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"Oh shoot!" Allison hissed when she realized the book was out of reach. She had been studying in the campus library for the last four hours. She had decided this would be the last book she opened for the day. She stood on her toes and reached. Her cotton button-down shirt stretched over her full breasts alluringly. It rose to expose a bit of flawless midriff.

"Let me help you," a deep, husky voice offered. Allison looked to the source of the voice. She was surprised to find a tall, blond Adonis. Her breath caught in her throat. He grabbed the book and gave it to the still speechless redhead. He pushed a curl from her eyes and tucked it behind her ear. "Don't stay here too late, the campus can be a dangerous place for a beautiful girl like yourself."

Allison looked to the floor, adjusted her shirt, cleared her throat and managed a quiet "Thanks." The gorgeous stranger turned and left before she could form another coherent thought. Damn! Allison was so angry with herself. She was new on campus and wanted to meet some people. Here a sexy, sweet man crossed her path and she couldn't find her wits. She wasn't very experienced with men. She had only had a casual boyfriend in high school. She was saving herself.

She sat with her book. Her thick red ringlets fell over her pale face and clear blue eyes as she hunched to read. Allison was beautiful. She was tall and slim but very curvy. Her breasts were full and perky. Her hip-hugging denim skirt showcased her long, shapely legs. Finally she gave up and stowed her books in the backpack. She headed to the front door of the library.

When she exited, Allison shivered from the cool night air. Her nipples stood at attention through her thin white shirt. She walked a little more briskly heading to her dorm. As she passed one of the many hulking old buildings on the campus she was thrust into shadows. Suddenly Allison was grabbed. One huge hand covered her mouth. The other reached across her breasts to pull her against the stranger.

Allison tried to scream, but only muffled sounds made it out. He pushed her against the cold brick building. "Do what I say and this will only hurt a bit," a deep, frightening, yet familiar voice hissed in her ear. He threw her bag on the concrete. He reached around her with both hands, grasped the buttons of her shirt and tore it open. Allison gasped as he manhandled her breasts. He bit the back of her neck. She cried out desperately. Her attacker shoved her harder against the bricks, imprinting them on her pale exposed breasts. "It would be wise to cooperate. I can make this pleasurable or painful. Your choice." Finally Allison recognized the voice. The Adonis from the library! Hadn't he warned her that the campus could be dangerous?

He reached down and with one quick motion pulled her skirt to the ground. She stood in only her sheer thong and bra. "Very, very, nice," he whispered. Tears were wetting Allison's cheeks. He loosened his grip as she heard a snap. It the pale light she could see he had opened a pocketknife. Allison cried out in terror. He used the knife to slice apart her bra and thong. The flimsy fabric fell to the ground. He pinched her tiny erect nipple with his thumb and forefinger. Allison moaned. No! No! This could not feel good! She would not respond like that!

"Please...Please... No..." Allison whimpered. The stranger unhooked his belt. His trousers fell to the ground. His huge, throbbing cock pushed against her ass.

"Ready for me, Sweet Cheeks?" Her cries were her only answer. Suddenly he thrust every inch into her wet pussy. Allison screamed in pain. She was after all a virgin still. In response to her scream the stranger pushed her harder against the building and thrust with even more force. Allison felt her insides were being torn open. He reached around and found her clit. Against her will, she began to moan. Allison pushed her cunt into his thrusting cock.

"Please... Please..." Now Allison was unsure whether she was begging him to stop or to continue. He pinched her nipples again. She bucked. He nibbled her back. She screamed. Soon they both orgasmed long and strong.

When he pulled out Allison crumpled to the ground. "Where do you live Sweet Cheeks?" he asked huskily.

Shocking herself as she said it she replied, "McEnroe room 223." She actually answered him! What was she doing?

He pulled up his trousers. "I'll be by to visit soon." With that he turned and left briskly. Allison was left to gather the remnants of her clothes and scurry back to her dorm. He would visit soon. She was terrified. And she was excited.
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