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That night started on a low note for me. Janice and I had made plans to attend my company party together. She called and canceled at the last possible second. Told me she was "feeling kinda nauseous" since breakfast. Like maybe she was getting a cold or the flu, blah blah. Now I had to go alone. I guess worse things have happened and the way the evening ultimately turned out was more exciting than anything I could have planned. I arrived a bit late and grabbed a seat at a big round table of co-workers whom I thought were among the more mentally stable and lighter drinking crowd from the office. Two seconds after I'd settled I realized how wrong I was.

"Whaaa the hell, Dave...?? Not drinkin' tonight!?" said George, a very annoying, very overweight man whom I knew from the accounting department, and before I could answer he blurted, "Shit maaa... iss the godam Chrissmass party fer chrissake..." and he grinned and laughed and sucked up more vodka. I grinned too, but not because I thought he was being especially witty.

Seated immediately to George's left and directly across from me was a new young assistant to the vice president. As George launched into one of his political rants, I caught her eye and smiled. She smiled back. For a split second I imagined her face beneath me, between the sheets, as I slowly and gently made love to her. The thought caused me to attain at least half an erection since it had been nearly two weeks since I'd made love to a woman. But the thought and the hardon rapidly dissipated as George let out his irritating high pitched giggle/laugh. I decided I would attempt to speak to this lovely lady after dinner.

After dessert, the boss gave his customary pep talk and made introductions of all new recruits.

"In sales we have the new assistant to Robert, Miss Genna Killeen... Genna..." said the big guy and the pretty lady sitting across from me raised her slim hand to wave at everyone. She smiled widely and giggled as the crowd gave her a polite applause. Genna looked at me again and held her eye to mine for perhaps five seconds. She looked lovely. She was dressed in a very clingy, muted red nylon dress that reached to just above her knees. Her raven black hair was long, to her waist, with the bangs braided and tied back out of her face. Red lipstick, a touch of rouge and eyeliner... conservative and just right for her petite build. Perhaps five feet, six inches... maybe 105 pounds soaking wet. Her round, well-proportioned breasts jiggled a bit whenever she laughed and the dress she wore revealed perhaps an inch of inviting, sexy cleavage. She smelled of lilac blossoms.

I finally broke down and ordered a drink, having had a very good dinner. As the waitress brought my Stoli, Genna stood and walked from the table to the rear bar. Watching her move was a delight. All liquid and cat-like, her hips gyrated as if on axis'. Each buttock straining gently against the thin fabric of her dress, swelling, rolling... she glided like spoken poetry across the banquet room. I was mesmerized. Once at the bar, she turned her head quickly, flung her hair to her right and looked back toward the table where our eyes met again. She smiled. She lightly bit her lower lip. She looked quickly away again. I had to talk to her then.

I stood to walk to the bar and George suddenly appeared at my left side, blocking my direction of travel. At once he began rattling on about office topics and upcoming projects that I really had no interest in at that moment. After he babbled inanely for three minutes or so, I finally made an escape and looked frantically toward the bar area searching for Genna. She was gone. I rounded the entire banquet room, searching for her raven locks. She had vanished.

Now feeling annoyed and frustrated, I moved from the banquet room into the outer hallway. This room was located in a local hotel which catered to such events. All of the employees had had the opportunity to reserve their own room at a special discount rate and stay the night if too many drinks were consumed to attempt a safe drive home. I myself had reserved a room, paid for it and had expected a very long and lustful night with Janice. Now, I wasn't even planning on staying until the dancing started. The thought of seducing Genna entered my mind for a moment, then I decided it was a fancy pipe dream, since even she was no where to be found. I stood in the hallway, tipped my glass and quickly drank my drink then decided to leave. As I turned to go back into the banquet room, at the far end of the hallway my eye caught a glimpse of a deep red nylon dress flowing slightly in a breezy motion, then gone, around the corner. I set the glass down and began walking in that direction thinking, hoping, that it was Genna. As I reached the corner and looked around, there it was again, the maroon dress. This time I was sure it was her. She was walking outside. I moved to the door and looked out to see Genna standing alone, smoking a thin cigar. I stepped out to join her.

"Beautiful night for December..." I said, stopping about ten feet from her and lighting up a cigarette. "Odd weather here, this late in the year." "It sure startled me..!" said Genna, one hand clenched against her chest. She had turned very quickly and a strand of hair was across her mouth. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. Genna Killeen..? I'm David Taloth..." I said, gently shaking her hand. We talked for a few minutes about the office and the company. She had the same intense dislike for George as most of the rest of the employees and I flattered her by telling her that he certainly did not compliment her, seated next to her as he was at dinner. We laughed and related some common interests, shared a few likes and dislikes, then Genna said, "Did you get a room here for the night?" I told her I had... I did not tell her I'd planned on leaving it vacant. She then said she needed another drink and we headed back into the building and to the bar.

For the remainder of the evening, Genna and I carried on like teenaged delinquents at a basement keg party. She insisted that I drink a shot of tequila with her, assist her in the tossing of many after dinner mints in the general direction of the President of the companys' table, drink more tequila, sneak into the men's restroom behind me (where she hid in a stall, grunting and groaning as if she were a man having a righteous bowel movement when two fellows happened in to use the urinals), more tequila, much dancing... all of this and more until nearly two in the morning when the crowd began thinning out of the banquet room and into the employees reserved rooms to continue their revelries. By then Genna was very, very drunk. My own level of intoxication was nearing maximum as well. Genna and I were seated on the dresser in her boss Kenny's room. He had been suggesting to her all evening that she stay with him, since he was celebrating not only the holiday but his second divorce. To which Genna confided to me in a slurry whisper, "No wonder the poor slob is divorced..." and we shared a private laugh.

There were about eleven people crammed into the room drinking Kenny's liquor supply and carrying on. Genna leaned close to me and said quietly, "I'm completely bombed... No way I'm gonna drive tonight.... Wunner how much a cab would cost from here out to Mount Forrest..." I knew it was a rhetorical question but I said to her anyway, "God... thaa would be prolly 40 bucks Genna!" She nodded and sipped her drink. As drunk as I was, I figured staying put would be a good idea as well. I took a chance then and said, "Stay in my room tonight. I only need one bed." She looked at me very quickly, shrugged her shoulders, then said, "Okay.. Think I better go lie down right now..." We said our goodnights and departed, Kenny was beside himself with jealousy.

Once in my room, Genna sat immediately on the far bed and began changing the TV channels. She stopped at an old movie with Humphrey Bogart... ĎAfrican Queen'. I dropped my jacket and tossed my tie in a chair and sat back on the other bed and soon became engrossed in the great dialog.

"Nuthin' quite like these old films, eh..?" I said. No answer. I looked over at Genna and saw that she was fast asleep, the remote still in her right hand. I stood, walked around and stood at the foot of her bed. The position she'd passed out in was less than lady-like. She had collapsed on the right side of the bed with her right leg bent at the knee and her right ankle tucked under her left knee. Her left foot was still on the carpet. Her dress was askew and riding high up her thighs. I could make out the bulge of her mound on the front.Then an incredible sight caught my eye. Standing where I was, I suddenly realized that her panty covered crotch, far up between her parted thighs was clearly visible. Pink panties. Satin, judging by the dim gleam reflecting off them from the TV light in the room. My drunken mind spun for a moment. I wanted nothing more than to kneel and bury my face against those sexy, smooth panties. A raging hardon had grown in my pants in seconds.

"Genna..?" I said. "GENNA!" Nary a stir from her. My mind reeled again. My hardon ached in my shorts. I took off my shirt and gently sat on the end of the bed, watching her for signs of awakening. Nothing. I rested my left hand on the inside of her shapely, smooth and taut right thigh. She did not stir. She was in an alcoholic stupor, no doubt about that. I slid my hand further up her warm thigh to the edge of the maroon dress. I raised the hem with my fingertips. Peeking beneath I could see the lovely bulge of her mound within the sexy pink panties. God my cock was straining now. I gently pushed my pants and briefs off and sat there nude, my hardon standing straight up. Using both hands I ever so gently raised Genna's dress higher and higher, above her hips now, revealing the entire front half of her panties. Her flat tummy was smooth with a fine trail of dark hair, barely visible, leading from her bellybutton down into her panties which contained a copious amount of fluffy pubic hair. I moved my face closer to her mound, seeing clearly that her bush was full and large. Smell of lilac again, sweet and inviting. I moved closer still and touched the tip of my nose to the shiny satin panties. Genna did not move. I lightly kissed her bush through her panties. I thought I may cum from this sensation alone. I made a plan...

Genna's dress was a wrap, in actuality. It was tied at her left hip by a very thin spaghetti strap of the same fabric. When I untied this I saw that it would now completely and easily open in front. Doing this I gasped quietly at Genna's beauty. She wore no bra as I'd deciphered earlier. Her tits were perfectly rounded and I could detect no tan lines. Her tiny brown nipples reacted to the cool air of the room by politely and proudly stiffening and standing up, begging to be kissed, licked. Tossing caution to the wind, I reached up with both hands and cupped each tit. Genna let out a short, boozy sigh. Her tummy was flat and I could see that she favored a bikini which was worn extremely low on the hips, when she wore that half at all. I slowly slid my hands down her thin waist and across her belly, back and forth. She was so warm and so taut. Gazing lower at her mound, concealed inside her panties I could not resist and gently cupped it in my right hand. A big, full, thick bush within gave the slightest resistance to my palm, her panties so smooth and cool.

I moved around to a standing position next to the bed and gently lifted Genna's left knee. At the same time I pulled her right foot from beneath it and straightened that leg, spreading it a bit wider. Standing upright, my cock hard and pulsing, pointing up, I gazed down at Genna. She now lay flat on her back, her right leg straight out on the bed, her left leg on the bed down to her knee where it bent to her left foot which was still on the floor. She was still in her dress only it was untied and wide open, revealing her flawless body. Her head was turned to her right with her hair splayed on the pillow around and next to her.

I moved onto the bed on my hands and knees and crawled over the sleeping Genna. I positioned myself with my knees together and my hands supporting me on the top edge of the headboard so my throbbing hardon was directly above the tempting bulge in her panties. I looked down between us and saw that my cock was one inch from her smooth panties... my heart beat even faster. I moved forward slightly, being careful not to touch any other part of her with my cock, then lightly brushed my balls back and forth on Genna's bush through those sexy panties. I felt a flash of warmth and a sensation not unlike being tickled there by fingertips, one of Janice' favorite teases. I nearly fainted. Genna was now snoring very slightly, still unaware of my molestation.

I pulled my hips up away from her and moved back down a bit so my cock again hovered directly over that womanly mound. Pulling back a bit further, I now lowered my hips and prepared for the first contact with her panties on my raging cock. My pulse was out of control, my mouth open, my breath bated and shallow. Gently... very, very lightly, I touched the underside of my cock, just below the head against Genna's bulging bush. There was the flash of heat emanating from her to me, then a hypnotic smoothness. I hitched in a breath and stifled a groan. I slowly pushed my cock forward, sliding it up and over the large bulge and the slick panty fabric. Barely touching her... just enough to send maddening urges to grind down against her pussy. The excitement was unbearable and exquisite. I continued for uncounted minutes, hours... I had no idea. I was poised above her, nothing touching her except the sensitive underside of my cock, gliding lightly and feather-like up and down her generous pussy bulge. My arms were aching, my back was spasming, my head reeled... it was very nearly my nirvana. Soon I began to feel the beginnings of a very powerful orgasm fast approaching. I halted my movements and lifted my cock off Genna's panties.

Breathing deeply, I moved back from above her and rested back on my knees, still between her open legs. My cock felt as if it would snap off if bent downward. It stood taller than ever, veiny, the head shiny and as big as a golf ball. Dark red... throbbing. After a minute or so the feeling of impending combustion subsided and I just rested there, gazing at Genna's open legs... the crotch, so inviting and womanly. Her pink bikini panties fit her a little tight and the leg bands had inched deep up into her crotch. Her cunt lips also bulged and looked puckered inside them. The fabric had worked it's way just into her slit and presented a gorgeous camel-toe. I reached down and gripped the shaft of my hardon with my right thumb and forefinger. The flesh was so taut from it's rigidity that I was alarmed a bit. I scooted forward to get my cock as close to Genna's sweet panty covered crotch without touching her as I could. As a test I pushed the shaft away from my body. It moved half an inch and made wonderful contact with her panties. I suppressed another whimper and took a deep breath.

Again I began to slowly pump my hips to and fro, sliding the entire eight inch underside of my erection up and down, up and down on Genna's panties. The thought of my cock a millimeter away from her pink, wet sex made my balls pull tight to my body. I stared down at her pussy in those panties and knew it would be only a few more seconds until my cum spurted violently forth. Up, down, up, down.... I stopped, feeling the gathering eruption build then began a very, very slow pump forward... my cock slid a quarter of an inch and... wham. The first giant blast silently launched a wad up over Genna's panties a foot in the air above her tummy. It splashed down on her just above her navel. The second spurt came with less velocity and it landed on her bush, a white wad glopped on her sexy mound. I pumped and spasmed and jerked as three, four more deep jolts emptied my throbbing balls of cum, depositing it onto Genna's pretty little panties, staining... soaking them.

I stayed there close to her for a long while after the cum exited and my hardon finally shrank. I had made a tremendous mess on this sleeping girl and knew I could not just leave it. I stealthily moved off the bed and into the bathroom where I retrieved some tissue. Guilt was entering my mind, replacing the lust. Returning to Genna, I very gently wiped up the evidence of my guilty pleasure, then carefully retied her dress closed and went sheepishly to sleep in the other bed.

When I awoke the next morning, Genna had already departed. I lay in bed replaying what I'd done to Genna, feeling a bit ashamed and embarrassed but mostly becoming aroused once more. I stood to use the toilet. There was little trace of Genna except for a certain undergarment daintily displayed on the dresser right next to the room key. And a handwritten note. It read:

"Next time make sure I'm wide awake for the fun!! Call me!"

Below that was her home phone number. I could not believe what I was reading! I picked up the panties and began masturbating with them, squirting a fine load directly onto the crotch. They still smelled of Genna's perfume and another scent. That of wet female sex permeated the cotton crotch.

And I thought I was getting away with something...
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