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Nisida could not help but reflect on the absurdity of her situation. She hung like a slab of meat from a hook in the basement of Gregor Shehu’s house. Her hands had been bound together by duct tape, and then a rope had been looped around them and that rope then attached to a hook in the ceiling. Her feet, which were also ducted taped together, rested maybe a foot and a half off the ground on a small bench. Her arms felt like lead weights, they had been stretched above her head for several hours now. Her feet were numb and she had to pee in the worst way. The duct tape across her mouth not only prevented her from screaming but made breathing a chore.

She tried to think how this had all begun. For the past week she had been in the reluctant “employ” of Shehu, the head of an Albanian crime family in the Bronx, New York. Her agreement with Shehu had begun when her brother had run up a large gambling debt, in order to get him out from under the mobster's wraith; Nisida had agreed to take over the accounting on six businesses that the cutthroat mobster had acquired. If the business turned a profit then at the end of six months her brothers debt would be forgiven, and she would receive 15% of the profit.

Nisida tried to squat down a little and take the pressure off her arms. Of course there was one other catch, whenever Shehu was present; whenever she was working for him she was to be naked. Over the past several days she had been naked in front of Shehu and his men. She had also day by day given in more and more to the sexual advances of Shehu, just this morning she had given him a blow job in his swimming pool. Was it really just this morning? It seemed so long ago. From her position Nisida could see the clock, it was nearly eleven pm. It had been a long day.

She had had a confrontation with Millie, the Shehu maid who had revealed to Nisida that she was the sister of Shehu’s late wife. Nisida had walked away from that conflict shaken. Later Shehu had received a phone call informing him of the murder of his brother’s son. Shehu and his four captains had immediately called a meeting of there entire crime family. Nisida had been out by Shehu’s swimming pool when they left. No sooner were they gone then Millie had confronted her with a butcher knife in her hand.

At first glance Nisida had not been worried, she was more then thirty years younger then the woman and in fine shape. She was in no danger. She took a quick step towards the woman and then was betrayed by her own footing. Her heel slipped on the wet stone around the pool and she went down hard hitting her head and knocking herself out.

She had cleared the cobwebs from her head over an hour ago and since then had strained against he tape and rope. It was to no avail. At first she had not even been sure where she was but photos on the walls assured her she was in Shehu’s house and she assume from the staircase in front of her that she was in the basement.

She heard the door open and in a moment she was joined by four men and the old woman Millie. The oldest and largest of the men spoke to her in Albanian.

“Ah little whore you are awake. I am Nazim Todi. Does that name mean anything to you?”

Nisida nodded. Todi was the leader of the other large Albanian crime family in the Bronx.

“Don’t talk to this cunt.” Said Millie. “Let us kill her and be done.”

Todi turned and slapped the old woman hard across the face. She staggered back and leaned against the wall fury in her eyes.

“Tradhtare.” He yelled, calling her Traitor in Albanian. “I suffer your presence; do not assume to tell me what to do.”

Nisida began to register what was going on. Millie had betrayed Shehu, likely in some misplaced anger over her, and maybe other girls, and some how she had been responsible for the death of the boy Olti. Nazim had clearly been waiting to make a move against Shehu and whatever insider information Millie had given him had allowed him to make his move. Nisida shuddered she was a helpless pawn in the hands of these two crime lords.

Nazim smiled at her. “Nisida? Correct?”

She nodded.

“Nisida I am going to take the tape off your mouth. If you scream things will be worse for you. Do you understand?”

She nodded again.

Nazim nodded at one of his men. The man stepped in front of Nisida and in one swift motion pulled the tape off her lips. It took all her effort not to scream.

Her body convulsed for a moment. Then she shook her head and looked at her captors.

“You likely have figured out some of what is going on. It is time for this rivalry between Shehu and I to end. Thanks to these…this tradhtare, I have been given the opportunity. Shehu and his minions are on what the Americans call a wild goose chase. Soon they will tire and he will return here. Shehu will look for you; you will call him down here. And then when he comes down the stairs we will be waiting and then. Well you can use your imagination.”

Nisida shook her head. “You won’t get away with it.”

She spoke with more bravery then she believed she had.

“I won’t call for him. In fact I’ll scream for him to get out.”

Nazim laughed. “Of course you would feel that way after all you assume you are dead in any case.”

Nisida nodded. “Yes.”

Nazim shook his head. “You are a brave little eagle are you not?”

He turned to two of his men. “Get what we left up stairs.”

The two men bounded up the stairs. In a moment a body can tumbling down the stairs followed by the two men. Nisida almost screamed and then caught herself. At the bottom of the stairs, bounded, gagged and beaten was her brother Arbor.

Nazim leaned in very close to her face. “Understand little whore I am not playing. One way or the other of you will do as I say.”

Nisida spat at him “Never.”

He struck her hard across the face. “I can simply blast away as he comes in the door. It is that easy. But I prefer the theater of this. I prefer the agony that I will cause you and yours. I prefer the torture.”

He struck her again. “Will you do it little whore.”


He turned and lifted her brother off the floor. He bodily threw him onto a couch across the way.

“Watch.” He commanded.

Then he turned back to Nisida. “I am not an unreasonable man. If you do not want to do as I ask, very well. We will see about changing your mind.”

Nisida squirmed against the bounds. She pushed her legs tighter together.

Nazim noticed her movements and stroked her hairy bush.

He moved away from her and over to Arbor. He hit him several times across the face. Tied and bound there was little Arbor could do to prevent the abuse.

Nazim turned to Nisida. “Now little whore will you do as I ask?”


He turned to Arbor. “You smell of piss Did you wet yourself.”

His men thought that was very funny and laughed.

“If your sister will not cooperate will you?”

Nisida shot Arbor a look of warning. She was convinced that the only way they could get out of this was to not yell out for Shehu and thus buy him and the men a fighting chance. She realized deep down that she was wrong. There was no way out, she and Arbor were dead, but hope springs eternal.

Arbor shook his head no.

Nazim looked around saw a folding chair opened it up and sat down. He pointed to Millie and then to another chair. She opened it and sat next to him. He turned to his men.

“Amuse yourselves.”

Altin nodded and reached up and cut the ropes holding Nisida upwards. Her legs gave way as the rope was cut and she fell to the floor. She was lifted roughly up as the men began to paw at her. She tried to fight but they were too strong. One of the men grabbed her shoulders and held her tightly. Her hands were still bound and her legs too weak to offer much resistant. In front of her two of the men dropped their pants. The man holding her pushed her towards the other men. One of them grabbed her and lifted her upwards. He pushed his cock deep inside her cunt in one swift motion. She let out a yell of pain as he began to roughly fuck her. She looked around the room wildly looking for any release, there was none. She closed her eyes and tried to wish herself anywhere but here. Behind her Altin dropped his pants. She felt a press against her bare buttocks. Then she screamed out loud as Altin forced his cock into her anus. It hurt like no other pain as both men fucked her in either hole. The man in her cunt came in a blast and she shuddered as her body betrayed her and an organism racked her. What kind of slut was she becoming to have an organism over this? She hated herself more then she hated her rapist. Altin shot his load into her butt and then pulled out. In front of her a third man stood with his pants at his ankles. Altin grabbed her by the neck and forced her head down wards. The man in front pushed his cock into her face. He began to fuck her mouth with all the speed and force that the others had fucked her cunt and ass. Behind her, her asshole was ripped open again as another man entered her. The cock in her mouth exploded and she gagged on the load of cum shooting down her throat. At the same moment her ass was once again filled with jsim.

They let her go and she fell to the floor. The whole ordeal had taken only a few moments. She felt like she had been abused for years. Cum leaked out of her ass, her cunt her mouth, she lay on the floor covered in it. Then she felt warmth hitting her body. She looked up to see Nazim jrking off on her. She sobbed uncontrollably. Nazim zipped up his fly and leaned down towards her.

“Will you do it?”

It took all her strength to speak. “No”

He stared at her in amazment.

“Hey boss.” Called Altin. “Look at this son of a bitch.”

Altin was standing by Arbor. Nisida rolled on her stomach to face her brother. There was no mistaking the hard on budging in his pants.

Nazim reached down and grabbed Nisida by the hair, he pulled her over to her brother. He tossed her on the couch. Altin reached down and unzipped Arbor pants.

“Blow him” Nazim ordered pointing to Arbor's massive hard on.


Nazim reached in his pocket and took out a gun. He placed it against Arbor’s head and said.

“Blow him.”

Nisida crawled up and took Arbor’s cock in her mouth. She felt it go limp. She pulled it out and pleaded.

“Please Arbor.”

She licked it from the base of the balls to the tip . Slowly he got hard again. She sucked faster and more furiously hoping that she could make him cum quickly. She sucked and licked bobbing her head up and down against her brother’s flesh, feeling his cock hit the back wall of her mouth. Then she tasted his pre cum and sucked harder. It a moment he exploded his warm juice slipping down her throat and flowing out of her mouth.

Nazim said simply.

“Do as I say.”


“Fine little whore. I told you I will have my way. If you will not scream for him then I will kill him anyway. All you would have brought is your own life. Now you will watch him die, then your brother then yourself.”

“Argim” he said to one of his men, the one who had fucked her cunt. “Kill the brother”

“No.” She pleaded.

Argim walked over to the couch. From his pocket he took a large hunting knife.

“No...” Nisida whimpered. “Please”

Suddenly a thought hit her. A hope, a small one. Millie had not been present when Shehu and the men had left. She did not hear her final conversation with them.

“Wait” she said. “I’ll call him.”

Nazim nodded and motioned to Argim to back away.

He ordered her legs bound again and then left her tied on the couch next to her brother. The next two hours ticked by slowly. Nazim and his men spoke amongst themselves. Millie sat silently. Then just after one in the morning Nisida heard the door of the garage go up. She heard the doors close and then men step out.

In the silence of the night their voices were clear. Shehu was angry

“Fuck all night and none of them were even close to finding the dog that killed my nephew.”

“Sir.” Came Elvis’s distinct nasal voice. “We know it was Nazim Todi, that he ordered the hit. I say we go to him and take our revenge.”

“Beginning a war requires thought.” Said Shehu. “I want the triggerman, and then we will get his master.”

“I bet it was Altin.” Said Anton his accent made heavier by the lateness of his night.

Nisida saw Altin smile.

Nazim and his men drew their guns and stood by the end of the stairs just out of sight of any one coming down.

Nisida heard Shehu and the men walk across the kitchen floor above her head.

“My dear” Yelled Shehu. “Where are you?”

Nisida did not answer.

“My Dear, Nisida?” Said Shehu again, then softer “Millie? Did you go home?”

Millie looked at Nisida in horror as if she suddenly realized the tragedy that she had caused to come about.

Nisida took a deep breathe and yelled “We are down in the basement Sir. I called Arbor like you said and we are down here.”

Nisida prayed as she had never prayed.

“Oh good Nisida.” Came Shehu’s reply.

Nazim grinned at her.

His men stood guns drawn. Suddenly the door leading up to the garage burst open Anton entered firing his gun at the staircase. The first bullet hit Argim in the chest. Anton ducked and rolled coming up and firing. Elvis bounded down the stairs behind him. He fired one shot which went wide then threw himself over Nisida.

Matt and Ali came down the stairs from the main house firing downward as they did. Nisida saw Millie duck into a far corner and cower there. Altin fired up the stairs and his bullet caught Ali in the arm. Ali dropped his gun and tumbled downward. He rolled out of the way as Matt fired and caught Altin between the eyes. Meanwhile Anton fired at the remaining two men dropping them in two shots.

Matt and Anton then turned their guns at Nazim. He dropped his weapon and raised his hands.

Anton called up stairs. “qiell I kthjellĂ«t.”

Telling Shehu that it was "clear skies" or the coast was clear as Americans would say.

Elvis lifted himself off of Nisida. He reached down and undid the tape on her hands and legs.

“Are you all right?”

Nisida nodded. She knew she was moments from a breakdown but she had to hold on a moment longer.

“My brother.”

Elvis nodded and began to untie Arbor.

Shehu came down the stairs and walked over to Ali who was bleeding from his arm.

“Did the bullet enter?”

Ali shook his head “A graze I will be fine.”

“Good Good.”

He then looked over at Nisida and Arbor and nodded. Then he turned to Nazim.

“Fool. You will go upstairs with Anton and Ali, you will sign over to me all your worldly possessions. You will leave a note requiring your family to answer to me. You will then be driven to the airport. You will get on the next flight back to ShqipĂ«ria and you will live your life out there as a disgraceful coward.”

He turned to Nisida. “Did he rape you?”

Nisida spoke slowly “He made his men do so. He jerked off on me.”

Shehu nodded. He turned to Anton “Are his men dead?”


“Very Well. Call our men have them come here and clean this up.”

Anton nodded and took out his cell phone.

Shehu turned to Nazim. “Lay down on the floor.”

Nazim hesitated. Shehu repeated.

“Lay down on the floor. Face up.”

Nazim slowly lowered himself to the floor. Shehu stood over him

“Open your mouth.”

Nazim did so. Shehu opened his fly took out his cock and began to peed directly into Nazim’s mouth.

“Swallow it dog.”

Nazim complied. When he was done Shehu zipped his pants up and turned to Anton.

“You and Ali take this trash upstairs and make sure he does what I said. Then get him out of my sight. Are the clean up men coming?”


Shehu Smiled grimly. “Good.”

He turned to Nisida. “How did they get in here?”

Nisida looked at Millie whose eyes pleaded with her.

“Millie and I were eating dinner. The doorbell rang. Millie went to open the door, they kicked it in. Later they brought Arbor.”

Shehu turned to Millie. “Is this the case?”

“Po…yes” she said.

Shehu turned to Matt “Take her brother upstairs let him clean up.”

He then said to Arbor. “You have seen much tonight and I will need to think on that but you are in no more danger from me then you were before this……do you understand?”

“Yes.” Chocked out Arbor.

Shehu reached up and ruffled the boys hair “Good. You will call someone to manage your shift tomorrow and we will all speak.”

Arbor reached over and stroked Nisida’s hair. On the one hand she was comforted by that, on the other the taste of his cum still lingered in her mouth and she wanted to vomit at his touch.

Arbor followed Matt silently up the stairs.

Shehu kissed her forehead. “You did well tonight. But you did not always use your head. There is power in your nakedness, you squander it. We will work on that. Still I am proud and grateful.”

She smiled at him and turned her face to him. He touched her gently then kissed her lips. He allowed his hands to roam between her legs, and she realized that he was doing so to reassure her that her sexuality was intact. She spread her legs thankful for the attention. Slowly he broke the embrace. He turned to Elvis.

“Help her upstairs. Get her settled in.”

Nisida tried to stand but her legs gave way. As she began to fall Elvis caught her behind the legs and lifted her up in his arms. Nisida buried her face in his chest. She saw Millie standing next to Shehu. She motioned for Millie to come closer. The old woman hesitated then leaned in very close. Nisida pulled her face into her then turned her head and whispered in her ear.

“Do we agree that I am not a cunt?”

The old woman gripped Nisida’s hand tightly. “You are an angel.”

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