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Danny was pleased with himself. He had driven one woman to the edge of climax and that was all it took for her to obey his every command, and he had, with the help of a few vibrators, fucked a cum-whore into submission. 'And they're both redheads' he thought happily to himself. He could feel a familiar tightening in his pants again. Pushing that happy thought to one side for a minute, he grabbed hold of Suzi, who was happily watching globs of cum rolling around on Carrie's petite, hot, sweaty body, and carried her closer to the bed. He put her down on top of Carrie in a 69 position and then took the vibrators out of Carrie's pussy and asshole.

"Ohhh" sighed Carrie as her now weak and tender pussy finally had some relief.

Suzi, who was now also very sweaty and had a belly covered in the cum that she had been lying on, felt her hands and feet be tied to the bedposts. 'There must be two guys here then' she thought to herself. She didn't mind, she just wanted sex. Even the thought of drugs had fallen to the back of her mind.

Carrie was out for the count with pleasure for a few moments before she smelt something other than cum and sweat near her. There was something on top of her too. Writhing about on her slick, wet body. 'Pussy juice' she thought, smiling, 'I can smell pussy juice'. She poked out her tongue and it was met with a lovely warm mound. Suzi screamed out in pleasure. Carrie buried her tongue in the hot, dripping wet twat in front of her. Again, Suzi yelled in pleasure. Carrie leaned forward as much as she was able, and moved her nose into the tight asshole of the busty redhead in front of her. 'Whoever said redheads don't have much fun?' she asked herself. She carried on licking the girl's clit, flicking it from side to side with her tongue. She could feel her own pussy being licked down at the other end of the bed. She moaned with pleasure. She could feel a long vibrator slipping into her asshole. She moaned more loudly.

"Fuck me you bastards!" she said loudly into the cunt that her face was buried into. She could feel the pussy muscles around her face start to pulsate. She started licking harder, flicking her tongue with a vigour and passion that she didn't know she had left in her after her very long vibrator fuck earlier.

"OHH I'M GONNA CUM!!! FUUUUUCK" came a scream from the other end of the bed.

"OHHH YES" came another scream of ecstasy as Carrie's mouth filled with pussy juice. She swallowed it down hungrily as she felt herself begin to climax again.

"OHHH FUCK ME I'M GONNA CUM YOU BASTARDS FUUUCK!!!!!" she screamed, her mouth finally free of the pussy it had been licking and sucking for the last 10 minutes.

She gushed and gushed, releasing loads of juice into the waiting mouth of the other girl. Gerald Saunders, a 47-year-old butler to the leader of a small drug-selling group, put the last set of nipple clamps on to the red tray in front of him. He picked it up and remembered sweetly the last time he did this for Sir. They had three horny 18-year-old virgins waiting in the entrance hall. They had come because they had heard about this new dealer who sometimes gave out drugs for sex. Since none of them had ever even seen a cock, what a surprise it was for them when Sir revealed his 13-inch member to them. Gerald's balls tightened at the memory of the first girl, gently lowering herself onto the long, thick dick of his master. The satisfying scream as her cherry was popped.

The tightening of his balls seemed too familiar. He looked down past the tray and saw Valerie, one of the resident slave girls sucking happily on his balls. He savoured the moment for a while but then remembered that sir wanted the toys now. He kicked Valerie violently to the side and heard the satisfying crunch of a dislocated jaw as her head smacked against the wooden desk that stored hundreds of gigabytes of fetish and extreme porn on disc; ready for the next time Gerald wanted to relive previous experiences of torturing some poor little girl in bondage.

'Or even Sir when he's feeling horny' Gerald chuckled to himself. Valerie's whimpers of pain started to get a bit louder and a bit more annoying so he kicked her again, hard in the stomach making her double over in pain. 'Maybe when she's calmed down I'll fuck her. The under butler's can have a go too. It's about time we had a group fuckfest. Just the servants together again.' Gerald smiled sadistically as he walked up the stairs to the main bedroom.

Pain ripped through Valerie Saint-Saenz jaw as she was ruthlessly kicked into a table by the head butler. Her naked body doubled over when she was kicked in the stomach. She loved it. The main reason she had come to America was because her last mistress, Annabelle, had recommended her to this English drug dealer guy. She used to think that Annabelle spanked hard and fast, but she was nothing compared to the joined might of Danny Pearson, her new master, and Saunders the butler. Together the two of them ruthlessly attacked her buttocks and tits for hours on end on her first day. When her buttocks were severely sore they stopped, picked up metal-chained whips and carried on again. After this they fucked her in both holes and pinched and tweaked her nipples.

When they had both climaxed what seemed like a dozen times they bound her hands behind her back and pushed her into the back of a tinted Aston Martin. They drove for what seemed like hours until they got to some seedy club. They took of the ropes binding her hands together and shoved her, still naked, into a room of drug crazed guys. They each fucked her and had there way with her. The only stuff she got to drink that night was piss from the fucked-up guys, and the only stuff she ate was shit. She loved every minute of it.

Early in the hours of the next day, Danny came into the room took one look at Valerie, covered in shit and cum and still being butt-fucked with a smile on her face, and said to her "You're mine. You have outstandingly survived your initiation ceremony. Let's get you home with a nice walk through town." And with that Danny pulled her off one of the guys pulsating cocks and walked her out of the room and into broad daylight. On their walk back to the house, Valerie was still naked and covered in shit; they were stopped by a big-titted redheaded policewoman who sucked off Danny down an alleyway while Valerie stood by watching.

When she was done, they carried on walking down the main road, ignoring the shouts and jeers from drivers. When they got home she found everyone was naked and cheering for her. Even though she was now the lowest of the low in the household, a sex slave, she was still allowed to torture the youngest and smallest slaves however she wanted, with all the other members of the household standing by. 'And still covered in shit' Valerie smiled to herself, fingering herself violently at the delicious memory. 'Annabelle would be so pleased'

Suzi heard the door into the room open as she was swallowing down the last of the bitch's cum. Slowly she turned her head around and saw the very long thick cock of Danny, her latest interest, about an inch away from her face. She poked out her tongue and licked the edge of it and tasted the familiar cum and something not quite so familiar, something tangy. She poked out her tongue and licked the edge of it and tasted the familiar cum and something not quite so familiar, something tangy, 'Was it shit?' she asked herself.

She licked a bit more and found that it was. 'So that's what was fucking Carrie's ass while I licked it' she said quietly to herself. Danny pulled his dick away and started to untie Suzi from the bed. As each rope came off Suzi swore she could feel the blood rushing back to her hands and feet. She was held up and carried over to a where a rope was hanging down from the ceiling. Danny pulled her hands up and tied them to the end of the rope. Suzi could just about touch the floor if she put her feet out straight down. Danny lowered the rope.

Suzi could now comfortably stand on the balls of her feet. She saw the door open and the near-naked butler step inside the room. His thick cock was hard and by the glistening shine on it, someone had been sucking on it recently. The butler walked over to Suzi and Danny, who was quite happily nibbling on her nipples, and handed him a tray with all sorts of stuff on it. Things Suzi hadn't even seen before! She squirmed happily at the thought of using some of these toys. She felt herself getting wet again! 'Jeez its gonna be a long night' she said to herself.

Danny looked at his latest conquest and felt his cock harden even more at the thought of all the satanic things he was going to do to her. He reached out to the tray that Saunders was carrying with his left hand, and with his right hand he reached out to Saunders' cock and wiped the precum at the slit. He then moved his forefinger covered in precum to Suzi's mouth and wiped it along her lips.

"Do you like that, huh?" Danny asked her. Suzi moaned in pleasure as a response. "Good, because you're gonna taste a lot more tonight" he said as he attached a spring-loaded nipple clamp to her left tit.

"Aaahh" came the response from the tied up police officer. Danny reached down between Suzi's legs and wiped off some of her cum. Again he put it to her lips and she licked it off fiercely.

A moan came from the other end of the room where Carrie was still tied up. But she wasn't on her own. Two of the resident sex slaves were with her, Valerie and Toby. Toby's long thick cock was pounding the crap out of Carrie's ass while Valerie straddled on her face, peeing gleefully.

"Put the tray down and go and have a poke up Toby, Saunders. God knows you want it." Danny said. Saunders quickly put the tray on the floor and rushed over to Toby. He started feeling around his arse, loosening him up for the backdoor assault that was about to commence.

Danny turned back round to Suzi and licked her neck lovingly. He started working his way down her body, paying attention to both the clamped and unclamped nipples as he passed them. When he got low enough he reached down and picked up another nipple clamp. He spread Suzi's legs open and started licking her three-quarter-inch clit that was protruding outwards from her pussy, much to Suzi's delight. With his free hand he began to run his forefinger up and down her asshole, making it loose enough for entry. He brought the nipple clamp upwards and clamped Suzi's clit, making her scream out with a mixture of joy and pain.

He walked around the back of the screaming slut and started poking around her stinkhole with his 13-inch cock. As she loosened up to him he started gently thrusting himself in, hips swaying to and fro to a non-existent beat. Suzi moaned, still in pain from the spring loaded nipple clamp on her long clit. Danny started pumping more quickly now, thrusting fiercely with each pump. He felt his balls tightening as he moved his hands around to Suzi's free nipple and started pinching and twisting it.

As his balls pumped more and more he started slapping her tits from side to side, more powerfully than before. He moved his hands back round to her ass and started slapping it hard. Her cheeks started to glow red and she screamed out in pain. Suddenly he felt her tight hole get a grip on his nearly climaxing cock. She was cumming! He pumped away and carried on slapping. His grunts were matching her joyous screams as they both started cumming together. With one final push he released his load into her asshole. 4 or 5 streams of cum came out of the top of his dick as Suzi began to shout.

"I'M CUMMING. OH FUCK, YEEEAAAHH FUCK MEEE I'M FUCKING CUMMING" she yelled, as though she had never been fucked before.