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In the first chapter, a man is kidnapped by three women, taken to an unknown location, stripped, and whipped. The women have told him he is to be the object of their game of "torture the captive."

* * * * *

Hannah rolled the three dice. She got a three, a five, and a one. She explained to me what that meant. "A three means I get to torture your balls. The five is for time, and we always add three minutes to the roll, so I get eight minutes, and the one is a small paddle." She held up a leather paddle with a head about 3" in diameter.

"OK, give me a hand," she said to her friends. "I want him on the table." Candy and Ming unhooked my feet from the board and untied my balls. Then they unhooked my hands from the chain and, with Hannah's help, carried me to a narrow, padded table. They placed me on the table, and clipped my ankle cuffs into place. Then they undid my hands, stretched them over my head, and clipped them in place.

The table had a bunch of straps connected to it, and was about the same width as my body. They wrapped the straps around my legs, body, and arms and snugged them down tight. There were six straps, and when they were done, I couldn't move at all. The next item I would describe as a small-scale stocks for men's genitals. It was wood, and it had a hole for my cock to go through in one board, and then a second board slid into place against the first, leaving a narrow gap for my scrotum. The result was that my balls were trapped on top of a wooded platform, and my cock came through a hole in the same platform. There was a Velcro strap to hold my cock out of the way.

Once I was secured, Hannah rolled a stool over by the table and sat down. "Start the timer," she said.

"OK," Candy replied. "Go."

Hannah started smacking my balls with the paddle. She didn't hit too hard. It was just hard enough to hurt a little. I would estimate she was hitting about twice a second. She never got harder or softer, and she never got faster or slower. At first I thought, "This isn't so bad." However, after a couple of minutes, it suddenly started getting much worse. By halfway through, I was straining against the bonds and begging her to stop. A minute or two later, I found I couldn't catch enough breath to beg. I would have done anything to make it stop, but she just kept up the tapping. When the timer finally went off, all I could do was lay there panting.

Candy was next. She rolled a six, a two, and a three. The six meant she had to roll again for the area and add two minutes. The second time she rolled a 1. The area was the butt, the time was the two plus three minutes plus the two extra minutes for rolling a six the first time, and the implement was a riding crop. The three women tied me face down over a padded horse, and the seven minutes seemed like an eternity on my already sore rear. The only saving grace was that Candy was nowhere as good with the riding crop as Ming had been with her fiberglass switch.

Unfortunately, once Candy was done with the riding crop, it was Ming's turn. I was really afraid of her. She had seemed to really enjoy using her evil switch on me, and had giggled the whole time. She rolled a five, a six, and another six. Candy laughed out loud when she saw the roll and told me, "Boy, you are in so much trouble."

Ming wanted me on the bed that looked like a hospital bed. The five she rolled let her choose the area to torture, and she said she was going to do my cock. The six she rolled for time meant nine minutes, and the six for implement meant she got to choose her weapon.

They tied me stretched out face up on the electric hospital bed, and then lowered the head and foot. Then Ming connected a leather cone to my balls. She called it a parachute. It had three cords coming off of it to a ring. She tied a rope to the ring and then ran the rope through a pulley that was attached to a frame a few feet above the foot of the bed. She pulled the rope down snug to the foot of the bed and tied it off. My balls were now pulled up and toward the foot of the bed. I couldn't even wiggle without pulling on them enough to cause pain.

After a visit to one of the cabinets, Ming stood over my head and showed me a small stick. "Do you know what this is?" she asked. "No, Mistress," I replied. She told me it was called a genital cane. She said it was made from one of those bamboo skewers about 8" long sold in bags in any grocery store. One end looked like it had been dipped in that liquid rubber stuff they sell to coat tool handles.

She said that to use it, she would just hold the rubber end in one hand, pull back the tip with her other hand, and let it snap. Then she said, "It works better if your cock is hard. You don't mind if I get your cock hard, do you?" She started giggling, and also started fondling my penis. She was using both hands, and she was really good at it. I would give her a 10 for manual dexterity. Surprisingly, given the situation, my cock started responding right away. In a few minutes, it was as hard as it has ever been, but she didn't stop. She kept it up until I was close to exploding, and then she suddenly stopped and said, "Start the timer."

Candy said, "OK, go ahead."

Ming picked up the bamboo skewer, pulled it back, and let it go. It hit right across the slit of my cock, and I thought the top of my head would burst -- it hurt that bad. I involuntarily jerked so hard that another pain shot through my balls. Then it hit again, and in the SAME SPOT. I found out she was very quick with it, and very accurate. I don't think she ever missed the spot she was aiming for. In a matter of seconds, the entire head of my penis felt like someone was holding a blowtorch to it, and then it just got worse.

It went on and on and on. I thought it would never end. I was screaming and pleading. I thought I was going to faint, but then I was choking. Hannah had broken one of those ammonia smelling salts things under my nose. She said, "You don't want to pass out and miss it, do you?" Ming was giggling the whole time. The most amazing thing was that my cock never went limp.

About half way through, I quit struggling and just lay there. I was still screaming, though. I had jerked so much my balls felt like somebody had danced on them, and the pain in my cock was so bad I almost didn't notice my balls. I lay there screaming and knowing that they had broken me.

When the timer finally went off, Candy said, "That's it for round one. Only six to go." Ming was still giggling. Then Candy said, "You know what the worst thing is?" I shook my head no. "Well," she said, "the worst thing for you is that Ming is ahead. Believe me, you don't want her to win." Ming was still giggling.

They took a break and then continued with the next round. I was sore everywhere, so the second round was worse. I won't bore you with the details, but every round got worse. By the fourth round I was a basket case. These women could have given lessons to the Inquisition. The worst thing was that they were having a great time. No, that's not quite right. The worst thing was that Ming won. Now she could do whatever she wanted to me for two hours.

Ming and her buddies put me on a low, bench-like thing made of welded steel. It had padded places next to the head, and it took me a moment to realize that it was designed so that a woman could kneel on the pads and be perfectly positioned over the mouth of whomever was fastened to the bench. It also had padded extensions so the woman could lean back or forward and be supported.

Once I was in place, Ming unzipped her shorts and let them drop. After she stepped out of them, she pulled her tee shirt over her head. Since she wasn't wearing a bra or panties, this left her totally naked. Although she wasn't beautiful, I had to admit she had a good body, and she was certainly in shape.

She had nicely rounded tits and butt, and her hairless pussy was obviously wet. Her nipples were erect. I got a real good look, because she came right up and stood over me. "OK, torture boy, here's how it will work," she giggled. "I'm going to sit on your face and you're going to lick and suck my pussy. While you do that, Candy and Hannah are going to take turns torturing your cock and balls. Whenever you manage to make me cum, they will give you a five-minute break from the torture. Don't even think about taking a break from your tongue work. Any time I think you are slacking, I will signal my friends, and they'll do something special. Show him, Hannah."

Hannah swung the riding crop HARD across my balls. My lungs gasped in air, but they wouldn't let it back out, so I couldn't breath. My body was trying to double over, but, of course, I was tied stretched out and couldn't move. The pain shot right up into my abdomen. It was several minutes before I could breath normally again.

Once I had recovered some, Ming got on the bench and lowered herself over my mouth, spreading her pussy lips with her fingers as she did. I got busy with my tongue, but so did somebody down at my cock and balls. By this time I could recognize their individual styles, so I knew it was Candy. She was using the small, leather paddle, and she was smacking me on the balls every few seconds.

I tried hard to concentrate on what I was doing. I alternated between running my tongue up and down her slit, sticking it into her cunt, and flicking it across her clit. It couldn't have been more than 3 or 4 minutes before she came hard. Candy immediately quit smacking my balls. I just kept licking.

A couple of minutes later, she came again. I had discovered her weakness. Put a busy tongue into Ming's cunt, and she just can't stop cumming. I had never seen anything like it. She came over and over again, and the orgasms kept getting closer together. Before long, they were almost continuous, and her friends stood on each side of her, holding her up so she didn't collapse. By the time the two hours were up, she must have had 40 orgasms. By then she was moaning constantly.

When the timer went off, Candy and Hannah had to pick her up and carry her to the bed. She just kept moaning and writhing around on the bed. Candy said, "She isn't really conscious. She'll be fine in a little while." Like I cared after what they had done to me.

"OK, Hannah," Candy continued. "You had low score."

Hannah didn't look happy. "Don't rub it in." She walked over toward me.

Candy said, "Hey, you know the rules. You didn't think I'd forget, did you?"

Hannah stopped and gave Candy a nasty look. I was trying to figure out what was going on. I noticed that Ming had recovered and was sitting on the edge of the bed, watching Hannah. Hannah was wearing a jogging suit. She took it off, and then took off the sports bra and panties she had on underneath. She had the best muscle definition I had ever seen on a woman. As I had suspected, her tits were small and flat, but her pussy was nice, and her pubic hair was shaved into the shape of a heart.

She looked at Candy and then stuck her tongue out at her. Then she suddenly took the two steps toward the bench where I was still fastened, knelt, and sucked my cock into her mouth. It only took me a few seconds to get hard, and then she gave me the best blowjob I had ever had. She could deep throat as well as any porn star, and she sucked like a Hoover. Her tongue was flying. It was unbelievable.

It wasn't long before I could feel my orgasm coming. I must have cum a bucket, and she never missed a beat. Her tongue kept flying, and the vacuum kept working. She kept going until she felt my cock deflating in her mouth. Every other blowjob I'd ever had, the woman had either finished me by hand or pretty much quit moving and sucking while I came. Not Hannah. Bring on your favorite. I would put Hannah up against anyone in the world when it comes to blowjobs.

When she was done, they took me off the bench, cuffed my hands behind me with leather cuffs, and locked me in the cage. As they were leaving, Hannah said, "See you in the morning."
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