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Sally cursed as she got into the car and slammed the door. Why did the stupid meeting have to take so long? She should have been home hours ago, soaking her tired feet and enjoying a glass of wine in front of the fire. Now it was dark and she still had a 45 minute drive ahead of her. She didn't notice the dark green estate pull out of the side road just as she drove out of the car park.

God she was so fed up. Her work was getting more demanding and there wasn't a lot of support at home. Josh was too busy with his own career to notice what Sally needed. Even their sex life, which had once been fantastic, was getting dull and routine. It was getting so bad that Sally had started spending more time on the computer, chatting up strangers in internet chat rooms. She could feel herself getting hooked, enjoying the excitement of fingering herself while 'talking' to complete strangers. She had considered having an affair with someone from work but no one really took her fancy and it would be too awkward afterwards. A stranger would be better.

She thought of this while she drove. She often fantasized about meeting up with one of the men in a dingy hotel room somewhere and having anonymous sex. The idea of letting a stranger fuck her was strangely alluring but she was far too sensible for it to really happen, it was just a fantasy.

She was imagining sucking a strange cock when the engine started to splutter.

Shit! she thought, it would not be good to break down in the middle of nowhere at this time of night.

She tried to come down a gear and rev the engine to see if the car would speed up again but it just kept slowing and then the engine died completely. Sally pulled over and put on the hand-brake. She tried to start the car again but there was nothing, not even the attempt of the engine to turn over.

Thank God for mobile phones Sally thought as she searched her bag. Her hand finally fell on the phone but when she pulled it out there was no signal.

Fuck! Stupid fucking country roads!

She was debating what to do next when she saw the headlights of the car behind her. Perhaps they'll stop and help she thought. The dark green car drove past and Sally swore again but then she saw the brake lights come on and then the reverse lights.

A Good Samaritan, she thought, I'm saved.

She watched as the door of the car in front opened and a rather large man stepped out. It was too dark to see him clearly but he was at least 6 foot tall with an average build. Sally opened the door and got out of her car. As she turned to speak to the man she noticed he was wearing a ski mask and carrying a cloth.

When Sally woke up she was on the floor of a strange house, tied to the bottom of a bed. The rope around her hands was tied tightly and when she tried to move she suffered burns on her wrists. She noticed that her feet were also tied together with rope around her ankles. She was trying to move into a more comfortable sitting position when the door opened and her captor walked in.

'What do you want from me?' Sally stuttered, 'Why have you got me tied up like this?'

The man didn't answer, he just walked up and checked that the ropes around her wrists were still tight. He was still wearing the ski mask so Sally couldn't see his face but she couldn't fail to notice the bulge in his trousers as he stood up in front of her. Sally was really scared now. She felt vulnerable in her short black pencil skirt and satin blouse. She was even wearing stockings, she often did at work because it excited her to think that the men were watching her and noticing the bulge of her suspender belt against the tight skirts she always wore.

She wasn't excited now as the man ran his eyes up and down the length of her body, pausing on her thighs where the skirt had ridden up.

'What do you want?' Sally asked again as she tried to move away from the man's stare.

'You' he said as he lifted her off the floor and threw her face down on the bed. The ropes around Sally's wrists chaffed and burnt her skin and she screamed.

'Of yes,' he said, 'I like to hear you scream'. Sally felt his hands moving over her body, rubbing up her legs and over her bottom. She screamed again but the man suddenly bent to whisper in her ear, 'Scream all you like, no one will hear you, there isn't a soul for miles'.

Sally started to cry but the man just laughed and continued to squeeze her bottom. His hands moved down her legs again and this time when they moved up it was under her skirt. Sally could feel how rough his hands were as they reached the top of her stockings, then they were moving down again.

'Please', Sally sobbed, 'don't hurt me'.

'Oh I won't hurt you too much' the man replied as he roughly squeezed her bottom again, 'not yet anyway'.

Sally was suddenly turned over onto her back and the man sat astride her. He began to move his hands over her chest, fondling her breasts. Sally was shocked to discover that her nipples were getting hard. The man noticed as well and gave them a hard squeeze through her blouse. Sally sobbed again and the man lowered his face to hers. She could feel his hot breathe as he spoke to her, 'Stop crying and I might loosen the ropes' he said. 'You might even enjoy it' he added giving her nipples another squeeze.

As Sally looked into his eyes she realised that he was going to have his way with her no matter what she did...