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My wife was pissed off with me because I had been spending too much time out with the guys. What could I say? I'm sorry, I'm selfish? Truth is I had a bit of a fetish thing. I liked wearing women's underwear. I told her I was out with the guys but actually I was at a club where others like me can wander around in feminine attire without fear or comment.

I loved it there, felt at home. We could all preen and gleam and swap girly secrets. Of course when I got home I was horny as hell but more often than not my wife would say no.

I guess she found out about me. I don't know how. Maybe I didn't hide my underwear properly or something. Anyway, she freaked out, accused me of being gay and weird and all sorts of things! Eventually I calmed her down and we sat down and talked about it. I thought it was all cool.

Then one night I was walking home from the club when I realised I was being followed. I sped up a little and threw a glance over my shoulder but they were still there.

There was 5 of them, all big burley guys. Bigger than me. Now as I drew close to the park they ran up to me. I took off but slipped and fell. I was trying to get back onto my feet but a foot on my back shoved me back down.

"What's your hurry?" one of them asked as the other chuckled. "Maybe he don't like us?" suggested another.

"Hey, guys, look, I'm not -" but a foot into my side silenced me.

"Who wants to go first?" asked someone and they all laughed.

I was dragged to my knees by my hair. A cock was thrust into my face and, instinctively I opened my mouth and started licking it. A hand still held my hair, pulling and pushing my head, viciously pumping into my mouth. The others were all gathered around us as he started to erupt in my mouth. A loud cheer rang out as come started slipping out the corners of mouth and he pulled out.

I was then pulled to my feet. A pair of hands started pulling at my jeans, another at my t-shirt, yet more at my shoes. I was soon standing in my panties, feeling very ashamed. They were pink and frilly and obviously not a man's. They all pointed and laughed at me. They started poking my knickers, prodding my cock through the satiny material. I was pushed around the circle, hands all over me.

Then someone pushed me out of the circle and I started to run. Naked but for my pink knickers I ran through the park, never looking back. I was shivering with fear as I heard them coming after me. I ran round a corner and straight into someone. I almost bounced off and held his arm to steady myself.

"Sorry," I puffed out, "I'm being chased and -" I stopped because I suddenly realised this was the guy I had sucked. His fist slammed into my stomach and I went down, doubled over, in agony. Then he kicked me.

Suddenly they were all around me again. Someone pulled me to my feet and I was bent double, my panties pulled down to my ankles. The first cock that entered me was painful but it came quickly and it lubricated me for the rest. Cock after cock pumped into my arse, spurt after spurt of come filled me up.

When all of them had finished I was thrown to the ground. They then all pissed on me, laughing as the yellow liquid splashed all over my body. I then had to lick them all clean.

Just before they left the main guy leant close to my ear and whispered "This was from your wife. Next time it's for me."

I shivered as they left me, naked, cold, humiliated and afraid.
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