was just going to “curl up in front of the boob tube” for a few days. Just relax. Then she said one more thing - something very important. Her dishwasher was leaking and she was waiting for the maintenance guy to stop by. Just the ticket we needed. Monica is too chatty for her own good. You never know what kind of perv could be listening.

So last night was the night. Jake and Chris were to show up at her door posing as repairmen. This would gain them access to her apartment and her tight pussy. The guys could hardly wait.

Oh, wait! Something is happening on my TV.

I can’t tell what I’m looking at. Everything is creamy white. Suddenly there is movement and I realize that I’d been looking at Monica’s front door. The door opens and Chris sticks his head out. He says, “Just in time for the fun, Billy boy.” He then leads our cameraman into the front hall where I can now hear some loud music and some kind of ruckus in the background. A little further down the hall and I can distinctly hear Monica pleading and crying. And then a yelp. We make a left turn and … there they are!

Jake is still trying to gain complete control of Monica. He has her up against the kitchen counter, but she’s hard to handle. It’s really sexy watching Monica wrestling with Jake wearing just a nightshirt and thin terry cloth shorts. I guess she really wasn’t expecting company. Her thinly covered body was a real turn on with her titties flopping everywhere. I could also see that her cheeks were covered with tears. Finally Jake got the upper hand.

He managed to grab both her wrists and wrench her arms behind her, securing them in one beefy hand. With his free hand he grabbed her long black hair and pulled down in back. Another yelp. He had her really crying now. I just loved how her back was arched and her nipples so visible under her shirt. Jake pulled her head back and looked her straight in the eyes. Bill moved in for a close up.

Now I could hear all the dirty, nasty, things that Jake was saying to her. No wonder she was worked up. During the next few seconds Jake made it clear that she was his cunt and that he was going to fuck her in every hole. Oh, and she would beg for it before the night was over. Then he covered her mouth with his and penetrated her deeply with his tongue, staking his first claim. She tried to reject him, but he kept her in line with her hair. She tried to pull away from him but he easily pinned her against the cabinets, grinding his denim covered crotch into her lower belly. In the background I could hear Chris and Bill cheering him on.

He released her hair allowing Monica to break the kiss. Now I could hear her sobbing and begging him to stop. Her tears were flowing freely now. With his free hand he pinched her sweet ass causing her to rub her mound against his rock hard manhood. Grabbing her chin he then told her to expect lots of that. Then his hand disappeared away from the camera. Suddenly I heard it. She must have too, because her struggles and pleading intensified - the sound of a zipper.

Bill pulled away to get the broader view as Jake’s jeans hit the floor. He wasn’t wearing underwear - not for tonight. As Bill moved to the side I got my first view of Jake’s package. Oh, my! Not that long, maybe 8 inches, but thick, super thick. And the head! We were in for some serious screaming tonight! I watched as Jake left it hang there, poking and prodding her thinly covered mound, teasing her. Letting her know it wouldn’t be long and that it wasn’t some little pencil dick.

Jake lifted her nightshirt with his free hand, and I got my first view of her luscious titties. Yes! He handled them roughly, squeezing, pinching and twisting. More cries. Her nipples were rock hard. I wanted to lick them right on the screen. Then Bill moved the camera down to knee level pointing upward, sensing the moment. I could see Jake’s cock poking against Monica’s cunt lips, easily visible through her thin shorts. I could also see her tear soaked face.

Jake pulled the crotch band of Monica’s shorts to one side. I got my first glorious look at her sweet manicured cunt. She tried desperately to escape his hand, but to no avail. He cupped her mound and snaked his middle finger into her tight pussy. Monica was beside herself. Having had his fun, Jake then ripped away the crotch band leaving her completely exposed and vulnerable. He squeezed her wrists tighter behind her back making her arch more. Now his teasing and poking cock was stroking her bare pussy lips. What a sight! My cock was wanting some of this action. Monica struggled harder but just managed to give Jake better access to her slit. It wouldn’t be long. Monica must know it too. Her sobbing and pleading were music to my ears.

Jake grabbed his cock and ran the head along her cunt lips. Teasing and testing. She wasn’t wet - not yet anyway. So Jake spit on his hand and rubbed his cockhead, lubricating it. He stroked her slit again, found her hole and applied a little pressure. Then he released her wrists, grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted her off the floor. With his cockhead securely positioned and entry unavoidable he leaned in toward her and gave her another earful.

His hot cock was gonna be balls deep and there was nothing she could do about it. Then he thrust upwards. Monica screamed bloody murder. He was huge and she had never had anyone like this. He thrust again. Still his cockhead was only half way in. She begged him to stop. She cried. He thrust again. Her pussy was so tight. But he wasn’t going to stop. He grabbed her hips and shoved again. He was in! His cockhead was buried in Monica’s hot little love tunnel. Just a few more strokes and he’d be in to the hilt.

Monica was bawling. Her face was soaked. With each thrust she screamed. He was ripping her a new pussy. With three more monumental efforts he was in all the way – balls deep. The show was fantastic. Jake grabbed her hair again and said some nasty things in her ear, but her sobs drowned them out. Chris and Bill continued to cheer wildly.

Jake kissed her deeply as he carried her, cock-in-pussy, down the hall. She continued to sob and plead as he placed her on her bed – the same bed where her boyfriend had made tender love to her just the night before. He ground his cock deeper as he settled onto her. Bill was giving masterful video coverage. Jake began to rock into her. Short strokes at first, she was so tight. Then he reached behind her knees and brought her legs up. She wasn’t so tight this way and he was able to lengthen his strokes. Jake knew how to fuck these reluctant babes. It wouldn’t be long, now.

I watched as Jake’s strokes became longer, harder and faster. She must be stretched enough, I thought. Monica’s screams and sobs subsided, replaced by heavy breathing. Then I noticed something. Jake’s cock was wet. Monica was wet! She was getting into it. Jake said they always did, but I’d thought he was just bragging. Bill positioned the camera to view pussy and face again. Hot action!

Jake began to rip into her, even faster. The volume was getting louder by the second. With each stroke I could hear his balls slapping her ass. I could hear the bed springs and the headboard banging the wall. And, of course, I could hear Monica’s grunts as Jake continued to plow into her.

The sight before me was just plain awesome. Jake’s well muscled ass and hips flexed powerfully as he pistoned his monster cock into her tight but slick pussy. With each stroke her mouth opened wide and her eyes squeezed shut. Seeing a great opportunity, Chris rammed his own big cock down her throat. Her eyes snapped wide open and she tried to force him out, but he grabbed her hair and rammed it deep and began stroking. She wasn’t going to win this one, either.

Jake’s fucking was getting the best of her, anyway. She wrapped her arms around him, hugging tightly. Then she started making noises, little groans and moans. He pinned her legs back by her ears, opening her even wider. Faster, deeper, harder he went. Her noises became louder. She no longer cared that these studs were raping her. She no longer cared if the neighbors heard. Jake released her legs and she swiftly wrapped them around him, digging her heals into his ass. With each thrust she used her legs to pull him into her, harder and deeper. She quickly matched his rhythm, arching her back and meeting every stroke. She raked his back with her nails. She was screaming, now, around Chris’s cock. She was close, very close.

Jake talked dirty to her, calling her a slut. He teased her for liking his cock, being so wet. He reminded her of all the other cock action to come this evening. Sexy Monica exploded. She squeezed her legs against his sides. Her cunt spasmed around his cock. Her screams intensified and she shook uncontrollably. The bed shook and vibrated. The room echoed.

It was the most intense fuck I had ever seen. Better than any fuck film. She spasmed and shook, for what seemed like 15 minutes, her orgasms coming one after another, after another. The muscular stud continued to pile-drive her the whole time. He knew how to ball these girls. He’d had enough practice. Finally, Jake shoved as deep as he could and blasted her with his cum. Then Chris exploded down her throat. Not at all in a position to dictate terms, Monica swallowed every drop.

Oh, man! My pants are soaked. I’ve lost it! But what fun it’s been.

It wasn’t over, not by a long shot. The tape ran for another hour, with one hot scene after another. All three took turns drilling Monica. Bill turned out to be the Bean Pole that delivered the tape, tattooed from head to toe - a real sight in his own right. They brought Monica to one screaming orgasm after another. They treated her badly throughout, manhandling her, spanking her and talking dirty. They had great fun.

The best scene was when Chris mounted her then rolled her over on top of him, allowing Bill to nail her ass. More crying and pleading. Lots of hair pulling, spanking and rough treatment. Of course, the double penetration brought her to an earth shaking orgasm. Poor girl just needed good cock. My boys filled the bill.

The tape ended with lots of cock sucking. Monica didn’t want to, but the boys weren’t about to let her off the hook. They just grabbed her hair and shoved it in. Fucked her mouth repeatedly. Made her gag. Jake and Chris made her swallow, but Bill came all over her face and tits. Lots of whimpering here, too.

I was completely drained by the time the screen went black. Man, that had been something! I couldn’t wait to see my boys at the gym.
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