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"If you want to live to orgasm again, I suggest you do as I say. " a deep voice said gruffly in my ear. I felt something hard and cold pressed to my neck. Turning my head slightly, I could see that it was a gun. I tried to turn to see him, but he wouldn't let me. After the day I'd had, this didn't surprise me. Icing on the cake, so to speak.

A few days ago, my asshole boss had made a pass at me and I turned him down. Well, today I learned that I was fired for some bullshit reason which I had every intention of disputing. Anyway, leaving my office I find that my car wouldn't start, and after talking to my towing company, I learn that the truck can't get to my car until later. By this time it was almost dark, so out of frustration(and stupidity)I decided to walk home. I don't live far, but I know I shouldn't have done it. I was in sight of my house when I heard rapid footsteps behind me and then the voice in my ear.

Seeing the gun, I knew it would be stupid to try and resist. And having already acted so stupid, I decided to do what he wanted. And I had a pretty good idea of what that was. As I stood there waiting for him to give me his next command, I feel a sharp sting in my neck and then I feel myself falling.

When I wake up, I am lying naked in a huge tub rapidly filling with water. My hands are tied to these metal rings mounted on each side of the tub. Since bathtubs don't normally come with rings like that, I'm guessing he has done this before. Looking around, I see a spacious well kept bathroom. And then I hear footsteps. He walks into the bathroom and just stands there staring at me. Seeing him for the first time is shocking. I had been expecting some hideous creature that could never have gotten a willing woman. He was wearing only a pair of low riding jeans. This gave me a good look of his well sculpted chest. And his face, my God! With that and his long black hair, his vivid green eyes, he could be a model. So why did he resort to this? He walked over and knelt down beside the tub.

He picked up a body sponge that was laying on the tub edge and lathered it with some sweet smelling soap. He then proceeded to bathe me, starting at my neck, he moved lower to my breasts, where he teased my nipples with the sponge, making me want to moan. Yet, for some reason I am incapable of speech. It's like I'm dreaming, yet I know it's real.

"It's very simple. I was driving by and I saw you. I wanted you. And what I want I take. That is why you are here. How long you are here depends. " he said as he leaned over and turned off the water. I was about to ask him what it depended on, when he placed a finger to my lips and said "It depends on you, my whore for the evening. " and with that cryptic answer he resumed his bathing of me. Moving lower to my stomach, stroking back and forth. He had no way of knowing how sensitive my stomach was, but I'm sure the way I was moving tipped him off. And still lower he moved with that sponge, stopping just above my pussy. He dropped the sponge, and then rinsed his hand off.

And then his fingers are parting my nether lips and I'm moaning out loud. He plays with my clit until I am almost ready to cum. And then he stops!

He leans down and lets the water out of the tub. As it's running out, he unties my wrists and pulls me to my feet. I move to step out of the tub, and he slaps my ass. Hard.

"You are not to move, Whore, unless I say so. Is that understood?" he asked me in a deceptively soft voice. I was so stunned, I didn't even scream, I just stood there. But I should have answered him.

"Ouch!!" I screamed as once again his hand smacked my ass. He didn't have small hands, and it hurt more than the first hit.

"Is that understood, Slut?" he repeated quietly.

All I could do was nod. I guess that was good enough for him, cause he didn't hit me again. He just stood there for a moment, as if deciding what to do to me. The stinging on my ass seemed to have knocked some sense into me, because this is when I thought of escaping.

"I wouldn't, if I were you. " he said to me. Was this guy a fucking psychic? He grabbed me by the rope at my wrists and raised my arms up so that he could tie me to a metal bar running the length of the bathtub above me. He then took his jeans off and stepped into the tub with me. He has left enough slack in the ropes that he is able to push me to my knees in front of him. I know what is coming next. He grabs my hair and whispers, "Open. " to me. Knowing I am helpless, I open my mouth and he slides his cock in, and back out slowly. He repeats this a few times, but then he stops. "Suck me off nicely, or you will pay. " and so I start sucking and licking like I was a whore and he was my john. It wasn't easy with my arms stretched above my head. Thrusting his hips toward me, I gave him the best blowjob I could and then I felt him tense up.

"Swallow. " he ordered me. And then he shot what seemed like a never ending salty load down my throat, and I swallowed every bit of it. Pulling on my ropes, he brings me to my feet and turns me around. He tightens the rope, so I can't even turn. He shoves his finger deep into my cunt, while he uses his other hand to play with my asshole. When his fingers start to penetrate my ass, I try to pull away. This earns me so many smacks to my ass, I lose count. I feel tears running down my face, but I make no sound.

Finally he stops, and I feel his fingers once again in my now soaking wet pussy. To think I was actually getting off on this! He must have turned my ass into one big bruise, and yet I was so fucking horny! He reaches around and pulls on my nipples until it's almost painful, and then I feel his 8 inches poking at my wet pussy. And he slams into me like he can't wait. He thrusts against me hard, rough. It hurt a little, but I didn't care. I wanted it! Needed it! I was slamming my hips back against him. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass, and knew I was about to cum. My orgasm shot through me in ripples and the juices lubed him up good for what he planned next.

While I was still focusing on how hard I was cumming, he pulled out and slammed into my asshole. It burned, but I was shuddering so hard, I barely noticed. He fucked my hole harder than he did my pussy, and then he was filling it with his wad. And his fingers found my clit, making me cum again with a speed thats amazing. Then his hand smacked my ass and he pulled out of my hole.

I hear him step out of the tub and walk out of the room. Then I hear him walking towards me. And for the second time I feel a sharp pain and I pass out. I wake up in my own bed, still undressed. I sleep naked so this wasn't strange at first. But then I felt the sticky cum that had ran from my ass to between my legs. And next to me, I see a lone sheet of paper. It said...

"You did nicely, Tanya. Obviously, I know where you live, so I would think twice about going to the police if I were you. And if you decide to take anymore walks, beware. I may be out driving... " I crumbled up the note, and went to shower. I would have to see about getting my car fixed today. In the meantime, walking is good exercise.

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