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"... You'd love to have all those hot, hard and young cocks in your mouth wouldn't you Debra... you'd love to have them splitting open your cunt... and digging a hole deep into your tight little ass... wouldn't you baby... you'd love to be all those rough thugs' cum hungry slut?" Ben Stallings interrogated his wife on tape as Debra's whole body began to visibly quake.

"OOOHHHGGGOOODDD... YYYEEESSS... FFFUUUCCKKK... YYYESSSSSSSSSS... MMMMPPPHHHAAHHHHHMMMMMMMMMM," Debra screamed out on the tv screen, her whole body shuttering like a stick of butter on a hot grittle as her pumping hand forced the dildo into the deepest reaches of her vaginal sheath.

"Are you cumming?" Debra's Husband breathlessly asked.

"GGGOODDDYYEEZZZZZ... III'MMMMMCCCUUMMMIINNNGGGGG," Debra shrieked immediately, unable to keep her head from thrashing side to side as if it had become dislodged from her neck.

"I am too," Ben Stallings hoarsely whispered, an instant before several droplets of his own semen poured into the camera's visual field from above, landing in a splattering, messy trail between both of his wife's petite breasts.

* * * * *

"THWACK!!" echoed through the cramped motel room as Kevin Ralston's opened palm roughly collided with Debra's bare ass.

"OOUUCCHHAAHHHMMMOOUUCCHH," Debra harshly cried out as one of her hands came loose from the overhead coatrack.

"Put that hand back up there... NOW," Kevin immediately ordered, "or I WILL use this belt on you!"

After a series of deep breaths to collect herself, Debra finally raised her left hand above her head and clutched the wooden rack again.

"So... little Ms. Priss... Ms. Pristine and Perfect... Ms. Go-to-church-every Sunday and living the American Dream lays in bed at night and fucks her cunt with an ugly purple dildo while her husband sits back jacking off at the same time he videotapes the whole thing," Kevin groaned into Debra's quivering ear.

"THWACK!!," he spanked her again with his open hand. "What do you have to say for yourself, Bitch? That big purple dildo... what do you call it... you've got a couple of little kids... I bet you call it Barney... huh... how long have you had that disgusting thing? Huh... what do you have to say about what you did on that tape?"

"Nothing... " Debra weakly replied, having no way to put into words what she was internally feeling at the same time her asscheeks started to buzz painfully from Kevin's brutal discipline.

"THWACK... THWACK... THWACK," over and over Kevin continued his cruel spanking with his hand until the older woman's knees started to knock together.

"Keep those hands wrapped around that rack Debra... better not let go... I still got this belt laying here beside me if you do... THWACK...... THWACK... THWACK!!"

"When was the last time you got spanked, Debra... huh... I asked you a question?" Kevin demanded to know.

"... When I was a kid," Debra swallowed, desperate trying to maintain her composure under the most difficult of circumstances. "When I was maybe 11... 12. "

"Did your Father do it?" Kevin bluntly asked.

"... Yes..." Debra replied tentatively.

"Did he take you over his knee?" Kevin continued.

"... Yes," Debra sighed in a barely audible gasp.

"Did it hurt?" Kevin raised his voice before smacking her behind again.

"YES," Debra answered this time, much louder than before.

"Did it work... did having him redden those lily white cheeks of yours keep you out of trouble?" Kevin crudely quizzed.

"Yes," Debra somberly replied as if she had been defeated. "Yes it did. "

"What do you think he would have done to you if he found out about all this... about all this perverted sleaze... would he have been proud of his little girl... I bet he would have been sick to his stomach... you think I'm giving it to you rough... huh... I bet you don't even want to think about what the outcome would have been if he found out... which he could if you decide to tell anybody about this little night we're going to spend together in here. " Kevin coldly and correctly insinuated.

"... All... night... I can't... I have to... get home... there will be questions... I can't... I..." Debra begged, her face still turned away from Kevin's monstrous presence.

"You're so smart, Mrs. Stallings... I bet you'll figure something to tell your husband... your kids and your boss tomorrow... you took nearly a year away from me... I don't think one night in return is all that much to ask. " Kevin quickly retorted, before resuming his seething discipline of the teacher's glowing rear end.

All Debra could manage was a deep guttural moan of devastating internal and external hurt as Kevin's threats and spanks registered in every nerve fiber in her body. She knew she had to make a stand about not being able to stay away from home for the entire night, she knew her Husband would call all her friends, call the cops and eventually catch her in the poorly concocted lie. She also knew that if she didn't follow Kevin's directive that he would find away to get the incriminating evidence about her in his possession to her ailing Father and Debra knew that she couldn't live with any hint of self respect if that happened.

Realizing she was standing there in the rundown motel room, with all her clothes in a big heap on the floor, allowing a kid that was half her age to freely spank her while she was forced to keep her hands wrapped around a coat rack, Debra knew she was in no position to barter. Instead, all she was able to do was brace herself the best she could each time Kevin's powerful arm swung backwards before slicing forward and creating another red welt on her backside.

With the teacher's asscheeks turning several shades of red, Kevin snaked two of his sizzling fingers between the crack of Debra's behind and made an anxious stab for her pussy.

"GODDAMN," Kevin immediately hissed down to Debra, feeling his hand become saturated from the dampness between the teacher's cowering legs. "You've gone and pissed all over yourself!"

Thinking initially that the woman's bladder had let go during the torturous ordeal he was putting her through, Kevin rolled the slick wetness between his fingers before coming to the conclusion that the familiar texture of the liquid wasn't urine, it was the married woman's shameful arousal.

Grinding his slick fingers together at the entrance of Debra's slit, Kevin peered down over her shuddering shoulder and freely surveyed the overwhelmed expression on her matronly face.

"Your pussy's turned to soup... you know that," Kevin smirked, unable to believe the married woman had become so aroused having the stolen videotape playing off to the side at the same time she was receiving a horrible spanking from one of her school's former students.

"Do you always get like that when a man gets rough with you, Debra?" Kevin quizzed.

"Shut up," Debra disgustedly whispered.

"Fine," Kevin unabashedly replied. "I'll just let my actions speak for themselves... just keep your hands tight around that coat rack!"

"Please... just leave me alone... haven't you made your point... I'm sorry for what I did," Debra cried back to her tormentor.

"Yeah... I bet you are," Kevin groaned back. "But you know what... I got your pussy dew all over my God Damn hand and that tells me there's a part of you that ain't quite ready to leave yet. "

"This is stupid," Debra shouted, for the first time seeming to try and take control of the situation even though she was stripped naked and had massive welts from Kevin's assault fresh of her bare hips. "I'm out of here and you can't stop me. "

Sensing the older woman was making an attempt to flee, Kevin strolled backwards and stepped up to where the closed curtains shielded the rest of the world from looking in at the privacy of room 244.

"You remember seeing all those drunk and horny truckers spread out across the parking lot when you came in don't you," Kevin smiled. A little birdie told them why a little pristine thing like you was on her way up... you make a run for it looking like that... you think I've been rough with you... those guys haven't seen a quality peace of ass like you in an awful long time... I could just open up these curtains and let the world have a little look in... and you might also want to remember that I have extra copies of everything here to use anytime I want... anywhere that I want! So you might want to keep those hands tightly wrapped around that pole!"

With the grim resolution of a woman who had no other choice, Debra turned back around and followed Kevin direct order.

Her back turned once again, Debra didn't see when Kevin began to rummage through his duffel bag before pulling out the same huge, fist headed dildo that he had stolen, which was also the same appendage that the naked school teacher had used to fuck herself with on the homemade video Kevin had just forced her to watch.

Clutching the warm synthetic rubber between his tingling fingers, Kevin closed in behind the trembling woman, aiming the phallic shaft straight for the crack of Debra's raw and reddened ass.

"WHAAUHHH," Debra grunted out, feeling something heavy and hard goose her behind.

"Spread your legs," Kevin calmly ordered, reaching down with his free hand to help push Debra's quivering thighs apart.

With an adequate passageway now created, Kevin tilted the dildo lower and snaked its veiny girth between Debra's asscheeks, under the crack of her ass until its gigantic head was speared straight up against the liquofied opening of her gushing vagina.

"ARRGGAAAHHH... what's that?" Debra weakly moaned.

"Look down," Kevin said gently into the woman's left ear.

When she did, all the air seemingly went out of the married school teacher's petite frame.

"OH... GOD... GOD NO... THAT'S... NO... I CAN'T HANDLE IT NOW... PLEASE DON'T USE THAT THING ON ME... PLEASE... NO," Debra cringed, rubbing the tears out of her eyes with her raised left arm as it appeared an angry purple serpent was preparing to invade her womb.

"You fucking Asshole," Debra mumbled weakly, the tendons in her short arms flexing desperately to keep hold of the overhead coat rack.

With the dildo held firmly in his right hand, Kevin reached around with his left to help guide the head of Debra's obscene toy directly between the hairy lips of her tight snatch.

"OOOHH... OOHH," Debra muttered shakily as the teenager filled her sex with stark and seething determination.

Sadistically enjoying the way he was making the tiny woman's legs mercilessly quiver as he impaled her with her own fake dick, Kevin bent down behind the naked woman and crudely clenched his teeth into the soft, stinging flesh of Debra's harshly spanked ass.

"UUGGGHHAAAHH," Debra spasmed, her body now seemingly twisting in the wind as the hulking youngster had his way with her.

"Yeah... I bet your preacher Daddy would smack the shit out of you if he knew what a filthy closet slut his little girl turned out to be," Kevin angrily hissed up to the older woman after removing his teeth from her asscheek.

As Kevin speed up the internal thrusts of the embedded dildo, Debra's low guttural moan intensified until she was literally snorting vociferously through her mouth and her nose.

Knowing the rubber dick was now inside Debra's snatch as far as it could go, Kevin removed his guiding left hand away from the teacher's greasy slit knowing Debra's tight vaginal walls would hold the phallus snug. Using his free hand, Kevin flexed his fingers up slightly inside the murky outer mess of Debra's oily pubic area and tapped his fingertips roughly over the married woman's unsheathed clitoris.

"OHHHNNNOOO... NOT THERE... NNNOOO... SSTTAA... SSSTTAAAA... FFEELLZZZZZ... TTTOO... GGGOOODDDAAAHHH," Debra moaned truthfully before being able to catch herself.

"Feels to... what? "Kevin growled, before taking another cruel bite out of Debra's warm, shivering behind. "Feels to good... is that what you said?"

"Nooo... don't touch me there... please... can't stop... can't... stop," Debra winced with breathless paralysis.

With his mouth torturing the same sore area of Debra's ass that he had just spanked at the same time he savagely fucked her cunt with a dildo and ravaged her clit with his left hand, Kevin could literally feel the woman's body beginning to tear away from the overhead coat rack when the inevitable concussions of Debra's dreadful orgasm overtook her. Standing back when the naked teacher's entire body seemed to become possessed by the devil, Kevin watched in amazement as Debra's frame toppled straight down into a heap on the floor, nearly passed out of her hands and knees at his unflinching feet.

"Did you cum, Bitch?" Kevin hastily snickered as he swung his right foot up into the air before dropping it down on the other side of Debra's jumbled mass, standing above her like an imposing and powerful God.

Looking down at the dildo still tightly wedged inside Debra's still constricting pussy, Kevin waited a few moments before reaching down and removing the greasy phallus from the married woman's snatch.

After pulling out the embedded toy, Kevin inspected it closely for several seconds before raising up to Debra's convulsing shoulders and tickling it down the length of her pale back, trailing a series of clear white streams of her own arousal down from her neck, across her spine and all the way back down to her glowing ass.

Reaching over Debra's head with his left hand, Kevin cupped the older woman by her saliva streaked chin and pulled her head backwards, far enough so that he could guide the dildo in his right hand over her forehead before bouncing it lewdly against Debra's ashen and exhausted face.

"You know what," Kevin gleamed, "After seeing all this... I am a little turned on... maybe I will fuck you after all. "

"N... n... n... no," Debra whispered quietly. "I've never cheated on my husband... I've never been with another man... I'd never be able to forgive myself... please... don't... "

"HUH," Kevin laughed back, watching the exquisite way Debra's lungs caused her sides to expand and contract each time she made a desperate gasp for fresh air. "Hell Bitch... after watching the way your husband blew his load when you were talking about fucking all those jackasses on the football team on that videotape... I bet he'd be pumping that little dick of his for all it was worth if he was sitting right there watching you on your knees right now with me standing on top of you. "

All Debra could manage to do was burst into tears when Kevin's brutally truthful comments rained down on top of her.

"God... please forgive me... and save me," Debra prayed to herself as the vibrations of Kevin shifting his weight on the motel room floor caused her to ball into a modified fetal position.

* * * * *

Kevin hadn't even consciously considered the thought of fucking the older woman when he originally hatched the plan to lure Debra to the motel room. It wasn't until he had gotten her there and saw for himself how he had reduced the conservative Christian Wife and Mother into nothing more than a whithering and naked mass at his feet, that the mighty erection that was swinging through the air in front of his crotch caught his attention.

Backing up a few steps, Kevin made his way over to his duffel bag and grabbed the cum stained Stallings' family photo that he had spunked all over the day he broke into the couple's home.

Slipping back up to Debra's left side, Kevin sat the crusted, smeared and stained portrait down beside the dumbfounded woman's sweaty face.

"What a wholesome family portrait huh... take a look at it woman... picture of the American dream ain't it?" Kevin taunted as he freely stroked his cock above the married woman's cowering weight.

"Look at it, Slut... why don't you give your husband a nice big kiss," Kevin commanded as he held the jism-strewn picture less than 6 inches from Debra's left cheek.

Debra's eyes subtly shifted to the left and she winced immediately after seeing the soiled picture of her and her husband, dressed up on their Sunday best, with streak after streak of crusted semen blotting out the image.

"It might be a little dirty there... I kinda lost control of myself the day I snuck into your house... but I think you recognize everyone in the picture... I didn't get that much spunk on your husband's face... I mainly tried covering you... it kinda bled that way a little though... why don't you just pucker up and give the only man in your life a nice big, wet kiss... come on... I bet he'd get one hell of a hard on if he knew what kind of position his dear sweet loving wife was in right now!"

Debra remained bravely still despite Kevin's blunt insistence that she kiss the picture, but was unable to deny his sordid request when he physically pushed the cumsplattered photo right up to her face, pressing the glossy framed portrait directly against Debra's wretching lips.

"I... arrgghhh," Debra gurgled, repulsed by the sheer and demented perversity of being forced to kiss the defamed and defaced picture of her and her husband.

Debra's attention was so consumed by her desperate attempts to detach herself from the torturous images and feelings swirling around her, she was totally unaware that Kevin had positioned himself on his knees behind her raised ass and was aiming his rigid monster straight for the same gaping hole that he had drudged out with the purple dildo minutes earlier.

"OOHHHSSSHHIITTTT," Debra bitterly spat out when Kevin forced his cock easily into her overly prepped womb.

Once he was inside Debra's cunt, Kevin leaned to his left and grabbed the cum crusted picture of the couple and held it right in front of the married woman's cringing face as he began roughly pounding away inside of her.

"UMM... UUMMM... UUMMMMMM... UUMMMM," Debra helplessly grunted as her body began to quake to its foundation.

"I bet your cuckold wannabe Husband's dick ain't even half the size of mine is it?" Kevin growled. "I can tell from how tight your pussy was before I ripped it open all the way with that messy dildo of yours that your little limp dick spouse don't come anywhere near splitting you open... maybe that's why he dreams about letting you fuck all those big-dicked football players... and maybe that's why you dream about it too... How does it feel right now to have your cunt full of something alive and really really big, Bitch?"

"DDDAAMMMNNNIIITTTT," Debra shrieked as Kevin pressed his full weight down on top of her.

Wrapping both his hands around each of Debra's quivering collarbones, Kevin forced the married woman's entire upper torso backwards against his churning crotch until Debra's tiny and naked body was shivering wildly on the floor.

"MMMPPPHH... YYYEEAAHHHH... FUCK IT BITCH," Kevin snarled down to Debra as the sound of smacking flesh sizzled through very square inch of the room.

Clearly sensing the ultimate control a man could have over a woman, Kevin tightened his grip on Debra's left shoulder with his left hand as he reached for the sloppy purple dildo laying on the floor with to his right.

Taking the saturated phallic piece of rubber between his fingers, Kevin raised it up and dangled it between Debra's jerking shoulder blades. Laughing down at the sight of the stripped and demeaned woman on her knees in front of him, Kevin frantically sped up his fucking motions as he rubbed the dildo up and down the length of Debra's sweaty spinal column.

Kevin could feel his rock solid thighs cause Debra's entire frame to shudder each time he slammed his powerful girth forward until the married woman's arms totally gave way and she collapsed chest first to the floor.

"That too much for ya?" Kevin wickedly coughed as he bounced Debra's own dildo against the back of her gyrating head.

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