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Rachel had been working in her first job, after finishing school, now for four weeks; it was a summer job until she left for college. She enjoyed the work and the people there except for Mr. Falconer, the middle-aged manager of the section she worked in, who was rather stern and prone to outbursts of irritation and anger when silly mistakes were made by the girls in his office. Rachel had not been on the end of one these tirades yet, he was usually polite and helpful to her but sometimes Rachel caught him looking at her with a strange look in his eyes, when she caught him staring at her it made her blush and feel uncomfortable. Rachel was not very sexually experienced but could recognise desire and lust when she saw it in a man, she was proud of her body and kept in shape by continuing her dance classes from school. But with Mr. Falconer the intensity of his gaze and the feeling he could see her soul, and body, laid bare was very unnerving.

Then on Friday disaster struck! While inputting some data Rachel accidentally deleted some very important files, without these files there would be major problems for the office on Monday. It had not really been Rachel’s fault, she had not been fully trained on this computer program but Mr. Falconer was very angry and told Rachel she would have to work Saturday to re-input the missing files, the girls in the office offered to help but Mr. Falconer said no, Rachel must do the work herself, he would be in to supervise her. Without the other girls help Rachel knew the work would take almost all day, she was not looking forward to this as the weather forecast said Saturday would be very hot and sunny.

Rachel woke up and cursed the fact she had to go into work but this job was important to her and she grumpily got up for a shower. The weather forecast had been right and the day promised to be hot and sunny. She put on a matching set of white bra and knickers which were quite skimpy, but nice and cool, and a lovely pale blue summer dress, which buttoned up the front. Not her usual office attire but ideal for the hot weather and going into town after work.

When Rachel got to work there were the usual mix of people in on a Saturday morning but she and Mr. Falconer were the only people in the office, Mr. Falconer started Rachel on her recovery task and then went out to the factory floor, coming back later. The morning drifted by and at twelve o’clock one of the supervisors came into the office and told Mr. Falconer that he was the last to leave the factory floor and would lock up the factory except for this office were Rachel and Mr. Falconer were working. Mr. Falconer said he would lock up the offices once they had finished their work and said goodbye to the supervisor. Realising it was lunchtime Rachel told Mr. Falconer that if it were OK she would go for lunch; Rachel then took her lunch and went out into the brilliant sunshine.

At the back of the factory there was a secluded area were the office girls spent their lunch breaks when the sun was shining, it give the girls privacy from the young men in the factory who would sometimes shout humorous comments and lewd remarks to them, especially when the girls hitched up their skirts to catch the sun on their legs. After eating her lunch Rachel lay on the soft grass and daydreamed about the happy future she hoped lay ahead for her. Rachel pulled up her dress to around mid thigh, the sun was very hot and she wanted to catch some sun, Rachel soon began to doze of in the hot sunshine.

"Rachel! Are you coming back to work today? " Mr. Falconer said standing above her, " it is nearly one-thirty now". Rachel hurriedly got up and pulled her dress down, God, she thought, how long had he been there, Rachel was uncomfortable with the thought that Mr. Falconer could have seen up her dress while she was dozing. Ugh! how horrible she thought to herself. When they got back to the office and Rachel was back inputting the missing files she could feel Mr. Falconer’s eyes staring at her, again she could not help but blush and squirm under his gaze.

At three-thirty Rachel finished and, with a quiet cheer, she began to gather her things together. "I am going now Mr. Falconer, see you Monday" Rachel said. Mr. Falconer then said in a matter of fact voice that Rachel would not be going just yet, she would have to be disciplined for the initial mistake that had caused them to come in on a Saturday morning.

"What do you mean? Disciplined? " Rachel said.

"You have rectified your mistake but now I have decided that further punishment is in order, I am going to spank you " Mr. Falconer said in a calm, natural voice which unnerved Rachel.

"You have got to be joking! That’s not right, I will report you! " Rachel spluttered, shocked at his statement of a spanking, "you must be mad! "

"There really is no choice, " Mr. Falconer said standing up, " I am going to spank you and then maybe fuck you". Rachel stood rooted to the spot as he approached; in her worst nightmares she had never contemplated such a scenario. Physical attacks, rape occurred late at night in bad parts of town, not in the workplace, in the middle of the afternoon.

"Put your things down and lean over the desk, Rachel" he said in a calm voice. Rachel snapped out of her shocked state and turned round and headed for the door, she had not gone two steps when Mr. Falconer grabbed her and threw her to the floor.

"NO! " She screamed, "I will call the police! GET AWAY FROM ME! ".

"I have decided this is going to happen Rachel, how this happens, easy or hard, is up to you. Now get up and lean over that desk! " Mr. Falconer said with emotion now entering his voice as he glared at her. Rachel had been to the self-defence classes and knew the theory of how to react in these situations but this was actually happening to her and she desperately tried to think of how to get out of this.

"Lets stop this now and we will forget about it, OK? ' Rachel said shuffling backwards on the floor, trying to create space between her and Mr. Falconer. As she moved away the skirt of her dress rode up her thighs exposing her legs and knickers, panic started to rise in Rachel’s mind as she tried to both move away and cover herself up.

Mr. Falconer moved quickly and grabbed her and picked her up, he held her close and attempted to kiss her. Rachel screamed loudly and then Wham! Mr. Falconer hit her across the face, her scream cut short. Another slap across the face stunned Rachel; she tried to fight back and attempted to knee Mr. Falconer between the legs but he avoided the blow and punched Rachel in the stomach. This took Rachel’s breath away and she fell to the floor, gasping for air.

"FUCKING BITCH! You fucking sluts are all the same, showing of your bodies! I saw you outside, showing me your legs; you knew I was there didn’t you! ' Mr. Falconer was now breathing heavily as he stood over Rachel, his fists clenching and un-clenching, his emotions of lust, hate and anger rolling like waves across his face.

"I didn’t know you were there, please stop this, let me go home. I won’t tell anyone, I SWEAR! " Rachel said, her mind now a jumbled mess as she tried to come to terms

with the situation she was in, her calm and sheltered life now falling apart.

He reached down and picked her up, inside a voice was screaming at her to fight and kick but Rachel did not fight, another voice in her head was telling her to survive, she would have to get through this somehow. This time when he attempted to kiss her she did not fight, but she also did not respond except she started to cry, tears rolling down her face as he assaulted her mouth with his tongue.

"That’s better; you know you really want it. How many men have you fucked Rachel? How many men have had a taste of this? " He demanded as he reached down and placed his hand on her cunt. Rachel squirmed under his touch, his groping fingers hurting her. She was not a virgin but had only been with one boy, they had sex twice and then finished. His other hand now started to squeeze her breasts and he pressed his body against her, with a silent scream her mind registered the feel of his erect cock rubbing against her.

"Leave me alone, please" she sobbed, "this cannot be happening to me".

" Yes it fucking is, now take your dress off, quick! ' Mr. Falconer demanded releasing her and stepping back. Rachel was horrified to see that he had un-zipped his trousers and was slowly stroking his erection, his cock was bigger than the boy she had slept with and her stomach turned at the thought of the coming rape. Rachel slowly started to un-button her dress, when she had finished the buttons the dress hung like a coat around her, she did not have the will to take it right off. Mr. Falconer stood in front of her and pulled dress open and her body was revealed to him, his eyes crawling over body. "Nice tits" he crudely stated" I like your knickers; you are dressed to be fucked! " Rachel was quietly sobbing as he pulled the dress of her shoulders and it fell to the floor.

'Have you ever sucked cock? No? You had better start now so my cock will be nice and wet; I want it to slip nice and easy in to that sweet cunt of yours. Remember no teeth or there will be trouble" Mr. Falconer said pressing on her shoulders, forcing Rachel to her knees. He put one hand on Rachel’s head and with the other hand grasped his cock and pressed it against Rachel’s lips, "OPEN UP, CUNT! " Mr. Falconer shouted. Rachel shook her head, she could not do this, and she was rewarded with a smack to the head. He pinched her nose causing her to stop breathing, her mouth opened gasping for air and he thrust his cock into her, causing her to gag as her lips closed over his member. With both hands now either side of her face Mr. Falconer proceeded to fuck her mouth, tears streaming down her lovely face, now contorted with fear and revulsion.

"OH YEAH BITCH! TAKE IT ALL IN! YOU'RE MY LITTLE FUCKTOY NOW! " He shouted. Rachel thought someone must come and help her, save her from this, but the factory was empty, no one could hear. The Mr. Falconer she had known had now been replaced by this monster, what had happened to her life of this morning? Everything in her life was now this moment, this cock, sliding in and out of her mouth.

With a triumphant shout of, "YES! YES! ' Mr. Falconer exploded in her mouth, spurts of cum filling her mouth, she had to swallow to stop from choking but still some escaped down her chin. Mr. Falconer pulled his wilting cock out of her mouth and pushed her away, Rachel fell to the floor and rolled into a ball, coughing and spluttering as she tried to get rid of the taste of his cock and cum. Mr. Falconer was standing watching her, one hand caressing his cock, "I am going to get undressed now, we have not finished yet. I am going to enjoy fucking your cunt and if I feel like it I may do your ass as well. Would you like that? ' Rachel looked tearfully at him and watched as he took his clothes off and folded them neatly on a desk.

"Come here Rachel, stand next to me" Mr. Falconer said patting the desk next to him. With a last vestige of will and courage Rachel jumped up and made for the door, Mr. Falconer moved quickly and blocked the door. Rachel was confronted by him standing in front of the door, naked and with horror she noticed his cock becoming erect again.

"Ah! Still got some spirit, that’s a good little girl! Now take your bra off and show me those delightful tits, " said Mr. Falconer with advancing towards her. Rachel retreated backwards but came an abrupt halt when she was stopped by a desk. Mr. Falconer was now standing directly in front of her, he reached out and pulled the straps of her bra down of her shoulders, he then pulled the cups of her bra down and revealed her tits, "Lovely! ' He said and lowered his mouth down onto her left breast, sucking noisily, her body responded to his assault with her nipple becoming hard and proud, he moved on to the right breast with the same result.

"Liking this are you slut? I thought you would like it a little rough, little sluts like you are all the same, say you don’t want it but all the time craving it! ' Mr. Falconer said as he pinched and mauled her breasts. In response Rachel picked up a book she felt under her hand on the desk and swung it at Mr. Falconers head, connecting with a thud he stumbled to the floor with a cry of anger and pain. "BITCH! ' He shouted as Rachel made for the door, she was out of door and into the reception area before Mr. Falconer was up and after her. So there she was, Rachel, a 'nice and quiet' girl clad only in brief white panties, her mouth still tasting cock and cum being chased by an angry naked man with a raging erection. Rachel made it to the front entrance to the factory but she screamed when the door would not open, it was locked! Any one driving or walking by would have seen a very attractive, semi naked girl screaming and banging on the glass door before a man grabbed her and dragged her away.

"Oh my! You have really fucked it up now! I was going to let you go after we have had our fun, now I think I will call some friends of mine to come round for a little party, are you up for a gang-fuck? ' He whispered in her ear as he pulled her away from the door. The roller-coaster ride of emotions Rachel was experiencing came to a shattering halt as the implications of what Mr. Falconer said sank into her battered mind, this was bad enough but not a gang-rape! Parts of Rachel’s mind were shutting down in shock at the what was happening to her, her calm, settled life was being torn apart by this man who only a few hours before had been an insignificant part of her life. But now he was her life, her very existence revolved around this naked man, his cock and his threat to call some friends to come and gang rape her.

Mr. Falconer held onto her tightly and took Rachel into the office rest area and threw her down onto one of the sofas. Holding onto his head were Rachel had hit him Mr. Falconer said in a cold, calm voice "I am so going to fuck you now" and with that he reached down and tore Rachel’s panties right off, he held her panties to his face and inhaled deeply, "Ah! The sweet smell of young cunt, I love it! Shall we see if you are wet? Not that it makes a difference to me but you may prefer a wet fuck to a dry fuck" With that Mr. Falconer gripped her legs by the ankles and pulled her legs apart, Rachel’s tried to cover herself up with her hands, to hide her secret place. Mr. Falconer laughed, "If you had had such modesty when you were sunbathing this would never have happened you little cock teaser, I followed you outside when you went for lunch. You girls never see me watching, but I see you, talking about sex and the size of your boy-friends cocks. Showing of your legs and flashing your knickers! ' Mr. Falconer said gripping her ankles tight enough to hurt.

"I saw you today and when you dozed off I moved closer, looked up your skirt and saw your little white panties. I decided then to have you, to get inside those little pants of yours and fill your cunt with my cum! God I had to stop myself taking you there and then you looked so hot! But I decided to wait, let you finish your work first. If you would have let me spank you none of this would have happened. I would have kept your little knickers as a souvenir for a wank later but that would have been all, but NO! You had to fight me and say no, STUPID BITCH! ' Mr. Falconer finished his outburst practically spitting the words out. Rachel knew what was coming, she was going to be raped by this man, he was going to put his cock inside her, this was not how it was supposed to be for her!

Mr. Falconer slid his hands down her legs until he was gripping her thighs and forced her legs further apart. Her cunt was spread wide for him as with one hand he removed her hands from her pussy, and started to fondle her cunt lips with the other hand. Rachel was dry and it hurt when first one and then two fingers were pushed into her tight vagina, as a defense mechanism her body betrayed her and her vagina began to get wet and soon Mr. Falconers fingers were sliding in and out smoothly, "Fucking slut, you’re all wet! Ask me to fuck you! Beg me to fuck you! COME ON, BEG, SLUT! ' He shouted triumphantly. . All the while Rachel was sobbing and tears were running down her face, but Mr. Falconer had no pity in him, he had to fuck this girl!

Mr. Falconer put his face between Rachel’s thighs and licked her cunt from top to bottom, sucking noisily on her cunt lips and invading her with his tongue, after a few minutes he came up for air and with his face and mouth covered in Rachel’s juices he attempted to kiss her, Rachel shuddered at the taste of him and her juices as he thrust his tongue into her mouth.

While he was kissing her she felt the full weight of his body on her, she could hardly breath. Rachel could feel his cock rubbing against her pussy and legs. He reached down and grasped his erect cock, guiding it towards Rachel’s wet cunt. Rachel let out a despairing scream as Mr. Falconer found the entrance and forced the tip of his cock into her, with her last ounces of energy she tried to push him out, push him off her. It was no use, Mr. Falconer just laughed and said, "That’s right bitch, struggle and squirm but it want help you because I am going to fuck you good! ' And with that he was fully inside her, her tight, nearly virgin cunt full of Mr. Falconer. Rachel’s legs shot out straight and her body shook with shock as his cock thrust into her, she could not look at his face and shut her eyes tight.

With his cock embedded deep inside her Mr. Falconer stopped and stared at Rachel, drinking in the sight of this young girl lying beneath him, her pretty face bruised and red from the slaps and her crying, her sexy body shaking with the sobbing she could not stop. He started to slowly slide his cock in and out, everything in his, and Rachel’s, life now focused on this moment, whatever the future held for them forgotten as their joined world, their existence, was this cock sliding in and out of this young cunt.

Mr. Falconer’s cock thrusting into Rachel soon began to speed up, his lust for her taking over from every other thought in his mind. He was brutally fucking her with his cock, his body slamming into her with every thrust, her tits bouncing with every thrust. Mr. Falconer was saying over and over again, his voice rising as he approached climax, "Cunt, Bitch, Whore, CUNT, BITCH, WHORE! ' Then with a final massive thrust he came inside her, his cock spurting load after load of his cum inside her, filling her cunt. Rachel let out a despairing wail as she felt him cum inside her, even though he had cum he continued to thrust his cock into her, forcing his cum to leak out and run down her thighs and into the crack of her ass.

Mr. Falconer fell on top of Rachel his breathing ragged and heavy as he recovered from his climax; she lay there staring into space. Rachel felt his cock flop out of her bruised cunt as he got up. "Lick it clean" was all he said as he pushed his cum covered cock against her mouth, wiping it across her lips. When he raised his hand as if to hit her she opened and took his cock into her mouth and licked his cock clean of cum and her juices, her resistance and will completely broken.

As Rachel lay there, cum leaking out of her abused body she heard...

"Bob? Hi, it’s me. Can you get the boys together for a party? I’ve got just the thing for our usual party games. Yeah she’s a pretty one. No not a virgin, not now anyway, HA HA! But she has got one hole that’s virgin, know what I mean? OK, OK you can have first shot at her; now hurry up with the van. Her name? Rachel. See you soon."
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