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Dawn Summers smoothed the facial lotion over her long, graceful neck, her long brown hair still dripping wet from her shower. As she lifted her chin to smooth the lotion over the smooth flesh of her neck and shoulders, her husband, Jason came in and wrapped his arms around her from behind, nuzzling her ear with his lips. "You smell good enough to eat." He murmured. Dawn smiled leaning her naked body back against him, hands pausing in their nightly ritual. Jason ran his hands around her body, cupping her breasts as he kissed a little trail down her neck. Dawn sighed in contentment as his kisses caught the side of her jaw and she could feel his erection through his jeans against her back. "Give me a few minutes." She told him smiling.

"I'm almost through it here." Jason released her hesitantly and ran his hands through her wet hair. "Don't take too long." He said vanishing into the bedroom. Dawn turned back to the mirror and finished rubbing in the lotion, pausing to admire her body. At thirty-four, she still had the body of a twenty-year-old and was rather proud of it. Her summer tan had not yet faded in the early autumn months and as she turned to the side she frowned at the tiny stretch marks, long faded that lined her flat tummy. She smoothed her hands over her breasts and down her stomach, gazing at her reflection. At 5'2" she had always had to struggle to maintain a slender figure, especially as she got older, but while she found some fault in her features, no one else did. Her body was lean and well toned from her morning run, especially her fabulous legs. Her breasts were pert and firm and a rather nice 36 C.

She had a smooth, copper complexion from so much time spent on the California beaches all summer. Grabbing a small box of floral-scented powder she sprinkled it liberally across her damp body and rubbed it in everywhere her hands could reach. Dragging a brush through her luxurious brown mane she searched in vain for gray hairs and then dabbed a little perfume behind her ears. Slipping into a blue, satin nightgown she walked into the bedroom and chuckled when she saw Jason. He was stretched out naked on their bed, slowly stroking his huge erection. After eight years of marriage their sex life was still far from boring.

Jason was a fine looking man. Nearly a foot taller than his wife they had fun acting out fantasies of control. He had strong, handsome features, unruly blonde curls and serious gray eyes that never failed to stir her. Feigning startled terror, Dawn pressed her hands to her face and took a step backward. "Who are you?" She asked. "How did you get into my house?"

Jason grinned, rising to the bait and then put on a menacing face, standing and coming around to her, his cock curling wickedly against his belly as he grabbed her wrists. "I've been watching you for weeks you little cunt." He hissed yanking her close so she could feel his hard-on through her satin nightgown. "And now you're going to get it good." Dawn struggled against him murmuring in a sensuous purr, "Oh please, please don't hurt me. I'll do anything." Jason wrenched the nightgown from her body and his serious gray eyes roamed appreciatively over her body. "Damn right you are." He said pushing her to her knees and rubbing his cock against her mouth. "Suck it you dirty little bitch." He hissed. Dawn lowered her eyes and slowly took his cock into her mouth. Jason instantly groaned. Dawn was amazing at giving head. Every time she took him in her warm, beautiful mouth, Jason had to fight for control. His breath came shallow, panting as he gripped her shoulders, fucking her face as her tongue and teeth drove him crazy with desire, making him ache for release.

"Dawn," He gasped breaking character. Dawn growled as he tried to pull away and grasped his hips yanking him deep into her throat and sucked hard, her tongue dancing over the length of his cock, sweeping up the underside with practiced ease and she felt him tense and groan, tasting his cum as he sprayed her throat gasping out her name in a tortured moan. Dawn felt dizzy with satisfaction as she allowed his cum to dribble from her lips, spilling over her chin and dripping all over her chest. She prided herself on being able to bring any man to orgasm in minutes with her mouth, and she knew Jason loved seeing his cum on her. She cleaned his cock with her tongue, languidly rolling her nipples between her fingers, using his cum as her lubricant. Jason panted leaning over her, and dropped to his knees, unable to stand.

"God," He said pulling her into his arms. "You're so good at that. I wanted to please you this time." He said kissing her gently. Dawn smiled, holding him close.

"It's all right." She told him. "I like doing that." Dawn seldom allowed Jason to bring her to orgasm. She somehow got far more enjoyment out of seeing him get all the pleasure. Most of the time they rarely even had intercourse. Dawn liked it that way. After eight years of marriage she was still as tight as virgin because of how little she let him fuck her. After giving birth to their son she wasn't sure she would ever recover but she had, proving how amazing the female body really is.

After Jason was in bed, Dawn retreated to the bathroom and cleaned herself up. Wearing her nightgown again she walked past her sleeping husband, out into the living room and booted up the computer. If her timing was correct, Ripper would be online now and she rarely missed out on one of their 'chat sessions'.

Dawn and Ripper had met online nearly four years ago, when she was six months pregnant. At first their chat had been fairly mundane, but slowly they had delved into the world of cyber sex, and the satisfaction Dawn got out of their steamy, graphic online sex was more fulfilling than any real sex she had ever had. The irony of their relationship was that they lived right across town from one another but had never once talked about meeting. They didn't even know each other's real names. To Ripper, Dawn was known only as Ice. Their online affair was the only thing sometimes that kept Dawn sexually sated. Somehow, Ripper knew how to bring her to earth shattering orgasm with no more than words. Of course, Dawn would have agreed to meet Ripper, even if had mentioned it. She was in love with Jason, and belonged to him alone. Her private moments spent on the computer with Ripper were as far into adultery as she would ever go, and that was enough for her. They didn't even know what each other looked like, but it didn't seem to matter to either of them. Sure enough, when she logged on, there he was, waiting for her. She glanced over her shoulder to make sure Jason was still asleep. She could just make out his form on the bed through the open door and smiled turning back to the computer. Within moments, she was growing aroused, just by general greeting.

Are you naked? Dawn smiled shrugging out of her nightgown. I am now. I just had my shower. She typed before walking over and shutting the bedroom door with a soft click. When she returned to the computer, her breathing quickened, just at the sight of his words. She could feel her body responding to him like a finely tuned instrument as she read what he had written. I'm here with you in your house, and I'm watching you. I'm hiding in the closet, staring at your naked body. Dawn shivered in sexual excitement as her eyes darted involuntarily toward the coat closet near the front door. She pulled out the chair and sat down, responding to him. I don't know you're there as I surf the web, my hands trailing lazily over my nipples. They continued that way for nearly two hours, and by the time they were finished Dawn lay sweating and exhausted across the chair, fingers pressed against her swollen clit, recovering from her fourth orgasm of the night. Signing off she walked on unsteady legs back to the bedroom and crawled beneath the sheets to lie beside her husband. She fell asleep with a smile on her face.

Sam Waverly eased out of his office chair, feeling electrified. His cum was splattered across the front of his desk from his orgasm and yet he still felt horny. His online affair with Ice grew hotter by the day, and after four years of 'fucking' her, he was desperate to touch her, taste her, and sink his cock into her liquid heat. At this point it didn't matter if she looked like a mutated kangaroo/whale crossbreed. He wanted her. After cleaning up the mess he sat back down in the chair and used his impressive computer skills to break into her files. His palms sweat as he read her name for the first time. Dawn Summers…what a beautiful name. He caressed the screen with sweaty fingers, gazing at her address. A twenty-minute drive and he would be there, at her house. His mouth felt dry. Standing, already sporting an aching erection, he crossed the hall to his bathroom and took a long, hot shower. When he was done he dressed carefully in black jeans and a baggy black sweater. The clothes went well with his coal black hair and inky eyes. He was a handsome man, well established, professional, wealthy…the only thing lacking in Sam's life was a woman he really cared about, and Ice was that woman. He was certain of it.

Jason Summers slid out from under the sheets after planting a gentle kiss against Dawn's temple. It wasn't even light out yet but he had to be at work in two hours. He showered and dressed as quietly as possible, running a comb through his collar-length blonde curls. Smiling at her sleeping form under the sheets he tugged the blankets up around her shoulders and slipped out of the bedroom. In the kitchen he made a pot of coffee and peeled an orange for himself after buttering some toast. He stared out the back windows as he ate and frowned, peering closer as he thought he saw movement. He studied their woodsy backyard with a critical eye for a solid minute or two. Nah, no one was there. Shrugging he pulled on his jacket and slipped out the front door, locking it behind him.

Sam watched through the trees in the backyard. He watched the handsome blonde man sipping coffee at the back window and stood perfectly still. He hadn't known Dawn lived with a man. It made perfect sense of course, but it still made him jealous. He watched the man move away from the windows and sprinted up the side of the house. He watched as Jason's car drove away and tried all the doors. Locked. He could knock, but he wanted to surprise Dawn. Finally, he found an unlocked window in the basement and slipped through easily. He found himself in a large den with floor to ceiling bookshelves and a full bar. He smirked as he glanced around and slipped cautiously up the stairs. He came out in the living room and froze in his tracks. A very small boy, no more than three or four years old was watching cartoons, eating dry cereal out of a Ziploc bag. Sam inched passed him, holding his breath and escaped down the hall. He gently eased open the only door on the left. It was a little boy's room. Sniffing he moved to the door on the right and smiled at the sight of Dawn curled up under the covers. He couldn't see much in the dim morning light, just the impression of her body against the sheets and a spill of dark hair. He knew instinctively that it was Ice. Easing inside; he shut the door behind him and stripped to the nude. His huge erection was already throbbing almost painfully just by being in the same room with her. He inched toward the bed feeling a growing sense of need. She had been fueling his hunger for four long years, and he needed her…now.

Dawn slept deeply, dreaming of far away things when awareness began to creep into her. She could feel lips on her shoulder, moving down her arm and smiled absently. Jason didn't usually wake her before leaving for work. Not quite ready to wake up she turned toward him to cuddle in his arms. Surprised to feel his hot, throbbing cock pressed up tight against her belly, she reached down a hand without opening her eyes and began to stroke him. His breath caught and he moaned, straining against her. Disappearing under the blankets, Dawn found his cock with her mouth and began working her magic. He shuddered violently, groaning and tangling his fingers in her long, gorgeous hair. Dawn showed no mercy. She suckled gently on the head, and then flicked her tongue around the tip, taking him then deep into her throat and sucking hard. She spared nothing, teasing him with petal soft lips and her devilish tongue and nipping teeth. She felt full of satisfaction as he bucked against her face, gasping. He must have been very aroused because his dick felt much larger than normal. Her fingers found his scrotum, tugging lightly, squeezing gently, and rolling them in her soft, small hands. She had to work harder to take him completely into her throat, tongue wrapping around his shaft, tasting every vein with the tip of her hot, wet tongue. In moments she felt him shudder, pull her head tight against his cock and shoot his load down her throat. She tenderly cleaned him with her soft tongue, like always, surprised to find him still rock hard. "Somebody is in a interesting mood." She teased under the darkness of the blankets.

Sam was still gasping for breath, his vision blurry and unfocused. Never in his life had he felt so much pleasure. He was still as hard as ever, throbbing with the need to be in her. At the sound of her buttery rich voice, still grainy with sleep, Sam closed his eyes and caressed her silky hair. She was everything he thought she would be, and more.

Under the blankets, Dawn shimmied out of her nightgown and used her feet to push it aside. Pressing the length of her naked body against him, she eased up to emerge from the sheets, hands tracing his body. As she surfaced, the morning light was still very dim. She squinted, trying to figure out what was bothering her. Jason looked strange, his hair looked so dark. She moved closer to see him and then skittered backward in terror. A stranger was in her bed, a stranger that she had just given a blowjob. She was about to scream bloody murder when he grabbed her, clamping a hand over her mouth and rolling her roughly onto her belly. She held perfectly still as his free hand roamed over her back lovingly. "Don't worry darling," He whispered as his hand came to her perfect ass. "It's me…Ripper." Dawn gasped beneath his hand as her world tilted. She was suddenly very confused, lost between her computer world and her real world. Then Sam sunk a finger into her ass and she shrieked through his hand, hips rearing up off the bed in protest, which only drove his finger deeper into her.

Startled at her sudden movement, Sam pulled his considerable weight on top of her, pinning her town and continued to finger her ass. He leaned down whispering into her ear. "I've wanted to fuck you for so long." His voice was filled with obsessive longing and he felt her suddenly tremor beneath him. When he realized she was crying he felt a wave of panic overwhelm him. He didn't want to hurt her, or scare her. He just wanted to make love to her. He removed his fingers from her ass and leaned down, kissing his way up her spine to her ear. "It's okay Ice, I'm not going to hurt you."

Dawn was filled with conflicting emotions. Realizing she was in the same room as Ripper had her instantly sopping wet and her body was begging for release, but she was also terrified and filled with dread and uncertainty. When Sam removed his hand from her mouth and his body from hers, she rolled to face him, taking in his incredibly handsome face and beautiful body with a swallow. "Ripper…how did you find me?" She asked, pulling her sheet against her. Sam smiled, his cock still throbbing unbearably. "That's not important, and you can call me Sam, Dawn." He reached for her, ignoring how she stiffened under his touch. "Rip-Sam, I'm married." She said trying to pull away from him. "I know." He said. "It doesn't matter." Suddenly panicking, Dawn tried to leap away from him but Sam grabbed her arms pinning them at her side. "Dawn, how many times have we played this game online? I know you want me." He pressed his hard cock against her thigh and Dawn struggled beneath him. "No!" She said. "Sam that was just a game on the computer, I'm married in real life!" Sam's gaze hardened. "It might have been a game to you, to me it was foreplay, all leading up to this moment. I want to taste you." He dragged her hands down to her belly and sank down her body, nuzzling her neatly trimmed bush with his nose, inhaling the scent of her. "Did you know you give the most remarkable blowjob? I've never cum so quickly in my life." Dawn wanted to scream with all her might, but she didn't want her son to run in and see this. "Stop!" She ordered, tears gathering in her eyes. Sam used his body to wedge her legs apart and lowered his mouth to her cunt, tasting her for the first time. The taste of her threatened to be the end of him and he stilled, moaning against her cunt. "Dawn you taste so sweet, like Heaven." He whispered. Then he nuzzled her cunt open and buried his face in her pussy, his tongue probing deep into her body.

Dawn gasped as his tongue sank into her body. Her whole body grew hot, her vision swimming. She whimpered, struggling. Sam sucked gently on her clit, then very hard, causing her to rise up off the bed, begging him to stop. He sucked and nibbled and licked until he felt her convulse under him in a powerful orgasm. Unsatisfied he took her clit between his teeth and swirled his tongue over the sensitive nub again and again until she shook beneath him again, her voice a quavering whisper. "Sam, no please." But he had waited far too long to let her words sway him. In fact they only fueled his desire. He came up and nuzzled her breasts, sucking on them eagerly, raising her captured hands so he could touch them. Dawn whimpered as his hard cock brushed against her inner thigh. Showing no mercy, Sam pressed against her clenched cunt, pushing hard until his head squeezed into the tight opening. He moaned pressing harder, ignoring her cries of protest and struggling until he had his cock buried halfway inside of her. Letting go of her hands he grabbed her hips, dragging her forward and thrust hard, burying himself inside of her. He couldn't believe how tight she was. Her hands free, Dawn immediately moved to raked at him and he grabbed her hands again and held them so tight her wrists would bruise as he began to pump himself in and out of her hot, wet body, barely able to move in her tight confines as she cried, gripping his cock in her cunt so hard he almost came just from that. "Sweet Christ you feel so good Ice." He murmured, continuing to fuck her. He fucked her hard, his engorged cock sinking hard into her pussy again and again as he groaned and pulled her hard against him. After forty long minutes of fucking her into orgasm after orgasm, her still crying weakly beneath him, Sam shuddered and moaned spraying her with his hot cum.

Dawn was both lost in pleasure and absolute agony. Her burning cunt was on fire from the long assault, her wrists felt as if he had snapped them they were so sore and his cum felt like acid spraying her bruised womb. Still her pussy throbbed with want and need and satisfaction. She was amazed that he was still so hard.

Sam was far from done. Flipping her onto her belly he sank his cock next into her ass, wanting to fill each of her holes with his hot cum. She screamed into her pillow as he sank into her virgin ass, spreading her legs to accommodate his huge member. He held onto her hips and began fucking her rather hard. Thankfully, he finished within ten minutes as she cried against the pillow. Sam pulled out of her, growing limp and panicked. He was desperate to fuck her again. He began to finger her pussy, his fingers abusing her swollen cunt and clit until he began to stiffen again. Only half erect he pushed his cock deep into her cunt and began to fuck her very slowly, finally emitting a slight movement from her, hearing her moan through her tears.

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