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I never thought that I would be living the life that I am, but I couldn't be happier. I have been married to my wife Valerie for the last 12 years, and up until about a year ago, we were probably a normal couple. It's the last year that really makes our life worth writing about, but I guess I should really start at the beginning.

Valerie and I met during my last year in college. I was attending a college here in Ohio, and Val was working as a waitress as one of the bars near campus. I had gone in-and-out of the bar for a few months before I even got the nerve to say anything to her more that to order a drink. It's not that I'm a bad looking guy, I'm just average. Val on the other hand was a real stunner. She is about 5'3", and 105 lbs. She had short brown hair and big brown eyes. But what you really noticed first was her breasts. Val was a 34C, and really enjoyed going braless and wearing tops that left little to the imagination.

After I finally tried talking to her, Val and I really hit it off. I was attracted to her because she was fun to be with, enjoyed going out and partying, and oozed sexuality. It was only our second date when we were fucking in the backseat of Cutlass. Val was insatiable. In a matter of months we were having sex everyday, and as I had graduated, we decided to get an apartment together. A few months later we were engaged and just over a year after my graduation we were married.

I got a good job a growing property management company, and we settled into out lives. We bought our first house by the time we were 25 and had our first son at 28. Now at 35, my career has grown beyond my expectations. We have two sons, ages seven and four. We have a great house, and still live in the college town where we met. However, as the years rolled by and the circumstances of life dictate different actions, Valerie and I began to have sex less and less often. The sad part was that I hadn't even picked up on it until Val came to me to discuss that she needed more.

Over the years, the company I work for grew rapidly, and I found myself making more money than I ever thought that I would. As I started when the company was small, I was soon one of the top managers. With that, I began to spend more and more time on the road. With the retirement of one of the founding partners, I became the President of the company. I had just returned from a two week road trip to the West Coast, and when I arrived home Val told me that she wanted to go out for dinner and already lined up a babysitter.

Val insisted on driving, and we soon departed. Stopping at a gas station, Val asked me to wait in the car while she removed a bag from the backseat and headed into the restroom. I wasn't sure what to expect, and was even more confused when Val came bouncing back to the car in a short skirt, tennis shoes and a very tight, low-cut top. And I do mean bouncing, as it was obvious from a distance that she wasn't wearing a bra. I can actually say that I had forgotten how sexy she could be. I felt rather conspicuous sitting in the passenger seat of my own car wearing slacks and a sports jacket with my wife driving dressed like a 20s something coed trying to get laid.

Of course I began questioning Val about what was going on, as we departed the station and all she said was I would soon understand. After about 20 minutes more, Val pulled up to the campus bar that she had worked at a decade ago. Asking me to play along, she took by the hand and led me inside. We found a booth in the back and ordered a couple of drinks. I sat on the edge of my seat as Val quickly drank down a few shots a tequila – this not was just dropping me straight back to when we were dating.

Valerie finally seemed drunk enough, so I said I'd had enough, and I expect her to tell me what this whole charade was about. Sitting before me, Val squirmed in her seat as she went from eager to nervous to tears. She said that she was unhappy with our sex life and needed more, but she was too ashamed to talk about it. Slowly picking up her sixth shot in less than an hour, she said "I guess there's no turning back now" and swallowed it whole. Pulling a folded up letter from her purse, she handed it to me saying she was sorry and then rushed off to the bathroom.

To say that I was confused would have been the understatement of my life, and although I was soon going to understand why we were where we were at, it was only going to get more unusual. Valerie's letter started by saying that she loved me and did not want to lose our marriage, going on to say that she would do anything to keep me and she had capitalized and underlined "ANYTHING" twice.

Then the sad part came. Val said that she had been fantasizing more and more about the crazy sex that she had when working at the bar. We had had what I thought were some wild times, but they were nothing compared to the things that she listed here in black and white. I wondered for a moment what some of the other patrons of the bar must have thought as they watched me sit with my mouth hanging open as I read a list of some of my wife's sexual conquest. To hit some of the highlights, her list started with her having anonymous sex in the parking lot and forced exhibitionism to playing bondage games that included being bound for multiple partners to share.

Now it was my turn to drink. The waitress must have been curious to the situation and arrived just in time, taking my order and returning with a few shots for me. I quickly downed two tequilas, and continued reading. Val's letter went on to say that she had been feeling more and more restless of the past year, and that she had tried to initiate sex with me more often, but it was obvious that I was content with our sex life and she was afraid of what I would say if she went further. A few months ago, she happen to be traveling through this neighborhood and saw a group of college guys leaving the bar arm-in-arm with their dates. As she watched them climbing into their car, the guys were playfully groping the girls as they giggled their approval. It was then that she realized that she still wished she was one of those girls.

She said that she started coming back to the bar and watching, which lead to flirting which inevitably led to her allowing herself to have some of the boys rub up against her and grope her as well. At first I wondered how this had gone on without me having any idea, but that thought quickly disappeared as I remembered my travel over the past year. Val's letter then said that it was her last visit that drove her to the decision that she had to confront her needs and discuss approach me as well.

Two weeks ago she had come to the bar and was flirting with one guy and she allowed it to go too far. She soon found herself kissing by his car behind the bar when she wanted to stop things from going further. As she tried, the guy she was with became more forceful, calling her a tease and a bitch, then grabbed her, pushing her against the car. Before she knew what was happening, she was being held down while he lifted her skirt and ripped her panties right off. He was fucking her from behind and spanking her ass hard while he held her bent over the trunk of his car. At first she said she was fighting him and trying to get away. As he pulled her head back by her hair and delivered one very hard swat on her right cheek, she decided to listen to him and held still while he continued his assault.

She said that he must have pounded away for five minutes before he told her that he was going to give her a choice of where she wanted his cum. He then pulled his cock from her pussy and pressed the head against her asshole. Pressing forward he said, "Beg me to cum in your mouth, or I am going to fuck your ass right here." As she began pleading with him, being forced to beg him to cum in her mouth, one of his friends approached and cheered him on. He must have believed her pleas, as he then spun her around and pressed her to her knees. With her back and head up against the car, he rammed his cock down here throat. It wasn't long before he was pumping his cum into her mouth.

I downed another shot and realizing it had been a while since Val left for the lady's room, I scanned the crowd looking for her return. I was surprised to see that she had taken a seat at the bar, about 30 feet from our table, and was staring at me with a combination of sadness and anticipation. As I held up the letter and said "What the fuck," under my breath, she mouthed back that I should finish the letter before she would return to the table.

There were two more pages to her letter, with the first one going into detail on the rest of her wild evening. She went on to say that after being forced to suck the guy's cock, he told his friend to join them and threw her into the backseat of his car. He drove a few blocks away while his friend held her down. Once they were happily parked in a more secluded area, they both climbed in the back stripping her of her clothes and spent the next hour fucking her. When they were done, they pushed her from the car, threw her clothes out the window and drove off, leaving her standing there naked with the taste of cum in her mouth and the feeling of cum running down her legs.

All that being said, as I sat there truly grasping the concept of "shock and awe," Val's letter took a turn that I guess was the entire point of her secretive and suggestive display of the evening. She wrote that as she quickly dressed and made her way back to the bar and her car, she realized that she hadn't felt that sexually satisfied in years. The feeling of acting out in the most slutty and whorish manner coupled with giving up control made her so horny that when she reached her car she had to masturbate to a quick orgasm, not that she hadn't climaxed already, she had.

She realized that she did not want to lose me and wanted to revert back to her promiscuous ways, but she was leaving it up to me. Here was my wife writing down that she would do anything that I asked and submit to anything that I suggested if I would allow her to have sex with other men. She needed to feel like a slut and wanted to be my personal sex slave if I allowed her to act on her desires. There were a few more sentences of her begging and pleading not to leave her, and she signed it, "I love you and always will."

Finishing her letter, I leaned back in the booth and took a long deep breath as I again looked across the bar to Val perched on a stool. As I gazed at the look in her eyes, it was as if I fell in love all over again. There sat the sexual dynamo that I had longed for so many years ago. The only difference was that she was mine already. Using an index finger, I waved her over as if I was calling a child across the playground.

The next hour just flew by as we had a few more drinks and I assured Valerie that although I was very upset, I was also very turned on – more than I thought I would be under the circumstances. I assured her that I wasn't going to leave her, but that this evening was going to signal the end of our prior relationship. She wanted to be treated like a slut, and I was going to do just that. All the while as we discussed our past and future, Val just continued to promise me anything I wanted and all the while my cock got harder and harder.

I told Val that over the next month I would plan out a set of rules that she would have to live by if she wanted our new relationship to succeed. While we were at home and our boys were around, I would treat her as I always had, as my loving and faithful wife. However, at any moment while we were on our own, she would have to do anything I said. She would have to wear anything, go anywhere and fuck or suck me, or anyone that I decided to give here to. As I finished that last line, Val's hand slid under the booth's narrow table and grabbed the crotch of my pants and squeezed my already hard cock and asked me if I wanted her start right now.

I was just about ready to drag her out to the parking lot myself, when I decided to give Val what she was hoping for, and see just how this new scenario was going to make me feel in the long run. I looked around the bar and spotted two good looking guys sitting at another booth drinking beers and discussing what looked to be a couple economics text books. Since Val had so eloquently written out her needs, I thought that I would try that again. I sent her to their table and had her ask them if she could borrow a piece of paper and a pen.

After returning to the table I told Val that it was time to start writing again. I told her to write down that it was her 30th birthday, and that her husband wanted to make sure that she got her birthday spankings. If the two of them were interested, I wanted them to take her into the men's room and give her 30 swats... each. I could see her hand trembling as she finished and her breathing grew heavy.

I took the note from Val and then added to the bottom, "Be sure to leave a few marks boys, and when you're done she'll blow you, both." I closed it with, "I would like you to keep her clothes as a souvenir. Leave her in one of the stalls wearing nothing but her shoes." Val's eyes were as wide as saucers as I told her it's time to be the slut she always wanted. I hoped she was ready – hell, I hoped we were both ready. With trembling hands and wobbly legs she managed to whisper a "Yes Sir," and then headed of to the other booth.

I didn't think I would enjoy this moment, the moment that you realize that your wife is going to have sex with another man, or as in this case, two other men. I was sitting about 15 feet from the other booth, but I could visibly notice Val quivering in fear as she scooted into one side of the booth next to the taller of the two guys. Squirming for a moment as the two looked on wonder what was going on, Val then pointed my way and then handed the piece of paper to the boy sitting across from her. You would have though that he won the lottery.

The two boys passed the note back-and-forth a few times doing nothing but smile, high-five each other and look my way in wide-eyed wonderment. After a few head nods of encouragement, the boys packed up their books and papers and the smaller of the two headed over to my table. I could see the confusion in his eyes and sense the hesitation in his voice as he asked me if this was for real. I glanced Val's way to see the taller boy put his arm around her shoulder and watched her shiver beneath his touch.

Reaching out, I assured the boy that she and I both wanted this very much. I went so far as to say that I wanted them to do everything on the list, and I would gladly hold their book bags while they were gone. Although he was the smaller of the two, he was clearly the leader as he then returned to the table, grabbed Val by the hand and led her off to the bathrooms.

The bar was only about 2,500 square feet, but it had a hall near the back that lead to the bathrooms in the rear. As the three disappeared down the hall, the boys looked like they were running for a train, while Val followed with here head bowed. This was my first glimpse into the truly submissive side of Val, and as I leaned back with my drink in my hand, I came to two immediate conclusions. First, I had no apprehensions about what was going to happen. Two boys, that I couldn't name, were in the bathroom stripping, spanking and getting head from my wife, and I had no doubt that this was the first step down a journey that was right for both of us. Secondly, I couldn't ever remember my cock being this hard.

Finishing what must have been my sixth drink of a very short evening I ordered another and paid my tab. It couldn't have been 15 minutes more, when the two returned for the men's room holding a role of clothing and looking like they had just had quite a workout. Both walked my way, grabbed their bags, mumbled thanks and headed out the door. They were both acting as if any minute I was going to call the police. I waited until they left the bar and wandered my way back to the men's room.

I was glad that the bar wasn't too busy that night, and that there wasn't a line at the bathroom. As I pushed the door open, I could see Val peeking out the crack between the stall door and wall. Once she saw who it was, Val opened the door and pulled me inside. All I can say is wow! There she stood, cum smeared to the side of her face and turning for my viewing pleasure, she showed me her nice round ass covered in red handprints.

Valerie quickly pressed her hot ass against my crotch and asked me to fuck her right there. Figuring we had taken enough risks for our first night out, I pulled off my jacket and placed it over Val's shoulders. I told her to sneak out the back door, and I would rive the car around back and pick her up.

Driving home, Val couldn't keep her hands off me, or more to the point, she couldn't keep her hands off my crotch. Reaching her hands inside my pants, she kept purring in my ear, asking me if I liked my naughty wife. Finally I had to pull over to open up my pants. I told Val to remove the jacket and start sucking my cock, and she dove down on me like her life depended on it. I was soon filling her mouth with my cum, and I knew out lives would never be the same.

As we curled up in our marital bed that evening, all I could think of is what to have her do next.


This is the first part of what I hope to make an ongoing series of adventures for Val and I. However, I would love suggestions. What should I have her do? How should a scenario begin? I will look forward to your feedback.
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