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I have been described in many ways, but there is one that sticks out in my mind: voodoo punanny. I never meant for this to become my reputation in college, but things happen in your life that shape who you are and why you like certain things. The funny thing is, I have never found anyone who could "keep up" with me sexually- well until I stayed late in class one night.

I was a history major in my junior year, about 20 years old, and was struggling in my Russian history course. This course happened to be taught by the Dean, Dr. Drake Harper. Now this was a man that had everything a girl could want. He stood proud at 6 feet tall with piercing blue eyes, jet black hair with just a touch of gray peppered throughout, and a body any girl would want to taste from head to toe. I would assume he was in his 30's. There was so much sexual tension in the room during that class it was almost unbearable. Sometimes I had to slip to the bathroom during the break to take care of business just so I could concentrate on the lecture.

There I sat, smoothing my long chestnut hair behind my ears.

"Get a hold of yourself, Lola. It's never going to happen and you know it."

I splashed my face with cool water and looked into the mirror at my brown eyes. They were so dark at this point that you couldn't tell the difference between the pupil and the iris. I stood back from the mirror and looked at my 5'7" body. I adjusted my 36 C's so they popped up just enough and gave me the perfect amount of cleavage to show in my button-up blouse. I slimed my hands down my 24 inch waist and over my skirt that covered my 34 inch hips. I was no super model, but I had enough curves to get noticed. I had no idea how well I was going to get noticed tonight.

I returned to the classroom and Dr. Harper was already in mid-sentence and glared at me for interrupting his train of thought. I sheepishly sat down and began to take notes, but I could hardly concentrate. I could only hear every other word that was coming out of his mouth. I began to run my pen over my lips slowly, barely letting my tongue touch the tip of the cap and sucking on it briefly. Then he looked in my direction and focused on my mouth. For a brief moment he stopped his speech and narrowed those baby blues. He shook himself loose and went on, speaking for another 30 minutes before dismissing class.

"Dr. Harper, may I have a word with you? It's about my grade. I..."

He cut me off, "I really don't have time tonight." He was avoiding eye contact and seemed preoccupied shuffling his papers.

"Sir, you just let class out 45 minutes early. With all due respect, I think this would only take a minute, then we can both get home...."

"I said no, and I mean no. Now good night."

"Dr. Harper? If I've done something wrong, please let me know. I..."

"Fine. My office. Ten minutes. If you're late, I leave." He walked out of the room still avoiding my eyes. I slowly left the classroom and walked to his office in the corner of the fifth floor. I knocked and the door opened slightly.

"Dr. Harper?" He was sitting at his desk in his plush leather chair with his head in one hand, and a fountain pen in another, probably grading our midterm assignment.

"Yes, Lola. Make it quick."

I sat down in the guest chair across from him. I began to speak and realized he was still scribbling away at the page on his desk. I tried to brush it off, but it became apparent that he wasn't even listening to me. He was responding with yeah's and uh-huh's.

"Harper you could at least look at me when I'm talking to you."

"What did you call me?"

"I...I'm sorry...."

He stood and walked around the mahogany desk to a plaque hanging on the wall behind me. He came up behind me, rested one palm on the back of my chair and shoved the certificate in my face.

"What does this say?"

" says you're a doctor, Dr. Harper. Why don't I just come back seem like you're having a bad day, and it's late. I'm sure the custodians are ready to lock up. Geeze, it's almost midnight..." I rose from my chair and walked to the door.

"Good idea. Good night," he barked.

I walked to the doorway and turned around. He was in the same position; one hand holding his head, one writing feverishly.

"I pay $8000 a semester for this damn school! You're the Dean, which means I'm paying your salary, so you're going to make some time for me!" I slammed the door behind me and marched back up to Harper's desk. I plopped my books down.

"I think it's best if you'd just leave, Lola." There was a certain harshness in his voice that I hadn't recognized before. It came out almost as a growl. He still would not look at me.

"No, damn it. I'm not leaving until you at least acknowledge my presence in this room. Christ, you can't even look me in the eye!"

Just then he looked up toward my torso, but would not raise his eyes to meet my gaze. I took a step backward but it did no good. He tensed his jaw and balled his fists. There was so much fury inside of him; so much built up anger. I took another step backward and headed for the door. He caught me by the arm before I could turn the knob and spun me around.

"What?" I asked frightened. I could feel the fear build in my veins and pulse around my body. He leaned in close, closed his eyes, brought his nose to my neck, and inhaled. Then he continued to my ear and spoke so quietly I could barely hear him.

"You were warned."

The heat of his breath on my neck was unbearable. I closed my eyes and tried to fight it. Think, Lola, think. Anything. Get out of here. I struggled, and he brought both his hands to my shoulders and slammed me against the wall so hard one of his other many diplomas crashed to the ground. I opened my mouth to scream but his hot mouth quickly replaced my scream. I tried to fight his tongue's entry but it was no use. He had me. Alone. He forced his way between my lips and I felt his tongue explore deep into my mouth. We kissed for a moment and then he left for a spot on my neck. The sucking noises continued as he reached down my shoulders to my arms and then my wrists. There was no use to fight his strong grip, but I had to try. He responded with a grunt and threw my arms above me. I was pinned. He continued licking and sucking my neck and somehow collected both of my wrists in his left hand. The other grabbed the collar of my blouse and tugged violently. Buttons went flying and my breasts were exposed to him.

"That's what I thought. Fucking beautiful."

He groped and squeezed them roughly inside my black lace bra. My arms were really in no need of restraint by this point, but he refused to let them go. He ground his crotch into my leg and I could feel him getting hard. Really hard. Damn, this guy is big. He seemed to let up on my hands for just a moment, but when I began to bring them down he pushed my shoulders so hard I fell to my knees. He grabbed a fistful of hair with one hand and undid his zipper with the other.

"You're going to suck me, bitch. Just like you wanted to in class."

"What the hell are you talking about?" I asked in a half whimper, half pant.

"I saw what you were doing with that pen in class today, you fucking slut. You wanted that to be me didn't you?"


Before I could reply, he shoved his hard cock into my mouth. My eyes widened as I saw the length and girth of his rock-solid member. It had to be every bit of 9 inches long and as big around as a Mag-Lite. I began to choke as he fucked my face.

"That's not good enough."

He grabbed my hair with both hands this time and thrust deep and hard into my mouth. My eyes began to water and I gagged. He repeated the motion, but it seemed harder. His balls were slapping against my chin in rhythm.

"Suck it! Suck all of it! You like this don't you? Huh? You like me fucking your mouth with my cock?"

He grunted and groaned between his dialogue. Just as I thought I could pass out he pulled his dick out of my mouth and slapped me in the face. I inhaled deeply and cried out.


He stopped me with his long rod again. Only a few thrusts this time and then he pulled me to my feet by my hair.

"Turn around, bitch. Put your hands on the desk."

I did was I was told. His hands trailed up my thighs and raised my skirt.

"I see. No panties. What were you thinking tonight, huh, slut?" *SMACK* He slapped my ass cheeks, and I yelped.

He spread my cheeks apart with one hand to get a better view, and ran his middle finger up and down my slit. I couldn't help it. I was soaking wet.

"You like this don't you?" *SMACK* "You'll love it soon."

He stuck one finger in my wet hole and I felt a chill up my spine. Wow, I really was really turned on. He moved in and out of my cunt from behind me, still with a firm grip of my hair. Then he moved from inside to outside and found my clit. He took his first three fingers and circled it- slowly at first, and then sped up the pace. I began to moan.

"Think about it. I could be fucking you right now. Do you want this? You think you do, but can you take it? Can you take all of my cock in your hot little pussy?"

My moans got louder.

"Just say the word and I could be fucking you. You want me to fuck you, Lola? Tell me you want me to fuck you. C'mon, tell me you want my prick in your tight little snatch."

Things began to look white.

"Lola, you want me to fuck you? You want me to fill up that little cunt? Think about it. Think about me fucking you."

I screamed loud as I came. I felt the waves pulse through me and centralize on my insides. I could feel myself squeeze against his fingers.

"That's it. Think about it, because you're going to get it whether you want it or not."

With that he thrust hard into my throbbing cunt. He pushed hard and didn't allow my body to get used to his size. I screamed again in pain. He paid no mind to my cries. He pushed and pounded until my knees were slamming against the desk so hard they made a loud thud.

"Tell me you like fucking me, Lola! I want to hear those words come out of your mouth!"

"I, I like fucking you Dr. Harper."

"Drake, call me my name!"

"I like fucking you Drake."

"C'mon, keep talking."

"I love fucking you. God that feels good! Uh-uh-uh."

"Keep talking, slut!" *SMACK* "You want me to fuck you harder? Huh?"

"Oh God! Ugh-yeah! Harder! Ugh! Fuck me! Come on Drake! Fuck me! Fuck me with that cock! I want to feel you fill me up! Fill up my cunt! I want you to cum as hard as you made me cum! You like fucking me, Drake? You want to cum, don't you? Drake? Fuck my pussy! Fuck it! Harder! Fuck me, Drake! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me....fuck...fuck..OHHH!!"

We both blew at about the same time, and grunted animal sounds that only mean release. He collapsed on top of me; I collapsed on his desk, bent at the waist. I could feel his heartbeat against my back and we were both breathing heavy. He slid out of my dripping snatch and zipped his pants back up.

"You can leave now, Lola."

"What about..."

"I'll see you in class next Tuesday and we can discuss your grade then. Have a good evening."

I wrapped my shirt around my half-naked body and began to walk out of the office feeling satisfied, but still confused.

"Lola?" he caught me just as I opened the door and looked up from his desk again. He looked at me in the eye for the first time that night. "Wear another skirt Tuesday. No panties."

"All right, Dr. Harper."