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Tracy Wilkinson's head whiplashed back as she felt the impact. Although the sharp pain caused her to cry out, this took second place to the shock and panic. Instinct took over as her hands gripped the wheel tightly and her eyes darted immediately to her rear view mirror. The light rock music on the car radio now seemed completely out of place. Her pretty blue eyes widened in terror as she saw the vehicle behind her accelerate once again and surge towards the back of her Cherokee Jeep. Her whole body was thrown forward against the safety belt and her dirty-blonde hair whipped forwards around her face. Panic gripped her and her foot hit the brake pedal slewing the vehicle to the side of the road where it came to a grinding halt in a cloud of dust.

Tracy sat for a moment breathing hard, her hands gripping the steering wheel of the stationary Jeep. Anger and fury now began to ease her fear to one side. The second vehicle - a dark van - had pulled up in front of her on the unlit road and was just sitting there, unmoving; fearsome looking in the pale moonlight. Tracy knew that it was probably a mistake but the anger was screaming through her head. She threw the car door open and leapt out into the cool night air.

"What the fuck are you trying to do?" she screamed at the van. "You could have killed me!"

The van and it's occupants remained silent. A cloud passed in front of the moon casting eerie shadows over the scene. Tracy held her breath. Apart from the chirping of insects and the odd hoot of an owl, all was quiet. Suddenly she realised how vulnerable she was and felt the fear returning.

As Tracy looked at the dark van she felt the hairs rise up on the back of her neck. The door slowly opened. She could see movement now from inside as two men began to alight. Panic hit her like having her face slapped. She turned towards her own vehicle and realised that she had walked some distance away. The men were out of the van now. She turned again and started to run. She could hear them chasing her - heavy boots on the black-top. Her chest heaved and her breath laboured as she ran as fast as her spiked heels would allow. She could sense them behind her now, almost on top of her. Her arms flailed as she felt hands on her shoulders pulling her back. She opened her mouth to scream but a sweet smelling rag was being forced against her face. Her mind began to reel and her eyes slipped out of focus. She felt light headed as she was dragged back towards the van. The side door slid open as the darkness fell over Tracy's eyes and she finally blacked out......

Erick Wilkinson drove the van carefully towards the house. His heart was in his mouth. What had he done? He knew that his wife Tracy had fantasized about sleeping with more than one man at a time - gang-bang fever, she called it - they had discussed it on many occasions - but when they had bundled her towards the van she had looked really frightened. But fear was a part of the fantasy, Erick told himself. It was what she wanted and he had no reason to reproach himself. That was right - wasn't it?

The house loomed up dark and a little foreboding in the near distance. Erick's mind was racing; his thoughts a turmoil of do's and don't's, if's and but's. But could he back out now even if he wanted to? He doubted it. His two black friends, Jack and Dino and their white buddy Steve were watching Tracy as she slept soundly in the back of the van. To disappoint them now would surely be unacceptable.

Erick pulled the van into the drive and tooled it slowly around to the back of the house. He slipped the transmission into park and took a deep breath. He was really going to go through with this. He collected his thoughts and opened the door. Jack, Dino and Steve were already out of the van and were carefully carrying a half asleep Tracy towards the back door of the house. Erick followed them inside. He watched for a moment as they took his wife into the bedroom and laid her out on the bed before slipping into the bathroom next door and pressing his eye up to the spy-hole that let into the bedroom. He had a great view of the entire room and tried to settle himself down. The three men worked quickly. Tracy was still out of it as the men began to strip away her clothing. Her shoes were first and then her jeans. Erick gasped silently as he saw his wife splayed out in only her blouse and panties. He looked at her face; she seemed to be coming round.

"Wha?....where?....where am I?" Tracy asked tiredly as she came out of her drug induced sleep.

"Here, drink this." Said a disembodied voice.

Tracy's eyes were still misted over. She could see three men in the room with her and could feel a glass being pressed to her lips. Her throat was parched and she gulped the cool liquid welcomingly. As the drink meandered its way down her throat she felt a growing warmth in her snatch. It tasted good and the tingling effect that it left behind was wonderful. She drank again and felt her nerve ends react; the tingling sensation was spreading through her body. It felt almost sensual and she suddenly realised that her nipples had hardened into stiff points.

"That should make you feel nice!"

Tracy quickly reacted as she heard the voice again. Her mind suddenly clicked into gear and she looked up at the men. They all seemed to be smiling down at her and she followed their gaze and looked down at herself. Her brain quickly registered that she was semi-naked on a bed in a strange house with three strange men. But she felt no fear now. The warm drink was having a massive effect on her - all she felt was excitement!

Erick watched the scene from his spy-hole and smiled to himself. Even though the group scene had been her idea, he had guessed that his wife might be a little panicky to start with. The drink was a concoction that he had purchased a few days earlier. He had been told that it guaranteed to relax her and that she would experience feelings of sexual excitement almost immediately. From the way that Tracy was smiling back at his friends; seemingly oblivious to her current state of undress, Erick reckoned that the drink was doing it's job very nicely.

"What's going on?" asked Tracy in a hushed whisper. She had a good idea now that this was one big set-up and she was happy to play along. The drink had got her nerve endings tingling with excitement. She didn't know any of the men in front of her and she didn't want to know them. She couldn't see Erick around anywhere but she guessed he was there somewhere. She looked down and was a little shocked to see that a damp patch had formed in the front of her panties.

"You're gonna be our little fuck-toy for the next few hours!" Dino replied to her earlier question, "what do you think about that?"

"Ohhhh!" Tracy squealed, "I don't know what was in that drink, but I'm so hot! If you guys want me, I'm all yours!"

Steve stepped forward and said, "We want you all right, baby! But let's see what you got! Play with yourself for us, slut!"

Tracy was normally quite a forward sort of person, but even she would normally have thought twice before stripping off in front of three lustful strangers. But the drink was having such an effect on her that she knew she had to comply with the man's request. She was so hot, so excited now that she wanted to please them. She needed to.

As Tracy peeled off her damp panties she watched the men in front of her also shed their clothes. Her pussy was itching with heat and as she pulled down her black top she could feel her nipples almost throbbing with a life of their own. She couldn't help herself. As soon as she saw the three men naked, their cocks swinging menacingly from their bodies, her fingers went straight to her moist pussy.

As Tracy touched herself she watched the cocks in front of her twitch in appreciation. She had never felt so hot and sexy before - like a real slut! She gasped as her fingers flicked over the sensitive bud of her clitoris. She had no concerns over who was seeing her masturbate, in fact it turned her on even more to know that the strangers were watching her slutty performance. She squeezed, she stroked, she probed. Her pussy gaped and she felt her anus twitch as her fingers slithered in and out of her body at a faster rate every moment. Her head lolled back and her eyes closed as she approached orgasm. She arched her back and supported herself with one hand while she rammed three fingers deep into her gash with the other. She cried out as she climaxed. The sound seemed to echo around the room and the sweet aroma of her own sex filled and assaulted her senses.

"I think it's time you tasted some black cock, baby!" Dino drawled as he watched the woman shake and writhe on the bed before him.

Tracy looked up with a lustful expression as she saw Dino and Jack approached her massaging their cocks as they went. The climax had done little to stem the feelings of animal excitement that were currently coursing through her lithe body. She wanted these men. She wanted them badly!

Erick couldn't resist it and was masturbating slowly as he watched the scene develop through his spy-hole in the bathroom. Tracy was kneeling on the bed with her legs spread while Dino and Jack stood before her. Her hands reached out and began to caress each large, black cock, her fingers wrapping sensuously around the shafts. Suddenly Jack leaned forward and pulled Tracy's head towards him. She seemed to know exactly what the big black man expected and, whilst continuing to fondle Dino's cock and balls, she pushed the head of Jack's cock straight into her mouth.

As Tracy continued to suck and slurp on Jack's thick cock, Erick watched the only other white man, Steve, crawl up onto the bed behind her. Tracy looked very pre-occupied with her oral task and hardly noticed the man behind her. She turned her head and smiled as she felt his long, erect cock pressing against her wet pussy.

"God yes!" Tracy cried, allowing the hard cock to slip from her lips for only a second, "I'm still so hot! Fuck me!"

Tracy groaned out loud as Steve pressed his erection firmly into her hot, wet slit. Jack and Dino quickly swapped places and a different black cock was unceremoniously forced back between her lips while she used her hand to jerk the other. For several more minutes Tracy was fucked at both ends by her lusty lovers. Her body was being thrust back and forth on the bed by their sheer strength, her mouth plugged and her pussy stretched open as Steve thrust in and out of her body in a quickly building rhythm.

Erick's cock had never felt as hard as it throbbed in his hand. His eyes were glued to the bedroom scene next door as he slowly rubbed himself off. With a deep groan of satisfaction, Steve slammed his entire weight behind his final thrust. Erick could see from his expression of lust and the way that his body was jerking that he was sending jets of sperm deep up into Tracy's body.

Tracy sighed as she felt Steve's balls finally empty themselves into her pussy. Her whole body shook as the jets streamed into her. Her lips closed over the black cock in her mouth and she climaxed again with a cry.

"This little bitch is really hot!" gasped Steve as he fell back and allowed his tool to slip from Tracy's violated vagina. "You guys gotta get some of this pussy!"

"Just what I was thinking!" cried Dino, "think it's time I got laid!"

All three men quickly changed positions. It appeared to Erick that his wife was to be given no rest at all as Dino pushed her back on the bed and roughly spread her long legs. He pulled one leg up and threw it over his shoulder. Tracy gasped as she was spread wide, her moist vagina open and swollen. Again she felt the pressure as Dino pressed the head of his dick against her vulva. She gasped again as she felt him enter her body with a deep thrust. His shaft slammed deep inside her wet tunnel. She could feel the wide head right up inside her.

Dino groaned as he began to rut into Tracy's open and abused pussy. Erick could hear him from the other room and watched fascinated as he slammed himself forward time after time. Erick's own cock throbbed almost painfully in his hand as he rubbed himself faster and faster. He knew that he was getting close to a shattering climax. Just as Dino pulled out of Tracy's pussy and began to cum, Erick's own erection jerked spasmodically in his hand. He gasped quietly as the sperm pulsed from the tip of his cock head and splashed onto the bathroom floor. Erick looked back into his spy-hole and was rewarded with the sight of Dino's throbbing cock as it loosed a huge quantity of seed onto Tracy's writhing body.

Still Tracy was to be given no respite from her onslaught; it was Jack's turn now! Quickly rolled over onto her snatch, Dino and Steve stood back to allow their friend better access to the nearly exhausted woman on the bed.

"I wanna get a feel for that cute little butt!" moaned Jack through gritted teeth.

Erick looked on from his hidden vantage point as he watched his wife about to be taken in her ass. This was something that the two of them had often talked about and he knew that Tracy would be electrified at the thought of a big black cock being pressed into the tiny hole. He watched Jack lean forward. He watched as the his tall black friend pushed his massive looking erection into Tracy's tight nether hole and he listened as Tracy almost screamed the place down as the monster finally broke through her restricting muscle.

Jack was in. He was in and he was happy. The hot internal flesh of Tracy's ass gripped him like a warm vice and he had to push his hands down on her quivering buttocks to stop her from squirming too much. Tracy was quieter now, he realised, and was simply moaning her tired delight on each inward thrust that he made. He ploughed a little faster, a little deeper each time. Tracy moaned. Jack slapped his hand down playfully on her rounded behind as he rammed his cock in hard. She moaned louder and so Jack slapped her again; more insistently this time. He looked down at her. Tracy's cheeks were rippling and the flesh had turned pink. Suddenly Jack's cock was gripped tightly by Tracy's internal muscles. She cried out as he hammered into her another time. She almost lost her balance this time as her body crashed into yet another orgasm.

"Oh god!" Cried Jack, his teeth still grinding together in his lust, "I think I'm gonna cum!"

Tracy reacted quickly. "Let me suck you," she cried, "I wanna taste all that lovely thick cum!"

Another quick change of position and Jack's cock was firmly implanted inside Tracy's willing mouth. Her hands pumped him in and out of her warm oral orifice until he was groaning wildly and bucking his hips back and forth trying to force as much of his meat into her mouth as he could.

The other two men and Erick looked on as Jack started to cum. He had given Tracy no warning and simply began filling her mouth with his seed. Erick could see his wife struggling to swallow as much of the thick liquid as she could but, inevitably, traces of white semen began to ooze from the corners of her mouth and dribble down to coat her tits.

Erick didn't want to miss out on this all consuming finale. Shedding his jeans and underwear as fast as he could, he raced from the bathroom his wilting, cum stained cock grasped firmly in his hand. Smiling briefly at Jack he edged his friend out of the way and began to rub his wet cock all around his wife's face.

Tracy still had her eyes tight shut. Her skin was already well matted with Jack's copious issue, but she could tell that the cock now being pushed into her mouth was different from the last one, but infinitely familiar. Her eyes opened as she looked up into her husband's smiling face.

"Glad you could join us, honey!" she said between mouthful's of her husbands growing erection. "Considering you've probably been jerking off somewhere while you watched these studs fuck my brains out, you're getting hard again very quickly!"

"I hope you're not complaining!" Erick replied with a grin, "look around you. It seems to me that I'm not the only one that's getting hard again. I hope you're prepared for round two!"

Tracy looked at the other three men to see that they were all now massaging their cocks back to full attention. She sighed but smiled to herself. She could feel her pussy and ass itching. It was going to be a long night , but, oh yes, there was no way she wanted to miss out on round two- she'd caught Gang-Bang Fever!
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