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Sarah sits on the bed, looking nervous. Her mind racing. Cold sweat breaking, making her wedding gown stick to her skin. Hands together. Waiting fearfully, looking around the room. Feeling restless, but does not dare to move.

Her attention then turns to the door as she hears somebody approaches it. The door knob turns and the door opens. Her fear heightens as I walk in. The man she was forced to marry because of financial difficulties and the moment she dreads for the past 2 weeks approaches.

Locking the door behind me, I turn to face my beautiful bride. Scanning up and down her body in her lovely dress. Her innocence and fear obvious from the expression of her face. My gaze lowered to the shapely moulds of her breasts. It excites me that I am going to see them as I throw my tie to the floor and walks slowly towards her. I can see her eyes fixed on my pants as my cock hardens and rear in anticipation of what is coming, forming a bulge and mesmerizing Sarah with fear.

Sarah backed away when I sat down beside her. Looking at me fearfully as I slowly inch towards her, but she did not resist as I reach my hands out to hold her shoulders.

“Don’t be scared, Sarah” I told her softly, not wanting to scare her nor to make things any more difficult for her. I know that she recent this, but I want her. I want to make her mine. Now that she is my wife, I am not about to let her go.

My chest lean forward and push her body down the bed. “No,” she cried as my body pin hers down the bed. “I am sorry, Sarah, but I have been waiting for this for so long. I want you.” I said before my kissing her, silencing her protests. She closes her lips tightly, preventing my tongue from entering her lips and then, turns her head to her side.

I can feel how hard my cock is. As she wriggles to escape from under me, her thigh rubs against my cock, making it even harder, making me want her even more. Feeling her soft breasts pressing through our clothes onto my chest as she tries to lift herself. I reach my right hand between our bodies, reaching for her left breast. Molding my hand to cup her breast through her wedding gown, I begin to squeeze it gently. “No, please” she cried as she felt my hand squeezing her breasts.

I paused for a moment. Looking straight into her pleading eyes. I do not want to hurt her, but I really cannot contain my desire for her. I want to tell her that I do not want to hurt her, but I know that she would not believe me. “Please let me go”, she said as she stopped struggling. I know I cannot let her go. All my life, she is the only one I want. I cannot live without her. “I am sorry Sarah, I can’t. You are the only one I want in my life. I can’t live without you” I said as I lowered my lips to kiss her neck and my hand begins to squeeze her breast again.

“No” she cried, her face turning away and she begins to struggle again. Moving her hands to try to push my chest away, her left hand trying to pull my hand away from her breast. I do not want to hurt her nor humiliate her so I applied just enough force to keep her underneath me, preventing her escape. I know there is no use trying to convince her. I will give anything to have her willingly make love to me, but I know that if I want her to be mine, I would probably have to force her and hope that in time she would give herself to me.

Putting the thoughts behind me, I reach for the zipper of her gown with my left hand. Her struggles become more frantic as she felt my hand reached her zipper. Desperately trying to prevent me from undressing her, but it soon turn into despair and agony as I pull her zipper down. “Noooooo……” she shouted as she felt her zipper sliding down.

Noticing that she is not wearing a bra, I anxiously pull the left side of her gown down and my right hand quickly moves to cup and caress her exposed breast. My left hand slides under her unzipped gown. Downwards under it reached her panties. Then find its way underneath her panties and begin to caress and gently squeeze her buttocks. Her protests and struggles intensified as she felt my hands caressing her once untouched skin.

Despite all her protests, I can feel her left nipple begins to harden beneath my palm. Noticing this, I begin to attempt stimulating her body. My thumb begins to stroke her hardened nipples gently as my left hand slides up from underneath her, reaches for the right side of her gown and pulls it down her shoulders. When I freed her right breast, I lift my body up a little to have a look. They are beautiful. My cock jerked a little and my mouth begins tongue begins to wet my lips a little. Unable to contain myself I lower my lips to her right nipple. Kissing it. Licking the tip. Sarah tried desperately to turn her body. Her right hand moving in to try to push my face away, but I held it with my left hand. Her breast bounces up and down with the force of her struggles, but I could feel her nipple responding to my kissing and licking as it hardens.

Moving my right hand to hold her left hand down, I kiss my way to her left nipple. Kissing and sucking it as I did the right one.

Then, I kiss my way up her neck again as my hands begin to pull her wedding gown down further until it meet resistance from her hip. With a jerk, her gown slip under her hip. Moving my body down a little to increase my reach, I pull her gown down her thighs. Her hands reach downwards too. Trying to hold her gown to her body, but I am far stronger than she. Jerking her gown from her hands, I pull it down her knees. My right leg goes up to help kick and puck her wedding gown off her legs and onto the floor.

She tried to push herself up as my body moved up to kick her gown off. However, before she can get up, my body returned to pin hers down, starting another sequence of protests and struggle from Sarah. Wanting to feel her naked breasts rub against my chest, my hand move between our body and unbutton my shirt. Then, quickly pulling it off my shoulders and shedding it to the floor. With that, I lower my naked chest to crush her soft breasts. Taking a moment to savor the soft smooth feelings of her skin and rubbing my chest onto her breasts. Possibly shocked by the contact of our skin, Sarah just lay there with her hands on my chest as I rub my chest against her breasts. I can see her mind is confused, possibly overloaded with the sensation and desire I am awakening in her. Wanting to make full use of this opportunity, I move my knees up and lift my lower body. My chest pressing and pinning her upper body to the bed. My right hand slips down and grab the waistband of her panties. It awakened her from the delirium she was in and she tried to lower her hand to stop from pulling down her panties. But it was too late as I pull her panties quickly down her thighs and off her feet.

Despite all her fighting and protesting, I can feel that her panties are already wet. Taking the opportunity of her shocked situation and her legs trying to move and kick, I positioned my legs between hers and lower my hip down again to pin her down. Then, with my left hand holding her back and my lips kissing the left side of her neck, I slip my right hand between our bodies and slide towards her hairy pussy. “Nooooooooo…..” she cried frantically as my hand begin to stroke her pubic hair and rub at her clit.

Knowing that there is no way she can escape, I take my time to hopefully pleasure her and give her an orgasm. She protests and fights frantically as I begin to stroke her clit, but it slowly died as she begins to experience pleasure. Her mind is probably trying to fight the irresistible sensation but I know her orgasm is approaching. I begin to stroke more frantically as I see her biting her lips, trying hard not to moan out. Faster and faster I stroke as I can feel her body begins to tense. Then jerked and shook as her lips let off a soft moan as her orgasm washed over her.

I can feel her heart beating rapidly. Her breath panting as her hands fell back onto the bed, exhausted from the force of her orgasm which she probably had never expected, let alone felt. Her eyes closed. “How lovely she is” I thought to myself. Looking at her naked and laying down beneath me, my own desires become uncontainable as I lift my hips and my hands went down to unbuckle my belt. Then it went on to unzip my pants and pull them down together with my boxers. It was a big relief as my cock is at last free and I kick my clothes off my legs.

When I turn my sight back to Sarah, she was still laying quietly beneath me. Slowly, I lower myself onto her again. As my cock touches her thigh and then presses against it for the first time Sarah quickly awakens from her delirium and once again begin to fight. “No… No…. Nooooooo… Pleeeeeaaase” she cried frantically as she begins to fight more violently than ever before. I believe she knows what is coming and this is her last chance to save her innocence. Both of us know that I only need to penetrate her to kill off all protests and fights. Her legs thrusting and kicking violently, but I have the advantage of having my legs between hers. While I fight to position my cock and thrust it into her virgin pussy, she fights to avoid it. With my left hand holding back and my body pinning her body in position my right hand moves to hold and guide my cock to the entrance of her pussy.

“NO…NO…NOOOOO….” she shouts as she could feel the head of my cock touching the entrance of her pussy. With that, I thrust forward. Assisted by her wetness, my cock slips easily into her pussy. Breaking through her hymen and sliding all the way inside her body. “NOOOOOOOOOOO….” she shouted as I penetrated her. For a few minutes she struggles frantically. Her mind in denial. I just lay on top of her. Not moving. Knowing that her struggles will stop. Soon, the reality of the situation engulfed her and her struggles stopped.

Once she stopped fighting, I begin to kiss her lips again. This time, she does not protest nor turn her head away. However, she kiss me back. She just lay there, letting my lips use hers the way my body is using hers.

Then, unable to contain myself any longer, I begin to thrust into her. Pushing my cock all the way inside her pussy and pulling it out again in rhythmic motion. My long denied desire to own her now took over as I thrust frantically into her. In no time at all, I can feel myself cumming. My body begin to tense. “Ahhhh Ahhhh Ahhhh” I moaned as I thrust with all I can. “Uuuuuuurrrrrggggghhhhhhhh” I cried out loud as my body shook and my seeds ejaculates deep into Sarah’s deflowered pussy.

Spent, I collapse on top of Sarah. My cock softening and pulled off her pussy. I kiss her lips again. As her eyes open to meet mine, I told her, “You are mine now, Sarah. Sleep tight now. Tomorrow, I will make love to you again.”