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"Damn bitch!"

Mitch gunned the engine and shot his now ex-girlfriend one last dirty look as he peeled away from the curb. He'd been seeing Tina for the last two months, ever since he'd moved back to town, and he'd thought she was something pretty special until tonight. Hell, he'd stayed celibate for two months because the bitch had wanted to wait until "they were really, truly in love" to have sex, and this was how she treated him?

It had all started when he'd picked her up tonight for a friend's party and she'd acted distant and cold as soon as she'd opened the door. Tina was a pretty redhead with a porcelain complexion and a curvy figure straight out of the fantasy edition of Playboy. When they'd met, he'd figured she was just like every other white girl, getting her kicks by slumming with a black brother and he'd been more than willing to oblige, but after a few hours, she'd actually seemed like somebody he wanted to get to know better. But after seeing her wrapped all around her white ex at the party tonight, he couldn't quite remember why he'd had so much faith in her. Looking back, he knew he should have fucked her good and hard that first night and been done with the issue.

For as long as he could remember, Mitch had found a lot of pleasure in the slow, easy seduction of white women, and that obsession had landed him in hot water more than once with their white husbands. The harder they resisted, the more he wanted them, and he couldn't remember one occasion where he hadn't succeeded in sliding his thick, black cock up their lily white cunts, even when they were lily white married cunts. Until now, he silently ammended, wondering if it would be worth it to try with Tina again, just long enough to get into her panties and prove a point.

When Mitch got home, the last thing he wanted to find on his answering machine was a message from his not-so-little sister anymore saying she needed him to come pick her up from a party because she was too wasted to drive. Since Mitch was supposed to be looking out for her while their parents were out of town, he swore long and loud and then drove to the address she gave on the message.

Glory was about to be a senior at the local university, and he couldn't scold her for sowing her wild oates this last summer before entering the real world. But he knew a lot of the guys she'd been hanging out with, and he knew any party they threw would mean trouble for his sister. The last thing he wanted was for her to be knocked up and then married to some ignorant kid with no future. As an after thought, Mitch remembered her best friend Ally was there too. Though Ally was a white girl--the daughter of a prominent judge, no less--she and Glory had been best friends since they were in diapers, it seemed. It had been at least a couple of years since he'd seen Ally, but he'd never forget the little tease. As soon as she'd hit puberty, she'd been something special to look at, and she knew it too. But she'd never given Mitch the time of day. He figured she was even hotter now, and probably fucking every boy at school.

Come to think of it, Mitch wouldn't mind seeing Ally tonight either. In fact, the more he remembered her luscious little body, he was actually looking forward to it. She was no longer jailbait, and he had two months of pent-up cum to release.

When Mitch arrived, he could tell the party was pretty much over. Drunk kids--both white and black--were passed out on the lawn and in the living room, but Glory and Ally were no where in sight.

Mitch knew the kid whose parents owned the place. They were a well-to-do black family with a stuck up punk for a son. The kid's name was Marvin, he was 23, and he had already failed his sophomore year three times because he liked to party too much. Looking around for the frat punk, Mitch realized there was a guest house out back, and there seemed to be a lot of commotion going on back there. Upon closer approach and looking through an open window, he saw a black boy pulling a black girl over to the back of a sofa. Loud music was blaring from an overpriced stereo, so Mitch couldn't hear what they were saying. The kid positioned the limp black girl so that her upper body was braced by the back of the cushions, her plump backside aimed just right for fucking from behind. Another black kid appeared--it was Marvin, he saw--dragging the limp body of a white girl, and he positioned her just the same. Laughing and boasting about what was gonna happen, the two boys undid their pants, shoved them down their hips and positioned each of themselves behind a girl, taking the time to fondle the females through their short skirts before preparing to slide home. One boy lifted a skirt and began rubbing his cockhead against the girl's pussy folds. Mitch might have let them have their fun, but he knew the girls had to be Glory and Ally, though he couldn't see their faces from here. He wanted to save his sister's honor and save Ally's piece of ass for himself. He hated sloppy seconds.

Taking his foot, Mitch waited a beat and then kicked in the door, startling both boys so much they each tripped over themselves scrambling to get away. Mitch was a well-built guy, having spent two years in the Marines, and he knew they'd take one look at his angry face and back off.

"We didn't do nothin', man!" one shouted.

"Get your fucking ass away from my sister!" Mitch warned.

The young men were so cowed by Mitch's presence they even helped him put the women in his car. Mitch told them he'd kill them if he caught them near his sister or Ally again and climbed into the car. Man, Glory was bombed. And Mitch suspected both girls had had something slipped in their drinks, knocking them out for the rest of the night. In the backseat, Ally moaned, capturing his attention. Her long blonde hair was sexily tousled around her face. And her face...! She could have been a model, that much hadn't changed, but he was glad to see she'd filled out her curves just as he'd always hoped she would. Her silk blouse was parted and exposing a glimpse of her silky white bra cupping firm, large breasts. He licked his lips, anticipating peeling that scrap of silk from her body. He felt his cock grow hard just looking at her.

Damn, he was horny, and he'd always wanted to plow into this little tease. Should he?

He remembered back to one time a couple of years ago, when he'd actually decided to make a play for her. She'd just turned 18 and he'd figured, so what if she'd been about 10 years younger than him? He'd wanted her too bad to care. But when he'd made his move, she'd acted shocked that he dare try anything with her. "I don't go for black guys," she'd said with scathing contempt. It didn't seem to matter that their fathers were friends and colleagues, or that Glory--her best friend--was black. She'd made it clear she was saving her precious pussy for the rich white boys in town.

A few weeks later, when Mitch had gotten into trouble for selling some weed, he'd gone before her father in court, and the judge had obviously wanted to put Mitch's ass in prison and throw away the key, but the fact that Mitch's dad was a respected attorney and a friend of the family had helped him get off. But the way the judge had looked down on Mitch--as if he were black scum--had stayed with him forever. Both father and daughter had made it obvious Mitch was beneath their contempt.

So Ally had argued she'd never let his black hands touch her white body...? Shit, she couldn't argue now, he thought with a smile, surveying her laid out body in the back seat. She couldn't argue against much at all tonight.

Hell, she was out, probably wouldn't notice a thing, he reasoned as he drove home. And her parents were expecting her to stay over with Glory anyway...why the hell shouldn't he slide his hard prick up her sweet cunt while he had the chance, get a piece of what all the rich, white boys in town were getting?

When they got to the house, he carried Glory inside first. He left her clothes on and slid her under her covers, then tried waking her to see how out of it she was. She didn't even flinch when he shook her. Just to be sure, he shut her door and propped a heavy trashcan up against it. If she opened the door and knocked the trashcan over, he'd hear it downstairs.

Mitch carried Ally inside and instead of putting her in the guest room took her to his basement apartment. Just like Glory, she didn't even flinch when he placed her on the bed and then tried waking her. He smiled and decided to take a shower before he undressed his gift to himself for the night.

When he re-entered the room, Ally was still fast asleep on her back, but Mitch noticed she'd changed positions. Her left leg had separated a little from her right and her short skirt rode up her thighs. Ally was around 5'5", blonde with green eyes, and a body that was even hotter than that bitch Tina's. Ally's skirt had risen to just below her panty covered pussy.

Mitch's cock hardened a little at the sight of the beautiful 21 year old girl's exposed thighs. He was trying to decide just how far he would go with her when he rationalized that no one would be hurt if he started by masturbating. He fisted his cock for a few seconds before deciding he'd like it even better to masterbate her instead.

Ally was lying on her back with her knees bent at the edge of the bed, and Mitch slowly spread her thighs, opening her crotch to his gaze. Lowering himself to his knees, he ran his hands up her thighs slowly, caressing her soft, smooth skin. This was the young woman he'd fantasized about so many times, and here she was, spread out, helpless to resist him. He could do whatever he pleased with her. Sliding his fingers into the edge of her panties, he felt the silk of her blonde pubic hair and kept searching until one finger slid into the damp folds of her pussy. Pushing her panties to one side, he slid his finger along the slick folds a few times before finding her cunt and sliding the finger inside her moist hole. She didn't even stir.

Licking his lips, Mitch began peeling her panties over her hips, wanting her bared to his gaze. Then he put his face between her thighs, wanting to get a taste of her sweet, young pussy.

Mitch gently licked the opening of her slit and Ally showed the first signs of life by letting out a soft sigh. When he touched her clit with the tip of his tongue, her hips bucked. Mitch grabbed her ass with both hands and drove his tongue deep into her cunthole. Her young pussy juices flowed over his probing tongue, and he knew that even if she weren't awake, she was enjoying the attention. Using the flat part of his tongue he licked all over the outside and inside of her cunt, knowing it would drive her crazy while providing him with the perfect taste of her sweet pussy. Ally began squirming around so much that he had to hold her tight ass with firm hands as he ate her moist hole with deep strokes of his tongue. Mitch slurped at her drenched pussy until her breathing became very choppy. She moaned deeply, lifted her legs over Mitch's shoulders and her belly began a jerking motion. All of a sudden his sister's friend tensed as she moaned and came like a waterfall all over his tongue and face.

As Ally's unconscious orgasm subsided, her legs once again fell limp to the bed. She was still out cold, even though her breathing was still somewhat erratic.

Raising himself, Mitch wanted to have her body naked when he made himself part of it, and decided to start with her black mini skirt, which was easily peeled away. Mmm-mmm, he thought as her lower half was completely bared. Sliding his hands up, he parted the red shirt she wore, liking the way her pale, white body looked with it spread open to the sides, exposing her bra and flat stomach. Licking his lips, he knew he'd like her even better out of it, and worked it off her arms and tossed it aside before moving his fingers to the latch on her bra. It came undone easily and Mitch felt his cock jerk when he peeled it away from a pair of firm, but plump breasts. Sliding his black fingers across her lily white skin, he cupped the mounds and gently squeezed, plucking at her nipples with his thumbs and forefingers. Ally squirmed and moaned, indicating that she liked the feeling. Mitch decided she'd like it even better if he sucked them, so he lowered his head and sucked one nipple between his thick lips, using his tongue to lick at the tip, which grew erect within seconds. Oh yeah, this bitch wanted it as much as he did. Moving to its twin, Mitch sucked and licked at her tit some more, then slid upwards to taste her mouth. Her shallow breathing caught in her throat when his thick lips settled over hers and his tongue slid inside her moist mouth. The position allowed Mitch to press his lower body against hers, and he moaned when his thick, hard cock actually slid between the wet folds of her pussy.

The feeling reminded Mitch that he hadn't bothered to find a condom, but he figured a hot girl like Ally was probably on the pill, especially if she'd dressed like this for the party tonight. Hell, even if she wasn't and he did knock her up, he wouldn't have to take responsibility because she wouldn't even know he'd done it. Withdrawing his tongue from her mouth, he raised up to make sure she was still out of it. Her eyes seemed to flutter for a moment or two, but then they remained tightly closed. Mitch began to rub his cock between her pussy lips figuring he'd shoot his first load outside of her pussy on her belly since he knew he would come quickly the first time. But the temptation was too great. Laying half on top of her, Mitch spread Ally's legs wide open and gazed down into her spread-eagled pussy. Shit, he'd just slid it between her folds, get it nice and wet, and shoot his first load between her thighs. He brought his hand to his cock and gripped it tightly. The tip of his black rod glistened with pre-cum as he slipped the head of his thick cock between Ally's pussy lips and slid forward. The groove between them was hot, wet, and it took all the control that he could muster to keep from exploding with the first slide forward. Damn, he didn't think he could wait. What harm if he went ahead and pumped inside her a few strokes before spewing?

Mitch aimed the head of his cock to the entrance of Ally's little opening. He felt a niggling of conscience as he told himself that maybe he'd just slide in and out of her until he got ready to cum, then pull out, fill her panties full of his cum, and no one would ever know what had happened. He felt the slide of her silky stomach against his and ate up the sight of her firm tits, nipples erect, and her red, juicy lips parted with shallow breaths, begging to be kissed and sucked on. Laying there like that, her blonde hair spread out on his bed, she was the epitome of a sex kitten, and she was all his for the night. It was too much. He pushed himself into Ally's tight opening. She was already so wet that the head slipped in easy. He wanted to bury the full nine inches to the hilt. Damn! She was so tight and hot inside. He felt the head of his cock expand her insides, then sliding in to meet resistance at around two inches deep. Shit! She was still a virgin. What the hell...?

Licking his lips, Mitch was past the point of no return, feeling her hot, snug channel suck him in. He rested the head of his cock against her hymen while trying to decide what to do. She was 21, old enough to lose her cherry, he reasoned. And the temptation to push a little harder against her cherry was too great. He couldn't think of anything but how great it would feel to be all the way inside of her, to be the first man--a black man--to slide inside her tight, white pussy.

Decision made, Mitch pushed Ally's legs down flat against the bed and climbed between her thighs in a traditional missionary position. He carefully laid the full weight of his upper body on her and reached down beneath her and took both cheeks of her ass in his hands. He pulled the head of his cock back until it was just barely inside of her opening. "Here we go, baby," he whispered, kissing her on the lips.

Mitch slowly, oh so slowly, began to push forward, feeling Ally's hymen give way as the width of his cock slid up her young virginal womb. He felt her flinch from the pain; she rolled her head from side to the side and softly groaned. He paused inside of her, about six inches in her cunt, for a moment waiting to see if she was still out cold enough to proceed with the fucking that he'd planned to give her.

Once her breathing returned to normal, he began a slow in and out motion. He could not believe how tight, hot and wet she was on the inside. He laughed as he began pumping into her, licking his lips and smiling at the thought that he'd taken the judge's daughter's precious virginity. This was not going to take long, not this first time.

He wanted desperately to relieve the pressure that had been building in his balls. He slowly and steadily increased the rhythym he was moving in and out of Ally's tight cunt until he felt his balls slap her ass. He was in the whole nine inches! Grinding against her, he felt his cock swell and his balls begin to churn. He pulled his cock out all the way, then rammed it back in to the hilt, groaning when he erupted, spewing his seed against the back of her womb.

Not bad for a quickie, he decided, holding his throbbing cock inside her sweet pussy until it stopped jerking. Leaning over, he pried her lips open with his and snaked his tongue inside her mouth, kissing her slow and deep. Damn, he almost wished she were awake. She was one hot, sexy bitch, and he'd bet she'd be a real tiger in his bed. As his kiss grew more demanding, his cock hardened again, readying him for the next fuck. Pulling back, he lowered his fingers to her dripping snatch and worked her clit some more, bringing her to the brink of another unconscious orgasm. He was actually hoping it woke her, and when her eyelids fluttered, he realized he'd better take care in case she did.

He found one of his work ties and wrapped it around her blonde head, blinfolding her eyes. He'd never done anything so kinky before, then decided he wanted their next fuck to be doggie style. Not easy to do with an unconscious partner, he decided when he flipped her onto her stomach and tried to move into position. Laying on top of her prone, naked body, he was able to slide inside her pussy, but not as deep as he wanted, not with her pressed flat into the mattress by his weight. He considered sliding her hips to the edge of the bed and fucking her from behind that way, but he so wanted to cover her body with his while he pounded that hot pussy. He grabbed some pillows and arranged them under her hips and stomach, propping her up so that her ass was aimed just right.

Slowly, with one hand fingering her tiny pussy, Mitch wriggled his way between her lewdly spread thighs and positioned his huge black cock at the entrance to her vagina. Then, very slowly, he sank his rock hard cock to the hilt in her tiny cunt. He moaned holding still inside of her and, sliding one hand beneath her, caressed her clit with his fingers. "God you're so tight." He gasped. "So tight baby, yeah…"

He pivoted his hips, grinding himself against her and Ally made odd sounds, her back arching as her hips bucked backward and forward with the movement. He laid his front over her back and slid his arms under her so he could fondle those delicious breasts as he began to pump his huge black cock in and out of her, slowly, savoring it. As his thick shaft disappeared into her tight pussy again and again, he started fucking her faster, his huge cock sliding in and out of her tight little snatch.

Ally was now making tiny, barely discernable whimpering sounds beneath him as he slid his dick in and out her, being sure to tease her clit every now and then with his fingers. His cock swelled and his breath grew ragged as he pumped in and out of her, slowly picking up speed. As the big black shaft began to pump in and out of her at an increasing rate of speed, Ally's body began trembling beneath him, her inner muscles squeezing his big, black cock as if it wanted to suck it dry.
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