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I awoke before my abductor with my wrists still tied above me. In his sleep he had thrown one thigh across my legs, and his arm was wrapped possessively around my chest. At first I was confused, couldn't remember how I had ended up in this position. Then it all came back to me. I was ashamed at the way I had responded to him; afraid of what would happen when he awoke. I had to get away.

I ran my fingers along the rope securing my wrists. I was surprised to find that the knots were within my reach. Slowly and carefully I began to undo the knots; certain that he would awake at any moment and catch me trying to escape. My hands were shaking but I managed to release the last knot and my hands were free. I was going to make it; I was going to escape!

He was still sleeping soundly, when I began to slide my body from beneath him. At first, he only stirred in his sleep and I hoped he would roll away from me. Suddenly his hand shot out and grabbed my wrist. He had been awake all along, toying with me like a cat toys with a mouse. I tried to pull free, but his grip was like iron. "I see that you do not understand just how dangerous it can be to disobey me;" he growled.

He rolled his body on top of me, pinning me with his weight. "Because of your disobedience, I will not be so kind today." With that said, he lifted his weight off of me and rolled me over. My wrists were yanked behind me and up behind my shoulder blades. He tied one wrist then looped the rope around my neck, tying it to the other wrist. Now if I tried to move my arms I would strangle myself. He then sat me up, and moved my back against the headboard. He put the blindfold back on me, and then shoved my thong in my mouth and tied it in place. He tied my ankles together then my knees and then my thighs. I couldn't move a muscle, and I was more scared than I had ever been before.

I could hear him moving around the room; heard clothes rustling. Then I heard the door open and close. Was he leaving me like this for the maid to find? Was he going to get something from his car? There was no way to know what his intentions were. It seemed he was gone for hours, but I am sure it was not more than 10 minutes later that I heard the door open. I wasn't sure but I thought I smelled food and coffee.

"I really hate using a gag, but I couldn't have you screaming for help while I was gone". With that said, he removed the gag and the blindfold. He pressed a cup to my lips; the coffee in that cup was the best I ever tasted, especially after the gag. For the next half hour, he gently fed me scrambled eggs and toast, and more of the coffee. This only confused me more, how could this be the same man that had tied and raped me.

After breakfast he untied my legs and leg me to the bathroom. He let me use the toilet and then washed me with a warm cloth. Back in the main room, he rooted around in my luggage until he found some clothes he liked. He dressed me in a short, denim, wrap around skirt. He untied my arms, which were quite numb by now and slid them into a short sleeved, button-up blouse, which he tied at the bottom and left unbuttoned. He re-tied my wrists in front of me.

Then he opened a bag that I hadn't noticed before, and began pulling stuff out. He pushed me back on the bed, and pushed my legs to my chest. I felt something cool and firm pressing against my asshole. I started to cry out, but one look at his eyes and I knew I had better stay still and quiet. With a little more pressure the butt plug slid into my tight virgin ass. I had tears pouring down my cheeks, partly from pain, but also from the humiliation of what he was doing. Then a dildo was pushed roughly into my cunt in one thrust. He then slid a pair of my underwear up my legs and into place. He grabbed my bound wrists, jerking me back to a sitting position, forcing the toys deeper into my cunt and ass. I cried out in shock and mild pain, this earned me a slap across both breasts for my disobedience.

"Now, you will learn the rules", he said. "You will never look me in the eyes, you talk only to answer my questions. You will address me as Master. And you will not deny me anything. Defy my orders and the punishment will be much worse. Whatever your life was before today, no longer exists. I own you and I will keep you for life."

With that little speech, he grabbed his bag (leaving my bag and purse behind) and led me out to his SUV and helped me get in the passenger seat. My arms still tied, and with the seat belt snugly pulled across me, I felt utterly helpless. After we were on the highway, he untied my top; fully exposing my breasts to the semi drivers we were passing. Judging by the number of air horns, the sight was well enjoyed.

We pulled into a marina and you led me to a cabin cruiser. He was so gentle helping me aboard, but then he threw me in the cabin and locked the door. We pulled away from the dock and between the combination of the engines and the movement I fell asleep.

I was awakened by his presence in the cabin; I did not know how long I had been asleep or how long we had traveled. "Now, there is no one around to help you; no one to hear you scream. You are mine.

He untied my hands and removed my blouse. Then my wrists were tied and secured to an eyebolt above my head. I realized then that the cabin had been modified to his needs and desires. My skirt and panties were removed (the toys he left in place) and my ankles were secured spread eagled to additional eyebolts. "By the time you leave here, you will be trained to follow my every command, you will not even dream of disobeying me. No one will find you here and no one will come to help you. You are mine!"

He took his time, running his fingers over every inch of my exposed skin, mapping his territory. He lingered over my breasts, massaging them with his hands, sucking and licking each nipple. Then he bit each nipple just hard enough to make me scream. He laughed and moved on. "When I am through with you there will be no border between mild pain and pleasure. When I bite you like that, your cunt will drip for me." Then his attention moved on to my cunt. First he confirmed that the butt plug in my ass and the dildo in my cunt were still deeply buried in me. Then he twisted a knob on the dildo, and my pussy was filled with deep throbbing vibrations. The sensations spread through the thin wall of flesh between the dildo and plug causing the vibrations to course through my asshole as well. I was squirming, as much as the ropes allowed, on the bed and getting so hot and wet. Then his tongue was on my clit and all thought ceased, my entire being was wrapped around the sensations in my ass and cunt. My orgasm was building fast and hard, my hips thrusting my cunt closer to his face. Oh my god… I am so close, so damn close. And then he lifted his face from my crotch and turned off the vibrator in my pussy. Without a word he got up and left the cabin. I squirmed and twisted but tied as I was I could not create any friction to take me over the edge. Tears of frustration coursed down my cheeks. He would wait 10-20 minutes and then come back to me and start all over, but he always stopped just before I could climax.

"Now you have learned Bitch that all pleasure and satisfaction come when I choose. You are nothing and have nothing without me." He untied my hands (but left my legs tied) and told me to masturbate for him. "Make yourself cum for me, slut." I hesitated and received a sharp slap on my breast. "Do it and do it now, or we start all over and you won't cum at all!"

I had never masturbated in front of anyone, and felt ashamed to do so now. But, he had made sure I needed an orgasm so bad that I would do anything to achieve it. My right hand found my clit and I started rubbing it, while my left pistoned the vibrator in and out of my sopping pussy. My fingers flew over my clit. Over and over I fucked myself with the vibrator, harder and faster, as my fingers rubbed my swollen clit. It wasn't long before I experienced the most earth shattering orgasm of my life. I kept rubbing my clit as my juices poured from my cunt, until I was shaking so bad I had to stop. When I looked up, he was laughing at me. "You are one hot little slut. I am going to have so much fun with you!"

He untied my legs and rolled me over on the bed, placing two thick pillows under my hips. He then tied my hands behind my back. He began moving his hand, touching the butt plug, then the vibrator, over and over. "I just can't decide where to start my little slut."

He must have decided then, because he removed the butt plug, and smeared something cold and thick around my asshole. I tried to move away from him. This earned me two sharp smacks on each exposed ass cheek. Then I could feel his cock pressing against my virgin asshole. His hands were on my shoulders pulling me to him. He pressed firmly but slowly, and my asshole, recently stretched by the plug, stretched to accommodate him. I felt some pain, but what I hadn't expected was the surge of pleasure. Suddenly I needed him in me, needed him to fill my tight ass and I pressed myself back against him. That was all the encouragement he needed. With one thrust, he buried the rest of his huge cock deep in my ass. He waited then, until I grew accustomed to his cock in my ass, and began moving against him. He pulled almost completely out of me, and then thrust back in.

He was fucking my ass fast and hard, pulling on my shoulders to thrust it deeper. The next thing I know the vibrator, still buried in my cunt, was back on. The added sensation fueled him on, I was cumming and he was ramming my ass like a bull. As I came, my ass clenched his cock tighter and he shot his load deep in my ass. We both collapsed, shaking and sweaty. He removed the pillows from beneath me and the vibrator, pulled me close and we drifted off to a short, but sweet sleep…

* * * * *

To be continued if you like it!...

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