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It was shaping up to be another long and boring night at the phones, Megan sighed as she looked at her computer screen. It was not easy being the only person on the over night shift, but the hours were just right for her while going to school. Since not many calls came in to order cosmetics between 12am and 8am she could quietly sit and study for her classes. The gentle Bing in her headset alerted her that a call was incoming. Looking up from her history paper she hit the return key on her computer and accessed the call.

“Sassy Savvy Lady Cosmetics the is Megan how can I help you?”

“Yes hi……Megan was it?”

Megan’s body shuddered at the sound of his voice; it was deep and rich and seems to flow right through her, causing her pussy to twitch.

“Yes sir what can I do for you “

“A package from your company was delivered to my house. I can assure you I would not order cosmetics.”

“Perhaps someone else in your household ordered them sir.”

Megan waited slightly breathless for the response she was unaware that she was waiting for.

“I am the only one in my house, so they were delivered by mistake.”

“Okay sir,” Megan replied breathlessly, happy to hear there was not a female in his house. “If you could read me the number on the top of the box I will see if I can get it to the right person.”

As he recited the numbers to her Megan felt as though her whole body was liquefying and rushing down and out through her cunt wetting her panties and jeans. She had never felt anything like it, how could a voice affect her so much more than the feel of an actual cock sliding into her.

“Okay sir I show that package was to go to, 146 Bear Hide Lane in Trumbull, Connecticut.”

“Okay they got the address wrong; this must be for my neighbor she is at 144 Bear Hide Lane.”

Megan was slightly shocked when she realized that the address was in the next town over from where the building she now sat in was located. “I will just drop it off to her house in the morning.”

Megan was barely aware of what he was saying she was very much absorbed in the timber of his voice. But in the back of her head she wondered why he did not just take it to his neighbor when he saw her name on the label.

“Hello? Are you there?”


Megan wasn’t even aware she had spoken she was so lost in her thoughts of this man’s voice.

“Answer me now!”

The forcefulness of his voice broke Meg from the slight trance she was in and replied, “Yes sir! Oh I am sorry. I seemed to have drifted off there for a moment it will not happen again.”

“Good girl, you should pay attention when I am talking.”

A sharp intake of breath escaped from Megan.

“What did you say?”

“Oh! Nothing sir. Umm I will note that the package was delivered to the wrong house and that you are going to see that it gets to the right person. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“No that is all for now.” He responded with a deep chuckle, and disconnected the call.

Megan sat slightly breathless, her clit throbbing. She wanted so to touch it but knew that her work was not the time or place.

The next night Megan sat at her desk slightly again doing her homework when the Bing of her computer alerted her.

“Sassy Savvy Lady Cosmetics the is Megan how can I help you?”

There was silence on the other end of the phone line.

“Hello? This is Megan how may I help you?”

Still there was no response. Megan disconnected the line and went back to her history paper. A few minutes later her line binged again, ““Sassy Savvy Lady Cosmetics the is Megan how can I help you?”

“I am watching you.”

Shaken Megan responded, “What?”

“I am watching you, I know what you want slut and I am going to give it to you.”

Megan gasped and quickly disconnected the phone. Shaking she jumped up and ran to check all of the doors to make sure they were indeed locked tight. Convinced that no one could get into the building she returned to her desk. She stopped abruptly when she neared her desk. There sitting atop her history paper was a strip of black cloth that had defiantly not been there before. Looking around she could not see anyone, the darkened officers around her were, however the perfect place for someone to hide. Turning slowly she made her way to the supervisors desk and the outside phone line. As she reached the desk and the phone a quiet menacing voice behind her said, “Stop or this will be far less enjoyable for you than it can be.”

Megan stopped and slowly began to turn around.

“Stop!! Do not move until I tell you too you little bitch!!”

Megan felt him moving close up behind her, she shivered as his body heat collided with her back.

“You will do what I say when I say is that understood?”

Megan stood rigid as a pole refusing to acknowledge his threats. She jumped as his hand smacked her ass; it stung through the fabric of her jeans.


Megan whimpered and nodded her head.

“I said, ANSWER ME BITCH” As his hand collided with her now sore ass.

Megan twitched and responded, “I will.”

“You will what?”

“I will do what you say when you say it.”

“Good.” He responded as he rubbed her sore ass cheek. She felt him step closer as his chest came in contact with her back. His breath rasped her ear as he whispered into it, “Are you ready for me slut? “ His hand moved up from her ass passing her waist and over her abundant breasts. He seemed to hone right onto her nipples that had pebbled up against her t-shirt. Taking the nipple between his fingers he pulled on it and gave it a little twist. Megan moaned and tries to pull away from him. His other hand grabbed her long auburn hair and pulled her back against his chest.

“The little bitch thinks she can fight me does she? Well we shall see.”

Twisting her nipple harder as he yanked her head back, he ground his hips into her behind. “Oh baby by the time we are done you will be begging for me.”

Megan cried softly, how could this be happening to her. Her body was betraying her to this man. Her nipple was hard and aware between his strong fingers as it pulled and twisted. She could already fell the damp awareness between her legs. She did not want this, yet her body was responding in a way it had never had before. She shimmered slightly and unconsciously rubbed her back against his front.

“Go to your desk without looking at me and put on the blind fold. If you glance my way so much as once I will make your ass black and blue.”

She quickly to her desk and grabbed the blindfold eyes straight ahead never glancing back. “Stop,” He ordered as she reached for the blindfold. “I changed my mind. Take off your clothes. Be sure to keep your back to me”

Megan could feel a tear trickle down her cheek as she crossed her arms across her stomach and grabbed the edges of her t-shirt. Her arms refused to work. “NOW BITCH!” She jumped and pulled her shirt up and over her head. Her ample tits jiggled slightly as she tossed the shirt over the back of her chair. Why did she pick this day to go with out a bra, just bringing a sweat shirt for when people were around? She then reached for the button on her pants and then the zipper. “When you take the pants off take the panties with then, you are stalling and I will soon lose my temper.” Hooking her fingers into the waist band of her panties and her pants she bent over and pushed them down her legs. She kicked off her sandals and was reaching down to slip the pants off her feet when he came up behind her again. “Stay like that a minute I want to admire this view.”

“You have an ass that was just meant to be disciplined. Nicely cushioned but not flabby, round and soft, perfect size to receive all of my hand. They part so nicely to give a view of you pussy and ass hole. Perfectly open for penetration. “His hands glided over her ass as he was speaking. “I have been watching you for a long time dreaming of you in this position.” She gasped as she felt his finger slide up her slit and glide over her puckered ass hole. “Wet already. You are a slut aren’t you?”



Megan whimpered and responded with a quiet, “Yes.”

“Louder! Yes what?”

She cried out, “YES SIR I AM A SLUT.”

“Good little girl.”

“Now take off these pants and put on the blind fold.” SMACK

She quickly slipped off the pants and grabbed the blindfold. As she was reaching across her desk her computer screen flashed an incoming call.

Her capture chuckled behind her and said, “Answer it!” Shaking she put her head set on and accepted the call. Breathless she said, “Sassy Savvy Lady Cosmetics the is Megan how can I help you?”

A ladies voice came over the line, “Yes I’d like to reorder my lip stick.”

“Yes ma’am can I please have your customer number.”

As the words crossed her lips she gasped, her capture had placed two shiny silvery clamps over her nipples. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as the woman on the phone rattled off a row of numbers. Her fingers flew over the key pad having done this task with a thousand callers it was pure instinct.

Through the tears forming in her eyes Megan said, “Are you Ms. Smyth?”

“Yes sweetie that is me I just want to reorder my lipstick. The Red Fusion.” As the woman said these words he slipped his hand down her stomach to the light spray of hair at the apex of her legs. He whispered in her ear, “Spread your legs and move up in your chair.” Megan shook her head slightly as she said, “Yes ma’am I have it listed here. Will you be using the same credit card?”

Her tormentor grabbed her hair again and yanked, as his had applied more pressure to the nipple clamp, and whispered more forcibly, “Now slut!” Megan bit her lip and scooted forward spreading her legs. His hand released her nipple and slid down to rub her wet pussy. Suppressing a moan of pleasure she quickly took the ladies new credit card information, and read it back to her.

“Cum now slut. Let this lady hear what a dirty slut you are.”

Megan bent forward her body shaking as she tried to suppress the orgasm that try to break free. Two fingers slipped into her cunt and began to finger funk her hard, his palm rubbing against her clit. “NOW! GOD DAMN IT!” He shouted. Megan bit her lip to suppress the scream in her throat, as her body heaved and fell back against the chair. Megan’s body twitched as his fingers slid out of her.

“Hello?” The woman’s voice came back to here, “Hello? Are you okay there?”

“Yes ma’am I am sorry my chair slid out from under me and I fell. I have your order all processed. Have a good evening.”

As she disconnected the phone call she could hear the woman mumbling something about crazy youngsters.

The man’s tongue flicked her ear, “Such a good little slut. You will call me Sir and Master from this moment on. Is that understood?” Megan gently nodded her head. “Then pick up that blindfold and put it on. The fun is just beginning.” Rolling her chair forward she picked up the blindfold and raised it to her eyes. Her breath escape in a rush as the raising of her arms pulled the skin of her breasts, making her painfully aware the clamps were still on. Taking a deep breath she tied the scrap of cloth around her eyes plunging her into darkness.

“Stand up and turn around.” As she turned he grabbed her face, squeezed her cheeks and said, “Open your mouth.”

She quickly obeyed. His warm wet fingers slipped into her mouth, “Suck those clean, and walk with me. If my fingers slip from your mouth then you will be punished.”

Meagan moved forward with her new Master as he moved. Her mouth sucking all the while on his fingers, making sure to lick between then to be get all of her essence from there. She could feel generally from the direction that he was taking her that he was heading to one of the back offices. She was concentrating so hard on where they were going that she did no realize that his fingers had slipped from her mouth until it was too late.

“Oh please NO! Sir I am so sorry!” He could feel him tense even though he now stood a few feet away. Her arms were now out stretched trying to feel for whatever might be coming.

Slow and steeled his voice came back, “Put your hands behind your back.” Megan quickly obeyed. Trembling waiting for what was to come. She could hear his quiet footsteps as he made his way to her.

SMACK…..SMACK. His hand landed quickly on one nipple than the other. Megan screamed as the blows continued till each nipple received 3 blows. Tears flowed from her eyes as her cunt twitched and leaked. How could her body possibly be receiving pleasure from this pain. “YOU WILL OBEY ME BITCH! Maybe you can follow better with this.” She could feel a slight tug on each nipple and jingle as he attached a chain connecting clamps. He tugged hard on the chain and said, “FOLLOW SLUT!”

Megan groaned as the chain pulled the clamps and her nipples forward. She had no choice but to follow. He led her through the outer to the back where the private offices were. Megan could because she stumbled on the step that lead up to the supervisors offices. He turned to the left, she guessed to go into one of the offices.

“On your knees slut and open your mouth. Make sure your hands stay behind your back.”

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