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I had packed the rest of my things from the office, which I needed for the trip to Africa. Our company was sending me to our offices there to set up a meeting with the local government. I was to set up contracts for mineral rights in certain regions of the country. I checked the office one more time to see if there was anything else I needed, seeing that there wasn't, I saw myself in the mirror. Oh God! what a bad hair day I thought. I'm not a natural blonde but I like to think that others believe that I am. I do not look too bad for thirty-nine, a hundred twenty five pounds and I still have somewhat perky breast, I feel good about myself. I shut and locked the door, turned to meet Tony.

"Hey Donna, so you are headed out?" Tony was in his mid forties, married with kids, very friendly and a wonderful boss. I could not imagine working for anyone else, especially with the strong will I have. I should have been fired long ago with some of the fights I have put up.

"Yeah, looks like I've got everything." I was a rushed trying to get everything together. Now I had to run pick my daughter Brianna up. She decided she wanted to go with me at the last minute. She was a newly wed; only twenty-two just out of college, but this was a trip that we would have some quality time together in a foreign land. Her husband was so busy working that he understood and supported her going.

"So what time you leaving out?" Tony said.

"Seven in the morning, I am on my way to pick Brianna up now, she decided to go with me at the last minute."

"Oh, I didn't know anyone was going with you." The look of surprise that Tony gave was a little uncomfortable.

"Her expense is coming out of mine and Randy's pocket; her father wanted her to go too." I sounded somewhat defensive, for, I had a reputation for an argumentative personality.

"Oh I know, that's ok, I didn't mean anything by it."

"Have a safe trip."

"Ok, thanks Tony, Bye." I moved swiftly down the hall and out the door, I did not needed any more interruptions.

I pulled up in Brianna's driveway and honked away. She came strolling out the door with bags in each hand, Her husband Mike had his hands full as well. I knew she would bring the house with her. I watched her stroll to the car, her blonde hair and gorgeous figure, her mannerisms and compassion for others, what a fine woman she had turned out to be. I had birthed her when I was only seventeen. Randy and I had raised her well.

Her bags loaded in the trunk, slid in the front, "Off we go Mom."

"Looks like you got a tan." I said.

"Yeah, been in the tanning bed all week, wanted to look good for our trip."

I looked into those blue eyes of hers, "Brianna, now you look good anyway, you don't have to alter yourself to be attractive; you are one of those naturals."

"Oh God Mom, flatter me some more." She giggled as she always did. She was always in a good mood, fun to be with. She was popular in school, active in many activities, friendly with everyone and had made many friends.

I smiled at her as we drove off.

The clock went off early; I sprung up exhilarated, filled with anticipation about our venture. Brianna was already up and ready. The excitement in her face was evident. My husband Steve got up with us; he walked us to the car and gave me a good kiss bye. We made our way to the airport in a timely manner, boarded and off we went.

We were to arrive at the airport in downtown, a limo was to pick us up and take us to a hotel about seventy-five miles from town. Everything happened, as it should, we arrived, were picked up and started down the highway in a nice limo.

We came to a stop an hour later in a remote place. I asked the driver what we were doing. He just looked at me without saying anything.

Suddenly, four black men opened the back doors to the limo and helped Brianna and me out. They put us in a jeep without saying anything, placing our bags in with us. Brianna looked at me puzzled.

"Where are we going?" I asked the driver.

Just a stare in the rearview is all I got. They locked the doors but from the outside. He drove off, eventually coming to a runway with a cargo plane running. I was still not sure what was going on. The same four men removed us from the jeep and escorted us to the plane.

"Hey where are we going?" I asked resisting as he grasped my arm squeezing harder as I tried to stop him.

Before I knew it we were in the back of the cargo plane by ourselves. A sense of panic overwhelmed me.

"Mom where are they taking us, was this what was supposed to happen?"

"I don't think so; I don't know what's going on." Bewildered, I could feel the plane barreling down the runway and then taking off. What was happening, why were these men so quiet, did we get in the wrong limo? I was now playing everything over in my mind. Yes we did get in the right limo, they had my name and my companies name on the card, they knew what they were doing. Then, what is the explanation?

I looked at my watch, four hours had passed, I could feel the plane descend. Brianna and I had made conversation the entire way with scenario's of what could be happening. Kidnapped? No, it couldn't be, who would know we were there, why would they have just taken us? Maybe this is just where we were going, I must have had the location wrong or something.

The plane came to a halt. Brianna and me were escorted off the plane and into the back seat of a car with soldiers inside who sat on either side of us. Night had fallen; the darkness invaded the car reeking fear in my bones about the unknown.

"Where exactly are we going?" I demanded. My questions were unanswered. I now began to worry. Brianna held my hand tightly. We drove about a half hour and entered what seemed to be some kind of military compound. "We are Americans!" I shouted.

"We know who you are." One of the soldiers responded in English speaking with an African accent.

We drove through this huge wooden gate attached to towering stone walls on either side, they stood at least fifteen feet. Guards staffed the top of the wall in intervals. Slowly entering the gate, I stared at what was up ahead; it looked like a small town, cobble stone streets, buildings on both sides. I saw what looked to be a club, inside was music and people dancing. All the men were dressed as soldiers. Something was not right. They were all black African men. Why were all the women white? What was this? This is strange I thought.

"What is this place?" Brianna asked reading my mind but looking for assurance that I knew.

I didn't.

"I just don't know, stay right with me Bri." I spoke nervously, she sensed it too, the only time I shortened her name was when something was wrong, she knew it. We both gazed through the windows into the street and buildings. The buildings were only one story, made of stone with thick wooden doors like something from medieval times.

We came to a deserted part of the town and stopped. The entire town had only been made up of about six blocks it seemed and was surrounded by these massive stone walls. The soldiers got and pulled us with them. We were ushered inside a building and escorted down a long dark hallway. We made so many turns that I became disoriented. The sounds of the soldier's boots echoes off the stone walls, for the floors were made of the same stone but smoother. We came to a wooden door which looked to be centuries old. The lead soldier took out a set of keys and unlocked it. We entered.

I gazed around the room. The smell of must from century old wood and stone dampened form leaky roof at times no doubt. I got a sick feeling in my stomach.

Two chairs in the corner, a sofa and coffee table placed strategically for a non-interrupted view of the bed. Present, in the middle of the room was a queen bed; red satin sheets lined the mattress. Three cameras were positioned in different places. The room was dark except for the soft lights glowing on the bed. The lights were positioned such that it looked like professionals were about to begin shooting..........They were.

There were six men in the room; two of them forced me into a chair strapping my wrist to the arms and my ankles to the legs. Two men moved Brianna behind this petition when A Caucasian woman entered the room.

I struggled and yelled, "What are you doing, stop don't do anything please!" I looked at the woman who had entered the room, "Please help us what is going on?"

She did not look at me, I could hear Brianna start to cry and scream, the woman rushed behind the petition.

"No stop, no I don't want to!"

"You must, make it easy on yourself, my name is Lisa, just let me help you remove your clothes."

The woman's voice was American Southern, she sounded compassionate but why was she doing this.

I yelled, "Leave her alone, leave my daughter alone, NOW!"

The two men, Lisa, and Brianna came from behind the petition, Brianna in a white robe, I knew she was nude underneath. I had heard as her pants dropped to the floor.

"Now lie on the bed." One of men who was the leader spoke in a demanding voice.

"No please I don't want anything to happen."

"LIE DOWN NOW!" He had no patience. He shoved her to the bed. Lisa tried to console and help her.


One of the men beside me bent down and whispered in my ear, "Oh my lady, you are next."

I looked around the room again, it was dark around the walls and corners, all except for the bed in satin sheets shining from the soft glow of lighting directed where all the action had occurred and would obviously reoccur.

The bed consisted of four tall corner post, the bed, queen in size. The men pulled out of a wooden chest some leather straps and began to hold Brianna as they wrapped two of the straps around her wrists, she struggled but to no avail.

Lisa spoke to her softly, "Don't struggle sweetie, it will only hurt you and you can't get away..... I promise." Lisa looked to be about thirty very attractive and looked well to be in this situation. I suppose she was into all this.

I began to scream and cry, "NO NO NO!" One of the men then placed a cloth in my mouth and tied it to the back of my head. Muffled sounds escaped in vain.

They seem to take care not to hurt Brianna. The straps were tied to the post on the headboard, her arms now restrained. They wrapped a strap above each knee just before her thigh and attached them to the same post the arm straps were attached to, which raised her hips up significantly. They attached straps to her ankles now and tied them to the posts at the foot of the bed. Brianna was spread out with her hips up for the offering. I trembled and cried still struggling to no avail

"Get her ready Lisa." The leader said.

"Yes Twan." A name, I now knew his name, but it didn't matter right now. I knew I needed to remember details, anything I could for the future, I had to keep a clear frame of mind. Two soldiers start to work the cameras.

Lisa moved between Brianna's legs, running her tongue up the inside of her thigh not stopping until she reached her most private place, Brianna whimpered, "No no please don't do this. Lisa continued, now licking and sucking between Brianna's legs.

A knock at the door, Twan opens, a large African soldier steps in. His behavior seems to reveal he is lower in rank. They talk of money, the soldier tries to bargain but Twan demands, "She is new here, you want to be first, you must pay premium." The soldier complies.

He disrobes, my heart pounds, he moves between Brianna's legs. Lisa moves out of the way and produces a bottle of oil lubricant. His cock hangs lengthy between his legs, Lisa takes it in her hand, she knows the drill as well as the soldier; she applies a small bit to the head of his growing erection.

The young black soldier moves in between Brianna's legs, mounting her, she has no way of struggling, she only whimpers.

"Go slow, do not hurt her, make sure she is ready." Twan demands as he watches and directs the camera men where to position themselves.

The well endowed soldier works the head of his cock up and down Brianna's slit, she is wet from Lisa's saliva, she squirms and whimpers, "no no please no." Her hips, raised in the air, her legs are spread, and there is nowhere to go. The soldier has paid for her; she was his on this night.

I tried to turn away. The soldier beside me grasps my head in his hands and turns me towards the action forcing me to look, I closed my eyes but it was no use, I looked on crying, my pleading muffled by the cloth in my mouth.

The soldier between Brianna's legs stops rubbing the head up and down, I know he has found her opening and he is readying himself to enter her. He begins to push inwards, "Oh God", Brianna succumbs to his girth, for it is massive, she lets out a squeal and gasps, "OH GOD OH GOD OOOHHHHH," She throws her head back, then side to side as he works himself in deeper. He works in a bit at a time, then pulls back some, in again, each time more and more of him disappears inside her.

I am breathing heavier and heavier, gasping for breath as I watch her being taken in this strange place in which we have no clue as to where we are. I can't do anything but watch and wait hoping she is ok.

"Ohhh Ohhh Nooooo Goddddd Unnnnnnnnnnn." She whimpers as he is taking her.

I watch as the last bit of him disappears inside her, his scrotum now rests on her ass. He pulls back just before the head is removed, then plunges inside her, the camera moves closer between their legs.

He starts thrusting in a powerful rhythm, reaching his arms under her back moving his hands to her shoulders pinning her body to his. His buttocks are dark black, round, and muscular, they clinch as he drives deep inside her. His hips start to move viciously, I can't turn away. I watch the lips of Brianna's cunt, tightly wrapped around his girth being drug up the length as he pulls out and then pushed inside as he plunges in.

Brianna only whimpers as he drives in and out of her. I watch as the sweat beads form on his dark muscular back, glistening in the light. He pumps harder, working his for his prize. He starts to jerk and grind his hips between her legs, and then, he grunts and got what he came for.

The soldier lays in between Brianna's legs exhausted. Twan tells him, "Get up, time to move on."

He lifts his body and slowly pulls his massive cock out of her. It flops out, jism drips from it and falls to the sheets. Brianna lays there gaped open, whimpering, the opening of her cunt formed a perfect o, she was red, and swollen.

They undo the straps and Lisa helps Brianna up, closes her robe back. She puts her arm around her and takes her to a door where they disappear through it.

The soldier, freshly fucked leaves the room. The two soldiers beside me remove the straps grasps my arms and moves me to the petition. They tell me to undress but I can't, I will not willingly give myself up.

I hear the door open and close, "Jessica, help the lady remove her clothes." Twan's voice was softer with this girl.

Jessica moved to my side of the petition. She was a young petite brunette, later I learned she was twenty four. She spoke softly, "Its ok, you have to go with this if you don't want to get hurt, trust me the more you cooperate the easier it will be on you."

"Where are we?" I whispered.

"I can't go into that right now, but you must do as you're told."

I removed my clothes and put on a white robe hanging from a hook. I was one of many. I move from behind the petition and walk on my on accord to the bed, the soldiers tell me to lie down, I comply, and they begin to strap me.

"Just don't strap me please."

"The straps are for you protection as well as the soldiers, I don't want you hurting him and he will not hurt you."

Before I know it I am strap spread eagled on the bed in the position that my daughter was just minutes before. I could feel myself spread out. My hips rose off the bed, my ass exposed for all to see.

"Jessica, prepare the lady." Twan orders.

Jessica moves between my legs and starts to kiss, to lick making her way to my cunt. I felt what Brianna was feeling. I tried my best to think of something else, anything to take my mind off the physical sensation. I could not find this erotic at this time but her tongue worked me hard. She knew what to do, I thought she had done this many times, she kept licking and sucking the lips of my cunt and then she started working on my clit. I felt myself swelling, I did not want to but I could not control it.

A knock at the door echoed through the room. Twan opened it. In walks another black soldier, quiet large in stature. I believe he was an officer by the way they was treating him. He walked up to me started rubbing, massaging my breasts. He unbuckled his pants and dropped them to the floor. He moved between my legs and removed his underwear. He was also uncircumcised, well endowed. Jessica stroked him, peeled the foreskin from the head and applied some of the oil to it. He rubbed my thighs and moved on top of me, mounting me. I knew not to scream, or whimper, it was no use. He placed the head on my slit and worked it around parting the lips, finding the warmth and wetness that Jessica had worked up. I felt the head at the opening of my cunt, he stopped, started pushing. I knew I was feeling what Brianna had felt, the anticipation of what this was going to feel like was making me feel queasy. My heart pounded, my mind raced, I started panting. He began to push, working the head in when it broke through.

"Aaaaaahhhhh oooohhhhhh.......Oh God..." I panted and gasped.

He pushed deeper working himself inside me. The cameras were working as he began to thrust inside me. I felt myself open up to him. I realized I had not been opened this wide before and I could feel it. Within moments, he was thrusting up and down pounding me, working my cunt. I felt myself adjust to his cock. He finished with me and left. Jessica helped me up and walked me to the door where Brianna had gone through.

She opened the door and I looked at the shower attached to the wall, this was a bathroom, it was dingy but clean. A wooden shelf on the wall held bleach and other cleaning supplies. There was soap, shampoo, towels and wash clothes.

"Why don't you go ahead and shower and I will get you to the room with the others."

What others I thought, then asked, "Where is my daughter?"

"Oh she is fine, she is waiting on you." Jessica said, reassuring me that everything was going to be ok.

"What is this place? Where are we?"

"They will tell you what this place is in a while but I don't even know where we are and never will."

I finished showering and put my clothes on. Jessica walked me down this hallway, we were escorted by two guards. We went into a room at the end of one hallway, I saw Brianna sitting in a chair along with four other girls. No one was sitting close though. A man stood at the front of the room dressed in military wear. "Have a seat, and no talking to anyone!" The African man spoke in a stern voice with an African accent. I thought if I spoke there would be consequences.

"I will now tell you what is happening and what will become of you. You know you are on the African continent somewhere but we will not disclose the exact location. Each of you will be kept for two weeks, then returned to the city in which you were traveling to. You will not be physically hurt in any way if you comply with our wishes. If not, you will be kept here indefinitely, placed in a cell underground. Your only way out safely is to do everything you are told." I knew at that moment that I had to be strong for Brianna and me.

He continued, "You are in a special place, Here we make video footage one time, catering to rich and elite men around the world who buys black market tapes of married western women sexing with well endowed men of another race. Only soldiers of this country can participate, this is for military morale. Well endowed soldiers are the only ones allowed to enter this facility, the others go to another location with western women of lesser quality. You were chosen based on a looks and situation."
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