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The carnival comes to our small town only once a year and it stays around for just one week. So, if you want to go, you plan to clear some time a good ways in advance. And, if you plan to go with someone, you make sure that they cleared some time for it, too, because second chances are a whole year away. I had worked a bit of overtime to be able to really enjoy this year's carnival with Katie, earning enough extra cash to assure us of having a good time. I'd gotten the entire week off from work (which is almost completely unheard of for carnival week) and reconfirmed our time together only a couple days ago. Katie had sounded strangely hesitant even then but I didn't hear any alarm bells going off until now. And, now, it wasn't simple alarm bells; it was the whole damned bell factory!

"What's the problem? You aren't getting sick, are you?" I asked, starting to get worried.

"No, Brent, I'm not getting sick. And, in case you're wondering, no I didn't 'miss it' this month. Something has just come up and I think I need to skip the carnival this time. I'm really sorry; I know you looked forward to it so much," she said, sounding like a liar, though I do trust her.

"But, we can go for just a few hours and I won't keep you out late." I knew when I said it that the discussion was over. Once she's made up her mind, nothing is going to change it. I tried to be as understanding as I could but I gave up on not feeling sorry for myself. Sure, I could go without her; I could even go alone. But, I wanted to be with her and I could feel us drifting further and further apart. For a few weeks, she seemed distant and, last week, she avoided me like I had the plague. I love her and I do not want to leave her, but it looks like we may have hit the end of our relationship.

So, there it was: alone for the only fun time this dinky little town can offer. I sat by the phone, half hoping she'd call me back, half hoping I'd say 'no' if she did. Saved from either decision by the phone's silence, I decided to go and have fun without her. If she didn't want to be with me, I could get along without her.

I walked the mile and a half to the old fair grounds, which were used for the carnival now and little else. Even before I was near the gate, I'd heard enough happy screaming, laughter, and shouting to get me in the mood for some fun, even if I was alone!

Wandering easily through the games, I saw a rather large crowd around one booth and walked closer. The game was a rope ladder climb that required a lot of full-body balance. A few kids almost made it to the top (they were given a big assist) but all fell before reaching the bell. The crowd was mixed but mostly guys making a lot of noise. They kept asking for a demonstration. Peering through them, I saw why: the girl in the booth was skinny and short but really cute. Her medium-short light brown hair was wavy, her breasts were too big for her size, and she had the best 'come on' smile I've ever seen a carny give a mark! I was soon hoping that she'd give a little demonstration, too, and worked my way near the front of the crowd. Two guys tried to stop me from getting any closer and I was about to give up when she yelled at me.

"You, there! Are you ready to try? These guys just want to hang around and take up my space! But, I can see that you think you can do this. It's easy as pie and all you need to do is go slow. Come on! You can't win unless you try!" All the usual hard sell you always hear at any carnival. It was just coming from her! Most of the guys started ragging on me right away; I was not known as the most athletic or the most popular guy in town. But, I was on top of the world right then and walked towards the girl and the ladder.

She smiled as I approached and some of the hoots became cheers of encouragement. The closer I got to the ladder, though, the more I thought I'd never make it. She must have seen the doubt in my eyes because she stopped me just as I was reaching for the ladder.

"The key to it is equal and opposite actions, counterbalancing you on the way," she said loudly. Then she turned directly to me and spoke just loudly enough for people close by to hear, "Would you like a demonstration?" That did it. The crowd would have elected me mayor for my answer and the noise around us made me smile like a champion boxer.

"Sure," I said and she smiled wryly at me, turning to the ladder. She explained each and every step of her way up the ladder, going so slowly that I didn't think it was possible for anyone to have so much balance control. And, if it's possible to make 'climbing a ladder' into a sexual act, she did it. I couldn't take my eyes off her tight little ass, rolling from step to step, stretching to reach for the next. Guys all around me were patting me on the back as if I had already made it to the top!

When she had, though, she rang the bell and started quickly down, to the appreciative applause of the crowd. She nodded to them then looked to me and said, "Two bucks and you're a hero!"

I coughed up the bills and reached for the rope thinking, 'this will be quick; I'll be on my ass in seconds but it was worth it'. She steadied the ladder to help me get situated and said, "Go for it!"

The crowd was pulling for me and I was going as slow and easy as I could. I was almost halfway up when I looked back and fell. There were as many laughs as cheers and everyone was clapping. I'm sure I was grinning from ear-to-ear and that must have given her the o.k. to break the most important of rules for the carny: never tease a mark. She helped me up and, pausing just long enough so that people started to listen, she said,

"Sucker!" and swatted me on the butt. She offered me a private little look and whispered, "Thanks!" And, that stupid little thing turned my day completely around! The crowd went wild and soon there were dozens of people clamoring to try the ladder. I walked away grinning and somebody swatted me! I turned to see two rather cute girls giggling and running into the crowd. I was feeling so good, it never occurred to me to give chase and maybe spend the day with them instead of alone.

It didn't matter, though. All throughout the day, guys were mimicking the carny's voice, "Sucker!" and most of their girlfriends swatted me! Being a small town, soon everybody my age knew about 'The Ladder Climb' and I was never alone! I had more fun that day than I've had in years!

I had fun but I also had the carny girl in the back of my mind. I knew that that was silly; our lives might cross once a year and, only then, if we were (correction: I was) lucky. As the carnival started to wind down for the night, I wandered back by the ladder but there was someone else working the last few disinterested marks. My heart sank and I sat across the midway from the booth for a while, starting to feel sorry for myself again.

I heard the announcement that the carnival was now closed but I didn't get up to go. I kept sitting there; mostly out of sight but still able to see the ladder. Suddenly, she was back! She walked up to the older man who'd apparently relieved her and gave him a small hug, then walked down the midway. It was easy enough for me to follow her without being seen but I had no clue why I was doing it. I couldn't walk up and introduce myself; this far after closing, she'd probably think I was a robber or worse. I had no idea what to do but I followed her to the trailers that the carnys called 'home' on the road.

She didn't use a key to enter the one that was hers (I guess carnys did not fear other carnys.) but entered and closed the door. I didn't hear it lock then, either. I sat there for about 10 minutes, knowing that if I got caught just being here, I'd never be able to explain anything.

I was trying to figure out a way to sneak out of the carnival grounds when I heard approaching footsteps. I shrunk down as low as possible and watched a guy (about my age but a little shorter) walk up to and into her trailer. I heard greetings exchanged through the open windows and decided 'Ms. Carny' was 'Mrs. Carny' and I was going to be in even bigger trouble if caught! I had actually stood up completely and was about to start running when, again, I heard footsteps. This time, they were a lot quieter and she was almost next to me when I saw her. Walking slowly, as if to read addresses, Katie walked past me without seeing me and proceeded down the path between the trailers. I was floored! What in the world was Katie, my Katie doing in the carnival after closing? What was she doing at the carnival at all? I almost moved when she apparently realized she'd gone past where she wanted to go and turned around. I was still standing and, now, starting to panic. She would not miss seeing me twice, especially if I was standing where she was going! But, she looked away and decided that the same trailer I was watching was the one she wanted. She walked to the door and knocked. She had to knock twice more before he answered the door. He greeted her as if he didn't really know her. Then, she came to the door, and even behind him, I could tell that she was mostly undressed. She greeted Katie with a big hug and kissed her sweetly (fully exposing her beautiful body to anyone who might be looking) and invited her inside, closing the door.

I shook my head thinking I thought I knew Katie. In a few moments, the lights went out in the front part of the trailer and on in the back. I slipped as quietly as possible up to the open window slats of the room I assumed they all went in to. I could easily hear Katie's voice and laughter, and the casual conversation of the others.

For a while, it sounded like friends getting together for a small party. Then, the conversation drifted off and I began to wonder what could be going on. I didn't have long to wonder! The sounds of two people making love were very discernible and it started a twin race in my heart: I wanted to see the sex, even if it was Katie; and, I was madder than I've ever been before. Between my clenched fists and a painful hard-on, I couldn't move.

I think I leaned against the side of the trailer, which caused the loud squeak from the siding. It startled me and I must have grunted as I jumped back from the window. Now, in full sight of anyone looking out, I gazed up to see Katie looking out!

"Brent?" she said, knowing exactly who she was looking at but obviously surprised.

"Katie?" I said sarcastically, noting as I said it that she sure didn't look undressed in the t-shirt I'd bought for her only last week.

"Sucker?" That, from 'Mrs. Carny', joining Katie at the window.

"Who??" The last from 'Mr. Carny', also peering out.

"SHUT UUUUPP!!" And, this little impromptu salute to Steve Martin came simultaneously from at least 5 other trailers close by, including 'Mr.' and 'Mrs. Carny', who joined them all in laughing hysterically. The only people not laughing were Katie and I. I looked at her again, slowly shook my head, and turned to walk away.

I heard her yell my name over the laughter but kept walking and I didn't turn around, even when I heard her coming up behind me. I was suddenly grabbed by the arm and swatted on the butt. Shocked that Katie would ever do something like that, I turned and saw that it was 'Mrs. Carny' who held my arm. She had found a light robe to wear before running outside but it didn't cover much. The slightest hint of a smile crossed my face and she knew she had her 'mark', again.

"Come on inside and let's all have a talk. Don't worry; nobody is mad at you (I'm thinking, 'mad at ME?!?!’) and you need to know what's going on. We all need to know what's going on!" I had every intention of leaving right then but she spoke through my hesitation:

"Come on, sucker, (and I think you and I both know that that was and still is a joke)," she whispered. Even then, I hesitated. I turned a little further and saw that Katie (fully dressed, of course) was now standing outside the trailer. She looked as though she was about to cry and that nearly brought me to tears, too. I went back to the trailer while 'Mrs. Carny' never let go of my arm until we were at the steps to the door. There, Katie came slowly to me and I hugged her tightly.

Inside, we were greeted by a completely naked 'Mr. Carny', who escorted us all to the back of the trailer. I hesitated again but Katie's eyes pleaded with me, so I went, too.

"OK, let's start with the easy part for you two: the "Shut Uuuup!" bit is just something our carnival has picked up and shared as a common joke. It had nothing to do with you guys. But, since everybody was already on 'intruder alert' (she looked at me), we were all ready to help out if there was a problem. Yeah, every carny in the place knew you never left and were following me." 'Mrs. Carny' said this with a big grin on her face so it didn't sting me as much as it stung Katie. Before I could explain to her, though, 'Mrs. Carny' went on.

"Now, let's get properly acquainted, shall we? I'm Kethrin and my boyfriend is Miguel. (He reached for my hand and we shook.) I think we all know Katie and you must be Brent, if I remember Katie correctly?" I nodded and she leaned forward and planted a big kiss on my lips. I thought I'd get a lot of grief from Katie for that but she didn't seem all that disturbed.

"Katie," Kethrin said to her, "I just saw Brent for the first time at the carnival today. I teased him when he fell off my ladder climb and called him 'Sucker'. So, both you and Miguel better get over any shit you may be thinking, allright?" More of a demand than a question but both Katie and Miguel seemed fine with it. In fact, they both looked rather sheepish and I wasn't sure that I liked that.

"Now, for the good part! I have just one question: Brent how in the world did you find Katie here? Or were you just following me?" I think I stopped breathing because I surely had no good answer. I looked at Katie when I spoke to Kethrin:

"I had no idea that Katie would be here, today or any other day. We aren't as close as we once were but I don't know why. I had a great time here today and I wanted her to share it with me. She said she couldn't so I came alone. I was miserable until I came to the ladder booth and that turned my day around. I am not sure why I stayed after closing or why I followed you, Kethrin. I guess I wasn't ready to say goodbye to a nice girl, (any nice person) and go home to be alone. I didn't mean to do anything wrong; I just..., I don't know! I guess I need to say ‘I’m really sorry’ to both of you. And, Katie, I'm really very sorry! I thought you were dumping me. And, now I see this, I don't know what to think!"

Katie started to say something but stopped when Kethrin raised her hand.

"I've learned to judge how people will act in certain circumstances and I actually do believe that 'rambling crap of an explanation' was the truth. What do you think, Miguel?"

Miguel shrugged, "He would have been challenged or dead by now if any of us thought he was dangerous. He was confused, is still confused." I smiled and looked at him evenly. He did not smile back. I felt my balls climbing up and out of harm's way. Katie didn't say anything but she saw the look on Miguel's face and I'm sure she believed him! Kethrin nodded and did return my smile.

"So, Brent, it looks like there's just one last piece of the puzzle. I'd let Katie tell it but I doubt she could. Katie?" Kethrin turned to her and she almost jumped. She shook her head vigorously and reached for my hand. She almost seemed scared of them; I know that I was!

"Brent, I met your girlfriend, and she is still your girlfriend, last year when we were in town. You both came to the carnival together one day and I approached her when she went into a restroom. I waited until there was only the two of us inside and I offered her a proposition. I told her that, if she was game, she could come to see Miguel and I. She could bring you or come alone. But, she would be free to do anything her heart desired if she came. The carnival closed and left your town without Katie coming back. This year, we open the gates and Katie is standing there. She waits until the eager crowd has entered then runs away as fast as she can! The same happens the next day and the next. On the fourth day, I wait by the gate and let her see me watching her. She stands like a deer trapped in headlights and I walk slowly to her and kiss her mouth. Katie just stands there. I kiss her again and say that we will be waiting for her if she chooses. She turns and runs away, again!

"Then, today, I see Katie again by the gates. I wait inside and she comes to me. I took her to my trailer and Miguel sat in that chair in the corner while I made very sweet and passionate love with Katie. I touched her everywhere and she touched me. We were happy but not 'complete' because she needed you, Brent. I offered her Miguel and he, as you can see, is eager, but she wanted you here, too. We had planned to invite you tomorrow, but you surprised us by staying around today. I came back to the booth to lead you here, not remembering that it was you who had been here with Katie when I met her. As I had been teased to the point of intense arousal by some of your town's boys, I was in need of Miguel soon after getting here. When Katie arrived, she felt comfortable watching us. That is where you decided to get noisy and we thought you might break a window or something. We knew what you were; and, by then, we knew who you were.

"Brent, forgive me but I need a woman as much as I need Miguel and I desired Katie. I got her confused and that's why she's been distant to you now."

I looked at Katie but she couldn't meet my eyes. Still holding her hand, I pulled her close to me and we hugged. I didn't notice that she was crying but Miguel did. He came to her and wrapped an arm around her, too. In a moment, Kethrin did as well, so that we were all hugging her and each other.

Miguel got up and left the room and Kethrin wrapped both of us in her arms, holding me closer than I thought Miguel might approve. I tried to move a little further from her but she moved closer still! I heard Katie gasp and saw that Kethrin had put a hand on one of her small breasts, stroking it lightly, lovingly. I reached for Kethrin's hand and covered it, both our hands on Katie's breast for a moment. I tried to remove her hand but Katie stopped me with a small whispered, "No, please, Brent".

I couldn't believe it! She wanted me to see Kethrin touching her and see her liking it. I tried to stand but Kethrin maintained her tight hug on both of us and, looking to Katie, I saw that she was no longer crying. Leaning back enough to look into Kethrin's eyes, I witnessed an intoxicating combination of lust and...,what? Yearning? She returned my gaze, smiling slightly, whispering, "Relax and 'go with us'. We all want you and I know that you want to be here." Then, turning her head to the doorway, she whispered,

"Allright, Miguel." He had been standing in the doorway, watching, holding a large open bottle of tequila. For the first time, he actually seemed relaxed and comfortable. He moved slowly towards us (towards me!) and very slowly reached out and pats my shoulder twice, still smiling openly. He sat where he had before, close by Katie's other side, raised the bottle to his lips, and drank, his eyes returning to the hand on Katie's breast.

Kethrin repositioned slightly and knelt behind Katie, both hands now playing over her breasts and Katie moaned openly, laying her head on Kethrin's shoulder. Kethrin leaned to my side and I sort of supported them, as they lay side-by-side on the bed. Again, I started to stand but was grabbed firmly by a wrist and handed the bottle of tequila. Miguel, still smiling, was not going to take no for an answer. I tipped the bottle to my lips and swallowed. My first taste of straight tequila had me choking and coughing so badly that Miguel had to grab the bottle from me but he never released my wrist. When I had regained control of my torched throat, I was handed the bottle again. This time, I sipped and was able to swallow without too much difficulty. I smiled to Miguel and he took the bottle back, nodding towards the bed.
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