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After returning home from work one night Candace did her normal routine. Disrobe, shower, fix her dinner and go online. For weeks she had been going into the same chatroom, talking to the same people. This was something she looked forward to every night. This night, however, the routine was about to be altered.

Upon entering the chatroom, saying the normal hello's and how are you's, Candace decided to watch the room for awhile instead of participating in the chat. She got the normal whispers and, as always, disregarded them . Then an interesting name appeared at the bottom of her screen. Satan's Tongue one to one whisper. Well thinking this was indeed an unusual name, she decided to click it.

The usual hello, and where are you from began what would be the wildest night of Candace's life. Hello, she typed back. I'm from California. Cool, was his response. I'm from Cali too. What are you up to tonight? Oh the usual, chatting and relaxing before bed, she offered. And you? I'm looking for interesting conversation, Do you mind if we chat awhile? he asked. Sounds good, she typed. Where in Cali are you located? Near San Fran, and you? OMG!! me too!! she typed enthusiastically. I'm near the bar on Highway 12, she said. Get outta here!! So am I, he wrote.

Well this conversation lasted for a couple hours, long past the time Candace normally stayed online. To her amazement, she was actually beginning to like him. So the couple decided to make plans to meet. When is the best time for you? she asked. Well I'm not doing anything right now, if you want, I can come over, he said. This caught Candace by surprise. Umm, no, not tonight, it's really late, she typed. I understand, listen, let me give you my number and you can let me know when it's cool for you, he said.

Ok, that sounds good. After writing his number down, she decided it was time for bed. Typing back, thanking him for a wonderful conversation, she left the chatroom. It was not until she signed off that she realized she hadn't even gotten his name. Giggling to herself she decided to call and ask. Hello? said a deep voice. Umm, is this Satan's Tongue, she asked, her voice nervously trembling. Uh yes it is, who is this? I'm Candace, from the chatroom. Oh yeah!!! Well hi Candace, you've got a beautiful voice, he said. Blushing and giggling, she said thank you.

Listen, she said, I'm a little embarrassed but I didn't even get your name. It's Chuck, he said. Well hi Chuck, she said, giggling again. Hi again Candace, he said, with a snicker, so you wanna talk some more? Sure, she said, smiling, and lying down on the couch. After awhile of discussing the joys of living in Cali, the frustrations of chat life and each other's past relationship troubles, the 2 found themselves at a silent point. Are you still there Candace? he asked. Yes I'm here Chuck, I was just taking off my robe.

Mmmm that sounds nice, he said. Does it? she asked surprisingly. Yes it does, but in my thoughts you're wearing nothing. Again, he had caught her by surprise. You've imagined me naked already? Yes I have, does that make you feel weird? he asked. Not at all, actually, I find it quite a turn on. What would come from her lips would be the biggest surprise to her by far. Would you like to come over Chuck?

A short silence ...... That sounds good, he said. What's the address? After writing it down quickly, he said, I'll be there soon. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. Candace nervously made her way to the door, opening it to find a very handsome, tall man on the other side. Chuck? she asked. Yes, he said smiling. Come in, it's kinda cold out tonight. After removing his coat, Candace immediately noticed he was a big man.

As they sat on the couch, by the fireplace, they continued their conversation. Into the night, they became more and more intimate, her allowing him to put his hands on her thigh as she sat indian style, facing him. Her hand, several times, had touched his face and chest. Excuse me, she said, I'll be right back. When she returned, she found him lying on the couch, completely naked. Come here Candace. What are you doing?!?!? she asked, breathlessly. He stood up and began walking over to her, she found herself backing up against the wall.

Come on now Candace, what did you expect me to think? You just met me and invited me to your house in the middle of the night, you answer the door wearing hardly nothing and we've been touching each other quite a bit. Yes!! she exclaimed, just touching. I'm not ready to have sex with you. Well, he said, as I see it, you really don't have a choice in the matter, now do you? What do you mean? she asked. You're gonna get fucked tonight Candace, I didn't come all the way over here in the middle of the night to talk in front of a fireplace. I want you to leave, she said, beginning to cry.

Just then, he started walking towards her, laughing. I'm not going anywhere baby till I get what I came for. Candace started crying harder, please, she said, just go home and I won't ever bother you again. No it doesn't work like that baby, he said. As she reached for the phone, he slapped it out of her hand, knocking it to the floor. Now Candace baby, we can do this my way, or we can do it the painful way, it's up to you. Just then she attempted to escape. He reached for her arm, slapping her in the face, knocking her to the floor. You're not going anywhere bitch till I'm done with you. Ripping and tearing her clothes, shredding them like a hungry vulture. He pinned her to the floor, forcing her legs open and using her shredded nightgown as a muffle.

He looked at her, watching the tears run from her eyes as he laughed. Licking his finger, running it up and down her pink pussy slit. Mmm, he said, I'm gonna enjoy tearing that up. Candace tried to scream, but to no avail. Her muffles were useless. Chuck slid his hand over her tit, teasing and pinching her nipple as she squirmed. Oh god baby, you've got some of the nicest tits I've ever seen, so round, your nipples are so pink. Now shut the fuck and lay back and enjoy this because I know I'm going to. With that, he plunged his cock into her. The force of his body slid her up the floor a couple inches.

As he grabbed her hips, sliding her back down. Forcing her legs open, spread eagle so he could look at her pink slit while he raped her. His thumb bared down on her clit, sending sensations thru her confused body. Rubbing it roughly as he fucked her. His grunts and moans seemed to get louder with every thrust. Fuck, you're tight, he moaned. He removed his thumb from her clit, Now you rub it bitch, rub it hard!!!! he yelled. As he inserted 2 fingers into her ass. She let out a loud, muffled scream. Shut the fuck up or I'm gonna put my cock there instead of my fingers. Harder and deeper he fucked her, tearing her tight little pussy in half.

To her amazement, Candace found herself actually enjoying being raped, being dominated and taken. She began to relax, and massage his cock with her pussy walls, tightening her grip, then releasing. Oh fuck yeah!!!! he yelled, keep that up, that feels good you little bitch! Just then, he slid his cock out of her and ordered her to her hands and knees. Removing the gag from her mouth. He came up behind her, again licking his finger, and sliding it in her ass crack. At first she didn't like it. She begged him to stop. Slapping her ass hard, leaving the print of his hand, This stops when I fucking decide, not you bitch, you understand? Yes, she said, crying.

With that, he plunged his cock into her ass, making her howl and scream. Yeah that's it baby, scream for me, let me know this is hurting you. She cried harder, the pain was unbelievable. If I had known your ass was this tight I would have fucked you there only, he said, laughing. His nails digging into her hips, forcing her ass further back. Inch by inch he forced his massive rod in her. Fuck this cock baby, he ordered. Scared of disobeying him, she did as she was told. She began grinding her ass onto his cock, leaning forward, sometimes sliding him completely out of her.

Then slamming him back in. His balls were hard as they slapped her. Oh that's it bitch!!!!! Don't stop!!!! I'm gonna fill your ass with my load!!!! Harder and harder he pumped her, grabbing her hips with a death grip as he unloaded inside her ass. His moans bounced off the walls of her house. After he had shot the final squirt of his cum inside her, he slid out. Turn around, he ordered her. Turning to face him, tears streaming down her face, y-yes Chuck? she stuttered. He smiled at her, Now that wasn't so bad, was it baby? Now go take a shower and go to bed you little slut, I'll sleep out here tonight.
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