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The four principals from the Boondock school district were bored out of their minds. They had been forced to attend a mindless two day administrative seminar right before school started. The first day went by agonizingly slowly, with one boring speaker after another. After a lame dinner featuring stale chicken, the men checked into their small hotel room. With the exception of two queen size beds, their pad for the night was very sparsely furnished. Clearly, the workshop coordinators had opted for the cheapest alternative!

"This sucks!" Glen screwed up his face as the quartet entered the room. He was the principal of Boondock High School and had just turned 45.

"You can say that again!" echoed Scott, a tall lanky man in his mid 30's who was the principal of Boondock Intermediate School.

"These beds feel like rocks." Matt exclaimed as he hit the stiff blanket with his hand. The first of two Boondock Elementary School principals was a fit man of 27. Eric, his friend from the other elementary school, nodded in agreement. The very thin man was the youngest of the group at 25. He was also very hairy, unlike the other three men, who had only moderate amounts of body hair.

The four administrators sat on the stiff uncomfortable beds, pondering what they could do. Eric had brought along a local Advocate magazine, and was thumbing through the personals section.

"Hey guys...listen to this!" Eric's eyes popped as he continued with a shaky voice. "Donna the Dominatrix will leave you breathless and craving for more. Reasonable rates/will travel. Call tonight!!"

"A dominatrix!" Matt's jaw dropped. "Doesn't that mean whips and chains and handcuffs?"

"Naw, that's just in the movies," Scott assured him. "She'll be putty in our hands, right guys?"

"Right!" Glen smiled wickedly. "We'll be the dominatrixes and she'll be our slave!" The handsome recently divorced man was extremely horny and hadn't had sex in months. Matt and Eric were single and could never get enough nooky. As for Scott, he was married, but his wife was constantly making excuses as to why they couldn't have sex. As a result, he walked around with a constant hard-on. Even the tight white briefs he usually wore couldn't conceal 8 inches of rock hard cock.

"Call the number!" Glen was insistent as already his fat 7 incher was throbbing in his tailored slacks.

Eric dialed the toll free number and in a matter of minutes an appointment was set up. Donna the Dominatrix was coming, and within an hour! The men decided to keep their jackets and ties on, since they looked more powerful that way. Each was excited, but a little nervous, wondering what a dominatrix really was like. The next 60 minutes passed agonizingly slowly as the principals bided their time playing poker and telling raunchy jokes. Finally, exactly an hour from the time they had called, there was a loud knock at the door.

"This is it, guys!" Matt grinned. His prick was a steel block in his dress pants.

Four pairs of eyes popped as Matt opened the door. Donna was dressed entirely in black, and held a menacing whip. Her very large tits threatened to burst any minute from her tight low cut bra. To add to the sexy effect, the dominatrix' sequined panties were crotchless and her hairy cunny was on display for all of them to see.

The men were so shocked they were speechless. Finally, Donna's rough voice brought them back to reality.

"Which one of you guys hired me for an hour?"

"We all did..." Glen tried to get his dropped jaw to work normally as he watched Donna's melons rock gently in her undersized bra.

"Ok, but If I do all four of you, it will have to be together...I don't have all night!"

"T-t-together?" Scott stuttered. "We want to all have our own private time with you."

"Together or nothing!" Donna glared at the ogling men. "Now, what will it be?"

"We're not going to get naked in front of each other!" Scott turned beet red. The nerdy administrator had never seen his co-workers undressed, and was really nervous about it.

"Suit yourself!" Donna retorted. "I'll take you all in your underwear then. Now pay up and strip!!"

Eric handed her a small wad of bills as the other men started to sweat and swear under their breath. Slowly, but surely, they shed their suit jackets and ties, slipped off their shoes and socks, and unbuttoned their shirts. Scott wore no t-shirt, so was the first man to bare his smooth chest. His friends hoisted their crew necks over their heads, revealing sparsely haired chests, except for Eric, who resembled an hirsute ape.

"Now, the go first!" Donna pointed to Glen, who was starting to breathe heavily and turn seven shades of crimson. He undid his expensive slacks slowly, and let them fall to his ankles. The oldest principal wore blue trim boxer shorts, and the head and part of his shaft poked out of them in anticipation. The other men turned away in embarrassment, but Donna quickly put a stop to their shyness.

"Look at each other as you strip!!" the dominatrix was adamant. "And you, keep your dick out of your shorts!" Glen had tried unsuccessfully to get his fat 7 incher back in his boxers and stood in complete shame as his erection stuck out of them like a small baseball bat.

"OK, you two next!" Donna waved her hands at Matt and Eric.

The two elementary school principals swore up a storm as they removed their dress trousers. Both sported full cut plaid boxer shorts, and their thin 6 inchers poked out of them, along with their hefty balls. The three men in shorts looked reluctantly at each others' crotches, silently comparing their penises and wondering if Donna thought they truly measured up.

"And last but not least." Donna grinned at Scott, who appeared to be about to faint any minute. The hapless intermediate school principal unbuckled his slacks and quickly stepped out of them. Eight inches of very hard meat pressed against his white jockey shorts insistently, creating a quarter sized bulge in the cloth.

Donna let out a shrill laugh. "Tighty-whities! I thought only little boys still wore them!"

Scott looked at the ground, wanting to crawl into a hole somewhere. "I-I-can't wear boxers to school...they don't support me enough."

"Aw, poor baby!" Donna scowled. "OK, let's start with a pussy eating contest. I want you all to take turns eating me out until I tell you to stop. The two best performers...will get to fuck both my holes. As for the losers...I have a special surprise planned for them!"

The men immediately starting wondering what was going to happen to the losers. They broke out into a cold sweat, very aware of the whip which Donna had placed on the floor.

"OK, baby brief boy," Donna pointed to the trembling Scott. "You first!"

Scott had never eaten pussy as his wife would barely let him fuck her, never mind suck her out. He made some tentative darts with his tongue, but had no idea what he was doing and didn't like the taste of Donna's cunt. After a minute of disorganized licking, Donna moved his face away in disgust.

"That sucked!" the dominatrix was glaring at Scott, who looked at the ground in complete humiliation. "Now you try!" She pointed to Glen, who quickly got on his knees and tongued her moist box. The older administrator was a little better than Scott and actually made contact with Donna's clit at one point. She let out a little moan, her first reaction to the mens' pitiful attempts at pleasing her. After two minutes of slight stimulation from Glen, she pushed him away.

"That was only a little better!" Donna glowered at Glen, who hung his head in abject disappointment. "How about it if you two eat me out together?" Donna pointed to Matt and Eric. "Two heads are better than one!"

Both of the younger administrators had some experience performing oral sex on their girlfriends, so were a little more confident. Matt went first, quickly finding Donna's clit and tonguing it with deep flicks. Donna grunted in satisfaction, as her voice became higher and higher pitched.

" me out, suck that cunny, EAT ME!"

Eric quickly picked up where Matt left off, flicking his tongue so rapidly against Donna's clit she began to shreak with ecstasy.

"I'm almost there...I'm almost...AIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Donna screamed so loudly the men wondered if their neighbors in the next room could hear her. She almost fainted as a powerful orgasm made her body spasm with lust. Donna recovered quickly, not wanting to give the men too much confidence.

"OK, Matt you can take my cunt while Eric plows my ass...and you two wimps can watch!"

Glen and Scott still looked beaten as Eric and Matt whooped and hollered. Matt took his place in front of Donna's steamy pussy as Eric poised his cock to enter her back hole.

"When I say GO, take me at the same time!" Donna closed her eyes and fantasized about her punishment of Scott and Glen. After a minute in which she firmed up what she was going to do to the unsuspecting men, Donna let out a hoarse yell.

"GO!!!!" Eric's cock slowly but surely spread her tight butt as Matt plowed his 6 incher in her gaping cunt. Donna let out a blood curdling scream and moaned and grunted in a high pitch.

"That's it!!! Fuck my holes! Fuck my holes!! Fuck MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Matt and Eric got a definite rhythm going. They could feel each others' cocks separated by a thin membrane, which only added to their pleasure. In a matter of minutes, Eric was thrusting in Donna so deeply she could feel the fabric of his boxer shorts against her ass. At the same time, Matt frantically pounded her cunny so intensely, she could feel his boxers against her midsection as well. The scene was so hot, Glen and Scott raised their heads and stared at the frantic fuck session. Glen lightly stroked his cock and balls as they still protruded from his trim boxers as Scott fingered the growing mound in his jockey briefs.


For the second time in the space of five minutes, Donna had another intense orgasm. Matt and Eric were almost at the point of no return, but Donna didn't want them to cum yet.

"OK, THAT'S IT, TAKE EM' OUT!" Donna screeched to the rapidly thrusting younger principals.

The two administrators were shocked, but reluctantly pulled their swollen organs out of Donna's cunt and ass.

"B-B-utttt we were almost..." Eric couldn't finish the sentence.

"I don't want you to cum have to watch the losers get their punishment!"

"Our p-p-p-unishment?" Scott could barely get the words out.

"Yes, your punishment!" With that, Donna rummaged in a small black purse she had brought for the item she wanted. At last, she smiled triumphantly, and brought out a cylindrical object for all the men to see.

It was a nine inch, very fat dildo!!

to be continued...
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