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I had watched her for months now from my second story window. She was everything a man could ever desire. Her chestnut locks cascaded down her back like a mane. Her eyes were miles deep, and looking into them one could see the fires burning within. She always dressed to impress, or to tease. I couldn't be sure, but no one could call her career wear conservative. She always wore heels that made her legs look miles long. The necklines plunged to depths that no man could ever ignore. She always seemed to be rushing, late, so the glimpses I got were always brief. I finally had to resort to a telescope, my only way of getting closer to her. My only way of finding out more about this woman I longed to posses. Her body was the only vessel that could hold my burning desire.

Deep down inside I was somewhat uncomfortable with the way I followed her every move. I wasn't the type of man who chased after women like this. I wasn't the kind of pervert who stared into windows late at night, hoping for a glimpse of flesh. No matter how I tried to talk myself out of the way I was behaving, I still ran for my window each time I heard her car pull up. There was something different about her, while she always oozed lust from every pore, she never seemed to behave this way around her husband. He was away on business for weeks at a time frequently, when he arrived home, she always reverted back to the good wife form of dress.

It was the nights he was away that I watched nonstop, never leaving my window. She seemed like a different person. She always removed her clothing the instant she was in the door. She seemed to be most comfortable when wearing nothing or close to it. Needless to say, this pushed me to points that frightened me. I started entertaining ideas, ideas that were once only fantasy. Perhaps she needed things that she was not getting in her marriage. Maybe there was room in her life for a lover, someone to attend to her every need and desire. I doubted that man was me, but in my fantasies it always was.

As the summer wore on, the things I saw from my window became more and more frustrating. The hot tub off the back of her house became a more frequent resting place for her lithe young form. I was never able to see well when she had used it before, her modesty forced her to only indulge under the cover of darkness. But now things had changed somehow now, weekends, weekdays, I would find her there. Her head only showing above the water, but her face twisted in lust, and as I watched, in climax. Apparently the jets from her tub satisfied her needs. I would always wait until she rose from the swirling water. Her breasts flushed, she always seemed to be a little weak in the knees. She would stagger to a chaise lounge and collapse, tanning her heaving flesh, while occasionally grinding her hips down into the cushions.

I would always watch her while she was in the hot tub. Stroking the throbbing flesh I longed to give her. I would tease myself as she did, gently pinch my nipples when she did, and when she climaxed, I did as well. If only she knew how much I desired her, she might consider giving me a chance.

I was no longer content to just watch her from my window. I had sunk to following her when she left the house at night. Luckily she always went to bars or clubs, places where I could observe her. Her dress was drastically different from during the day. The only constant was the heels, now they were coupled with skirts that showed more thigh than her business suits. They were skirts that could be pushed up over her perfect ass when I bent her over. My hands stroking her smooth thighs as I buried my face in the cleft of her ass. My fantasies had grown stronger now, I was at the point of obsession.

The one thing I noticed as I watched her from afar was that she always went home alone. She would hold court for hours in these clubs, laughing, tossing her hair, crossing those silken legs, bending over to show her ample cleavage, but always leaving alone. I would race to beat her home, taking my post at the window. These nights the lights would go out the moment she arrived home. Shutting out my view of her life and her ample feminine charms.

As the summer wore on other things changed. She seemed to be drinking more frequently. Not an evening went by now when she didn't down at least 5 or 6 cocktails. She would often pass out on the couch, never making it to the bedroom to sleep. As I gazed at her sleeping, clad only in panties, a plan formed somewhere deep in my lust ridden mind.

If people drink to forget, they couldn't well remember anything that happens afterward. If I played my cards right, I could have her, and she would be none the wiser. This was the only way, for she did seem dedicated to her husband. While I knew that her desires were often left unfulfilled, I also knew that she would never give into them.

I waited for the perfect night, and the perfect night it was. I followed her to the local club as always. She seemed to be drinking more than usual. In fact she was downright drunk. One of her girlfriends saw this and offered to take her home before she did something foolish. I beat her home as always, watching as she walked in the door. She removed all her clothing, save a black lace bra and panties, and for some reason, she left the heels on. She walked to her liquor cabinet, and added to the buzz she had started earlier. I watched for the next hour as she drank herself into oblivion. When she had finally passed out, my time had come. She might not remember me tomorrow, but tonight, she was mine.

I slipped in the side door, walking quietly up to the couch where she lay curled up. I watched her again for a few moments, not sure if I could go through with my plan. She answered me, not knowing, but answering all the same. She was in the throes of passion with a dream lover, a lover that only existed in her drunken state. Her breasts heaved as she moved beneath him. Her hips rose to meet his driving thrusts, her nipples hardened with desire. She would be none the wiser if I was that dream lover tonight. I somehow rationalized what I was about to do, giving her something she truly needed, but was unable to ask for.

I finally pulled the courage up to touch her. When I did, all thoughts of turning back disappeared. Her skin was so warm, so soft, I could smell a faint trace of her perfume in her hair. I gently eased my hands beneath her, to carry her to the bedroom. This was the only room I knew that was private. I left myself open to someone seeing if we remained here. And when she awoke, I preferred that she not have anyone to collaborate her story. I wanted her to think it was a dream, nothing more.

I carried her to the bedroom, my eyes glued to her breasts all the way. I gently set her on the bed and reached into my back pocket. The handcuffs were easy to get, bought them last week at the local gun range. As I snapped them around her right wrist, I thought better of continuing. It would be difficult to take her bra off with them on. I sat her up and reached behind her back. The tiny garment fell into my hands as her breasts tumbled free. The nipples were still taut, begging for attention. Her eyes were closed, her head bobbing around like a rag doll. As I secured her wrists to the headboard, she licked her lips for her dream lover.

I stretched her tanned body out over the bed. I slowly pulled her panties down her firm thighs. She almost was moving her hips to help me, her dream lover must be undressing her too. I tied each ankle to the bed, leaving her spread eagled, helpless to resist my lust. I stood and watched for a few moments, she moved only slightly, her head moving from side to side, chest heaving. As I climbed onto the bed, she barely seemed to notice. She was deep in a dream. My hands ran up her thighs and her legs parted. I could see her wetness then, spilling over the petals of her womanhood, and running down into the cleft of her ass. It took every ounce of strength I had not to drop my face there, but my hands continued up her hips to her breasts. They filled my hands nicely, the nipples poking into my palms. As my hands closed on the pendulous globes, she winced only slightly. My fingers sought the hardened pinpoints of desire. As I rolled them between my fingers, her hips rose to meet the man in her dream.

I kissed down the smooth skin of her belly now, my fingers still rolling her nipples. Again her thighs parted, and finally I could wait no longer. She was drenched from desire. The honey oozed from her now more than before. She was in danger of leaving a spot on the mattress if someone didn't do something to stop that flow. My lips found her clit easily, it stood out from the soft curls, pulsing, throbbing, begging for my touch.

The electric charge I felt shoot through me as I first tasted her was not only felt by me. She awoke with a start, clamping her thighs around my head. She demanded to know who I was, why I had restrained her like this. I had to make a decision, I could tell her to relax and enjoy, hoping she would surrender to me. I decided instead to remain silent, I stared into her terror filled eyes and forced her thighs apart again. A change had come over me. I no longer cared whether or not she desired my affections. Now that I had tasted her, she would be mine, no matter how much she fought or screamed.

She sobbed softly as I dropped my face to her dripping pussy once again. There was no reaction as I took her clit between my lips, sucking gently. I persevered and continued, determined to awaken her desire, a desire I knew lurked beneath her fear. She was cursing me now, cursing me as her arousal betrayed her. I could feel the slightest grind in her hips, the slightest twitch as I pinched her nipples. Her breathing was more ragged now, but her anger rose higher. She demanded I leave at once, demanded I leave her alone. I knew better though, I knew she was lying. Her body told on her, no matter what came from her mouth, the way she convulsed each time I slipped a finger inside her told me different. Her will was no longer her own. She had no choice but to give in to her desires. She continued telling me no, but her body craved my every touch. I felt her climax building, her breathing becoming more labored, muscles tensing beneath my touch. She threw her hips forward to my mouth, rubbing her juices into my face as she came.

I rose from her, gazing down at her flower. It still cried out for more, still pulsed with unrequited desire, but now was mine. I would finally show her how much I desired her. My seed churned inside me as I undid my belt, I stepped from the bed for a moment to remove all my clothing. She needed to feel flesh against her for once. This was something I could give her that the man in her dreams could never hope to.

She stared in disbelief as I climbed on top of her, momentarily passing the treasure between her thighs, to rest just below those jutting breasts. I held my throbbing prick in my hand now, looking down into her eyes. My hand went behind her head and lifted her gently. She begged me not to hurt her. I brushed the head of my cock against those pouting lips in reply. She wasn't sure she was safe, she wasn't sure of anything. She only knew that the man sitting on her chest now desired her. Considering her position she gave him what he wanted. Then maybe she would be all right, maybe he wouldn't hurt her. She felt ashamed of her orgasm, how could she derive pleasure from a forced advance. She was unsure of everything now, feeling betrayed by her body and by her desires.

As her lips closed around my hardness, a soft moan escaped my lips. For someone being forced into performing like this, she seemed determined to satisfy me. I reached behind myself, seeking out her breasts. I gently fondled those perfect globes as she sucked me. Her arousal continued to echo my own, she was moaning into my cock now. Moaning as she sucked me, moaning as I pulled on her taut nipples. I felt my climax building, and much to her dismay, I pulled my organ from her lips. I took it in my hand, gently stroking that last moment before orgasm. I came violently before her eyes, my come scalding down onto her breasts. As I squirted my desire onto her erect nipples, I felt her body tense again beneath me. She had climaxed again, feeling my come hit her nipples. Never before had she felt such heat, such desire. She looked up at me now. Her eyes no longer filled with anger or fear. She told me to take her now with those eyes, though no words came from her lips.

I reached down to undo the ties binding her, she watched calmly. I was taking a risk, but I didn't care. I needed to feel her arms around me, those legs wrapped around my waist, no matter what the cost. She rubbed her wrist from the handcuffs, but her eyes never left mine. I climbed onto the bed and she laid back, spreading those silken thighs. Open for my desire, asking for my lust, begging me to finally satisfy the lust burning inside her.

As my throbbing cock slipped inside her, she raked her nails across my back. Inducing a little pain to even the score for taking her like this. I felt no pain, only the wetness of her desire urging me further. My hips thrust into her, her legs locking around the small of my back. She rose to meet every thrust of my invasion, welcoming it. My hands went to her breasts again now. I no longer cared whether I was gentle or not. I pulled on her nipples until she cried out, not in pain, but in orgasm. She had come before I had hit bottom, her pussy spasming around my thrusting organ. This spurred me on, making me thrust into her deeply. As I buried my hardness to the hilt, I felt my own orgasm coming. She sensed it too, and her fingers went to my nipples, pinching hard. She spoke to me again, begging for my climax. She said I had betrayed her once, and now she needed to taste my seed. I pulled out of her and rose to grab her by her chestnut hair. Her lips closed around me as I came, she quickly tried to swallow. After all the months of dreaming, not even her perfect mouth could contain me. My come ran down her chin and neck, her hand gently jerking me, urging every last drop into her waiting mouth.

That's where I left her, on the same bed, not too much later. She never spoke again to me that night. She gently wiped her chin and neck and rubbed my semen into her breasts, gently pinching her nipples as she did. After that she fell back and passed out. I dressed silently in the darkness, not sure whether to wake her or not. I decided it was probably better this way. This way she would never know, never be positive someone had taken her like this. She would probably bill it off to the booze. Only one thing had changed. Now when she dreamed of a dream lover, it would be my face she saw.