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Rape Stories Iraq Rape Room Rape Image Fantasy Erotica - Rape - Movies
Joe Harper whistled cheerfully as he walked along the narrow cobbled street. He was a harpooner on a whale-ship just returned from a highly successful voyage to the Davis Straits. He felt happy to be ashore again and looked forward to a few months at home. Home. The very word brought a smile to his lips.

Until the previous winter he had been of no fixed address, sleeping in any place he could find, often in a whore's room. He was a favourite with three or four. His money, so hard-earned, was usually spent on drink and women, leaving nothing in his pocket when he went back to sea. But now it was different.

Last winter he had met Ann Lubbock and the two of them had fallen in love. He couldn't believe it. Joe Harper in love. She had taken him into her house and heart when he was blind drunk and sadly in need of help. On board ship his thoughts frequently turned to Ann and her young son, Jim, who was 9 years old. The boy had willingly accepted him as a father. When Joe had reluctantly left for another voyage Ann was pregnant.

Now he was home. He opened the door and entered the house, abruptly stopping his whistling at the sight that greeted him. Sitting in the chair before the fire - his chair - was a powerfully built fellow with a brutish face made worse by a livid scar on his cheek. Two other men, of similar mien, were sitting at the table.

Ann was bending by the cooking pot and she straightened up as Joe entered. Her left eye was blackened and puffy; on her chin was the purple of a bruise. The baby, which Joe had yet to see, was crying in a rough cot hastily made by Joe before he left. Jim, looking miserable and afraid, cowered in a corner.

"What the devil....!" exclaimed Joe. "Who the bloody hell are you?"

The man rose up to his full and impressive height. "I might ask that of you, bursting into me house like that."

"Your house?" Joe, bewildered, looked at Ann. With her eyes cast down she nodded agreement.

"Emmanuel Lubbock, that's me name. This here's me wife, Annie, and that milksop over there is me son, Jim. 'course, you've already met, ain't you? As for the babby...." Lubbock rubbed his chin, thoughtfully. "I don't rightly know where that little bastard come from."

Joe lunged forward.

"No!" cried Ann.

"Not me," Lubbock continued, "that's for sure. I bin away on business."

In fact, he had been transported for seven years for the crime of Assault. Joe knew all about him, but fully expected him to have disappeared to Australia for ever. Instead, as with most transportees, Lubbock had got no further than a Hulk moored on the Thames. After four years and three months he was released on licence. And now he was back home, completely unreformed and as vicious as before.

"Now then, sir," Lubbock said, with mock politeness. "May I enquire who you might be, walking into a man's home and castle, as you might say, without so much as a by your leave?"

"You know damned well," growled Joe. "What you been doing to her?" He indicated the bruises on Ann's face.

"What any wronged husband is entitled to do to his own wife. And I done summat else, too. A wife needs beating to keep her under control, but she needs pleasuring, as well. I makes sure she gets plenty o' both."

Joe took an uncertain step forward. "Annie...."

"You keep away from her," snarled Lubbock, picking up a fire iron. His two friends came to their feet.

"No, Mannie," pleaded Ann. "Please, Joe, get out before he does for you."

"I can't leave you to him."

"Then you can bloody stay and get what's coming to you." Lubbock advanced towards Joe, the iron bar raised above his head.

"Run, Joe! Run!" screamed Ann.

Joe hesitated. "Ann....."

"Run, Joe! Run!"

Another moment of hesitation then Joe gave a roar and rushed towards Lubbock, ducking low and avoiding the swing of the iron bar. The big man was nearly knocked off his feet as Joe thumped into him, but soon recovered, dropped the bar and wrapped his arms round his assailant. It was an uneven struggle. Even without the help of his friends Lubbock quickly ended the attack and Joe was laid out on the floor in a semi-conscious state.

It was five minutes before he roused and became aware of his situation. He was tied hand and foot to a chair with the three men grouped around him. He could see Ann and Jim over by the stove, terrified and clutching each other.

Lubbock bent forward, putting his face close to Joe's. "Thought you'd move in, did yer? Thought my dear Annie and loving son needed someone to protect them from this wicked world. An' you put a bun in the oven before you left just to make sure her bed would still be warm for you. Di'n't you?"

Lubbock thumped Joe in the stomach to emphasise the point.

"Let him go," Ann pleaded. "Please, Mannie. I'll do anything"

"Too right you bloody will." Lubbock crossed over to her, grabbed Jim by the arm and thrust him away into a corner. "Get down there and stay with your mouth shut. Get it?"

The boy dumbly nodded, his eyes wide with fright.

"Now you." Lubbock addressed his wife. "Bin having a fine old time while I've bin shut away, haven't yer? Bin entertaining our friend here." He indicated Joe. "Well, now you can entertain the three of us."

Ann gasped in horror. Joe squirmed and pulled against the ropes holding him down, but all to no avail. The knots were too tight.

"No, Mannie. I'll be nice to you when we're alone...nice as you like, but let Joe go and send the others away."

"You're not getting away with it that bloody easy, woman. Get them clothes off."


"Don't be shy. I've seen it all before - an' so has good old Joe. As for my two friends...well, let's face it, you've got nothing diff'rent from a thousand whores they've seen. Now be quick about it or I'll lay this about that cuckolding bastard's head." He held up the iron bar. "He won't be so pretty for yer then."

Ann tearfully began to unbutton her blouse. Underneath was a shift which completely covered her breasts, still somewhat enlarged after the birth of her second child. She took off the blouse, pausing only briefly before unfastening her skirt and dropping it to the ground. The shift reached below her knees. Beneath it were full length drawers. She stepped out of the skirt.

Lubbock was glaring at her whilst Joe was still struggling against his bonds. The two friends were licking their lips in anticipation of the delights to come. Despite having to work hard all her life and living close to poverty, Ann was a good-looking woman, with a neat and shapely figure almost devoid of excess fat. She was, in fact, a far tastier morsel than either man was used to and they were already sporting erections as they gazed at her.

Ann hesitated.

"Hurry it up," growled Lubbock.

"At least put Jim outside, Mannie. Don't let him see this. He's only a nipper."

"What d'you think, lads? Should we oblige the lady?"

"Aye," said the uglier of the two heavyweights. They were both ugly, but he took the prize.

"Truth to tell," enjoined the second. "I might be put off me stride having the kid watching."

Lubbock grinned. "Wouldn't want that, would we?" He turned to the boy still cowering in the corner. "All right. Get out."

"Go to Mrs Turney's," said Ann. "Just tell her I'm busy with your dad and need you from under me feet."

Lubbock laughed. "Yeh, that's good. She'll get the picture. Run!" He stamped his foot. Jim scuttled out. "Right, now that's settled, let's be having your shift off. Let the lads see what you've got to offer. Survey the goods, like."

"You bastard!" yelled Joe.

Lubbock turned on him, waving the iron bar. "Shut your bloody mouth unless you want a taste o' this."

"Don't hurt him," cried Ann.

"That's up to you. Get on with it."

She undid the ribbons of her shift and dropped it down, revealing her breasts to the men. She stepped out of it, kicked it to one side and then unfastened her drawers. There was no point in delaying the inevitable. She pulled them down below her bottom before sitting on a chair to pull them off. Throwing them on the bed she slowly stood, her eyes on the ground.

"There you are, lads. All yours."

"For God's sake, Lubbock, have some respect for your wife," Joe shouted.

"Shut it!"

The two men slowly circled Ann, who was trembling with embarrassment, shame and fear. They were undoing their trousers. Ugly was the first to bring out his cock, closely followed by Uglier. They were both fully aroused at the mere sight of their prize and anticipation of pleasures to come. Ann was not aroused at all. Her vulva felt dry and closed; she knew the cocks entering her would cause a lot of pain.

Suddenly, with one accord, the two men began to struggle out of their trousers, almost comical in their haste, hopping from one leg to the other and nearly falling. Ann might have laughed at the sight of them, but the situation was too serious. At last they were free of their garments and came to her, one on either side.

"On your knees, whore," growled Ugly.

She did as commanded. Her face was on a level with both cocks. She knew what was expected. She ran her hands over the swollen pricks and then took one in her mouth, whilst still stroking the other. After a few moments of sucking and licking she transferred to the second rampant phallus. Did it belong to Ugly or Uglier? It didn't really matter. She took it as far in as she could, but it was too big to take it all.

At least, she thought it was. He suddenly thrust himself forward and the cock hit the back of her throat, making her gasp and choke. He kept thrusting in and out, pumping until he must surely come. But that's not what he wanted and to Ann's relief he pulled out. She gagged and fought for air.

"Come on, whore." The first man pushed his cock towards her mouth and she reluctantly slid her lips over it. "My turn."

It seemed like an eternity as Ann went from one cock to the other, licking and sucking. Surely they must finish and maybe her torment would be ended. But although both men seemed permanently on the verge of spewing out their semen into her mouth, neither did.

She was unceremoniously hauled onto her feet and pushed over the back of the chair.

"Spread your legs and let's see your cunny."

Fingers roughly kneaded her labia, pinching and squeezing them. She gritted her teeth and remained silent. In another moment her vagina was invaded by a large, fully roused cock that thrust deeply all the way into her.

It hurt. My God, how it hurt, but she didn't cry out. She wouldn't give them that satisfaction. The cock pushed in and out with an ever increasing ferocity.

"This is good, isn't it, whore?" yelled the cock's owner. "You're bloody enjoying it, aren't you?"


"Aren't you, whore?"


She was silent.


He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.


"Say you're enjoying being fucked by me."


"Say it!"


Her head was pulled back further, stretching her throat and sending spasms of pain down her back.


"I'm enjoying it," gasped Ann.


"You want me to fuck you harder, don't you, whore?"

"I want you to fuck me harder."

He proceeded to do just that, hammering into her like a beast possessed. Joe was unable to watch. The horror of Ann's abuse was too much for him. Helpless and incapable of helping her there was nothing he could do except close his eyes and try to blot out the rape.

Suddenly his head was clamped between two large, rough hands holding it in a vice-like grip.

"Open your eyes, Joe, an' watch your whore being given what she's begging for. You're not man enough for a woman like her. She needs two or three at a time. Mebbe more. I'll see what I can do later. Watch her enjoy it."

Sharp pains in his head forced Joe's eyes open. It was obvious the first man had reached his climax and was shooting sperm into Ann's pussy. His face was twisted, his body rigid and the thrusts were now no more than short jerks as he emptied his seed into her.

She remained silent.

"For fuck's sake, let me get in her!" shouted the second man, who had been rubbing his cock while watching. He was about to come.

They quickly changed places and Ann felt the second cock slide into her with much less pain this time. Her natural juices had begun to flow. He was only able to make half a dozen quick thrusts before his semen poured out. He pushed as deep as he could.

She remained silent.

Joe felt sick. Forced to witness the violent rape of the woman he loved his reaction had been a mixture of horror, shame and excitement. He had actually got a hard-on and was in danger of coming in his trousers. More than anything he wanted to plunge his tool into the soft warmth of Ann's cunt, feeling the lips close around him. God, how perverted could he get?

"That's it, lads, you've had your fun," said Lubbock. "Now it's my turn." He unfastened his trousers and took them off. "But I've bin shut away for over four years. Not had the chance of a woman. Only men on the Hulks. A man's only got one hole. I got kind o' used to that."

"That's it, Mannie," Ugly gleefully shouted. "Give it to her up the arse."

"Lubbock!" Joe gave an anguished cry.

"No, Mannie," pleaded Ann. "Use my cunny. Please. You're too big. You'll tear me apart."

Lubbock said nothing but just grinned; an evil grin. He grabbed Ann by the neck and pushed her head down, doubling her over the chair. He put his finger on the bud of her anus and twisted it.

"Mannie!" Ann gave a cry of despair. She could no longer be silent.

He pushed his finger into her anus and she screamed. Worse was to come. His fingers were big, but they didn't compare to his fully-erect cock. There was no gentleness when he entered her; no thought of the damage he might be doing. Or maybe there was. Maybe he did it deliberately, knowing that his wife would be in extreme pain.

She screamed and clutched the edge of the chair, her knuckles white with the ferocity of her grip. She did, indeed, feel as if she was being torn apart. The pain was overwhelming. She briefly blacked-out, giving her some relief from the agony, but became conscious again all too soon.

She screamed. Again and again she screamed.

At last it was over. Lubbock emptied himself and pulled out, bringing blood and mess with him. Ann was nothing more than a rag doll who flopped down over the back of the chair, incapable of doing anything but sob.

Joe was ashen and there was a trembling deep in the pit of his stomach. There was no fight in him when his bonds were released. The two thugs unceremoniously hauled him onto his feet.

"Now get out," growled Lubbock. "An' don't let me see you round here again or it'll be the worse for you. And her." He jerked his finger in Ann's direction. "We might have to give her more of the same. What d'you say, lads?"

"Next time I'll take her up the arse," said Uglier.

They all laughed. Lubbock booted Joe out of the door and slammed it shut.

He ran.

Pursued by Lubbock's laughter.

He ran.

Haunted by Ann's sobs.

He ran.

Tormented by the cries of the baby.

He ran....down the narrow court and out into the street.

He ran....with wild shouts of agony and anger and shame.

He ran....until he dropped with the blood pounding in his head and a knife-like pain searing his chest.

At that moment he wished that he had died in the bleakness of the Arctic ice.


"You're sitting there feeling bloody sorry for yourself. Well, that don't impress me." The girl applied some rouge to her cheek. "If you was any kind of man you'd stand up for yourself....and for your lass."

The last thing Joe wanted was a lecture and a reminder of his cowardly action of the previous day. He was sick at heart as well as in the stomach after spending the entire evening drowning his sorrows. It was all he could think to do and now he felt thoroughly ashamed at having deserted Ann when she so obviously needed help. There was Jim to consider, too, and of course, the baby....Joe's own child. He had let them all down.

"Lay off me, Mary," he muttered, unable to excuse or defend himself.

"I should lay into you, more like," was the sharp retort. "I had a lot of time for you, Joe Harper, but not now. You've let her down good and proper, and no mistake."

Joe pulled himself off the couch, lurching slightly as he stood on his feet. "Now look, I don't have to listen to this."

"No, and you didn't have to bleeding well come here, but you did, 'cos you thought you'd get a bit of comfort. But I'm not playing, see? You've got your own woman now and you walked out on her."

"She's married, for God's sake, and her husband's come back. They're married, fair and square. He's got the law on his side. He can do what he likes with her and there's nothing I can do to stop him. You should see him....twice as big as me. And there was two of his friends. There's nothing I could do. I had a go, but they was too much for me."

"Oh God....Joe." Mary looked at him with pity. "What a bleeding mess you've got yourself into, haven't you? Didn't you ever stop to think her husband might come back?"

"We never talked about him. I suppose I thought he were dead."

"You mean, you preferred not to think about him at all."

Joe sank back onto the couch with a groan. He knew Mary was right in what she said. He had chosen to close his eyes to the true situation; he had been living with a married woman who still owed allegiance to her husband, even if he had been transported.

Before he met Ann his relationship with women had been purely sexual and often bought. Marriage and a family had never entered into the scheme of things and he expected to end his days as an old bachelor sea-dog, if he managed to live that long. But now it was different; now he wanted the responsibility of a wife and home.

"God, Mary, what the hell can I do?"

"Sober up and start thinking for a change. I've heard there's a big world out beyond the limits of this town. Bigger than this country, even, and a lot of people are going out to find it. A man and a woman with a couple of kids could get lost in it. Just think about that."

Mary put on her coat.

"You going out?" asked Joe, dully.

"To see me bank manager," said the girl, cheerfully. "I'm saving up to buy me own brothel!"


Ann grimaced as the man banged his cock into her pussy. They were in a small alcove off a narrow alley. Her skirt was pulled up around her waist and she wore no drawers, all the better to do business. After the rape in her own home Lubbock had turned her into a real whore, sending her out onto the street to earn money for rent and food. At least, that's what he claimed, but in truth he drank away the money she earned, taking to his old life as a fish takes to water.

The hard cock inside her suddenly gushed out sperm, filling her cunt. It wouldn't be long before one of these bastards made her pregnant. She took certain precautions, but there was no sure way. The man, breathing heavily after his exertions, pulled out of her and she straightened her skirt.

"Thanks, love."

He quickly disappeared along the alley. At least he was polite and did the business without any frills, messing about or excessive demands.

She counted the money in her purse. Probably enough for the day. She needed to have extra so she could hide it from Mannie, otherwise he'd drink away the lot. That meant she had to take on at least two extra customers from the number he would expect. It was hard, exhausting work, as well as being completely degrading. Making sure her clothes were in order she left the alley

Ann tried to forget the happiness which had so briefly been hers and resign herself to the misery of the present situation, but it was difficult to dismiss Joe completely from her mind. They had not seen each other since he had run out three months earlier, leaving her at the mercy of the beast she had married. The sailor had hardly proved to be a hero, yet Ann did not like him the less for that. To have attacked Mannie would have achieved nothing and might have resulted in death or injury. No, it was best this way.

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