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Cindy stood at her locker as she gathered the books she needed for homework. She'd already made two trips to her car to load the birthday presents she'd gotten from the rest of the squad when they surprised her with a party for her 18th birthday instead of the practice she was expecting. She hoped the trip with her books would be the last. It had been a long day, and she was ready to go home and have a nice long soak in the tub.

Footfalls echoed in the tiled hallway and she looked up to see Coach Harrison approaching. "Everything okay Cindy?"

She tried not to giggle as she answered. "Yes sir, I'm just getting my books." Coach Harrison was a walking dream. Along with many other girls in the school, Cindy crushed on him in a major way. Whenever she masturbated, she'd think of him and how he must look underneath his clothes. Because of her fantasies about him and the crush, she couldn't stay calm around him. Her heart would pound away in her chest so loudly, she feared everyone could hear it, and she would often get a case of the giggles.

"One of the girls left her pom-poms in the gym. I would have taken them to the office, but everyone is already gone, so it's locked."

"Oh that's okay Coach Harrison. I'll get them and bring them to tomorrow's practice. They are probably Becky's. She's always forgetting stuff."

She slammed her locker closed as Coach Harrison walked down the corridor. Cindy couldn't help but watch as he strode away. His pants hugged his butt, and she wished she could reach out and squeeze the firm cheeks. With a sigh of knowing she would never have a chance, she grabbed the red back pack and headed to the gym.

Barely any light filtered through the small windows lining the top of the concrete block walls as Cindy walked across the scuffed floor. Her eyes swept the shadowed surface as she searched for the left behind pom-poms. She reached the far wall without finding anything, so she moved over to the corner where they'd all piled their purses and jackets thinking maybe Becky had dropped them there and forgotten to pick them up when she got the rest of her stuff.

It was too dark in the corner to see more than vague outlines, so Cindy shuffled her feet across the floor in hopes they'd encounter a fluffy heap of crinkly pom-poms. Thinking she'd heard a soft sound, she stopped moving, her ears straining to hear what her eyes could not see. "Hello?" She heard nothing but the sound of her voice echoing around the cavernous room.

Knowing she was getting close to the wall, she held her arms out so she would not run into it. Just as her fingertips grazed the pocked surface of the painted concrete, her feet hit something that crinkled. She was about to bend down and pick up the forgotten pom-poms when a flash of light caught her attention. Before she could turn to see who was behind her, a muscular body crushed against hers and pinned her to the wall.

"Hey! Let me go!" she yelped.

"I don't think so," came the whispered reply.

Cindy tried to place the soft voice, knowing whomever it belonged to was attempting to disguise it. She struggled to escape, but his weight was too heavy upon her as it pressed her against the cool concrete. "Come on, this isn't funny," she replied, thinking one of the football players had decided to play a joke. "You've played your joke, now let me go." His only response was to grasp her shoulders so tightly it sent ripples of pain through them. He then moved his weight off her only long enough to turn her around so her back was pinned to the wall instead of her front.

Fear sliced through her as the realization began to dawn that this was no game. "Please..." Her whimpered plea fell on deaf ears and the only sound she heard was his heavy breathing and the thunderous pounding of her heart. "No... don't." Her voice rose to a high pitch as his hands roamed across her body as they searched in the darkness. It wasn't until they reached her face that she discovered they held something soft.

When it pressed across her eyes, she began to fight again, beating her fists against the unyielding chest in front of her. She was no match for his strength, and despite her resistance, whatever he had held in his hands was now tied around her head. As dark as it was in the gym, she didn't understand why he covered her eyes until his hands gripped hers like a vise and dragged her forward.

Even though she fought every step of the way, he easily pulled her forward until they reached the destination he sought. The sound of a metal door shutting echoed around the room and then Cindy saw light on the other side of the blindfold. The musty smell told her they were in the equipment closet. Since it was in a far corner, it wasn't likely anyone would see the sliver of light creeping underneath the door unless they came at least halfway into the gymnasium.

She whimpered and tried to pull away when he brought her hands around her back and tied them together. Flinching when his hands brushed across the thin strip of stomach that peeked from between her shirt and skirt, she took a step backwards and stumbled. His powerful hands caught her before she fell and shoved her backwards until she was once again pressed to the wall. "Please don't do this," she begged as a single tear slid down her cheek.

Jumping at the nearness of his voice, she felt his breath hot upon her neck. "Don't act all innocent Cindy. I see how you look at me. I know you want it." The voice was still low and hushed, but it sounded very much like Coach Harrison, and when she drew in a deep breath to try and calm down a bit, she caught a strong whiff of the same fragrant cologne he wore.

"Why are you doing this?"

"Because you're a hot little slut parading yourself around all the time in that tight cheerleading top and tiny little skirt just asking to be laid out and fucked."

Cindy shivered at the ring of truth to his words. She wore her cheerleading outfit to school on the days they had practice when most of the other girls just changed into theirs after school was over. She knew it showed off her body, and she loved the effect it had on the guys.

His fingers curled underneath the polyester top and yanked it upwards. She gasped as it scraped across her breasts, the firm mounds catching for a moment on the tight fabric before being jerked free. The top was shoved over her head and then partially down her arms, which further restrained them. The position thrust her chest forward so that her breasts jutted out as if begging to be touched.

Warmth closed over her nipple and she automatically arched into the touch, her body reacting to the pleasure of his tongue flicking across the stiffening bud as his lips wrapped around her pink areola. "Please stop," she implored, the protest half-hearted as her resistance began to slip in the face of the delicious sensations coursing through her body as he hungrily sucked on her breast. She couldn't stop the moan that escaped from between her full lips as his fingers found her other breast and toyed with the nipple, twisting and rolling it as he squeezed gently.

Cindy's only sexual encounters had been with fumbling inexperienced football players, so the wonderful sensations running rampant through her body was something she'd never felt before. She stiffened as his hand left her breast and walked down her quivering stomach to slip between her thighs under the short pleated skirt. Even though she knew he hadn't blindfolded and restrained her just to play with her breasts, a renewed sense of fear sliced through her.

"No don't," she murmured as his fingers rubbed the wet fabric of her panties, pushing it slightly between her puffy outer lips. Ignoring her entreaty, he pushed the moist material aside and slid his digits into her juicy folds. Once again the resistance she felt melted away as he stroked her pussy, his touch eliciting soft whimpers from her as his fingers brushed across her clit.

"Oh my god," she moaned loudly when he pushed a finger into her tight sex and rubbed the sweet spot on the top of the velvet wall. The contact felt as though a million volts of electricity had shot through her body.

"Feels good doesn't it? Not like the bumbling efforts of the boys you are usually with..."

She jerked back in surprise, her head slamming against the wall when his lips crushed against hers. When she moaned again from the fire he had ignited in her pussy with his finger, he stabbed his tongue into her mouth. Possessively, he kissed her, his tongue sweeping around hers as he devoured her mouth with his.

Her hips rotated against his hand as his thumb moved in circles around her clit and his finger stroked her g-spot, the pleasure building to an intensity she'd never known. The sounds of their ragged breathing filled the musty air as she soared higher on the wings of ecstasy. Her pussy pulsed around his finger as an orgasm threatened to crash through her body.

She whimpered in protest when he pulled his hand from between her legs. "No, don't..." she whispered before she could stop the words from spilling out of her mouth.

"Don't what?" he asked as his finger returned to rub the throbbing button between her slippery folds. "What do you want Cindy?"

Don't say it! her mind screamed but she was too far gone to stop now. The hunger racing through her was overwhelming and her pussy ached to be filled again by something larger than his finger. "Fuck me." The words whooshed from her mouth as if being expelled by a great force as she finally surrendered to the siren call of her desire.

She cried out as the thin crotch of her panties was forcibly ripped apart in his haste to become one with her. In contrast to the slow teasing that had gotten her hot and ready, the frenzied coupling was quick and savage, his cock spearing the tight walls of her wet pussy as it violently thrust inside her. His fingers found her nipples and squeezed, sending darts of hot pleasure rushing through her body. She arched against him, wanting more... more of the almost painful tweaking of her sensitive nubs... more of his cock slamming hard into the clutching walls of her pussy.

Her cries echoed through the small room as his forceful thrusts catapulted her over the edge into oblivion. The world collapsed into a small focal point of nothing but his cock plundering the convulsing depths of her pussy and the pleasure exploding within her. She only heard his growl of release from a distance as she remained lost in the ecstasy of her orgasm. When he withdrew from her, she slid to the floor, her shaky legs unable to sustain her weight.

She lay there, their mingled juices leaking down her inner thighs as her body still throbbed from the immense pleasure of the illicit coupling. Her wrists were released and the top removed, and prickly tingles ran through her arms as the blood and feeling returned to them. The clanking of the door told her he had gone, and she weakly reached up and removed the blindfold.

After her body had recovered from the massive orgasm, she staggered to her feet and into the girls' locker room to get cleaned up and put back together. The panties were ruined, so she stepped out of them and balled them up in her hand, shoving the wet bunched up material into her backpack once she'd located it on the floor of the dark gym.

As she walked down the empty school hall, Coach Harrison came out the doorway of a classroom and nearly ran into her. Immediately she backed away from him as he smiled haltingly. "I thought you'd be long gone by now. Is everything okay Cindy? You look flushed."

She mumbled a response and hurried away, her mind awash with confusion as she ran out of the school and to her car in the parking lot. "It had to be him," she whispered. "It had to be."
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