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Meghan was a beauty. Jack looked down at his young wife and he was amazed again how lucky he was to have her. She was dancing slowly and seductively to the music, her arms raised and her hips moving slowly in a circle.

His eyes roamed over her body, starting at her cute feet, wrapped in black heels, then up her long, lean legs encased in pantyhose. He didn't think she needed the hose but he guessed she didn't want to look too casual. The invitiation did say semi-formal. He moved on to her black skirt, not too short but short enough to give a glimpse every now and then of her lovely thighs. Her white shirt, tucked in and open halfway down her chest, showing her white silk blouse. He smiled as he thought of the frilly white lace camisole she had on under the blouse. When she put in on this afternoon he teased her that she should just wear it by itself. She laughed and hit him on the shoulder, her full breasts bouncing under the flimsy fabric, instantly giving him a painful erection.

"You just relax tiger, there'll be time enough for that." She had said in a sexy little voice as she patted his bulge and skipped into the bathroom to finish dressing.

He looked down at her now as she continued to dance with her eyes closed in the smoky bar. Her short brown hair was a little wet from all of her dancing which just made her that much sexier as it stuck to her pretty face. Jack thanked again whatever powers had been responsible for bringing her to him.

He was glad he came to the reunion. At first he was unsure if he wanted to return but she was insistent. She so loved parties and getting dressed up but her real passion was dancing. She drug him to every event she could if it meant she could get him on the dance floor. He could never resist her, after all that was how they met. He was at the office party and she was dancing. He couldn't take his eyes off of her and he still couldn't even after three years of marriage.

Jack looked around the bar and remembered the many parties he attended here when he was a student. He shook his head and smiled when he thought of how wild they used to get. But, that was a long time ago, ten years in fact.

"Jack!" he snapped out of his trance when he heard his name. He turned to see his friend Tom screaming at him above the pounding music.

"Jack, let's go get some more beers! The girls are going to the bathroom!" Tom yelled.

Jack saw Meghan and Kristi now dancing together. Meghan was running her hands up and down Kristi's sides. God Damn! He thought. Did she do these things on purpose to make him suffer or was she just naturally so fucking hot she couldn't help it.

Meghan broke off from Kristi and whispered in Jack's ear. "Get me another drink tiger, you know how easy I get when I'm a little drunk." Jack felt his pants get a little tighter.

She giggled and walked off with Kristi towards the bathrooms. He watched her walk away, her tight little ass swaying back and forth.

Jack turned towards the bar and caught up with Tom. They bought the drinks and returned to their table. He nursed his beer and looked around. He saw the guy walking towards them from across the room. He looked familiar but he looked real young, so Jack doubted he could have known him. He had not been back in town since he graduated ten years ago.

The man walked right up to their table and sat down. Jack looked at him and smiled nervously.

"How's it going?" Jack said.

The man smiled back and shook his head slowly back and forth.

The man looked Jack in the eyes and said in a smooth, controlled voice, "Just fine, and how is it with you, weasel?"

When Jack heard the response his heart skipped a beat. He hadn't been called that since he left school. His mind raced as he stared at the man.

"Don't worry weasel, you don't know me. My name is Donnie Jackson." The man responded.

Jackson... Jack's mind whipped through his college years. Why did that name sound so familiar?

"Yes, weasel, the name should sound a little familiar. You see, I am Jimmy's younger brother." He said slowly.

It all came back in a rush. Jimmy Jackson, the president of the fraternity. Jimmy Jackson, the one who got suspended and eventually expelled after Jack blew the whistle on the fraud scandal in the fraternity.

"Ah, I see it in your eyes. You remember now, don't you? You didn't really think it would just go away, did you?" Donnie continued.

Jack just stared at him, wondering where this was going.

"You really didn't think you could waltz back in here and all would be forgotten and everyone be good buddies again, did you? Wait, maybe you did, you were always a little slow, weren't you, weasel?" Donnie said with a smirk.

"What do you want?" Jack stammered.

"Well, that is simple, weasel. We just want payback." Donnie said calmly.

"Payback? We? What are you talking about?" Jack sputtered.

"Let me explain it slowly for you, weasel, so you can understand. Jimmy was expelled and he eventually graduated from the state school. Of course, he couldn't land a job with the expulsion on his record so he joined the Army. He wants to thank you though, beacuse he eventually became a Ranger and received the purple heart. However, he had to sacrifice a leg to get it, a good trade, don't you think?" Donnie continued.

Jack just stared and tried to comprehend the chain of events.

Donnie continued. "Of course, you can't very well serve your country with one leg so he was discharged. He came back home and now he owns a bar. Isn't that a touching story?"

Jack shook his head up and down slightly.

"In fact, you can wave to him, he's right over there." Donnie said and turned to point over to the main bar.

Jack looked and saw the worn face of Jimmy Jackson. The man behind the bar did not even resemble the powerful young football star he remembered from school. This man looked like he had been through hell and barely made it back. The man met Jack's eyes and smiled a small, dark smile as he wiped a glass.

Jack looked back at Donnie.

Donnie looked him straight in the eye and continued. "He wanted to kill you, weasel. When he found out you were coming back he wanted to just beat you senseless and kill you. You can thank me, though, I talked him out of it."

Jack was having trouble focusing. He resisted the natural urge to say thank you and just stared at Donnie.

"You see, I figured my brother had been through enough. The last thing he needed was to get thrown in jail for the rest of his life. No, weasel, I was not going to let you do that to him, even though it would have been fun to watch. No, I cam up with a better plan." Donnie said.

"My plan was to hurt you deeply and let you feel it the rest of your life. Yes, that will be much sweeter and Jimmy will not have to go to jail." Donnie said calmly.

"What are you talking about?" Jack stuttered.

"Relax, weasel, we're not going to beat you up." Donnie laughed.

Donnie looked straight at Jack and his face grew darker. "No, we're going to do much worse. When I found out you were coming to the reunion I got in touch with your pal Tom here."

Jack whipped his head towards Tom.

Tom stammered, "Jack, they said they were going to hurt Kristi! They said all I had to do was bring you here. They said no one would get hurt."

Jack could feel his face getting red with anger.

Donnie broke his concentration, "How does it feel, weasel? How does it feel to get stabbed in the back by someone you trusted? Feels good, doesn't it?"

Jack turned to look at Donnie.

Donnie spoke to Tom, "Don't worry, friend of weasel, your little honey will be fine. She may get roughed up a bit being so close to the action but she will not be hurt."

Donnie turned back to Jack and his voice rose with anger. "Because you see, we are men of our word. We follow orders! We do not stab people in the back! But you wouldn't understand that now would you, weasel?"

Jack opened his mouth and what came out sounded more like a squeak. "Let's talk about this, I'm sure we can work something out."

"No Jack, talking's done. Let's just sit back and enjoy the show." Donnie said and turned his chair to face the dance floor.

Jack looked and saw Meghan and Kristi returning from the bathroom. Two young guys met them in the middle of the floor and began to talk to them. Jack felt a surge of anger and started to rise from his chair. He immediately felt a hand on each shoulder push him violently back into his chair. He looked behind to see two huge guys standing calmly behind him.

"Jack, relax, you're not going anywhere. Their job is to simply keep you in your seat. I would advise you to not push it because they would just as soon beat you to a pulp." Donnie said without turning his head.

"Now, let's just enjoy the show." He said.

Jack looked back at the dance floor and saw Meghan laughing and then slapping the guy softly on the shoulder and turning away. They guy reached out and grabbed the right side of her shirt, just below the collar. He pulled back hard and Jack heard the ripping noise as the shirt gave way.

Jack saw Meghan turn around and scream at the guy, grabbing her shirt from him and holding it. He saw her punch him in the chest and turn around to run right into another guy's chest. He saw her eyes get big with fear. The first guy reached around and grabbed both sides of her shirt from the back and pulled it quickly back and down her arms.

Meghan tried to struggle but her arms were pinned and the guy held onto the shirt. The second guy reached up and grabbed the silk shirt by the small shoulder straps and pulled it down hard. The small buttons popped easily and flew onto the floor. Her white camisole was now visible.

Jack remembered her teasing earlier and his heart sank. The second guy paused slightly, looking at her pretty breasts encased in the lacey fabric. He calmly reached up and yanked the camisole down, the small straps tearing. Her young breasts bounced out into the open. Jack heard her scream. He instictively rose and was pushed down in his seat again.

Donnie broke the silence. "Wow, weasel, those are nice. Now how did you get a hottie like that to pay attention to you? Was it your daddy's money again?"

Jack didn't respond.

"The boys will be pleased. You see, we had no idea what kind of woman you would end up with, weasel. We were going to take care of her regardless, but I know the boys thought they would have some fat, ugly thing. But, you surprised us, weasel, and brought us a cute little one." Donnie said with a smirk.

Jack heard another scream and turned to see Meghan being held from behind and a guy ripping her pantyhose down her long legs. He pulled them until they caught on her heels and he let go. He let go of her legs and she was now standing with her breasts free and her pantyhose gathered around her ankles.

The man reached under her skirt and yanked her white lace panties down to her ankles. She screamed again. Jack heard another scream and looked over to see Kristi with her hands tied together and hanging from a hook off one of the massive beams on the floor. She was floundering around as two guys were ripping at her clothes. Her dress had been torn to shreds and she was in a blue bra and panties and her pantyhose.

Jack felt Tom move and then get pushed back down into his chair.

"Relax, friend of weasel, she will be fine." Donnie said again without moving his head.

Jack saw the two guys move away from Kristi, leaving her flapping on the hook in her underwear. Jack saw movement and turned to see the guys dragging Meghan over towards them. He could see her eyes full of tears and her mascara running down her pretty face. He met her eyes and he could see the question. "Why aren't you helping me?" Jack broke eye contact and looked down.

The men drug Meghan over to a table close to Jack's and threw her roughly onto it on her back. One guy held her shoulders firmly down on the table and two other guys each grabbed a leg behind the knee and yanked them back towards her head, pushing up her short skirt and exposing her pussy, the light brown hair shining.

Jack then saw Jimmy walking slowly towards them. He had a cane and a severe limp, almost dragging his right leg. He walked up to Jack and bent down to within inches from his face. Jack could feel the anger and felt the spit hit him as Jimmy spoke.

"Weasel, I am going to fuck your little wife harder than I have ever fucked a woman. I am going to fill up her little cunt without enough spunk to make a dozen babies. And oh how I pray she is fertile, weasel, so she can be bred properly!" Jimmy screamed.

Jimmy turned around and limped back towards the table where Meghan was squirming and crying.

"Isn't this a much better plan, weasel?" Donnie laughed.

"I convinced Jimmy that unloading his rocks off into your wife right in front of you would be much more painful than any beating we could give you. Am I right, weasel?" Donnie snickered.

Jack watched Jimmy stop in front of his wife and reach into his pocket. He pulled out a knife and Jack sucked in his breath. Jimmy smiled at him and grabbed her pantyhose and sawed through them and her panties, allowing her legs to separate. The two guys spread her wide and Jack saw her sweet pussy open up in front of Jimmy.

Jimmy unzipped his pants and pulled out his rigid member. He moved forward and placed it gently on the opening of Meghan's soft pussy. Jimmy said something to the guys and the one on the left reached down and turned her head to face Jack. He looked right at her. She was sobbing, her tears soaked her cheeks. Her hair was soaked through and clung to the sides of her face. He made eye contact and saw the pain when Jimmy slammed deep into her. Jack saw her mouth open and a blood curdling scream escape.

Jack felt his blood grow cold. He had never heard his wife scream like that. He saw Jimmy buried in her, his crotch flush against hers. He was remaining still, holding his dick deep in her sweet womb.

Jimmy pulled slowly out and then slammed back into her. Jack saw her breasts bounce with the force and a guttural noise leave her lips. Now he had heard another new noise from his beautiful wife. He heard her make more as Jimmy began his vicious movement. He was holding her hips and violently slamming into her. His pace was slow but the force of the thrusts were incredible. Jack wondered how he was not knocking the breath out of her.

Jimmy kept up his rhythm and she was now moaning a slow deep moan as he pounded her. He was only pausing a second between thrusts, her breasts never stopping as they bounced on her chest. Jack could hear the skin slapping together on each thrust followed by a grunt from his wife.

Jack could feel a tear flowing down his cheek as he watched his innocent wife paying for his cowardice and betrayal. He would give anything to save her and he realized Donnie was right. This was way more painful than any beating.

Jimmy slammed down hard one last time and held himself deep within her. He raised his head and screamed as he unloaded his load into her womb. Jack suddenly realized that she could get pregnant. She had gone off her pills and they were talking about starting a family. This weekend was supposed to be the beginning. Jack felt the last piece of his heart break as Jimmy slowly pulled out of her, a string of cum connecting his limp dick with her open pussy.

Jimmy pulled up his pants and zipped them. He limped over to Jack and again got within inches of his face.

"Jack, that was wonderful. I am going to go over and rest up now for my second turn later." He cackled as he limped off to the bar.

Jack heard another grunt and looked to see another guy pounding into Meghan. Jack again went to get up and was dropped back down.

He screamed at Donnie,

"You had your revenge, now leave her alone!"

Donnie turned towards Jack and said,

"No, Jack, you screwed the whole fraternity. We lost our charter for 2 years. We had to start over and struggled for many years to build our membership back up. So you see, weasel, there are quite a few guys who want a piece of you, or should I say her." Donnie said.

Donnie slowly moved his arm in an arc, opening Jack's eyes to see a bar full of guys, all wearing the Sigma sign on their chest. He felt the breath leave him as he glanced around. He could not begin to count them.

The second guy was now unloading into Meghan. He withdrew and Jack saw the cum bubble out of her open pussy. Her eyes were now glazed and vacant as the third guy stepped up. Jack saw no reaction from her as he entered her and began to saw in and out.

Jack looked around and all he saw were guys with bulges in their pants and smiles on their faces. He put his head down on the table and cried. He felt pressure on his hair and his head was jerked up violently.

"Pay attention, weasel! The least you could do is watch as your poor wife pays your debts!" Donnie screamed at him.

Jack watched the third guy pull away from Meghan. Jack watched through tears for the next two hours as guys paraded between his wife's legs, pounded into her sloppy cunt and dumped their loads into her. There was now a large pool of cum beneath her and she was a mess.

Jack realized no one was between her legs and he breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe it was over. Maybe they would let them go and he could take her home.

Jack saw Donnie get up and he looked at him.

"My turn, weasel. You see, Jimmy got first dibs on the pussy. It was only fair. But I get first dibs on her ass for planning the whole thing." Donnie chuckled.

"No!" Jack screamed. "Leave her alone! That is enough!"

Donnie bent over to Jack. "Weasel, we're just getting started. When we're done you going to be able to drive a truck up both of your sweet little wife's holes."

Jack ripped his head back to his wife. She was breathing slow and deep. Her eyes were puffy and there was drool leaking from her lips. She looked unconscious.

Donnie was now between her legs. the two guys holding her legs pulled back slightly, lifting her ass off of the table. Donnie slid his dick into her well-lubed pussy and pulled it out, coated in slime. He then lined it up on her ass and pushed it deep. Jack saw his wife's eyes pop open wide and she tried to scream. It came out more as a whimper. She moaned loud as Donnie hammered her tender ass. Jack saw Donnie's cock moving in and out of her ass, pulling almost all the way out and then slamming back in.

Jack didn't know if she had ever had a cock in her ass. They had never discussed it. He was never interested and she never brought it up. From the look on her face though, he figured this was the first one. Donnie continued his pace for another minute and them filled her ass up with a load of cum.

He withdrew and then came back to sit down next to Jack.

"That was one sweet ass, Jack. It felt like a virgin one at that. You never popped your wife's butt Jack? Man, you are a weasel." Donnie laughed.

Jack then watched as the parade of guys started again, this time everyone pounding her tiny asshole. Meghan was now completely out of it. Her eyes were closed and the only thing Jack could see moving was her breasts bouncing on her chest.

The guys continued and Jack saw Jimmy come out from the bar. He limped over and looked at Jack.

"Time for round two, weasel." Jimmy snickered and pulled out his now hard dick.

He walked up to Meghan's face and shoved his dick into her mouth. She offered no resistance and her lips just spread out to accept him. Jack watched in horror as Jimmy fucked his wife's pretty face. Her lips were spread wide and Jimmy's pubic hair was smashing against her nose. Jimmy fucked her mouth for another minute or so and then pushed deep and Jack saw him tense up. He knew his gorgeous wife was now swallowing the cum of Jimmy Jackson.
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