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I swung my legs out of bed. Holding my head in my hands, I tried to wake myself up. Already a few minutes behind, I was going to be late if I didn't get into gear. After shaking away the last vestiges of sleep, I got up and made my way into the bathroom.

I looked into the mirror and was quietly disappointed. I had sunburned over the weekend, and my face and shoulders were dry from the burn. My hair was a mess, and my face needed to be washed. I sighed and got into the tub.

I felt so much better after my shower, and as I brushed my teeth and put on lotion, I felt rejuvenated. I was starting to feel presentable. A little bit more primping, and I'd be ready for work.

I hung the towel on the rack to dry and made my way back to my bedroom naked. Living by myself, I often roamed the house without clothing.

This particular morning, however, I'd come to regret it.

He was there, in the bedroom. Somehow, he had silently slipped in. He was hiding behind the bedroom door, and I walked in without knowledge of the intruder. Suddenly, he was on me, grasping my body with one arm and tightly wrapping the other around my neck to cover my mouth.

His fingers dug into my stomach and the side of my face. He pulled me close to him, grinding my body against his. I struggled, trying to free myself, but his grasp became even tighter.

I forced myself to stand still, hoping to catch him off guard. As I relaxed, his hold became looser. I saw my chance. I pulled one arm forward, and then drew it back, striking him as hard as I could in the stomach.

Nothing. No exhale of breath, no muttered swear, no wincing. I tried to lift my arm again, but he was too quick for me. He grabbed my wrists, pulling my arms behind my back. He reached over and grabbed my robe, struggling to get the cord free.

He bound my arms behind my back, tightening the knot until they were at an odd and uncomfortable angle behind me. I was in pain, but I bit my lip and kept quiet. Hopefully this would be as painful as it got. "Shut up and do what I tell you to do, and maybe I won't kill you. Understand bitch?" His voice, low and raspy, was right in my ear. I could feel his breath on my skin. I shivered and then nodded my understanding. "Good girl."

He pushed me over onto the bed, shoving me face down onto the mattress. I felt the bed shift as he reached for something, and then he roughly pulled my head up by my hair. Using one hand, he wrapped a bandana around my face, effectively covering my eyes with the fabric. He tied it tightly over my still wet hair, then flipped me over.

I couldn't help myself. I whimpered as I landed on my bound arms. The pain shot up my arms and across my chest as I was forced onto my back.

He laughed. A giggle, actually. Like a ten-year-old on Christmas morning.

Tugging hard on my nipple rings, he laughed harder. "A little slut, huh? No church going girl I know has her nipples pierced. This will be more fun than I first thought." I shivered again.

His hands cupped my breasts, pulling and squeezing them lewdly. He laughed again, a sound I was coming to hate, as he crudely played with my tits. "What nice, big tits you have." He paused, and moved a little farther down. "And a shaved pussy. Wow. You really are a little slut. How lucky could I be?"

"Let's see how slutty you are," he said, moving forward. I felt his cock bumping against my chin, and then against my lips. I tried to keep my mouth shut, even biting my own lips to keep them together.

He leaned over and grabbed my nipple, pulling hard, he began to twist it. Soon, the pain became too great. I screamed... he slammed his cock into my mouth and down my throat, gagging me slightly.

His cock was huge... I could feel the veins against my lips as he slide it in and out of my mouth.

He grabbed my hair. "Come on, bitch. Suck it... use your tongue. And don't you dare get me with your teeth. Now suck it!" He reached back again to grab my nipples, twisting them between his fingers. The message was clear, and I began to suck and lick his cock.

His fingers left my nipples. "That's it cunt. That's it." He moaned in approval, and I felt a sense of relief... and pride. I berated myself... I shouldn't be enjoying this... I shouldn't be getting off on this... and yet, as I felt his cock slide in and out of my mouth, harder and faster with each thrust, I felt my pussy becoming wet.

Roughly, he pulled out of my mouth. I felt him move down my body, turning towards me again. He flipped me back over, forcing me up onto my knees, shoving my face and shoulders against the bed.

I felt him bobbing against my leg, hard and ready. With just a little difficultly, he slid into me. "You like this, don't you cunt? You may say no, but your pussy tells a different story... you're soaked. Such a slut."

He began slowly, languidly pumping in and out of me, like he had all the time in the world. He kept a tight grasp on my ass, digging his fingers into my flesh.

After awhile, though, his thrusts became more urgent. I could no longer help myself. I had to react. His cock felt so good inside of me, rubbing up against the walls of my pussy. I began to moan as he began to fuck me harder and faster.

"That's it baby. Show me how much you like it." He released my ass, sliding down to lean against my back. I could feel the hair of his chest against my skin, and I moaned. As he reached around to grab my tits, I moaned harder. Again and again, he pounded his cock into me, and I began to thrust back at him, taking more and more cock each time.

He bent down and began biting my neck and shoulders, setting off my orgasm. I came hard around his cock, clenching and unclenching all the hidden muscles of my pussy. As I finished, he began. Locking onto my shoulder, biting down so hard he would leave marks, muffling his moan in my skin, he shot his load into me.

Drained, he collapsed on the bed beside me. As we both regained our strength, he reached over to untie my arms. I groaned in pain as the blood returned to my hands. "Scott," I said, reaching up to take off the blindfold, "I'm going to be late to work."

He turned and smiled at me, running a finger down my back. "Call in sick. Just for today. And you won't get hurt."
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