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* * * * *

"Hello?" the pretty teenager said into the phone.

"Hi, Carol? This is Jack Henderson from next door."

"Oh hi Mr. Henderson," she said twiddling the phone cord. "Um, my dad's not home."

"That's OK hun, do you think you could come over for a minute? I need your help with something."

"Sure thing, I'll be right there," the pretty teen replied.

Carol hung up the phone, penned a quick note to her mother to tell her where she was in case her mom got home before she got back and pulled some jean shorts over her bathingsuit bottom. She went out the kitchen door, the screen banging shut behind her. Walking barefoot across the soft grass, the warm breeze stirred her blond hair. She was a petite little thing, short, cute and curvy. Small breasted but with a small frame that kept everything in balance. All American cheerleader blond. A good girl.

She rang the bell.

"C'mon in Carol, it's open," Mr. Henderson called from inside.

She open the screen door and went into the house, her eyes having trouble in the gloom after the bright summer sun outside.

"In here," he called from the kitchen.

"What's up Mr. Henderson?" the girl asked, coming into the kitchen.

Jack Henderson sat at the kitchen table, hard to see in the gloom. The blinds were drawn, the windows closed, strange on such a hot day. Henderson was an ugly man, well into late middle age. A paunch hung over the belt of his dirty shorts. She was surprised to see he didn't have a shirt on. His chest and beer belly stark white in contrast to his sun burnt arms. Sweat glistened in the thick hair of his bear-like torso.

"Ewww," she thought, but was cheerful and polite when she spoke to him. "What can I do for you?"

"Carol, I have a problem," he said.

"What kind of problem Mr. Henderson?" she asked concerned. He may be kind of icky looking, but he was a neighbor and she was a nice girl, she just wanted to help.

"Well dear, you see I have these photos and they're a bit disturbing. I'm trying to decide what to do with them."

"Huh?" she asked, now confused.

He began to spread them out on the table. Carol craned her neck to see what he was putting out. She gasped when she saw them. They were of her. Her and her boyfriend Billy. The first one was very clearly Billy holding a bag of pot. The next him rolling a joint. The pictures had a grainy quality, the look of a photo shot through a long lens, but she wasn't familiar enough with photography to recognize that. She did, however, recognize that the next one was of her taking a hit off of that joint while sitting in her back yard.

She remembered that day. They had thought they were all alone. She remembered what had come next seconds before Henderson put the next photo on the table. Billy and her kissing, making out. His hand up her shirt. The next photo; Billy, cock out, her jerking it off as they kissed. His cum arching up onto her legs, her shirt up, small tits exposed.

"I'm torn, Carol," Henderson went on in a disappointed tone. "As a friend of your father's, I feel I should tell him about this for your own good."

Carol went pale. Her father was beyond strict. If he saw these, her doing drugs and doing 'stuff' with Billy, she didn't know what he'd do.

"I feel I should tell him but, no disrespect intended to your dad, a fine man, I know what he's like. I'm afraid to think how he'd react," Henderson said wistfully.

"Oh please Mr. Henderson!" Carol pleaded. "Please don't show him, he'd kill me, he really would!"

Carol may have been eighteen, but living with her seriously overprotective parents in such a rural setting made her a bit more naive then her contemporaries. Those photos with Billy represented the apex of her sexual experience with boys and were fairly representative of her experience with the world in general. Church, bible school and High School were her world. The biggest problem they faced was kids ditching class to go fishing. Sure they hung out and smoked a bud or two, but they were good kids. Wholesome.

"Well, I don't know dear..." Henderson said, shaking his head slowly.

"Oh please, please, I'll do anything, please," the poor girl pleaded.

"Well, I had hoped you might react that way," Henderson said with a hint of satisfaction. "I guess I can not tell your father..."

"Oh thank you, thank you!" she gushed.

"Well..." He drawled, "you really shouldn't get off scott free you know. Marijuana is against the law. What you were doing with that boy...well, I guess you're young, high spirited, but I don't think your dad would approve." He appeared to be thinking, "Well, I suppose if you agree to accept my punishment, we can leave this between us."

Relieved, anything to avoid what her dad would dish out, she agreed, "Thanks Mr. Henderson! I won't do it again, I promise."

"Good," he replied. "Now take off your bathing suit top."

"What?!" she blurted, rocked back.

"I said take off your top, you have to be punished."

"But..." She stammered.

"Unless you want me to show these..." he trailed off.

She gulped, "Um, no, no I don't"

"Then take off your top."

This gross old man wanted to look at her tits! She was totally creeped out. She wondered if she should do it. If her dad saw those photos she'd get the beating of her life, she knew that, and that would just be the start. She could forget going out with her friends. He'd probably even pull her out of school and homeschool her. College next year. She could forget that too. She knew he wasn't happy about her going away. This would be all the excuse he needed. Besides, the old creep already had pictures of her tits. If he wanted to see them in the flesh, what was the big deal.

Well, it was a big deal to her. It's not like she had shown them to many people. Just three in fact. Still, she reached up behind her and unhooked her bikini top and shrugged it off. She was glad for the gloom, it gave her an illusion of privacy. Blushing crimson, she dropped her top on the floor.

"Very nice, you are all grown up aren't you," creepy Mr. Henderson said with a smile. "I remember when you were just a little thing running through the hose in your back yard, now look at you."

She looked down at the floor, humiliated.

"Well, come over here and we'll get started," he aid walking out of the room.

"What do you mean?" she called after him.

"Your punishment," he said. "What did you think that was it?"

"Um," that was exactly what she had thought.

"Get in here girl, before I change my mind." He said, for the first time sounding a bit angry.

Carol was scared, but truth be told, she was more scared of her father. He was a hard man. She followed the sound of Henderson's voice. The hallway lead out to the back yard, an area sheltered by walls on three sides an a thick hedge on the fourth. There was a workbench against the house and Mr. Henderson indicated she should stand by the bench.

Carol covered her breasts with her hands and stepped out to the bench.

"What do you think you're doing?" he asked. "No one will see you out here, besides, you didn't care when you let that boy feel you up out in the open. Don't get modest now, Carol."

The girl blinked back tears but dropped her hands.

"Better, but...Here, give me your hands," he ordered.

Meekly, without thinking, the girl put her hands out in front of herself. With surprising speed, Henderson whipped out a pair of police handcuffs and snapped them on her wrists. Without a pause, he dragged the petite teen over to the work bench, pulled her arms across the bench and fastened the chain to a clip on the far side, bending her over the bench in the process.

Forced up onto tip toes the girl squealed, "Hey!"

"Quiet!" Henderson commanded.

"No, hey, this, let me go!" she yelled, struggling.

"Be quiet or I'll show those pictures to your father!" Henderson admonished her.

"I don't care!" she yelled. "You creepy fuck, let me go!"

Angry now, Henderson slapped her hard across the mouth. Stunned, the teen stopped struggling as her jaw dropped open. Henderson quickly grabbed a rag and stuffed it in her mouth.
Pulling her head back by her long blond hair, Henderson hissed into her ear, "You agreed to my punishment and you're going to get it!"

Getting a thick leather dog collar, he buckled it around her mouth, holding the rag in place as an effective gag. The girl whimpered into the rag.

"Misbehavior was dealt with by a spanking in my day," Henderson said conversationally. "I know your father believes in that too, but I won't use a strap like he would."

Henderson reached around the girl and found the metal button of her jean shorts. Carol stiffened when she realized what he was doing and tried to pull away, but the big man pinned her against the work bench as he forced the jeans and bathing suit bottom over her hips to expose her round pale ass.

Henderson's breath came ragged as he gazed at the firm young flesh, 2 dimples at the base of her spine just below her tan line, the faintest blond down on her cheeks. He pushed her pants lower, exposing the curve where he buttocks met her thigh. A hint of darker hair in the gap between her thighs, the faint musky aroma of her flesh.

"Yesssss," he hissed low, stepping back.

The girl tried to struggle away, but she was stretched too far over the bench, her toes barely touching the ground, the hard wood edge cruelly cutting into her now exposed belly.

"I think ten swats should do," he announced winding his arm back and swinging it down with a resounding "SWAT"

"Mmmmmmmm!" Carol screamed into her gag.

A white handprint was already forming in the red of her cheek as Henderson wound up for another blow.


Mmmmph!" she screamed again, breath coming hard through her nose, mouth stopped up with the gag.

"SWAT!" The girl sobbed into the gag, tears flowing from her sky blue eyes.







Henderson was breathing hard now, his cock rock hard, tenting out his dirty shorts.



"There dear, that wasn't so bad, was it?" he crooned to her, wiping her hair out of her face.

The girl sobbed, tears flowing freely, face screwed up in pain, her bottom bright red where he had spread her punishment out over both cheeks.

"You just rest there, I'll be right back," he stroked her hair and she shivered as he went into the house.

She lay there, seemingly for an eternity. A fly buzzed around her head, the breeze cool against the heat rising from her naked bottom. She tried her bonds, trying to dislodge the handcuff chain from the hook. She found it had a gate and try as she might, she could not bend her fingers in enough to reach it.

"Tsk tsk, being naughty again," Henderson's voice said from right behind her. Intent on trying to get away, she hadn't heard him return. He deposited a bundle on the bench, out of her field of vision.

"Now, since you're here, let's enjoy each other's company, shall we? It was so nice of you to visit," he said.

Carol blinked back her tears, scared.

Henderson walked behind her and she felt him pushing her pants down her legs.

"Let's get these the rest of the way off, shall we?" he said and he pushed them down. He had them on the ground before she could think to resist and had one leg by the ankle.

"You have a regrettable tendency to struggle," he informed her as he tied her foot off to one table leg. "We can't have that now," he said tying the other.

Carol trembled with the strain this put on her muscles. She had already been on tiptoes. Her feet were now off the ground all together, legs pulled apart and tied. Her weight now rested on her wrists as they hung from the hook and her hips where they lay on the edge of the bench.

"Ohhh yes," he smiled, "You're all grown up now."

She shuddered as he ran his hand over her still sore ass. He reveled in the feel of her soft skin, squeezing the firm globes of flesh. He squatted down, head level with her ass and pulled her cheeks apart, smiling. He licked his lips as he saw the sparse, darkblond hair surrounding her puckered, pink anus. Followed its course as it thickened over her perineum and split to cover her puffy labia. Her inner lips, closed and crinkled, peeked out of them. He reached lower and Carol emitted a strangled sob as he used his thumbs to part her nether lips, exposing her pink insides.

"Oh yes, I see you are a good girl after all, Carol," he said, pressing a finger against the outside of her opening. "You still have your hymen, good girl."

He gently rubbed the thin membrane with his finger as the girl whimpered, as he stroked his cock through his pants with the other hand. He smiled and withdrew his finger. He didn't want to break it, not yet at least.

"Yes you are a good little girl," he murmured, fumbling with the package he had brought out of the house.

Carol heard a scrape and clatter as some kind of lid was dropped onto the bench. She felt Henderson open her ass cheeks again and then felt a gooey, stickiness against her bottom.

Henderson scooped another dollop of petroleum jelly out of the jar with 2 fingers and smeared it on the girl's anus. "I know, I know you're not supposed to use this stuff, but beggars can't be choosers." He said to her conversationally. "I think you'll find it's better then nothing at all." He chortled.

Carol gasped as she felt his finger invade her bottom. The jelly kept it from hurting, but it didn't feel good either.

"Oooo, you've got a tight little bottom," Henderson crooned, working his finger in her hole. "Yes in deed, a tight little hole here." He pressed his finger around, spreading the jelly inside and out and working the muscle loose.

"Let's see if we can loosen it a bit," he said, working a second finger in her bottom.

Carol gasped, the second finger burned. Henderson worked them in deeper, past the knuckle. She bit down on the gag as the probing fingers invaded deeper. She gasped again as they went deeper yet and she felt his hand against her, they were in their full length.

Abruptly they withdrew with a weird, slipping sensation and she exhaled in relief, only to gasp again in surprise as she felt something thick and blunt against her opening.

Henderson grunted and pushed, the head of his cock against the teen's anus. He had dropped his shorts one handed while he had probed the girls asshole. His scrawny uncircumcised cock was small but still more then the poor girl had ever experienced.

"Mmmmm!" she screamed into the gag as the head popped past her sphincter ring.

Henderson kept pushing, grunting as his diminutive manhood opened the girls ass, pushing as she struggled until he had impaled his full length into her no longer virginal ass.

His pole burned deep into Carol's bowels, her fingers curled against her bonds. Please let it be over, she thought as he withdrew only to thrust again, and again and yet again. Just as she thought she could no longer stand it she heard him grunt and felt him shudder.

"Unnnnn," he groaned as he spurted his seed deep into her ass. She was so tight, he just couldn't hold it. He dug his fingers into her pretty bottom as he came.

"Oh girly, yes," he sighed as he pulled his cock out. She felt a disgusting rush of warmth as his cum dripped out of her anus.

She slumped on the table, exhausted as he untied her feet. He unhooked the cuffs from the table and stood her up. Her hands tingled painfully as the circulation returned and she saw an angry red crease across her middle from the bench edge. She followed him meekly into the house, her spirit, if not broken, then temporarily cowed, his spunk running down her leg.

He led her into the bedroom and gently pushed her back onto his rumpled bed. It smelled funky, unclean. He hooked the cuffs to another clamp screwed into his headboard and left her again. She closed her eyes, fighting tears.

She felt something cool on her legs. She looked up and saw Mr. Henderson cleaning the cum off her legs with a damp towel. He pushed her legs open and cleaned between them. Wiping the disgusting stuff off of her ass and pussy. This act of kindness after the brutality of his earlier treatment left her pathetically grateful.

He reached up and undid the collar holding her gag in. He pulled out the rag and she coughed. He held a cup of water to her lips and she drank.

"You keep quite now and I won't gag you. You scream, you'll just make me mad," he told her.

Surprising herself, she nodded. He slid down between her legs and pushed them apart. Bending his head, he flicked his tongue across her pussy. She twitched away from him but didn't scream.

He pinned her down with his arms around her hips and pressed his tongue into her. He was oddly gentle, teasing her dry lips apart. She closed her eyes and tried to disassociate herself, at least this didn't hurt. She figured he'd get tired and stop. She tried to think of happy things, school, her friends, Billy. Thinking of Billy was a mistake. Thought of her boyfriend, his kisses sent a gentle warmth to her groin. Henderson noticed and was smart enough to go with it, his tongue slithering over the girl. Once she started reacting, she found it hard to regain control. She tried to banish 'those' thoughts, but couldn't. Billy's kisses, Billy's mouth on her nipple, his cock pulsing in her hand. All of this conspired with Mr. Henderson's tongue to excite the girl.

Her hips twitched and Henderson grinned, increasing his tempo. Carol felt herself thicken down there. She had masturbated to orgasm but had never let a boy touch her there. She was familiar, yet unfamiliar with her body's responses. Her breathing came faster, her hips began to rock. Henderson rubbed his finger around the opening of her cunt, stimulating the outside of her vagina. He felt her begin to tense.

"Oooooo, ooooooo, Ungh!" she groaned, arching her back, handcuffs rattling against the hook, "Oh, oh, oh,"

Henderson heard her cunt squishing wetly and felt the contractions of her vaginal muscles as she came. He had gotten hard again while licking the girl. Quick as a flash, he climbed up her body and placed the head of his cock against her still pulsating hole.

With a quick thrust, he forced his way past her barrier. He felt her maidenhead resist his assault briefly before it was torn asunder.

"Owwwwe!" she hissed in pain as he obliterated her cherry.

If possible, her pussy was even tighter then her anus, but Henderson had already cum once so he was able to control himself as he started thrusting into her. She hissed in pain at his first few thrusts, but he had timed it well. She was still sensitive from her orgasm and soon, in spite of everything, she began to feel that thick sensation 'down there'. She began to twitch in time with him, meeting his thrusts, feeling herself building to climax as she again convulsed.

"Ungh! Oh, Mmm ah!" she moaned, Henderson felt her pulsing on his cock and felt his own excitement building. Quickly he pulled out of her and directed his orgasm onto her belly and tits.

"Ohhhh," his hissed as he shot his load over the pretty teen. He stared at her hungrily as he came. The soft down of her belly sheened with sweat, white globs of jiz clumping in her dark blond pubes, her tits, the sheet stained with the blood of her defloration. Carol shuddered as her own orgasm slowed and stopped.

He got a key from a bedside table and released her from the cuffs. She rubbed her wrists but made no attempt to flee.

"If you say anything about this, I'll deny it," Henderson said. "You're father will believe me, and I'll have to show him those pictures."

She knew it to be true. "I won't," she said quietly.

"I'll tell your parents that I've hired you to do some cleaning. I'll expect you twice a week," he said, oddly tentative.

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