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Cheryl awoke sometime later. Warmth enveloped her body, and confusion scattered across her face. Opening her eyes, she looked down but could see nothing in the inky darkness. Something soft lay upon her skin. She assumed it was a blanket.

What kind of man abducts a woman and then covers her up to make sure she doesn't get cold? The conflicting nature of the trucker mystified Cheryl. Understanding how he could be cold and yet so thoughtful was difficult.

Alone in the dark, she strained against her bonds, but they were fastened tight and would not give an inch. Frustrated, she ceased struggling and lay still. A loud creak split the air and she reflexively closed her eyes, anticipating the blinding light to follow the opening of the door.

Through her eyelids, the change from light to dark was apparent, and Cheryl opened them to a squint, trying to accustom her eyes to the brightness. Surprise flooded her when the man did not approach the table. Instead, she heard banging and scraping. Unable to do anything but turn her head from side to side, she could not figure out what he was doing, for she could only catch quick glimpses of his figure before he vanished from her line of sight.

The creaking of the door announced his departure, though the lights remained burning. She hoped it meant he would return soon. As soon as the thought ran through her head, she berated herself. He kidnapped you, knocked you out, stripped you naked, and strapped you to a table and you want him to come back?

The noisy door broadcasted his return and kept Cheryl from further examination of her strange desire for his presence. A metallic clanking echoed through the room as he drew near. Without speaking, he attached something to the wall behind her head and walked away. The odd clinking followed his footsteps.

He left again, and Cheryl felt oddly bereft at the sound of the door. However, the feeling did not last long before he came back. This time, when he neared the table, he spoke.

"Time to take care of the little problem I saw earlier."

Cheryl was unsure of what he meant. He was standing at her feet and she could see nothing else. He grabbed the blanket and pulled it towards him, revealing her body inch by inch as the blanket made a slow descent to her feet.

He walked around to the side of the table, and reached above her for something she could not see. His hands came back into her sight and were filled with a washcloth, shaving gel, and a razor. Realization dawned on her.

She gasped when the warm cloth rubbed against her pussy. For some reason, she was expecting it to be cold. The warmth seeped into her sex, and to her shame, her pussy began to tingle. His hand pressed the cloth firmly against her skin, his fingers pushing part of it in between the folds of her outer lips.

He removed the cloth and squirted shaving gel onto her mound, the coolness of the gel in stark contrast to the warmth the cloth had left behind. He massaged the gel into her skin, his fingers sliding down her slit and between her puffy lips to coat every crevice. She jumped when the blade first scratched across her skin.

Her breathing became ragged as his hands pinched and pulled on her lips, opening her wide so the razor could cut away all hair. The beating of her heart sounded loud in her ears, the pounding caused partly from fear of the razor slipping and partly from the sensations of his fingers and the razor on her pussy.

Laying the razor to the side, he rubbed the skin of her pussy, his fingers seeking out any stray hairs that might have remained hidden from the blade. Satisfied that he had gotten all of it, he washed the gel and shaved hairs from her skin with the warm cloth.

The cool air against her heated pussy felt strange to Cheryl. She had never shaven her pussy, not trusting her hand to be steady enough to not cut into the sensitive skin. She felt exposed, there was no longer anything left to cover the nakedness of her pussy.

"Much better."

Her eyes followed the man as he walked to the foot of the table. He removed his shirt, revealing a lean, muscular chest, and fear pounded through her. He didn't want to fuck her until the hair was gone from her pussy. That's what he had been waiting for.

His hand went to his waist, his fingers and arms moving around, and even though she couldn't see his lower body, she knew he was removing his pants. When he climbed up between her legs onto the table, her fears were confirmed. He stood on his knees between her legs, and she was struck by the odd thought that his chest was bare. She had always thought by his rugged looks that his chest would be hairy.

Her eyes traveled down his body and came to rest on his cock jutting out proudly from his body. The head was an angry purple, signaling his intense arousal. The long broad shaft curved slightly upwards from a thick patch of black curly hair. A shiver passed through her. Even with her fear, her pussy moistened at the thought of that hard cock pushing inside her.

Cheryl mentally shook her head. She blamed her body's reaction on the fact she hadn't been with a man in ages. He placed his lower arms on either side of her and lowered his body against hers, making his cock press insistently against her now bare lips. She expected it to ram inside her, taking her in one hard thrust, but instead it remained pressed tightly against her as his lips closed over her nipple.

She couldn't stop the moan that escaped from her full lips as his tongue lashed against the sensitive nub as it was gently sucked into his hot mouth. While his mouth and tongue sucked and licked one nipple into hard aching erectness, the other nipple was assaulted by his fingers as they pinched, twisted, and pulled it. It stiffened beneath his fingers, her body responding automatically to the pleasure being wrought within it.

"No... please," she begged, trying to stop her traitorous body's response as much as pleading for him to do the same.

Her pleas were ignored as the assault against her nipples continued. Juices leaked from her pussy as arousal grew within her. Her hips rocked gently, rubbing his cock against her lips, the back and forth motion tugging at her swelling clit. His mouth left her nipple aching for more as he moved down her body, his hand continuing to pinch and twist her nipple as his mouth kissed down over her stomach.

A shiver raced through her when his hot mouth came in contact with the sensitive skin on her mound. His tongue licked a path down, sliding down one crevice between her thigh and pussy lip before sliding back up the other. He teased her, kissing and licking along her slit but avoiding her throbbing clit, which was screaming for attention.

She jerked when his tongue flicked playfully across her clit before retreating back to lick along her slit. The room filled with the sounds of her ragged breathing as he teased her, giving the contact she desperately needed before pulling back again. Her nipples throbbed as his fingers played them, twisting and pinching, pulling and rolling.

Her head thrashed from side to side as she fought in vain against the pleasurable torture. "Please..."

"Please what? Please stop? Please don't stop? What do you want Cheryl?"

"I... don't... want... this..." she stammered through clenched teeth.

"No? Are you sure about that?" He chuckled softly as her hips strained upwards, seeking the contact of his tongue on her needy sex.

"Tell me Cheryl... tell me, and I'll give you what you want...what you so desperately need."

She violently shook her head, her hair whipping around her face.

He responded by renewing the teasing assault, his tongue only lightly touching her clit for a second before returning to licking and sucking on her pussy lips. She gasped when it jabbed against her wet entrance, pushing inside her to lick out the juices. Bucking against his mouth, her hips desperately tried to force contact to her clit.

"All you have to do is say it. Say it Cheryl."

"No!" she screamed. She desperately needed release. Her body teetered on the edge of an explosive orgasm, but the teasing only added to the tension. Without more direct contact to her clit, she would remain just on the other side of what she needed. Despite the frantic need coursing through her body, she could not make herself say the words. She could not give in.

Without a word, he stopped touching her. His hands on her nipples and his mouth on her pussy ceased their assault, and he climbed off the table. He dressed, his eyes never leaving hers as his clothes were put back on his body.

"You won't get what you need unless you tell me Cheryl. Our first time together was to show you how good I can make you feel. From now on, you have to tell me what you need... or you won't get it."

He walked around the table, and Cheryl heard the clanking from earlier. His hands lifted her head up and something was placed around her neck. Fear clawed within her as her heart immediately began pounding as though it would burst from her chest before she realized he was not going to choke her. The restraints keeping her bound to the table were released and she quickly pulled her legs closed.

"The collar around your neck is attached to a chain in the back. It will allow you to move around most of the room without me having to worry about you trying to get away."

Slowly, she sat up and for the first time, she could see the room around her. He moved in front of her and the view was blocked. Leaning in closely, his face mere inches from hers, he spoke, "Remember... you only get pleasure from me. Not from your own self, not from anyone else... only from me. Don't try to take care of the aching need inside you by yourself. If you do, you'll get punished. And don't think I won't know. I'll be watching."

His arms came around her body, pulling her into a strong embrace as his lips crushed against hers, his tongue thrusting aggressively inside her mouth. The kiss ended as quickly as it began, and he turned his back and walked out of the room.
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