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The two men shook hands – a deal had been cut. The large chinese man waited for the other to leave before looking into the bag. There were five hundreds American dollars. Enough to endure the famine. Enough to live the next few years quite well.

He would have had twice the sum if her daughter hadn’t broken her hymen in an accident.

He had just sold his daughter, Haiko. He did feel cheap and cruel, but he had no choice. She was way too young to understand, but he had no other choice. He had a son, and more importantly himself to feed. The girl had to be sacrificed for the survival of the family.

Haiko was quite beautiful, and since his wife had died years ago he often found himself dreaming of his daughter. She was the object of his horniest dreams. Of course he never did anything, for he did not want such adventures to trouble his family.

But now… the man would come to get her tomorrow morning, just before sunrise. None of them would ever see her again…

He emptied his sake cup and slowly walked to his daughter’s room. She was already asleep from the hard day of work. He lifted the sheets, careful not to wake her up, and looked at her wonderful body. She was very petite of shape, and though her breasts and ass were small her curves were very lovely and appealing, especially for a man of his age. The panties and small nightshirt she wore hid her most private parts, but the only sight of her legs provoked and immediate reaction in the man.

Almost trembling, his hand reached for her ass. His fingers slid beneath the panties and he started feeling up her ass cheeks. He closed his eyes, overwhelmed by the sensation, until she started moving. Quickly he drew back his hand as she slowly woke up and turned to look at him.

“What is it, father?”

She obviously had not been conscious of his intrusion.

He did not answer. Instead he took her small hand and brought it to his semi-hard member. She looked at him, totally confused, but did not move her hand away.

“Squeeze” he said. And the poor girl obeyed her father. He groaned and moved her hand inside his pants. After a moment he looked at her and commanded her to remove all of her clothes. But she was now paralysed by her terror.

“You know I do not repeat, Haiko-san! Obey!”

She backed slightly and after a moment of hesitation she proceeded to remove her nightshirt, and then her panties. The lustful gaze of her father made her cry, but he did not seem to care. His hands roamed over her body, touching and squeezing every part, sometimes painfully. She felt relieved when he moved out of her bed, but only until she saw him undress. Then her crying became more intense and as she begged her father to stop. This only angered him, and he threatened to hit her if she did not shut up.

He got over her and started kissing her body. Haiko felt as if an animal was raping her. When her father’s dick entered her, she wished for death. But it did not come. Instead came pain and the disgusting feeling of being abused. She left her body limp, crying and hoping for it to end. She let out moans of pain as her father trusted ever more strongly into her.

Fortunately, he did not last too long. He shot his semen into his daughter, and only a moment later he was gone.

Haiko was left alone, confused, abused by the father she had loved and adored all her life. She fell asleep out of exhaustion.

Then there was a humid clothe with a strange odour placed forcefully on her mouth and nose. And sleep again.

The next time she awoke she first felt her headache and her painful pussy. Then she felt the dick that was trusted back and forth in her mouth.

Her hands and feet were bound, and she was with two men in the back of a van on the move. When the one fucking her face saw her eyes open, he quickly told the other one that she was awakening. And right then he ejaculated in her mouth. She regurgitated most of the cum while catching her breath.

“Come here and suck me off,” said the second guy. She did not move, so the first guy kicked her in the belly. The command was repeated, and she approached.

She thought it was too big, but not wanting another kick she opened her mouth and got it around the prick. She fit half of it in.

“Go up and down on it.”

She tried to do so, but after a moment the guy was out of patience. He took a fistful of her long black hair and brutally fucked her mouth. She was gagging but could not move since she was tied up. He was going so deep that she was almost unable to breathe. Eventually he came and forced her to swallow.

He then let her fall on the floor and they left her alone. The van stopped after something like half and hour of road. One of the guys grabbed her and got her out.

She could see nothing all around her except the small airplane. She was thrown in it and locked in a small room full of other girls. They were all young, all beautiful and all nude. Some were crying, others were unconscious, and some stood, stoic and desperate.

They could not find comfort in each other because of their alienation. Every one of them thought she wasn’t supposed to be there and thought her situation was different from the other nude girl standing beside. They were all alone.

The flight seemed to last forever. When Haiko was thrown out of the plane, it was already dark outside. With all the other girls, she was lead into a building and then into a cell. For another whole day she was fed only with water.

At all time in the prison one could hear the sobbing and screaming of a girl being abused. Although Haiko felt pity for the poor girl, she was glad it wasn’t her.

The second and third days all sorts of men browsed the dark halls of the prison. She was asked several times to stand up and turn around. Once a nice-looking lawyer asked her to come close to the iron bars and groped her ass. She was chosen on the second day, when a French guy saw her cry in her cell. It was no act of charity – in fact it was cruelty. The guy loved crying women for it gave him a feeling of power.

He brought her to his apartment and imprisoned her in a small room. He fucked her every day (sometimes twice a day) when coming back from work, but at least she was in a comfortable bed, well nourished and left alone during daytime. But the French guy had money problem, and after five days he sold her – again.

This time she was bought by to American men. She was brought in the north of the United States, in a small chalet lost in the woods.

The two men were Jim and Henry, both married. The first was a security agent and the other was a salesman. They came either together and alone, at any time of the day or night, and fucked her. Most of the time they did not even bother untying her. She was never left more than a day without a visit. She was given shots of some strange chemicals to avoid getting pregnant.

Jim preferred to fuck her in the missionary position. He liked to touch her, to move his hands over her body, even to kiss her while he raped her. When he had ejaculated in her young pussy he would lay on her, his huge stinking mass pinning her to the bed and his dick still inside her. She hated it.

Henry was more a man of control. He liked to fuck her from behind, even in the ass once in a while. He was holding her hips or groping her ass and breasts while he violently penetrated her. Each thrust the side of the face was pushed against the wall and her neck put in contortion. Every time he shove his dick in her she would let out a gasp of pain.

Henry’s fantasy of control would not have been fulfilled without fucking her face. But he was afraid she might bite her. He waited a whole week before trying, and told her that if she bit him he’d kill her.

She did not understand a word of English, but figured out what he was saying. She was exhausted. She could not endure the torture anymore. She wanted to die.

So she bit his dick.

She was beaten up, more than she’d ever been. But he did not kill her.

Henry did not come back for a whole week. And when he came, he fucked her even more brutally. She had lost the habit of crying, but now she could not stop it.

The next day – perhaps before, or even after – they both came back with a black suitcase. Inside were a syringe and a few vials of drug. She was given a dose and then untied. They both stood and looked at her. For several minutes, nothing happened. Then it began: she felt aroused.

In no time she was horny as hell. She tried to resist it but to no avail. She was hoping for one of them to fuck her.

Jim undressed and lied down on the bed. She did not even wait to be called. She wanted his penis in herself. But it wasn’t hard enough yet.

She got between his legs and put her mouth on his dick. She sucked him enthusiastically, fondling his balls by instinct. He groaned in pleasure and was ready in a few seconds. She got over his erected penis and mounted him. At first she slid slowly on his dick, but then began to fuck him vigorously. Both of them screamed in pleasure.

They fucked her for three hours, but at least this time she liked it. Henry fucked her mouth and this time she was very docile. She even used her tongue while he held the back of her head with both hands and penetrated her throat.

But between their visits it was hell. The drug had her sleep more than she used to, and when she wasn’t sleeping she was always confused, almost amnesiac. Yet she could remember what she had done and felt disgusted of herself. This could not go on. It had to stop.

The drug took a good eight or nine minutes to take effect. Over the next two week she gradually reduced this time to two minutes. Between two and eight minutes, she would mimic the effects of the drug. She would mimic desire.

When Henry came alone that day she knew she had to act. When he entered she was docile – as she had been for the last month or so. She was always tired, too tired to fight. But today her willpower would be enough. He gave her a dose of the drug and undressed right after. He emptied his beer and waited what seemed to him like a few minutes. And she began fondling his dick. He told her to get on all fours and entered her. She groaned as well as she could. She let him fuck her for a good minute before grabbing the bottle of beer and broking it on his head. He fell back, and she took this chance to run out of the cabin.

There was a veil of snow in the forest, and after only a minute of running her feet were almost frozen. With no clothe on, she knew she wouldn’t last long. And Henry was running behind her.

“I’ll kill you bitch!”

But luck was on her side. She heard an engine roaring and saw the ATV running toward her just as she felt unconscious.

Ron was having a ride as he used to on Sunday mornings. This time he chose to try a different path to see where it would lead him. The trail was barely traced, but there was not enough snow to remain stuck. He was going quite fast and was having a lot of fun, when he saw a young nude woman fall in the snow just in front of him. It took him some time to realise what he’d really seen, and stopped his engine to see.

That’s when he saw Henry. The man was doing his belt, making pretty obvious what they’d been doing. He had a wooden staff in his hand.

“She’s mine! Stop her! I’m gonna kill this bitch!”

Ron did not even take a second to think. He picked the girl up – she was pretty light – and got back to his ATV. He started the engine and left at full speed. After a minute they could not see Henry anymore. But he did not stop until he got home.

She was obviously cold, so Ron carried her tiny body into his bedroom and put her in his bed. He put many sheets around her so that in no time she was warm again. He did looked at her great body for a moment, for at his eighteen years old he was still a virgin. But he quickly sheltered her in his bed and continued nurturing her.

He pondered whether or not to call the police and the ambulance. But the poor girl had no paper and would probably be expatriated. He chose to wait and let her wake up before doing anything. So he went to the living room, lied down on the sofa with only his boxer shorts. He opened the TV but fell asleep after less than ten minutes.

Haiko awoke in sweet bed sheets, sweeter than anything she’d ever experienced. Its feeling against her pussy and breasts was arousing, but she wanted more. She was horny as hell. She got up and looked at the room around her. Strange. She’d never seen anything of that sort.

She got down the stairs, literally looking for someone to fuck. That is when she saw Ron, a young stud sleeping on the sofa. He was quite nice…

She pulled down his shorts a looked at his dick. She wanted it so bad. To get it hard enough, she took it in her mouth.

Ron slowly woke up at the weird but awesome sensation. Then he saw this young black-haired girl sucking him. He was shocked, but became hard instantly.

He wanted to stop her. Somehow he did not feel right in this situation. There was something wrong, but he could not point out what. But no matter what it was, he really could not stop her now, the pleasure was way too great. She went up and down twice more on him, and then got over him to fuck him.

That’s when he saw her eyes. She’d been drugged. He couldn’t fuck her like that. He did not want his first time to be like this. And he did not want to abuse of a drugged girl, especially one that looked so innocent. He picked her by the hips and got her off of him. The poor girl did not understand.

He quickly ran up to the bathroom in his parent’s room and got his mother’s sleeping pills. He turned to get back to the living room, but Haiko was standing right behind him. He gave her a pill that she swallowed before kissing him. Pushing her softly he ran through the house.

He found her sleeping in the staircase, and brought her back to his bedroom.

Haiko woke up slowly. She was confused and could feel the usual headache. What had happened? Where was she?

She felt the comfort of the bed, she saw the strange posters on the room’s walls and remembered. She had succeeded. She had gotten away from the two monsters that had held her captive. She saw her saviour standing beside the bed with a cup of tea and some food that he offered her.

She sat in the bed; not caring for her nudity (she’d become quite used to it) and slowly drank the tea. Then she started eating, but she could not eat much.

She looked at the young man, trying to figure a way of thanking him. He was quite handsome. Then she remembered.

She remembered sucking him and trying to fuck him. She remembered him bringing her back to the bed. Was it possible?

Suddenly she felt the urge of covering herself. Ron gave her some clothes that she put on quickly. She then began crying.

Ron did not know how to react. At first he took her hand, telling her that everything was okay. But it would not comfort her. So he took her in his arms.

What was that feeling? It seemed like the tender love of her mother… In the arms of this young man, Haiko felt protected from everything. Moreover, she felt loved. It was warm and tender. She fell again asleep in his arms.

Not wanting to wake her up, Ron remained there. He shifted position slightly to be more comfortable. And after only a moment he fell asleep too.

They woke up together the next day, and as they looked at each other in the eyes they fell in love with each other.

For the next three days (Ron’s parents were away for two weeks). They remained together at all times. Almost always in each other’s arms. They began communicating slowly, first telling each other their name. Then Ron tried to teach her some key words.

He was so sweet and kind. Haiko had ignored such man existed. She even laughed for the first time since she’d left her family… but she had no family anymore. Or yes, she had one, and it was Ron.

Ron figured out she might need to take a shower. Leading her into the bathroom, she showed her how the shower worked. He then left her.

She undressed and stepped in the shower. The water was so warm… it was awesome. Truly this house had many wonders.

As she washed herself, thinking about Ron, she became slightly aroused. It was the first time this feeling naturally came to her, and it had nothing to do with her drugged state. She longed to be touched.

Getting out of the shower she found a towel lying on the counter. She dried herself and put the towel around her. Than she proceeded to Ron’s room.

They always slept together, in each other’s arms. He was already in the bed, sleeping. Haiko dropped the towel and carefully got in the bed beside him. She put a hand on his shoulder and smiled when he turned to her. He smiled back and marvelled about the beauty of her eyes. As he usually did, he put his arm around her shoulders. But this time he felt her skin. His surprise was cut short when she kissed him. He kissed her back, and felt her breasts against his chest. He had an immediate hard-on. Slowly and tenderly, his hand caressed her until it rested on her lower back.

Haiko was in heaven. She’d never felt such a loving touch. She pushed her crotch against his and felt some pleasure down there. Her leg moved up until her thigh rested on his hip. Ron’s hand reached for her leg. He caressed her tenderly but with passion. His kisses grew more intense. He kissed first her neck, then her shoulders and breasts.

His other hand found its way between her legs, and he tried to pleasure her. His inexperience was pretty obvious but she did not really care. She guided his hand with hers. Then she grabbed his dick and started to pump it. She slowly guided it to her pussy.

Ron pushed slowly, careful not to hurt her.

She held him closer to her, trying to merge with his body.

They made love, and they both loved it.

They never separated.

They became married. Haiko got her papers and learned English. Years later she has forgotten her past life. She has a love that is undying.