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We are driving down the road, my husband and I...and get pulled over by the police. We are not sure why....but he makes us get out of the vehicle and searches it. The police officer makes us lean against the car and he searches us. As he is searching me...he leans against my back, slowly, running his hands just a little closer to my body than is necessary, rubbing against me in a few places. He starts spouting out this list of things/charges he is going to charge us on. We are completely worried that it would be our word against his. We told him those charges are not true and how could we correct this situation.

He then runs his billy club along the calf of my leg and then up to the inner part of thigh, and suggests that we can "work out something". So heis to be allowed to "play" and he won't use any of the charges he has spoken of. He says that I am to ride with him to a particular spot and Joe is to follow in our car. So he drives us to a somewhat secluded, lightly wooded area. He places Joe in his police car, then he takes out his handcuffs, places my hands behind my back and handcuffs me to a tree.

He then starts to slowly unbutton my blouse, as he is doing so he lightly traces the outline of my bra, unhooking it and pushing it aside. Then he runs his fingers down my breasts again, and starts pinching my nipples with one hand while the other has slipped to my stomach. As he continues to cup my breasts/pinch my nipples, he finds the snap of my jeans. He unfastens them and slides them down my hips slowly, and starts sliding his hands over my hips and butt, then drops to his knees. He starts fingering me with one finger, watching for a reaction, he sees me breath in sharply and places another finger inside me. He starts pinching my nipples again and looks for a reaction, as he sees my eyes closing he realizes he is getting me very excited.

As one hand roams over my breasts, stomach, hips and butt, he continues his lower exploration and presses a knee against my thigh to set my legs further apart. Then I feel something cool pressing against my thighs, he slowing is running his billy club up and down my thighs, watching for a reaction. Reaching out he starts playing more and more with my nipples, trying to see what this is creating. As he sees me turning my head to one side, closing my eyes again, he continues his inner thigh play.

He slowly moves the billy club upward, watching me closely, he presses the billy club against me until he penetrates. As he sees my reaction, he begins to move it in and out, until he knows my breathing is coming in gasps. He unhooks one of my hands and holds the one still in the handcuff behind my back, pressing against me a little. He places my free hand on the closure of his pants. He unzips as I unbutton and watches for a reaction as he pulls his rock hard cock out for my exploration. I grab it and start massaging it up and down as he frantically fingers me.

He then moves me toward the police car....and lifts me up onto the hood, spreading my legs apart, he presses his lips to my clit and starts licking/sucking. Still holding my free hand behind me, he brings me to a very hard / shuddering orgasm. Pulling me down off the hood he turns me around, pressing fully against my back now, I can feel how excited he is as he starts to run his hands down my neck, down my breasts, to my waist. As his hands slide to my hips, he pulls me closer and slides his hard cock into my very wet pussy. We get into a frantic rhythm, taking no time to both be shuddering against the car.