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© 2004 by MLyons

Author's Note: The following story and the characters within it are purely a product of my imagination, and they are meant to be enjoyed only as a fantasy. Any similarity to real people or events is unintentional.

Reproduction of this story in any form without express written permission from the author is prohibited.

Synopsis of Chapter 4: Cindy's ruthless humiliation of the Professor came to a head when she woke him up, still strapped to his fuck doll, and made him lick her off while she had phone sex with his boss. Cindy introduced toys into the Professor's ass, and they became progressively bigger throughout the day. Finally Cindy handcuffed him and brutally ass fucked him with a rubber strap on dildo. Johnson transformed into a quivering man-cunt, begging without shame for her to fuck him. She stopped and left him desperately unsatisfied before rubbing her cunt off on his face. Her anger with him for what he had done to Sarah Jennings was revealed, along with an inexplicable conflict inside of her. She locked herself in his bedroom while he was left there--handcuffed, "hard-oned", and confused on the floor of his entertainment room.

Chapter 5

Johnson's naked body writhed against the berber carpet of his entertainment room. His raw wrists chafed against the steel cuffs behind his back. Cindy had just ruthlessly butt-fucked him without ceremony, and then disregarded his needs by stuffing his face into her soaked pussy and using it as a living clit-stimulator. She had left him there, used and aching for orgasm with no practical way to get himself off. The carpet scratched against his blindly searching cock; his ass felt a painful emptiness.

He raised his pain-racked body onto his knees and tried to rub his cock on the seat of the plush chair. His matted hair slapped against his forehead while he labored unsuccessfully to find a workable position. He fell back against his legs and surveyed the room, desperate to find something--anything--that he might be able to use. Through sweat-blurred eyes, he spotted Cindy's crumpled pair of panties on the floor.

His reddened knees scraped against the carpet in an effort to reach them. He dropped his torso and crunched his cheek to the floor. The lube bottle chained around his neck smacked against his face and the carpet fibers flexed in reaction to his wheezing breaths.

"Bitch!" his ragged voice cracked. He clenched his teeth around the salty material of her panties in an attempt to unwind them.

All vestiges of rational thought escaped him as he rubbed her soiled underpants against the floor and shook them violently with his neck like a dog would play with his favorite toy. His throat growled in insane frustration. They defied him, remaining a twisted ball of stretchy material, as if bowing to their bratty owner's very will. He spat them to the floor and clumsily slumped his sweaty body on top of them, trying to position his dick to make use of the silky material. They uncooperatively rolled and bunched against the carpet when he thrust his pelvis against them.

"Aauuhh!" He bellowed into the lint-trapped floor like a starving animal. His unmitigated desire stifled any meaningful words. He rolled over onto his back, painfully trapping his hands behind him before forcing his torso to sit up. His head shifted frantically on his shoulders, trying to think anything he could use to satiate this maddening desire. Suddenly, he had the answer!

Its lifeless, silicone frame lay acquiescently in his living room, waiting for him to go in and stuff his raging dick into its pliant holes.

In a sobering moment of horrible realization, his stringy hair dropped in a wet mop over his forehead as he slumped his head in utter revulsion. That he'd even considered touching that fucking doll after what she had put him through with it yanked his animal mind from the clutches of insanity.

The angry cock-hole between his legs peered stiffly up at him. His neck was a tightrope, straining and shaking. He contorted his face into a scream, in defiance of his aching need.


The orgiastic moans from the television focused his attention on the sex-saturated environment around him. The images of ripe, female flesh being plugged in various orifices by faceless monster-dicks further taunted his over-stimulated psyche. He looked around at the collection of fuck-toys that littered the carpet and felt like nothing more than a mindless, used receptacle for them. Cindy's veiney strap-on lay in a heap next to his legs--the portion that had been stuffed into his ass still streaked with thick lube, and her portion still shiny with her juices. His stomach tightened with fear and boundless lust at the very thought of her. He would never have imagined that the little girl in his office would be capable of such ruthless sexual enslavement.

He still felt her wet cunt leavings dripping down his face, and his cock once again reacted to the singular animal scent that now marked him as her man-bitch. His ass contracted in terrible pain. His senses were overrun with relentless reminders of what he had become. The thought of what she might do to him next terrified him. The thought that she might leave him in this condition and never come back scared him even more.

With deep, measured breaths, his chaotic mind defiantly willed his uncontrolled arousal into check. He would not give her the satisfaction. He tried to focus on what Cindy had said to him just before sequestering herself in his bedroom.

Sarah! Somehow this all had to do with Sarah.

He stood up, and with his back to the television, awkwardly turned the fucking thing off. He switched off the lights and eased his ravaged ass into the chair, laying his head against the back. With Cindy in his bed and that devil-doll on the couch, he had nowhere else to go. He closed his eyes, feeling a deep sense of emasculation and shame. His mind's eye jumped back to the girl he'd watched getting fucked on the television as Cindy was splitting his ass open with that brutal rubber toy. Her sad eyes had spoken to him somehow, strangely comforting him during the horrible conflict of his ordeal.

They reminded him of the last night he'd spent with Sarah--the look on her face. The mixture of trust and betrayal in her eyes at the moment he took the last of her innocence seemed to sear into his consciousness. His burning sphincter pulsated each time his butt shifted in the chair. A troubled, waking dream took hold of his psyche and he vividly relived the events of that night.

- - - -

"Spread your legs a little more, Sarah."

He could see Sarah Jennings' frightened eyes in the bathroom mirror, a look of focused concentration on her face. Her soft lips were parted, and her breath jumped in and out of her mouth. Her arms were tight with tension, squeezing her bare breasts together and supporting her as she leaned over the bathroom counter. She shifted her legs unsteadily, further taxing the thin panties that stretched across her thighs. Her bottom jutted out behind her, and her legs terminated in a pair of modest, black heels. Aside from the panties they were the only pieces of clothing that remained on her after their dinner together that night. The rest were strewn along the bathroom floor. Johnson focused his attention on the work his finger was doing.

Sticky with the thick lube he'd applied, the rubber band-like entrance of her sphincter had just given way and slipped tightly around his fingertip.

"Wait," she said through her hitched breathing. "Wait!" She reached back and grabbed his hand to pull his finger out.

"Sarah, what did I say?" He grabbed her wrist and guided it back to the counter in front of her.

"Stephen, I'm scared. I'm scared." She swung her head around and looked at him, her brunette curls playing over her shoulder.

"Shhh. What did I say, Sarah?"

"Stay still," she said. "You said I should stay still and you'll go slow."

"That's right, now be a good girl, spread your legs again and lean over."

Her wide eyes shifted, struggling against her fears. She timidly leaned back over and waited for his finger to penetrate her again.

Not touching any other part of the trembling girl, he simply re-applied his fingertip to the tight entrance of her ass--once again carefully pushing it in and watching her intense face in the mirror. He knew it would hurt her a bit, but he also knew that there was much more at stake than that. He didn't just want to stretch her ass open, he wanted to take all of her remaining innocence away. That's what he longed to see in her face. He knew it was wrong. He could see the monster he'd become, but it was like a drug to him--more addictive than any narcotic.

He felt the tight muscles of her sphincter squeeze desperately around him, cutting off the blood supply to his fingertip. He could see the sheen of sweat appearing on her forehead while she dutifully remained in her submissive position. A moan escaped her lips.

"Relax, Sarah," he said soothingly. "Relax your body."

He felt her breathe, and her anus released some of its pressure as the first knuckle of his finger slipped past the snug ring of her opening.

"Ahhh, No. Oh my God." She whined into the mirror.

"Such a good girl." He wanted her to be his slut, and he could see the mixture of excitement and panic painted across her delicate face.

He pushed deeper, ever so slowly, watching her reflection. He could feel her alternately tightening and releasing her anus in her attempts to accommodate his insistent entry. It was delicious.

"Oh, Stephen. Stephen--wait." Her voice moaned through her breaths, but she remained obediently focused and did not move.

Finally, his finger was buried into her all the way to the base, the rest of his hand balled in a fist to avoid any unnecessary contact with her. He wanted her to feel penetrated--violated--with no feelings of tenderness. His eyes fixed on hers.

"It's all the way in, slut." He wiggled the tip of his finger inside of her.

She grunted; her eyes glazed over. Once again he saw that delicious mixture of utter shame and delicious arousal in her contorted face. She was so compliant; it was electrifying playing with her. Just out of curiosity, he allowed his ring finger to unfold and touch the opening of her shaved twat--it was warm and wet. She was already a slave to her sexual demons.

Her back arched before him, her elbows started to bend weakly in response to his finger's brush with her pussy lips.

"Ohhh... fuck," she moaned with a mixture of pain, concentration and unbridled lust. He could feel the tension in her legs. He watched her shifting them slightly, in conflict with the need to stay perfectly still and avoid any sudden movements of his finger.

"Don't fucking move, Sarah." He eased his finger out slightly so that she clamped down on his big knuckle, and then he pushed it back in.

Even ten years later, he could still see the pain and torment on her face.

The older Johnson shifted in his chair. He wished the throbbing in his ass would go away. It still felt so open and exposed. He wanted desperately to close it--to reclaim what Cindy had fucked out of him, but each time he clenched his sphincter muscle, he was punished with increased pain. He grimaced as he recalled her hyper-charged voice in the recesses of his troubled mind: "Don't fucking move, doggy!"

His thoughts once again returned to the past.

"Where's that finger, Sarah?" He pulled his digit out again slowly, this time a little further, and then filled her up to the base again. His cock was aching in his pants.

"Ohhh, Stephen just stop. Please, stop." Her pleas of shame bubbled above the physical distress. He knew that she didn't want to submit to this, but her drenched pussy would soon give her no choice.

"Where is it, slut?" He fucked his finger slowly in and out of her ass hole.

"No. Come on; just fuck my pussy. You can tie me up." She tried to use her wiles to sway him. On another day it might have worked, but not today. Her arms buckled again in response to his invasion, her torso leaning over and resting on the cold marble counter.

"No, Sarah." He grabbed her long hair with his other hand and pulled her up again, arching her back and pressing her body against the finger that was fucking her ass. "No pussy fucking for you today, slut." He loved treating her this way. He could feel her ass muscles relaxing around his finger, and it was easier to pump in and out of her. She was a quick learner--but then she always had been.

"Stephen, I just want to fuck tonight. I don't want to play this game anymore."

Later, he would do the right thing. He would break up with her; he would free her from his sad life of excess. He knew what he was doing wasn't fair. He knew he didn't deserve this sweet slut, but he was too far gone now. He had to have her ass, and what made Sarah so deliciously addictive to him was that she was going to hate loving it.

"Stay there, Sarah!" he scolded her like a child and pulled back her hair even harder--riding her ass with his finger--now forcing it inside her sweaty body.

"Stephen, please. Why do I have to do this?"

He knew what to do. He let go of her hair and leaned over so that his mouth was against her ear. His finger kept probing in and out of her ass. "Sarah, sweety. Don't you want to be a proper slut?"

"Fuck you, Stephen," she said defiantly.

He loved it when he coaxed out her anger, her defiance of her own submissive instincts. It would make violating her ass that much sweeter. She was so complex--so fascinating. He would miss her terribly.

He knew how to exploit her real weakness. He didn't understand her attachment to him--why she loved him, but she did. Seeing her now, he almost wished that he could love her back.

"Sarah. Will you do it? Will you do it for me?"

He saw her eyes looking at his reflection in the mirror. She studied him silently--her face a beautiful merry-go-round of arousal, affection and self-defiance. A tear rolled down her cheek as she mouthed the word silently:


Her muscle squeezed against his finger. His cock felt like it was going to burst. The anticipation of stuffing Sarah's virgin ass with his dick was overwhelming. He didn't care about anything else. He made Sarah stay there grunting against his hand. Her heels were unsteady on the tile floor and her panties stretched beyond elasticity as he gathered more lube and worked two, and then three fingers into her slowly dilating anus.

Eventually he lowered his own pants and started stroking his cock. Occasionally, his fingers would rub against her pussy and feel the juice that leaked out of her, only to reach out and pull back on her hair--wiping her wet sex into it.

"Where am I going to put my cock, Sarah?" He needed to hear her say it.

Between her deep grunts of pleasure and pain, he saw her eyes lock onto his. "In my ass. Okay? Are you happy, you ruthless fuck?"

God, he loved it--he fed off of her resistance. Her heavy breaths and shiny forehead showed her effort in trying to accommodate his fingers. Her flushed face and hard nipples betrayed her filthy arousal despite the submission and pain. He was going to take her, right there, right then. He wanted her to see her face the first time his cock violated her ass.

He pulled his fingers out, and once again took position behind her, watching her terrified face in the mirror.

"You filthy little whore."

He stuffed his dick into her soaking pussy. He figured giving her a little thrill wouldn't hurt, and a little extra lube wouldn't hurt either. She screamed with a dry throat as his cock filled her cunt.

"Oh my God," she said, her eyes wide open with unexpected bliss.

That was enough. He pulled out of her pussy and took aim at her puckered rosebud. He pushed her head down onto the marble countertop, causing her shapely bottom to jut out behind her. His hands pulled back her hair, forcing her chin to hover above the marble so that she faced herself in the mirror. With a little last minute dollop of lube, he pressed his cock against her opening. He watched her face contort, and heard her throaty protests as her ass started stretching around the head of his engorged member.

"Ohhh. My God. No. Wait! Jesus! Stephen, Stephen!" He was slow. He was careful, but he didn't stop. Her ass was so tight. It was so incredibly slick around his shaft--squeezing it, milking it in her efforts to allow him entry.

"Shhhh," he said quietly. He read her face in the mirror as she started to relax and allowed him to take her, both physically and spiritually. Her defiant eyes locked with his while his cock ever so slowly slid into her tightest and most forbidden hole.

"Do you like being treated like this?" He couldn't resist. His cock slipped even further inside her.

Sarah's teeth clenched together and she wailed between them.

"God, your ass is so fuckable, Sarah." His shaft finally slid all the way in--he could feel his balls dangling against her wet pussy lips below. He ground his crotch against her soft flesh, and saw her mouth wide open in a silent scream.

"Ooooh, that's better," he said.

He stayed there, not moving--his cock completely buried inside her.

She released an almost cathartic wail from deep inside her. The hard surfaces of the bathroom reverberated her body's pure, defiant surrender to his cock. To him, it was the sound of singular, possessive bliss.

"Did you ever think you'd let a man do this to you, Sarah?" He simply enjoyed her pulsating anus around the base of his cock. His victory became complete when he watched her slender arm move downward and slink toward her crotch. Her finger started working frantically underneath her glistening body, its movements tickling the hair on his balls.

Her breathing was ragged. "FUCK! Fuck, fuck," she cried with sharp anger and desperate pleasure below him. He pulled his cock out about half way.

She grunted loudly, and pierced him with her eyes. "Fuck you!"

He pushed in again, then out, then in--slowly, deliberately, ruthlessly. He started fucking her tight anus with his thick cock.

"God, such a horny little slut!"

She grunted helplessly in time with his penetrations. Her wet body jerked against the cold marble of the bathroom counter with each of his ever more forceful thrusts.

Ten years later, Johnson was shaking his head back and forth in his entertainment room chair.

Images of the saliva soaked strands of carpet pressing against his nose, and the vivid memories of his own brutal butt-fuck rampaged through his mind. "Oh, you're such a filthy little bitch," Cindy's voice mocked him. Her rubber cock might as well have been real the way she had pounded into his abused body, taking as much pleasure from him as he had with Sarah those many years ago. The terrible pain and sense of enslavement he felt along with the insane need to cum had been all consuming. He shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

The memories of Sarah would not give him rest.

Johnson fucked Sarah's tender ass. He was close, and he knew that she was too. She had gotten used to his size, and to the feeling of his sodomizing cock. He fucked into her from his engorged head to his sweaty balls--using her, possessing her. The look on her face was inexplicable--pain, pleasure, surrender, and love all at once. He had now, finally, taken everything from her. The euphoria of his sexual power was overwhelming. He felt a tingle creep up from his loins, and the promise of his rising sperm began countermanding all other thoughts.

"Uh! Oh! Ooooh, my fucking God!" she wailed, her cheek now resting on the cold counter where a puddle of drool had collected near the corner of her mouth. He felt her shuddering uncontrollably below him. His cock erupted inside her, coating the walls of her ass with his sublime cum. Her anus strangled his cock--milking his seed into her until finally he collapsed on top of the defeated girl. She continued convulsing in sharp spasms below him as her orgasm subsided. He felt her slippery skin against his, and he felt the blood in his spent cock trapped by her constricted anal muscle.
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