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Have you ever known life to imitate art? Or at least what passes for art? I have. It happened to me. I'm still not sure how much of it I'm responsible for. Maybe all of it.

Perhaps you've read my short story, "The Taking of Heather"? It's a completely fictional tale based on my twisted fantasies and originally written for an online friend as a bedtime story--or so I told him. Yeah, it was all cute and teasing and harmless at the time. The story has made the rounds over the internet since then and has even been posted to a newsletter. Mostly I send it to people I meet online who have similar fantasies. Once again, harmless. We're all fairly anonymous in cyber-space. Even sending pictures doesn't cause any harm....or so I thought.

I met Chuck online after reading a story he wrote called "The Vile Gamer". Like "Heather", it was also written in first-person form....except it was told from a rapist's point of view--it was like a chilling look into his mind. The bragging, ironic tone almost read like a manifesto. I thought it was very descriptive and quite good It was unfortunately posted to a site of the worst-written rape stories I'd ever read. This one was definitely different. I could tell this guy had real talent so I clicked his email link at the bottom of the page and sent simply two words, "Great Story!!" I was pleasantly surprised a few days later when he replied.

We corresponded frequently after that, and even chatted real time through an instant messenger service. Everything was very friendly and "normal". We seemed to have many of the same interests. Of course I sent him "The Taking of Heather". I was dying to know what another writer would think of it. He said it was wonderful. We were a mutual admiration society of two. After seeing my picture posted on my web page he flattered me further by informing me that I would be the subject of his next "Vile Gamer" story.

Ok, so we clicked, but we didn't realize just how much till we did our first roleplay. His writing talent was evident as we did a scene similar to the one in my story--villain breaks in and ravishes the unsuspecting and stoned heroine. It was similar in setting but different as well. Although he didn't terrorize her with phone calls first (a touch I picked up from horror movies), Chuck's villain had more of a vicious mean streak than my Dark One. The things he wrote shocked and thrilled me at the same time. I could actually feel my heart racing at his words. I played off of his lead perfectly (so he said later) and the result was an intensely satisfying drama.

After our roleplay our chats became darker--more focused on our shared fantasies. He vowed to find me someday and make it all real. I suppose I should have been scared--or at least more cautious, but I didn't take him seriously. Why would I? I mean, the guy lived several states away and had a life.

I didn't help matters at all. In fact I made things worse--I know that now. I sent him many pictures of myself in various sexy poses and states of undress. No nudes, but several of them may as well have been. He particularly liked the ones of me gagged. I was even so bold as to record and send him sound wavs of myself trying to beg and scream while gagged. Why did I do it? I suppose it gave me a thrill knowing I was turning someone on from far away. The thought that he was looking at my pictures and listening to my wavs and fantasizing about me made me feel desirable, ....beautiful.

His reactions to the things I sent him were more than satisfying. The internet is truly a paradise for teases.

Unfortunately there was a price to pay, and I was about to pay it....big time.

Every once in a while I go to the movies alone. It probably seems strange to some, but to me it's a wonderful escape. Without a companion it's easy to lose myself in the story and turn off all other thoughts. My husband hates going, and never seems to mind when I go, so when things get to be too much and I need to get out of the house and chill for awhile it's time for movie night.

Sometime in the middle of that week while Chuck and I were chatting, I told him about my movie nights and how I was due for another one. He asked me casually when I was planning to go.

"This Saturday night", was my reply.

"Do you go right after work or wait till the later show?"

"The late one", I answered.

Since becoming manager of the store I work at, I have to work till 7 pm every Saturday, but since I have Sundays off, Saturday nights are perfect for movie night. I have plenty of time to go home first, spend time with my daughter and put her to bed before heading to the theater. My husband, Tom, also enjoyed those few hours to himself.

Chuck was amused when I told him how I liked to get there at least a half-hour early so I can smoke a joint in the car first.

"Well, I hope you're careful not to be seen."

"Oh sure. I park way in the back so I can see all the traffic and I've never been caught yet", I bragged.

"What kind of car do you drive? I hope it's not one that draws a lot of attention."

Oh how casually and cleverly he slipped that question in. Without any trepidation at all I answered that it was a dark blue Bonneville and didn't really stand out that much.

"Be careful..." he wrote, " You could be abducted someday".

I typed a big LOL to that and moved on to another subject. Before the conversation was over, he asked what I planned to go see. His interest in this didn't bother me at all. Why would it?

I didn't see him online again for the rest of the week, but there really wasn't anything unusual about that. Often we'd go for days without catching each other online.

Saturday night finally came. It had been a really hectic week and I was very much looking forward to my little escape and being off the next day. I didn't change clothes; just wore what I'd worn to work that day--dress pants, a light low-cut sweater with sleeves that end at the elbows and my low black heels. Underneath, I had on my red bra, black panties and black thigh-high stockings. Lately I had taken to wearing sexy underthings because they made me feel sexy. Sometimes it's a real spirit-booster.

I pulled into the parking lot around 9 p.m. The movie wouldn't start till 9:30 so I had plenty of time to smoke my other little spirit booster. I proceeded to do just that while keeping my eyes peeled for cops or nosy people. It was so pleasant to just sit there smoking and listening to the radio. After I felt sufficiently high and relaxed, I put the roach in my little tin box and lit a cigarette. The movie would be starting in about 15 minutes. I planned to finish the cigarette, park a little closer, then stagger inside and grab a seat.

I remember that a song I liked a lot was starting to play and I reached down to turn it up. When my eyes lifted there was a car cruising very close to mine. It circled me once, then parked right next to me I could see the lone driver--a man with dark hair and dark eyes--staring at me, which made me uncomfortable but not scared. Mostly I was just glad I'd finished my joint.

The man got out of his car, still staring at me. He was handsome...tall, lean but with muscles. I averted my eyes and thought maybe I should put the driver's side window back up. I always keep it up while smoking the weed so passers-by don't get a whiff, but after I'm finished I put it down so the smoke can escape and I can smoke my cigarette without choking. My hand moved toward the button that moves the window up and down electronically, but I was a beat too late, because suddenly his face was in my open window.

Smiling at me he said, "Hi Heather".

I nearly see it was just like my story. Heather is my online name.

I opened my mouth to say something lame like "who are you?" but I knew good and well who it was. Only an online friend would call me Heather, and only one online friend knew where I would be this night--and what time and what color car and that I was stoned and muddled. Jeez why didn't I just send him a map and an engraved invitation while I was at it?

Before I could even begin to utter the stupid question on my lips I heard a loud click and was horrified to see a pearl-handled switchblade in his hand. He wasn't overtly threatening me with it--at least not yet. He was still just looking at me--looking me up and down in fact--and holding it lightly and casually in his hand as though it were nothing more threatening than a pencil. My eyes could barely leave the wicked-looking blade. One look at his eyes was even scarier. They were so dark and cold. I felt rooted to the spot...almost hypnotized...frozen with shock and fear.

His next words were spoken in a low and menacing voice that made my blood run cold.

"You're not going to see any movie tonight, you teasing little bitch."

I gasped at being spoken to this way by somebody I thought was a friend, but before I could protest he snarled, "This is what you're going to do. Get out of your car real slow, get into mine and don't make a sound. If you scream I swear it's the last sound you'll ever make Do you believe me?"

Stunned into silence, I nodded absently. What the hell had just happened? The sudden terror was so unexpected. I'd been feeling so mellow and at peace only 20 seconds ago...

My eyes shifted to the keys still dangling from the ignition. My brain desperately tried to shout a message to the rest of me....TURN THE DAMN KEY!!! PEEL THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!! Yeah, easy for my brain to say. I couldn't even move I was so scared. I mean, he was still in my window...his face only inches from mine...and there was that blade....that sharp gleaming blade. Any sudden moves on my part and I could just imagine that blade whipping across my throat....

He either noticed where my eyes were looking or he read my mind, because even though I hadn't moved a muscle he said "Don't even think about trying that. I'll slice your fucking throat right here cunt. Trust me, you'll never have time to even reach that key. Wanna try it?"

I felt my throat closing....tears welling up in my eyes. My breathing had become too rapid and was sounding ragged and screamy in my own ears. Here was the mind-numbing, muscle-contracting fear that I was so fascinated with while safely spinning stories and roleplays on my computer. This was it. The real thing. So this is what it feels like, I remember thinking at one point. So this is what it's like to be really afraid. At the moment the only fantasy I longed for was one in which I'd stayed home that night.

I kept praying this was some kind of sick joke on his part and any moment he'd crack up laughing and say "Gotcha!!" or something. That hope was fading fast. But I had to talk to him. I mean this was Chuck! My pal!! The guy who was so friendly and flattered that I'd liked his story. Surely he was just a regular person like me who happened to have a twisted fantasy or two. Didn't we all? Nobody acted on them!

"Chuck?", I managed to gasp out. "Chuck...c''re just kidding ar-..." my words were cut off sharply as he yanked my car door open..

"Shut the FUCK UP you stupid BITCH!! Do what I SAY....NOW!!"

I knew that once I got out of my car and into his I would be in big trouble. Completely at his mercy. But what else could I do? He was too close for me to get away and with the threats he'd made, it appeared I was already in big trouble. My only hope it seemed, would be to do as he said, then maybe I could reason with him before things got too far out of hand. Yeah....right.

I could feel my lips trembling as I looked up at him...trying to plead with my eyes since he wouldn't let me speak.

He glared at me. "Now bitch....OUT. We have somewhere to go. Things to do. Heh hehehehe"

Still looking up at him piteously I tried again. "Please...", I whimpered, "don't do this"

Suddenly he had a painful grip on my arm and was pulling me out of the car. I really couldn't believe this was happening. I was damning myself for choosing such an isolated place to be parked. But then I always parked in the isolated spots on these occasions.

"You're starting to piss me off honey. You don't want to do that".

Would he really murder me in this public parking lot if I screamed or tried to run? I realized that if he was crazed enough to come all this way for me then he was capable of anything. Before I could debate with myself further on the matter, I was already inside his car...having been rudely shoved into the passenger side and landing on my butt. In a flash he was slamming his own door and starting the engine. My fate was sealed now and I knew it.

Feeling totally defeated for the moment, I huddled in the seat as far against the door as I could get, crying in fear and utter despair. He kept looking over at me and snickering. Touching my face. Crooning and sneering at me in turn.

This was just too much. I had to try again to reason with him. With a great effort I attempted to get my voice under control.

"Chuck....P-please....can't we please just talk for a minute? Please listen to me"

He turned to me grinning.

"Oh...time to beg huh? Ok let's hear it then! This should be good". As though whatever I had to say was only for his amusement. But it was my only hope.

"I.....I thought we were friends", I heard myself say in a shaking voice.

"Oh sure. We're about to get real friendly!" he leered.

"NO!! I mean.....why? Why are you doing this to me? You're scaring me....and ...and you're nice!! I know you are!" I could hear myself start to babble in my desperation. I really wasn't doing a very good job of getting out of this.

"Why??" He laughed outright, "WHY?? Remember all those sexy pictures? The wavs?"

I could feel my face burning, remembering how I enjoyed doing that. How exciting it was for me knowing I was turning him on.

"Besides", he added, "stop acting so shocked. You told me where you'd be tonight, what time, where you park. Hell, even described your car to me. You want this, slut. You know you do".

I think my jaw dropped when he said that. Yes, I'd told him these things, but how could I know he would actually travel just to find me? Somehow that made my situation even worse. What chance would I have of talking him out of this when he went to this much effort to make it happen?

"NO!!" I said loudly. "we were just talking!!"

"Dumbass bitch!! You knew I'd come looking for you someday. I told you I would....and you made it so easy!"

Tears were overtaking me again as I continued to protest.

"I didn't know you were serious! I didn't KNOW!! was all in fun! Oh please Chuck, I don't want this ok? I really DON'T! I'm sorry you misunderstood but please just stop this now!! Take me back to my car ok Chuck?? PLEEEASE???" I was pleading words coming too fast, my voice trembling and teary. He was shaking his head and laughing like I'd just told a hilarious joke. My heart sank.

"You're too much! You know that? You really thought you could just keep teasing me like that? What am I? A fuckin toy you like to play with?" I shook my head but he continued. "Well fuck you bitch! You're the toy tonight. My own little fuck toy. I'm gonna play with you however I want. Just remember, bitch....this is your fault."

As we continued to speed toward whatever destination he had planned, I sank further into my seat with my hands over my face....covering my eyes in shame and horror. Oh Christ, I thought....what had I done?


The rest of that car ride was surreal. I have no idea how long it was. He began leering at me again--touching me again as I cringed; touching my breasts and between my legs with one hand while he drove. He was torturing me with threats of what was going to happen to me when we got stopped....

"Yeeeaahhh....oh baby you're gonna get a fuckin allright. I'm gonna fuck you so hard......everywhere. Your mouth, your pussy....that tight little ass....ohhh, you're mine now bitch".

Stunned and terrorized by his words I barely moved, just trembled all over, wailing things like "Ohhhh shit!! oh God oh NOOO!"

"Shut the fuck up cunt, we're almost there."

I looked around, wondering where he was taking me. I saw a hotel sign looming ahead. I allowed a slight hope to shine thru the muddled fear. There were other people at hotels.....if I could just get somebody's attention....

"Listen up bitch cause this is what's gonna happen." His hand snaked out and grabbed my face, wet with tears. "I'll be parking right in front of the room--only a few feet to walk. We won't draw as much attention that way. Now when I get parked you just keep your ass in that seat till I open your door for you--real gentleman-like. Don't forget my blade either. I swear if you try to run or make one damn sound I'll slice you on the spot. Got it?"

I nodded, sniffling...trying hard not to panic.

He smiled again, looking pleased. "Good slut"

When we were parked he paused to look me up and down again.

"You're going to be so much fun....damn I can't wait" The look in his eyes scared me so bad.

Suddenly he was out of the car and moving rapidly to my side. The door opened and I realized there would be no more chance to run. I was too scared to try screaming. I don't even know if a scream would have made it past my closed throat. He was gripping my arm again as he led me the few feet to the door. Within seconds we were inside.

The bottom truly dropped out when he shut and locked the door. What little control I had left deserted me as I felt hysteria closing in.

He was advancing toward me, a predatory look in his dark eyes and an evil smile on his handsome face. I was backing away from him, aware of just how little space there was to back into. I was shaking my head, whimpering...." please. Chuck please don't....NOOO!!!" Soon he would pounce like the damn animal he was, then God help me.

When I could back up no further and he was inches away from me, I suddenly kicked him as hard as I could in the shin, then dashed madly for the door. I couldn't help but feel a small bit of satisfaction when I heard a startled, pained curse as the slightly pointed toe of my shoe connected, but oh god if he caught me....

"OWW!! OH YOU FUCKING NO-GOOD BITCH!!!", I heard him yell as I grappled with the doorknob--in my panic I seemed to forget it was locked. Oh I was batting a thousand tonight. Breathing way too hard and too fast I finally found the lock and was fumbling with it as I heard him cursing and stomping after me.

Before I could make any progress with the lock, I gasped as I was yanked painfully backwards by my long hair. Spinning me around he began slapping me hard across my face. I felt my lip split and tasted blood. He slapped me repeatedly while I shrieked--hoping someone would hear me and come to my rescue. He pulled me further into the room, away from the door, and stopped slapping me long enough to give me a hard shove which sent me sprawling onto the bed. Then he was on me, holding me down while I continued to howl in pain and fear.

"SHUT....UP!!!" I heard him growl between clenched teeth. Then I heard that ominous click again, and for the first time felt the sharp blade against my throat. My struggles and screams ended abruptly.

"Bitch, do I have to kill you after all? DO I???"

Reduced to whimpers once again, I pleaded for my life.

"NO!! I'm sorry, I'm sorry no please don't kill me!", hitching back a sob, I continued, "I was just scared...oh please Chuck don't kill me, don't hurt me anymore!" I think I kept saying his name to remind him of his humanity or something, but it didn't work.

"Are you gonna be a good whore now?" he queried, while putting more pressure on the blade at my throat.

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