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It's 8 pm and I am sitting in my chair facing our bed and naked. You had told me this morning that you would be late getting home from work. You didn't explain why because you don't have to. At 6:30, an hour and a half after you got off work you called me and told me to remove all my clothes and wait for you in my chair. I could tell from the noise in the background that you were calling from your favorite bar.

I immediately did as you asked and here I am waiting. I have no idea what you have planned, but I know it will be special. It always is. At first my cock is rock hard imagining what you have in store for me, but then it goes soft for a while as I start to think you will never get home. My time goes back and forth like this the whole time I'm waiting. You are very good at doing this to me and you plan things that way. You are one evil bitch!

I finally hear the door opening and see it's 8:45. Instantly my cock jumps to attention. From the laughing and talking coming from beyond our room I can tell you are not alone. I hear a man's voice answer yes when you ask if he would like a drink. You are in the kitchen now, which is right outside our bedroom, pouring refreshments for you and this mystery man.

You ask him if his drink is okay and he says yes, but adds, "This is what I really want."

I hear a slight moan from you and the sounds of kissing. My cock is aching now and I so much want to get up and see what's going on, but I know better. You already know there's no need for restraints. I will always obey your rules, which say I must stay where I am.

After a couple minutes of listening to you kissing passionately I hear a belt buckle being undone then hitting the tile on the kitchen floor. Soon I hear "Oh yeah, baby. Suck my cock good." I can hear you slurping and him moaning.

"God you know how to suck cock!"

After what seems like an eternity I hear you suggest that it's time to move to the bed and my heart skips a beat knowing that now I can do more than just listen. Now I get to see my sexy wife in action!

You walk through the door first, not even acknowledging my presence, but acting like I'm not there. You are followed closely by Rick, a man from the bar you often describe as annoying and, even though good looking, as someone you are completely uninterested in. He is also well known for kissing and telling, which is why he's the last person I want to have see me like this.

Upon seeing me sitting in the chair, Rick comments "He is an obedient bitch, isn't he."

"Forget about him. You won the first part of the bet, now it's time for you to earn the second part."

I see that Rick has a huge cock. It is much larger than mine, even though I have nothing to be ashamed about. You lay him on his back and continue where I assume you left off in the kitchen, working on his cock with that talented mouth of yours.

"I sure hope this counts towards my two hours," Rick says.

"No. The bet was that you have to fuck me for two hours."

"You're cheating then. You're trying to make me come sooner!"

You just laugh at him, but before you can wrap your luscious lips around his cock again, Rick pulls you up and rolls on top of you. You fight him, but your 105 pounds are no match for his 200 pound frame and he pins you down while he pulls up your skirt and rips your panties off. It's at this moment I realize that your panty hose, which you always wear to work, are missing.

You continue to struggle, but Rick is able to get himself positioned between your legs and his cockhead is now at the entrance to your pussy. Your protests become half-hearted as you realize there's no use. He has you where he wants you and there's no stopping him as his cockhead disappears between you soaking pussy lips.

With a couple strokes he is buried deep inside you and you can't stifle the moan of appreciation that escapes your lips. You resign yourself to a good long fuck and start moving in rhythm to Rick's thrusts.

I can see, and hear, that you are truly enjoying the slow gentle fuck that Rick is giving you. He mixes up short shallow strokes with long deep ones. I am starting to see why women go home with him even when they know everyone in the bar is going to know all the details the next day. The man is a true cocksman.

From where I'm seated I have a perfect view of his cock going in and out of your pussy. I can see how wet you are. Your come is covering his cock and soaking the sheets as he plows into you with increasing intensity.

I know how good your pussy feels on my cock. I can tell by his changing tempo that he feels the same, and I have my doubts about his ability to last two hours. He keeps going, however, and I notice that he is approaching the one-hour mark.

You have been having one orgasm after another which has caused my cock to leak a continuous stream of pre-cum. There is a huge puddle beneath me and my balls ache for release. But all I can do is watch. Not that I mind. There's nothing I enjoy more than watching you get a good fucking.

When a full hour has passed, Rick suddenly stops and pulls out of you. You scream "NO!" and beg for him to continue fucking you.

"It's been an hour already. I get a five-minute break now. Remember? That was the agreement."

You just moan your disapproval, but say nothing. When Rick gets up from the bed you ask where he's going. He says he needs to piss, band you follow him into the bathroom.

"I gotta make sure you don't cheat. I don't trust you."

"Okay, but you can't touch me in any way. I don't trust you either."

After a minute or two you both emerge from the bathroom and crawl back in bed. You immediately reach for Rick's cock, but he rebuffs you and points out that he has three more minutes. You let out a disgusted sigh and lay back to give your pussy the attention it craves yourself.

When the rest period is over, Rick immediately crawls back on top of you. This time his cock slides all the way in you on the first thrust. I can't help but think that the way he confidently remounted you that you may have made a huge mistake giving him a break.

Rick starts fucking you in the same manner as when he started over an hour ago. It's obvious he's got his rhythm down pat for the long haul. And I can tell by looking at you and hearing your moans that he owns you right now. You begging him to continue a few minutes ago wasn't entirely about winning a bet. You truly want his cock!

I start wondering what the bets were. What did Rick win the first time and what does he get if he lasts another 55 minutes. And being the selfish man I am, I wonder what's in it for me. After all, I'm the one who had to sit here and wait for them to get home, and now suffer in silence while they have all the fun!

Unlike the first hour, Rick has started really pounding Lydia. He fucks her with a slow, steady rhythm for a few minutes, then let's her have it good and hard. Then, when she's about to have a religious experience type orgasm, he backs off and her orgasm becomes a slight tremor.

Lydia fights to get him to give her the release she's seeking. She tries thrusting her hips into him to keep up the intensity, but he uses his size advantage to keep her under control. I've watched many men fuck Lydia, and I've watched many men satisfy her, but I've never seen any man totally control her the way Rick is.

When it comes to sex, Lydia is used to getting her way. She is such a great fuck that men can't help but give her what she wants.

She begs and pleads with Rick, but he is in complete command, and he knows it. He continues teasing her and torturing her with a smug look that says "This ass belongs to me now!"

And the clock keeps ticking.

Rick slows down for a while and allows Lydia to calm down some. I can see in her eyes that she's trying to figure out a way to make him come before she loses the bet. She has to find a way to get control of the situation, but she only has 10 minutes to do so.

Suddenly Rick rolls over so that Lydia is on top of him. She sits up on his cock and gets the chance she's been looking for. If she can control the rhythm she still has a chance to win and get the orgasm Rick has been denying her.

Using all her weight to bury his cock deep in her pussy, Lydia starts moving her hips back and forth in a manner that I've only seen her do. She is able give stimulation to a man's entire cock this way while giving herself the intensity she loves deep within her pussy.

As Lydia increases the pressure and tempo on Rick's cock I can see that she is having the desired effect on him. Rick's face is a picture of concentration trying to avoid coming while Lydia is coming over and over again.

With about a minute left I think Rick is going to lose it, but he suddenly thrusts his hips about a foot off the mattress and unbalances Lydia, who is in the middle of her most intense orgasm of the night. Before she regains her senses and realizes what's going on, Rick is back on top and has slowed the pace to a crawl. He only allows about a quarter of his cock to go inside.

Once again Lydia's orgasm subsides instead of reaching its full potential. She starts screaming and yelling at Rick for not only torturing her, but because she realizes she has just lost the bet.

"Fuck me you son of a bitch!!!"

"In about 10 seconds, my dear."

With those words, Lydia gave up. She knew she was beaten as the two hours passed.

"Bet #2 has been won," Rick joyously laughed.

"Please just fuck me," Lydia's resigned voice said.

"And that makes me three for three."

Having said that, Rick began giving Lydia what she wanted. For the next 15 minutes he pounded her mercilessly giving her one long, continuous orgasm before shooting his come deep inside her.

As Rick dismounted a completely spent Lydia, he turned to me and said it was time to pay up on bet #2. I looked at him with a puzzled look on my face so he said, "You have to eat my come out of her pussy."

I looked at Lydia and her face said it all. Even though I enjoy cleaning up Lydia after she's been fucked, I didn't want the whole world to know about it. Sensing my apprehension, Rick told me not to worry. He would keep this part our little secret.

I wasn't completely convinced, but a bet is a bet so I got up from my chair, crawled between Lydia's thighs and stuck my tongue as far in her pussy as I could. As always, Lydia's fresh-fucked pussy tasted heavenly and I eagerly cleaned out every last drop of their inter-mingled love juices.

As my tongue brought Lydia to another orgasm, Rick got dressed and said "I'll let you explain the third bet."

By the time the front door closed Lydia was passed out. I decided to let everything go till morning and proceeded to give myself the relief I so desperately needed.

The first words out of Lydia's mouth when she awoke were, "My God that was the best fuck I've ever had. I thought he was all talk and no action."

She then started recounting the previous evening's events. She said that her and a girlfriend from work had decided to go to the bar for a few drinks and to do a little cock teasing. Rick had approached her friend and started bragging about how good he was in bed.

Lydia got tired of hearing all his talk about how big his cock was and how he could fuck for hours and make a woman beg for more. Having had a few drinks already, Lydia bet Rick that he didn't have the 10-inch monster that he claimed to have, and that he probably didn't know what to do with what little he had. She said she would blow him in the ladies room if he whipped out his cock right there to prove he had what he said.

Rick then suggested the rest of the bet. After she got done blowing him she would have to take him home and he would fuck her for two hours without coming. If he was able to do that, Lydia told him she would have me eat her come-filled pussy right in front of him. They both agreed.

They went to a corner booth, and, with Lydia sitting next to him, Rick proved that he wasn't all mouth. Reluctantly Lydia took Rick to the ladies room and gave him the first part of his winnings. That's when she called me and gave me my instructions. They stayed at the bar a little while longer. She told me that I already knew the rest of the story.

"What about the third bet?" I asked.

"If he could make me beg for more then he can have me anytime and anywhere he wants."

Just then the phone rang.

"Hi. This is Rick. Tell Lydia I'll be over in about 30 minutes to begin collecting on the rest of the bet."
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