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18-year-old Kelly walks in the door wearing a black and white plaid skirt. The button-down white dress shirt had its sleeves ripped off and the bottom was tied right up under her tits. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail and the white stockings she was wearing made her legs look slimmer. And her black spike heels made her look sexy as ever. School policy said that she couldn't wear it, but it didn't matter to her and the teachers liked the way she looked too much to tell her to change it.

One day, while she was walking home from school carrying her books, a couple walks up behind her and splits to stand one on each side. Kelly feels cornered but there's nothing she could do. The couple was dressed in jeans and T-shirts so she also felt weird being dressed in her sexy outfit. They each grabbed an arm and turned her around to walk towards a waiting van.

"Come on Kelly, we want you to do us a favor." The guy was the first to talk.

"W-what kind of favor?"

"Oh, you'll see." The three of them climbed into the van. There were shades on all of the windows so that she couldn't see out and no one could see in. There was a large mattress over the entire floor so that she could lie down. "Lie down, now."

Kelly did as she was told and the van started to move. The guy must have been driving because the girl was in the back with her now, but she couldn't see the driver's seat. She introduced herself as Jess and told Kelly that the guy's name was Jack. Jess slowly got undressed showing Kelly her naked body. Although Kelly was trying hard not to, she was getting very horny because of it. Her pussy was getting so wet that she was soaking her thong panties.

Soon, the van stopped moving and Jack came back to join them. He too undressed slowly making Kelly even more aroused. She wanted Jack to fuck her so badly. Without being asked, she took off her heels and her stockings. She untied her blouse and began to unbutton it. "Look at our little slut, already getting undressed even without being asked. I like this," Jack said. Kelly stopped getting undressed and looked at Jack. "Oh no, slut, keep going." Kelly did as she was told until the last of her clothes were lying on the floor of the van.

Jess moved over and lied down next to Kelly. She reached her hand over and slid it up over Kelly's thigh. She kept moving slowly as Kelly wiggled under her touch but didn't try to pull away. Jess moved her fingers up to tease Kelly's pussy. She barely slid her fingers inside of her hot, wet pussy. Kelly moaned against her will.

Jack came over and put a blindfold on Kelly and a gag in her mouth. Then he chained her hands up against the walls of the van and spread her legs apart. Her pussy lips were open wide and ready to accept anything that the couple wanted to put in there. She felt the weight of a body on top of her, and it made her tingle all over. Then she felt a hard cock slowly slide up by her clit. Before she knew what was happening, his cock was inside of her moving in and out slowly and gently at first but getting harder and harder. The feeling was something that this little virgin had never felt before. She was amazed at how good it felt to be fucked by this hot guy. She moaned against the gag and tried to beg him not to stop, but the words weren't audible.

Jess took the gag out of Kelly's mouth and kissed her roughly to make sure she knew to keep quiet. Kelly moaned even against Jess's mouth. When Jess broke their kiss, Kelly begged Jack for more. "Don't stop, please don't stop, pleeeeease!" she begged. And Jack didn't. As wave over wave of pleasure swept over Kelly while she orgasmed again and again. Jack orgasmed right as she did cumming as hard as he could inside of her. Making her scream louder and louder.

He collapsed on top of her then before rolling off breathing heavily. "Let me have my fun now," Jess begged.

"Okay, go ahead, she's all yours," Jack panted. Jess moved over on top of Kelly and started to grind their wet pussies together. Jess's was as soaked as Kelly's but even more ready for loving because she hadn't just been fucked. They grinded together for several minutes until Kelly almost came again. But Jess stopped and moved down to suck on Kelly's wet pussy. She licked her juices up tasting their sweet flavor. Her tongue moved inside of Kelly's pussy, only making her moan louder. Then, Jess felt a hand on her thigh. Jack was going to finger her too. Expecting fingers to move inside of her, she was very surprised to find that Jack's cock was slowly being pushed inside of her ass hole.

Jess kept licking and sucking though and she moved up to Kelly's clit. She flicked her tongue back and forth over the sensitive area. Kelly moaned and screamed as more waves of pleasure washed over her. She panted and moaned even after she had finished cumming. Realizing what was going on around her, she moved over behind Jack and reached under him, playing with his balls with one hand. Her other hand reached even farther down to play with Jess's pussy. She slid her fingers right up inside of Jess's pussy making Jess feel even more filled.

Once Jess came and Jack came inside of Jess again, Kelly was driven right back to her house and left alone. But before she got out of the van, Jack said, "We'll pick you up next week, same time, same place," and drove off.

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