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Richard Johansson stood at the pulpit watching his congregation settle in for his sermon. He loved preaching and loved the gospel. It gave him a rush to be standing in front of his flock warning his people. He felt like prophets of the Old Testament, "voices upon the towers" seeing the dangers and telling his people how to keep safe.

He loved being a preacher more than anything. He and his wife were both strictly religious; both loved praying, reading the bible together. They had met in church in fact. Both were exhilarated by the other's love of religion and fell in love because of it. His wife in fact had encouraged him to leave his former job and seek a life as a preacher. She had been instrumental in helping him not only make it through divinity school but to establish a thriving congregation.

That congregation was a powerful influence in the community. At one time the place had been filled with adult shops, bars, and tattoo parlors. Men and women lived riotous lives. Adultery, stealing, hating could have been the local motto. Richard helped clean it up. It wasn't that he forced the community to change. His sermons were powerful. People started attending them because of their power. As they listened they began rethinking their lives. Men and women came to him to change their behavior. Soon community leaders were adjusting the laws. Influential individuals were reaching out to others to help them. Richard spent many long nights counseling husbands and wives who'd torn their lives apart to help them put their lives back together. Neighbors began helping each other and crime rates dropped dramatically.

Through it all Richard's wife had been a key partner encouraging him when discouraged and helping in the many community events that had turned things around. He and his wife adored each other and had a powerful intimate connection. Neither one had ever had sex with anyone else. As far as they both were concerned that was not only good enough it was wonderful. Their unique connection to each other gave them a powerful bond in intimacy and made their sex much more fulfilling. When they made love it was truly magic and both understood and filled each other's physical needs. Both had sex to fulfill the other's desires and in doing so both were left entirely sated.

He was about to begin when a young lady came in. She was dressed in a sundress that exposed her long, tan legs. She wore a wide hat that hid her face from full view. Richard could still see she had dark red lips with blonde hair that hung down below her shoulders. He sun dress was loose covering from just below her neck to her knees but it couldn't hide her ample breasts and thin waste. Richard felt cold watching her beautiful figure stride through his church. She smiled at him as she walked confidently down the aisle and took a seat next to his wife on the front row. She smiled and took his wife's hand for a moment. His wife smiled back her face radiant...as if she had met an old friend. Richard was certain he'd never seen this woman before. Why hadn't his wife told him about her? Richard began his sermon certain he'd be meeting her after the meeting.

After he started a man walked in wearing a dark suite. He had heavy black hair and a somber expression. He looked powerful, and deadly and Richard paused his sermon while his body shuddered as the man strode in the church. The man walked to the front and sat next to the woman in the sundress. "Her husband" he thought regaining his composure before he continued on. He struggled through the rest of his sermon. He felt a gnawing pain in his stomach whenever he looked at his wife and the couple sitting next to her.

After church Richard moved to the front of the building to shake hands as people left. His wife was already engaged in a lively conversation with the woman. Both were smiling and laughing. He tried to smile but felt uneasy. He felt refreshed after saying goodbye to everyone. His wife and the couple hadn't left so he went back inside his church to meet the couple. He searched the building but was unable to se them.

He started walking outside to see if they'd already left when a silky voice called to him from behind. "Reverend Johansson." It called. He felt his soul stir with a strange, dark passion. He felt fear listening to it. He turned around there was the woman who'd been sitting with his wife.


"You have such a lovely wife. I and my husband have really enjoyed getting to know her. My name is Jezebel. My husband is Mr. Balaam. We found your sermon very effective in motivating people to do good." Her skin was bright and flawless. Richard felt himself feeling a physical attraction for this lady. At the same time something in his heart was revolted by the sight of her. He thought he'd remembered her sundress going beyond her knees while sitting; now it rode high above them exposing her softly tanned thighs. He felt his cock stiffen slightly at the sight. He refocused his eyes on hers.

"Thank you." He said weakly.

"Oh that's not a compliment." She smiled. "We aren't particularly fond of that particular brand of preaching."

Richard looked confused.

"Balaam and I, well, we aren't part of the local community. We don't serve your god. We serve another master." Her voice was smooth and relaxing as she spoke. Richard felt his eyes slide down her lovely face to her breasts. He could see her cleavage. His cock twitched. He wanted to touch them; expose them. He quickly shifted his eyes to hers and noticed they were a deep blue. He felt he could swim in them. He wanted to drinks from them. He felt a desire to touch her lips, for his tongue to enter her mouth... Richard shook his head and fought off the thoughts. He looked down at the floor.

"In fact," she continued, "that's why we're here. To stop this."

Richard looked up as what she said registered in his brain. "Never." His voice was full of resolve as he realized what she was saying. His face grew dark. "This community, these people, I will not abandon them. You can kill me if you wish but I will not abandon them."

The woman laughed with a voice that sounded like wind chimes. "Kill you! Goodness no, that would not accomplish our purpose and it send you to heaven. It will be much better to convince you to think otherwise. Were you to die a martyr it would give these people strength in their religion. We found that out long ago but often failed to apply that principle. Killing is much easier than changing hearts. But yours will change."

"Listen, I don't know what you're thinking but it won't work. Bribing me, or pressuring me is only going to reconfirm my resolve."

"Three million won't do it huh?" she asked slyly.


"Good. That means I will have some fun with this." Her voice chimed with lust.

"Do you see your wife?" He looked over into the chapel. He was amazed to see that the benches were gone and a large bed covered with white silk sheets was in the middle of everything. Bouquets of blood red flowers adorned the walls. The crucifix at the back of the room was gone. In its place was a spear and a large golden cup. Richards wife was sitting on the bed watching the man Balaam who was stripped to his waste. He had a muscled bronzed body and was looking in her eyes.

"What? How?" Richard stammered.

"I told you, we serve another master. We have certain powers to aid us in helping people undergo a change o heart. Your wife is fine, right now. She is in a trance, she doesn't know where she's at or what is happening. Think of it as a very sensuous dream. Right now she's dreaming that Balaam is fucking her, slamming into her, filling her body with come. Balaam is filling her with those thoughts. She's fighting the feeling though you'll be pleased to know."

Richard looked at Jezebel his eyes flashing with rage. He looked back at Balaam and started to move toward him, to attack him. He found his feet glued to the floor. He looked up confused at Jezebel.

"Oh baby, don't you know, we can't force people to do anything. But we can prevent them from interrupting us. Your wife volunteered to experience this, it was her choice Richard." She spoke him in a calm matter-of-fact tone.

"It not true...you lie!"

"Yes, often I do but not now. I talked with her a bit about her husband, that is you, and asked her if she ever been with another man. She said no. I asked if she'd ever imagined it. She said a few times. I asked if the experience had been fulfilling. She said once. I was there for that experience Reverend Johansson. She orgasmed three times. You should have heard her cry both during and after. During because of pleasure, after because of guilt." Jezebel smiled wickedly.

Richards mind was filled with thoughts of his wife's finger pressing in and out of her pussy while he watched, he saw her shuddering. His cock stiffened and stuck out like a pole. The sundress Jezebel was wearing tore in the middle exposing her naval. It was so short he could see silk panties covering Jezebel's mound. Nipple outlines stood out through the cloth on her top.

I asked her about it. She was shocked to know I knew, soon she was telling us about it on her own, after that we could do as we pleased.

Richard heard his wife moaning loudly. Balaam's pants were missing and a fully erect cock stood pushing at his briefs. He looked hot and sweaty. He could see sweat forming on his wife's brow.

Richard felt shock from what was happening to him. Inside his own chapel! The place he preached repentance and Christ's redemption every week. "You're not of this world, are you?"

Jezebel laughed, "Yes, we are. But we're not human if that's what you mean. We are the devil's children. I am a slut from Babylon. Balaam is a merchant of her wares." Jezebels emphasis on the word 'slut' filled Richard with a need, a need to feel her body, to touch it, to caress it. Jezebels top ripped into. A thin lace bra was exposed. It didn't cover her nipples; instead it held her heavy breasts up. The bottom of her sundress fell to the floor and melted away. She wasn't wearing panties Richard realized it was a thong bikini. He'd never seen one this close and felt very attracted to it. He fought the feeling closing his eyes. He started singing.

"Oh so now you understand our ways!? You've been telling people for years to avoid temptation yet this is the first time so far that you've really fought it today."

"I won't give in, I refuse to give in." Richard said firmly. He closed his eyes, clenched his teeth, and started reciting passages of scripture in his mind.

"Fine," said Jezebel, "We'll take your wife instead. She will be a great help to us."

Richard's eye's shot open. "What! No."

"She's already given us her heart, look at her." Richard turned and saw her sucking on Balaam's cock. "She's not awake right now so she doesn't know what she's doing. But if Balaam wakes her up while this is occurring her heart will change into a slut's heart forever. She will fuck every good-looking cock that she can find. In fact I guarantee that I'll see to it that she is given a place in many, many, many hardcore porn films. I have friends in many places."

Richard felt his heart sink, a feeling of hopelessness came over him. A tear ripped through Jezebel's thong exposing her pussy. It was sopping wet.

"Good I thought you'd come around. Balaam." Balaam pushed Richards wife on the bed She reached down and began fingering herself. He stood there watching them with his cock full erect.

"What do I have to do?"

"Preach for money." Jezebel answered. Richard looked confused. "I want money to become your motivation. The spirit will not attend when that is what your desire is. You don't even have to get a new job. Preaching for the sake of money is priest craft. That is what you'll practice from now on."

Richard paused, he looked at his wife.

"Maybe I should have him start fucking her, would that help you make your decision?"

"No!" Richard said horrified. Watching her give that demon oral sex had been painful, too painful. He couldn't bear to see anymore. "OK, I'll preach for money."

"Good." Jezebel laughed filling Richard with coldness. Suddenly his loins became hot, his heart began beating faster, his breathing became staggered.

"What's happening?"

"You and I are going to consummate your promise. This is how we have always ensured men's promises are kept. It will be the most pleasure full religious ceremony you've ever participated in."

"No I won't."

"Its too late Richard, you choose your wife over God. Your heart belongs to me, and to my master."

Richard suddenly was overcome by an animal lust. Thoughts of his wife slipped away, He looked at her pussy and had to lick it, to touch it, to come inside of it over and over again. Jezebel took his hand. The feeling was electric.

She led him to another bed. Richard stood in front of her. She undid his pants and his cock sprang out. She rubbed it back and forth several times masturbating him before kissing his head softly. He allowed the pleasure to flow through him. She began kissing his shaft rubbing his cocks head around her lips and cheeks. Pre-cum was flowing making her face stick and wet. Richard could smell her pussy.

"Go ahead baby. I know you never tasted your wives."

Richard felt a pang a guilt thinking about his wife but was over come. His hands began fondling her pussy, soon he mouth was ravaging it his tongue darting in and out.

Jezebel began moaning. "Good baby, that's it." He found her clit and started tonguing it. He body was burning with lust.

He had a desire to plow her body and sow his seeds.

Jezebel laughed. "Always these biblical terms in your minds. Go ahead plow your property."

He stood up and pushed his head against the outside of her pussy. Jezebel moaned softly. "Fuck me dammit!"

He plunged into her his cock surrounded by a silky, sweet, feeling. Her pussy was tight and clenched against him. He started sliding in and out he felt his body sliding against hers, the world became a blur. All he could think of was the soft, warm, wet sensation against his cock.

"Should I have Balaam fuck your wife?" Jezebel asked while panting heavily.

"His brain wasn't thinking, "Yes, Yes!" He said ramming faster.

He soon heard sounds of his wife being fucked by Balaam. It rose his lust higher. He rammed harder his balls slapping against Jezebels streaming pussy.

"I'm going to wake her up my fuck master!" Jezebel cried.

"Yes!" his lusty voice called.

He heard his wife screaming the filthiest things he'd ever heard. He could see Balaam slamming her with force.

It was so sexy, so pleasurable. He felt his balls tighten and his cock began to spasm. He felt come spurting into Jezebel's womb as he thrust in deep.

"My God that was a good fuck!" Jezebel panted as he lay on her. Richard could hear his wife being fucked, she was screaming obscenities telling Balaam harder and faster.

As Richard lay there he suddenly realized his heart had changed. He didn't feel guilty at all. He felt good. He smiled, when he realized how beautiful money was. All the ware of Babylon would come to him. In his heart he knew he would preach for money. And his wife was a hot bitch who could definitely make it in porn. That would bring in a nice addition of money. Hell, maybe he'd rent her out to some of the boys at the local factory. They would pay.

Come to think of it he'd get plenty of sex on the side. He'd start with the wives of the three city councilmen. They were all hot pieces of ass that he wanted to plunge his cock into. Yes, his heart had changed.
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