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I've been a cab driver for the best part of ten years now and believe me you certainly get to see some life, even for an overweight 50 year like me.

Usually it's some skimpily dressed drunken chick leaving a nightclub that ends up naked on the back seat or takes my cock in her mouth as I drive her home. Then of course you always get your regulars, little yuppy scrubbers that think it's fun to fuck the cabby. I love to get them naked as I drive along; one hand on the wheel while the other fingers a nice wet cunt. Then I park up somewhere quiet and fuck them face down over the hood.

But it's not just the youngsters. Only a few nights ago, I picked up this middle aged couple from a restaurant. She was mid to late forties, nice looking and dressed in a knee length skirt with slits up the sides and a low neck blouse showing an awful lot of cleavage. They were both pretty pissed and as I opened the door to let them in I got a good view of her long legs clad in black stockings. As she slid across the seat, the skirt rode even higher showing her suspenders and skimpy panties. She just smiled at me as her husband climbed in beside her but made no effort to cover up.

During the journey all I could hear was the rustle of clothes and her giggling as he touched her up. It was a shame I had to break them up to ask for directions. "Oh yeah, next left mate, Ladbrook lane. It's the last house on the left." I turned into an unmade road and avoiding the potholes drove to the end as instructed and stopped in front of a house. When I turned to face them I got a nice surprise. The woman was lying back in the middle of the seat with her legs spread wide exposing a neatly trimmed pussy and stocking clad thighs. Her blouse was also open showing two very large succulent looking tits with very hard erect nipples. She was looking straight at me while lazily rubbing her clit. "Angie thought you might like a tip," the man said grabbing a handful of tit. Now no cabbie would ever refuse a tip so I followed them into the house and spent the next hour filling her holes while hubby took photo's.

But you know, just when you think you've seen it all something strange happens.

For three years I'd been taking a guy called Gordon to and from a special needs college. Gordon was thirty years old and lived with his Mother in a big old dilapidated house on the outskirts of town. He told me that his Dad left home shortly after he was born leaving him alone with 'Mother' as he liked to call her.

He was a nice guy but a few bricks short of load if you know what I mean.

Over the months, I built up a good relationship with him until eventually he started confiding in me about his relationship with his Mother. It started after a casual comment about girls when to my astonishment he said he was still a virgin. "Mother forbids me to have anything to do with girls, she says men are bad and only want one thing." The poor sod wasn't even allowed to watch television. In fact, his only distraction was college, all male of course, and once a month when he had to take Mother to her favourite restaurant.

From what I could tell his mother absolutely dominated him and the poor guy was a hotspot of seething resentment. I know I shouldn't have done it, but someone had to help so I started to lend him some adult story and picture books, he was amazed at the hard core pictures and would talk non-stop about sex during our ride to and from college.

His Mother was in her late forties. She had a good full figure and was still reasonably attractive but boy was she a man hating miserable old bitch. Whenever I took them to the restaurant it was always the same. "You there, wait here for us, do you hear me?" She treated me with utter contempt, like I was her personal servant or something. And then there was the way she dressed, always the same, black from head to foot. I asked Gordon about it and he said all her clothes were black. He told me about what he called 'restaurant night'.

"Mother lays in the bath while I get her clothes all neatly laid out on the bed ready for her." He explained. "She likes me to get them ready. I know where all the different bits are kept," he said almost proudly. "First I get her black silk stockings and suspenders, they're in the bottom drawer, then her matching black panties and bra, they're in the middle drawer, then her favourite dress, that's not in a drawer, that's hanging in the closet. Then I have to get her shoes, the ones with the spiky heels."

"Surely you don't have to dress her," I asked. "No silly, I have to wait outside as she gets dressed herself." He looked very sullen. "Gordon, is there something wrong?"

"Mother makes me comb her hair while she sits at the dressing table."

"Don't you like combing her hair?"

"Yes, but I keep looking at her boobies and it makes my thing hard, Mother gets very cross with me when my thing gets hard." It was like talking to a little boy. "But how can you see her boobies if she's dressed?" I asked him. "Oh, she doesn't put her dress on until just before we go out, she says she doesn't want to get it all creased."

"So you mean she sits there in her stockings and things while you comb her hair?"

"And her shoes, Mother always likes to wear her shoes. It's when she walks round the room that my thingy gets hard."

What sort of prick teasing bitch is this I thought? She's dressed in high heels, stockings, suspenders, panties and bra and she parades round the room in front of her adult son and wonders why he gets a hard on. Gordon confessed that he always got a hard on watching this show and would have to go and relieve himself in the toilet. Mother would stand outside the door reminding him that it was a sin to abuse himself.

As though that wasn't enough, he went on to tell me that during the hot summer nights she would lay naked on top of the bed, leaving the door open. "Sometimes I would peak through the door and see her hand moving between her legs. I would hear her moaning and crying out but I never went in, Mother wouldn't like that." Then there were the marks on the back of his legs. "That's where Mother hits me if my thingy gets bad," he explained. Further questioning revealed that after going out of her way to give him a hard on she would hit him with a cane as punishment. No wonder the poor guy needed help.

This bitch needed a lesson.

Coming back from college on day I was amazed when Gordon asked me about 'roofies'. "Where did you hear about those?" I asked. "In one of the books you gave me. I'd like to try them on Mother."

Now if you don't know, 'roofies' is the street name for Rohypnol, otherwise know as the date rape drug. Administered in food or drink it leaves the victim in a kind of zombie like state. They are completely aware of what's going on but unable to resist and can suffer memory loss afterwards. When Gordon said he wanted to use it on his Mother I nearly shit myself. "What are you planning to do to her?" I asked somewhat reluctantly. "I'm going to fuck her," he replied as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

Ever since I'd given him the books I'd started to see a slow change in his personality. It was like a little boy discovering the joys of sex, only this was no little boy. "Gordon, you can't fuck your own Mother, it's illegal, it's called incest." I tried to explain. "No, it's OK cause she hasn't got a husband." Whoa, things were moving too fast. "But Gordon, you still can't just rape her." Gordon thought for a short while and then said, "OK. But can you get me some?" Of course I said no.

The next 'restaurant night' and I picked them up as usual. The minute they got in the cab I knew something was wrong. We drove to the restaurant in complete silence and just as I pulled to a halt a girly mag landed on my lap. "Did you give my little boy this ….. this….. filth!" Gordon was cowering in the corner. "Err, listen Mrs ……."

"Don't you listen me, how dare you corrupt his mind with your filthy pictures of naked women whoring themselves. Gordon's father was just like you! You men are all the same, obsessed with sex. We will not be requiring your services anymore." With that she threw some money at me and left the cab dragging poor old Gordon behind her.

Oh well, another regular fare gone. I spent the evening in a sort of daze wondering if I should go to the authorities or something, but what would I tell them, this guys mum walks round the house in her underwear! The more I thought about it the madder I got.

At ten to eleven my mobile went. It was Gordon. "Hello Mr King, can you come and get us please, Mothers not feeling too well." I got there to find Gordon and his Mother waiting outside. 'Mother' was propped up on a park bench staring straight ahead. "Gordon," I said quietly, "What's wrong with your Mother?" I knew the answer before asking. "Oh nothing, I gave her some of that roofie stuff," he replied casually. "Where the hell did you get that from?"

"The labs at college, they got all sorts of stuff there." Oh fuck!

Between us we got Mother into the cab and within minutes we were home. Gordon opened the front door and helped me steer his Mother inside. She had no problem walking or standing and Gordon stood her just inside the hallway leaning against the wall as I shut the door. "Look Mr King, I can do what I like and Mother doesn't mind, do you Mother." As if to emphasis it he slowly ran his hand up the inside of his Mothers slightly parted legs, raising her skirt revealing a long shapely pair of legs covered in black nylon held up with suspenders. I started to get a hard on.

"See, she hasn't told me off." Poor old Gordon, sometimes his mind just didn't work at all. "Gordon, that's because of the drug you gave her. She can't say anything." Gordon looked at me and then at his mother. He still had her skirt round her waist and he was staring intently at her panty covered pussy. "Yes she can," he said defensively. "You like this don't you Mother." He moved his hand to cover her mound and started to rub it gently. A long deep moan escaped his Mother's lips. "See, she does like it."

Before I could stop him he removed the dress completely. "This is what she does when we come home. Mother hates to get her dress rumpled." He folded the dress neatly and placed it over the chair. Then, taking her by the hand he led her into the lounge. Christ almighty! No wonder the poor guys fucked up. She looked absolutely stunning. Long legs, big tits, and I mean big, flat stomach and a beautiful face framed by long black hair. Her stilettos made her legs look even longer than normal and both her bra and panties were semi transparent giving a clear view of everything she had.

Gordon sat his Mother on the sofa and sat beside her. "You sit this side," he said indicating the other side. I sat down. Gordon spread his Mothers leg wide and started to rub her pussy again. I could see a damp patch forming and could only assume that he'd been playing with her on the ride home. Without thinking, I lifted her leg over my own and began to run my hand up her stockings. She turned her head to look at me but said nothing. "You feel," Gordon said, taking my hand and placing it on his Mother's cunt, "She's all wet and gooey. Better take her panties off before she ruins them." By now my cock was ready to burst so who was I to argue.

Lifting her slightly between us, Gordon removed his Mother's wet panties. Her cunt was completely smooth and already glistening with juice. I was getting so uncomfortable I undid my zip and released my cock. Gordon looked horrified. "Mother doesn't like that, she'll hit you with the cane. Mother says it's bad to get hard."

"It's OK Gordon, beside, if your going to fuck her then you'll have to get yours out won't you." Gordon thought about it but still looked worried. Keeping a wary eye on his Mother as though she would suddenly come too, he very slowly undid his trousers revealing a very large fat prick.

By now I had cast caution to the wind, I just wanted to fuck the daylights out of this stuck up beauty beside me. "Gordon, I think Mother would like to hold your cock." I took his Mother's hand and placed in on her son's growing cock. She looked down as she wrapped her hand round it and as if in a trace started to slowly wank him. I placed her other hand on my own cock and immediately felt her squeezing it as I pulled her tits from the confines of her bra and started to suck on one very large nipple while fingering her cunt with the other hand. She and Gordon were moaning in unison but it was Mother that came first. Gordon looked horrified as her body started to tremble and her moans turned to small grunts. Her cunt clamped my fingers in tight as it spasmed round them.

"Wh-what's happening?" he said, his prick wilting in her hand. "It's OK Gordon, this means she likes it and wants you to fuck her." A big smile crossed his face and his prick shot back to its original size. "You mean Mother's enjoying it?" he beamed. "Oh yeah, she wants this to last all night."

"What did you touch?" he asked, looking at my fingers still buried in his mother's cunt. "Here." I took his hand and placed his fingers inside her wet slippery lips. Then I held her lips apart while I showed him her cunt hole and clitoris. "You see, you slide two fingers up this nice juicy hole and then using your thumb you rub this little bud until it gets nice and hard."

Gordon did as instructed and soon had Mother squirming in the seat. Her hand was moving faster now wanking our cocks while I continued to enjoy both succulent titties. Both Mother and Gordon were panting hard and as Mother came again so did Gordon. Great spurts of it shot from his prick, hitting her under the chin and drenching her tits and bra with his cum. Gordon looked petrified. "Oh no, Mother will go mad," he said trying to wipe away the gooey mess from her ample bosom. "It's OK Gordon, look, she likes it, see." Mother did indeed have a smile on her face and looked calm and serene. Her hand was still working Gordon's cock and to my amazement he started to get hard again. "Would you like to fuck her now?" I asked, my own cock screaming for release.

Picking her up, we arranged her face down over the back of the sofa, her arse nice and high with her legs spread wide. Following my instructions, Gordon stood behind her and fed his large fat cock into her wet willing cunt. "Hmmmm," was all she said. I knew he wouldn't last long so I rushed round the front and fed my own smaller cock into her mouth. She actually started to suck. Gordon was holding her hips and pounding away like a man possessed, lets face it, it was his first ever fuck. Within a few minutes he was crying out again as he filled his Mother's cunt with warm sticky spunk. She increased the pressure on my own cock until I too started to fire away, spurt after spurt filling her mouth. She swallowed every last drop.

We stretched Mother out on the sofa, lying back with her legs slightly open while Gordon and I flopped into the armchairs nearby, eyes closed, temporarily exhausted. After what seemed like only a few minutes I could hear a low murmuring noise. I opened my eyes and looked towards the sofa. Mother had a hand between her legs and was gently playing with herself. "That's what she does in bed sometimes," Gordon said, kneeling beside her to get a better view. Her eyes were shut tight as she continued to play with her cunt, her other hand flitted between her nipples, gently brushing over them before squeezing them between finger and thumb. She was moaning more loudly now, her actions giving both Gordon and me another stonker.

I waited until she reached orgasm before dragging her onto the floor. She looked at me as I crawled between her legs and smiled as I entered her. Staying up on my arms I pumped my hard cock for all it was worth, while staring at her pretty face. Gordon played with her nipples until I told him to place his cock in her mouth. It was almost as if she were willingly participating, because as Gordon lay beside her she turned to face him, opened her lovely mouth and took the first few inches straight in. I very nearly shot my load as I watched this beautiful women close her mouth round her son's over size cock and stare him in the eye as she started to suck.

It wasn't long before I came again, filling her warm sloppy cunt with even more spunk. My cock was coated with it when I pulled out and I suggested to Gordon we swap round. He was a bit clumsy but soon had his ever-hard cock buried in his mothers cunt again and his mouth round a nipple sucking like a baby. I lay beside her head and offered my slimy wilting cock to her mouth. To my surprise her tongue licked the drops oozing from the end before her full ruby red lips enclosed the whole shaft. Although I was nowhere near hard, she had my whole cock in her mouth and was using her tongue to work round it.

Gordon was now leaning to one side mesmerised as he watched his own cock go in and out of Mothers cunt. With two loads of spunk up it and numerous orgasms of her own it was no wonder it was making a loud squelching noise. She was moaning continuously as he fucked her slowly, sending shivers of pleasure up my shaft. "Why don't you fuck her real hard, she'll like that," I said to Gordon. He would do anything to please Mother, so copying my position from earlier he got up on his arms and started to fuck her like an express train. "Oh yes, yes." Fuck me, she was talking. I started to wonder how long this drug lasted. Encouraged by her words Gordon fucked even faster. Her hips were rising up to meet his thrusts and she was screaming at him not to stop. I just sat back and watched as a huge orgasm tore through her. She grabbed Gordon by the buttocks and pulled him in deep as wave after wave swept over her. "Oh Gordon, YESSSSSSS!" I guessed Gordon was shooting his load again and watched fascinated as her big tits wobbled like two giant jellies as she shook from head to foot. Finally Gordon collapsed on top of his mother gasping for breath. She held his head in her hands and gently stroked his hair.

"Gordon, I think it's time for Mother's bed," I said panicking that the drug was wearing off. She smiled sweetly as we cleaned her with a warm face cloth before putting her to bed. Within seconds she was asleep. I explained to Gordon that he must never say anything about this to anyone including his mother. He simply nodded OK.

It was with some trepidation that I picked him up for college the following Monday. I was half expecting the cops to be there but as usual it was just Gordon sitting on the steps waiting for me. "Hi Gordon, everything OK?" I said nervously, looking over his shoulder towards the front door. "Yes Mr King, fine thank you."

"Err, how's your Mother?"

"Oh, OK I guess."

"Did she um say anything about the other night?" My heart was in my mouth. "Yes, Mother said I was a very good boy and to thank you for helping me look after her, she said she was really looking forward to the next restaurant night."

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