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Driving home from Megan’s apartment that morning, I just couldn’t help but think about the night before and how much fun I had. I was even more shocked that she never woke up. I really wanted to do it again, but I felt a little bit guilty taking advantage of my friend like that. It was so easy though. Once you get away with something I think that it’s just human nature to want to do it again. Megan was still asleep when I left. She looked so beautiful. I felt like I was getting mixed signals from her. She swore up and down that she was in love with my friend Steve but yet she would ask me to stay the night at her house, in her bed sleeping with her yet!! Women, I just can’t figure them out.

My day was pretty normal. I went to work, came home and fed my dog and took a shower. Just as I was getting out of the shower my phone rang. It was Megan. “Hey big shot, how ya doin’” Megan asked. “Doin’ great now that I’m talking to you” I replied. “Ready for the big party tonight at Cheryl’s house?” she asked. “Always ready for a party. When do you want me to pick you up?” I asked “How about 7 o’clock. We can go grab a bite before we go. It’s not safe to drink on an empty stomach and I’m really in the mood to drink“Megan added. “ Sounds like a plan. I’ll see you at 7.” I said. My plan for the night would be simple. I just needed to make sure that she got as hammered as she wanted to be…and a little bit more.

I pulled up at Megan’s apartment just before 7. She met me at the door. “You ready?” she asked. “Not yet I have to take a piss first” I said. She was wearing a light blue blouse and a skirt. Man did she look hot. I went into her bathroom and grabbed her sleeping pills from the medicine cabinet. I waited a minute then flushed the toilet and out the door we went.

We arrived at Cheryl’s house about 8pm. I felt like a stud walking up to this party with a beautiful 19 year old at my side. I noticed guys were checking her out and that made me feel pretty good too. We partied pretty hard until about 1 am. Megan was bombed. I acted more drunk than I really was. I said to Megan “We had probably better take off”. She replied slurring “What!! Youwannatakeoffalllllready. The party’s jusgettin started” I said “Megan you’re pretty hammered but I’ll make you a deal, I’ll get you one more drink and then it’s time to go.” “Cool, you’re the man!!!” she said. I walked over to Cheryl’s liquor cabinet. There was a half empty bottle of Southern Comfort inside. “Perfect” I said to myself.

I took Megan’s bottle of sleeping pills out of my pocket. After checking to make sure no one was looking, I broke open about 3 tablets and slipped them into her drink. I stirred it up until it was dissolved then walked back to where Megan was sitting. “Here you go you lush” I said handing Megan the glass. She laughed and said “You’re so sweet. I hope when I get married I marry someone like you.” Then she downed the glass….all of it. I knew that it wouldn’t be long now. “Okay Megan, a deal’s a deal. We gotta go.” “Okay let’s split” she said. We said our goodbye’s to everyone and headed for the car. That was an adventure in itself as Megan could hardly walk. Finally I got her into the car and she laid her head back against the headrest and closed her eyes. I looked at her as I got into the car and smiled.

We were about 4 blocks from Cheryl’s when I noticed that Megan was completely out. Just to make sure I reached over and shook her and yelled her name. Nothing. I reached over and grabbed her breast with my right hand and started to massage it. It felt so good. We had to stop at a red light and I took advantage of the situation. I undid the buttons to her shirt and opened it up. Her breasts were lying against her chest in her bra. I slipped a hand into her bra and started to feel her breasts again. I found her nipple right away and went to work with my fingers. The light turned green. I rolled her left nipple into hardness. It was about that time when I noticed that her bra clasped in the front. “SWEET” I said and popped the clasp with two fingers. Her breasts sprang out into the night. Her nipples hardened in the night air. I was loving life. Megan, the girl of my dreams was sitting next to me with her tits out for me to do with as I please.

As we continued down the road I moved my hand to her thigh. When she got into the car she slid into the seat causing her skirt to move almost up to her crotch. I ran my hand along her thigh and up her skirt. Her legs were already spread apart. My fingers rubbed on her crotch. At the next light I knew it was time to get rid of those panties.

Knowing that I couldn’t do it with her sitting on them I had to pull into an alley. I got out of the car and worked my way to her door. She almost fell out when I opened it but I caught her. I lay Megan down on the seat and removed her panties. Just then I heard someone say “hey you what are you doing”. I looked down the alley to see two guys coming my way. They were still about a block away though. I lifted Megan upright, shut her door and raced around to my side of the car and got in. By this time the two guys were running towards the car. I floored the gas into reverse and sped out onto the street. I threw it in drive and squealed the tires as I left but not before they got a look inside at Megan. I heard one of them say “Look at those tits!!!”

I looked over at Megan, still sleeping. Her skirt was around her waist. Her pussy was completely exposed as well as her beautiful breasts. Could life get any better? I reached down again and started to feel her pussy. I stuck two fingers in and started to work them in and out. My cock was bulging and I knew we had to get back to her place soon.

Finally we arrived at Megan’s apartment. My left hand smelled like pussy as I fingered her all the way back to her place. I wanted to make sure she was nice and wet. Thankfully no one was around her apartment as I took the half naked Megan out of the car and threw her over my shoulder. I carried her into her apartment with my hand grabbing her bare ass the whole way. I lay Megan down on her bed and took off the rest of her clothes. It was time to seal the deal.

I spread her legs apart and took off my clothes. Climbing on top of her I reached up with one hand and grabbed her tit while sucking on the other one. I rubbed my dick along her pussy lips. Up and down over and over. Then I found her opening and began to slide it in. With one final thrust I was in her tight pussy. It was the best feeling in the world. I continued my attack on her breasts as I fucked her pussy. How could she sleep through all of this? I lasted longer than I thought I would but knew I was going to come soon. Megan was on the pill so I didn’t have to worry about pulling out and I didn’t. I came right inside of her. I flopped down on her bare body, laying my head on her tits. Her nipples were still hard.

I rested there for a couple of minutes then got up and put my clothes back on. I knew that I still had to clean Megan up and get her dressed before the pills wore off and she woke up. As I started to clean Megan’s pussy, I knew that this chance might not come along again for a while so I’d better make the most of it. I took my pants back off and rubbed my dick over her naked body again until it was hard. I then fucked her again for a good 15 minutes. Finally I got dressed again, cleaned her up and redressed her. I looked at Megan sleeping so peacefully and leaned over and kissed her on the lips while groping her tit. I stood up and left. Driving home I thought about what I did and if she ever found out how she would feel. But that was just it. She would never find out from me. Maybe subconsciously she would realize that I was really the one she should be with and that I was the one who really loved her. Maybe, just maybe. Until then there are always more parties to go to.
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