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I went back for my bag and took it into her bedroom. She’d decorated it in pink and cream. I took the soft toys from her bed and put them on the floor, and then spread Marlene’s beautiful legs. Lifting her hips I put a pillow under her. I took the large dildo again, and slowly started to work it into her black anus. It was 10” of white plastic cock, and it slowly slid into her rectum. I kept working it into her until her body was full of plastic cock. Then lifting her legs high over her shoulders, I slipped my cock erect once more into her cunt. It wasn’t that tight, after all I’d been trying to stretch her, but I still enjoyed the feeling of her body as I started to fuck Marlene. It felt so good. This was a woman I had longed for, her slim sexy black body tempting me, and unavailable, and now I was driving my cock into her vagina, deep inside her black body. I could feel the dildo in her bottom as I pushed into Marlene. This was so arousing. I wished that I was sharing beautiful Marlene with someone else, and yet I was glad that I was exploring her alone. I leant forward and kissed her lips. Kissing her slowly, pushing my tongue between her lips, her legs high over my shoulders, her body bent as I slowly continued to fuck until I couldn’t hold back any more, and fucking Marlene faster and faster I felt myself coming and sprayed into her unprotected black cunt with my spunk. I slumped onto her body, letting my hands gently squeeze her small black breasts. Marlene was so sexy.

Leaving Marlene lying on the bed I took some more pictures, and then went back into her sitting room. I picked up her clothes, and tidied them away – hanging the suit up in a cupboard, and putting the rest into the laundry basket.

I searched Marlene’s room for hidden secrets. Did she have sex toys? Marlene was still on her bed, her ass full of the white dildo, her legs parted. I gave up my search and leant over the bed, moving Marlene’s small body till her head was just hanging over the edge. I put my cock into her mouth, and slowly let a few drops of my pee trickle out and in between her lips. I stopped and went to her bathroom and grabbed a towel. I folded it double, and slipped it under her head and shoulders. Now I pissed into Marlene’s mouth again. It was hard to hold it back and very quickly I lost control and was pissing a full stream in between her black lips and Marlene was choking and spluttering. But some of my piss went down her throat; Marlene drank some of my pee. I wiped up the spills, and took the towel to the laundry basket.

I didn’t know how long the drug would last, but I wanted one last ass fuck before I left. Marlene’s gorgeous body lay on her bed, and I stared, trying to take it all in. I put a smaller 6” vibrator into Marlene’s luscious black cunt, and played with it inside her, and around her cunt lips and her clit. It seemed to be working on her as she moved her hips a little. I carried on exciting her till I could feel my cock getting hard again.

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I lay there, slumped over her until her rectum slowly expelled my cock. I eased out of her, and got off her body at last. The insertion into her cunt was removed, and I used several tissues to clean the visible signs from Marlene. I put the pillow back at the head of the bed, and taking the nightdress from under its fellow, dressed Marlene for bed. A last kiss, and I slipped her under the covers. It took another 10 minutes to sweep the flat and ensure I removed everything, before I finally let myself out of Marlene’s flat, and left. It had been the night I had dreamt of.

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