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Bill was still lapping away Eric's semen from my skin when a dark voice said,

"Well, well, well! What do we have here?"

All three of us looked up in surprise. The light of a torch flew over my naked, now even a bit dirty body. It was a police officer. Eric was the first one who found his speech again,

"God, thank you that you arrived, officer! This girl is seriously crazy! She harassed us from the first moment we accidentally met here…"

I harassed them? I laughed out loudly, but then, I just couldn't stop. Fuck, I still was so drunk, I couldn't control myself. I laughed and laughed. The police officer made some hand cuffs click around my wrists.

"Well, young lady, you might think again about your behaviour when you are in the night cell, haha…"

I still laughed. I was frightened to death, but I still laughed, everything seemed so funny to me, the officer who covered me with a blanket, who pushed me in his car, Bill and Eric staring in the car, looking at me. Then the police car left, and I lost the sight of the two guys who had understood so right what I had wanted.

When we arrived at the police station, I immediately understood that something was wrong. Jake (that was the name of the officer who had arrested me) said to the guy behind the counter,

"Oh don't worry about the report… This one here is another special delivery… Do you remember the good old days from Spring Break? With all these young drunk teenie girls around, looking for some fun? Well, this here is another one of those. She's a whore, gotten drunk. And now she's in custody, haha… In a very special custody…"

The guy behind the counter laughed, and I still giggled.

The police officer dragged me down the stairs. He opened a bar door with the keys and threw me in there.

"We're not supposed to use these cells, little bitch, the commission told us they are not 'human'. Hahaha! Well, we don't use them anymore, that is, officially. We use them for little sluts that take part in our special educational program, hahaha…"

With this, he slammed the door in its lock and left. Oh my god, here I was: It was cold, it was humid, it was dark, and I had just a thin blanket to cover me. Fuck, I didn't even had had the time to ask him my clothes back! And what did he mean by "special educational program"? I was soon to find it out…

When I woke up, I did not know where I was. I mean, this happens sometimes, you just wake up and it takes you some seconds to remember why you are close to this handsome guy, alone in a hotel bed, or at home on your living room carpet. This time though, it was different. Even after some seconds, I did not understand why I was laying totally naked on a muddy wet floor in some thing that looked like a prison cell from some wild west movie. I tried to raise, but my entire body hurt, so I crawled up to the iron bar door. Then I started to shout. Nothing. I shouted again, but there was no answer.

After a long time, I finally heard some noises coming from upstairs. Then, the light was clicked on, nearly blinding me. A police officer was standing in front of my cell door, looking down at me with a disgusted face.

"So, we're awake, finally. Ready for breakfast?"

I just nodded, and he opened the door with the key. He stepped inside and closed the door again.

"We told you about our special educational program we run here, didn't we? Well, the first thing is to get to know what booze is doing to you, and that is does interfere with your brain. As you have to learn this lesson, there will be only a liquid breakfast today… Did you get it? We want you to drink liquor, young lady, as you have to learn that it is dangerous to do so… So, here's the bottle: Your choice if you want to drink it without any problems, or if we have to force it down into your stomach."

I was shocked, but I still felt too numb to reply to him to just leave me alone, and to let me phone my lawyer. I sat there, naked on the floor. He went down on his knees and brushed my dirty and sticky hair from my face.

"What a pity, girl… You really look nice, why did you get into this… Well, anyhow: Do you drink the booze now, or do you want that we call the doctors?"

I slowly shook my head.

"No… no doctors please…"

"That's a good girl.",

he smiled. Then he opened the bottle. It looked like a clear spirit, maybe grappa, maybe vodka. He raised the bottle to my dry lips, and i took the first sips. God, this stuff was strong. It burned in my mouth, it burned all the way down my throat. But I must admit I liked it. So when the officer took one of my hands and placed it on the bottle, I held it myself, and I drank thirsty the high graded liquor. I was so greedy that I spilled some of it, the liquid ran down from the corners of my mouth over my chin, my throat, my chest, leaving a trace on my dirty skin. I did not care anymore. A police officer had told me to drink, so I was drinking. I still did not get exactly what they were up to do with me, in my silly mind i imagined some sort of experimental program.

When the bottle was half done, the bolice officer brushed through my hair again, saying,

"You're a good girl. What's your name?"

"C… Claudia… hicks… sorry, officer…",

I answered. Oh my god, I was drunk again.

"Drink it all down, Claudia. I just want to leave here with an empty bottle, so my collegues don't get angry. Because if they do, you girls have a tough time in here…"

I tried to focus him, but my eyes had some problems in seeing him clearly. Shit, this liquor must have been very, very strong. I closed my eyes, and by doing so, I lost balance and fell over on my back. I giggled a bit.

"So sorry, officer… do I really have do drink all of this, sir? * hicks*"

"Yes, Claudia. All of it, and you better drink it now."

I just opened my mouth and held the bottle over it. Then, I let the alcohol splatter in my mouth, drinking it all up. I was totally drunk now, the cell was spinning.

Next thing I felt was the bottle. The officer was rolling the cold and empty glass bottle over my flat stomach, causing my muscles to contract, causing my skin to have goosebumps.

"That's a very, very good little girl… You're drunk now, aren't you?"

I just nodded my head. Then, I lifted my arms and placed them under my head, pushing my tits a little up. I wanted to feel the bottle. Jesus, I was getting horny again, why on earth did this always happen to me when I was drunk? Though I was hoping he hadn't noticed, he obviously had. He rolled the bottle from my belly button over my ribs, and then very softly over my right tit.

"You're getting horny, you little slut, don't you?",

was all he said. I felt my nipples stiffening. Oh, the cell was spinning so fast, but… I… I just wanted more.

"Yes… sir… very horny… I'm a very horny slut, sir…*hicks*"

"I noticed that, Claudia. Your nipples are so erect, just by the touch of this stupid bottle here. There, again, you see? I just roll it over your brown nipple, and it's reacting immediately. Oh yes, girl, you want to fuck, don't you, Claudia? You just want another fat cock ramming you, isn't that exactly what you want, you little whore?"

I closed my eyes. By god, what was I doing? But he was soooo damn right. Yes, I wanted to fuck, yes, I wanted a cock, oh yes, and I wanted it very much… I just nodded.

"I can't hear you, Claudia. I can't hear what you say, little drunk slut. Do you want to fuck? Now?"

"Yes, sir… Please, fuck me… fuck my pussy… oh please, sir… hicks… yes, I wanna fuck now…"

I saw him taking out his impressive black cock. He rubbed the stiffening cock quickly over my tits. Then, he started to slap my face with it, and the cock grew harder and harder. Even if I was drunk, I was able to think that it must have been a big turn on for him to have this drunk white woman at his total disposal. I decided to stay as much as I could in the game. I looked him right in his eyes, feeling his hard cock touch my cheeks, and I said,

"Yes sir… Slap the face of the white whore that I am… and then, bang me… bang this white slut…"

He was getting excited by this talk.

"Oh yes, you little dirty white hooker… You want it, don't you? You want my black prick in your little tight white cunt, don't you, girl?"

I nodded again. Yes, I wanted him now, and I wanted him very much. I spread slightly my legs, and I felt how wet my pussy had already gotten. I just grabbed his cock with my hand, and I guided him down, in between my legs. When I felt the massive head of his cock pushing against my slit, I thought for a moment that I was risking to get hurt. But in the end, he was very gentle, pushing his meat slowly, very slowly in my well lubricated pussy. I opened up my legs a little more for giving him more access to my inner depths. Oh, it felt heavenly! He filled my cunt so well, he stretched it a little, then he pulled back, then he stretched again. I dug my finger nails in his black ass, causing him to push deeper than ever into me. I licked away the sweat drops off his neck. God, I was totally horny for this black man! It could not have been only the liquor, there was something else… What else had been in the bottle, making me act like I was? I pumped my hips against his, I arched my pussy against his cock. And I was talking dirty the entire time.

"Yes… oh yess… fuck me harder now, sir… Harder please… Oh there! There!! There!!!"

Then, I must have passed out, because the next thing I remember him giving me strong slaps in my face. Lazily, I tried to open my eyes again, even if it was so much better to be in this deep sleep again…

"Wake up, you stupid fuck toy!",

he shouted at me. I opened my eyes. All over my tits and my stomach, he had sprayed his thick semen that mixed now with my sweat and with the dirt. I still wasn't completely in the picture, I ran my hands through his cum, painting pictures on my skin, giggling. He slapped my face again.

"Stop it, you cunt! You passed out, and that made me cum, you stupid bitch!!! Next time, you'd better watch it! I was to fuck you much longer, to use you all day, in order to save you from the rest, you dumb white slut. What happens now, is only your fault…"

With that, he left me alone in the prison cell and shut off the light. I was all alone again.

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