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Veronica was hoping that the rapes were over, at least for the night, and she was to soon discover that they were, but only for the night. When the leader, whose name was Kenny and was serving a life sentence for the rape and murder of a seventeen year old girl five years before, went in the bedroom he told her he was tired and needed some sleep. So they got in bed and he was asleep in no time. Veronica lay there crying thinking about what was going to happen to them and if they would ever be able to look at each other if they did. Finally, she cried herself to sleep.

After a few hours sleep she was awakened by a finger sliding in her pussy. Kenny ordered her on her hands and knees on the bed. Complying with his command she got on her knees facing away from him. Kenny got behind and ran his cock into her pussy, getting some lubrication on his cock. He was rubbing her georgeous ass and she felt pressure from his thumb at her tiny opening to her ass. As he pushed his thumb in her ass he said, "Yeah bitch, get ready for my cock in your ass. It looks like it was made for fucking anyway. You ever had a cock fucking your ass before?"

"No, I haven't you bastard. Please don't do that. It hurts so much."

"Shut the fuck up before I call someone in here to fill your mouth with cock while I'm fucking your ass. That will keep you quiet." Kenny pulled his thumb out of her ass and smacked her hard across the ass. He leaned back and his cock come out of her pussy and he touched it against her asshole. He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back to him. his cock went in her tiny ass stretching it to the point she thought she was going to passout from the pain.

He gave her another smack on her ass and said, "tell me how much you love my cock in your ass." He bagan fucking his hard rod into her ass.

Knowing what he wanted her to say, she said," Yes, I love your hard cock in my ass. Fuck me with that big cock." He was pounding his cock in her ass so hard. All of a sudden something changed, the pain that she was feeling slowly started to subside and it was hurting so good.

No, she thought , how could anyone feel pleasure while being raped? But, there was no mistaking the pleasure she was getting from having her ass filled with cock. Veronica began pushing back to meet Kenny's thrust.

"Yeah, I knew you'd love my cock in your ass. Fuck me." And she did. Fucking his hard cock into her tiny ass as hard as she could slam back onto him. All of a sudden Veronica started cumming.

"Oh God yes, I'm cumming!!! Fuck me harder. Fuck my ass." Just as her orgasm started to subside he slapped her on the ass and she started cumming again. This time Kenny started cumming at the same time, filling her ass with hot cum.

After finishing cumming, Kenny rolled over and told Veronica to suck his cock clean. Sliding down on the bed she opened her mouth and took his cock in her mouth sucking and licking him clean. Her head was bobbing up and down when the door open and one of the other escapees was standing there. She immediately pulled off and he grabbed her by the hair and told her to keep on sucking, he was about to cum. Kenny shot a load of cum in her mouth and she swallowed his cum.

"What is it, Joe," he ask.

"Just wanted to say you need to get someone else to relieve us out here. We're about beat and need some sleep to."

Kenny got up and told Veronica to come on. He went to the other rooms and woke up the others. "Get up, Joe and Tony need some sleep," he said. Having been awaken from their sleep they got up and came in the living room with the rest of them.

The women were told to make some breakfast. They all chipped in and in a few minutes had sausage, bacon, eggs, and biscuits cooked. They made enough for everyone and fed their husbands since they were tied and couldn't feed themselves.

When Jenna was feeding Shawn, she said, "I'm so sorry Baby, I don't want this."

Shawn just looked at the floor and said to her," I know you don't and I'm sorry I can't do anything, but, we've got to find a way out of this."

"If we try anything, someone will get killed and we don't want one of us or the others getting hurt or killed. I will manage to get through this somehow as long as I know you still love me," Jenna said.

After finishing eating Tony and Joe went to bed for some sleep. Kenny turned on the tv. Not much was on, so he was looking through the stack of vcr tapes and found a couple of xxx tapes. He put one of these in the vcr. He sat down on the couch and told Jenna to sit on the floor between his legs to watch the movie. She went to sit down and he told her to sit down and suck his cock.

Daryl had Rhonda sucking his cock and Clay had Veronica on her knees with his cock in her pussy. He was fucking her hard and fast when he stopped and pulled out. He told her to crawl over to her husband and suck him off. She crawled over and took his cock in her mouth sucking him like she had so many times before. Then she felt Clay touch her pussy from behind and insert his cock in and begin fucking her again. She stopped momentarily and was told to keep on sucking . She did. Jeremy was the first to cum, shooting his load of hot cum in his lovely wife's mouth. Clay started cumming in her pussy and that triggered an orgasm in Veronica.

"That's how you make your pretty little wife cum," he said to Jeremy.

Veronica just dropped her head but Jeremy knew better. He told Veronica, "It's ok Babe. It' ok." Clay just laughed.

When they sat down Kenny was just finishing filling Jenna's mouth with his cum. He sat back and was watching Rhonda sucking on Daryl's cock. Just then Darly grunted and said, "Oh yeah bitch, I'm cumming. Swallow my cum."

She was swallowing as fast as she could, trying to do as he told her. She thought he would never stop shooting stream after stream in her mouth. Then it was over and he just lay back and watched her.

Then later on Tony came in from the bedroom and anounced to the girls he was horny and wanted to fuck. He took Rhonda's arm and guided her to her knees and her mouth to his cock. She had him hard in no time. He told her to turn around and she did on her hands and knees expecting him to fuck her pussy. He ran the head of his cock in her pussy getting it wet and then pulled out and positioned it at her tight ass.

"No, please not in my ass,' she said, "I've never been fucked there." With that said he pushed the head in her and she was trying to move forward away from him when she felt someone in front of her. It was Joe.

"Suck my cock while he's fucking you and you better not bite," he said. His cock was sliding in her mouth while Tony's cock was sliding in her ass.

Kenny looked around and saw Clay on his back with Jenna on top of him with his cock buried in her hot little pussy. Daryl got behind Jenna and began to insert his cock in here ass while she was fucking Clay's cock with her pussy.

Veronica was sitting watching in amazement when Kenny told her to get over and fuck Brad. Brad 's cock was hard from having to watch all the sex in the room and he felt ashamed. Veronica straddled his legs and, holding his hard cock to her pussy, lowered her cunt onto his cock feeling his cock slide in with ease. She began rocking back and forth fucking his cock in her hot pussy. She leaned forward allowing Brad to take her tit in his mouth and suck her rock hard nipple.

Rhonda was sucking Joe's cock and could feel Tony's hard cock pounding her ass. After a few minutes the hurting began to ease and she felt pleasure take its place. She was slamming her ass back to Tony, driving his cock in her ass as far as she could get him.

Jenna loved the feeling of a cock in her ass and pussy, filling her like she had never felt before. Kenny came over and held his cock at her mouth and she sucked him in without thinking. It was the first time she had all three holes with a cock in them at the same time.

When Veronica leaned forward she felt something touch her ass. She looked around and saw Kenny as he pushed a finger into her tight asshole. Then he inserted another and fucked her ass with the two fingers. He could feel Brad's cock fucking her pussy as he fingered her ass. Kenny pulled his cock from Jenna's mouth and got behind Veronica and put the head of his cock in her ass. He pushed forward until all of his cock was buried in her ass. He could feel Brad's cock fucking her pussy as he pulled out and Brad pushed in.

Joe was the first to cum. He filled Rhonda'a mouth with his cum and as he did Tony filled her ass with his hot cum. When he pulled his cock out of her mouth he wiped it on her face. As Tony filled Rhonda's ass with his cum she felt her climax and couldn't have stopped it if she had wanted to.

Veronica started cumming as Brad filled her pussy with his cum. Kenny kept fucking her ass until he unloaded in her ass. He pulled out and sat back and watched Jenna fucking Clay and Daryl.

She was climaxing, as was the two men. When they were thru, Kenny told the women to get in a chain position and clean the cum off each other. They did as they were told with Jenna licking Rhonda, Rhonda licking Veronica, and Veronica licking Jenna. They were told to continue until each one had cum. Each of them was enjoying having her friend eat her pussy, even though neither would admit it.

Jenna was the first to cum, grinding her pussy into the mouth of Veronica. Her climax triggered the climax in Veronica which in turn made Rhonda cum. When they were finished cumming they cleaned the pussy juices from each other. This time it was because thats what they wanted.

The girls made dinner for everyone and they ate then fed their husbands. By the time dinner was over, the clock was showing almost 11:00. Clay and Daryl took watch and the men took the girls into the bedrooms where the rapes continues until the men were so tired they fell asleep.

to be continued...
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