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An Accident

The car was barely damaged, but as Edward ran over to the car door he could see that the air bags had deployed and that the driver was barely conscious. Finishing his call to 911, he slipped his cell phone back into his pocket. Reaching for the car door, he heard the shrill whine of the front tire as it spun, inches off the ground. Fortunately a rock had wedged under the car lifting the front off the ground just enough to prevent the car from continuing to roll. He reached into the car, turned off the ignition and as it dieseled and died he reached down and unfastened the seatbelt from the driver.

Wanting to make sure the car didn’t coast any further, Edward reached over the wheel and put the car in park and then just to be sure, he reached his foot in and set the emergency brake. Assured that the car was stable, he turned his attention to the passenger.

The woman gazed up at him with glassy eyes and an odd look on her face, as if she was trying to comprehend what happened. She wasn’t bleeding, but her face was red and bruised apparently from the impact of the air bag. Edward squatted down and brushed her bleached blonde hair away from her face and looked closer. Her bright blue eyes were bloodshot and her mascara was badly smeared in a jagged halo. He noticed that tears created dark black paths down her face and around her lips.

He said softly, “Are you okay?”

Her head tilted a moment as she pondered the question and then she nodded, not sure she really knew how she was, Edward leaned back and looked down at her legs. They appeared okay, but he reached he hand down and confirmed they weren’t pinned or injured. He looked the rest of her over and convinced himself that, except for the impact of the air bag, she appeared uninjured.

“Look, help is on the way, you just need to sit still. The car’s okay now, so I don’t think you should move from here.”

Lisa’s face stung from the air bag but otherwise, nothing else seemed to hurt. Blinking her eyes, she saw him bending down near her legs. Initially she wasn’t sure what he was doing, but when she felt his hands touch her ankles and then slide up her legs, she froze in terror.

Fighting to keep from drifting to sleep, she felt his hands slide up her calves and then along the insides of her thighs. Wanting to stop him, she tried to speak, to say “No,” but she couldn’t form the word. She tried to clamp her legs together, but he pulled firmly on her legs, opening them.

His hands tugged at her panty hose, working it over her hips and then down past her knees. She felt her shoes fall away and then he slid the panty hose off of her. Moving her hands frantically, she gasped in horror when he screamed at her to sit still. He told her not to move and fearing his strength, she obeyed.

Fingers toyed at her crotch, pulling her panties to the side and then opening her lips. She felt him roughly pressing at her opening and then penetrating her. Clenching her jaw, she turned her head in shame as the rough manipulations began to arouse her some. Trying to fight off the sensation she squirmed in the seat, but that only gave him better access between her legs.

Closing her eyes, she felt tears stream down her face when suddenly, he removed his hands from her. Hoping it was over, she opened her eyes as he pulled her out of the seat, opened her back door and pushed her down onto the seat. She watched as he reached up her dress and removed her panties, tossing them to the ground. He then pulled himself out of his pants and hiking up her skirt, moved between her legs.

Pain shot through her as he shoved himself into her, pressing deep into her as his hot, stinking body pressed down upon her. Gritting her teeth, she felt him begin his humping motion, driving himself in and out of her. She wanted to scream or push him off of her, she wanted to do something to fight him, but she just didn’t have the strength, she was just so tired.

The man continued thrusting into her as she began to feel something building inside her. She bit her lip, trying to fight the sensations of pleasure that rocked through her with every thrust from her attacker. Whimpering as the feeling intensified, she suddenly exploded in shuddering pulsations. Feeling the man continue his thrusts she heard him moan and then push hard and deep inside her as a bright light suddenly flashed in her eyes…

“...perhaps a concussion, we need to take her in and see about her head injury,” Edward heard the paramedic say to the policeman.

He watched as the policeman squatted down and talked to the driver, still behind the wheel. She responded to the officer and then pointed over toward Edward. The policeman looked up at Edward, back to the woman and then he stood up and looked at the side of the car. He squatted back down as the woman shook her head up and down violently and began sobbing.

The policeman stood up and nodded to the paramedics who moved in and prepared to move her over to their gurney. Edward wait as the policeman looked over her car again and then looked over the driver as she was moved toward the ambulance.

“Sir, you said you didn’t move the woman.”

“No, although she didn’t seem hurt, I was afraid to. After I turned off the engine and set the brake the car seemed okay, so I just left her there,” Edward answered.

“Did you touch her when you did this?”

“Well, I unfastened her seatbelt, I might have touched her then. I looked at her face and then her body to see if she was hurt anywhere, I might have touched her then… her shoulder maybe.”

“What about her legs?” the officer asked.

“Yes, I did move her legs some, making sure they weren’t pinned in.”

“Where on her legs?”

“Her ankles I guess, maybe her calves… nothing above the knee. Why?”

“Well sir, she claims that before we got here you ah… molested her.”

“Molested her,” Edward said incredulously.

“Yes, actually said you pulled her out of the car, opened her back door and then raped her on the back seat.”

Looking over at the car, “But it’s a two door car, there is no back door.”

“Yes, I asked her about that, but she was adamant about it. I just wanted to see if anything happened between you two that might have made her think you did something.”

“No officer, nothing. I simply made sure she wasn’t badly hurt and then asked her to remain in the seat.”

“You didn’t move her from the seat?”

“No, I was afraid to, I always heard not to move someone.”

“Okay, I’ve seen this before, especially with suspected head injuries, the victim is sometimes delusional, she probably won’t remember a thing tomorrow. Look, I have your name, address and phone number here, so if anything else is said I can touch base with you.”

“Did the paramedics say she was okay?”

“They seemed to think so, maybe some head injuries, but otherwise okay.”

“Did you ask them about being raped?”

“No, from the looks of her clothes, there was no way, I just needed to make sure nothing happened that might make her believe she was molested.”

“There were several other people around,” Edward said, still concerned.

“My partner has talked to them, if anything was out of the ordinary he’d be over here. Don’t worry, like I said, I’ve seen this before.”

“Okay, I just didn’t want you to think...”

“No sir, looking at her car and her, it was clear nothing like that happened. I just had to ask.”

Nodding his head, Edward asked, “Do you need anything else from me?”

“No, I think I have everything. Hey, thanks for helping her out. She may not appreciate it now, but when she comes to her senses I’m sure she will be grateful.”

“I didn’t really do anything.”

“A lot of people would have done nothing. Besides, shutting down the car as quickly as you did may have saved her from a lot worse,” the officer said nodding toward the steep drop a few hundred yards away. “Who knows, with the tires spinning like you mentioned, the car might have gone over.”

“Well, I’m glad I could help.”

“I just wanted to thank you, I wish everyone could be like you. My job would be a lot easier for sure.”

Edward walked to his car, started the engine and slowly pulled away. Glancing at his watch, he sped up a little, not wanting to be late to the bus stop.

Fortunately, he made good time and hit green lights all the way across town. Slowing and stopping at a stop sign he saw the kids waiting for the school bus a few hundred feet ahead. Glad he made it on time, he smiled, quickly unzipped his pants and eased his erection out. He then drove slowly toward the bus stop.
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