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I have had a crush on my sister in law Jennifer for some time now. She is 24, 5' 6," with perky little tits, and a sweet little ass. We have always been on great terms. I have watched her blossom into a beautiful sexy woman. When my wife and I had to stay with my in laws to save some rent money. My sister in law still lived at home with her parents so I wasn't totally opposed to the idea. It was only going to be for a few months.

As the days passed I didn't see too much of Jennifer at first. She had a steady boyfriend at the time and stayed at his place a lot. After about 2 weeks she started being home more frequently. I noticed she would routinely get home from work around 7 pm, change into her pj's and bring her clothes to the hamper in the bathroom.

One night after she had changed into her pj's, I had to take a leak so I went into the bathroom. I noticed the hamper was slightly open. I lifted the lid and my jaw dropped, I saw a bra and the sexiest pair of black thong panties right on top. I lifted them up and sniffed her sweet pussy scent. I was so turned on! I jerked off and went out to the livingroom. My in laws were watching tv and my sister in law was also sitting on the couch. She had her pj's on and I couldn't help but think of how she had no bra or panties on. My dick was so hard I had to go back to my room and jerk off again.

We stayed at my in laws for 8 months and I looked forward to Jennifer coming home from work and changing. Every night I would time it so I would go into the bathroom right after she got out. Most nights her panties would still be damp with her juices. I love it! I would lick and smell those panties all night returning them in the morning only to get a fresh pair again that night. I have to admit I was a little sad to move out to our new house. I really wanted to fuck my sister in law. Having smelled and tasted her pussy juice, I had to have her.

I only took a month, we got a call from Jennifer telling us she was going to come down and spend the weekend with us. I couldn't wait. On Friday night we got 2 big bottles of wine and began drinking. After about 3 glasses each we decided to put in a movie, we were all a little drunk and I was feeling horny. The girls went to the bedroom to get changed into pj's and I got them a glass of wine. When they came out, I knew Jennifer would be wearing no panties. I went into the bedroom to change. I saw 2 piles on the floor, one with a bra and the jeans my wife was wearing and the other had a bra, panties and a pair of jeans. My dick sprang to life I was looking at my sister in laws bra and panties on the floor. I grabbed my dick and began stroking. I picked up the panties and inhaled, they were slightly wet. I rubbed my sister in laws juice onto my lips and licked the panties clean. It tasted and smelled just like I had remembered. A devious thought popped into my head and I let go of my cock before I blew a load all over the floor. I thought of Jennifer sitting on the couch with no bra and no panties under her pj's. Wow, I wanted to fuck her so bad. But how?

I went to the bathroom and turned on the water to buy me some time to think. I saw the medicine cabinet, I opened it and it all came to me. Extra strength Sleeping pills! I grabbed 6 and went into the livingroom. My sister in law was seated on one end of the couch and my wife on the other end. Perfect! I turned off the lights on the way in, I handed them each 3 pills. I told the they better take this aspirin to shake any possible hang over tomorrow. They bought it and popped down the pills without a question. We all sat quietly watching the movie.

About an hour passed and I realized they were both snoring softly. This might work I thought. I didn't move for another 30 minutes to be sure the alcohol and sleeping pills took effect. They were both snoring at opposite ends of the couch. My dick was so hard, I was nervous to touch my sister in law so I decided to try my wife first. I turned to my left to face her and began running my hand all over her. She did not even stir, I ran my hand down her thigh, under her shorts to her pussy. She didn't move, my hand was a little restricted because she still had her panties on. I fought through and put one finger in her pussy and made circles. Nothing, she was out. I pulled my hand out and my heart began to race. I turned my wife on to her side facing the opposite wall. She was still out.

Now was my chance, I was terrified but also extremely turned on by what I was about to try. I turned to face my sister in law. I put my hand on her and shook her. She did not move, the thought of her not wearing panties or a bra made my dick swell. I touched her hair, ran my fingers down her face stopping at her neck. Nothing! I stood up and got in front of her. I pulled down my pants and grabbed my dick. Leaning over with my dick an inch from her face, I squeezed my dick hard and precum started flowing slowly out the tip. I was standing above her and used gravity to its fullest! She was snoring with her mouth open right under my swollen dick. I squeezed again, cum dripped out and slowly streamed down and a glob landed on her top lip, I was so turned on the thought of my cum in her mouth was too much, I lowered the tip of my cock and gently pushed the tip into her mouth. I squeezed my shaft so hard looking at my dick sticking into her mouth, precum oozed out. I gently grabbed her chin and pulled it up closing her mouth around my cock. I had to stop I couldn't come yet. I let go of her chin and pulled back making sure to wipe the tip of my cock all over mer face. She glistened with my cum on her face. I ran and grabbed my camera and took some pics. This whole time she never moved. I began to feel brave or horny or both.

I reached over and cupped her right tit in my hand and squeezed, Nothing. I lifted up her shirt to expose her beautiful tits, I bent down and licked each nipple for 5 minutes sucking and nibbling away. My dick was begging, I reached to her waist and slowly pulled down her shorts to her ankles. She was still snoring, I rolled her onto her side, she was still out cold, I could take it no longer. I got along beside her and began rubbing my dick between her legs. I gently lifted her left leg and felt the dead weight of it in my hand, I pressed my dick closer, I had so much precum on the tip it slipped in so easily. Jennifer's pussy felt so hot and wet inside I began pushing in and out, I had to slow myself remembering my wife was lying right next to me. I listened and heard two woman snoring! The excitement was too much I had to pull out but I couldn't the thought of coming in my sister in law was too much. I squeezed her tit in one hand and pulled her waist closer with the other. My dick was swelling uncontrollably and I came with a rush like never before, one, two, three, no four explosions of cum inside my sister in law. I fell back exhausted, frozen with fear, did I wake them? No, They were both still snoring. Then fear hit me again, I had just cum about a pint into my sister in law. She would definitely know in the morning, she would be a mess. An idea came to me, I slowly pulled my cock out of her, she was still on her side, I held her thighs tight so no cum would start running out.

With one fluid motion I slid her onto her back and pulled her ass so it was hanging off the couch. I quickly got up and sat between her legs. She was spread eagle in front of me with her ass hanging off the couch and her back flat on the couch, her head slightly tilted back. She was still snoring, I looked at her pussy and some of my cum began to drip out. I grabbed my camera and took pictures of my cum running out of her pussy and down her ass I then grabbed an empty wine glass from the table and pressed my open mouth onto her pussy. I could taste the saltiness of our cum mixed together. I stuck my tongue inside her wet cum filled pussy and sucked in, I could feel the cum running into my mouth, I didn't care, I wasn't going to waste any of it. I pulled back and spit the mouthful of cum into the wine glass. I repeated several time. There was so much cum in the wine glass. I stood up and straddled her on the couch. Waited another moment, she was still out. I took the glass up to her open mouth. I proceeded to pour the entire glass into her mouth. I took more pictures now with my cum inside her mouth. I held her mouth closed and after a few moments she reflexively swallowed. With her head tilted back all the cum had pooled in the back of her throat, I watched as my sister in law unknowingly swallowed my cum.

My dick began to grow again. I decide to go for it all, I was going to get my cum in all 3 of her holes. I turned her over on to her stomach, she did not even skip a beat with her snoring. I got behind her, staring at her beautiful ass. I rubbed my cock against her ass, I was hard as a rock. I finally got the tip inside her ass. It was so tight. I pushed until the shaft was half was half way up her ass, I pressed harder and suddenly I was all the way in my balls resting on her ass cheeks. I slid my cock in and out and suddenly I blasted a huge load of cum in her ass. I reached for the camera and took more pics this time with my cock up Jennifer's ass. I was so turned on I knew I would jerk off to these pictures for years to come.

I pulled out after a moment of enjoying the view, stuck my finger in her ass feeling the warmth of my cum. This load was going to have to stay right were it is. I slowly dressed my sister in law. After a few minutes I shook my wife, it took quite some time to her even slightly awake I told her bed time and I went off to bed watching from the shadows. My wife took quite some time trying to wake her sister, but she was out. My wife gave up and joined me in bed letting my sister in law sleep on the couch. When I woke in the morning my wife and I went to the living room and we were finally able to wake Jennifer. We sat talking for a few minutes and my sister in law said she had a funny taste in her mouth and went to brush her teeth. I smiled to myself remembering all the cum she had swallowed last night. She was gone for a while and I started to get nervous. Finally after a half hour she emerged and called my wife to the bedroom. My heart was racing, did she now what I did to her last night? My wife came out after a few minutes and Jennifer stayed in the bathroom, I nervously asked my wife if her sister was ok. She blushed and said "she's ok she just had a bad stomach from something she must have ate yesterday." I turned and smiled remembering how I had cum deep in her ass last night. I was safe My sister in law had thought all my cum running out her ass was from something she had eaten last night. My cock began getting hard just thinking about it. When my sister in law came out of the bathroom she said she had a great time last night but was sorry she passed out on us. She promised to hold her liquor better tonight. I thought, Tonight, yes tonight! I would have her again.

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