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Dawn walked down the dark, narrow, tree-lined street thinking of the next two days. She couldn't wait to get out of her black and white waitress uniform and be free of the rude, cheap tourists. It had been a slow night and she lucked out by being the first to go home. "Two days off to sit on the beach and just relax." she thought to herself.

She only gave the approaching headlights a quick glance and returned to her thoughts. She had no time to react to the hand over her mouth as she was picked up and swept into the side door of the van that had been approaching. A hood was thrown over her head as she heard the door slam shut. In the darkness, she could hear the whoops of two men.

"Damn! We got her!" one of them laughed. "We gettin' pretty slick, ain't we Bobby?"

From the front of the van, Dawn heard a woman shout, "Will you two shut up! We're not home free yet. Just tie her up and let me drive."

A gag was shoved into Dawn's mouth and she was rolled over, her hands and ankles bound tight. She could feel the panic rising up within her. "I'm going to be raped and killed. I'm going to die!"

As if reading her mind, the woman called back to her, "Just relax, darlin'. We're not gonna hurt you. You're very valuable to us just the way you are, and I wouldn't let these boys lay a hand on you. Ain't that right, boys? You keep your hands to yourself now!"

No one said another word as the van rolled along. Dawn knew they had to be heading up the Parkway. It was the only way out of town that didn't twist and turn. She tried to focus on how long they had been traveling, but realized that it was hopeless. Her panicked mind had lost all sense of time - it could have been 15 minutes or an hour. She felt the van slow down and turn onto an exit.

"Where are they taking me? What are they going to do to me?" kept racing through her mind.

She felt the van stop and heard the engine switch off. A moment later she heard the woman whisper, "Joe, get out and make sure no ones wandering about. Bobby, untie her legs."

Dawn jerked away when the woman pulled off the hood and whispered close to her ear, "Now listen and listen good, honey. I said we weren't gonna hurt you and we won't as long as you cooperate with me. You and Bobby are gonna walk into the room just like you was young lovers on a honeymoon. You kick up a fuss and we toss you in there and you won't like what happens. You got it? Nod your head if you got it, girl."

Dawn nodded her head. She wanted to run, but didn't want to get hurt. The van door opened and Bobby pulled her out, placing his arm around her like they were lovers. Dawn glanced quickly from side to side. They were at a motel, but one she had never seen before. She could hear the waves and knew they were still along the coast. She was hurried through the open door and tossed onto a bed.

"Joe, run down a let 'em know we're here." the woman instructed. "Tell 'em it'll be about a half hour before we're ready." She turned and stood over Dawn. "OK kitten, time to fill you in and get you ready."

Dawn lost control over her terror. She screamed into her gag and tried to get up from the bed. She was thrown back onto the bed and held down.

"Bobby, get the rope and tie her down," the woman commanded. She sat on Dawn while her arms were lifted over her head and tied to the bedposts. Dawn flailed her legs, but Bobby soon had her legs spread and tied off.

"She's a nice one ain't she," Bobby exclaimed! "I like blondes. Think she's a real blonde?" He ran his slowly along her calves and thighs. "Mmmmmmm long, thin legs, too. Can I have her first? Please Peg."

"Nothin' doin, boy! Man paid good money to be first and we're gonna give him his money's worth. Go jerk off in the bathroom if you can't control yourself."

Bobby moped out of the room like a little boy who couldn't have any candy.

The woman got up and grabbed a pair of scissors off the dresser. She ripped open the front of Dawn's blouse and cut the sleeves away. After cutting off her bra, she cut down the length of Dawn's shirt and peeled it away. Dawn began to cry and pull at the ropes that held her. She felt humiliated.

" mmmmmmmmmm.........," we did get ourselves a nice one, didn't we? " The woman said as she ran her hand over Dawn's breasts. "Not the biggest tits in the world but firm, and look at these hard nipples. Gee honey, am I getting you excited already? Let's see what we got under those panties!"

She cut away Dawn's panties to reveal her smooth, shaved pussy. "Oh girl, just the way I like it." She stood beside the bed and began to strip. Dawn watched as she removed her top. Her breasts were gorgeous. The type Dawn always wished she had - large and firm with long, eraser-like nipples. She noticed Dawn's stare. "Like em, do you? Be good and you can play with em all ya like." She pulled off her shorts to reveal an equally firm ass and smooth, shaved pussy. "See, I told ya I liked it smooth."

"Well, let's get on with it. My name's Peg, darlin' and I'm gonna be your hostess for the evening." Peg sat with her knees on either side of Dawn's waist as she poured scented oil onto Dawn's breasts and stomach. She gently began to rub the oil over Dawn's tits. "I know you're scared. Hell, I was scared out of my mind when these two jokers took me. Yeah, I started out just like you are now. Had the time of my life by the end of the night and convinced them they needed a woman if they was gonna be successful. And believe me, these two peckerheads need someone with a brain."

Dawn tried to follow Peg's words but was torn between fear, what she was saying and the erotic feelings she was getting from her slow massage.

"Anyway, let me tell what's goin down here," Peg continued. "Ya see, we're in business and our business is bringin' a little pleasure into people's lives and tonight, you are the pleasure."

She moved between Dawn's spread legs and poured oil from her thighs to her feet. Peg rubbed the warmth into Dawn's skin as she continued. "We got this web site and we kind of let people know were gonna be in a certain location on a certain night. They pay to subscribe and get a chance to join us. We then make sure we got someone available to pleasure themselves with - that's you, darlin, by the way. I can tell ya you're gonna have more sex tonight then you ever imagined. They can do pretty much anything they want to do except beat on you. Ya gotta a choice here, honey. You can let yourself get into it and have the most erotic, mind-blowing night of your life, or you can come out of it with nothing but the tips people leave ya. You know what I choose."

With those words, Peg began to rub her fingers along Dawn's moist pussy. " Mmmmmm I see my massage has you goin' a bit."

Dawn was embarrassed by her wetness. She felt her body was betraying her. She let out a moan into the gag when Peg began to roll her swollen clit between her fingers. "How could I be enjoying this?" she wondered.

"Yeah. That's my girl," Peg whispered. "Let Peg be your first."

Peg placed her mouth over Dawn's hard clit and started to twirl and suck it from its' hood. Dawn reacted by raising her hips to give her more access to her soaked pussy. Peg slipped two fingers into the wetness and began to fuck her hard. Dawn felt a wave building within her that she was powerless to control. She pulled at the ropes that bound her arms and legs as it crashed as long, overwhelming orgasm.

Peg lifted herself off the bed and picked up the phone. "OK, bring him down. She's ready."

She pulled the gag out of Dawn's mouth and gave her some water. "I have to blindfold you for this guy," Peg said to her. "Some will want you to see them and others don't. He paid extra to be first, so lay back and enjoy. If they like you, they might throw a $20 on the dresser."

Peg pulled the blindfold over her eyes as the first customer entered. Dawn felt panic and dread again in the darkness. Being pleasured against your will by a woman was one thing, now she was going to be fucked by who knows who. She heard the familiar sound of a zipper being lowered and felt a pillow being stuffed under her ass.

The man grumbled, " You sure I'm first. It looks pretty wet to me."

"Jesus Christ!" Peg replied. "You want to try sticking it in a dry pussy. Don't worry, that was just me getting her ready for you."

Dawn felt the bed sag and the head of his cock pushing against her engorged labia. With one hard push, he buried the entire length of his cock into her. Dawn moaned in pain at the intrusion.

"Damn!" he marveled, "This is a nice tight one."

He pounded hard into Dawn forcing his shaft deep. Dawn continued to moan in pain. She couldn't see, but she knew he was large. Most of her boyfriends had been fairly average and being stretched like this was a new and painful experience.

A terrible fear rushed through her mind. "You're wearing a condom. Please tell me you're wearing a condom," she pleaded.

He swore at her, "Fuck you, bitch. I'll do what I want. You know, you talk way too much. How about we shut you up for a while!"

Dawn felt him pull out abruptly and soon felt the head of his dick pressing against her mouth. She clamped her lips tight.

"OK, bitch," he seethed. "Your choice. Open your mouth or I fuck your ass!"

Dawn quickly opened her mouth and he rammed his cock deep into the back of her throat. She gagged uncontrollably and started to throw up. He jumped back as she lifted her head and vomited over her chest.

"Stupid bitch!" he yelled.

"Why you horse's ass!" Peg shouted. "You don't get a blow job by sticking it in her stomach." Dawn felt Peg wiping away the vomit with a warm cloth. "Finish up where ya started! We got people waitin'."

He returned to pounding away at Dawn's pussy and she heard him groan as he let his load spew into her. She heard the door close as he left her exhausted and shaking. Peg removed the blindfold and wiped her face with a washcloth.

"Sorry about the pig, darlin'," she apologized. "But ya get them sometimes. Price of doin' business. And don't worry about gettin' pregnant, I got a morning after pill for ya."

"And what about disease, Peg," Dawn cried. "What I do about that?"

"Well, ya hope your lucky and ya get your ass to a doctor to make sure." Peg replied. "I think you'll like the next girl. She's kinda middle aged, but very pretty."

The door opened and a tall, well-built woman entered. She stood at the end of the bed and stared at Dawn letting her eyes wander from her cute face to her wet, dripping pussy spread wide for her to see.

"Hi," she smiled. "I'm Gail. I couldn't have hoped for a woman as beautiful as you." She placed her pocketbook on the bed, unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. Dawn took in her naked body. She was beautiful. Long legs and arms like Dawn's, but with full, rounded breasts that stood out from her slim waist. Her long, brown hair fell over her shoulders as she sat beside Dawn.

"I've always wanted to be with another woman," she explained, "but I could never get up the nerve ........ You know, rejection and embarrassment. I know you're not doing this voluntarily, but I hope I can make it a pleasant experience for us both."

She leaned over and gave Dawn a kiss so full of desires that Dawn let her lips part to allow Gail's eager tongue entry. Dawn had never kissed another woman in passion either and even in her present circumstances, she felt a desire growing within. Gail lay over her continuing their kiss and letting her nipples gently brush against Dawn's. She broke off the kiss and let her tongue wander to Dawn's hard nipples, licking slowly around her areola, nibbling on her nipples.

Dawn's fear drifted away, replaced by an overwhelming desire to have this woman. She gazed over at Peg who was sitting in a chair, her fingers sunk deep into her pussy.

"I told you it could be whatever you wanted it to be," Peg whispered to her.

Gail brought herself up and positioned herself with her pussy inches from Dawn's mouth. She smelled the musky scent and stared at large lips and protruding clit. Eating another woman had always been a curiosity for Dawn, but not something she ever thought about actually doing. Now, she wanted Gail's pussy. She wanted it hot and wet. She wanted to bury her tongue deep into the moistness.

"Please," she heard herself say, "I want you. Please give it to me now."

Gail lowered herself onto Dawn's waiting tongue. She stiffened her tongue, raised her head and pushed it deep into Gail. Gail moaned with delight, "Lick me! Suck my clit! Make me forget every stupid cock I've had to suck and fuck!"

Dawn let her tongue swirl around Gail's clit; occasionally flicking it rapidly causing Gail to shuttered and groan with pleasure. She took the swollen clit into her mouth, slowly letting it slip out between her teeth. Gail drove her wet pussy hard into her face, grasping Dawn's hair and pulling her tight to her. Dawn could feel her about to cum and twirled her tongue around and around her clit. Gail leaned back on her arms and squatted into Dawn's face.

"Oh God, yes," She gasped, "Make me cum, make me cum."

Dawn felt her muscles tighten as she began to cum. Gail's juices soon covered Dawn's neck and chin as Gail collapsed onto Dawn's bound body. She turned over and without a word began to ravage Dawn's pussy with her tongue and fingers. Dawn held nothing back. She bucked her hips to meet Gail's entries. She felt the contractions against Gail's fingers as she exploded into her mouth. Cum juice and pee, flowed out of her like a torrent river. She bit into Gail's thigh as a guttural sound came from deep within. But Gail would not stop. She continued to lick and suck Dawn's clit until every stoke became almost painful.

"Stop! Please stop!" Dawn begged.

Gail turned and smiled. Her face was a mess. Fluids dripping off her nose and chin, her lipstick smeared around her mouth. She bent over and gave Dawn the most loving kiss she had ever experienced.

Gail began to cry, "I could only imagine.... I never knew ... I, I wanted this for so long. Oh God, I can't leave you now."

"Sorry, Sis," Peg interrupted, "but the show must go on. We have a long night ahead for our girl. Leave your number. You want to call her?" Dawn nodded yes. "You gonna report her to the cops?

"No, I wouldn't do that to her," Dawn replied

"Great! I love to see romance in bloom. You two were pretty hot. Enjoyed it myself."

Gail quickly dressed and left with a tender kiss for Dawn. "I hope tonight is OK for you. Please call me."