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I sat up and got on my hands and knees, moving between his spread legs. The rigid shaft was throbbing with each beat of his heart, filling the veins that circled and twisted upwards. The swollen, purple head was already leaking pre-cum from the tiny slit at the tip as I reached and circled my fingers around it, stroking it up and down slowly. A larger drop of pre-cum appeared and joined the other, threatening to run down the shaft of his prick. Bending my head lower and extending my tongue, I caught the drop and pulled it into my mouth. I watched as a tiny thread of cum stretched between the tip of his cock and my mouth, reminding me of a silken spider-web.

I extended my tongue again, flicking the tip against the sensitive underside of the swollen gland. It thrilled me to see Monty's reaction to my oral skills. He moaned softly as his cock throbbed and jerked under my nose. I continued to stroke the rigid length as I pursed my lips, forming a small "O" I placed it against his cock and pressed down, my lips spreading around and over the throbbing head. Monty moaned softly as I engulfed the entire head into my mouth and clamped my lips tightly around it. Sucking as hard as I could, pulling my tongue to press tightly against his swollen cock as it pressed against the roof of my mouth. Creating a suction that I knew would draw any juices into my mouth.

Resting my hands on Monty's thighs, I started bobbing my head up and down, each time going a little deeper until I could feel his cock-head bumping against the opening of my throat. Keeping his cock locked tightly between my lips, I stretched out between his legs and rested my upper body on my elbows. Using my right hand, I stroked his cock, feeling it throb against my tongue as my lips sank around it. I slowed my sucking action down a bit so Monty would not cum too soon.

I let his prick slip out of my mouth from time to time and let my tongue travel up and down the pulsing shaft, tracing the swollen veins to the head, then down again, tickling his balls with the tip of my tongue each time I reached them. My hair had fallen over my face as I was sucking and Monty's fingers caught my hair and tucked the strands behind my ears so he had an unrestricted view of me sucking on his cock. I rolled my eyes upward, seeing the pleasure I was giving my husband.

"Oh God! Lorri. You are such a wonderful cocksucker! Does my cock taste good? I do love to watch you sucking cock!"

A small tingle radiated from my sensitive clit up through my stomach as Monty put his hands on each side of my face as if guiding his prick in and out of my mouth. I wondered what he would say if he knew what I had been doing with Jake earlier in the day. Regardless of my actions with Jake, I still felt the sexual desire building within me again. It was like an addiction, a desire to have sex as the emotions hit me. Whether as a loving wife or as a slut for others to use, I knew that I would respond to the emotions that created that lust.

Monty's hands tightened about my head, holding me to his cock as his hips began to thrust upwards. I began moving my hips sideways, stimulating my clit against the sheets. I knew he was about to cum and I wanted to cum with him. Monty was thrusting deeper and harder, his cock head pushing up against my gag point. I thought of Jake ramming his huge cock into my mouth earlier, and how I had managed to take it so deep into my throat. Relaxing my throat muscles, I felt the swollen heard actually penetrate my throat. Then I felt Monty's coarse pubic hair against my nose and lips as the head of his cock seemed to explode into my throat.

Almost immediately, I started cumming, my climax ripping through my body as Monty's cock pumped his thick cum down my throat. As with Jake, I soon found out that I was running out of air, and I struggled with Monty's hands holding me down. Finally, he released me and I gasped for air as his cock squirted the last remnants of his cum into my gasping mouth and lips. As my own orgasm slowed down, I replaced Monty's cock and sucked until it lost its stiffness. Breathing heavily, I moved up over Monty's body, offering my lips and tongue to him.

We lay there for several long minutes, savoring the intense orgasms as our lips and tongues intertwined, bringing a sense of closeness and pleasure. Monty's hands caressed my tits and nipples as we both slipped down from our sexual high. I rolled off Monty and lay on my side as he curled up around me. We pulled the cover up over us and Monty reached up and turned out the light. I felt his soft cock press against my ass-cheeks and his right hand coming across to cup my right tit, flicking the sensitive nipple a few times before he was sound asleep.

I lay there for several minutes as my mind took in the scenes of the day. Jake, using me as a slut then, Monty enjoying my sexual behavior as well. Was it really that bad to give myself, willing, to both of them? I knew that society would condemn me on that part, but history tells of women who are supposed to be submissive to men. And occasionally a man will take advantage of a susceptible female that attracts him. There is that fatal lure of women who knows that her physical features attract a man and her natural desire to submit to him. There were conflicting thoughts as I lay there, between the biological and morality issues. Oh, Well! I would wait to see what the future would bring.

The soft music from the clock radio filled my ears, signaling the start of a new day. I tossed back the covers and padded to the bathroom. I quickly used the toilet and blotted my pussy. My clit was not so sensitive and swollen as it was before. I quickly washed my hands and face, promising myself a nice, long, hot bath as soon as Monty and the girls were off to work and school.

I brushed my hair a few times and noticed how my tits moved and jiggled as I brushed. Almost immediately, my nipples puckered out. Oh, Damn! I didn't have time for this, and cleared my mind. I took my nightgown of the hook and let it slid over my naked body, and then I grabbed my terrycloth bathrobe slipped my arms in and pulled the material up round my neck. Quickly, I tied the belt around my waist and stepped into the bedroom. Monty was sitting on the edge of the bed, still looking sleepy. I bent over and kissed him on the cheek and Said "Good Morning, Honey." He grunted something in return as I walked to my chest of drawers. Pulling the top drawer open, I got a clean pair of panties and quickly slipped them on.

"Wow, What a beautiful ass!" Monty said. "Too bad you have to cover it up."

I straightened my robe, making sure that everything was in place before I answered him. "It would be Ok if it was just you and I here, but I doubt that the girls would appreciate seeing my tits and ass swaying around in the kitchen."

"Well, you could tell them that they need to get used to it because their husbands will enjoy looking at them the same as I do." And I silently agreed with him there.

"You better hit the shower while I fix coffee and breakfast. You don't want to be late." And I turned and left the room.

My morning routine was the usual stuff, fix coffee for Monty and I, then set the table for toast and cereal. I walked down the hall to the girl's bedroom. Knocking lightly, I opened the door and said, "Time to get up, Girls!" There were the usual groans and sighs but I knew they would be up and ready to go as usual. Returning to the kitchen, I poured myself a cup of coffee and went to the front door to get the paper. The neighborhood seemed to be coming to life as our household was and I waved to a neighbor lady as she also bent down for the paper.

I sipped at my coffee and glanced at the paper, but hesitated because Monty liked to see it first. A few minutes passed and Monty came into the kitchen and sat down at the table. I poured him his coffee and prepared his toast as he scanned the paper. Moments later Sara and Melissa arrived and then I knew that the day was started off in the usual manner. I had to smile to myself as I recalled that the last two mornings were NOT a normal happening, that my life had been changed a lot. I only could hope that those changes would only affect me and not my family.

After Monty went to work, I busied myself with putting the dishes in the dishwasher and waiting for the girls to make their departure to school. The thought of the hot bath that I had promised myself was more to my liking than my usual routine of reading the paper and having another leisurely cup of coffee. I went into the bathroom and started the tub filling, sprinkling a bit of rose scented bubble bath into the water as well. When that was done, I returned to the kitchen, just in time to kiss Sara and Melissa as they prepared to leave for school. I walked them to the door, waving to them as they walked down to the corner bus-stop.

I returned to my bathroom, seeing the tub filled with the fresh-scented bubbles. I quickly removed my robe and nightgown, dropping them to the floor. I knew that sometime today I would need to do some laundry, including my intimate clothing, so all this would go together. As I bent forward to test the warmth of my bathwater, I felt the sensation of my tits swinging forward and back with my movements. Smiling at the thought of both Monty and Jake having their hands and mouths on them caused me to roll my shoulders from side to side, making them swing wildly.

I was well aware of the sensitivity of my breasts as a young girl, but even more so as I had nursed both girls during their baby-hood and several times, I had achieved orgasm while they were nursing. Monty was well aware of the sensations flowing through me and had used it to his advantage and mine. I stood up and cupped my hands around both breasts and with thumb and forefingers rolled and squeezed the erect nipples.

I shook my head to clear those thoughts away and stepped gingerly into the hot bathwater. Bracing myself with my arms on the edge of the tub, I squatted down, feeling the bubbles caressing my ass, thighs and pussy, then the steaming warmth of the water. I moaned loudly as the water covered my body, causing me to relax completely as I stretched out with only my head out of the bubbles. It would have been so easy to fall asleep except for the sensual tingle running throughout my entire body.

I drifted lazily through time as my body responded to the warm water. Random thoughts kept popping into my mind about the last few days, running through the events that had brought me to this point in time. Still, I felt guilty about my failure to resist Jake's advances, knowing full well what the consequences could be if I were exposed to Monty and the girls. I contemplated going to Monty and confessing all and begging him to forgive me in hopes that he would and never let the girls know of their mother being a cheating wife. I just was not sure enough of Monty's feelings to make a good decision.

Perhaps over the next few nights, I might talk to him about any fantasies he has and whether he would share them with me. Perhaps he had secret thoughts of things he had kept quiet about. It did seem like a better plan than just coming out and confessing to him about Jake and me. Besides, if that were to happen, what other questions would Monty be inclined to ask and how far back would his curiosity go. He was aware that I was not a virgin when we were married. No, I really could not count on either of those two options being a satisfactory solution to my problem.

At least, there was one possible solution, and Jake had said he would consider changing our location to meet. I did consider it a small victory because at least there would not be any incriminating evidence left at home that Monty and the girls might stumble onto. Feeling somewhat comforted, I let myself think that everything would turn out alright, if and when Jake tired of me. Reluctantly, I set up, aware that time had passed, and my fingers were beginning to become wrinkled from being in the water so long.

I got to my feet and wiped the clinging bubbles from my body. As the tub drained, I turned the shower head on, adjusting it to a fine spray. I wet my hair and applied shampoo, working it into a thick lather. Then rinsing my hair and my body of any soapy residue, I turned the lever from spray to stream; I directed the stream between my legs and allowed it to rinse my pussy and ass-hole. As the stream penetrated my pussy I could feel my labia opening as the water forced its way into my cunt. My clit was still very sensitive and I flinched each time the stream hit it.

When I was sure that I was rinsed off from head to toe, I turned off the water and stepped out of the tub. Grabbing a fluffy towel, I dried myself off, starting with my hair and then downward. Feeling much better, I finished my routine of getting dressed. I walked to my top drawer and picked out a bra and panties. Returning to the mirrored bathroom, I watched my reflection as I cupped my tits in my hands, pinching the nipples and then covering them with my bra. I bent forward and using my fingers, I lifted and placed my breasts into place.

As I started to step into my panties, I remembered my clit. I spread my legs and using a finger on each hand, I spread my labia as wide as I could. The nub of my clit protruded slightly from its hood and was very sensitive as I touched it. At least it was not as swollen and red looking as it had been. Again, I felt fortunate that Monty had accepted my explanation about its condition. Thirty minutes later, I was dressed and ready to go shopping. As I glanced at the clock, I noticed that I had been two hours preparing myself.

Was it any wonder that men always complained that it takes so long for a woman to get ready? I stepped to the mirror, checking for anything out of place. I had to admit that I presented the outward look of a married mother on her way to shop and provide for her family. But also, behind that image, I saw the image of myself being naked and fucked like the slut Jake said I was. Why couldn't I be both?

Picking up my purse, I went to the garage and got in my car. In just a matter of minutes I was backed out onto the street and on my way. The thoughts of yesterday were gone as I concentrated on my day ahead. Shopping went well, and I noticed the box-boy looking at me as I lead him to my car. It excited me to feel attractive to the opposite sex, especially the younger ones. You would think that their eyes would be on the young girls instead of a middle-aged married woman. I stood very close to him as he unloaded the items into the back seat and twice, his hands brushed against my breasts as he worked. I was aware of a deep flush on his face as he finished, then he opened the drivers door for me. I smiled at him as I slid into the seat, my skirt rising up to mid-thigh. Acting as if I didn't notice my exposure to him, I fumbled with my purse, hiking the edge of my skirt even higher. I extracted a $5.00 bill and handed it to him, noting that his eyes were riveted on my exposed thighs.

He closed the door for me, he mumbled, "Thank You, Ma'am!" As I drove away, I saw him standing there, looking after me. Smiling to myself, I wondered if the "Thank You" was for the $5.00 or the view. I looked down, wondering just how much he had seen and considering the angle he was looking, I concluded that my panties were visible to him. I checked the time and thought of having lunch while I was out. I turned into a small shopping mall and chose a coffee/sandwich café.

I placed my order and as I waited, my thoughts seemed to center on the events concerning Jake and I. The company event where it started; and where it might end. It was difficult to sort out my true feelings. Of course, there was guilt and possible consequences, I couldn't deny that! But the lure of uninhibited sex with Jake was overwhelming. It made me feel young again. It seemed to make me desire sex more. Even with the box-boy, I would not have even thought of doing that a few weeks ago. It still seemed to be a physical desire opposing a morality standard forced on us by Church and State.

Finishing lunch, I drove home and busied myself with the chores of a modern-day housewife. Things in my life were returning to normal and the thoughts of exposure by Jake seemed remote and the week passed uneventfully. Monty and the girls occupied most of my time over the week-end, and it was Monday after Monty and the girls had left, did I give much thought to my situation with Jake. Being in my own home with him doing as he pleased with me, only increased my feelings of guilt and shame, plus the risk of being discovered by my neighbors or my family. I searched for something to bargain with Jake about moving our meetings to another location, but it seemed that he held all the cards.

Tuesday morning, as I was reading the paper with my usual cup of coffee, the phone rang. Somehow, I experienced a sense of dread as well as excitement as I picked up the phone.

"Hello!" I said.

"Well, Good Morning, my little slut!" Jakes voice boomed in my ear. "Have you missed me these last few days?"

"Jake, Please! We need to talk. I just can't stand this humiliation of having you here in my home. I worry all the time that Monty or the girls will get suspicious and it is always possible that the neighbors will notice your coming and going as well." I couldn't help the pleading tone of my voice.

"Quit whining. Slut. You are a slutty whore and you should be proud of that. Did Monty enjoy your fresh-fucked pussy again? Did he notice how your slutty ass-hole was stretched by my big cock?" He shouted into my ear.

"Jake, Please! You are frightening me!" I stammered.

"You should be frightened, you cocksucking whore. You were the one to start this and I have given you the opportunity to keep our little affair a secret. But, if you keep on with your constant complaining about when and where I want to fuck you pussy and ass, I swear that your family and the entire neighborhood knows what a cocksucking slut-whore you are. Do I make myself clear, Slut?"

"Yes, Jake. I understand." I replied, trying to keep my voice from trembling.

"Very good, whore-wife! Now tell me, who owns your ass, pussy and mouth?

"You Do, Jake."

"I do what?" he taunted me.

"You own my pussy, mouth and ass, Jake." Humiliated, I bit my lip to keep from crying.

"You bet I do, slut! And don't forget it" Then, just as quickly his voice changed to a calmer tone. "This is not the reason I called you. I was talking to Monty earlier and he seems to like his new job. Did you get the same impression?"

Glad to be onto another subject satisfied me, so I replied, "Yes, Jake, He was excited about it."

"Good to hear! A happy man at work is a happy man at home." He chuckled.

"Anyway, I mentioned to Monty that there might be some week-end travel involved, also. He seemed to be ok with it, if you didn't mind, so how about it?" I could almost see that arrogant smile on his face.

"Jake, Don't you think we are pressing our luck? Besides, the girls would be here on week-ends anyway." I replied.

"Perhaps they would like to watch their slut mother getting fucked in all of her holes, then?" I knew that he was laughing at my expense.

"Never! Jake, Never in your wildest dreams will I allow that to happen. You can do whatever you want with me, but not my girls!" I shouted at him.

"OK! OK! I was just kidding anyway. They are prime stuff, but too dangerous for me. I have been thinking of changing our location as you have asked, and I think it may be a good idea. If we had a place away from your home, would you feel better? As your owner, I do have an obligation to take care of you." He added.

"Oh, Yes! Jake. I would feel much better about it." I quickly agreed.

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