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Sister Rape Fantasy
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Best Prices For Forced Sex Video Sleeping Rape Fantasy Sister Rape Fantasy Forced Sex Extreme Movies

We are on holiday in Egypt when you are drugged and abducted from our hotel room during the night. You have no recollection of anything after leaving the restaurant but when you awake you find yourself in a huge Palace, secured to a large bed dressed in flimsy see-through gowns.

After a while a pretty Egyptian girl enters the room and smiles at you. This relieves your anxiety a little, especially when another girl arrives and offers you a drink, feeding it to you as your hands are still secured behind you.

A European looking woman enters the room, followed by two guards. The guards undo the straps binding your wrists while the woman explains what's happening. She tells you that you have been kidnapped for the Sultans pleasure; that in this country women have no rights and that they exist only for men's pleasure. "He likes to see pretty young European women being gang-banged by his slaves!" she explains "he enjoys watching them getting the fucking of their lives!"

You try to escape, to make a run for it, but the two guards hold you firmly and as you struggle and protest the woman laughs and tells you the Sultan prefers it if you are unwilling, that he likes to see the girls put up a fight.

She tells you that once he's had his pleasure with you he will set you free unharmed.

You are taken to a huge grand room where the Sultan is sat on his throne. His face is covered apart from his eyes. Even these you cannot see as they are in shadow.

He gives a signal to the guards and the guards proceed to strip you naked, simply tearing off the flimsy garments you were dressed in.

You realise now why your pussy lips are a bit sore...they have removed all the hair from your pussy, probably by waxing or sugaring judging by how smoothly its been done. You feel even more exposed and vulnerable, knowing how clearly visible your pussy is.

They take you to a large, well padded leather covered frame, there are straps attached to it with which they fasten you to it. It is designed to hold you on your hands and knees with your legs spread very wide apart.

Once they have finished securing you, you're completely helpless yet the padding and position you are in make it perfectly comfortable, there is even a cushion for you to rest your head on although at this stage you are feeling too nervous to make much use of it, especially when you see the procession of naked men enter the room, marching in time with a slow drum beat. They line up before you...

There are ten of them, tall well muscled Yul Bryner look-alikes with clean shaven heads and intense, staring eyes, all of them looking at you with lust.

The woman claps her hands and two young slave girls enter the room, strip naked and are given instructions by the woman in Egyptian. They approach you and begin paying with you, using sweet perfumed oils to massage into your skin, and then moving behind you to play with your pussy until you feel yourself getting turned on.

One of them holds your pussy open and gently flicks her tongue back and forth across your clitoris while the other girl uses two oily fingers to thrust in and out. They keep this up till you are getting really excited, despite the fact that your mind wants no part of this your body can't help but responding to it.

You have had you're eyes closed for a while but you get a shock when you open them. The slaves are all being injected with something into the base of their cocks... "Paperverin...its a drug used to produce long lasting erections to treat impotence..." she explains to you "although in this case to make sure they stay hard even after they come!"

She prepares a small syringe with a tiny needle on it. "This one is for you" she explains "An invention of the Sultans produces a kind of allergic reaction to fresh semen...a rather interesting reaction I think you will find...instantaneous orgasms, guaranteed!" she laughs menacingly "Think of it, every time one of them comes so will you!" And with that she plunges the needle into your bottom and injects it into you.

The men now approach you menacingly, all of them now in full erection, their very rigid cocks of various sizes from about average to one guy in particular who has the biggest cock you have ever seen! It is truly terrifying!

The two girls stop playing with your pussy and you realise that this is are going to be fucked by these men...gang-raped whether you like it or not. They are going to take it in turn to force their cocks inside you and fuck you, repeatedly, over and over again.

You panic and struggle, crying out for mercy but there is none. One of the slaves grabs your hair and makes you take his cock in your mouth, effectively gagging you as he makes you suck it.

You feel hands on you, large hands working ever closer to your extremely wet pussy. Oil is poured over you and massaged into your skin. Your pussy too is thoroughly oiled; two very large fingers enter you, working the oil up inside you.

Abruptly these are withdrawn and you feel a hot, very hard cock nudge at your pussy lips. Oily hands on your bum pull your cunt open and the cock is slowly and deliberately worked inside you, deeper and deeper until you are completely impaled upon his stiff cock. It's not too large; you can take it all inside you without discomfort as he starts fucking you with it, gently but firmly with full, long strokes.

You don't want this; you don't want to be raped by these men, watched by the Sultan for his entertainment. You keep telling yourself you hate it, that you love me, that you don't want them to do this to you...

To your shame however your horny little cunt is getting wetter and wetter, you are getting more and more turned on by the minute. You can't help yourself...he keeps on fucking you, on and on...

The slave in your mouth pulls out just in time for you to plead for mercy as you feel the one inside you start ramming his cock into you really hard, panting and moaning as he nears his climax.

Suddenly he gives a strangled cry and you feel him shooting hot jets of sperm inside you as he comes. To your horror you are immediately wracked with one of the most intense orgasms ever, crying out loud in pleasure...

As your orgasm subsides your worst fears are realised... Everything the woman had said was true! The slaves cock is still rock hard and he's not going to stop, he's going to fuck you till he comes again and again and there's nothing you can do about it!

They are each going to make you come three or four times at least, they are going to make you come so many times, over and over again...

You feel the slave getting ever closer to his second orgasm, his balls slapping against your clitoris as he fucks you really hard and fast. Your cunt is really sopping wet, you can't believe how excited you are.

Suddenly he comes again, pumping his sperm, hot jets deep inside your pussy. Immediately you come again, such unbelievably intense spasms of pleasure you are forced to cry out again and again.

You can feel semen running down the insides of your thighs as he continues his thrusts into your saturated hole, brutally fucking you on and on, remorselessly fucking you till he makes you come again on his cock.

Finally he pulls out and another larger cock immediately takes its place. It begins to enter you and you are so wet and rampant that it slides in with little difficulty despite its thickness. The slave fucks you slowly at first, pumping the full length of his big cock in and out of your tight wet pussy. You moan as he tells you he can come five or six times in succession before he will finish with you. He's not lying and you know it!

Increasingly it dawns on you that they are going to rape you over and over again. They are going to make you come so much you cannot stand any more... and then they are just going to carry on anyway. They don't care that you don't want this, they don't care if you can't stand it, they are just going to carry on anyway, fucking you and fucking you, making you come repeatedly time and time again!

True to his word, six orgasms later the slave finally pulls his dripping cock from you. Your cunt is so well lubricated with all that semen you hardly feel any soreness.

You feel a smaller cock positioned at your arsehole and slowly you feel it being forced up your bum. Once he's got it inside you feel another, larger cock being pushed inside your pussy and they begin to both fuck you at once.

These two slaves both take a long time to come, holding off for as long as they can. When they do it is almost simultaneous, making you come twice in very quick succession!

Time and time again you are taken by the Sultans slaves till you are practically delirious with pleasure...each one in turn forcing you to come so many times on their large stiff cocks.

The slave with the biggest cock has waited till last. This is what you have been trying to avoid thinking about, knowing full well you were going to get it anyway! Once all the other slaves have done with you he takes up position behind you and slowly feeds you his enormous penis!

Despite being fucked so much already it is so thick that it makes your cunt feel really small and tight. You struggle to accommodate him, trying hard to relax your muscles. It is uncomfortable at first, stretching you open wider and wider, more than you thought possible until he finally forces it right up inside you.

You feel so full, so very tight stretched around his massive penis. He shoves it in and out, slowly at first, letting you get used to his size.

"You fucking tight little bitch, relax, I want to enjoy's like having my cock in a vice! Relax your cunt or I'll open you up properly with my fist!" he snarls.

That does it, you really concentrate on relaxing and you soon find it much more comfortable. He shoves his massive cocking and out, harder and harder, holding off his orgasm as long as he can, pumping you until you feel his cock swell even thicker then erupts inside you, hot thick jets of his come against your cervix, causing yet another incredibly intense orgasm in you.

Still he continues...he's nowhere near finished with you yet, he just goes on fucking, that huge cock thrusting and thrusting relentlessly, making you come again and again each time he does.

The slave is totally without compassion, totally without mercy. He really does not care whether you want it or not or even if it hurts you. He's just going to keep on at you, fucking you, shooting his hot spurts of come inside you just as long as he can, regardless of how many times you will have to come too!

He simply won't stop, fucking you mercilessly on and on, your cries of passion reverberating around the room. You are raped so many times, used as a receptacle for their sperm, as a cunt to be fucked that you lose count of how many times you are made to come.

Eventually after what seems like hours the Sultan raises his hand and your fucking ceases, the slave holding still, his cock still filling you. The Sultan rises from his throne and walks toward you.

You stare at him panting, exhausted with pleasure, the massive cock still impaling you. He speaks...

"You have pleased me well fair maiden but there is something else I must see... You have given yourself to of all my slaves, come for them, given yourself fully to them..." "But I had no choice...!" you cry "You made me!"

"SILENCE!" He shouts. "Now you will give yourself to me, you will take my hand, my whole will open yourself totally and completely for me!"

You bow your head, knowing that he is going to do this to you, to put his entire fist inside your body; you have no choice about it...

"What do you say?" the slave inside you demands, his cock nudging at your cervix as if prompting you to answer.

"Yes Master, I am at your mercy; you can do anything you want..." you moan "Tell me you want it... tell me you want my fist inside you!" the Sultan demands...

"I do, I want it... I want you to fuck me with your fist!" you hear yourself saying, your pussy twitching and clenching around the slaves massive shaft at the thought of it!

The Sultan seems to have some kind of hold over you, you are amazed to realise you actually want him to do this to you...

Massive the slaves cock may be but nowhere near as large as the Sultans hand... You feel the slaves cock being abruptly withdrawn leaving an aching emptiness that desperately needs filling.

The Sultan moves behind you to take you with his fist. You are still extremely aroused and your cunt has been well-opened by the slaves huge penis, all wide and loose and accommodating, ready for this now.

Although your pussy is sopping wet from all their come he oils his fist and you feel his fingers, four of them at once, enter you, slowly sliding up inside you all the way to the knuckles. You are surprised how easily they fit, even more so when his thumb joins them, all five digits up to the knuckles.

As he pushes harder you realise its still going to be difficult to take it, the whole fist, you can feel the widest part of his hand wedged in the ring of muscles, your elastic little hole stretching wider and wider for him.

You try to open yourself for it, breathing slowly and deeply you try to relax yourself. He's hurting you now as it advances, you can feel your pussy muscles stretching and stretching, bit by bit as he increases the pressure. You do your best to ignore the pain, bearing down on it as you feel yourself being skewered, impaled on the Sultans large fist!

The pain gets worse and you start to panic, moaning and whimpering you start to struggle "AAAAaaaaaaahhhh!" you cry out, feeling the full width of his hand opening your pussy completely, so very wide, sliding in, huge and slippery...

"Oh GOdddd, it's too big! Please take it out?" you moan desperately, knowing full well he won't...that fist isn't coming out of you until you've been well and truly fucked by it! Despite your plea you know you're glad of it...You know you are going to be fisted to orgasm, no matter how long it takes, and you want it!

The widest part of his hand is still lodged in the entrance of your pussy, holding it open, allowing you to get accustomed to the stretching...

"Good girl, very good, you've done it you sexy little bitch, you're taking my whole fist!" he say's as you feel his hand sliding right up your pussy, curling into a fist inside you.

The two young girls now return and under instruction from the European woman go to work on you again, one of them putting her head between our legs and lapping at your gooey cum-soaked pussy.

You groan aloud, such exquisite pleasure, your clitoris is unbelievably sensitive, each lick of her tongue forcing you to squirm and moan in ecstasy.

The Sultan begins to fistfuck you, gently moving his hand back and forth, a slow fucking motion, in out, in out. It feels incredible, so huge yet it is turning you on so much!

You had been concerned that you would not be able to come with his hand inside you; that it would hurt too much, but the combined attention of the girls tongue and his fist soon dispel those fears. As your excitement mounts he starts to fist you faster and faster, your juicy sloppy wet pussy welcoming each delicious thrust.

You can hear how wet and juicy you are, your pussy making sexy, slurping slushy sounds as you are fucked.

"What a greedy little pussy you have...she really can't get enough, can she?" he says.

"Oh God no Sir, please fuck me, make me come on your fist... make me... I want much...AAAaaaaaaggghhhhh!" you cry out again and again as you start to orgasm. You have never had one like this goes on and on, your whole body convulsed with pleasure, his fist pumping in and out, fucking you throughout.

Finally after what seems like an eternity your orgasm starts to fade, strong spasms still wracking your body. When it is over you are panting heavily, moaning with pleasure, completely exhausted.

You feel the hand being pulled from you, your pussy feeling slightly worse for wear! The Sultan comes and stands before you and removes the veil from his face...

You are shocked... with bleary eyes you look at his face and realise the Sultan is me!
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