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A little over two months had passed. The mornings began to bring problems for Cinnamon. Every morning, brought sickness. Being a registered nurse before going to prison, she knew exactly what was wrong with her, but absolutely terrified to truly admit it to herself. Sitting up in her bed, so sick she thought she might die. Her ribs, so sore from throwing up. Almost unable to get out of the bed by herself. There was no longer room for denial. 5:00am. Jay was still on shift. Weakly, she got out of her bed, walking over to the door of her cell, pushing the call button to summon a guard.

"Yes," a gruff voice said.

Jay. He wasn't supposed to be answering the calls. Glenda usually answered calls during the late night and early morning hours.

"Jay, I... I need to see a doctor. I'm really sick." Cinnamon replied, barely able to stand on her own.

There was no reply. Almost instantly the door to her cell was opened. Jay never showed any form of emotion towards Cinnamon- ever. This time was different.

"What's wrong?" He asked, genuine concern in his voice.

"I'm really sick, Jay, and I'm scared." Cinnamon said, barely able to speak.

"C'mon, let's get you to the clinic." He replied, holding her up, helping her walk.

As they walked into the clinic, Cinnamon began to cry. She knew what the doctor was going to tell her. She already knew what was wrong with her, but denial, it felt good for now.

A nurse led her into the exam room, handing her a gown to change into.

"Sergeant, you can wait outside." The nurse said to Jay, looking over at Cinnamon.

"I'm not leaving." Jay replied, gruffly, wanting the nurse to know he wasn't turning his back on HIS property.

Weakly, Cinnamon took off her gown, and changed into the exam gown. Laying back on the table, tears rolled down her cheeks.

"I'm scared, Jay," looking over at him, seeing the stern, solem look on his face.

"Why?" he replied. His voice a little softer than usual.

"I'm afraid of what the doctor is going to find," Cinnamon said, sniffling.

The doctor walked in, seeing Cinnamon crying, and Jay standing beside of her, she knew exactly what was going on. A situation she had seen more often than not. A situation you didn't talk about if you liked your job, and your profession.

"Hi Cinnamon, I'm Dr. Garrett, what is the problem you're here for?" The doctor asked as she sat down, looking over Cinnamon's chart.

"I.... I've been really sick. I'm throwing up, mostly late at night, and in the morning. I... I'm really weak now, and I think I might be dehydrated." Cinnamon replied, as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"When was your last period?" Dr. Garrett asked as she took notes.

Cinnamon began to sob, knowing she had to tell the doctor, and Jay.

"Twelve weeks ago." Cinnamon said, unable to look at the doctor, or Jay. She was absolutely terrified.

"Twelve weeks ago?" The doctor asked.

"Yes," Cinnamon replied, barely able to speak.

"I'm going to draw some blood, and check on a few things." Dr. Garrett said as she went to get a nurse.

"I'm sorry, Jay, I'm sorry!" Cinnamon screamed out, sobbing, out of control.

"What are you sorry for?" He asked, knowing this was all part of his plan.

"I... I'm pregnant, and I'm scared. This wasn't supposed to happen, Jay. It wasn't supposed to happen!"

The nurse walks in, seeing Cinnamon hysterical.

"Calm down, Cinnamon, getting all worked up won't help anything." The young woman said, trying to calm Cinnamon down.

The nurse drew two vials of blood, and took them to the lab for processing, leaving Cinnamon and Jay alone.

"It's ok." Jay said, running his fingers through Cinnamon's hair. For the first time, truly, trying to comfort her.

"It wasn't supposed to be like this. I... I was supposed to be married to a man who loved me, having a good life on the outside. I wasn't supposed to get knocked up in a prison cell." Cinnamon sobbed.

Jay turned her face to his firmly.

"Look at me. You are my wife. Did you forget what I made you the night I took your virginity? Maybe I've not been the best to you, but, if these tests come back positive, I'll take care of you, and our baby." Jay said firmly, moving his hand to Cinnamon's belly, rubbing it gently.

Cinnamon wiped her eyes. Still trembling, and still scared, but knowing she had no choice but to trust his words. What seemed like an eternity later, Dr. Garrett returned.

"Cinnamon, the tests have confirmed what I suspected. You are pregnant. I'm going to do an ultrasound, to get a better idea of exactly how far along you are."

Pregnant. Ultrasound. A baby. These things raced through Cinnamon's mind as Dr. Garrett pulled up her gown, lubricating her belly, preparing for the ultrasound. The cold jelly on her belly made Cinnamon tremble. For the first time, Jay reached down, holding Cinnamon's hand as the wand moved over her belly. A tiny image appeared on the screen.

"Cinnamon, you're about nine weeks along. There's the head, and the heartbeat." Dr. Garrett said as she pointed at the screen.

Small tears rolled down Cinnamon's cheeks. It was real. There was no denying it- for her, or Jay. Dr. Garrett cleaned Cinnamon up, helping her sit up. She gave her a print out of their baby, and gave her some natural medications to help with the nausea. Jay helped her put her gown back on, and escorted her to his office. Not a word was spoken on the long walk. As they entered, he took her into a small room. A room that was supposed to be used for files, or sleeping if circumstances were beyond their control. A full size bed. Something Cinnamon hadn't seen in a long time. It looked very soft, and comforting. All she wanted was to climb into the bed and sleep. That would be way too simple. Jay helped Cinnamon into the bed, laying her down.

"I wanted my lil' mommy to be comfortable." He said with a half smile on his face as he unbuttoned his uniform shirt, sliding it off of his strong shoulders, then taking off his pants, climbing into the bed with Cinnamon.

His strong hand moved to her breasts. They were so swollen and tender, his strong caresses hurt, causing her to whimper.

"Cinnamon, you understand, that I need to be rough with you. That, I'm turned on by being rough." Jay said, tenderly caressing Cinnamon now.

"Yes, I.... I understand. That's why I've tried so hard to be good." She replied, looking up into his cold eyes.

"You understand, that I have strong needs, and that as my girl, you must meet those needs."

"Yes, I... I understand." Cinnamon said, becoming a little frightened.

"Just because you're pregnant, doesn't mean things are going to change. I will never do anything to harm our baby, but I won't stop fucking you. You do understand."

"I've never denied you, Jay." She said so softly, her hand covering Jay's softly.

"Good, because knowing my baby is growing inside of you has me so fucking hard. I have to have you Cinnamon, and I don't think I can be gentle." Jay said as he forced Cinnamon's legs wide apart.

Looking down, he knew she wasn't wet, much less aroused in the least, but he couldn't stop himself. He had to have his girl. The need was overpowering, more primal than ever before. He needed to claim his property once more. He sucked his fingers, shoving them deep in Cinnamon's pussy. A small whimper escaped her lips, feeling him fingering her roughly, not realizing, this was a small act of compassion on his part.

After fingering her for a brief moment, he thrust his huge cock into her pussy, ramming her deep and hard.

"Jay," Cinnamon whimpered, small tears escaping her eyes.

Her tender body so sore, so weak from the morning sickness, being fucked like this was the last thing on her mind. Jay's strong hands groped her breasts roughly, while his thick cock thrust harder and harder into her pussy, claiming her once more.

"You like that, Cinnamon? You like being fucked like this?" Jay grunted as he fucked Cinnamon harder.

Unable to reply, her body so weak. In the past few months, she had grown to enjoy being intimate with Jay, even when he hurt her so badly she could barely walk, but this time was different. She was weak, and tired. She didn't need this. Harder and harder his thick cock rammed into her pussy, the big head pushing against her cervix. Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her deeply, shoving his tounge deep into her throat, making her taste his heat. The thursts became more urgent, harder, bringing tears to Cinnamon's eyes.

"Jay... please, it hurts so badly." Cinnamon whimpered, looking up at him.

"Take it, dammit. Take your fucking like a woman, Cinnamon!" Jay screamed out, slapping Cinnamon's breasts hard.

The hard slap drove Jay over the edge. Stream after stream of his hot cum filled her tender pussy. His cum heavy balls drained into her full womb. The seed that made the tiny angel growing inside of her. Cinnamon's eyes were closed tightly, tears rolling down her cheeks. She was so sore, and felt so hurt that he could possibly force himself on her, after all that she's been through. As he finished, he looked down at Cinnamon, knowing she was hurting, physically and emotionally. He knew that he had grown to love her, even if he didn't choose to admit it. Her tears were beginning to get to him. Starved for affection, Cinnamon would always beg to be held after Jay fucked her brutally, leaving her tender body bruised and sore. This morning, was different.

Jay got out of the bed, cleaning himself. Without a word, he got back into the bed, cleaning Cinnamon, then pulling her close. For the first time, HE, was the one holding her, willingly, uncoerced. She whimpered in his arms, crying softly. So many things were racing through Cinnamon's mind. A baby. Her relationship with Jay. Her life in prison. She knew she didn't belong there. She wanted out. She didn't want to have a baby in prison. Everything was so overwhelming. She snuggled in closer to Jay. He was her only source of comfort and solice in this place. Now, there was someone else to think about... Someone other than herself. Someone other than Jay. A life. A life, they created together. Exausted, Cinnamon couldn't think anymore. She fell fast asleep in Jay's arms.
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