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I was taking one of my rare vacations, off to a resort as usual. I enjoy walking on beaches in the hot sun, seeing the sights, relaxing. My idea of a great vacation is spending a lot of time sitting on my ass getting waited on hand and foot.

I don't get to sit on my ass a lot most of the year.

Of course there is always the chance to meet someone and get laid. I am not too bad to look at, 32 with most of my hair, I can still see everything more than 3 feet away and I have glasses for anything closer. I come in just under 200# and at 6' I guess one could say I am in shape, and all in all not that bad to look at.

So getting laid is always a maybe.

The beach at this resort came right up to a little seawall. There was a nice elevated pool right out front between the seawall and the hotel, my room looked out over it. I liked that, I could sit out on the balcony and look down at the gals sunning themselves, neat. Well, in my mind I had hopes.

Of course the pool was surrounded by tubby middle-aged moms with screaming kids running back and forth, no way to relax there, nothing really worth watching.

I wandered down to the pool anyway, got a brew from the outside bar, headed off towards the Ocean. There was a few couples sitting around on blankets, nothing interesting, so I headed off down the beach.

There was a lot of beach, I couldn't see the end of it, I just kept walking. It was getting kinda hot, I wiggled my toes and buried my feet to cool them off a little. I tried walking into the surf, that worked but made it worse on the hot sand so I just stayed close by the water.

Wading through the surf caused me to miss the sign that read "Clothing optional". I came up over a little rise and suddenly I was less then 10 feet from three very attractive half naked ladies.

Well, two of them were half naked, one was ALL naked! The all naked one was on her belly, hair in a bun, shiny and deep brown, slick looking from the oil all over her. A skinny flat chested blonde was stretched out on her back, looking a bit pinkish to me. She was obviously new at this since her tiny little tits were whitish pink, it wouldn't be long before she needed to cover up or burn. Looking up, my eyes stopped at this nothing short of spectacular redhead standing at the foot of the blankets.

It startled me, I stood there for a second. Just as I was preparing to say "excuse me" and let them be, the one standing glared at me and said, "So what the fuck are you staring at, pervert?"

That startled me even more, I muttered some kind of inane apology, turned away reluctantly, she really was spectacular.

"Yea, that's it! Scurry off to your hole, pervert! Coming down here dressed to catch a peek, huh?"

Her hands were on her hips now, facing me. No effort to cover up her breasts at all. No sign of implants, so help me, God had outdone himself on this woman..still..the situation wasn't friendly at all.

I was backing away, she wasn't easing up.

"Go on, run! I hope you got your jollies, asshole!"

I left, to say I was half pissed off would be an understatement. I could hear the laughter of them for quite a distance, that didn't help.

"Dressed?" I thought, my ears burning. I had on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. I was of half a mind to drop everything and go back over there and wave my 8" dick in her goddamned face but I figured that would get me arrested.

I went back to the Hotel, sat in the bar and sulked. Spoiled my whole damned day, mouthy bitch.

That evening, I went down to the little steak house just off the main lobby, I was sitting there with a gob of some kind of plant I didn't recognize, and a hefty chunk of grilled meat pretending to be a steak when I heard her again.

"Hey look! It's that pervert from the beach this morning!"

I looked over, here sat the same Redhead, not 20 feet from me. She already had everyone else in the goddamned room looking at me, curious.

Same two gals with her, they kept looking at me, smiling at my discomfort. The skinny one had her legs open, damn thong snugged up so tight her snatch bulged, I forced myself to some success to not look. Wolfing down half of the meal, I beat a retreat.

"He sure is easy to scare off!"

I heard that over my shoulders as I left the room, headed for the bar. I was wishing that she was a man so I could reach out and box her ears. I sulked at the bar some more, the idea of shutting the cunt up by stuffing my cock in her face popped in my head.

I was on my 2nd brew when sure as hell, here they came. Of course they had to plop down right in front of me just 2 tables away. I couldn't make out what they were saying, but they all kept looking at me. That damned skinny blonde was still at it with the thong, obviously trying to get me to look so they could tease me some more.

"Fuck them!" I thought, I stood my ground. Finally they finished their silly drinks with all the vegetables in them and left. I took a deep breath and relaxed.

Nothing much was going on, a singer arrived and started doing some Creedance songs which might have been fine if he wasn't Chinese with a lisp. When he got to "Pwoud Mawy" that did it, I was starting to hate this resort.

I damn near broke the fucking elevator button, the thing arrived and I hopped in, poked 8 for my floor. Of course it stopped on 6 which irritated me even more. The doors opened, here stood the Redhead.

No place to run, I expected her to not get on but she marched in as I stood there braced. She looked at the 8 button lit, stepped back.

Not a word.

I sneaked a sideways glance, this woman had a set of jugs on her to die for, waist tight and firm. The top she wore was tied in a knot in front, her shorts were very low below her hipbones.

No doubt at all, spectacular, except for her mouth.

I realized I was getting a boner, I turned some to hide it from her. Things weren't going my way much.

The doors opened at the 8th floor, I waited, she glanced at me and stepped off, I was right behind, hell, it was my floor.

I deliberately made it a point of following her just a shade too close, let's face it, she had me pissed off. I reached my room, stuck the key in the door, she stuck her key in her door, right across the hall.

"So you went and got a room as close as you could, huh?"

"I was here first, lady."

"Oh, bullshit."

That tore it, she was standing sideways to me in her door, I walked over and grabbed her by the shoulders. Just lost it, no idea at all what I thought I was going to do.

Just plain blew my stack.

Her head tipped up, looking me right in the eyes, not a trace of fear. I wanted her frightened, I wanted her afraid of me, I wanted her to shut up.

We stood like that for a good 10 seconds, both of my hands held her shoulders, she looked right into my eyes. Then she pressed forward with a smirk, planted herself against me. I hesitated, now unsure of this, then somehow we were in her room.

Her fingernails raked at my chest, that hurt, made me madder. I tried to stop her hands, her top came undone in the scuffle, I pushed her backwards, she fell back across the bed.

I am not sure if we were fighting or what at first, there wasn't any gentleness at all. Her body stiffened, her hands were clawing at my chest, my arms, then my groin. I thought she was trying to grab me, hurt me, but her hands were fumbling at the front of my shorts. They came free, her hand wrapped around me, her breath went into little gasps. The struggle turned sexual for a few moments, then it was a fight again.

I have no idea how she got out of her bottoms, I know I jerked and the buttons on the front popped. I remember tugging at them, down one leg, then the other, somehow she ended up on top of me and shoved me back onto the bed. She almost got away, I managed to grab her arm, wrapping my hand around it, forcing her back. She flailed at me as I dragged her back, I rolled over on top of her, trying to stop her swinging arms. Then I was jamming my erection at her, trying to pin her at the same time. She was trying to hold me back, squirming herself first this way and that, my rock hard dick slid up and over her mound. I could feel the stiffness of her pubic hairs on my cock. I dropped back down and she scooted sideways, all I did was poke her leg. Then she twisted, my erection slid under her leg, she pressed down, trying to pin me there.

I felt her fingernails dig into my back, knew she was drawing blood, that spurred me on to try at her even harder, subdue her. It hit me that I was out of it, raping this girl but I was mad and I was getting crazy mixed signals from her.

Not in me to force anyone, usually I am gentle, I was out of control. I managed to pull back, tried to stop. She just reached up and hit me, then raked my face. That made me mad again, I grabbed her wrist, forced it back, tried to pin her, hold her. She just kept squirming, moving.

But she pressed one hand down, grabbed my groin again. Her grasp was not violent, yet her other arm still hit at me as I ducked my head tight against her, trying to fend off the blows. They weren't hard, just stinging.

Finally I got one hand on each cheek of her ass, held her so she couldn't move. Unfortunately this left one of her hands free, she cuffed me up the side of my face. It wasn't hard, but hard enough I tasted blood in my mouth. I managed to get my head turned tight into her neck, then rolled my weight up to pin her arm back. She was whacking at me with the other arm to no real effect.

I had her, I felt my cock slip between her legs, and as I did she changed. Her head went back. She let her legs open only partially. This gave me a bit of access, not enough, but I thrust at her. She went violent them, bucking and trying to throw me off her, I held fast, gaining in tiny bits each time she paused to get a breath. I felt the entire head of my cock bury in her, I was lost now. No stopping, no holding back, one way or the other I was going to fuck her. Then she changed, relaxed, her legs opened, her hips came up to meet me and I was buried in her.

I started to bang away at her like a crazy man, hard as I could, in no time she started to squeal, then the first waves hit her. I was only seconds behind, a blinding explosion of myself. In my life I had never ever felt anything like that.

I collapsed on her, exhausted from the efforts, still not quite sure what had just happened.

"God that was good!"

It hit me. The lady liked it rough. And I didn't know her name.

I reached around and felt my back, welts. I got up, her eyes following my every move. I checked myself in the mirror, long streaks ran down my ribcage, more on my back. I felt a puffing in my upper lip, there was a drop of blood, my nose felt like it was swelling,too. Now I WAS pissed off.

"Get on your hands and knees!"


"Do it, bitch! NOW!"

She blinked, stared at me for just a moment, then turned over on the bed, hesitant, not sure. I looked, first time I saw her pussy. It was wet, swollen, red looking.

I was hard again.

I stepped towards her, my member solid, pointing straight out. I put my hands on her hips, preparing to jam into her again.

"Crissie?" I heard from the doorway.

I looked over, there stood the skinny blonde, a shocked look on her face. She flew across the room and piled right on top of me, bowling me over sideways. I was completely surprised at that move, hit the floor with a thud, breath knocked out of me.

Just shit, now I had a skinny broad half my size but fully dressed whacking away at my naked body from all directions. I was trying to save myself and not hurt her, that isn't an easy thing to do in that situation. I don't think I was winning.

Just as she got her teeth sunk into the fleshy part of my chest, Crissie cryed out.

"Sandy, stop! It's all right."

She took a couple more swipes at me, then jumped up. I was trying to get under the bed, away from her. She looked at the one I now knew was Crissie, said, "What?...OH!" Then she started laughing.

I didn't see anything so fucking funny, myself.

I realized I was stark naked, Crissie was stark naked, and this skinny thing was standing there staring at us.

I took a chance, got up.

"Get your clothes off, you fucking Bitch!"

Sandy stared at me. Then her eyes changed, looked down. I knew.


Her hands reached up, began to trip the buttons on her blouse. It dropped to the floor, there was nothing underneath. She stood looking at me, small bare breasts with no tan lines, her arms at her sides.

"The rest."

Sandy hooked her fingers in her waistband, took everything down in one push, stood up again, now naked.

"Get on the bed."

She did, I grabbed her and shoved her back. Reaching down, I spread her legs, her shaven mound was slick and smooth. I decided I would lick it later, I rolled up on top of her and pressed inside, my 2nd pussy in 15 minutes. She was tight as a drum, a bit dry at first, but we warmed up in short order.

Then I felt Crissie, she slid over and sucked one of Sandy's nipples in her mouth as I pounded away.

I was wondering where the third gal was? Hopefully not too close by, I already needed some bandaids....Just as that thought popped in my head the phone rang.

Crissie hopped up to grab it, I was poking away at Sandy's now slick pussy.

"Yea?" Crissie said, as she picked up the phone.

"Hi. Hey you won't believe this shit, come on up!"

"We have that guy from the beach...get up here!"

I was banging away, getting close with the blonde as Crissie talked to who I assumed was the brown gal from the beach. The idea slowed me down a bit, but not much, Sandy let out a yell that should have startled the entire floor we were on, I was right there with her.

We collapsed in a mix of sweat as Crissie piled back into the mix. She started sucking away at Sandy's boobs, I slipped out and rolled over on my back, drained.

They ignored me and rolled into a 69 position, all I could do was lay there and watch, they paid no attention to me at all. I did notice that Crissie went after Sandy's pussy with relish, I tucked that away for future reference.

They were making so damned much racket I almost missed the knock on the door. The two girls were so engrossed I knew they didn't hear it, so I started to get up to go for the door, forgetting I was nude. The door swung open, here stood the gal I had seen on the beach.

She stood there taking it all in, looked me up and down. Then she grinned.

"Looks like I missed half the fun!"

She reached behind her and shoved the door shut, turned to me.

"Got any left?"

I was thinking I just might have one more time left...

*I was hoping she wouldn't hit me, though.
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