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This is the first story in a series about a young girl named Christa. She has beautiful straight blonde hair that has grown to her small waist, cerulean blue eyes, fair skin, her measurements are 38-23-32. Christa is athletic and loves the outdoors. She is the head cheerleader at her high school, and is dating the captain of the football team, Rick. She is also a virgin. Thus begins the story of Christa, where one event changes her life forever and leads her to do strange and forbidden acts.

"Okay everyone, we're all finished here." Christa said, as the cheerleaders completed their stretches. "Be here after the last bell so we can go kick Fairhaven ass!"

The girls cheered and laughed as they jogged to the showers. Christa smiled and thought to herself that this wasn't a bad bunch this year. She gathered her things together and turned to watch as football practice came to an end. The guys were high fiving and shoving each other as they headed to their own locker room. Rick walked over to her and gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Still coming to Darren's party tonight?" He asked.

"Yeah, but I have to make dinner first. Mom's working late and she'll be beat when she gets home and just won't have the time." Christa replied. They headed toward the locker entrance.

"Mind if I come over? We could get a little freaky."

Christa laughed, "Is that all you ever think about? I told you, I am going to wait until I am married. I just don't want to risk ending up like other girls, pregnant so young."

"I know, but my hands are getting so tired!" Rick laughed. Christa laughed with him.

"I'll see you at the party Rick, nine o'clock, right?"

"Yeah, see you there babe!" he gave her a quick kiss and went to hit the showers. Not a bad idea, she thought with a grin.

Later, after Christa got home, she whistled while she made dinner. Her mom was working way too hard, and her absent father was no help. Christa had no idea why he had left, and her mom wasn't talking. Well, she thought, I'm 18 years old and I think I deserve to know why. She resolved to talk to her mom about it in the morning. As Christa slid the casserole into the oven there was a knock on the door. Humming, she went to answer it.

"Oh, hello Mr. Neil. My mom is working late tonight."

"Yes, I know, but I thought maybe you could help me." He stated.

Mr. Neil was their neighbor and was dating Christa's mom, so she let him into the house.

"What can I do for you Mr. Neil?"

"You can do whatever I say, with no yelling."

Christa wrinkled her brow, "I don't understand, why would I yell Mr.-"

"Because I am going to fuck you! You are a fucking cock teaser and you are getting only what you deserve!" Mr. Neil stated vehemently.

Christa stood up and turned to dash for the door. Mr. Neil grabbed her and threw her on the couch.

"If you fight, your mom will lose her job. If you tell her, she'll lose her job, after being raped by her boss."

"How can you know all that?" Christa gasped.

"Because her boss is also my brother. He's a very violent man, you know?"

Christa shook her head.

"Now, be a good girl, and do as I say."

"But, but I've never-"

"Raped for your first time? How poetic, now shut the fuck up!"

Mr. Neil grabbed her arm and dragged her up the stairs. He paused, and then took her into her mom's room. Her eyes widened and she shook her head no.

"This is the perfect place. You know, I've always wanted to fuck a daughter in her mothers' bed. And your mom won't even come home until I call my brother and tell him it's okay." Mr. Neil laughed gleefully and Christa groaned. Then she brightened.

"I have a party to go to tonight at nine, I'm expected."

"Well that gives me three hours and if I'm not done by then you'll call and tell them you can't make it."

Christa closed her eyes in despair while Mr. Neil tore off her shirt and shorts. She raised her hands up to cover herself and Mr. Neil slapped them away. She had no problem being naked around other girls, but this was almost too much. She choked back a cry when Mr. Neil grabbed a nipple and pulled.

"I'll make you scream with pleasure before too long."

Tears leaked out from her closed eyes as she resisted the urge to spit in his face. He continued tugging and pulling on her nipple when he took the other in his mouth and nipped it with his teeth. Christa felt a jolt of something low in her stomach and felt herself grow wet. This can't be happening, she thought. Mr. Neil stopped and removed his own clothes. Then he put a finger between her legs and rubbed back and forth over her clit. Her legs trembled and she felt like she might collapse.

"All nice and wet for me darlin? Do you know what that means?" He continued without waiting for her reply, "It means you like this, you like what I'm doing to you. It means you are a WHORE! You love being raped!"

Christa shook her head and cried, she held the sobs inside with sheer willpower. Mr. Neil pulled her chin up with a damp finger that smelled of her and ordered her to open her eyes and look at him. She took a deep breath and did as commanded.

"I want you to look at my cock Christa. Now."

Christa looked down and gasped. He was huge. There was no way that thing would fit inside her. It had to be bigger than that famous hairy porn star, and he was big!

"Ever see a cock before?"

"Only on a video" she whispered.

"What video?" he demanded to know.

"I don't remember the name, my friends parents' own it and when they were gone one night, we watched it. The guy in the movie was big, and he was hairy."

"That man is a legend." Mr. Neil laughed. He led her to the bed and stood in front of her. "So, you must've seen some porn starlet sucking his cock, right?"

Christa nodded.

"Suck my cock."

"But I-"


Christa stared at the immense cock in front of her and almost gagged at the thought. She tried to remember what she had watched, and how it had been done. She gently grasped the base of his cock, and then she quickly licked the tip. Mr. Neil sucked in a breath and demanded that she put it in her mouth. She opened wide, put it in her mouth, and moved up and down.

"Suck it Christa!"

She immediately began adding suction as she moved up. Christa was moving faster and faster at her rapist's urgings. He put his hands on the back of her head and started fucking her mouth. Each time his cock went in, it was a little deeper. Suddenly, he plunged his cock all the way in and down her throat. She gagged and felt the bile rise, but swallowed it back down. The feel of her throat muscles contracting was too much and Mr. Neil shot a load of cum down into her stomach. There was nothing for her to do but accept it.

Mr. Neil pulled out of her mouth and sat next to her on the bed. Christa hung her head. She felt so ashamed because she had enjoyed the feeling of power that she had held over him.

"Never fear Christa, there is much more for us to do while I recover." Mr. Neil said as he fondled her nipples. He made her lay back on the bed and got between her legs. He inhaled her sweet scent and lightly exhaled on her clit. Christa gasped and squirmed. Mr. Neil lowered his head and licked, long and slow, from her asshole to her clit. He opened her lips with his fingers and put the tip of his tongue against her clit and applied pressure, slowly moving his tongue in circles. Christa panted; she couldn't seem to catch her breath. Then she squealed. Mr. Neil had sucked her clit into his mouth and was nibbling on it. She jerked her hips up and shoved her pussy into his mouth and chin.

"Oh pleeeeeeeese!" she gasped, with only a small idea of what she was begging for.

"Please what Christa?"

"Oh God! Don't stop!"

Mr. Neil chuckled with delight and continued pleasuring her virgin cunt with his expert mouth and tongue. She squirmed, squealed and begged for release, but Mr. Neil wasn't ready for her to explode yet. Just a little longer.

He inserted a finger into her virginal cunt and exalted at how tight she was for just one finger. It was like a vise in there! He moved it in and out slowly, never breaching her barrier. That was for his massive cock. To his delight, Christa had caught on to the rhythm quickly, and she was moving her hips in time with his finger. He was already hard, and had been for some time. He decided it was time. Mr. Neil sucked and nibbled her clit vigorously, still sliding his finger in and out of her. Christa squealed and begged for release.

"Please Mr. Neil, ohhhhhhhhh please! I'll do anything! Please just let me-" Her plea was cut off by a scream of pleasure as the damn burst and she had her first orgasm.

Mr. Neil had to work overtime to swallow all of her sweet pussy honey, she was a marvelous gusher, like her mother, he thought happily.

He sat up and stared at her flushed face as she tried to regain control of her breathing.

"From now on, call me Gary." He braced himself on his elbows and leaned over her. "Kiss me Christa, and taste your sweetness." His mouth claimed hers and Christa tasted herself on him, and once again she smelled herself, this time it was stronger. It wasn't unpleasant, but she doubted she should be enjoying any of this. It was wrong. It was rape. He was her mom's boyfriend. But, God help her, she loved it!

Gary leaned back and looked at her face again. She looked great, he thought. Her glorious hair spread out around her, her eyes darken with newly awakened passion, and doubt. He leaned forward again and guided his cock into her vice like cunt. She was so wet and ready; she just winced as her virginity was stolen. When Gary was buried all the way in, she squirmed, trying to adjust to the invader. Gary wrapped her legs around his waist and started moving slowly, she adjusted quickly and moved with him. He began moving a little faster and her breathing increased its tempo. Gasping, she ran her fingers over his back, then scraped as she was seized by another orgasm, slightly different since she was filled with a huge cock.

Gary sat up, taking her with him, penetrating her even deeper. He wrapped his fist in her hair for an anchor and pistoned faster and harder. Christa screamed with pleasure and raked his chest, leaving thin blood trails.

"You are such a slut!" he gasped as he pushed her against the wall, slamming his cock into her. "You're my slut and you'll do whatever I say!"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Christa squealed. She braced her feet on the opposite wall and bounced herself up and down on Gary's cock. She bounced her way into another orgasm and collapsed against his chest.

"Oh no! I ain't done with you yet, you little whore." He threw her on the bed on her stomach, pulled her up onto he knees and rammed his cock home. Christa let out a long scream and buried her face in her mom's comforter. Gary fucked her with long, fast, measured strokes. He pulled out and when he plunged back in, his cock slid right into her virgin ass. Christa screamed with pain. Gary reveled in it. Her ass was as tight as her pussy, but not quite as lubricated. He continued fucking her ass despite her protests. Very soon though, Christa was squealing as she had another orgasm. Gary felt her pussy gushing her juices against his balls, and her ass clenched, making it even tighter.

"Oh God, Christa, I'm gonna cum!"

"Yes Gary, please! I'm gonna cum too!" As Gary shot his second load into Christa's tight ass, she had another orgasm. She screamed and he moaned. He collapsed on top of her and she sank on to the bed. As she lay there she realized that her entire life had changed. Only time would tell if that was good or bad.