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The air in the small library was becoming close. Kevin, and his wife Sharon, both teachers in the small private school sat grading papers. They could have done it just as easily had they went home. But Sharon always enjoyed looking out the window at the view of the river as she worked. Kevin looked across the table at his lovely wife. She was a petite woman when compared to his hulking football frame. They had been very lucky to both have landed jobs within the same school.

It was well pass 5pm and they had been at it for about an hour. But working late at the school was one of the things that had endeared them with the administration. They were seen as two very highly educated, devoted teachers. That they were the only ones left in the building was not new. They often worked late then locked the front door on their way out. The night janitor would be in by nine to clean up. The fading sunlight, as it shown on his wife, made Kevin smile. He loved looking at her. Even in the practical school clothes she was forced to wear, he could see all the sexiness trying to burst out.

Sharon was petite, when compared to her husband, but against anyone else, she held her own. Standing 5'6" and weighing 140, she was by no means a tiny woman. Kevin stood 6' and weighed 185. And her tough, no nonsense attitude with her students was legendary. Sharon looked up from her papers and saw the smile on her husband's face. "I bet I know what you're thinking?" Kevin smiled at her. "I think about that whenever I look at you. In fact, I'm thinking about taking you right here on this desk." Sharon laughed. It wouldn't be the first time her husband had fucked her in the school library.

Sharon had to admit, she loved being fucked by her loving husband. He had a dick the size of a small horse. And it always left her feeling stuffed. "Well, as soon as we finish, I just might let you do that." the sound of breaking glass caused both of them to turn towards the door. There had been a few cases of vandalism in the pass and they thought it was just some of the local kids throwing rocks.

Then they heard the sounds of whispers. Sharon grew scared but Kevin only held his hand up for her to be quiet. He tiptoed to the door and peeked out. Coming down the hall were four teenagers. They wore the usual street clothes as Kevin called them, the baggie pants and baggie shirts. Thinking that his size could frighten them, he stepped out into the hall. The four teens froze upon seeing him. "I think you had better leave, before I call the cops."

The four boys looked at each other, then turned to look at him. Suddenly Kevin found himself staring at the barrel of a shiny pistol. "I think not old man. Give us your money and we might let you live." Sharon felt the cold fingers of fear reach down her spine. Kevin had always been able to intimidate others by size alone. But, from the way this kid sounded, he wasn't afraid of her "big guy".

Sharon could have gotten up and hid between the stacks of books. She could have used her cell phone to call 911. She could have done a lot of things but all she did do was sit there, frozen with fear. When she saw Kevin backing into the room with his hands in the air, she gasped out loud. The four boys walked in after him. The first thing she saw was the gun. To her it looked like a toy pistol. But Kevin had grown up around guns. If he had his hands in the air, it was real. The boys looked at her. They didn't look anything like the well-kept students of her classrooms. These were street thugs who went to one of the neighborhood public schools. Sharon had heard horror stories about the way that they acted. They cursed, smoked and showed no respect for anything or anyone. The boys stared back at her as she looked at them. Then the one with the gun motioned for her to stand up.

Sharon always wore a white blouse and colored skirt to class. Along with her stockings and small heels, she had most of her male students fantasizing about her and she knew it. But these black boys were not her respectful students. "Well lookie here, lookie here! Hey Jeremy! We got a stone cold fox sitting here." The guy with the gun turned and smacked the talker up side the head.

"No names you jackass!" Then he pointed the gun at Sharon. "Who the fuck is you?"

Sharon had never had a real gun pointed at her before and she felt her knees grow weak. "I'm a teacher here same as he is." Jeremy seemed to be the leader. At least he was the one with the gun and doing all the talking. "OK sweetie, give me your purse. And you," he pointed at Kevin, "give me your wallet." He kept the gun on Kevin as the big man reached in his back pocket. With shaking hands, Sharon handed over her purse. "Now empty your fuckin pockets." Kevin took everything from his pockets and placed it on the table.

The talker went through the wallet and took the money out. He looked at the credit cards and driver's license. Then he did the same with the purse. "Hey man, these two have the same last name." Jeremy looked from one to the other. "This your bitch?" Kevin bristled. He started to step to Jeremy but the gun leveled at his head and he stopped. "Yes! That's my wife!" Jeremy laughed at him. "Wife! Bitch! It's all the same thing. She look real good. You fuck her a lot?" "That's none of your fuckin business!" One of the other boys laughed. "Man if I had a bitch look this good, I'd be fuckin her every minute." Jeremy looked Sharon up and down. Then he started smiling. Sharon had seen other men look at her this way. But they always kept a safe respectable distance when they did it. She could almost hear what he was thinking.

"Look! Take our money. You can take our jewelry too. Just leave us alone. I promise we won't tell the cops." Jeremy laughed hard this time. "Lady! I ain't worried about no fuckin cops. Now, my man here asked if your husband fucks you a lot. He never got no answer." Sharon looked from Jeremy to her husband. The look on her face told him she wanted him to do something, anything. The click of the gun was loud in the quiet room. "Answer me bitch or he gets it!" Jeremy shouted so loud, Sharon jumped. "YES! YES! PLEASE DON'T HURT US!" Jeremy pointed the gun at Kevin. "Sit the fuck down! If you move, I'll kill this bitch!" Kevin backed up until his legs hit the seat of the chair. He sat down in it. When Kevin was seated, Jeremy went over to Sharon. "You a good looking bitch! I think we'll make a deal. You let us fuck you, we let you two live. If big man over here tried to be a hero, I'll shoot you first." Jeremy looked over at Kevin.

Kevin couldn't believe what was happening. Four juveniles were robbing him and his wife. Granted, one of them held a gun. But he was sure he could handle the four of them easily. He was gauging the distance; ready to launch himself at Jeremy when Sharon answered. "We'll do anything! Just don't hurt us." Kevin almost jumped from the chair. "Fuck these bastards! She's not giving you shit! " Jeremy pressed the gun into Sharon's head. She threw her hands to her face and screamed. Kevin stopped in place. The look on Jeremy's face told him the young kid would do it. "You jump like that again and it will be a double funeral. I don't fuckin care." Kevin slumped back down in the chair. He couldn't take the chance of them hurting his wife. "Just take our money and go! We promise we won't call the cops. Just don't hurt my wife."

Jeremy looked at him. The smile on his face told Kevin that he would get no mercy from him. "I'm not gonna hurt her, I'm just gonna fuck her. Is her pussy worth more than your life?" If he had the chance, Kevin would have killed this punk with his bare hands. He would have ripped his arms off and beat the other three to death with them. But he didn't have a chance. The gun pressed against his wife's head told him that. Sharon was crying. She just knew this kid was going to shoot her. Her legs felt weak and she had to grab the table to hold herself up. Sharon knew there was nothing her husband could do. She also knew that this kid would just as soon shoot him as look at him. It was up to her. She had to let Kevin know it was all right. She straightened up and turned to look at Jeremy. "I'll let you fuck me. But you have to promise you won't hurt my husband." One of the other guys chimed in. "I want to fuck her to, man!" "Me too!" "I'm gonna get some of this pussy too. In fact, I wanna fuck her first!" Jeremy looked at the talker. "Man! If any body gonna fuck this bitch first, it's me. After I finish, you guys can take turns." The talker turned to Jeremy. "I hate sloppy seconds. I don't want to stick my dick in her, after you done shot your cum in her."

Jeremy looked from the talker to Sharon. Then he looked from one guy to the other. The looks on their faces mirrored the same feelings. "Tell you what? After each guy fucks her, lover boy here will clean her pussy with his mouth." He looked at Kevin. "You'll do that for your wife, won't you?" Kevin felt like he wanted to tear into this guy, gun or no gun. It showed on his face and the way he gripped the arms of the chair. "Show this guy how we give a ghetto smile." One of the other kids whipped out a straight razor. He pressed it against Sharon's face. "We start at one ear and go to the other." Kevin wanted to scream. He just knew this was some horrible nightmare and he would wake up. But it wasn't a dream. These guys were actually going to rape his wife. And they were going to make him lick her cunt after they fucked her. Sharon let out a cry when the razor pressed into the side of her face. Jeremy never took his eyes off Kevin.

"Ok! You win! I'll do whatever you say. Just don't hurt my wife." Kevin slumped back down in the chair. Despair and submission showing on his face. Jeremy laughed as he pulled Sharon up on her feet. He handed the gun to the one holding the razor. "If that fool jumps up, shoot this bitch. Just make sure you don't shoot me." Jeremy didn't try to make Sharon undress. Instead, he reached down and began to pull her skirt up around her hips. All the boys looked on as the skirt rose higher and higher. Sharon loved to dress sexy for her husband so she wore garters and real stockings instead of pantyhose. Jeremy looked at Kevin and smiled as he let his hands roam over her soft ass. Sharon felt herself shiver. Not from lust, but from revulsion. She could see how dirty and unkempt the four boys were. And she would have to submit to each of them.

She tried to block her mind from what was happening. She tried to tell herself to refuse to respond to his touches. But Sharon had always been a highly sexed woman. The touch of a man could make her pussy drip juice. At least Kevin's touch could. She felt Jeremy's rough hands rubbing and squeezing her ass cheeks. Then he pushed her legs apart and rubbed her crotch. Sharon squeezed her eyes shut. Her body jerked and the sound of ripping fabric shattered the room. Jeremy had ripped her panties off. Then he laughed as he bent her over the table. He stared at Kevin as he reached down and unzipped his pants. The sound of his zipper screamed in Sharon's ear. "Hey man! You ever fuck this bitch like this?" Sharon could feel the tip of Jeremy's dick as he pushed it between her legs. She gasped in shock. Even though Jeremy was much smaller than her husband, the dick she felt between her thighs was almost as big as he was.

Feeling the tip of his dick rub up and down her slit, made Sharon wet against her will. Her pussy had always been super sensitive. She lay with her face pressed against the cold tabletop. She felt her head being pulled up by her hair. Then her face was turned the other way. Sharon was now staring directly into her husband's face. "I'm sorry honey!" Kevin wanted to crawl into a hole. He couldn't stop the tears of shame that ran down his face. Sharon looked at her husband. "I love you Kevin. We'll get thru this." Sharon grunted as Jeremy shoved hard. He was only about an inch shorter than Kevin. And his dick seemed about the same thickness. He pulled back until only the tip of his bloated dick lay between her pussy lips. "Tell me you want it! Tell me to fuck you!"

Sharon couldn't bring herself to say those words. She didn't want it, especially from the likes of him or his friends. Jeremy pulled his dick from her pussy. Kevin could see just how wet his wife had become. How many times during their marriage did he stop fucking her pussy and suck it dry. And how much did he tell her he enjoyed it. But watching this black kid, with his dick dripping with juice from his wife's pussy almost turned his stomach. Even as he watched, a glob of her thick juice dropped to the floor. Jeremy turned and looked directly at Kevin. "Damn man! This bitch sure gets wet. It looks like she done peed on herself." Sharon, tears now rolling down her face, closes her eyes. She can't stand the look of helplessness on her husband's face. With a yank, Jeremy rips her slip from her body. He rips it into strips.

Handing the strips to "big mouth", he tells him to tie Kevin's hands and feet to the chair. When Kevin begins to struggle, the razor is placed against Sharon's throat. When he is securely tied, Jeremy hands the razor to one of the other kids. "I'm gonna ask this slut one more time. Every time she doesn't answer, I want you to cut his face." Sharon is forced to stand and her clothes are ripped from her. She now stands naked for all to see her. The young boys stare eagerly at her naked form. "Look man, her nipples are hard little rocks." Sharon, her face scarlet with shame didn't look. She could feel the excitement between her thighs. Her pussy throbbed even harder than it did when Kevin would hammer it. Jeremy stepped close to her. "Do you want it? What do you want us to do to you?"

Sharon looked at Kevin and her resolve dissolved. The razor being waved before Kevin's face had made her mind up for her. Turning to Jeremy, she straightened up to her full 5' 6". Then jutting her 38-inch chest out, she stared directly into his face. "I want you to fuck me. I want to feel you shoving that hard dick in and out of my pussy until I scream for more. I want all of you to take turns fuckin me. From the smallest dick to the biggest, I want my pussy to drip all the cum I got." Jeremy smiled, even as he pushed her back onto the table. This time he laid her on her back and pulled her to the edge. Sharon moaned as he fucked his dick in and out of her pussy. To make him cum even faster, she shouted encouragement to him. "Shove it in harder! Make my poor pussy throb with your big dick. Oh shit! That cock feels so big!" that was it. With a grunt and a groan, Jeremy shot his load into her pussy.

Pulling back, his dripping dick slipped from her pussy. Sharon lay on her back staring at it. It was completely coated with the mixture of their fuckin. Her mind raced. Jeremy had said that he would make Kevin lick her pussy clean after each fuck. She couldn't let that happen. "I need another dick. Please somebody, fuck my pussy now!" Big mouth was about to run and give her what she begged for. But before he could get his dick free, Jeremy stopped him. "I said you wouldn't have to take sloppy seconds. Let her husband clean her pussy first." He turned to Kevin. "Now big fella, I'm gonna let you become a hero. If you go along, your pretty wife will remain pretty. If you give us any trouble, she'll be so scared; you won't want to look at her. Now, are you gonna behave?" Kevin understood that he had no choice. He loved Sharon so much, he would promise anything to keep her safe.

"OK you bastards! I'll do whatever you want. Just don't hurt my wife." Jeremy walked over to Kevin. He didn't bother to tuck his cum covered dick back into his pants. He had plans to fuck that sweet cunt again. "Whatever we want? Well, I want you to suck my dick. Suck it and make me feel like you mean it." Jeremy would have surged out of the chair at his throat had he not been tied. But the safety of his wife was all he could think about. "Please don't make him do that? I'll suck it for you. Let me suck it while somebody else fucks my pussy?" Jeremy didn't say a word. Instead, he looked down at Kevin. Kevin opened his mouth and allowed Jeremy to direct his dick into the wet hole. Sticking his tongue out, he began to lick the head. Thinking only about the taste of his wife, Kevin sucked the swelling shaft deeper. To his surprise, Jeremy began to groan.

Slowly fucking his dick in and out of Kevin's mouth the same way he had fucked Sharon, Jeremy closed his eyes and relished the feeling. He had enjoyed having his dick sucked many times in his life, but no body had sucked it with the feelings that Kevin was giving him now. The other boys were mesmerized with the sight. Sharon was almost able to get off the table. But "big mouth" grabbed her and slammed her back on the table. Jeremy was holding onto the back of Kevin's head now. The look of pleasure on his face was something to see. Even Sharon couldn't take her eyes off them. Jeremy reached down and as he shot a load of cum into Kevin's mouth, slipped the knots on his wrists. "Now go clean her pussy so my man can have his turn."

Kevin untied his ankles and walked over t his wife. Their eyes met. Then slowly he bent down and she shivered as she felt his tongue licking the length of her slit. He made her cum before he finished. Big mouth took his turn with Sharon next. His dick was about the same size as Jeremy's was. However he didn't last as long as Jeremy had. But he did fuck her with a lot more force. Sharon grunted and gasped with each drive of his dick. And no sooner had he pulled free, did he grab Kevin by the head. This time Kevin was even more animated in his cocksucking. He worked his mouth back and forth, twisting his head as he sucked. Big Mouth groaned. "Damn! You keep suckin my bone like that, I'll bend you over the desk and fuck you too!" involuntarily, Kevin groaned. The whole scene, of what was taking place, of his wife being raped and him being forced to suck the dicks of the rapist, was turning him on like never before.

As soon as the dick pulled from his mouth, Kevin eagerly sucked the mixture of cum and pussy juice from his wife's cunt. The next guy took his time. His dick was just a bit bigger than the other two dicks she had just fucked. Sharon, after having watched her husband enjoy sucking big mouth's dick, was too hot to resist the throbbing pleasure she felt in her pussy. "Oh yea! Fuck that dick deep into this pussy. Make me feel every inch." Sharon was clawing and pulling on the young man to try and pull his dick even deeper into her cunt. With a wicked smile, the young boy held her by the hips and fucked into her pussy. It felt like he was fucking her forever. And Sharon, to her shame, loved every inch and every minute of it. After she had cum at least twice on his pulsing dick, he pulled free. But he had not deposited his cum in her pussy for him to clean.

Not waiting, Kevin dived between her thighs. This time he had a pool of thick crème to lick, suck and swallow. And Sharon didn't miss the huge hardon that poked in his pants. The look of pure lust on Kevin's face was unmistakable. He licked his lips at the thought of sucking on a dick that had given his wife so much obvious pleasure. This time when the kid approached him, he cupped the dick lovingly. He licked along the shaft and teased the tip with his tongue. The young boy closed his eyes and groaned in pleasure. Then drawing back, he tilted Kevin's head up to look at him. "Tell me you like it! Say you love sucking on a dick!" Kevin looked up into the hard face that stared down at him. Kevin licked his lips. "Yes! Yes, I like it. Tasting my wife's cunt on this dick makes my own dick throb. Seeing you drive it deep into her pussy, seeing how much she loved it, makes me so fuckin hot. I want to suck it. I want to feel it throb inside my mouth. Let me suck it."

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