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Chapter 4 (continued)

Mary, Lauren's Xena-like friend, had really ripped my anal cavity with the dildo. After I started crying, she pulled it out and continued her dildo assault (with a smaller vibrator on Lauren). Lauren moaned and I could see her squirt as Mary twisted the plastic dong inside her. Mary pulled me up to them and the three of us remained lip-locked for a good twenty minutes. I felt a shift in the bed. Mary woke me up as she got off the bed and dressed. She slapped my ass really hard, then turned to Lauren.

"Thanks, Lauren. I really enjoyed fucking your boyfriend." At that, Lauren just smiled and turned to me. "Your welcome, anytime. Just c'mon over."

"Well, Brian," Lauren asserted, "thank Mary for assfucking you." I really had no intention of showing gratitude for what she did to my insides. I paused. Seeing this pause, Lauren immediately grabbed my ass and stuck two fingers in me. As I gasped she started jabbing them into me relentlessly.

"No...hmph...No...Lauren!" She kept up the rabbit speed pace and I grabbed her hand, trying to pull it out of my already torn hole. Mary started laughing. Then Lauren started laughing as well. Lauren grabbed my hand away and sat on my back so that I was on my stomach, my body half-hanging over the side of the bed. The vicious fingering went on. Mary just shook her head, chuckled and grapped the life-like dildo of Lauren's.

Mary grabbed my hair and my mouth opened because of the angle of my body. When I tried to protest, my mouth was filled with plastic cock. They both started laughing again, each thrusting harder. Lauren added a third finger, then fourth finger as Mary shoved the dong further down my throat.

"One more finger, baby." I squirmed violently as Lauren stuck her thumb inside me, completely fisting me. I was doomed. Lauren's hand burrowed deep into my ass and I gagged on the plastic cock while trying to scream. All I managed to do was spit saliva all over the fake penis in my mouth. This only egged them on more.

I started getting tunnel vision as my surroundings faded into black. I think I passed out.

* * *

Chapter 5

When I woke up, Lauren was sitting on the bedside caressing my back. Mary was thankfully gone, or not in the room anyway.

"Oh honey." I whined.

"Baby, don't worry. Everything is gonna be alright." I felt something cold on my butt. She was icing my butt. "We got so concerned when you passed out. You weren't responding to anything. Mary thought you were faking it. So, she turned flipped you over and stuck that fake penis in your butt to get you moaning again."

Lauren seemed sincere in her concern. "But, baby, you loosened up real nice and she knew something was wrong. Then, I fingered you a little. You were so loose. So, I realized you must have passed out." She handed me two pills and a glass of water, which I gladfully took.

"That really hurt...last night. You two were cruel."

"Okay, from now on I will try to loosen you up real good before I fist you."

"But that's not the point."

She chuckled. "No, Brian. I think you got the point last night. I know it hurts sweetie. You'll be okay. My mom was a nurse, remember. A little ice and some Hyrdocodone and you'll be good to go."

"What? No, Lauren. Hydrocodone!"

"And a Xanax to calm you down."

I tried to get up, but she gently pushed down the small of my back. "Now, Brian. Be a good little boy and get some rest. Stop resisting." The pain in my arse shot back. I think she started fingering me again, so I simply froze.

"There ya go. Relax." The sharp pain stopped and she caressed my butt for another ten minutes. I finally fell back asleep.

* * *

Chapter 6

This time I woke up under the covers and alone. My ass still throbbed a little, and overall I felt much better. But it was nighttime. How long was I out? A bit groggy, I headed for the bathroom. I wanted to shower so badly. I just felt so dirty and raw.

The steaming hot water felt so good running over by damaged, war-torn body. Sighing in relief, I closed my eyes and finally relaxed from the long day or night. Lauren threw the curtain open and I jumped in shock.

"Hey baby," she said – already getting undressed. "How was your rest?"

I almost didn't want her to get in the shower, fearing she would just finger me. Sure enough, right when she got in, she grabbed my ass and nipple, pulling me toward her. I turned away, but twisting my nipple made me protest and when I opened my mouth, she forcefully pushed me against the shower wall and stuck her tongue into my mouth, almost prying my lips apart with hers.

Lauren molested me for another few minutes. Stopping her assault, she slighted backed away and smiled. "Go ahead and shave your body...all of it." When I tried to speak, she touched her finger to my lips to quiet me. I just did it. She turned blasted the hot water and took out a second razor to help me.

Once I was shaved, she directed me out of the shower and patted me dry. "You should pat because otherwise, you could ingrown hairs and it irritates the skin. Here's some lotion." She lotioned my entire body from head to toe. "This is the only time I am doing this for you. From now on, you lotion yourself up."

I was so happy she hadn't fingered me again.

* * *

Chapter 7

After the somewhat relaxing shower, we sat down and watched some TV. Lauren turned the channel to Will & Grace, which was having some marathon. It was funny and we both laughed hysterically at some of the jokes. Then she turned on Showtime because "Queer as Folk" was on. Not exactly my cup of tea, but she really enjoyed it – which kind of made me enjoy it.

Lauren got up, asking if I wanted anything to drink. "Sure, Coke would be fine."

"No sweetie. Cosmo or Long-Island?"

"Isn't it kind of early, like 9pm?"

"Not for us baby. Cosmo it is."

Her blonde hair swayed beautifully as she walked to the kitchen. When she came back, she was wearing one of my baseball caps and sporting a bear in her left hand. "Here's your girly drink, honey."

"You don't want a Cosmo, also?"

"No, baby. You are the one who likes girly drinks remember. Not me."

Lauren sat down next to me on the couch, putting her arm around me. She was, in essence the guy. She playfully squeezed my boob like I was her girlfriend and she was just kidding around. I scooted away, but she just moved closer.

She grabbed my leg and shifted it over her lap. When I tried to move it, she suddenly grabbed a handful of my hair from behind my head and kissed me. Simultaneously, she stuck her other hand down the front of my pants. But instead of stroking me, her fingers snaked down to my ass. Because my legs were already partially spread, access to my anus was relatively easy. I immediately moaned and squirmed when I felt her finger enter me..

"You always make little girl sounds when I finger you. I think it's so cute."

"Not now, please. Can't we just watch some TV?"

"Sure, but only after you help me get off." She pulled her finger out and stood up in front of me and the couch, pulling down her own pants. Lauren revealed that she was wearing the strap on underneath her clothes. I frowned as she walked toward me, jacking it off as it were real. Then I noticed that the strap on was actually leaking fluid from the tip. She just chuckled. "Surprise baby. Open up."

Lauren grabbed my ears and shoved my mouth down onto the penis. The more she pistoned it in and out of throat, the more slobber and spit slid down the penis. She fucked my face for the next ten minutes at least until I gave up and stopped resisting. Then she stopped suddenly, ripped it out of my mouth and squeezed the bottom end of it. Splash! My face was covered in fake sperm, white sticky stuff ran down my face. But she quickly scooped it and pushed the goo into my mouth.

"That's it baby, swallow it down. There ya go. That's it. You are so good at that. And now you're an honorary cocksucker...just like a girl!"