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The night was dark, rainy, not much traffic, and a perfect night for abduction. Sarah normally never a worrier kept wishing the bus would hurry.

The night seemed her enemy. Slowly a white van drove up the street, window down and pulled in across from her. “Hey Lady are we near Division?” asked a tall heavy set, scarred man. She pointed and said, “Two more blocks that way turn right. She felt the arm, grab her, and her feet leave the ground. She tried to yell, but they held something over her nose and mouth. When she awoke again, she was naked, blindfolded and tied flat on the floor of what she imagined was the white van.

She begged them to tell her what was happening, why her? All they did was laugh, that and torment her.

They hit her with a leather belt and a sharp whippy cane that made swooshing noises before it hit her. When they tired of that, warning her of what would happen if she bite them. They took turns using her mouth to get themselves off. Holding her nose when they came until she swallowed all the juices from their dirty smelly cocks.

After that, they raped her. She yelled and fought for awhile but all they did was laugh and beat her harder. Finally she just lay there and let them do whatever they wanted. This was a woman’s worst nightmare, but Sarah was brave and kept telling herself she would wait it out and then live to tell about it. She even nicknamed them in her mind, the whisperer, the grouch, and the baby for their characteristics as they raped and talked to her. She almost lost it, the first time they raped her ass, but held on to her sanity but repeating I lived through my marriage I can live through anything.

Suddenly she heard the crunch of gravel and felt the colder air, smelling of water. They were in the country and near water. She wondered if this was where she would die.

The van stopped and they dragged her into a house. It smelled unused; damp with the air of lonesome houses everywhere. They threw her on a cold sheetless mattress that stunk. The whisperer said “O.K. we’re done. There’s our money let’s get out of here.” She heard the baby talking to him and then they all laughed. Suddenly she heard three zippers and the panting of men who were masturbating themselves. She felt the cold glutinous mess hit her all at once from her hair to her face to her breasts and then down to her feet. Finished they laughed “Let the bastard clean her up before he gets his.” She begged them to untie her, but all she heard was footsteps going down the stairs and the sound of a van being driven away. She was alone and finally she cried.

Suddenly she heard a low evil laugh, one she almost recognized. “How do you like the accommodations sweetheart, the voice asked?” Now she knew it was Bill her ex-husband.

“Bill, help me please.” He laughed. “You don’t get it do you. I’m the reason you’re here. Welcome to hell baby.”

“Why Bill? Can you tell me that?” She heard the whistle of the belt before it hit her. Across both breasts, she knew from the warmth that he had drawn blood. She tried to stay quiet but moaned at the pain.

“That was just a taste my darling love. Let me tell you about this weekend. Your perverted ex-husband is going to do all those things to you that until know were fantasy. When my weekend is finished, a man will arrive. He had paid me money for you. You will be going to Mexico to service poor laborers from the field until you wear out then frankly I don’t know what they do with you.”

She was speechless. “Cat got your tongue Sarah?” He laughed, “I never knew you not to have an opinion about something.”

He hit her with the belt again this time across her pussy. He spread her legs wide before hitting her with the buckle. She screamed in pain.

From this minute forward, your name is Bitch. You are not human; your Master is I. Do, as I desire, you will be rewarded to a certain degree. Disobey the punishment and me and pain will make you wish you had not. He took thick leather bindings and locked them around her neck, arms, and legs.

Finished he pulled her blindfold off. “I wantyou to watch as I deep throat your mouth. Touch me with a tooth or make me think your not doing your best and I will pull your teeth one by one until you do. Your new owner assures me he doesn’t care what shape your in when he arrives. Besides I hear a toothless blow job is something to really get you off.” He laughed and laughed.

He held her nose closed until she opened her mouth and then as she gasped for air, he pushed deep past her gag reflex and into her throat. When she would not suck him, he hit her until she did. When he came, he practically passed out; it was the hardest and the best cum of his life. He held his cock deep in her throat until she had swallowed it all. Pulled out and sweetly kissed her on the cheek and told her "Thank You" then he laughed and laughed.

He got up from the bed and opened his gym bag. Shoving the ten-inch dildo, he had removed from the bag into her throat. “Suck this it’s the only lubrication you will get.”

Wild eyed she sucked on it slobbering all over it. He pulled it out of her mouth and wiped it on his sleeve. “Oops forgot, oh while, your tough luck. He pushed her knees up and pushed it in one hard move into her ass. She screamed and screamed; even wet from the kidnappers and stretched it was more than she could handle. He split her skin and laughed at the sight of the blood.

“Just think how easy this would have been, if I loved you and cared if you were hurt.” Once deep inside, he plugged it in. “No batteries never runs down. Nice isn’t it?”

Now he got an even bigger one and shoved it deep into her pussy. “Have fun bitch, and he left.” She was having her first climax as he closed the door.

He went into the kitchen, which was lots cleaner and better provided for than any other room in the house. As he ate, he watched her climax repeatedly until it was not pleasure anymore but torture. Finally, she passed out from the overload. It was time for the next step.

He returned turned the toys off and attaching her arms to a pulley pushed a button and pulled her off the bed. Releasing her legs he pushed her up higher moved the bed and left her hanging on tiptoes.

She opened her eyes at the pain in her arms.
'Having fun yet?”

She didn’t answer and so he went to his bag and pulled out a whip. “Maybe this will help. She cringed away from him as his hand lightly caressed her skin setting herself to swinging.

With the dildoes turned on again, he methodically hit her. He continued to hit her as hard as he could swing muttering with each slap of the whip “This is for the boat, I had to sell. This is for my corvette, this is for that two bit apartment I now live in, this is for getting me fired.” Finally she was wet with blood and the small drops of blood were sparkling like dew on the morning grass. She finally passed out from the pain.

He left her alone as he took pictures then threw water laced with bleach to wake her up. He yanked out the dildo and pushed his cock deep into the ass she had always denied him.

“Oh, god yes that’s good even after those others you’re still hot and tight. I always knew it would be good.”

He pushed her higher so her feet were off the floor and let her swing each time she settled deeper on his cock. He could feel the orgasm building inside him. It would be the biggest best orgasm of his life. Just as he started to fill, her ass with his cum, a blinding flash of light made him close his eyes and a pain larger than life gripped his chest. “Christ no, not now,” he yelled out. “Please God, I have two more days but he didn’t and when his cock shriveled he fell to the ground beneath his ex-wife who was passed out above him.

Monday morning they arrived to take her away. He was dead and she almost was. Unfortunately for Sarah they revived her and she is off to her new life at far less cost to her captors then they imagined. Bill they left for whatever rodent desired him.

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