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It was a warm Friday night right at the end of June when I was babysitting for Luke and Jamie, friends of my aunt's. Their daughter, Lisa, was an adorable five year old. I had already put her to bed and she had been sleeping soundly for about an hour when Luke and Jamie returned home, earlier than expected.

"Hi Wendy! We're home early." Laura called out as they entered the front door.

Luke and Laura entered the room. I stood, straightening my shirt, which was rumpled from vegging on the sofa. "How was Ashley?" She asked.

"Fantastic, like usual." She fished out two twenties and handed them to me.

"Oh no, that's too much..." I said. I had only been there for three hours or so.

"No no, take it... you just graduated from high school, right? Go out for dinner with your boyfriend or something." Laura closed my hand around the bills.

Luke entered the room just as I said, "Oh, I don't have a boyfriend... but thanks."

Luke spoke up: "Wendy, have you found a job yet?" He asked.

I had told them previously I was looking for summer work to save up for college, which I was starting in September. "No, but I'm still looking..."

Laura turned to Luke and said, "See, it's perfect..."

I tilted my head quizzically. Laura turned back to me. "Luke and I were talking, and we might have something for you, if you're interested... Luke works at home, in the office we built above the garage, as you know, and he needs an assistant, the work is starting to get backed up."

I knew that Luke was in advertising. He designed magazine ads. "Really?" I said, turning to him.

I was going into a marketing program, and this would be perfect for a summer job. He nodded.

"Why don't you two go chat in your office and discuss it?" Laura suggested.

Luke appeared to think about it for a moment, and then nodded. He gestured towards the door, and we headed out back. Up a flight of stairs alongside the detached garage, and a moment for him to unlock the door, flick on a light switch, and held the door open for me.

It was the first time I had been in the room. Hardwood floors, brightly lit by halogen spots, beautiful tan colored leather furniture. It looked like a really nice environment to work in. I turned around to comment on the room, but was startled to find him standing very close to me. Automatically, I stepped back a few paces—and began to fall backwards as I bumped into a low table.

Strong arms grabbed me just in time, and I found myself in Luke's embrace. For a long moment we stared into each other's eyes. I had never seen such intensity before. Flushing, I mumbled a thank you, and tried to step away from him. But his arms held me tight. I tried to pull away, a little bit harder, but to no avail.

Our eyes met again, and this time a tingle of fear stirred in my gut. All of a sudden his lips were on mine, rough, insistent. I was so surprised that I offer no resistance as he thrust his tongue into my mouth. However, my surprise turned to disgust as his he ground my face into his with one hand on my neck, fingers pulling at my long hair, and his other hand moved down to my ass, mashing my hips against his, and I felt his throbbing erection under his dress pants, through my jeans and panties. Planting my hands on his chest, I firmly pushed away.

"WHAT are you DOING?" I blurted out.

His arms were still around me, his hands now firmly clasped around my waist. I became aware of what a huge man he was, especially compared to my petite frame. It was obvious that he worked out, for he was 100% muscle.

"You need a job, right?" He sneered at me. I was so shocked, for he was always so friendly. Right now he seemed like an entirely different person. "This is the interview."

I paused for a moment, absorbing his words. Then I began to struggle out of his arms. "Not like this, I don't need it." I said.

"Don't you?" He whispered, right in my ear. I could feel his hot breath on the side of my face. "Your aunt told us your parents were in some financial trouble. If you don't find a decent summer job, you won't be going to college. Now, you don't want to live at home, working menial part time jobs forever, right?" I hesitated. What he said was true. But that didn't mean I was willing to let him do what he wanted.

"I don't care... get off me, or I'll report you..." I was cut off by a hard pinch to my side, where his hand felt like it was burning my skin beneath my shirt.

"Who will you report me to? You know that my brother is on the police force. This is a small town; no one will believe you." I pushed my face away again and looked him in the eyes. My god, he was right.

Before I could say anything else, his lips were on mine again. I didn't resist or respond, because all of a sudden I realized the predicament I was in. There was no way out.

He spun us around and pressed me against the door, his body pressed up against mine. His lips traveled down my neck, and when he encountered my tank top in the way, he simply gripped the neck opening with both hands and in one swift motion, ripped it right down the middle. Pushing it roughly down both arms to my elbows, he gripped the material in one hand and used it to partially restrain my movement. My breasts were now covered only by a thin cotton bra. The pressure and friction of his body against mine caused my nipples to harden and I knew he could feel them through his shirt. His other hand slipped between us and rubbed my mound, through the two layers of the fabric from my jeans and underwear. I gasped as he stimulated me roughly. "That's a good girl, Wendy."

I shook my head in dissent, but he ignored me. His hand slipped up from my mound and began to work on my fly. It took him a moment but it wasn't long before he undid the button at the waist and worked the zipper down. His other hand pulled the ripped shirt down over my hands, and it fell to the floor as he used both hands to push my jeans down below my hips. I struggled a little as he forced me to step out of my jeans, but I quickly gave up when he pinched me again, this time on the inside of my thigh. He stepped back for a moment, and looked at me in my white cotton bra and panties. My slide-on sandals had been lost moments ago, and were tangled in my crumpled jeans on the floor. I stood, in fear, in embarrassment and in absolute shock over this turn of events..

He undressed himself as his eyes roamed over my bare skin. First he unbuttoned his shirt, slowly at first, but then faster as his gaze fell on the damp crotch of my panties and then my nipples poking out from the bra. His shirt fell to the floor, and then he undid his belt.

"Are you a virgin, Wendy?" He asked.

I mumbled a yes. His hands worked quicker, and then he was naked. His cock stood straight out from his body, and the size of it must have caused me to pale in fear. That seemed to turn him on.

In one step he was pressed up against me again, forcing his tongue in my ear, then travelling down my neck. I jumped when he bit me, hard enough to hurt, on the shoulder, and then he knelt down on his knees and buried his face between my breasts. His hands kneaded them, and his tongue ran sloppily over my cleavage as his pushed both my breasts towards the centre. He undid the clasp in the front and then the bra joined the rest of my clothes on the floor. Still kneading my left breast roughly, he took my right nipple into his mouth and began to suck on it, his hand pushing as much of it as possible into his mouth.

I was sickened by the wetness of his saliva, and even more so by the way my body as beginning to respond. I could feel a slight dampness building up in my pussy. "Please, don't do this..." I whispered.

He ignored me. He played with my breasts for a while, and I closed my eyes and tried to block out both the fear and the physical sensations. Despite myself, I was getting aroused. It was obvious he could tell, which only seemed to increase his passion for me. When I thought my breasts were about to wear out, he stood again. I opened my eyes to find him staring at me. He leaned close to my face, and said, "Suck me off."

I automatically began to shake my head no, but he placed his hands on my shoulders and roughly pushed me to my knees. The dull pain from the impact barely hit me as he grabbed my hair with one hand and forced his cock into my mouth with the other. I gagged as he shoved it in, all the way in, his hairy testicles touching my chin. He gripped handfuls of hair and began to fuck my face. Tears welled up and fell freely to the floor. I didn't know what hurt more, his hands pulling at my hair, my lips stretched tight around his meat, or my dizziness from the motion. Even though I had my eyes closed, I could feel his gaze on me, watching my head bob up and down on his huge cock.

"I can tell you like this, bitch." He said, more to himself then to me. His pace began to quicken and I thought he was about to cum in my mouth. Let him cum, I thought. Then maybe this would all be over with.

But at the last moment he pulled out of my mouth. Still gripping my hair, he turned my face up to look at him.

"Your turn."

He grabbed my wrist and dragged me to my feet, the pushed me over to a large sheepskin area rug. He shoved me roughly down to the floor, and before I realized what was happening his balls were dangling above my nose and his lips were on my pussy, his fingers pulling the crotch of my panties out of his way. My arms were pressed to the floor by his muscular calves, and as he began to kiss my mound and nibble at my outer lips, he alternatively ground his balls onto my face and rubbed his hard cock on my breasts.

I closed my eyes to block it out, but then all I could feel was his lips on my cunt and the texture of his testicles on my cheek. He split me open with his hands and ran his wet, sloppy tongue along my slit, and my hips thrusted up involuntarily. He took the opportunity slip his hands under me and squeezed my ass cheeks, then pulled my panties down to my knees, and shoved his face deeper into my pussy.

I moaned in spite of myself, and I knew the wetness down there wasn't just his saliva. He ate me out, roughly, at times painfully, but to my dismay my body responded. I could feel the muscles in my body beginning to tense as I rose towards climax. He kept working on my slit with his tongue, so wet and hot, as I came once, then quickly began coming again.

I was in the throes of my second orgasm when he removed his balls from my face and all of a sudden he was between my legs, his hands pinning my wrists to the floor, his cock probing for the entrance to my vagina. I tried futily to struggle for a moment, but we both knew he was too strong for me.

I felt the head of his penis slip into my wet pussy, and he paused there for a moment. He waited long enough that I opened my eyes to see what was going on, and apparently he wanted to look me in the eye as he fully inserted himself because as soon as my gaze met his he slammed all the way into me. I let out a half-scream, and he began fucking me slowly, sliding partially out of me and then all the way in again. He released my hands (there was no use struggling any more), and slipped both of his under my ass, the weight of his upper body pressing me to the soft carpet, pulling my hips against his harder and harder with every thrust.

"Oh yeah... you're so tight..." He mumbled. He began to grunt with every thrust as he fucked me harder.

It was a crazy mix of pain and pleasure, the pain from losing my virginity and the friction from the carpet and the weight of him pressing down on me, yet at the same time his huge cock sliding in and out of me felt so incredibly good.

"Are you a slut, Wendy?" He grunted into my ear.

I couldn't help myself. "Yes, yes I am... I'm your slut."

This turned him on even more and he began thrusting even harder and faster than before. Finally I felt his cock start to twitch, and then he collapsed on top of me, near crushing me with his weight as he squirted hot cum deep inside of me. I shed hot tears as he got up and began to get dressed...

"You can start Monday."

... to be continued...

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