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Kate flinched as her captor reached for her arms and began to examine her wrists. "Why are you doing this?" Kate whimpered as soon as she could talk. Her voice sounded tiny and uncertain...exactly how she felt.

"I thought the duct tape might be uncomfortable," he replied pleasantly, deliberately misunderstanding the question.

He asked if she'd like him to untie her. Of course, Kate eagerly said yes. It worried her that he didn't seem the least bit concerned at the thought of her being unrestrained. It was as though he was so confident in his ability to overpower and dominate her that her escaping wasn't even a possibility in his mind. That dashed her hopes somewhat, and she grew even more anxious.

Once untied, he told her to sit down. Panic washed over her again as she was forced to confront that awful metal table, thinking that it, whatever "it" was, had begun. Then she realized that he was gesturing toward a small sofa that she had failed to notice before. Kate crossed the room and perched tensely on the edge of it, watching as he rummaged through a drawer, then pulled something out.

She shied away from him as he approached her, but if he noticed, he didn't let on. Without a word he reached down and picked her hand up from her lap. She involuntarily closed her eyes in apprehension, then felt cool liquid on her wrist and saw that it was a bottle of lotion that he held in his hand. He squeezed a fair amount onto her duct-tape-chafed wrist and began to rub it into her skin with capable fingers, soothing the flaming flesh. Once he was satisfied that he'd tended to her wrist sufficiently, he let go of it, reached for her other hand, and repeated the process.

Sitting there watching him work, Kate studied him, noticing his well-kept fingernails and expensive-looking watch. He was clean-shaven, had dark hair, and was rather attractive. She figured he was in his mid-twenties or maybe early thirties. He seemed to be completely at ease as he concentrated on soothing her tender wrists, but for Kate, the tension that the silence evoked was unbearable. To pierce the silence - and also to quell her own curiosity - Kate meekly inquired, "What's your name?"

"Jake," he replied, still distracted by the task at hand. He didn't even look up as he said this, but Kate was still encouraged. Maybe she could befriend him and persuade him to let her go. It was worth a shot, anyway.

"My name is Kate."

"I know." Her wrists tended to - or maybe forgotten, she wasn't sure which, she saw that she now had his complete attention. "I know."

Kate furrowed her forehead in confusion. "But how?"

"I know more about you than you think," he replied cryptically, offering no further explanation.

Kate thought for a moment, then it dawned on her: her dad was a successful businessman who had some rather notorious clients. "Are you holding me for ransom?" she demanded.

Jake smirked. "I'm not holding you ransom. I don't need your father's money. I'm not interested in money." That said, Jake appeared to lose interest in talking and sat down on the floor facing Kate, his eyes never leaving her. He seemed content, but Kate was growing more and more uncomfortable by the minute, watching as his stonily calm, intelligent eyes drank her in.

"What do you want, then?" She had begun to bite her fingernails without even noticing.

He grinned. "It'd be too cliche to say ‘you' so how about . . ." He thought for a moment. "I want to see your panties."

Kate froze. Part of her had been expecting this, but even so, she was appalled by the thought. She sat unmoving and merely gawked at Jake.


Kate didn't respond.

Jake sighed. "Sweetheart, do you remember what I said to you outside? About how if you don't cooperate, I'll make sure this whole ordeal will be as traumatic as possible for you?"

She nodded dully, unable to do anything else.

"Good. Then you understand that if you don't have those jeans off in the next three seconds, I'll be ripping them off of you. Not that I'd mind doing that, of course. Actually, it might be kind of fun if you struggle . . . fun for me, that is. I don't know if it'd be too enjoyable for you, though, because an authentic struggle involves terror and pain and screaming, you know . . ."

He purposefully trailed off and sat waiting to see what her decision would be. Somehow, Kate was able to find the waistband of her jeans through her daze, and fumbled with the button and zipper as he looked on. Through her daze, she stood up and slid the jeans past her milky thighs, then stepped out of them.

"Turn around."

Kate felt her face go red as she complied, and was sure she could feel him staring at her panty-clad ass.

"Cute," he remarked appreciatively. "Now face me and take your bra off, but leave your top on."

Squeezing her eyes shut, Kate tried to hurry to get the humiliation over with as soon as possible. She reached behind her, unhooked her bra, then wiggled out of it, dropping it on the floor beside her. She stood as still as a statue then, her eyes still squeezed shut, feeling horribly exposed in just her thin white tank top and flimsy panties.

"Open your eyes, Sweetheart."

Kate cringed, then did as asked only to find Jake gazing at her with an unidentifiable expression on his face. Lust? Authority? Cruelty?

"Reach up and rub your tits through your shirt."

Kate wanted to die, but knew it would be best to keep Jake's violent side under control by appeasing him, so uncertainly put her hand on her breast, feeling her warm flesh through the thin material of her shirt. He motioned for her to rub it, so she did. To her horror, her nipples immediately became erect, standing at full attention for Jake to see. And he did.

"Pinch those hard little nipples for me, Baby."

With tears once again streaming down her face, Kate poked, prodded, and pinched her nipples at Jake's demand for the next ten minutes. He watched attentively the entire time, obviously enjoying the show. Her breasts began to ache, and Kate wondered how much more degradation Jake was going to put her through. She didn't have to wait long to find out.

"Give me your panties."

"Not that!"

"One." He said calmly.

"Jake, please!"


"Why are you doing this to me?!"

"Three. All right Sweetheart, it looks like we're going to do this the hard way." With that, Jake stood and moved toward her, ready to execute the next portion of his much anticipated night with Kate.
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