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I walked the lonely half-mile out to the far edge of the campus to my car. The wind buffeted me as I trudged across the rain-soaked pavement of the darkened lot. Finally making it to my car, I got in, started it up and turned on the radio to the local rock station. I was startled out of my reverie by a metallic clink on my passenger side window. Looking over, I about wet my pants as I saw the unmistakable shape of a .357 Magnum staring back at me.

I dutifully hit the auto-unlock button and the door was pulled open and I saw the mean-looking face of a girl staring back at me. Ratty, matted brown hair framed her dirt-smudged, pale white face. Her engineer boots, jeans, and white peasant blouse looked as if they hadn’t been cleaned in a month as well.

I nervously gripped the staring wheel and stared at her wide-eyed. My whole body shook slightly as I tried to calm myself. She slid wordlessly into the seat beside me and shut the door, never taking her eyes off me, nor pointing the gun away from me.

“Drive.” She commanded me softly.

“Uh… Where? W-Where do you want me to take you?” I asked still not able to take my eyes off the big gun she held in her small hands.

“Just drive, we’ll figure it out on the way.”

“Um, okay.” I said as I nervously turned and attempted to pull myself together. Before I knew it, we were a few miles outside of campus, heading down an empty state highway.

“What’s your name?” I finally got the courage to ask.

“What’s it to you?”

“Just… Just wondering, since you haven’t really told me who you are, or why you’re pointing a gun at me.” I said nervously.

“My name is Ann. Just drive and stop asking questions. Okay?” She said rather agitatedly.

“I’m Jack. Normally I’d said ‘Nice to meet you.’ but I kind of wished I hadn’t.” I mentally kicked myself for saying such an idiotic thing to someone who was pointing a gun at me.

“You some kind of smart ass or something?” She said in a low, angry tone.

“Sorry. It’s just that I’m nervous, and you won’t stop pointing that gun right at my head. You could blow my head off at any minute if we hit a bump in the road you know.”

“Stop your fucking whining or I’ll shoot you.”

“Will you at least point it somewhere else for a change?”

“I said shut up and drive. Got it?”

I then took this instant to slam on my brakes as hard as I could. Since Miss-Know-It-All was smarter than me, she decided it would be a good idea not to buckle her seat belt. She was thrown violently forward into the dashboard and the gun discharged as her head slammed into the hard plastic. My ears ringed from the gun going off point-blank, and I shook my head several times to see if I still had a face. I saw no blood, but my window had been blown out, so I assumed she narrowly missed me and it exited through the window.

Ann wasn’t so lucky, momentum had carried her head directly into the hard dashboard and the side of it was split open and bleeding profusely. I grabbed the gun off the floor and pulled her back on to the seat. I drove my car a quarter of a mile down the nearest gravel road and got out. I pulled her limp, bloody body out of the passenger side of my car and dragged her around to the rear. After opening the trunk, I pulled her boots off and threw them. I fished out some duct tape and bound her ankles and wrists, and slapped some over her mouth. I stuffed her in the trunk with the rest of the junk piled in there and shut it. I threw the gun into the ditch to get rid of any evidence.

I had decided that the best course of action was to find the nearest motel and figure out what to do with her later. I drove around for a half-hour to forty-five minutes until I found a suitable place. It was a run-down motel run by a half-deaf, half-blind foreigner that didn’t speak good English. $25 got me a cinder-block shack, in the far corner of the run-down compound. No bathroom door, a cockroach-infested closet, no TV, and a leaky toilet greeted us. Just the type of place that you can pull a bloody, bound girl out of your trunk and no one seems to notice.

I threw the mat-haired, semi-conscious girl on the bed. She groaned loudly through the duct-tape, no doubt the head injury was hurting her a lot. I shut the door and looked down at my captor, or should I say captive. Her green eyes finally seemed to comprehend that things had taken a decided turn in my favor. She continued to moan loudly, probably asking for me to take her to the nearest hospital for treatment. She had a deep, red gash that looked as though it went through many layers of skin, her dirty hair was matted on the side with blood and dirty. It would obviously get infect if it wasn’t cleaned.

I thought it would be a good idea if I got her cleaned up before she started bleeding on the bed. I took out my pocketknife and pulled the large 4” blade out. She tensed up as I brandished the knife above her.

“Don’t worry, we just have to get your wound cleaned up, so you don’t mess up the bed.”

I then proceeded to kneel over her and cut all of her clothing off. I ran the knife down the middle of her peasant blouse and exposed a plain, white bra covering her modest chest. Her moans became increasing louder as I worked away at her dirty clothes. My knife made quick work of the shirt before turning to her jeans. I unbuttoned them revealing white, cotton panties that a girl who was thirteen might be forced to wear by her mother. I smirked at the petite little thing as she tried to curl up into a fetal position. I straightened her up, then sawed through the crotch of her jeans with the knife and then ran it down each of the legs, before sawing through the ankle cuffs. I also had to cut the duct tape from around her ankles to get the jeans off, but figured she wouldn’t get far if she tried to run. My petite, ‘captor’ now cowered in a fetal position on the bed. Her wrists still duct-taped together, mouth still covered, and her little girl underwear was the only thing protecting her modesty.

I sat on the edge of the bed and looked into her scared, green eyes. Her bound hands nervously brushed the side of her face, trying to get the matted, sweaty hair out of her eyes. She had since stopped moaning and now was staring intently at me.

“We need to get rid of those dirty clothes. They’re starting to smell, and so are you.”

She averted her eyes, and began to cry softly.

“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up, Raggedy Ann.”

I lifted her up and took her to the bathroom. I laid her gently into the tub and stooped over her. I quickly removed her bra and panties with my knife, with just a small struggle. I notice my petite captor had small, pert breasts with big, puffy aureoles that she tried to hide with her arms. Her brown pubic hair seemed to have never seen the clippers before, but her legs seem oddly smooth for someone who looked like they hadn’t taken a bath in a month. I detected a very rich, unmistakable scent coming from between her legs, and it definitely wasn’t from failing to washing down there in a month. If not for the hair on her head, I would say she bathed on a daily basis.

Wordlessly she stared at me through blood-shot eyes as I pulled off my sweaty shirt and dusty, worn jeans. My white briefs followed as her wide-eyed stare took in my large manhood; already erect from the strip tease this little flirt had put on for me. “So do you see something you like?” I asked salaciously, as I put one foot on the side of the tub. I stood over her petite body and gripped my hard cock in my hand. I tentatively pumped it a few times as I looked into her eyes. I stroked up and down on my shaft as I looked at my captor’s small, nude body lying on the bottom of the tub. Her pale, pink nipples stuck out from her puffy aureoles; her legs were crossed tightly, but couldn’t hide her thick triangle of pubic hair.

“God you’re a hot, little thing. If you hadn’t pulled a gun on me, there’s no way I would ever believe you were older than 14. Just a sweet, gun-toting little piece of jailbait. But I know better, I think I’ve seen you at the 7-11 before. You’ll clean up real nice. God, I can’t wait to fuck your tight, little pussy. Look at that bush! God you’re a fucking Sasquatch! Creamy, white thighs and a huge fucking beaver! Fuck you’re hot. God, you’re a sweet little momma’s girl. Oh God! Fuckin’ hot piece of jailbait ass. Fuck! I can’t hold it any longer! Look at those pink, puffy nipples on your little boobies. Oh God, yes! Fuck! Uhhhh! Yeahhhh! Uh! Uh! Uh!”

I blew my load all over her matted hair, her face, and her arms. The rest came down on the smooth skin of her flat tummy and across her hair bush. I slowly stroked a few more times before I let go. I surveyed the nude girl’s body that was now covered in my cum. Her futile attempt to wipe away the big glob on her cheek had only managed to smear it all over her face. I turned on the water faucet and let the water gush out over her head, she leaned forward in an attempt not to drown, but I knelt down and pushed her cum- covered face back under the spray of water. So she wouldn’t drown, I ripped off the duct tape her mouth and she took in a big gasp of breath as she turned her head to the side.

“You sick fuck!”

I slapped her across the face and got back to the business of cleaning her up. The slap seemed to calm her down, as she didn’t say anything else, nor did she put up much resistance as I cleaned her. I got the cum cleaned up and pulled her to her feet as I turned on the shower and stepped in behind her. I liberally applied the small bottle of shampoo to her head and scrubbed furiously, trying to get the grime and any knots out of her shoulder length hair. Her head lolled forward as my figure worked her scalp. A quick slap on her tight little ass woke her back up and I helped her rinse the shampoo out. The half-dried bar of soap didn’t do much to clean her, but I was more than happy to let my fingers roam over her petite frame. Standing behind her I soaped her neck, shoulders, and back, then worked my hands around to her chest. I slid the bar slowly over each of her pert, little breasts; the pink tips of her nipples stood out and she moaned softly as I ran my hands repeatedly over the smooth skin. I slid the bar across her tummy with one hand, as my other hand grabbed her breast and squeezed. I rolled the little, pebbled tip between my fingers, then tugged on it gently. Her head rested on shoulder and her bound arms lay limply at her sides.

After working over the other nipple, I let my free hand roam down to the soft fur of her bush. While not a full-grown forest, her pubic hair felt soft and curly as I ran my fingers through. I stopped just above her slit and softly ran my fingers through her bush again and again while gently applying pressure to her tummy. My hand was so close to the folds of her pussy that she started to shake a little, but I wanted her to beg me to touch her, to take her.

“You like that, don’t you? You little slut.”

“Please… Oh, please just touch me. God, what are you doing to me?” She groaned.

“I want you to beg me to fuck you, to take your little pussy, to ram my cock down your tight hole.” I said softly into her ear.

“Please, touch me!” She said pleadingly.

“Fuck you’re a hot, little piece of jailbait. You wear those little girl panties and prance around like you’re just a naĂŻve little girl. I know better. I know your kind. You want ‘daddy’ to fuck you, you hot, little whore. You want to be fucked by a real man. Fuck, look at these little titties, with their big puffy nipples. Trying to hide your little, wet cunt under your bush, I can feel the juice all over your thighs. You hot little slut. Fuck!” I said as I roughly fingered her slit and jammed two digits up her tight hole. She moaned loudly and lifted her arms up and behind her head. She turned her head and I stuck my tongue into her hot little mouth, exploring the inner recesses; my fingers continued to work in and out of her sopping cunt.

I pulled her out of the shower with me, both of us dripping wet. I took my knife off the toilet seat and cut the duct tape from her wrists. After throwing the knife down on the floor, I bent her over the sink so her ass was sticking out toward me. My fingers rubbed over her glistening slit as she moaned her approval. I positioned my rock-hard cock at the entrance to her tiny hole and gently popped the mushroom-head inside her folds before slamming forward with all my might.

She screamed out incredibly loud and tensed up as I hit bottom. Had I know this hot piece of ass was a virgin, I may have take my time, but the little whore had put on a good show. I stopped my movements for a moment and let her get use to the fullness inside her aching pussy. I felt the muscles tense and relax several times as she tried to dull the ache. I rubbed and gently stroked her clit as I gripped her waist to steady her while she regained her breath. I slowly started to withdraw and push back in, she seemed to get into the rhythm eventually.

“Fuck your cunt is so tight. Nothing like virgin pussy. You’ll be bleeding for a week by the time I’m through with you. Fuck yeah! Can you feel that? Can you feel me hit bottom? You like it rough don’t you; you little cock-tease. I’m… fucking you… good now… oh, yeah… bitch… fucking take this… yeah… tight cunt, little whore… little momma’s girl… slut…”

She moaned loudly as she met my violent thrusts. My balls smacked into the ass obscenely, her little titties swayed back and forth lightly as I pounded relentlessly into her virgin hole. I knew it couldn’t last long. I grabbed her hips one last times as I slammed into her with all my might; my balls pancaked against her ass; her head nearly slamming into the mirror. I grunted loudly as I blew the contents of my swollen balls up her tight pussy. I lay limply against her as I tried to recover. As I pulled out of her cunt, a small amount of blood mixed with the cum and pussy juice on my cock dripped to the floor; some of the contents started to leak out of her abused hole and run down her inner thighs.

I pulled her back into the shower to finish what we had started and then led her back into the bedroom. I laid her out nude and duct taped her wrists and ankles to the bed before ordering some food. I ended up fucking her a few more times, including once up her extremely tight ass hole, before I went to sleep. I left her lashed to the bed when I left the next morning. I told the manager there was a problem in my room that he should look at before I left. I hope he took real good care of it.

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