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My name is Amy and I am 21 years old. I am 5' 6", 110 lbs. 36c cup, with long blond hair, and blue eyes. This had been the week from hell. Work was busy and when I got home my family had left tons of messages. I felt I needed to get away from it all. So I decided to start the weekend early by taking off Friday and go camping. It was fall and that was my favorite time to camp. It gave me a chance to forget everything and everyone. You see I have been into camping for eleven years. I was nine when I went on my first trip and fell in love with it. I packed everything I needed that night so I could get an early start. I had light clothes for the first part of the day since we were having nice warm weather and I also brought rain gear and heavy clothes because the weather was going to change.

I woke up at 5:00am to get an early start. I made it to the place I planned to park by 8:15am. I headed out with the plan to hike until 11:00, have lunch and make it to a spot to set up camp by 3:30pm. Everything was going great. It must have been in the high 70's and the white puffy clouds were beautiful. The front that was going to bringing rain and 50-degree temperatures would not arrive until 4:00pm. That gave me time to set up camp and change prior to the weather change. The mountains are so secluded I did not see one person at all.

I stopped at a cliff to rest and enjoy the view for a few minutes. I figured I was ahead of schedule and was only 10 minutes from camp. I took my pack off and sat it down but I didn't realize I set my pack so close to the edge of the cliff. The next thing I knew my pack and everything I brought went right over the side. All I could do was watch it fall until it landed on a ledge about 75 yards down. Now I was screwed. Without repelling gear there was no way to retrieve my pack. All I had was the clothes on my back. I didn't even have anything in my pockets. Here I am in hiking boots, jean shorts and a t-shirt. The rain front was about 30 minutes away and I am about 7 hours away from my car. Hell, even if I was at my car I couldn't get in, my keys were in my pack.

I decided to continue on hoping to find some kind of shelter. When the front hit, it hit hard. The temperature dropped considerably and it poured to beat the band. I was soaked from head to toe in seconds and freezing. I felt the cold down to my bones and I was shivering like crazy.

I came over a ridge and saw a huge cabin up ahead. This cabin was two stories, had a wrap around porch and multiple decks. I noticed there was smoke coming from the chimney and hoped who ever was inside would be kind and let me in.

I knocked on the door and got no answer. I tried the doorknob but it was locked. As I stood there trying to figure out what to do when the door opened. "Oh my, you must be freezing. Come inside and warm up." I turned back around to see a woman in her early 30's standing in the doorway wearing a plush robe. "Thank you", I said as I entered the cabin. It was nice and warm inside and there was a radio playing some classical music. "What are you doing way out here, dressed like that in this weather?"

"I was going camping and I lost all of my gear."

"You lost it?"

"Like a fool I put it too close to the edge of a cliff and over it went. By the way, my name is Amy and thanks again for letting me in."

" Hi, my name is Sharon and of course I would let you in."

I heard from the other room, "Hey Sharon, when you come back bring in another batch of daiquiris." Sharon said okay and took me to the bathroom down the hall. "Get out of those wet clothes and put on this robe. When you come back out you should join us in the hot tub."

"That sounds great but I don't have a bathing suit."

"Don't worry, we are all girls. Their are no guys here so neither do we."

As I walked back into the kitchen wearing the robe Sharon had just finished making up a batch of daiquiris. She handed me a glass and we walked out to the enclosed deck that was surrounded in glass with a glass door.

On the deck were about five reclining deck chairs and a big old fashion hot tub in the middle. Inside the tub were four naked women. They all looked like they were in their early thirties and beautiful.

Sharon was 5'10", blond hair, and 150lbs., with a great figure. In the tub was Julie who was about 5'6", 110lbs., also with blond hair.

Linda had brown hair, 5'8", and 130lbs.

Both Suzy and Wendy were twins standing 5'11", 160lbs. and had black hair. All five of them looked like they were in great shape.

"Well who is this beautiful young blond girl?" Suzy said.

I slowly got into the hot tub and told them my story. I explained my bad week and how I ended up there. I felt a little weird about being naked in a hot tub with five thirty year old women but this was much better than freezing to death.

We all talked and drank for a while and I must have nodded out. The freezing hike took a lot out of me, and the hot tub it did me in.

When I woke up every thing was different. I was the only one in the tub. I was shocked to see everyone was still naked, reclining and watching me. This made me uncomfortable and I started to get up to get my robe. I noticed all of the robes and towels were gone. Then I saw Julie was video taping me. I dropped back into the water and asked what was going on. That's when Sharon spread her legs and started to tease her pussy by running her finger slowly around it. She did this while she looked at me and asked me if I like women. I told her that I am not a lesbian nor do I want to be.

She then said, "Listen to me and listen good. I saved you from freezing to death so I am going to give you two options. When I finish giving you your options, I will count down from five. If you don't answer by the time I get to zero I will take it you choose option two. Option one is you be our sex slave and do whatever we want. Option two is we throw your naked ass out into the cold rain and lock the door. Time to choose."

I was so shocked by what she said I sat there and froze as she counted down. The next thing I knew Suzy and Linda picked me up and threw me outside and locked the glass door of the deck. I landed on my ass and immediately started to freeze. They all laughed and Julie was still filming the whole time. I was so cold I tried to open the door. "You chose option two by not answering. If you changed you mind and want to be our sex slave tell us now."

"Please let me in, I am freezing."

"Do you want to be our sex slave, yes or no?"

"Yes I want to be your sex slave"

The door opened and I ran back inside to the hot tub.

Sharon was still teasing herself and ordered me out of the tub and on the floor. I begged her not to do this. Suzy and Linda started walking my way again so I did what Sharon asked. Sharon knelt down with her knees on the side of my head. She moved down so her pussy was just inches above my mouth. I continued to beg her not to do this but she then covered my mouth with her pussy. I could taste her musky juices as she started to rub all over my face. I had to close my eyes as she continued to grind her pussy all over my face. She ordered me to stick out my tongue and eat her out. She concentrated on grinding on my mouth while I ate her. She made me dig my tongue as far into her pussy as I could. I tried to act like my tongue would not go any deeper but she must have known it would. She sat on my face so hard her body covered my mouth and nose so I couldn't breath. I was advised that this was my last warning to cooperate or I would be thrown out for good. I did not like the taste nor did I like it when she rubbed her juices all over my face. When she came she made sure it was all over me. I then had to kiss her pussy and thank her for the opportunity to eat her out.

I couldn't open my eyes and before I knew it another girl gave me the same treatment. All five of them did this to me. When they finish I felt a collar being placed around my neck as I was lying there. I was told to get on all fours and I was led to the bathroom to wash my face. I started to stand up when I was pushed back down. "Slaves don't get to use the sink. " A large bowl of water was placed in front of me. As I washed my face I heard them all laugh. I opened my eyes to see the camera was still on.

"I have never been so humiliated in my life", I said and I started to cry.

I was told this was just the beginning and I have not even begun to be humiliated. Linda sat on the toilet and started to relieve her self. As she did this, I had to suck on her big toe like it was a cock. As I did this I felt my ass cheeks being spread apart. I was told to raise my ass and they gave me an enema. I was aloud to sit on the toilet when Linda finished so I could release my bowels. They let me clean up good with a washcloth but then I was right back on the floor crawling like a dog. I was lead by the leash back into a room I had not been in before. There was a chair with stirrups and bright lights shining on it. Facing the chair was a few couches. I sat in the chair and had my legs placed in the stirrups. They were positioned so I was spread wide with my knees back towards my chest. I felt like I was about to have an ob-gyn exam. They all sat on the couches in robes and watched, as I had to tease my pussy with my finger. I was advised I could not get out of the chair until I came. I was also instructed to pretend I was making a porno and talk like I wanted to give them a show. I closed my eyes to try to put them out of my mind and get this over with. I slowly started to tease my pussy and finger myself. Every now and then I was told to lick my finger clean. They were making comments and jokes so it was hard to forget about them. After working one finger I had to work two and three fingers in and out of me. It took a long time but when I finally came I came hard. I then had to lick my fingers clean. I guess because they were my own juices, the taste was not as bad.

Wendy walked up to me and kissed me hard on the lips. She then took something out from the draw behind me. She said, "These will hurt at first but the pain goes away quickly." That's when she applied nipple clips to my tits. She was right about the pain and it did subside quickly. Wendy waited a few minutes then sat down between my legs and started to kiss, lick and suck on my pussy. She was very good at it. I couldn't help myself from enjoying it. As she did this, she started to tease my asshole with a vibrator. I have never had this done to me before and I liked it. Wendy then eased her finger in me with a lot of lube on it. She went back to the vibrator eating me the whole time. She slowly inserted the vibrator into my ass. I felt my ass spread but it didn't hurt. She slowly worked it until she actually slid it inside me. I couldn't believe I was enjoying getting oral sex from a woman and getting fucked in the ass too boot. She picked up the pace with the vibrator until it slid with ease. I then felt the vibrator pop out of my ass. Before I knew it a larger vibrator had taken its place. It took more teasing before she could slide it inside me. Once inside she eased it all the way in and stopped everything. She had me so horny I asked her not to stop. She said if I wanted more I would have to beg. That's when I heard Suzy say, "I think she is ready."

I was let out of the chair and was walked into the hot tub room. I noticed each one of them was wearing a strap-on and they were all different sizes. I was placed on all fours on the floor and told to suck on Sharon's strap-on. I also couldn't call it that. I had to refer to them as their cocks. I started sucking on Sharon's cock while Suzy slid under me and pulled me down. She started to fuck my pussy when I felt another cock press against my asshole. Julie was kneeling behind me and she worked together with Suzy until I had one cock in my ass, one in my pussy and Sharon's in my mouth. The pace picked up until I was being fucked hard in every orifice. This time I had two cameras filming me. When one of the girls got tired another took her place. They fucked me this way until I came a few more times. I must admit I have never cum so hard and for so many times. When they finished they took me a locked room with a bed and told me to get some sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

I woke up disorientated and I didn't know where I was. I had to go to the bathroom but the room was locked so I laid there for what seemed like hours. By the time I heard the door open I was in pain from holding it so long. Wendy placed me on a leash she told me she was going to take me out to pee. She had on slippers and a robe and then she then led me outside like a dog. I was told me to hurry up because it was cold outside. The ground I was crawling on was freezing and when I started to pee and saw the stream creep up my body. When I was done Wendy slapped me on the ass and called me a good bitch. I was led back into the house and had to sit in an upright position while the girls had a discussion. I was told I earned the right to walk again but it had to be in high heels.

The next hour I had to prepare breakfast and set the table on the outside deck. The rain had passed but it was chilly outside. They came out onto the deck wearing their warm plush robes and slippers. I was cold as I served them breakfast in just my high heels. Sharon had me turn around and said, "Check her out, those heels make her legs and ass look great." After they ate, they let me eat while I cleaned up from breakfast and cleaned the house. They said they had work to do in another room and to knock when I finished my cleaning. I knocked on the door to the room they were in and they opened the door. I saw the room was full of computer and video editing equipment. I couldn't see what they were working on and they made sure I didn't see. I was told to pack a lunch because they wanted to go on a picnic. Once the lunch was packed they gave me different shoes. These were also high heels but they were boots with a chunky heel. I was told this was to help my balance since I had to carry everything. It had warmed up so they all wore summer dresses with nothing underneath. All I had on was my boots, leather collar that had bitch written on it, and nipple clips. I picked up the bags wondering where we were going and if this was ever going to end.

We hiked for about a 30 minutes to an overlook of the mountain. It felt very strange to be hiking with nothing on. When we got to the overlook I had to set up the blanket and lunch. I had to stand and watch while they enjoyed lunch. When they finish eating I was ordered to clean off the blanket and sit down. Suzy said, "Time for your lunch but it has to be prepare it first. Everyone grab a vegetable." Suzy, Sharon, Linda and Wendy each had a carrot. Julie and I each had a cucumber. We all sat in a circle facing each other, spread our legs with our right ankle crossing over the left ankle of the girl sitting to our left. We had to work our vegetables in and out of our pussies until we came all over them. When we all finished, they all handed them to me and told me this was my lunch. If I didn't finish all of it I would have to go back to the cabin crawling on my hands and knees.

I didn't know what was worse, the taste cum covered vegetables or the humiliation of them making fun about it. I ate them slowly because I really didn't like the taste. I thought about how they told me earlier they had not begun to humiliate me. I was hoping it would not get any worse than this but it did. I was told to hurry because we had to get back and get ready for the party. I wondered what the party was about and figured this can't be good for me but I was afraid to ask. I finished eating, packed everything back up and we hiked back. When we got back to the cabin I put everything away from the picnic. I was placed back in the locked room so I would not have a chance to steal any clothes and leave. I fell asleep for a few hours, which I needed.

When I woke they all had just showered and told me it was my time to shower. When I got out they dried me off, did my nails, and my makeup. I looked great but like a complete whore. Then it was time to get dressed. Unlike the girls who put on very nice clothes, I didn't have much on. I wore a bondage set consisting of a belt, wristlets, and high heel boots, nipple clips, and a collar. Everything was red leather except the nipple clips. The boots and collar had a chain, which connected to the belt. My wrist was attached to the belt directly so I couldn't move them and the nipple clips had a chain connecting them together.

I was then ordered to stand on the front porch and greet the guest. Once again the temperature was dropping but I had a bright light shining on me which was hot and that kept me warm. As the guest arrived many of them, both male and female, fondled me and pulled on my nipple clips. This was definitely the most humiliating thing that has happened to me so far. I'm not only been seen and teased by the five women, but now it's about ten more women and ten men.

After everyone of the guest had arrived I was led back into the house. The furniture had been moved so an area was set up as a stage. Cameras were set up and everyone had a seat facing the stage. On the stage was a chair facing everyone, which I had to sit in.

Wendy rolls in a large screen TV and sets it near me but at an angle everyone can see it including me. She then walked back off the stage and the lights went out as the movie started. The movie title was "The Visitor" starting Amy. My heart started pounding and I started praying it wasn't what I thought it was. Well it was, the movie looked professional and consisted of what I had gone through. The way it was edited it looked like I love being humiliated and forced to have sex with people. I don't know why, but even though I was extremely humiliated the video kind of turned me on. I remembered how good it felt when I was getting eaten out and the being fucked on an airtight manner.

When the movie ended the lights came on and everyone stared at me and applauded. I have never received applause for anything in my life and I have to admit it felt electrifying. Now I see why people go into showbiz. I wish it wasn't for a film where I had been forced to have sex with women and where I had to humiliate myself, but I still liked it. I was then order to get out of the chair and my hands were released. I was told to get on my knees. At that time, everyone got out of their seats and undressed. All of the women and men lined up in front of the stage.

The first person in line was a beautiful black woman with a dancers body. She was very tone and had a perky set of breast. A chair was placed in front of me and she sat down and set the height so her pussy right at my mouth. The chair was rolled in to me and I was told to make her cum. Maybe it was her, or I was just getting use to the taste, but I thought she smelled and tasted sweet. I actually enjoyed eating her out. I started lightly licking and kissing around her pussy. I could tell the teasing was driving her crazy. I gave soft kisses on her vulva before I spread her lips apart and really got to work. I started slowly easing my tongue in and out of her and teasing her inner thigh with my hands. After fucking her with my tongue I replaced my tongue with a finger. As I slid my finger in and out of her I started to kiss her clit. I then slid my finger in and applied pressure inside her behind her clit and started licking her clit. I then held pressure on her clit with my tongue and messaged her with my finger where I held the pressure. Alternating between the two was getting her so wet and when I massaged both spots at the same time she exploded. I finished her off by cleaning her up with light licks and kisses.

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