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Janice McAdams had a broad smile on her face as she left the cacophony of the Mall behind her. Loaded down with holiday presents, she paid little attention to her immediate surroundings. She walked mindlessly toward her car, not noticing the shadowy figure that paralleled her course a row to her left. Chances are she would not have noticed if she had been paying attention anyway, what with her view blocked by the parcels she was supporting with her left arm.

As she approached the Volvo, she reached into her purse and thumbed the autolock. The interior lights of the Volvo obediently came on as the doors unlocked. Janice balanced her packages while she popped open the rear door of the stationwagon. As she transferred her load to the car, she remembered there was one more thing she needed to get. She shut the door, rethumbed the autolock, and headed back toward the Mall. The shadow kept walking.

It was almost closing time when Janice reemerged from the Mall. Again, her left arm supporting another find of treasures. She didn't notice that the parking lot light in front of her car was out, nor had she noticed that it had been on during her last trip to the car. She again thumbed the autolock and the Volvo again responded on queue. Janice added her current collection of bags to those already in the cargo area and slammed the rear door shut. As she moved around to the left to get in the driver's side she didn't notice the shadow slip into the back seat from the right.

During the drive home she ran through the list of presents in her mind. Althought she was more alert now, since it was dark and it had started to rain, she never noticed her secreted passenger. As she pulled into the driveway, she thumbed the garage door opener. Nothing. She thumbed it again, hoping David had replaced the battery like she had requested. Again, nothing. Realizing she had not taken her umbrella that morning, she stopped short of the garage doors so she would have a direct path to the front door of the house. She would just run in and open the garage from the inside. As Janice disappeared through the front door, the shadow slipped out of the back seat and followed her inside, at a discrete distance.

Even though part of her was upset that David had been called out of town, another part of her was glad that she would have time to wrap her treasures at her leisure. She dropped her packages in the family room, relocked the front door, and decided to get out of her wet clothes before grabbing some dinner. She made her way down the dark hallway to the master bedroom and its adjoining bath. As she walked into the dark bedroom, a hand immediately covered her mouth as a powerful arm wrapped itself around her waist from behind.

"Not one word..." a voice whispered. "Nod if you understand."

Janice, her eyes wide and shaking uncontrollably, managed a nod.

"Very good." came the unseen voice. "Are you alone?"

Again, she managed a nod.

"Good. If you do exactly as you are told, no harm will come to you. Do you understand?"

A nod.

"I'm going to remove my hand from your mouth and you are going to remain perfectly still, aren't you?"

A nod.

The shadow's right hand slowly pulled away from Janice's mouth, but reappeared seconds later holding an object which even in the dark managed to reflect a light across her eyes. She tried instinctively to move away, but the shadow's powerful left arm held her transfixed.

"If you do not behave, I will have to introduce you to my little friend here. Do you understand?"

Janice nodded. She found the voice to be cold and unemotional, yet oddly comforting. She pointed to the dresser, "My jewelry is over there." she managed to whisper.

"I told you to be still!" the voice commanded, as its powerful left arm tossed her across the room like a rag doll.

Janice fell against the edge of the bed, but before she could regain her balance, an arm was dragging her up onto the kingsize bed by her hair.

"No!" she exclaimed.

whack! came the sound of the back of the shadow's hand as it connected with her cheek. "I told you not one word!" And the shadow covered her mouth with tape.

Janice was sobbing now as she watched, almost detached from this reality, as the hooded shadow tied her hands and feet to the edges of the bed. She had never been so terrified. Every emotion raced through her as she watched him meticulously fasten the restraints. When he had finished, he moved to the foot of the bed where he paused, and then removed his black turtleneck. Even in the subdued lighting provided by a nightlight in the bath, Janice could see the shadow's powerful chest, and another emotion struggled to life deep within her. She fought back this newest emotion, as she watched his powerful biceps maneuver his large hands as they unfastened and removed his black jeans. Her eyes widened as his athletic leg muscles slowly moved him onto and up the bed toward her. Her sobbing stopped as her gaze locked on the bulge in his black briefs.

Just as she was beginning to lose her battle with her latest emotion, he stopped, straddling her waist, where he again produced his shiny friend. Janice could now see that it was a highly polished knife with a wide blade almost 5" long. Terror regained its hold on her as she tried in vain to break free.

rip! came the unmistakable sound of the knife. She could feel the pressure of her blouse on her back as it was lifted and then sliced away slowly by the knife. The delicate wet silk blouse succumb to the sharp edge almost immediately as the shadow unwrapped his present. He could see that she was barely breathing, completely gripped by fear.

snip! came the sound as Janice's bra was opened and then pushed aside by the shadow's knife. To make his point, he gently dragged the knife's edge over Janice's now erect nipples. "Not one word..." he reminded her.

She watched him intently as he slowly climbed off the bed and moved to her left side. She saw the glint of the knife as he slipped it under the elastic waistband of her skirt. Again, rip! came the sound as it slowly sliced its way through her wet woolen skirt, from waist to hem. She flushed as he reached over and separated the two halves of her skirt, only her panties now protecting her vanity. Then they too were gone as the shadow's power hand reached down, closed around the light cotton cloth, and tore it away with one firm jerk from his powerful bicep.

As she laid there, restrained and exposed, and watched him effortlessly rip away her panties, her rage and terror lost their battles with her last emotion, and she shuddered as her body was racked by orgasm. And then came the last of her emotions, guilt and shame at having found some sort of pleasure in her ordeal. She wept again.

The shadow, having recognized her orgasm, moved between her open legs and began a slow, gentle massage. Her weeping was gradually replaced by moans as he brought her to another climax, and then another as he explored her inner regions with his large fingers. After her third orgasm, the shadow moved off the bed, unfastened her feet, and then her hands. With the gentleness of a surgeon, he removed the tape from her mouth.

Janice looked up at the shadow, transfixed in his stare like a snake's prey, she was drawn toward him. She watched, more as a bystander, as her hands unconsciously extended to enclose him. She felt his firmness, his power over her, and slowly, purposefully guided him to her lips. She could not help herself as she pulled him to her lips as she kissed him lightly. Her eyes still locked on his, she felt him grow. As if on command, she widened her kisses to completely cover him, still locked in his gaze. She slowly slid her lips over him. As he responded to her touch, she began to stroke him as she continued her kisses. The shadow reached down and massaged Janice's breasts and gently pinched her nipples as she continued her caress.

The still hooded shadow rolled Janice over onto her hands and knees. As he slid deeply into her, her body exploded with another orgasm, more intense than any she had ever had before. She moaned loudly as he thrust his full length into her again and again. She felt every inch of him as every thrust seemed to make him harder still. Her body was on fire, fanned by every thrust from this stranger. She had just started to shudder yet again when she felt him begin to throb. This signal was received by the muscles deep inside her and they automatically contracted to grasp and help finish their instinctive dance. Janice and the shadow both collapsed in the afterglow.

After a few silent moments, she watched as the shadow got to his feet. He switched on a small lamp next to the bed and removed his hood. Janice smiled, weakly, "David, that skirt cost me $200." and she rolled over and went to sleep.
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