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This is the continuation of the story of Nisida, a young Albanian Girl whose life is taken over my an Albanian Mafia Boss. To fully enjoy this story please read parts 1 to 7

As Anton lifted her into the air and slowly lowered her body onto his penis, Nisida felt the hot flush of both anticipation and shame which she had become so use to over the past several days.

As her spread legs lowered themselves over Anton's throbbing cock she let out a small shudder. Behind her she felt the tingle of Ali's skin as he began to press his penis against her butt. Ali used his hands to prior her ass cheeks apart, then she felt the press of his member against her and then the sudden hot plunge of pain and pleasure as he entered her ass. Nisida hung suspended between the two men: One pounding her pussy the other her ass, both using her like the piece of meat she had become. She tried to move her mind away from what was going on. She felt like much less the slut when she was able to do that, able to think of how it began or of better things but as the two men fucked her she could think of nothing better then the warm feeling in her pussy and ass. From the corner of her eye she saw the clock it was nearly midnight. It had been a long day.

In many ways the day had really begun 36 hours early when she had first had sex with Shehu. When he was done he had made the announcement that she was now to be available sexually to all of his men. Elvis and Anton had been in her bedroom and she fully had expected to be fucked right then and there but Millie the housekeeper had chased them from the room stating that Nisida still needed rest. She had not felt she needed more rest but then within minutes she had fallen asleep once again.

She awoke almost eight hours later. She wandered to the bathroom where she showered; shaved her arms and legs and fixed her self up as nice as she could. As she looked into the mirror it struck her that she was now into her fourth day of absolute nudity with no real end in sight. Her stomach growled and she headed out from the room and downstairs to get something to eat.

The staircase lead to what Shehu called the great room, to the left was the dining room and beyond that the kitchen and to her right the living room, den and beyond that her office and the back yard. From the living room Nisida could hear a number of voices. Some of them she recognized immediately, Shehu, Elvis, Anton and Matt were all in there but so were many more. She snuck slowly down the steps and into the dining room. She moved from there to the kitchen.

Ali was in there making a cup of coffee.

"Hello." He said softly.



Nisida laughed a little. "Yeah it seems like an age since I ate though I had lunch before."

She walked over to the fridge; Ali did not take his eyes off of her as she passed him. She took some milk and a bowl of fruit from the fridge and walked over to the table. She still felt his eyes boring into her back.

"Mr. Shehu informed us of the new situation." Ali finally said.

Nisida felt her skin blush she did not turn around as she answered.


Even with her back turned she could almost 'see' Ali shrug.


She heard him walk closer.

"Bend over." He asked.

She steeled her self and did what she had been told.


Nisida bolted upright. "Yuck what the hell do you mean by that?"

Ali laughed.

"Look I'm an ass guy and while you have a nice firm butt, you also badly need a wax."

"Excuse me?"

"A wax baby. A wax."

Nisida could not believe her ears. "You ......"

"I will talk to Mr. Shehu and arrange one."

"NO." Nisida yelled.

Too loud. She realized they must have heard her in the living room.

Ali laughed. "You have given use of that word up forever sweetheart."

Shehu entered the room.

"I am trying to conduct a meeting, what is going on here?"

"I suggested to Nisida that she needed a Brazilian Wax and she was offended."

Shehu laughed.

"My dear bend over."

Once again Nisida did as she was told.

"Hmm...perhaps....stand up my dear. Come with me, I think my meeting needed a break anyway."

Shehu slid his arm though Nisida's and walked her into the living room.

Nisida felt the air in her throat catch as she entered the room. To say that it was wall to wall men would not have been an exaggeration. There had to be thirty five men in the room. Most she did not know, she spotted Anton and Matt. There was also the older man who had first come with Shehu to her diner. In the corner she saw Elvis. He gave her a wink, she nodded in his direction in return, and she was comforted that he was there. All of the men were Albanian of course but they were all of various ages, some as old as Shehu himself, others younger then her twenty some odd years. There were tall men and short, some fat but most well built and strong.

Shehu walked her to the front of the room, by the large fireplace on the far wall. As they moved though the room, she could see all the men admiring her body. She was also well aware that they gave her and Shehu a wide birth as they walked.

"Gentlemen may I present to you Nisida. Nisida is the young woman who has taken over the accounts on my recently acquired businesses. She is also the young lady to whom I owe my life. It was her bravery which prevented my untimely death at the hands of that pig Todi."

At that statement the men in the room burst out a round of appreciative applause. Nisida felt the blush begin at her toes and race across her naked body to her head and face. She bowed a little and the group roared with approval.

"Nisida." Shehu went on. "Has also agreed to be part of a little experiment of mine. As you know I have long felt that women have a power that they do not use well. As such I have decided to train Nisida. In that light she is now available to any and all of you sexually in any manner. As long as she is not injured. You may also utilize her skills and body for your friends and family."

As the men once again applauded Nisida felt the gravity of what was being said sink into her mind. When Shehu had told her she would be available to his men she had thought that he had meant the ones who frequented the house, not his entire crime family. As the noise in the room died down, Nisida braced her self, sure a group rape of her body was about to begin.

"Now my friends we have much business tonight, so you will need to forego Nisida's charms for now. However my man Ali has brought an interesting matter to my attention. In the interest of injecting some levity into this very serious night we will put this to a vote. Ali believes that Nisida's ass is too hairy and that she needs a wax. What do you gentlemen think?"

The room burst out into laughter. Shehu took Nisida by the arm and spun her around.


She did, showing her ass to the entire room.

Nisida wanted to crawl under a rock and die as she stood with her hands spreading her ass cheeks for the room of thirty five men to see.

"Now then." Said Shehu. "By a show of hands. Wax?"

The vote was unanimous in favor of the wax. Shehu told her to stand and dismissed her from the room.

Back in her bedroom Nisida lay on her bed and cried herself to sleep.

The next morning she was awaken by a knock on her door.

"Come in." She said

Elvis entered slowly.

"I am sorry to wake you but the lady for your waxing is here."

"All ready ........" Nisida stammered.

Elvis came over and sat on the edge of the bed.

"It will be all right."

"Easy for you to say. Your life has not become a series of humiliations at the hands of a mobster that you do not dare confront or reject."

Elvis shook his head. "You have no idea what my life is like."

Nisida was startled by the sadness in his voice. She reached up and pulled him close to her body.

Like animals they clawed at each other. Nisida helped him out of his clothes so that quickly he was as naked as she was. He spread her legs and violently plunged his thick cock into her wet cunt. She rocked under his weight lifting her hips to meet his touch and feel. She threw her head back and allowed him to kiss the sides of her neck and gild his tongue down the nape to her breast. They came in a roar. Too quickly for both their taste. Then he rolled off her and lay next to her on the bed.

"Well that was fun." They said almost at the same time.

Their laughter filled the room.

"So." Elvis said after a moment "Ready?"

Nisida rolled onto her back

"Send her in." She said.

The waxing was as painful as she had always heard it would be.

For the reaminder of the day her ass hurt. She needed to sit on several pillows as she worked on the account ledgers in her office.

Late that evening after a full day and the better part of the evening working at the accounts, she met Anton and Ali in the upstairs hallway. Ali made her turn around and the two men admired her waxing job. Ali turned her towards him and gave her a deep longing kiss......

And that brought her here to the limp rag doll position she now was in between the two men. She felt Anton begin to cum first his hot juice leaking out of her pussy and down her leg. Then behind her Ali exploded into her newly shaved ass. Both men released her and she slid to the ground lying at their feet spent and exhausted.

"Very Nice." Said Ali.

"Yep." Said Anton. "Any comments Nisida?"

Nisida looked up at the two men and said just one word.

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