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Nisida had been pouring over the ledgers for nearly three hours. There were twelve of them two for each of the six businesses which she was to some how make profitable within six months. Nisida shifted in her chair lifting her bare butt off the sticky leather one cheek at a time. As she stretched she thought of the devil’s bargain she had made:

Her brother Arbor had borrowed and then gambled away a large sum of money from Gregor Shehu the current “godfather” of the Albanian mob. When Gregor and his thugs had come to demand the money from her brother, she had stepped in. Shehu had been impressed with her book keeping skills. He had proposed that she take over the ledger account for several businesses that he had recently “invested” in. She would work on those books three days and week and two week ends a month. If at the end of the six months those businesses were turning a profit, Shehu would not only erase her brother’s debt but give her 15% of the profit margin from each business. Refusal of the bargain would have meant her brother death she was sure. There was one final catch. She was never during the six months to wear clothes in Shehu’s presence. He did not care who else was there, as long as he was she was to be naked. And while he had sworn to protect her from unwanted advances, she was obligated to masturbate him when ever he choose and to masturbate for him whenever he asked.

Nisida had accepted the deal and a little over four hours ago her she had begun her new job. Shehu had been both charming and demanding. A perfect gentlemen on the one hand who had on the other ordered her to masturbate in front of himself and three of his men. Nisida was even now shocked at how much she had….She was reluctant to even think it, but she had enjoyed it. She pushed the thought out of her mind and returned to the ledgers. She was deep into trying to see how the hairdresser had managed to some how end up losing 9,000 last quarter when they had taken in over 15,000 above the quarter before when Shehu entered the room.

He did not look his age. He was over seventy but he looked somewhere in his mid fifties if that. He walked over to the desk and leaned over her shoulder.

“How goes it my dear?” He asked

“Badly.” Nisida answered, one again very aware of her nudity and the absurdity of the situation.

“How so?”

“All of these businesses should have made a profit. For some it is mismanagement, for one the owner seems to be skimming, for all of them there is a bad marketing plan.”

“But they all could be profitable?”


Shehu nodded “Good. Time now for a break. You need to have lunch.”

Until then Nisida had not even realized that she was hungry. As she put her pen down the office door opened once more. A plump woman in her early sixties in a gray maid outfit came in. The woman hesitated but Shehu waved her in.

“Come Come Millie meet Nisida, she will be with us for a while.”

The woman came over to the desk.

“Stand up and shake Millie’s hand.” Commanded Shehu.

Nisida stood slowly she was more ashamed of being naked in front of this matronly looking woman then she had been in the presence of the men. Nisida was sure the woman thought her a whore.

“I have explained our arrangement to Mille.” Shehu said as a matter of fact.

The two women shook hands. Millie looked at Nisida and shook her head sadly.

“Now then Mille feel free to clean the room. Nisida and I shall try not to bother you.”

He took Nisida by the hand and led her over to the couch where he had previously had her masturbate.

He sat down and patted the seat next to him “Sit.”

She did so, all the while watching Mille out of the corner of her eye.

Shehu opened his robe. Nisida let out a gasp as she stared at his exposed body. His cock was large. Larger then she had expected in man his age. He was hard as rock.

“I have had this problem since you walked in. Please take care of it.” He ordered.

Nisida leaned foreword and took his penis in her hand. She began to stroke it slowly.

“With more passion my dear. Come closer.”

He grabbed her and pulled her towards him. His left arm wrapped around her body and held her near him. She braced the flat of her left hand on his chest. She felt the heave of his chest beneath her hand. She felt the strong muscle in his upper body. Her right hand continued to stroke his cock. She brought her hand down and rubbed his ball sack. She rolled them in her fingers then brought her hand up his shaft. His face showed his pleasure.

Over his shoulder she could see the look of disgust on Millie’s face. Nisida was surprised that it both ashamed her and made her hot.

Shehu reached up and took her hand off his chest.

“In your pussy dear.”

She brought her hand down between her own legs. She was amazed at how wet she was. She began to ply her fingers into her own cunt while stroking his cock faster and faster. She rubbed at him feeling the edge of his cock begin to get moist

“Hmmm very gooood dear.” Shehu commented.

“ohhhhhh.” She moaned involuntarily.

She felt his cock begin to spasm beneath her hand. Her own pussy was filed with her juice. Suddenly he reached down and jerked her hand away. He grabbed his cock and aimed it at her chest. The hot sperm exploded and covered her tits and stomach with sticky wet liquid. A small amount splattered on the edge of her chin. Her fingers dug deeper into her own pussy and she let out a yell as she shuddered with organism.

Shehu leaned back on the couch and closed his eyes.

“That was quite refreshing my dear.” He said with a smile.

She too was leaning back on the couch. He still had his arm around her and she made no effort to move out of his semi-embrace. She leaned back and took several deep breathes.

For a long moment they sat there leaning back against the couch both spent form the exercise. Millie continued to dust and tidy up the office. Nisida’s mind wandered: what had she gotten herself into? She was all ready beginning to enjoy this. What kind of slut was she becoming? She had just masturbated this man in front of another woman. She had pleased her self for his amusement for the second time today. She was suddenly disgusted with herself. She sat bolt upright and snapped her legs shut.

Shehu looked at her and was about to speak when the doorbell rang.

"Ah.” He said. “A much better way to make a point. Nisida, I ordered us a pizza for lunch. That is the delivery man. Come with me.”

He rose and tied his robe closed. Nisida continued to sit on the couch.

“Get up.” He demanded.

She rose slowly. Her reached downward grabbed her hand and jerked her up. “Get UP.”

She did so. He held onto her hand as he lead her out of the room. They walked though the house to the great hall and the front door, as the doorbell rang again. Shehu reached into his robe pocket and took out a twenty dollar bill.

“The pizza is ten; give the boy a five dollar tip.” He handed her the money.


“The agreement my dear was that as long as I was present you would be naked. I can pay the boy and have you stand there. Or you can pay him either way your modesty must end.”

He held the money out to her. She took it and walked over to the door.

The pizza delivery boy could not have been more then eighteen. He had freckles and sandy blond hair. His skinny hands almost dropped the pizza when Nisida opened the door. He had a full view of her medium size breast and her neatly shaved pussy. Shehu’s cum had harden on her tits and stomach. The cum that had hit her chin formed a crust on the edge of her lips. Her own pussy juice had dripped down the sides of her legs. She felt it slowly drip downward.

“Ten……dollars.” He stammered. Handing her the box.

Nisida handed him the twenty. The money had become sticky from being in her cum soaked hands.

“Keep five.” She said trying to sound as normal as she could.

Behind her she heard Shehu chuckle.

The kid kept fumbling for the change. He never took his eyes off her body as he searched his pockets. Nisida could see his cock straining the inside seams of his white pants.

“Nisida?” Asked Shehu stepping into the doorway next to her. “What is taking so long?”

“Look….looking at….for change….Sir….” The delivery boy said. “All I can find are tens…..”

Shehu opened the door wide. He took the pizza box from Nisida’s hand and set it on the table by the door. “Come in. I believe that I have change.”

He motioned Nisida out of the door and the boy into the hallway.

He turned to Nisida and pointed to a chase lounge chair across from the door. “Sit down my dear.”

Nisida walked over and sat at the edge of the chair. Then she caught the look on Shehu’s face and sat back spreading her legs as she did. Her glistening pussy lips were now clearly visible to the delivery boy. Shehu stepped over to a large closet to the right of the main door and opened it. The door blocked him from the boys view but not Nisida’s.

“I have a ten and a five in my pants pocket Son. Just hold on one moment.”

Behind the door he stripped of his robe. Grabbed a pair of boxers from the top shelf and began to dress.

“Nisida. I know you are horny dear. Play with yourself”

The delivery boy gasped.

Nisida took a deep breathe and closed her eyes. She willed her mind out of the room and began to use her fingers to spread her cunt hood. She had done this twice all ready today and she was increasingly horny. She sent her fingers deep into her pussy pressing her hand tight against herself. Slowly she opened her eyes. The delivery boy was staring at her his eyes ready to pop out of his head. His hand was rubbing the front of his white pants. Nisida brought her other hand up to her breast and began to massage them. She pushed one breast towards her mouth and licked her nipple.

“Ah here we go.” Said Shehu from within the closet.

He stepped out now fully dressed. “A five and ten.”

The boy ignored him concentrating on Nisida.

She pressed her hand tight against her pussy and moaned loudly as her juice slipped in and around her fingers.

“Son.” Said Shehu.

The boy snapped out of it. He looked at Shehu who held out the money. The boy snapped it from his hand

“Sorry sir….” He raced to the door and out.

Shehu laughed loudly. “You may stop now my dear.”

Nisida complied. She sat very still on the lounge chair wondering just what was going on with her mind and body.

“I will take this to the kitchen. You should take a fast shower and then join me in the kitchen for lunch.”

Nisida slowly got up. As she did a thought hit her and she began to laugh. She became almost hysterical in her laughter doubling over from the pain of the joke in her head.

Shehu stared at her for a moment with a look that said he thought she had lost her mind. Then shaking his head he asked.

“What are you laughing at?”

“He kept your twenty.” Nisida said still shaking with laughter.


“He took the five and the ten and then raced out with them and your twenty.”

Shehu threw back his head and roared with laughter. They stood for a moment just a few feet from each other laughing. Then Nisida gained control of herself.

“Go now and shower my dear.” Said Shehu smiling. He walked off toward the kitchen

Nisida went back toward the office to use the small bathroom and shower that she had been shown earlier. As she did walked right into Millie.

“I’m sorry.” She said as she bumped into the woman.

Millie shook her head. “It is fine.”

She brushed past Nisida and began to walk away.

“Millie.” Nisida called out.

Millie turned around “Yes, Miss?”

“I…there are circumstances to….you need to understand.”

Mille Held up her hand. “I understand perfectly. You are not the first young woman to come though here.”

Nisida began to speak but Millie waved her off.

“You are however the one who has given in the fastest.”

Before Nisida could reply the maid stormed out of the room. Nisida stood for a moment. She ran her hand down her breast and felt the harden cum on them. She reached up and brushed the crust away from her chin.

“You are however the one who has given in the fastest.” Millie’s words rung in her ears.

And she began to cry. Her sobs came faster and faster and soon she was on her knees sobbing. Nisida had been at Shehu’s home for less then six hours.
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