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I'm a twenty year old junior in college, but I still live with my parents. We're happy and comfortable in our upper middle class home. That's beside the point though and not relevant to our story. It all started two years ago when my parents started getting depressed that their baby (that's me) was all grown up, so they decided to try adopting a needy child. That was the plan anyway.

What they got, was a sixteen year old trouble maker and who was sent to us because of the conditions set in his parole. He was a creep. He drank and did drugs and hung out with all the wrong people. If I was in the shower, he had some reason to be in the bathroom (we only had one). I started to think that my parents were afraid of him. He got away with what ever he wanted.

Eventually, he started bringing his friends over and they would have parties and sell drugs out of our house. You would think my parents would get rid of him, right? But whenever the social worker came around, Jake (that was his name) would be all suited up and my parents would gush over how great he was. He made my life miserable. He would trash my room, scare anyone I dated, and threatened my friends. He would accidentally brush his hands and body against mine. His friends were perverts and were consistently making comments about me under their breath. But until this day, I was able to keep my virginity safe.

Because of my parent's fear of him, he was still living here after his 18th birthday and he was still keeping up all his bad habits. One day, I was taking a shower and getting ready for a cook out that I had been invited too (by one of the girls from school that Jake hadn't scared away yet.) I had just finished washing my hair and my body and was on to using the baby oil, when the water suddenly turned cold. I screamed from the shock and quickly turned off the water. I grab a near by towel and wrap up. I start to go find my parents to ask them what the hell was going on, when I saw Jake standing in the doorway.

I start to yell at him about how sick I am of him and to get the hell out of the bathroom. Now Jake is about 6'2" and he's built, so I had to be crazy to do this. Surprisingly, he just looked me up and down with those evil silver eyes and then walked away. I got the eerie feeling that this was not over. I walk into my room, lock my door, and start to dry off. I put on my white lace bra and matching thong. (All my underwear is lace and silk. I can't imagine wearing anything else.) I braid my hair and look for something to wear to the cook out.

I faintly hear a car pull out of the driveway. I look out my window and, to my dismay, watch as my parents start to drive away. Suddenly, there's a loud pounding on my door and the lock breaks and the door flies open to bang against the wall.

All I can do is stand there shocked as Jake and three of his friends walk in the room. These are new friends, but both of them are big…very, very big. As they start to entire the room, I get my voice back. "Jake, what the hell do you think you're doing? Get out of my room!" I start to reach for the towel I had disregarded earlier but Jake gets to it first and throws it behind him.

"Listen bitch, I'm tired of your mouth. I think it's time you learned a lesson. These are a couple of my loyal customers and I want you to entertain us." I can't believe this is happening. Well, actually, I can. This is Jake and anything is possible. I start looking for an escape route. "Don't even think about it bitch." He starts walking toward me. He roughly grabs my arms and I start to fight back. I'm on 5'4" and he easily overpowers me.

He grabs my wrists in hand behind my back and stares down at my scantily clad body. Jake's other hand comes up to tilt my face back. His kiss is surprisingly gently. This catches me off guard and he takes this opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth. I come back to my senses and bite down hard on your tongue. "What the fuck?!" Jake backed away quickly and then backhanded me across the face. I start to fall, but catch myself on the bed.

I tried to push myself up, but he pushes me back down by the back of my neck, so that I'm bent at the waist. His hand starts rubbing my bare ass. He snaps the string of my thong and laughs as I scream out in protest. He smacks my ass hard with his bare hand. "Apparently you need to be taught who's boss in this house hold young lady." He brings his hand down again and again and again. Tears start to roll down my face and I can feel the heat coming off my now red ass.

I can feel Jake's friends still watching me. My face is burning as red in embarrassment as my ass must be. As upset as I am, I can't help but notice that my body is betraying me. My nipples are hard and big and my pussy is dripping wet. Jake lets go of my neck and smacks my ass one more time and I fall onto my bed. "Strip her and hold her down."

Jakes three friends pull the clothes from my lush body roughly. I feel hands groping all my private areas. One of Jake's friends holds my hands far above my head while the other two each take an ankle and spread my legs wide. I'm past anger and I'm on to fear. I start to beg and struggle against the rough hands.

"Please Jake. Please don't do this. I'll do anything else, but please don't rape me. Please."

Jake just replies my say, "Pull her to the end of the bed and spread her wider." His friends obey him. I start to cry and struggle harder. "Do you want another spanking?!" he yells as he pinches my inner thigh. I stop struggling and shaking my head no. "Then knock it off, bitch."

I lay still thinking, I just lay still maybe he'll just get it over with and then I can go to the police. I think he's just going to rape my pussy, but what he does is more humiliating. He climbs on the bed and over my body; brushing our bodies together along the way. He straddles my chest and holds my face so it is pointed toward his crotch. He slowly pulls out a hard 9 inch cock. He starts to rub his cock on my face; over eye lids, my nose, and my mouth.

Jake's friend holding my hands takes a knife out of his pocket and puts in on the bed above my head. "Just in case you get any brilliant ideas", Jake says. The tip of his cock pushes past my lips to rub against my clenched teeth. "I'll let the boys work on that." I try to turn my face away but Jake tightens his grip.

Jake then slides down and pushes my tits together and rubs his cock between them a few times. His hands then go to my still hard nipples. He pinches and tugs as he looks at my face. I try to fight the pleasure running through my body. I shoot him a dirty look and he just pinches harder. He slides his penis over my stomach and pushes the tip against my belly button. Jake slides further until his penis is rubbing against my dripping wet pussy.

"Pull her legs up." Suddenly my feet are by my head. "I knew this slut was flexible." Jake puts on finger in my pussy. "You fucking slut. Feel how wet you are." Jake slides another finger inside me and starts to finger fuck me. I start breathing heavy and start to lose myself against my will.

"No, please stop." Instead of stopping, you start to use your thumb on my clit.

"Cum for me bitch. You don't want me to make you cum do you? Well too fucking bad."

I'm breathing hard as you slid in a third finger. I feel hands groping my tits. It must be Jake's friends. "From now're going to do whatever I say whenever I say it. You'll fuck whoever I want you to fuck, wear what I tell you to wear…you don't piss unless I say it's okay. Do you understand me, whore?"

I'm not thinking clearly. It feels so good. All I can think about is the raising pleasure in my body. "DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME SLUT?" Jake starts rubbing my clit and finger fucking me faster and harder.


"Well which is it bitch?!" I feel fingers pinch my nipples and pulling my hair.

"Yes...yes…please make me cum?" I finally give in. Jake slides his long hard cock in with one thrust. Breaking through my virginity, I scream again in pain, but the boys don't care. Then continue to grope me and Jake continues to fuck me hard.

The pain starts to fade and is replaced with a deeper pleasure than before. I am breathing heavy again trying not to beg him to go harder and faster. He pulls out and I whimper.

Jake tells to movie me to the floor. Suddenly I'm in the middle of the room on my hands and knees and Jake starts to fuck me once again. He reaches around and fingers my clit as he fucks me hard from behind. The pleasure keeps building and building until I finally explode.

I so involved in my own release that I didn't realize that Jake had had his own release and that his friends were now undressing.

Jake lays on the bed and watches as one of his friends with a 6 inch penis replaces him and starts to fuck me hard from behind. He's not as good as Jake was and I really can't get into it.

I feel him using my body and I start to pull away when I hear Jake say from my bed "Tsk...Tsk...Be a good girl now or I'm going to have to punish you. My friends here have made me a lot of money selling my shit and have my permission to use your body however they want as a reward. Now be a good slut."

I settle back in my original position afraid of whatever punishment he had in mind. 6" puts his cock back in my pussy so roughly that I flinch and resumes fucking me, but busts quickly. He must be new at this, I think.

"Hurry this up" Jake says to his remaining two friends. Another one of his with an 8 inch dick kneels behind me to take his turn and the last friend who wasn't big enough to even mention kneels in front of me. 8" starts to fuck me roughly from behind. His final friend grabs a hand full of my hair and tells me to open my mouth. I glance over at Jake.

"Do it now slut." I open my mouth and feel a cock side in. I'm being forced fucked at both ends. This goes on for quite sometime until finally they both bust. I spit the cum in my mouth on the floor.

Jake gets up quickly and grabs a fistful of hair and pushes my head down. "Lick it up you little bitch." I so do reluctantly. "You can leave." He tells his friends. "Not you.", as I start to get up. "You're mine now my pretty little slut and I still need to explain a few new rules."

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