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I am a 27-year old single woman. I am 5-7, 120 pounds, short brown hair, 36" tits, 26" waist, a nice figure overall. Here is a true story...

After getting dolled up for the boyfriend and then ending up in a tiff I found myself drowning my sorrows in booze at the bar he left me sitting at. I sat at the end of the bar wearing a tight white tank with a push up bra showing a lot of cleavage. I had to keep adjusting it to keep from popping out. I also had on a short tan skirt that came just under my ass cheeks when I sat on the stool. I had on no panties this night and I was getting propositioned left and right. I politely turned down the offers as I just wanted to drink my self silly.

After 2 hours of drinking I got up to leave. There had been a table of black men sitting, watching and offering things to me for hours. I was halfway to my car when one of the guys from that table grabbed my arm. They must have seen me getting ready to leave and hurried out ahead of me.

"You're coming with us," he said in a heavy drunken voice.

I replied, "No, let go of my arm! I'm going home!" The severity of what might be happening does not register because of how drunk I am.

"No, follow me nicely and there won't be any trouble," he shoots back at me. He was pulling at my arm and not letting go. He forced me to walk with him and as we approached what I guessed was his van, I noticed 4 others inside and the side door opened.

"Get in," he said, pushing me towards the side door.

"Please don't!" I say, almost crying. "Let me go, or I'll scream!"

"Get in or there will be more trouble," and he shoves me the rest of the way into the van. The back seat of the large van has been taken out and there is a mattress in its place. "Get back there and make yourself comfortable."

"Let me go, please," I whimper to him.

"We already answered that, bitch," the same guy snarls at me. "Get comfortable."

Fearing and not knowing what they wanted, I sat down on the mattress and waited for what was next. The guy who accosted me was in the driver's seat. He looked back and asked with a smirk, "Are you comfortable?"

I knew he could have cared less about my comfort. A simple, "Yes," was all I could say in return.

"Doesn't look like it. Why don't you start warming up that pussy we are going to get?"

What I had been fearing had now been vocalized by him. "What do you mean?" I ask, still crying.

"Get it warmed up," he laughed. "Get it wet! Play with yourself!"

Four of them were watching me intently with smiles on their faces. My head was spinning from all the booze I had and it was difficult to take everything in clearly. I felt myself lying back and slowly moving my hand underneath my skirt to my crotch. At the same time I was thinking to myself in a muddled way how I could get out of this but nothing came to me. Before I knew it, I am touching myself with 2 of my fingers. I began rubbing my clit, spreading my pussy lips and inserting my fingers as they watched.

At the same time, their hands went to their crotches to rub themselves through their pants. Then the guy sitting right across from me in the somewhat cramped van said to me, "Oh that looks nice, you have a hot looking body, I want to fuck it." Just then the van stopped and they all moved toward me. They must have all taken off their pants when we were driving to where we were. As they moved to the back all I could see are their long, thick dicks. 5 of them. These dicks were thick like a sausage log and long. I'm guessing the smallest was 7 inches and the longest must have been 12.

"Are you ready for us you tease?" one of them said to me with a big smile.

"No!" is all I could reply.

"Well we are going to fuck you until as long as it takes for you and all of us to get off," the main guy said. "Don't try faking your orgasm, because we can tell. And then it will be more trouble."

"Good god, I am scared to death," I managed to think to myself as they approach me and begin to touch me. "These dicks are huge and there are 5 of them. How am I ever going to be able to do this?"

Just then one of them started to caress my tits through my top.

"These are nice," he said while roughly feeling my tits. "Why don't you show them to us."

Pausing for a second and then remembering that I had no choice, I took my shirt off over my head.

"Nice bra," another one of them said. "Slowly take it off."

I undid the back and took it off one arm, dropping one of my tits out and then the other.

"Oh, I like big tits," one of them said while the others whooped and hollered.

Immediately, one of them grabbed one side and another grabbed the other side. They were squeezing them, rubbing and licking the nipples. Since I was in no mood for these men and they had me against my will, I felt nothing for what they were doing. I closed my eyes and tried to collect my thoughts. Just then, hands were separating my legs.

"Spread these and put your knees and legs up," one of them said.

They raised my legs up and laid back. Another one of them started to finger my pussy, rubbing just above the clit and then fucking me with his finger.

"Oh you are nice and wet, you must be excited," the black guy fingering my pussy said.

"No I am not," I replied rudely.

"Well you will be in a minute!" he said loudly. As he said it, he continued to fuck my pussy with his fingers but he did it more aggressively, sticking them in further and faster. It made my body jerk when he did it.

With my legs still spread and up in the air, I felt another of them put a hand on my ass, squeezing it.

"Damn, that's a nice fucking ass!" he said loudly with a smile. "I can't wait to hang on to that thing!"

He continued squeezing my ass and then slowly circled my ass with his finger. After several seconds of that he entered my ass with his finger just a little and then began to move in the same motion as the other guy fucking me forcefully with his finger while his friends watched.

Yet another one of them said, " I don't need to play with you. I am already hard. Lets see how that mouth is with a dick. Open wide!"

I closed my eyes again and opened my mouth. He moved to put the tip in. It was warm and thick and very hard. I could hardly get my mouth around it.

"Open wide, bitch," he said and he slowly pushed his cock in. Then he threw his head back, "Ahhhhhh! That's right!"

I was thinking, "I won't be able to take this guy in my mouth. And especially not with the other distractions." I keep reminding myself to focus, but it is hard because I am so drunk.

He pushed it in half way and it gagged me. He was so long and thick I could hardly keep my mouth on it without wanting to push him off me.

"I know you can open wider," he says and he pushed a little more in.

I tried to relax my jaw and throat but it was hard with the guys using their fingers on my pussy and ass. I also tried to open my mouth more but it just did not feel like it opened any more.

"Now stick out that tongue," he said.

With great effort, I stuck out my tongue a little and he slid his hardening cock way into my throat. I gagged immediately and instinctively threw my hands to his stomach to push him away. It did no good as he grabbed my head to hold me on his cock and continued to drive his black cock into my throat.

The others were still fucking my pussy and ass with their fingers and licking my tits. He kept thrusting his huge dick in and out of my throat and I was gagging as he did it.

"C'mon suck this thing!" he spit out and I did the best I could under the circumstances.

I began moving my tongue on it and sucking as hard as I could. Then he pulled my mouth off him and said, "Suck my balls and stroke me! Damn you have a hot mouth."

Immediately I reached up to stroke his hard dick. It was thick, I could hardly wrap my hand around it. As I was stroking it I took one of his nuts into my mouth and sucked it and licked it. I then switch to the other side.

"Take them both!" he said.

I thought for a second about what he meant. Then realizing he meant both of his balls at the same time I said, "I can't take them both at once."

"C'mon you can," he replied.

I opened my mouth wide and gobbled up what I could and found that I was able to take them both at the same time.

"Oh that's right bitch!" he said as he threw his head back in ecstasy.

One of the others said, "Are you horny yet? You sure are wet"

Fearing for what may come next, I lie. "Yes!" I said, pausing my oral work on his engorged balls.

One of the others laid down and said, "Lets do something else. Get on this big horse."

So we all rearranged our positions and I climbed on top of him. I leaned forward just a bit to move the tip of his dick to my pussy. It was so hard, it surprised me. I slowly moved back and forth a couple of times to get it wet with my pussy before I moved down on it all. Then I sat down on him and he grabbed me at the hips and said, "Show me how you fuck."

I started moving back and forth and then both of my arms were taken by 2 others and laid on their hard dicks. These were just as big as the one I was fucking.

"Stroke me," they both said.

I began stroking them and one said, "Get me wet."

So I bent over to suck one cock I am stroking to get it wet with my tongue and then switched to the other. I wasn't sure what to do so I just licked them up and down. They were hard and solid when I put them into my mouth. I just could not believe this was happening to me. I had never had dicks this size, let alone have them forced on me. They scared me. The one inside me was feeling ok for as big as it was.

The largest cock was one in my mouth. I could hardly open my mouth wide enough and I gagged right way as he slowly pushed it into my mouth.

"C'mon hon, you can do better than that," he growled.

"I'm trying," I said. "Take it slow. It is hard to concentrate, please understand."

He was holding my head and thrusting his hips so his dick was thrusting freely into my mouth.

"OK, my turn," said another.

He was leaning back on a cushion of some sort, sort of half sitting, half standing. "Come ride me now," he said.

I got up and moved toward him. Someone slapped my ass. "Damn I like that ass, bitch," one of them howled.

I leaned over the guy who beckoned me to ride him and hurriedly entered his dick into my pussy. "Oh you are wet," he said. "You must be liking this. Fuck me good now."

Again, I slowly moved back and forth to get him all the way in. His dick was warm and felt like it was all the way into my stomach when I sat down on him.

"Rock me," he said, "Come on!"

I started to move back and forth and then there was a dick in my mouth again. By the taste, it was one I had fucked already. He was OK in size and I could handle him OK. I was riding the one and then told to stroke another one. Someone began sucking my tits again and that surprisingly made me get wetter.

"Now for the real fun," said one of the guys who was free. I was pushed forward slightly and something cold was rubbed on my ass

"Just lubing you up," he said. Using his finger he applied the lube on my pussy and to his cock. Behind me, he put one hand on my shoulder, grabbing it and, with a little pressure, he put just the tip of his large cock into me.

"You like this, don't you?" he asked gruffly.

"Yes" I lie again. I was stroking 2, sucking one, and being fucked in the pussy and ass. The ass fuck was slow, which was good because it hurt. My ass was burning because his dick was so large.

"Oh you are tight!" he screamed. "I am going to cum fast."

Out of nowhere, someone hit my G spot and I really started working the dick in my mouth. I also found myself thrusting my hips to being fucked. I found it odd how I could react to this being done to me. It wasn't anything I was trying for but it just came on me. The one I was sucking said, "Oh she is liking this, I think she is going to cum! Man she can suck a dick! I can't hold it longer!"

Then I felt his dick twitch and he thrust it in as far as he could, making me gag. Immediately I felt the warm sweet cum enter my throat. I was used to swallowing when I sucked cock so it didn't totally overwhelm me. "OK, one down," is all I could think as he withdrew his spent cock from my mouth.

Just then the one in my ass sped up his fucking pace and it made me cum quick. I scream "Oh fuck..."

"OK," the one in my ass said, "let's really bang this bitch now," and they really started thrusting into me harder and faster.

I twitched and shook from the climax I didn't want and just then the one pulled out of my ass and as he said, "I knew you would like this, you fucking tease," I felt his cum hit my ass. It was warm, and I felt it hit the top of my ass and drip off.

Then the guy fucking my pussy said, "I'm close, ride me!"

Immediately I went faster, moving my hips back and forth, working his dick. "OK, here I come!" he yells and pushed me off and shot the cum onto my face. Again it was warm. The first wad hit me in the bridge of my nose and spread to my cheeks and dripped down my face. I thought that was it because it was such a large shot but then another stream hit my upper lip. I moved my head upward a bit to catch some in my mouth. It was sweet and I thought it was strange how I found myself wanting to taste this man's cum who I did not want to be doing this with.

Still, I thought to myself, "2 more, I am worn out."

"We aren't done yet, spread them," another one said and he pushed me onto my back

He slowly got into my pussy after teasing it with his dick. I didn't see what the point was in that little bit of foreplay but then again, I thought this whole thing didn't make sense. He grabbed a hold of my hips and fucked me hard. Fast and hard, grunting while he slammed his big black cock into me. I caught a look at it as he was going down to put it into me and I never thought I could take something like that. Another got in front of me holding down my arms and then laid his dick on my mouth.

"I want the same treatment from your mouth that he got," he said and I open my mouth to take it in.

This cock was thick like a fist, but not as long. I could take him deep into my throat, not that it was up to me how far I took it. He leaned over so as to be out of the way of his friend fucking my puss and used my mouth like a pussy. He fucked his big black cock in and out of my mouth like it was nothing. I relaxed my jaw and throat as much as I could to withstand his assault. His friend pounded my pussy just as hard.

It didn't take long and I felt him twitch and he said, "Man you can get a man off quick!"

He pulled out, grabbed his engorged wet cock in his right hand and shot his cum on my tits. Then he rubbed his dick in it and told me to suck it off. He shoved the cock back into my mouth and I expected him to be going limp after cumming but he stayed hard. His cock had a slimier feel to it with his cum all over it. I sucked him and got off all the cum and swallowed it. Surprisingly, he withdrew his cock and sat down, seemingly spent.

Meanwhile, his friend was still hammering my pussy. "She is one good fuck," he said. He pulled out and came on my stomach. He too rubbed his dick in it when he was done and told me to lick it off. He was content to just let me lick if off rather than put it in my mouth. I cleaned off his softening cock and he moved to the front of the van to start it up.

There I was, cum on my face, tits, stomach and back. I heard one of them say, "We knew you would like that. Now clean up and we'll take you back to your car."

I was amazed at what just happened. I couldn't believe it and I still can't today. I was shaking, yet satisfied. They tossed me a towel and started hooting and hollering amongst themselves.

I was so ashamed...
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