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I have always had this inner desire to see my lady get taken by three men. I know it's wrong and in some views sick. But I have always wanted this. She on the other hand has not wanted this and has told me so. But! She has made remarks about the times when I'm a little rough. She likes it, and she likes me to talk a little dirty while I'm being rough.

One evening while setting outside, 3 men walked by. The first man said hello but the other 2 just stared at Lin. She had on a sheer tank top in white. You could see clear through the top with out trying. Her shorts were very short, and with her legs drawn up under her you could see her pussy mound very clearly. After the men walked on I asked her what she would have done if those men had come up and made us go inside and tied us up. And what she would have done if they had wanted to rape her?

She said she would have to let them because she wouldn't want any harm to come to me. I thought about this and talked some more about the possibility. She just blew it off as purely daydreaming, that no one would do any such thing.

Well about a week later the same 3 men walked by, they just stared at the house and made talk. We were inside, but I could clearly see them as the went on. I told Lin I was going to the store and would be back in a few. I flew out the door and got in the pickup.

I caught up with them quickly, and asked if they needed a ride? They said sure and jumped in, 2 in back one up front. The leader, you could tell, got in front. He was about 30 and the other two were in late 20's. I told him I had a proposition for him and wanted him to think it over. As I let them out at the bar, Heath said he wanted to talk more. So I went into the bar with them. Heath began by saying he wouldn't believe his fortune to be included in this plan. Randy and Jim wanted in on the story.\

I told Randy and Jim that I wanted the three of them to break in while were asleep and tie me up to the bedroom chair and screw my wife in front of me until they couldn't screw anymore. They went wild, you mean that hot assed bitch at your house? I said yes. Randy asked if she had agreed to this. I said no. She would think it was a for real rape. Jim was very concerned and said he wanted to know more.

I told them they would wear masks and she would be blindfolded. And I made it clear I didn't want her hurt, in anyway. Well Randy laughed, he said if she took his cock she would be hurting. Yea yea I said. With that he stood up and said lets go to the john. All 4 of us went in and took a piss. Randy turned to me and showed the biggest cock I have ever seen. It was 10 inches long soft and nearly 3 inches across. Jim laughed and turned to me also. He too had to be at least 9 inches and he was half hard. Heath was the biggest yet I had no clue as to how long his was because it was still in his pants.

I told them they would need to lube her up good before sticking those tools in her pussy. Damn, she was going to enjoy this and so was I. We set up the evening for the following weekend. Friday night to be exact around 8pm. We were to be setting on the porch, taking it easy.

The three men came through the back door and made their way quietly into the bedroom. There they stripped and hid in the closets in the bedroom. As Lin and I went inside she said she was hot and wanted some. I declined and told her I was tired. She was not very happy about this and said she was going to watch TV. I went to the bedroom, as I entered Heath came out and said for me to set in the chair, he tied my hands behind me and run a rope under the chair to my feet. He then pulled out a knife and cut off my shirt, stuffing some of it in my mouth. He then cut open my sweats and pulled out my cock.

Randy went into the front room and retrieved Lin. She was petrified. A naked man with a knife has the tendency to do that. He pushed her into the bedroom. She was very scared when she seen me. Heath told her to do as she was told and I could keep my cock attached. She said please don't hurt him I'll do what you want. Jim ripped off her tank top and jerked her shorts to the floor, leaving her completely nude in front of them.

He told her to get on the bed and spread her legs. She did what she was told. But it was then she seen the size of these men she was going to service. My god she said I can't take them! Heath told her to shut up or he would cut my cock off. With this she just watched opened eyed and with disbelief.

Randy went down on her and started licking her cunt as Jim held her hands back with one hand and rubbed her tits with the other. She was getting a real good licking when Heath stood up and placed his extremely large cock in her face. He told her to lick it and suck on the head. She tried but the head was too large. He pushed it into her mouth anyway. Her throat heaved with the size and depth of his thrusts. She started to cum raising her hips and squealing around Heath's cock. She came so hard she nearly made Randy black out by rapping her legs around his head.

Jim was dying and begged to be first, but Randy said he got her wet and he was going to give her, her first real cock. He lowered his black body between her legs and rubbed the head of his large cock on the lips of her pussy. She was gagging right then because Heath was groaning with the load he was pumping down her throat. Cum run out onto the bed, she was gagging for air. Heath pulled out and shot another load on her face.

Seeing this made me hard as hell, and as Randy rammed his cock to the hilt I nearly shot off my load. Randy plunged his cock in and out so hard and fast it was hard to tell if she was in pain or just in lust. Randy pulled his cock out the tip and rammed it home every time. The friction latterly made her lips suck in and out with each stroke. Randy tined up and screamed he was cumming. And I guess he did because Lin said she was cumming also. She screamed with each stroke and when Randy shot off she yelled even more. Oh fuck me, damn fuck me ohhhh yessss, fill me with your cum oh yes yes yes.

Jim pushed Randy aside and rammed his cock home first stroke. He too pumped her hard and fast. But this time he came real quickly filling her already full pussy with more love juice. She came again and again. She came once after Jim pulled his cock out. Making a sucking noise, and letting cum cascade down her ass onto the bed.

Heath wanted to fuck now and he made her beg for it. He fingered her pussy and squeezed her nipples making her moan. She started begging for his cock. Tell your old man how much you want this big black cock bitch. Tell him. Oh baby, baby, baby I want this black cock to tear me up I want to be fucked now hard please tell him to fuck me please. With this I spit out my gag and told him to fuck the shit out of her. Make her scream louder that before. Fill the bitch with cum do it I said.

With that Heath shoved his 12 inches in her hungry pussy. He must have been 3 inches thick because she was stretched out to the max. He pulverized her pussy for at least 10 minutes making her cum over and over. She was begging between cums for him to fuck her harder. Now he was fixing to cum. And cum he did, his cum pumped into her more and more with each stroke. Her pussy was dry after the fucking but was full again now, because it was rolling out with each stroke. My god he must have cum a quart, not really but it seemed like it. He pulled his cock out and laid it on her chest, it was only inches from her mouth and between her tits. He held them together and started fucking her tits, all the time cumming on her face. My god how can a man cum that much? She took him in her mouth and sucked him dry.

Lin was fucked silly but not through as Randy and Jim fucked her one more time and Heath did her twice more. She was swimming in cum. I was dying, I had shot off twice myself and couldn't even touch my self. Just seeing her get fucked so well did me in.

As Heath and the others got dressed he asked her if she was going to call the cops. No she said, you didn't do anything Shelby didn't want you to do. I was astounded, Lin just smiled and added. Now you have to let me have my big cocks when ever I want. I agreed. And with her tubes tied she could fuck all she wanted. As long as she stayed with me.
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