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Such a silly little bitch. I shake my head as I watch the scene unfold before me. My lover, whom I call "Daddy", is setting his wife up to find out about me. She fell hook line and sinker for that funky note he called a love letter. I laugh to myself when I remember that he wrote it using my ass as a desk.

"Honey, are you sure you want to tie me up?" His snivelling snot of a wife is whining about him tying her up to the bedpost spread eagle. I can see the lust in her eyes turning to fear, just a little, as he discards the silk ties he was planning to use. Instead, he goes for the thick rope that I left in their closet the last time I was here.

With a soft smile and a stroke to her inner thigh he soothes her. "Don't worry, Katie. I promise you will love it." As he ties the last knot to her left ankle, he starts to hum to himself. Looking back at the bed he asks her, "Would you like some music to set the mood?"

I know that he is usually very wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am with her, so I am not surprised when I hear her eager acquiescence. He goes around the room and lights all the candles that I set out earlier. With a flick of his wrist, he cuts off the stark overhead light of their room. It takes a moment for my eyes to adjust from my spot in her dressing room.

When my eyes can take everything in again, he is stripping off his robe to reveal his nakedness. His only adornment, a silver cockring that I had made especially made for his girth, shines against his pale skin and dark pubic hair. Her baby blue eyes grow as big as saucers as she notices it gleaming in the darken room.

"Uh, hon...What is that thing on you?" Katie's eyes dart nervously from his eyes to the ring. He doesn't answer her. He just stands there staring at her. The music changes from the sappy 80's drivel to a very erotic beat. It sounds as if someone has mixed a little Hindu music with a little Afro-Brazilian beats. That is my cue.

I stand up and slid from behind the doors only a few feet from the edge of their bed. In the candlelight, the rings in my nipples glisten against my dark brown areolas. My heavy breasts swing to and fro, seemingly to the beat of the drums of the music. She is so entranced at looking at his big red angry dick surrounded by that metal band, that she doesn't notice me coming out of the darkness. He motions me to his side.

At 6'7, he towers over my barely 5' tall frame. I see the fear and confusion in her eyes as she finally sees me. "Liam, what's the meaning of this? Untie me now!" Demanding with her words, I hear the tell-tale tremor in her voice. I watch disinterested as she struggles against the ropes. I know from experience that with those knots, the more she strains, the tighter the knots become. Her thin pale body contorts with effort of trying to cover herself from my eyes and break free all in one movement.

My lover moves to stand behind me, still watching her. His hands move to cup my full breasts, painfully pulling the nipples, twisting the rings. My vaginal muscles start to contract in excitement. I can feel my pussy juices starting to flow onto my thighs. Without as much as a raised voice, he instructs me, "Bend over."

"Yes, Daddy." Immediately I am bent at the waist, black plump buttocks flush against his tree trunk thighs. I brace myself on the bed, propping myself up on my elbows, because I know what is coming next. In one moment, my lover grabs me by my waist and pulls me up so that I am impaled on his 10 inch dick. The fullness is unbearable, but I know better than to cry out. Daddy has taught me well.

"Liam, I am divorcing your ass so quick it will make your head spin. You are the biggest asshole in the world. I curse the day that you ever came into my life." His wife sputters phrase after phrase of things meant to demean and hurt my lover. She doesn't know that everything she says, she will be made to pay for later. I know what is coming and, mentally, I shake my head. Poor little stupid pale bitch. Her words become blurs to me as Daddy starts to fuck me harder, still holding me up by my waist.

As my pussy starts to contract on Daddy, she and I make eye contact for the first time. "Don't look at me you black whore. You are not fit to look at me. I can't believe you have your naked ass in my room like it is nothing." I continue to study her as if she is a bug under a microscope. I know better than to answer her. Daddy told me that when I am servicing him, I am not to speak unless he speaks to me.

She has taken a deep breath and is ready for another round of cursing at us when my lover pulls out abruptly and slides me back down. "Stand up, " he tells me. "Play with your clit so that you stay moist."

"Yes, Daddy," I say as I slide my fingers over my clitoris. We have done this so many times that my body knows how to react. Stay wet. Wait for Daddy to fuck me some more.

He walks to the top of the bed where she is still casting aspersions on my lover's head. He grabs her short blonde hair until she starts to whimper instead of yelling at him. "Suck Baby's pussy juice from my dick, you cunt." Daddy slaps his pulsing head against her thin lips. I can see the anger flashing in her eyes along with tears. She opened her mouth to curse him. He took that opportunity to force his thickness into her mouth. "If you fuckin' bite me, I will hit you in the fuckin' throat." His voice is so soft, I can barely hear him. I can tell by how she becomes really still that she hears every word. With hot tears coursing down her face, she wraps her thin pink lips around the head of his shaft.

After a few pitiful sucks, he yanks his dick out of her mouth. "That is exactly why I fuck Baby in your bed, you stupid cunt. You don't even know how to suck a dick right. I don't know what the fuck I married you for anyway." My lover stares down at her with such unbridled hate and disgust that I almost feel sorry for her. Almost. I can see in her eyes that she is starting to go dead inside with every word, every movement.

"Baby, Daddy wants you to show this sorry excuse of a wife how to properly suck my dick." Daddy walks around to where I am still playing with my clitoris. With a grab of his hand to the back of my head, I am on my knees and taking all of his considerable length into my mouth. I feel the thickness expand my throat, but I know better than to gag. Daddy shoves himself brutally into my mouth, fucking my face as if it is well-lubed vagina. I look up into his face and see that he is staring at his wife. I can tell that he is contemplating what atrocities he will do to her next. At that moment, I am very glad that I am not his wife.

I can feel his shaft start to pulsate and throb and I know his ejaculation is imminent. I prepare myself mentally to swallow without thinking when he extracts himself from my throat. He walks around the bed and holds his wife by the hair again. I am surprised she has been silent through all of this. By the look of her, she must be in some sort of shock. "Open your mouth now, you dried up old pussy." Other than the look of pain from either the pulling of hair or the horrible name calling, she doesn't seem to register that he is there. "OK, don't open your mouth. It is too damn confining anyway." The look of relief on her face is short-lived because my lover climbs on the bed between her legs.

She starts to once again thrash against the ropes and scream. "No, Liam. Don't do this. Just let me go. I will do anything you say. Just let me go." Her pleas bounce off the walls and marble floors of their bedroom unnoticed by my lover. He forces her legs apart and thrusts into her. The scream she let out curdled my blood, but I had been trained too well to move or to even react.

I thought that maybe he had entered her vagina without her being ready. But, I can tell by the look of intense pain that he took a different route. "I am the biggest asshole you ever met, huh?" My lover starts to shake with laughter and pleasure. "I will be sure to have Baby measure your asshole after I fill it with my cum, you fucking cunt." His maniacal laughter mingling with her howls of pain filled the room. Faster and faster he pumped into her, tears of pain falling like rivers down her reddened cheeks.

With one last "fuck yeah," my lover emptied his balls into her anus. "Baby, get that butt plug that I bought for you last week from the closet. This bitch is going to have my cum in her all night long." I scurry to his dressing room and pull the box of toys from shelf above his business suits. The toy he instructed me to get is huge. Shaped like a fist, the ebony plastic seems angry and aggressive all at once. "Get the dildo harness as well. My wife's ass is so tight that she might be able to squeeze that plug out. We wouldn't want that, now would we?" Her screams, though tired and hoarse, start anew as he harnesses the butt plug into her abused anus.

Confident that she is secure and the toy is completely impaling her, my lover gets off the bed and instructs me to climb between his wife's legs. "Lick her clit for me, Baby. I am going to wash her shit off my dick."

Without taking another breath, I start in licking on her nub. Her sex is red and puffy and covered with little downy blond hairs. I can tell she hasn't shaved in the last day or so. "Please untie me. I will never tell anyone that you were here. I will only send the police for Liam." She offers me money and freedom and anything else she can think of while I am licking her. I start to tune her out. My lover knows that I will never free her without his permission and he is right. I love him too much to be disobedient.

At first she was tense and dry but as I continue my ministrations to her nub, I can subtly tell a difference in her. Her pleas are starting to get more breathy. Her opening is starting to ooze out girl juice. Her nub is starting to swell against my flicking tongue. I can feel and smell the heat that is starting to come from her. Before long, I feel her hips starting to grind against my face. I have always hated giving women head, but the surge of power this situation gives me is starting to feel erotic.

My lover comes out of the bathroom stroking himself and watching me lick his wife. I can just imagine what a sight we make. My dark black thick body between her pale thin legs on their pristine white satin sheets. "Baby," my lover whispers as he walks towards the bed, still stroking himself,"it is time to make her come. Never mind what rubbish she is spouting. She loves it. Make that bitch come."

I switch up my simple lick technique for a complete suction of her nub. While sucking, I make sure that I am flicking my tongue back and forth over her quickly. All of her jabbering on about being cut loose is abruptly gone as her hips gyrating go into overtime. I feel a warm rush of her juices on my chin and neck as I suck her. Her body goes stiff and she lets out yet another scream. This one is different than the others. This one sounds of pleasure, unbridled and unbidden. "Yes," escapes from her so softly that I thought for a moment that I imagined it.

"Baby, make her lick her come off your face and mouth." My lover comes to stand beside the bed to watch intensely. I slide up against her and put my face close to hers. I expect her to still be beligerent but without a word, she starts to lick my face and suck my lips. I feel her body still grinding and then realize that she is working herself against the butt plug. "Now, sit your pretty black pussy on her face. My Baby needs to come as well."

In my mind I do take a moment to think how I will beat this woman's ass if she bites my clit, but I know not to let that show for a moment in my face. I settle on her face, ass on her chest. Her tongue shoots out so fast that I am amazed. Like a butterfly, her tongue flits over my clitoris, soft and gentle. I close my eyes because it feels so exquisite. My hips start to groove on her face of their own accord, and that seems to spur her on. Her tongue slides into my pussy hole. She holds it so stiff that it feels like a little dick inside my opening. I start to bounce up and down on it, enjoying the feel of it. I can feel that I am about to come so I look over to my lover and ask permission. "Daddy, may I come now?"

He slides between his wife's legs and starts to fuck her pussy. "Yes, Baby. You may come now." He grabs his wife's nipples hard between his rough fingers. "Make my Baby come. Now." Without letting go, he slams into her harder and harder.

Her tongue zooms back to my clitoris and she starts to mimick the suction that I had just done on her. As my sex starts to quiver, I can feel two of my lover's fingers slipping past her chin and into my waiting body. He knows I come harder with penetration. When he finds my spot, my body goes into overdrive. I buck against her face, grinding harder and harder while I scream out. "Yes, Daddy, yes!" My girl cum shoots all over her face and Daddy's fingers.

"Now turn around and let her lick your sexy little asshole, Baby." Daddy stops moving inside her, giving me a chance to move effortlessly to my new position. With my ass positioned above her face, I hold on to her almost none-existent breasts and settle down. Her tongue is waiting for me and goes right to my brown back door. Her breasts, tiny in size, have huge nipples and they seem to grow in size as she licks my dirty hole for all that she is worth. Daddy slides the fingers that were just inside my vagina into my mouth and I suck my cum off of them.

When I am done cleaning his fingers off, Daddy grabs my head and pulls me in for a kiss. I love the way he bites my face and tongue. I feel as if he is trying to devour me. Between her eating my ass and butt cheeks for all that she is worth and Daddy kissing me so roughly, I feel like I am about to cum once again. "Daddy, I really need to cum. May I cum?" I ask in my best little girl voice.

"Turn around and ride her tongue with your clit again, Baby," Daddy tells me. Before I can fully accommodate his command, Daddy is right behind me. He pushes me forward a little and then slides right into me. He is so big that it always takes a moment for me to get used to his size. With her tongue and his big fuck stick beating up my insides, it only takes a moment for me to come again. Screaming and crying, I can't seem to get enough of him inside me. Her tongue hasn't slowed down even a little and I can't tell where one orgasm ends and another one begins. Daddy starts to pull me back by my hair and bite on my neck. I feel his semen hitting my walls, coating them thickly. With one final grunt he is done with me.

He climbs off the bed and heads for the bathroom. "Untie my wife and then let her lick my spunk out at her leisure. I am done for the night." My lover closes the door and I can hear him humming to himself.

I hurry to untie his wife. She seems to be enjoying herself now so much that I wonder how many times they have done this before. Other than rubbing her wrists where the ropes scratched her flesh, she seemed no worse for wear. I thought maybe she would take the huge dildo out of her ass but she just adjusted the harness and smiled. "You already know where we keep the toys. Go get the double-headed dildo. I want to see how sexy you look when I fuck you and suck your chocolate nipples at the same time. Those silver rings make them look so delicious." She watched me through hooded eyes while she played with her pussy. I don't think my night is over by a long shot.

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