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You are warned that some people will find that the sex in the story below shocks them.


This story contains no reference to real events or to real people.

* * * * *

Pippa woke up to the sound of a voice. As she opened her eyes, she realized that it was her aunt, cursing. "Hell blast their damned arrogance. May their rotten teeth explode in agony and their damned police dogs bite off their balls. I hope their wives get their revenge by pouring molten lead into them. Why the hell did I believe these bastards were predictable." Her aunt's voice suddenly stopped being furious and became anxious. "You're awake Pippa. Oh my dear I'm so sorry to have let you into this. I shouldn't have let you come to this damned country, but I was sure I was safe for a year at least. They took me before only five months ago, and the very shortest gap between someone being taken twice was nearly three years."

"But Aunt Eva, where is this?" Pippa gestured at the dimly lit little circular tent which contained their heads and their forearms, and Pippa took in, the head and forearms of an oriental lady. "What is happening?"

"What is happening is that we are going to be raped, and nobody knows for sure but we think this is on some sort of stage in the middle of a big room for meetings or dinners. I smelt good food when I was here before, and there are always men's voices all around though we can't make out the words."

"You here before?" The oriental lady spoke.

Aunt Eva replied speaking slowly "Yes. I was taken here five months ago. They rape us but they do not leave our bodies damaged."

"I told by ambassador wife, yes. Best accept. No resist. OK tomorrow."

"That is right, dammit, Pippa. We have no choice. Accept it. Hope that your body gets the minimum of pain and the maximum of pleasure out of it. Put off agonizing until tomorrow. Oh God, its starting."

Pippa felt some sort of cloth or cover lifted off her back and legs. She realized that her body was held up by some sort of padded support which ran from her breastbone to below her navel. When she tried to move she found she was bound to the support by something like a wide soft but tight belt. Her legs felt free but she found a cord stopped her moving her ankles more than a few inches. Her elbows and neck were held firmly by the edge of the little tent. The slight touch of air on her bare skin was replaced by a pair of hands stroking her back and another caressing her legs. She looked at Aunt Eva whose face was losing its fierceness. "These are what I think of as the warm-up men, Pippa. They are good at their job. What they are doing is getting us ready and excited for the real rapists. My God Pippa, are you still a virgin?"

"Yes, Aunt."

"Then they will know it. You are probably going to lose your virginity to His Excellent Highness himself."

"The President?"

"Yes. Everyone is sure he organizes this." Pippa found that she was beginning to enjoy the way the hands were now massaging oil or lotion into her back and legs, and was a little shocked at the feeling.

Aunt Eva continued. "When the present regime took power here, the risks for foreign women were much the same as in other countries like this. But a week or two after the takeover, a foreign woman was nastily raped. The guilty man was found two days later with his balls nailed to a tree and his tongue cut out. I don't know if he died or not. My God, these men know their job. This tongue on my clit is something else."

" Anyway, the next week there was another rape which put the woman in hospital. The two men who did it were found choked to death on each others cut off balls and cock. The two local language newspapers both ran articles deploring the barbaric fate of the rapists, but saying that the overwhelming anger of the citizens which the fate of these men showed was entirely understandable against those who so blackened the reputation of the country and of His Excellent Highness' leadership. Everyone took the hint. There have been no more normal rapes since." She gasped. "The mouth on my nipple is almost as distracting as the one on my pussy. What is happening to you Pippa?"

"I think a mouth has just started on my left nipple. I can only just feel the hand on my right breast. It seems to be making hairs stand up that I never realized I had. And the man massaging my behind is circling closer and closer to my pubes. But what happened then?"

Aunt Eva licked her lips, and sipped from the straw beside her head. "The next month three foreign women disappeared one afternoon, and were found well and sleepy in the Queen's Palace Hotel next morning. That is where we can expect to wake up tomorrow. They each told the same story of being in this sort of mini-pavilion and having been raped there six or seven times over what appeared to be a period of hours with lots of indistinct voices outside the pavilion. None of them was in any way injured. No one had caught a disease. No one was pregnant. Every trace of semen seemed to have been washed away. The Police took statements, said there was no evidence of rape, talked like a textbook about the prevalence of rape fantasies amongst women like us; and when the foreign community would not shut up, spoke of insults to His Excellent Highness who had so successfully eradicated rape of foreign women." She gave a sort of groan. "This man should give lessons in tonguing and sucking clits." The oriental woman grunted; then said "Yes. Very good."

Pippa found that her feet were doing a sort of dance as the man's hands touched and worked every part of her labia and her clitoris. She wondered if it was his tongue rimming her anus. She thought out of the blue how much nicer such a tongue would be than toilet paper. She shied away from such a thought and asked "You mean that the whole thing was organized by the President?"

"Yes. Just about once a month ever since the same thing has happened. The foreign women seem to be selected at random. The Police stonewall every question. Oooo! That's exquisite. I must be dripping by now."

"Wet me too" said the oriental woman, "Feel on leg." Pippa said "I think one of their tongues are in my vagina now. Its strange, but awfully sexy."

A look of relief passed over Aunt Eva's face. Pippa was not fighting the inevitable. Perhaps it would not be too bad for her niece. "After I was officially raped, as we say amongst ourselves, I almost put you off coming Pippa. But Sandra Simmons who has been raped twice herself persuaded me that having taken her again two years and ten months after the first time was surely a freak, and that provided you stayed close by me, you would probably be safer here than almost anywhere else you might travel. And then the bastards gas us in a taxi."

"Take me at hairdresser," said the oriental woman. "Ah!" said Pippa, "That must be one of them sucking my clit and the other my nipple."

"Surely you are from the Japanese Embassy," said Eva to the oriental woman. "Yes. Work in Chancery."

"You mean women diplomats get raped just like the rest of us?" said Pippa. "Don't their Governments stir up a stink about it?"

"After a few months, when they were convinced that the government here was behind the rapes, all our men folk got steamed up and the Ambassadors were talking among themselves about a unanimous breaking off of diplomatic relations and various sorts trade sanctions against the regime. It was your Ambassador's wife who stopped that." Eva spoke to the Japanese lady. "Yes. You explain."

"Urgh!" said Eva, "Sorry. That was his finger coming out of my anus. What the Japanese Ambassador's lady said to her husband and which he put to the other men was that with about eight hundred foreign women and forty a year being taken, the average incidence of rape, at once every twenty years, was high here but not unbearably so. But if the Ambassadors succeeded in stopping the official rapes, we would be back with the usual criminal rapes instead, and we could be sure that if the regime was offended, there would be more of them than in the past. And unlike the official rapes, the criminal rapes left some women badly hurt, diseased or even dead. She is said to have told her husband that she personally would be happy to take His Excellent Highness cock every month if it saved other women from criminal rape, but that must be guesswork."

"She did so say same to me," said the Japanese lady. "My mother say take post here. Maybe real rape cure my rape fantasy."

Pippa felt a tension building the way it did when she masturbated, but somehow stronger. She was not sure whether she wanted it to continue to a climax or not. Seeking distraction she asked "So all the men put up with this happening? Even Uncle John?"

"If the woman or her man cannot accept it, they are posted away from here." Aunt Eva spoke rather bleakly. "Your uncle found it very difficult to take after my first time. In the end, he understood that the only relation between my body's terrific physical response to the fuckings it received and our wonderful relationship is that I might have really suffered if he had not developed my sexual responses so superbly."

"And this time he knows that no one has really developed my sexual responses," said Pippa, "Aowooo! At least not until now! If I don't suffer - and if this is suffering I must be a masochist. My body is loving this Aunt Eva! If I don't suffer, he may have doubts about how you really feel about being raped like this?"

"Enjoy it all you can, Pippa. Parts of it are going to hurt. Being raped as a virgin is not fun. I will work it out with your Uncle John later."

"Well, sauce for the gosling is sauce for the goose. Just you enjoy those terrific fuckings this time, Aunt Eva. I will need the example if my first time is really going to hurt, and then I have to try and enjoy five or six more rapes."

"Pippa! You know you must never use that sort of word!"

"Maybe you weren't listening Aunt Eva, but you said "fuckings" first, and isn't it a bit late to worry about dirty language when we are both trying to enjoy being raped?"

"Sorry Pippa, saying that was ridiculous. I was completely distracted by the way he is tickling his cock into my vagina - no, into my cunt. A pussy that is responding like mine is definitely a cunt, not just a vagina."

The Japanese woman was breathing in gasps "Now is fucking me good!" she said. Pippa felt the mouths and hands on her withdraw for some moments. Her rising climax subsided to her frustration. The mouths began again to a new rhythm. She suspected that the tongue now playing with her clit had been teasing her nipple a minute ago, and vice versa. "Ah! God, he's home," said Eva, "Now to see if my cunt can really ripple around his thickness."

The quality of the noise from outside the tent was altering. Pippa felt the efforts of the lips and tongues and fingers that were exciting her become more intense and speed up. "Oh, goody," she thought, "they are going to let me have my climax!" She noticed that her aunt and the Japanese lady were jerking in time with one another. The men fucking them must be matching their thrusts. Suddenly the beat of the lips and tongues on her were in synch with the others. As her orgasm swelled up within her, Pippa watched the combined rhthym become more subtle as it accelerated. She came with a cry of "Oh yes!" and squeaks of ecstasy. The Japanese lady's rising, quivering groan mingled with her squeaks. They looked at Eva. Her face was a reddened grimace as she cried "That's it! Splat it into my cunt. Oh, what a shag. Oh! Ow! Owwww!!" Without a moment's pause, they felt tender hands wiping washing and drying their hinder parts. As the clean-up finished, the noise around them fell away.

"This is where it really begins. They will be cheering the entry of what must be the President's party in a moment. That is what they have got us all prepared for." Eva looked worriedly at her niece. A roar like cheering began. Pippa felt her aunt's anxiety on her behalf beginning to nag at the edge o the wonderful relaxation she had achieved. Then she saw the happiness on the face of the Japanese lady, and even that ghost of tension went away.

The cheering died down. They heard a powerful single voice, apparently making a speech. Pippa took her aunt's hand in hers. As the unintelligible noise of the speech continued, their other hands crept out to those of the smiling Japanese lady. "Heaven knows what His Excellent Highness speaks about at these shows. It could be high policy, it could be the particular delights of our three bodies that the select few are going to enjoy publicly in front of their key followers."

"Man, so talk about how wonderful own cock," said the Japanese lady decisively. Pippa chuckled. Eva said "Men who really have wonderful cocks are the only ones who do not boast about their equipment, in my experience. And if His Excellent Highness cock is the one I think it is, it is pretty wonderful."

"He think much more wonderful than that," said the Japanese lady as firmly as before.

The speech ended in a further burst of cheering. As it died down, Eva felt a large hand fondling her backside. The Japanese lady spoke again "Feel cock." So did Eva moments later. It slid for a moment along her pussy lips. The support under her was pumped up a trifle. In short order, she felt a very substantial cock making its way into her cunt. She and the Japanese lady caught each others eye as two cocks plunged home. They settled to being very comfortably raped and to enjoying what they could of it. Pippa realized that she was being left out of this round. Perversely she felt a little slighted. As a consequence, when the other two women's excitement mounted, Pippa did not suppress the twitching little wriggle which was the limit of the range of movement permitted to her hind quarters.

Eva and the Japanese lady felt the surge of semen simultaneously, though neither woman had reached her own climax. Immediately the spent pricks withdrew, two others took their places. But then they paused. After a moment Pippa gasped as she felt powerful hands on her hips. This was the moment when she was going to lose her virginity. Her behind twitched again in the hands that held it. The cock behind them pushed gently but firmly in. It began to move in short strokes. She found it to her considerable pleasure. From the squeezes of the others hands on hers, she guessed that the other two men were taking their stroke from the man in her. Pippa's behind wriggled again. The hands grasped it hard. Suddenly the cock that had been exciting her plunged in much more deeply. She felt a wrenching, tearing pain as most of her hymen gave way, and a second pain as a further series of plunges completed the entry. The others gripped her hands to comfort her as she stiffened and cried out.

The cock that was in Pippa paused, and the other two followed suite. As the pain ebbed, Pippa realized that she could feel the man's hairy balls against her backside. Her maidenhead was truly gone. In spite of the remaining pain, her behind twitched involuntarily again. The cock began to move again in her in response. The feel of it sliding in her vagina was strange. Still somewhat painful, but not unwelcome. She caught the feel of similar movement in the other two women's hands, and opened her eyes to see he satisfaction on the Japanese lady's face. She turned to her aunt, who asked "How is it now?"

"Easing," said Pippa, " But you were right. That bit did really hurt."

"Just let him come as quickly as he can. Then you will have his semen, his cum, to soothe and lubricate you." They both felt the cocks in them speeding up. Pippa supposed that it was her blood that was lubricating the man's cock now, odd as it was that something as sticky as blood could be a good lubricant. Pippa giggled to herself at the problem that might develop if he slowed down. Instead he went on accelerating. Just as the ebbing pain began to increase again, she felt him stop, and his cum begin to pump into her. Her feeling was of relief, but when she looked at her two companions as their rapers also ejaculated within them, she saw positive enjoyment.

The three cocks withdrew to a further round of cheering. A short speech followed. It was during the burst of cheering after that, that the three women felt fresh cocks enter them. Eva spoke "Last time, from this point on it was straight, hard chain fucking. I don't think our cunts were empty for a whole minute together." Pippa settled to see how far she could get pleasure from it. The semen from her first fuck helped, but she was still on the point of hurting all through her second. It was a relief when an even larger dose of semen joined the first. In the moments after that she watched both Aunt Eva and the Japanese lady come to orgasm as their loads of cum splashed into them.

Pippa's third cock felt smaller, though she wondered if that was just because she was being stretched. For whatever reason, he pain that had been hovering seemed to disappear when this cock teased its way into her. Then this man's hands went down to play with her nipples. The response carried through to her vagina, and she felt real pleasure begin to mount as she was carefully and very firmly fucked. She had not climaxed when she felt yet more warm semen shoot into her, but when Aunt Eva said "Prepared for another helping? Pippa replied "I think I am getting an appetite for it, auntie mine. It must be something which runs in our family."

Pippa's fourth cock was a downright disappointment. It felt large, but it seemed to have neither force nor staying power. And when it did come, the flow of semen seemed more of a dribble than a surge. It felt the worse because both the other two climaxed raucously as their charges of cum entered them. The fifth penis to enter her made up for the fourth, and more. With the aid of a finger on Pippa's clitoris, the man worked her carefully but swiftly to a crowing climax, and would have brought her to a second except that he chose to come at the same time as his two companions. Pippa felt glowing now, and ready for anything.

What followed was a short pause, Then Aunt Eva said "Oh Lord, they are greasing up my ass."

"Me too" said the Japanese lady. "Pippa, I think this means that they are going to fuck our assholes. You know that men and women do that sometimes?"

"Of course I know, Aunt Eva. I have even seen two boys demonstrate cornholing."

"They didn't do this to me last time. It can be painful as the devil if the man doesn't take tremendous care, and I am afraid these men won't take care." Somebody is lubricating my asshole now, Aunt Eva, and they are doing it very nicely. I could take quite a lot of this. But do you think that they are doing this so His Excellent Highness can take my virgin bum as well as my pussy?"

" I would guess so."

"So I think, also."

First Aunt Eva announced that her backside was being penetrated. When that cock was home, it stayed still. Then it was the Japanese lady's turn. Both managed with only a touch of discomfort. Then Pippa felt a cock sliding on the surplus lubricant around her asshole. Pippa giggled at the thought of her two penetrated companions being held still to wait for her, like restive horses. As the cock touched its target, she relaxed strenuously. Do what she could, the stretching of her anal sphincter as the swollen helmet went through hurt badly. But once that was passed, she found that cock and colon fitted rather interestingly. She quite enjoyed the brief fucking of her tight girlish ass that now ensued. There was no question of her coming, but she noted with real interest that the Japanese lady did produce a notably happy orgasm from the cock in her ass.

That seemed to be the end of the action. A few minutes later, Eva was explaining to Pippa that the man who had raped her ass had left her unsatisfied not because he was clumsy, which he was not, but because he had been so wishy washy about the whole thing, At that moment Pippa smelt something which reminded her of the taxi.