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Mary looked herself in the mirror, 34 years old, but with the body of an 18 year old. Her 36 C breasts had no sag to them, her ass was a little wider now, but none of the men seem to mind. Her green eyes flashed as she thought of her husband sitting at the bar drinking and flirting with the women there. He had made his choice though when they have got divorced, now it was just her and the kids the kids. She smiled as she thought of the kids Stephen was the image of his father as he had been a 14, and Mary looked enough like her that many thought they were sisters. She pulled her robe on, and went downstairs to watch TV. She would watch the 10 o'clock news, then go the bed. The kids were already in bed, because they had school the next day.

Just as Mary was about to turn off the TV to go to bed the ringing of the phone interrupted her. She was tempted to just to go to bed and let the answering machine get the call, but it might be importance so she picked it up. She did not recognize the voice on the phone, " hello Mary you don't know me, but I know you. I hope you remember Mike Johnson from college, because he's a friend of mine, and he gave me some pictures he had. You know about the pictures, and what they're of. Now you have a very good job at the library, but what would happened if those pictures were be published for all to see. If you're not interested in what I do with the pictures then just hang up the phone. If you want to keep your career and reputation intact then just tell me you are ready to obey me. You have 30 seconds to answer or then I just hang up the phone and start to e-mail everyone on the library commission these pictures. "

Mary slumped into the chair next to the phone; she didn't know the pictures he was talking about. They had been taken when she was in college, but Mike had promised her to never let anybody else even see them. She had got drunk at a frat party; after passing out she was helped to one the bedrooms where she had sex with five guys at once. The frat house had cameras in the bedrooms, and it was after the party that Mike told her about the pictures. He had promised to destroy all of them, after graduation. She had even forgot about the pictures entirely.

Mary's time was running out so she said, "I don't know what pictures talking about. "

" Nice try slut, but you remember when you were pulling the train. Let me see I have one of you with this big black cock down your throat, there is one of you going up and down on a fat guy. Several of you with two men one in your cunt and one in your ass at the same time even a couple with all your holes filled while you jacked off two, and even one of you going down on a girl. "

Mary sat in stunned silence; he really had the pictures, if he knew all that. " OK, how much money do you want, just tell me how much this is going to cost me son of bitch? "

The voice of the other end of the line was stern and answered; " listen cunt, I don't want your money and if there is a bitch, it is you so shut the fuck up! You better learn your place from now on when you speak to me you call me master sir; do I make myself clear? "

Mary was tempted to slam the phone and be done with this, but her job at the library required a high moral standard and there was a moral clause in her contract. She could not lose her job, because then she would have no way to support her and the kids. What was she going to do if this got out she would be ruined, finally after a pause he said, " OK, what do I have to do? "

" Tomorrow morning after the kids leave for school, you're going to call in to work sick. Then you're going to dress wearing a short skirt, silky blouse, and no bra or panties. You're going to go to the mall walk around until someone comes up to you and tells you come with him. You will go without question and you will call me master sir from then on, is that understood bitch? "

Mary had tears in her eyes, when she answered. " Yes master sir I understand. "

The next morning Mary fixed breakfast for the kids as usual and then rushed them out to school, before getting ready. The voice hadn't said the time to be at the mall, but it didn't open until 9:00 a.m. so she was there when it opened. She walked around window shopping for about an hour; she was self-conscious all the time hoping that people couldn't tell he had no panties under her short dress, but knowing her nipples were showing. Finally, an average looking man about 6 ft. tall, late 40ís approached her, and said, " come with me. "

The stranger led Mary out of the mall, to his car at one of the entrances; he motioned for her to get in. Mary slid in to the passenger seat, and he closed the door behind her. The man said nothing as he got in starting the car, and pulling out of the lot. Mary looked the man over as he drove the car. He wore jeans, and a western shirt that seemed to fit his personality is once brown hair starting gray around the edges, but his eyes still had a flash of fire in then. The man was the first to break the silence; " open your legs bitch and pull your dress up so that I can see that cunt. "

Mary was nervous, and it was several minutes before she complied with his wishes enough to suit him, " what about my car, how am I going to back to it? "

" Donít worry bitch I will make sure you have an way back there later. First you have to entertain me for a while, and you had better address me properly if you know what's good for you. "

Mary was a flurry of emotions she wanted to tell him where to go, she was embarrassed to be sitting on the see the car with her pussy exposed, and yet she knew she didn't obey, he would ruin her. Finally her common sense over took her and she answered, " yes master sir, I am sorry, I will obey you. " Mary knew that what he was doing was breaking her will, but he held all the cards, so she had no choice.

The man pulled into the driveway next to a large house, and walked to the door without waiting for her to follow. Mary got out of the car and followed the man to the door that was open so she walked on in. The man was sitting in the living room on the couch when she walked in. He said, " strip right there where youíre at cunt. Then get over here in front of me. "

Mary shook her head no, " when do I get the pictures and I know you really have? "

The man moved so fast that Mary had no time to react, he stood crossed the area between them and struck her across the face with his open hand. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a folded picture one with her face buried deep and a blond pussy. He took the picture and stuffed it into her mouth saying, " one more word out of you bitch, and you can forget the deal on the pictures. I got half a notion to go ahead and send them out anyway then see how that stuck up ass of yours makes it without an income. Make up your mind right now what you want, you either do what I said, get the fuck out. "The man walked back over and sat back down where he had been sitting.

Mary was broken she took off her blouse and skirt, laying them over a small table; she walked slowly to the man totally nude. When she reached him he made her stand in front of him, as he took his time exploring her body. She felt like a slave at auction must've felt as the man opened her mouth looked inside, examined her ears, felt both were breasts, and entered her pussy with his fingers, as though he was giving a physical examination.

When the examination was finished, the man pushed Mary to her knees in front of him, " OK now cunt, get my cock out and show me how much you love it. " the man stood up in front of her giving her access to his cock. She pulled the zipper down, and reached inside pulling out the cock. The man grabbed her head by her hair and pulled it to his cock making the head brush her lips. Mary opened her mouth and let him slide the head in over her tongue, and then she felt it beginning to enter her throat. He pressed it till he felt her gag, and then pulled back out, only to rush into her throat again. The man had no mercy; he used her as an object rather the person. Every stroke found his cock head deeper in her throat, until last she felt him tense and she knew he was going to cum. She did not want his cum in her mouth, but he kept her face pressed against him and came deep in her throat. Mary sputtered and gagged, but was unable to do anything to stop him. At last he finished shooting, and let go of her dropping her to the floor. As she lay there some of his cum ran out of her mouth to drip on the floor, and mix with a small pool of her saliva. She hoped that the man was done and would allow her leave now.

The man sat back down and watched her for five minutes before speaking, " a look bitch you made a mess on my floor get down there and lick it up every drop of it. "

Mary looked at the mixture of goo and slime on the floor. " I can't lick that up, the floor is dirty. "

The man rose up grabbing Mary by her hair lifting her from the floor to her feet, he was angry; " listen bitch you don't seen to understand. I'm going to give you your choice, you can get my belt and take your whipping for not doing what I told you, or you can get your clothes and get out of here right now. If you leave you know what I'm going to do with the pictures, if you stay you address me properly, get my belt, and ask me to punish you. You've got five minutes to make up your mind, and then I will throw you out just as you are now. "

Mary was confused she didn't know what to do, if she left she was ruined, and everything she had worked for was gone, but the other choice was to surrender all dignity. Mary spent the first three minutes sobbing quietly to herself, and trying to come to some decision. Finally she knew what she had to do; she got up and went to his pants removing his belt, then delivered it to him. Mary said, " here master sir is your belt will you please punish me? "

The man refused at first to take the belt, " bitch you really don't want to do this, do you? "

" Yes master sir, I do want you to punish me. I'll do whatever you tell me to do. " Inside Mary knew she was broken, she would do what ever he told her to do.

She heard the whistle of the belt through the air before she felt the explosion of fire on her ass. When she heard the next blow coming she put her hands back there to protect herself, but then her hands hurt along with her ass. When the third blow came she put her hands on her knees, and yelled as her ass exploded again. The man stopped," now bitch have you learned your lesson? If you have, then get down there and lick up the stuff off my floor. Lick the whole area of my floor clean with your tongue now. "

Mary got down on her hands and knees licking the dirty floor clean with her tongue. She was broken she would do what he told her without question. The man snapped his fingers, and motioned for her to follow him to the bedroom. In the bedroom the man said, " get on the bed on your knees with your shoulders on the bed. "

Mary knelt on the bed leaning forward putting her chest on the bed. She felt the man get on the bed behind her, then she felt his cock as it entered her cunt. Mary was surprised at how wet her cunt was, but it had been awhile since she had any sex. She sucked her breath in as she felt the sensation of him sliding deep in her, and then he began moving in and out. He reached underneath her and began working on her nipples as he began a nice even pace. Mary felt the stirring deep inside her womb that signaled her orgasm, and somehow it seemed wrong to climax when she was being forced to have sex. Right or wrong her body did not care, because at first she felt flushed, and then the vibrating began deep inside her, then finally the last the release that she needed so bad. By the time the man released his cum deep inside her she had already had three orgasms, and was drenched in sweat.

When Mary became aware of where she was the man had already got up, and was standing next to the bed. He said, " get up and take a shower bitch, and make yourself presentable. You have 20 minutes to get ready, and then be in the living room. "

It took Mary five minutes to figure out how to get to her feet, and then she hurriedly showered. As Mary washed herself with the wash cloth it touched her pussy and she almost had another orgasm. Mary did not want another whipping so she hurried to be in the living room within 20 minutes specified. When she entered she was shocked to see another man there, and quickly ducked back out of the room. She heard the voice of the man say, " get in here cunt, or my friend Ray might think you don't like him. "

To be continued. . .

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