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Jack was glad to be home.

He couldn't wait to see what had happened with his wife today. In the meantime he had Angela sit on a chair in the kitchen. She wasn't to say a word or move a muscle. He then walked up the stairs to find Jessica in her bathrobe with a towel around her hair.

"Oh hi honey." Jessica said. Jack walked up to her and kissed her as was his custom. "How was it helping mom?" She asked.

"Oh it was fine. What did you do while I was gone?" Jack inquired. Jack had already known what had happened. He paid Johnny C's two goons to come over here and rape his wife. And he was sure they'd done a good job. He was about to find out how good.

"Hey Jess. I left my camera on in the bedroom by mistake. Do you know where the charger is? I think the battery might've died while I was gone." Jack called from the bedroom. Jack knew exactly what he was asking. He know knew his wife was about to squirm. Jessica gulped. All of a sudden the pit of her stomach seemed to drop to her ankles. She had to stop him from seeing what was on the camera. She had to think quickly. She rushed into the room and grabbed the camera from Jack's hands.

"Um I think the charger is downstairs. I'll go plug it in there." That was fast thinking, she thought to herself. Now she could delete the video from the digital camera and no one would be the wiser. But Jack was just a little bit faster.

"HEY! GET OVER HERE WITH THAT!" He yelled. His tone was a bit angry and Jessica had to comply lest Jack get suspicious. "Give me that thing a minute."

"What thing honey?"

"You know what thing Jessica. Why the hell did you snatch it from me??" Jessica tried to delete the video now in front of Jack and delete it quickly. She could make up a lie later but she had to make sure he didn't see the video. Jack reached out and tried to snatch the camera from her but she was able to delete it before he did.

"What the hell is wrong with you Jess???? That's not like you? Was there something on that camera that you didn't want me to see?" Jack tried to sound suspicious but he came across too much like he already knew and was just trying to get her to admit to it.

"No Jack. Please don't be silly. I was just talking to myself about some silly things and I didn't want you to hear it. That's all. I don't want you to think I'm sillier than I am. You know me being pregnant and all."

Jack laughed. "It's okay honey. I understand. Oh by the way your mother is downstairs. Why don't you go down and say hello?"

"Sure. Let me put some clothes on and I'll go right down." Jessica was relieved now thinking that she had eliminated the video of her escapade and walked into the bathroom.

Jack walked over to his dresser and removed a jacket that was covering his laptop. He had hidden the web cam in between his many colognes and the laptop was covered with a couple of sweatshirts. Since Jessica hadn't had a chance to clean up she never noticed it. Jack quickly scanned the video to make sure it recorded and then strategically played the last 5 minutes of the two men raping his wife.

"OH MY GOD!" Jack screamed. "WHAT THE FUCK!"

Jessica came running.

"What's wrong J...." Her jaw dropped. There on Jack's laptop was her with two men. They were using her like a cumrag and she loved every second of it. Jessica broke into tears and didn't know what to say. Jack just sat down pretending to be shocked. She fell to her knees and crawled over to him.

"Please honey *sniff* you have to forgive me *sniff*." Jessica pleaded with tears streaming down her face. "They broke in and attacked me. *sniff* I was just trying to protect the baby and myself. *sniff* that's it I swear. I didn't enjoy a filthy minute of it."

Jack stood up quietly and went over to the laptop. He raised the volume.

"...this bitch. I'm gonna cum in her fucking cunt!"

"Yes yes yes! Cum in me please! I want to feel it inside me! Please fucking cum!" Jessica's words were unmistakable on the tape. It was wide open. Jack turned to her now with a look of severe anger.

Jessica just held her face in her hands and wept endlessly. She kept mumbling undecipherable words begging for husband's forgiveness. When Jack turned to leave the room for a moment, she lunged at his leg and held it begging him to stay.

"Please Jack. Please don't go. Let's talk. PLEASE!" Jessica screamed through sorrowful eyes. She was in extreme desperation.

Jack looked at her.

"You want to talk? Okay let's talk. You get on your fucking knees and I'll sit on the bed. Then you can say whatever the fuck it is you want to say."

Jack sat on the bed and Jessica quickly went to sit next to him. He pushed her away.

"No Jess. I told you to get on your fucking knees."

Jessica slowly knelt in front of him.

"Jack please forgive me. I love you more than anything in this world...." Jack cut off her sentence.

"LOOK AT THAT FUCKING VIDEO!!! YOU FUCKING CALL THAT LOVE?!?!?!?!?!" Jack's words shot through like a bolt of lightning. Jessica put her head down and said, "no".

"No it's not fucking love. Not unless you want to define it the love of cock. Is that what that was? You love cock Jess? You're a cockloving whore, is that it?"

Jessica snapped back quickly. "NO! No I'm not Jack. Please you have to forgive me. I will do whatever you say. I swear it. Please you have to forgive me."

"Whatever I say? Is that right?"

"YES! Yes Jack! Anything, I swear!"

"Okay Jess. You stay right here in this room and you don't move a finger. I will be right back."

Jack left the room and closed the door behind him leaving Jessica alone in the bedroom. As soon as she was alone she walked over to his laptop and deleted the video. She wanted to forget it and put it past her. No. She wanted to put it past them. Hopefully Jack would forgive her.


Jack passed Angela on his way down to his office.

"Come with Me fuckpig." He called to her. Angela followed him to his office.

Jack's office was carpeted so she had to remove her shoes. "Take off your coat and find a spot to lay in dogfuck. This will be where you stay when you are in this home."

Angela found an empty space along the back wall and made herself comfortable. She laid in her nakedness and tried to fall asleep. Every time she closed her eyes she hoped this ordeal would be over when next she opened them.

Jack took his phone and left the room. About 10 minutes later papers began flying through his fax machine. After about 30 minutes and 2 inch stack of papers, Jack reentered his office. He grabbed the stack of papers and began separating them. Then he stapled the papers in two piles.

"Okay fuckpig come over here. Sign this quickly."

Angela grabbed a pen and signed wondering what was going on?

"Good girl. You may go back to your spot and sleep. Oh and by the way. That is a contract saying you owe Me the sum of 112 million dollars. Since you don't have the money to pay Me you have become My legal slave. You have entered into a bargain of indentured servitude. Although this one has all types of sexual stipulations." Jack smiled as he got up to leave the room. Angela began to cry slowly and quietly. She knew now that there was no getting out of this. Her life had truly become Jack's property.


Jack returned upstairs after about 45 minutes. Jessica was crawled up into a ball on the bed. She had been doing nothing but crying since he left the room.

"Okay. You'll do anything I say? Then I say if you want to save our marriage you will sign this." Jack handed her the second contract.

"What is it?" *sniff*

"It's kind of a modified prenuptial agreement. Just sign it. Prove to me that you really want to work this out."

Normally Jessica wouldn't have just grabbed the pen and signed but desperate times call for desperate measures.

"Good. I'll be right back. Do NOT leave this room until I return."

Jessica sniffed again. "Why are you keeping me in here? Where are you going?"

"Don't worry Jess. You'll find out in a minute."

Jack quickly left the room. This time he left the house completely. He came back about 20 minutes later with his lawyer, Anthony Thompson.

"Jessica. I've brought Anthony with me. He's going to explain to you what you signed earlier."

Jessica sat up eagerly awaiting what Anthony was going to tell her.

"Hello Jessica. I'll make this quick. The papers you signed were what I call a 'post-nuptial' agreement. It was a contract that stated how things would be divided should your marriage end in divorce. Based on the evidence of your infidelity", Anthony paused a moment. He was a bit uncomfortable here especially since they were in a bedroom, "Jack wanted some protection."

"What kind of protection?" Jessica asked.

"Well Jessica that's the thing. Jack has complete protection now. He walks away with everything."

Jessica froze a moment. She wasn't sure how to react. Then she looked down at her small pregnant belly.

"Sorry Jessica", Anthony said, "you give up custody of all present and future children as well. Should Jack and you end in divorce you lose everything and you must pay to support him. You not only lose any visitation rights to the children but you also must move since you agreed you won't be within 10 miles of Jack and the children."

Jessica's jaw dropped. The men looked at each other. Jack looked smug. Anthony looked as if he felt really sorry for her. She looked around the room not knowing what to say or how to react. Then she just realized that she deleted the video from Jack's computer.

"Anthony. You said that it was based on his evidence of my infidelity. But if there was no evidence would the contract be null and void?"

"Well yes actually Jessica. Yes that would be true. If there were no evidence of infidelity then this contract would not hold up in court."

Jack smiled. "Jess. What are you thinking? Are you thinking of getting out from under that contract?"

"Jack I love you", Jessica replied, "but God forbid anything happens to change our relationship. I can't lose my children."

Jack walked over to the laptop and found that Jess had erased the video. He fumed! "YOU STUPID FUCKING CUNT!" He spat out startling Anthony. "You fucking think that was my only fucking copy? Listen to me you fucking whore that laptop was linked to my computer downstairs which was remotely linked to my storage at the office. Not only do I already have multiple copies of your fucking internet porn movie but I've already sent a copy to Anthony here for my protection."

Jessica was shocked. She looked at Anthony and he just put his head down acknowledging that Jack spoke the truth.

"Now you listen to Me bitch. From now on you do what I say how I say and when I fucking say it. Is that clear???"

"Jack what's wr-"

"I ASKED IF I WAS CLEAR BITCH! I DON'T HAVE FUCKING TIME TO WASTE HERE. NOW ANSWER ME. DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND WHAT I SAID????" Jack had never yelled at her before. She had no idea how to respond.

"Y-yes Jack. I understand."

"Good." Jack got up and closed the bedroom door. "Now take off your fucking robe and be fucking quick about it." Jessica looked at Anthony and he was blushing something awful.

"B-but J-Jack A--"

"I SAID FUCKING TAKE IT OFF!" He rushed over to his wife and started to pull the bathrobe off her skinny frame. He yanked the towel off her head and tossed it. "There." Anthony tried really hard not to look at the naked woman in front of him. "It's okay Anthony. You can look at the whore." Anthony was a little afraid of Jack's tone. Almost as afraid as Jessica was.

"Jack. What's come over you? I know you're angry bu-"WHACK. Jack slapped his wife in mid sentence.

"Shut the fuck up slut. You let two fucking strangers use you like a common street hooker. Well I'm your husband. That means I get to take it 1000 times further and if you don't like it you can walk out the fucking door. But you might as well leave as naked as you are right now because all your shit and life belongs to me now bitch! Now get on your fucking knees slut. NOW"

Jessica slowly knelt between the two men not knowing what to expect. "Anthony", Jack called, "take out your fucking cock so this whore can suck it. Consider it a thank you for your help with the paper work." Jessica turned back to look at her husband. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT BITCH? SUCK THE FUCKING COCK LIKE I SAID!"

"No no Jack. Please no. She doesn't hav-"

"Listen Anthony. I like you. Don't make Me do something I don't want to. Now take out your cock and let the fucking slut whore of a wife suck it." Anthony looked at Jessica apologetically then pulled his little dick out. Jessica took it in her hands and slowly began to suck on it. It was barely bigger than 2 inches soft. After a couple of licks Anthony's cock began to grow. Jessica sucked it harder and harder until finally it was a fully firm 5 and 1/2 inches.

Jack reached down into Jessica's ass cheeks and found that her pussy was soaked. He'd never seen his wife this wet.

"You really are a fucking whore. If I'd have known you were such a slut when I married you I would've made you My slave a long time ago." Jessica had no idea how to feel. For some reason the way Jack was being with her now drove her crazy. She LOVED it! He'd never been so forceful, so degrading, so humiliating with her. Never. And even though she protested a bit, she loved it!

"Ohhhhh" Anthony exploded all over Jessica's face. She was caught completely off guard. Jack laughed and laughed.

"Get the fuck out of here Anthony. I'll call you if I need you." Jack told him. He laughed as Anthony clumsily got up and bolted for the door.

Jessica looked up at her husband trying to clean the cum off her face. "No", he told her, "no don't touch it. Leave it on your face bitch." Jack then grabbed his wife and bent her over the bed. He pulled out his long hard shaft. Jessica lifted her ass for him. She was hot and wanted it badly. Jack grabbed her hips and quickly shoved his long monster into his wife's ass.

He was slow for only a moment. Then it happened. Jack started driving his cock into his wife's pussy faster and faster. Harder and harder. He didn't want to cum he want to make sure he hurt her.

The loud noises of his body slamming into hers filled the room.

"Owww! Jack...owwww!" Jessica screamed in pain. Jack grabbed two handfuls of his wife's long brown hair and pulled his body into hers faster. Harder.


Tears were beginning to fall down Jessica's face. Jack's thrusts were hard and fast. Jessica could no nothing else but to grunt with each one of them. Jack just pulled her hair more and more. Jessica was grinding her teeth. The pain was excruciating. Jack let go of her hair and grabbed her face. He stood her straight up with his cock firmly lodged into her cunt. Jessica could see her reflection in the mirror.

"LOOK AT YOURSELF. LOOK AT THE FUCKING DRIED CUM ON YOUR FACE. THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE!" Jack yelled at his wife. He pumped his prick into her pussy hard. She was drenched and his crotch was getting equally wet from her. Jessica saw herself in the mirror and it intrigued her. Her make-up was smeared. There were tears on her cheeks. There was dry cum everywhere and her hair was a mess.

"OH MY GOD!" Jessica's body tensed as she exploded in the most outrageous orgasm she'd ever had. She was shocked. Just hours earlier she thought it could never be better than what happened with the two men but now this seemed to make that boring. Something about seeing herself looking nothing more than common street trash set her off. "OH GOD!" Another orgasm. Then another. And another. She was reaching new heights. Jack pulled out of her and threw her on the bed face first.

"That's it slutfuck. Here comes hubby." Jack lined up the head of his cock with her asshole. He shoved it in hard lying on top of her back. Jessica's ass was still a little sore from the pounding she'd received earlier but she seemed to be better able to take it. She moaned and grunted as Jack invaded her ass. He pumped quickly then got an idea. He started screaming as he pinned Jessica's shoulders down. "FUCKPIG! FUCKPIG! GET THE FUCK UP HERE NOW!"

Jessica had no idea what he was screaming about. Then Jack grabbed a pillow and put it over her head. As he did he pushed is prick into her ass deeper. Jessica started screaming a muffled scream under the pillow. After a few minutes Jack pulled the pillow off her head and grabbed her hair again. This time holding it close. He lay down on her back and lifted her head to the doorway. "Look at who else is my fuckslut now bitch. I fucking own you and your whore fucking family."

There standing in the doorway was Angela wearing nothing but a trench coat. Her head was down and it was clear she was upset. She couldn't move. She couldn't do anything at all.

"OH MY GOD. NOOO." Jessica's body betrayed her. Jack's thrusting brought her to yet another orgasm. She was staring at her own mother in disbelief and still couldn't stop. "MMMMM" Her orgasms were never ending.

"Oh yesss..." Jack pulled out of his wife's ass. "Turn over..." Jessica quickly turned around anticipating her husband's cum. Jack waved to Angela and she slowly came to his side as he stroked his cock in Jessica's face. "Open your mouth bitch..." Jack told Jessica as he opened Angela's trench coat revealing her nakedness to Jessica.

"OH GODDD!" Jessica screamed as another orgasm hit her out of nowhere.

Jack pulled Angela to his side and began forcefully kissing her while he grabbed and fingered her ass. His other hand pulling Jessica to his cock. Jessica began sucking his cock trying to get his cum. She didn't know why but she needed it. She needed it now more than ever. Angela was beginning to tear. It was the most shameful thing she ever felt. She was standing here naked, being fingered, and kissed all in front of her daughter.

"OOO...That's it bitch." Jack broke his kiss with Angela as he started to cum into Jessica's mouth. "Oh...that's good..." Jack said. Jessica drank his cum down greedily. Wanting to make sure she savored every last drop. Jack kissed Angela again. Then pushed her onto the bed. He lay on the bed next to her. Jessica tried to get on the bed with them. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Jack snapped.

"I-I just thought.."

"You thought wrong bitch." Jack's words cut her off. "Go get cleaned up and then you can lay on the floor right here next to us. And you'd better fucking be there when I wake up."

Jessica put her head down and went to the bathroom. She was all of a sudden sad that her husband decided to lay down with her mother and not her. She looked at herself in the mirror and suddenly felt anger. Almost hatred. She hated the fact that her mother was in the bed with her husband and not her.

As Jessica came back into the room Angela was already asleep. It looked weird to Jessica but Angela was crawled up like a ball at Jack's feet. Like a dog would be. Jack looked at Jessica. "On the floor. Get some sleep bitch." Jessica tried to grab a pillow but Jack stopped her. "What the fuck are you doing bitch? You don't get a pillow. You haven't earned that yet. Lay on the floor and go to sleep. NOW!"

Jessica laid down staring up the ceiling. Her exhaustion just hit her. Given her pregnancy and all of the orgasms she'd just had she was wiped. She fell easily asleep.

Jack just stared up at the ceiling. The whole day went by so fast. He'd never in a million years thought he'd have his wife and her mother as slaves. But now that was the case and he was going to make sure they were full and loyal slaves. Tomorrow their training would really begin. He would make sure of it.
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