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It had been months that we had been seeing each other, semi-chastely. I had made the first move and she had seemed eager. I had pondered and worked through my own feelings when she revealed she was a transsexual. I had waited patiently while she had the final operation. And only then, she said, "while I am grateful for all you have done, I think I would really rather be friends."

"Friends?" I thought, "after all the kissing and groping and promises, friends???" She had reluctantly agreed to dinner, which was somewhat strained. I would swear you were teasing me with your tight sweater, short skirt and boots. When we arrived back at her apartment, she said, "you can come in for a bit, but we are not coming into my bed."

I agreed, being the nice guy that I am. Once inside, I proposed making tea. She agreed and I busied myself at the stove. Once made, I brought her a cup and we chatted about movies and current culture. She was most of the way through her tea when her speech started to slur. "I am suddenly so tired," she mumbled and then slumped back on the couch.

"That's because I drugged your drink, you little cock tease," I murmured and smiled, "and now I am going to fuck your brains out. So I won't be coming into your bed, eh? That's fine. I'll screw you in your living room."

I surveyed my prize, musing as to where to begin, my cock swelling. Moving closer, I fondled her breasts, then pulled her sweater over her head. Next, off came the thin black undershirt she favored. Her small breasts lay exposed to me. I took a nipple in the fingers of each hand and twisted. "Do you like that, cunt?" I queried, as I pinched and pulled them harder, my cock starting to throb.

I lowered my hands to her waist and unbuttoned her skirt and then opened it onto the couch. Only her panties and boots remained. I laughed as I gripped them firmly and tore them off. "You don't mind if I take a little souvenir," I chortled. "Why don't you keep your boots on? That's pretty hot."

Looking down at her naked body, I slipped out of my own clothes. "Since you are out cold my dear, you won't mind if we skip the foreplay. I thought so. And now I am going to fuck that newly crafted pussy of yours."

I dropped to my knees. I pulled her legs apart and her hips to the edge of the couch. I lubed up my hard cock and brought it between her thighs. "You want this?" I asked, as I slapped the lips of her cunt. "No excuses this time, bitch," I grunted as I pushed into her. It felt sooo good. I slowly shoved my full length into her, then withdrew, watching the lips of her cunt cling to my cock. I continued this way for some time, slowly taking her, savoring the thrill of taking her. "You like this bitch?" I gasped, as I started thrusting harder. I could feel my cock swell as I watched her tits bounce with each slap of my hips. I grabbed her shoulders and rammed into her as hard as I could as I came. Big spurts of cum flooded her cunt as I howled.

Breathing heavily, I pulled out, my cock still hard. Her pussy was splayed wide open, cum dripping down over her ass onto the couch. "That was pretty good," I said as I took her by the hair, "but you still owe me a blow job."

Moving her about took a minute, but soon her head was hanging over the arm of the couch, her mouth hanging open. I slapped her face with my cock and taunted her, "you want this, don't you? You want my cock in your mouth. You want my hot cum, you little slut."

I put my head of my cock in her mouth and shoved. I was so fucking hot to see the head moving deep in her throat. "Beautiful thing unconsciousness, no gag reflex." I worked her mouth in long slow strokes, then deep short thrusts. Every so often, I would stay deep, then pull out and slap her face again with my dick. Then, I started face-fucking her in earnest. Even though I had just come, I could feel my balls tighten. I wedged my cock as deep as it could go and let go, my cum pulsing down her throat.

When the last drop had left me, I withdrew. I surveyed the scene with satisfaction. She looked totally fucked, dripping with my cum. After dressing, I hauled her into her bedroom and tucked her into bed.

As I was leaving, I could hear her whisper hoarsely, "mmmm, don't leave..."
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