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The very next weekend after our hard fuck in the hot tub, I got a very intriguing phone call from Ashton.

“Go to my rrooom, the doorsss unlocked,” she said. From the slurring of her words I could tell she was very drunk. There was loud music playing in the background and the voices of a lot of people muffled Ashton’s message. “My roommate’s not there so just go into my bedroom and be quiet. Don’t turn any lightss on. I have a surprissse for you.”

The conversation may have been confusing, but the implications were clear. We hadn’t really clarified our developing relationship, but Ashton’s invitation was definitely a good sign.

I wondered why Ashton had asked me to be quiet as I sat in her bedroom in the dark. I come to her room to visit her before, but both times I had been with her brother. Through the doorway I could see that the lights in the small living room were on, and without them I wouldn’t have any light in the apartment.

I was surprised when I heard the sound of loud talking as the door to Ashton’s apartment opened. Instinctively I hid behind the doorframe and carefully peered out into the living room. I was in for another shock as I saw Ashton being virtually carried into the apartment draped over the arm of one of our school’s football players. Ashton wore a tight red halter top that showed off her wonderfully ample cleavage and a tight white skirt that hugged her smooth ass and left much of her curvy legs visible. Her silky blond hair hung limply over her shoulders, as if she had been dancing or partying particularly hard, and her bright blue eyes seemed a little dazed. In fact, almost all of her weight was supported on the massive arm of the football player, who I eventually recognized as Jake Johansen- our college’s All-American Linebacker. At 6’4” he was two inches taller than me and built like a brick wall. His rippling muscles, chiseled features, and mop of blond hair made him the object of desire for half the girls on campus. I wondered how Ashton had ended up on his arm and why he was here. Two other football players who I didn’t recognize, a tall black kid wearing his letterman jacket and a shorter, very squat player with a shaved head followed Jake into the room.

“This is my room,” said Ashton with a drunken wave, “and my bedroom is through there but it is completely off limits. Now you two can go,” she said, gesturing to the two guys behind Jake.

“But they just got here,” replied Jake as he shut the door.

I was about to step into the living room and tell the football players to get out, but Ashton’s response stopped me cold. “But I only wanted you,” she said as she ran her fingers through Jake’s hair.

Jake responded by gathering her up in both of his massive arms, and pulling her into his body. Ashton squealed as she was lifted to her tip toes, but made no attempt to escape as her boobs were squashed into the linebacker’s broad chest. They were standing so that I could see them perfectly, and I watched paralyzed as Jake leaned down to kiss Ashton. I was horrified when she titled her head back to meet his lips, and she even threw her arms over his shoulders and ran her fingers through his hair. Their lips met and they kissed deeply, their jaws moving as their tongues entered each other’s mouths and danced. The other two guys just stood on either side of the couple and sneered. Jake brought a hand up and ran it through Ashton’s long blond hair before running it over her sides and copping a feel. When she continued her kissing and made no move to stop him, he began kneading her breasts through the material of her halter top. Ashton turned and stared straight at me while she moaned into his mouth. Was this her plan?

Jake stopped his assault on her breast only to reach behind Ashton’s neck to untie the halter. She broke the kiss with that action.

“Wait,” she said hesitantly, “are they going to watch?”

“Well, no,” said Jake.

He gently laid Ashton on the floor, and she smiled until she realized that the other two players had moved to either end of her.

“Wait a minute, what’s going…” she started. Her eyes shot wide open as the black player knelt down and pinned her arms above her head. The other player grabbed her ankles and pinned them to the floor. “Jake wait, I thought…” her voice was pleading.

“Listen babe, I know you want to fuck. You’ve been all over me all night. But what we’re going to give you is a night you’ll never forget.”

“But I TOLD you,” Ashton pleaded, “I only wanted YOU.”

“Oh, you’re going to want all of us by the time the night is over,” Jake replied smugly.

I had begun to edge myself into the room, prepared to leap on the fat guy nearest to me. Ashton had been positioned so I was closest to her feet, and the jock’s back was turned towards me. My movements caught Ashton’s eye and she looked straight at me. She began to shake her head side to side as if to say no. I was confused and paused for a moment. As if to clarify her intentions, she continued to stare straight at me and mouthed the word “no.” I backed away, resuming my position hiding behind the doorframe and Ashton nodded slightly yes.

“Stop squirming bitch,” spit the black player in response to her movements, “by the time we’re done you’ll be begging for it.”

Jake knelt at Ashton’s side and bent over to untie her halter-top from behind. “Now this is David,” Jake explained nodding towards his black teammate, “And this is Bull.” The fat kid nodded. Jake had untied the neck knot and moved to the one at the small of Ashton’s back. “Now we’re all going to have fun, so don’t worry,” Jake said, finishing the knot on her back. He pulled the untied halter-top off Ashton’s chest.

Ashton’s large, creamy breasts popped free and completely exposed. Her pink nipples began to harden as Jake traced lazy circles around the tops and sides of her tits. He palmed her firm mounds with both hands and ran his rough palms in circles around her nipples. Ashton began to squirm again, but this time it didn’t seem like trying to escape at all.

Jake bent over on his knees and sucked one of Ashton’s tits into his mouth. She gasped and squired against David’s hold on her hands. Jake released her nipple from his mouth, only to flick his tongue rapidly over her nipples. He scraped her nipple with his teeth before sucking her breast back into his mouth, causing Ashton so moan very softly. Jake switched to her other tit, suckling hard on her creamy breast while his fingers twisted the slippery nipple he had left behind. Ashton began to whimper slightly, and when Jake lifted his mouth from her second breast to twist that nipple in his fingers too, she moaned deep and loud.

“I think she’s about ready,” Jake said to Bull.

With that, Bull quickly lifted Ashton’s legs and pinned them up against her chest before she had a chance to react. Jake walked around to her bottom, which I had a perfect view of, and hiked up her skirt over her thighs. Ashton’s smooth ass came into view, and the puffy folds of her outer pussy lips were also clearly visible against the sheer fabric of the pink panties she was wearing.

Jake ran a finger over her pussy lips and rubbed against her through her panties. “Wow guys, she’s hot AND wet,” he exclaimed. “I knew she was an easy fuck.”

Jake played with the outer folds of her pussy lips as they began to swell, teasing them through her pink panties. Eventually he pushed the fabric aside and began to run his thick finger up and down the length of her pussy lips. Ashton moaned deeply again, and David and Bull both broke into wide grins in reaction. Jake knelt between Ashton’s pinned legs and placed a soft kiss on her mound. He probed gently with his wet tongue into her folds and began to run circles around her hard clit. He was careful to avoid her engorged nub as he circled, and she began to buck up against him attempting to make contact. Bull, who had moved to Ashton’s side to pin her legs, bent over and sucked one of her hardened and still wet nipples into his mouth. As Bull sucked and Jake slowly licked, Ashton began to moan in earnest. She alternated between softly whimpering and a deep guttural moan. When her insistent bucking became insistent, Jake and Bull both stopped and looked at her.

“Are you ready to fuck, Ashton?” Jake asked teasingly. Ashton continued to hump upwards against the hands that held her.

“We want to hear you say you’re ready to fuck before we continue,” Jake insisted.

Ashton continued squirming her hips, but bit her lip and looked past Jake to me. “I want to fuck,” she said.

“Tell us you want to fuck all of us,” Jake coaxed.

Ashton continued her wanton gaze into my eyes as I remained hidden in the bedroom. “I want to fuck all of you.”

Without another word, Jake took hold of Ashton’s legs, continuing to pin them to her chest. Bull stood up and without any fanfare dropped his pants and his boxers. His hard prick sprang free and stood straight out, about five inches long and not very thick. Bull kneeled between Ashton’s legs and became the first person to make contact with her clit when he ran the fat head of his cock against her hard nub. I had an excellent view as he rubbed his stiff head in circles over her engorged and protruding button. Ashton’s reaction was immediate, as she began rubbing back against his cock head, desperate for friction against her sensitive spot. She moaned loudly and deeply as Bull coated his cock head with her flowing pussy juices.

Bull shifted onto his knees, and with no warning thrust forward and buried himself almost to the hilt in Ashton’s cunt. Ashton’s eyes shot wide open as Bull carefully withdrew his prick and then thrust it back into her.

“She’s tight,” remarked Bull, “must not have fucked much before.” If he only knew that his was only the second cock to slide into her velvety pussy.

Ashton’s firm breasts jiggled obscenely with each thrust, and Bull bent down to suck a hard nipple into his mouth. Jake smiled and dove on her other tit, and their two mouths suckled hard as their wet tongues teased her nipples. Bull picked up the pace slightly and began to pound himself deeper and deeper into Ashton’s pussy. Her body shook with his strong thrusts, and she began to grunt with every thrust. “Ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh, mmmmmm,” she panted.

With two mouths working her tits and a stiff cock buried in her pussy, Ashton’s head began to thrash from side to side. Bull began to pound into her wet, velvety folds, and I could see his slippery dick sliding in and out of her cunt. As Bull began to piston faster and faster, Ashton’s breasts began to jiggle. Bull let her pink nipple slip out of his mouth as he concentrated on delivering his load deep into her pussy. Ashton’s chest was flushed and she began to whimper slightly. I could tell she was incredibly turned on but didn’t want to show her desire.

Bull thrust deeply a few more times before holding himself buried in her pussy walls. I could tell by the way he shook slightly that he was exploding deep inside her. Ashton looked back at me again, her blue eyes filled with what appeared to be disappointment, before her head collapsed backwards and she closed her eyes.

As Bull withdrew and his shrinking cock slipper from her pink folds, Jake and David both let go of Ashton as if to test her. They carefully watched her, but when she made no move to escape, Jake gently rolled her over onto her stomach. He pulled Ashton’s white skirt further up over her ass and ran his hands. A tiny amount of cum began to run out of Ashton’s pussy, and Jake ran his fingers over the waistband of her panties. He pulled them down over her thighs, and Ashton made no complaint as he lifted them from around her ankles. Bunching them up, Jake dabbed carefully at her pussy lips, wiping away the cum. Ashton moaned in approval as her panties were run up and down her pussy lips.

David was already working himself out of his pants and briefs as Jake began to remove all of his clothing. Jake had a cock almost as big and thick as mine, but David’s had to be over 8 inches long and very thick. David jacked his cock lightly as Jake slid between Ashton’s legs and teased her wet slit with the engorged head of his stiff prick. Ashton ground back against his cock, attempting to rub her clit against his cock head, but Jake was careful to avoid her sensitive spot.

“If you’re going to fuck me, you’re going to have to ask for it,” Jake said with a sneer.

Ashton looked back at Jake and then turned abruptly and hid her head in her arms. “Please fuck me, I want it,” Ashton said softly.

“That’s a good girl,” Jake replied.

Jake began rubbing her clit with his fingers, and Ashton cried out, “Oh GAWD that feels good.”

Ashton attempted to hump back against his cock, and Jake’s head slipped between her lips. Ashton’s pussy stretched as he slowly worked a few inches of his cock into her pussy. Ashton whimpered again as he withdrew, and then he suddenly thrust almost his entire prick into her cunt. Ashton’s head shot up and her back arched. She moaned loudly and lifted slightly to her hands and knees and Jake began working her cunt. Ashton’s dangling breasts swung below her as Jake started a rhythm of fucking into her pussy. Ashton’s head hung down and went side to side as he worked her, pounding his meat into her. He slapped her ass and she yelped, but continued to buck back against as he thrust more and more of his thick cock into her tight folds.

Ashton’s back arched, head down, tits swinging was a wonderful sight. I couldn’t help but be turned on, and my growing cock begged to be released from the confines of my shorts. I whipped it out and couldn’t stop myself from beating off to the sight of Ashton fucking.

David was apparently turned on as well, as his thick pole stood just inches from her face, pointing at her body. David lifted her chin, and she looked at the stiff black cock pointing at her as her body rocked back and forth. Ashton was now working her body back on forth on the long pole buried in her snatch, grinding her pelvis and clit against Jake’s body whenever he paused inside her. David inched himself forward and his cock remained mere centimeters away from Ashton’s mouth. Finally he leaned forward a bit, and poked her lightly in the cheek as she was thrust forward by Jake’s fucking. The next thrust sent her lips forward to rub against the tip of David’s cock. He moaned, and another thrust sent David’s cock between her lips. He held her face softly as she sucked the head of his dick before he scooted forward and sent several inches into Ashton’s mouth. She began sucking him and moaning around his cock as Jake picked up the pace. My jacking became frantic as I stared at her. Her lovely blond hair pulled back by David’s dark hand, her beautiful face in David’s crotch, her soft lips wrapped around David’s dick, her creamy tits swinging, her back arched, her smooth ass exposed and humping backwards to impale herself on Jake’s pole.

Jake began slamming himself into Ashton’s body, running his hands over her smooth bottom as he buried himself to the hilt in her soft pussy. Meanwhile, David began rocking his hips slightly and fucking Ashton’s mouth as he held her face. From behind I could just see the tip of her tongue snake out and occasionally lick at his shaft. Se was giving David one hell of a blowjob as she got fucked from both ends. Jake began to thrust more insistently into Ashton’s pussy, before he too arched his back and gave one long, low growl. Ashton continued to grind her hips against him as a second man’s cock grew and spurted deep into her pussy.

When Jake withdrew, Ashton continued to suck on David’s thick meat in her mouth. David moved backwards, pulling his hard cock from Ashton’s soft lips and sat on the living room couch behind him.

“You ready for the main event?” David asked.

Ashton quickly scrambled to her feet. “Please,” she begged breathlessly, I’m so close to cumming. Just fuck me.”

Ashton straddled David’s lap, gripping his long dick with her hand. She eased herself over his member before guiding his head towards her waiting pussy lips. His shaft was already slick from her blowjob, so she slipped his cock between her lips and worked a few inches of his cock into her cunt. She raised back up, and then slid a bit lower, letting out a long, slow breath as he slid into her. Finally, on the third try she bottomed out on his lap, his thick cock buried in her sweet folds.

David leaned forward and kissed Ashton softly on the neck as she began to ride him. She worked up and down his pole as he licked his way down her chest and over her tits. Ashton’s ass cheeks shook as she slammed down on his shaft and her perky tits bounced up and down. David caught one of her nipples between his lips and began sucking hard on it, mesmerized by her moving tit flesh and the breast he had worked between his teeth. I couldn’t tell if her eyes were closed, but she arched her back and gave another long, low moan.

“Oh God I’m close, don’t stop,” Ashton whispered.

“Come on baby, cum on my cock,” David responded, dropping the tit from his mouth.

“Oooooooo, I’m so close,” Ashton repeated.

David placed his hands firmly on Ashton’s ass and began worker her harder up and down. Ashton would lift slightly up his cock, and David would pull her down as he thrust upwards, impaling her hard on his long cock. Ashton responded immediately as her body jarred up and down.

“Oh yessss, baby yes,” she screamed. “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah,” she chanted as David fucked in and out of her tight pussy.

“Cum for me girl, cum on me,” David commanded.

As Ashton was shoved up and down, stretching her pussy lips tightly around his thick shaft, I could tell her orgasm was building. She rested her head on David’s shoulders, blond hair hiding her face, as she concentrated on grinding her sensitive clit against David’s pelvis and working his dick in and out of her snatch. A few hard thrusts, and Ashton arched her body and threw her head back, screaming with release.

“Oooooohhhhhh Gaaaaaawwwwd, cuuummmming. Don’t stop, don’t stop, cumming,” she cried.

David grunted hard, thrust a couple of more times, and then his eyes shot wide as his cock exploded inside Ashton’s slippery folds.

Ashton sat impaled on David’s spent cock for a minute, but he eventually pulled her body off his lap and laid her on the couch. Her hair was a mess, her body was covered in sweat, and there was cum running down her leg. Jake and Bull had already dressed, and as David pulled his clothes back on, they slapped each other high fives. Jake and David laughed as they looked at the exhausted and somewhat frightened girl before them.

“Don’t worry babe,” Jake said, “We’ll be back another night.” And with that the three men filed out of Ashton’s dorm room.

Ashton gathered herself up, stood, and walked slowly towards her bedroom. She was a bit bow legged as she came towards me. I had almost forgotten that I was beating off, and as Ashton came into the bedroom I had nothing to do but continue to grip my erect cock.

She immediately looked down at the dick in my hand as she entered the room, and a small smile crossed her face. “I’m really sorry, darlin’,” she said, looking up into my eyes, “I wanted to put on a show for you but I didn’t think they’d actually fuck me.”

Without another word she walked into her bathroom. I heard the shower start and had no idea what to do, so I sat down on her bed for a good ten minutes with my cock still pointing straight up into the air.

Ashton emerged naked from the bathroom, still dripping slightly with her long blond hair stuck to her shoulder and the back of her neck. Without saying anything, she knelt between my legs and grasped my cock with her hands.

“Again, Kevin, I’m sorry it didn’t go the way I planned,” she said, placing a light kiss on the tip of my cock.

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