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So evening, you’re home doing nothing in particular, and the doorbell rings. When you open the door, your neighbor from upstairs in the three- family house you live in is standing there on the porch. It's a balmy late September day and she’s wearing a pair of slacks and a scoop neck sleeveless shirt. You’ve seen her from time to time, but aren’t friends, really. She lives with her husband, who doesn’t seem to be around much when you are. “I’m sorry to bother you,” she says, a little hesitantly, “but I wondered if you were busy or not. ...I’m just looking for a little company for a while.”

A little puzzled by her request, you politely invite her in and ask if she’d like a soda or something. She declines, and you motion towards the sofa, “Have a seat. What’s up?” After she chats a little about the weather and how she’s having a bit of a hard time making friends since they’d moved here, she starts in about how her husband is working nightshift these days and about how her nights are so lonely and how she didn’t get married so she could spend her nights alone. Her tone has shifted from conversational to whining complaint, and you want her to wrap it up and leave.

To change the subject, you ask her about where they’d lived before. Not that you care at this point; but you try to look interested while contemplating her cleavage as she goes on. Obviously, your true attentions have been noticed because she manages to lean forward several times, gesturing as she’s talking; and you can see that she has no bra on. Could it be that she’s coming on to you! Of course, idiot! But, you’re tired from work and yawning impolitely, even though you apologize several times. FINALLY, she gets up and thanks you for the company. She says she feels a lot better now...and it was nice getting to know you. (What? You hadn’t told her anything about yourself at all--SHE’d done all of the talking!) She leaves shortly after; and you go to bed, falling asleep thinking about how odd an encounter it was, too tired to even fantasize about her any further.

A week or so later she knocks on your door again and asks can she come in, she needs to talk; and this time she has on a coat and has a bottle of wine with her. So you say--"OK--but only for a little while," because you're expecting an important call -- from a woman who's going to call for some phone’ve been writing with her for a couple weeks now and she’s so hot, fucking sexy. It’s all she seems to think about. She’s just e-mailed you a picture of her gorgeous tits and her pussy--and you've been stroking your cock while you're waiting for the phone to ring.

So anyway, the neighbor comes in and she won't take off her coat, but she sits on your sofa; and her legs are apart enough for you to see there doesn’t seem to be anything on under her coat... Now you know that your suspicions from the other night are confirmed...your already half stiff cock jerks a little.

So you get two glasses and open the wine she brought... some cheap stuff... you're not going to drink it. You fill the glasses, put the wine bottle on the end table by the sofa, and sit down on the chair across from her and say, "So, what's on your mind?"

She's older than you.. probably fifteen years older, about forty-nine, fifty, but not bad looking. Her tits are OK... she practically dangled them in front of you last time... now you contemplate biting one of those nipples just a little bit... your cock twitches again.. getting so hard...making a bulge in your sweatpants. You wonder if she notices... but she's drinking wine and yakking away. You raise your glass and just wet your lips ... whoa!...nasty! You set your glass down on the table and leave it there, but she's drinking and doesn't notice that you're not.

So she's babbling away and telling you again about how she's so pissed at her husband because she's alone every night, blah.. blah...blah....and she's not getting any... he's always too tired... and not

interested, no matter what she does. THEN she says, not even seeming embarrassed, “I have to get myself off ALL the time. I mean, that’s fine for what it is, but I like being with a man sometimes, ya know? He probably 's screwing some slut at work... I don't see why I shouldn't have some fun, too, right?"

Before you can think how you want to answer, she asks... "Do you find me attractive?"

And you're thinking..."Well... YEAH! Duh!...pussy on legs with two tits on top... a mouth big enough to suck a dick. What's not attractive about that?"

But you don't SAY that to her. You say... "Well, yeah, I suppose so...sure... but you're married, so I don't really pay attention..."

And she says... "What if I was to tell you I wasn't married... we just been living together a long time..."

And you say... "Well...I still wouldn't go chasing a woman who’s already in a relationship ..."

And she says... "Yeah, well, I personally think it's good for a relationship to add a little spice once in a know? "

She lets her coat fall open a bit more---and it's true--she hasn't got a stitch on underneath. You're getting more aroused... and suddenly she shrugs out of her coat altogether---and is there naked on your sofa! As she’d moved out of her coat, her thighs had separated a bit and you’d seen her pussy... bush above her pubic bone, but totally smooth bare-naked pussy... Oh, yeah. She sits there in front of you, looking straight at you; and you think about what happens next. She’s finished almost all the wine and has a bit of a buzz on... She asks again... "So, DO you think I'm attractive?"

And this time you say..."Oh, yeah...very sexy. Nice legs, nice tits ..."

And she says, smiling, "Well, thanks! I’m glad you like them. Tell you what--- I'd like to show my appreciation for you taking the time to let me run on about my problems. You been such a doll for listening, that I’d like t--”

She’s interrupted, mid-sentence, by the phone. Oh, shit. You’d forgotten. You excuse yourself for a moment and go into the bedroom. The woman’s voice on the other end is sultry, inviting; but you tell her something’s come up (laughing to yourself at your stupid joke as you pull the stretch waistband of your sweatpants out and look down at your cock) and you’ll e-mail her when it’s a better time. She’s disappointed, but not angry. She’ll keep.

Back in the living room, your neighbor, still naked, is waiting for you. You say, “Sorry for the interruption. What were you saying?” (Hah! As IF you’d forgotten she was about to offer you something.) Your cock stiffens as you think about what it might be.

She says “I was just saying I’d like to show you some appreciation...”

“OK...” You sit down in the chair across from her again. She gets up, takes a couple steps over to you and-- ah... you want to just reach out and pinch those nipples, but you wait for her to make a move first.

She kneels in front of you, looking up and asks, "Will you let me suck your cock? I would just LOVE to do that for you... you know--- as a thank you for being such a nice guy and all."

Oh, baby, yeah. Would you LET her! That old game...Simon says... suck my dick...oh yeah...

And you let her at your now VERY hard cock. As she takes it out, she says, “Oh, MyGod. that’s gonna fit SO tight in my mouth.”

And it does. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... You're in heaven.

That big hard thing is being sucked and licked up and down and around the head. It feels SO good...soft, hot, wet mouth and lips all over it...her fingers lightly holding your balls. You know you’re not gonna be able to last long. You watch her tits bouncing slightly as she's moving her mouth up and down the shaft as she sucks on you. She squeezes your cock with her hand and starts moving her mouth faster and faster. You reach forward with both hands and pinch her nipples--hard! As she gasps and moans in surprise and momentary pain and pleasure, you lean over, holding her face to your cock and feel her pussy. It's so slick and wet and swollen; and in response to your probing, she moans and moves her pussy into your fingers; and all of the sudden you come, buckets and just keeps pouring out... She's taken off guard, but then recovers and swallows your cum... all of it. She gently sucks until she's swallowed every last drop.

And you're sitting there, spent... and she's still kneeling on the floor in front of you when-- JEEZIZ! The fucking doorbell rings. SHIT! What the fuck!

She looks alarmed, and says, "Damn-- is that my husband? What time is it? Why would he come here? Oh shit, I didn't realize how late it is... he only hadda work half a shift tonight, maybe. I think...I’m not sure. FUCK! I'm screwed!"

And you’re thinking, “Wait...I thought she said he was her boyfriend, not her husband. Shit. Damn broad.”

The doorbell rings again. She's looking around for a place to hide and you're pulling your sweatpants up. You call out--"Who is it?"


Your neighbor looks frantic... she pulls on her coat--and you motion her towards the bathroom. She runs in there, grabbing the empty wine bottle as she goes. You pick up the wine glasses, put them in the kitchen sink, all the while saying to the person outside, "Just a minute, hang on... just a minute." You look around the place. Everything looks OK and you open the door.

Aw, jeez... it isn't the neighbor husband, after all. What a fucking relief!

It's your friend, Brian.

He says, "Hey, man. I was just in the neighborhood; I was out at my brother's. Thought I'd stop by. Are you doin' anything? Gotta couple beers, here. Want one?"

You open the door wider and say, "Sure, come on in..." And you're thinking that the neighbor woman is just gonna have to wait a little while longer before she can go home. Even in the bathroom, she'd probably pee her pants out of nervousness--IF she'd had any on. You laugh to yourself at the thought. And--- she STILL didn't know who was at the door... probably thought it was her husband. Or boyfriend. Whatever. You almost laugh out loud.

But then you have another thought: "Damn. I hope Brian doesn't have to use the john while he's here." And then you're wondering what would your friend think if you told him you had a naked woman

in your bathroom--and you'd just had one of the best blow jobs ever. But you decide not to share the thought.

So your friend turns on the TV as he sits down in the chair and hands you a beer. You set yours down as you lounge on the sofa; but he's drinking his. For the next fifteen minutes, the two of you are half watching television and half just shooting the breeze. Then you realize he's been looking at you funny. You try to ignore him, but after another ten minutes, you say, "Hey! You're lookin' at me weird. What's up?"

Brian says, "Nothing. Nothing."

And you say, "No. I SEE the way you're lookin' at me. What's up, man?"

He says slowly... "OK...I can understand you half dressed in your own place, but I seen two wine glasses in the sink."

And you say -- "So? So what."

And he says, "Well, that might be interesting all by itself... but you got two shoes half under your sofa. And they ain’t yours.” He raises an eyebrow, then-- “JEEZ!" His laugh comes barreling out. "At least-- I HOPE the HELL they ain’t yours!"

Brian leans over and pulls them out as you watch --women's shoes! Aw, crap! Your neighbor forgot to take them with her when she ran into the bathroom. SHIT! Stupid broad...

Your friend says "So--what's the deal?" You tell him he can't tell ANYONE--and you tell him how she came over, practically BEGGING for it; and he gets up and goes down the short hall to the bathroom. He knocks on the door and calls to her. "Hey--you can come on out now. It's not your husband... it's OK."

Slowly she opens the door and comes out, wearing her coat, looking scared and apprehensive. But your friend knows how to seem like a sympathetic and understanding guy and puts her at ease... telling her it's all right, it's all right...her husband will never know.

He says to her, "Come on over and sit down a while before you go home," and she does. You get up and go sit in the chair as he offers her a beer; and she sits down on the sofa. Brian sits near her,

making small talk; but you're having a slightly difficult time looking her in the face. She drinks her beer WAY too quickly and Brian offers her another. She takes it.

He’s asking her about herself to put her at ease--and listens to her go on (again!) about how her husband works late every night and she doesn't get the attention she needs. Brian, arm outstretched, starts absently stroking her neck... progressing in a bit to her shoulders...pushing the collar of the coat out of his way. He's so understanding. He tells her she deserves the attention she wants....

Suddenly, watching them, you're horny again, thinking of the fabulous blow job you had just a little while ago.

You want another...your cock is getting stiff again just thinking about it. Meanwhile you can see your neighbor has had too much to drink. Brian tugs on her coat, exposing her tits partially. She reacts too slowly and ineffectively; and then he suddenly pulls the coat away from her shoulders altogether. She's startled and pulls it partly back on, saying anxiously, "Uh, maybe I should just go now..." She starts to get up, but she’s buzzed again and not thinking clearly.

Your friend gently but firmly holds her down and says, "Why? There's no need for you to go yet. And hey, don't go covering those up--you got real nice tits... you don't mind if I just look, do you? I’m only gonna look."

She says "Well, as long as you don’t touch..." and laughs, nervously.

You're getting hard, think ing about where this might go. Meanwhile, Brian kisses her on the neck, moving down to her shoulders-- and then pulls her coat completely open. She makes an uncoordinated grab to close it--but doesn’t resist as he pushes it apart and says to her, slipping the sleeves off, "Hey! No need to cover up--you're among friends, here."

You're getting even harder as she's sitting there naked again. Your cock is throbbing. Brian winks at you. He pulls her to him as he pushes her legs apart with his knee; and her coat falls on the floor.

He's got her in a one-armed bear hug, keeping her quiet by kissing her, stifling her mild protests. Soon she’s moaning and sighing. His free hand is exploring that naked pussy of hers; and you're thinking about fucking her. Jeez you're hard as a rock. He pulls his hand out of her pussy and you can see how wet it is as he wipes it across her ass. You're about ready to pull off your sweatpants. Brian is still kissing her; and holding her tight with one arm, he's undone his jeans and his fly with the other hand, and pushed them to his knees.

He stands up, while keeping her down, and firmly directs her face towards his big, thick cock ... which is now as hard as yours is. She's protesting a little, not quite sure what to do.

Your friend shows her exactly what to do. He pushes her onto the rug, while he lowers himself to the floor, too, leaning back against the sofa. He pulls her head to his crotch, stuffing his cock into her mouth. She's now on her hands and knees as he holds her head firmly, moving it slowly up and down on his cock. After a few muffled sounds of what might have been protest, she continues quietly sucking, licking, while he tells her “That’s right, baby, that’s good.”

Her ass is right there available....your cock needs some action. You slap her ass hard and reach under and finger her wet pussy. She wiggles her butt wildly as you find her clit; she moans and gasps as you finger her. She would be shrieking if her mouth weren't so full of rock hard cock. You want to fuck her ass bad.

You go in the kitchen quick and get some oil. You slather it on your cock and all over her ass. Her tight little asshole contracts in protest as first one oiled finger and then another enters it; and she gasps aloud...And your cock. OhMyGod, you are so FUCKING HARD--you want to ram it in her. She’s writhing and rocking and wiggling her ass, moaning and gasping and sucking on your friends dick, as he holds her head on it.

You grab her ass cheeks to hold them steady and push your stiff hard cockhead against her asshole, all slippery with oil. OH, yeah...It's SO tight and slippery; you push, push-- and OH yes! There you go up her fucking ass. She is screaming, even with Brian's big cock in her mouth to stifle the sound.

You slap her ass again as you thrust in and out of her slippery asshole, long, slow, full strokes.

"Take it all, you cunt... isn’t this just what you wanted," you tell her as you smack her butt again. You pump in and out, using your oily hands to keep your cock slippery... faster... faster...slipping in and's so hot, so slippery, so tight; it feels so good. She squeezes her butt and AhhhAhh.....Ahhhhhh ....Ahhhhh.... you fucking explode up her ass... You hear Brian start to let loose at the same time.

She barely manages to say "N-n-no... " and he holds her head right there, telling her "Swallow it, bitch. Every fucking drop." And she finally does, some of it dripping down her chin...

Brian lets go of her head and leans back. She droops down on the floor. You are fucking exhausted.

Brian speaks first. "Hey, little lady... you best run along home now; your husband might be looking for you." And then to me, "But she did real good tonight, didn't she?" Then, looking at her again, he continues, "And don't worry. Your husband will never know. We won't tell. UNLESS-- you don't put out for me--or him," gesturing to me-- "when we want it, you hear?"

She gets up from the floor looking stunned and messy, putting on her coat and buttoning it.

She straightens her hair and pats her smeary face dry with a napkin; puts on her shoes. Oh, her shoes. If she hadn't left her shoes under the sofa in the living room, this wouldn’t have happened.

She finally says "What? What do you mean?"

Brian says, "Well, the way I see it--- the only people who know about this are us three. No need for your husband or anyone else to know a damn thing. But--- if either of us wants more, I figure you OWE us for not telling your husband. And so you better put out. Otherwise--your husband just might find out a thing or two you don’t want him to know. Got it?"

She looks dismayed, and like she wants to say something, but decides to leave while she can. As a parting shot, Brian tells her, "Hey--YOU were the one complaining about no action! You oughta be thanking us. So let's hear it. Say "Thank you.”

Without turning around, she mumbles the two words; but Brian says, “Turn around and say it so we can hear it. And say it nicely. With a smile.”

So she turns around and says it, looking at the floor, not smiling. Then she leaves, her face a mess, looking apprehensive and miserable. Brian laughs..."Hey, man. That was ni--ice, very nice." He grins at you as he hears her footsteps on the stairs, then fixes his jeans, says, "So long, buddy. You’re welcome for the beer,” and is gone...

And you go shower off, realizing that you don’t even know what your neighbor’s name is, and fall into bed.
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