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"The door closed - can you come let me out, please?" Laurie yelled.

"You don't have to yell."

"Fine," she snapped, at a lower pitch. "Let me out!"

"I can't do that, Laurie. It's part of the project."

"To lock me in here?"

"That's right."

"Look, no one told me about this project! What project? What's going on?"

"You didn't ask, did you?"

"I'm asking now, okay?"

"It's a morale project -"

"I know THAT."

"Designed to reward and soothe our senior male privates and officers."

"Pardon me?"

"This is a very stressful atmosphere, and sometimes some of the men on the base need to let their aggression out. Unregulated violence is bad for the base, and tends to have a wildfire effect. It was your brilliant commanding officer who came up with this alternative."

"I don't think I like where this is heading."

"You're not supposed to like it."

"Excuse me?"

"We didn't pick you because we thought you'd like it. You were chosen for this project because you clearly want to do whatever you can to shorten your stay in the army. You're a beautiful young woman - "

"Thank you," Laurie snapped.

"You're welcome - and you have a figure that gives off strong sexual signals."

"I have a..."

"Yes, you do. The effect is even more aggravated by those clothes."

Laurie clutched her cardigan around her.

"Now, since you asked, the nature of this project is simple. The men being "rewarded" - that's what they've been told - have also been told that you, too are being "rewarded."

"This is crazy. This is insane! I DIDN'T agree to this-"

"You did agree to it. You just didn't ask what your duties would be. As I was saying, they've been told that you are here because you have fantasies of control, and you want to be able to act them out in a safe and supervised atmosphere."

Laurie was silent. The last nonchalant part of the explanation was too close to home. She did have fantasies of control. At 24, her virginity intact despite several relationships, she was tired of dating gentle men who respected her unspoken boundaries. They saw her Bible, and met her parents, and assumed that she was off-limits for sex. Some had even told her that she was the kind of girl "one married," and that they wanted to keep her pure for that event. It was frustrating, and stupid.

"Now, two of those men are outside the door right now."

"Two of them?"

"Just two tonight. Later, you're welcome to request more participants."

"But I'm a ..."

"A virgin. We know. They've been asked to use lots of lubricant. The encounter is being observed and taped to ensure mutual consent. I'll check in with you verbally in an hour."

The voice stopped.

Laurie was about to yell again when the door opened.

"Well, well, well, Morris, look what we have here." The two men who entered the room were both exceptionally tall and broad. They wore fatigues.

Laurie made a dash between them for the door, but the one named Morris shut it behind him. He was carrying a duffle bag.

"You play this part well, doesn't she, King?" he chuckled, grabbing her outstretched arm by the wrist, and pulling her against him.

"I'm not playing a part. Really, I'm not - I didn't know the details and I'm..."

"Wearing a very slutty dress, that's what you're doing," grinned King, coming up behind her. "I think you'd look much better out of it." He pulled the zipper down.

"Don't do that. Please!" said Laurie. She reached behind to pull the zipper back up, but Morris grabbed her other hand and held both behind his back.

"No pantyhose. My, you are asking for it, aren't you?" King slid his hand down and grabbed her ass, peeking out of the thong she'd worn under the black dress.

"Please..." Laurie was whimpering.

"She's begging for it already, King! And she hasn't even seen what we've got for her!" Morris grinned at his mate. He let Laurie's hands go.

"We're going to take you, Laurie," King whispered in her ear. "Two of us at once, though we'll start one at a time. We're going to tie you up, and hold you down, and it won't matter how loud you scream. Now. Aren't those words you've been waiting your life to hear?"

Laurie was silent. She clasped the front of the dress to her breasts. King might be right, but she was goddamned if she was just going to let them...

King reached around and pulled her hands up above her head. The front of Laurie's dress fell down, revealing heavy milky-white breasts with red, red nipples.

"Oh, those are so pretty," crooned Morris. "I think I'll just have to ... Oh yes..." He bent down and pulled one of her nips into his mouth, and reached out to cup the other breast in his hand.

"No! I don't want you to DO this!" Laurie gasped, finding her voice.

King nuzzled her neck. "I think you do," he said.

"I DON'T!" said Laurie, and kicked behind her at King's shin. The pointed toe of the shoe connected hard, and he buckled. Laurie broke away and ran to the door.

"Let me OUT. I've had enough!" she yelled, pounding on it.

"Goddamnit!" said King, holding his shin. "Now I'm mad."

Morris walked over, grabbed Laurie's shoulder and pulled her away from the door. "That's enough," he said calmly. "You play a good part, but we don't actually want to-"

"Oh yes we do," said King. "Take that off of her."

"C'mon, King - this was supposed to be-"


Morris shrugged, and pulled the skirt down to puddle on the floor. Laurie stood there in her thong, eyes blazing.

"I'll have you court-martialed."

"Not before I fuck you hard," said King, hauling her over to the clear plastic form.

"This was designed to make it easier for a woman to take two men at once," he hissed in her ear. "Wanna see how it works?"

Three minutes later, Laurie, stripped of thong and stilettos, was strapped in. Kneeling, her ass raised slightly higher than her shoulders, her legs spread and ankles cuffed with the restraints that the boys had brought, and arms tied the same way, she felt terribly vulnerable.

"I don't want it to be like this," Laurie hissed at them. "Okay? Just ... look, let me go, and we can do this - on a bed somewhere. Or at least gently."

"I'm not here for gentle," said King.

"Morris?" she pleaded. "Just you and me? I'll-" Laurie swallowed "I'll be good to you, baby."

"I don't know you, baby, and I don't turn on my buddies," Morris suddenly looked stern. "Besides," he said, his face softening into a leer, "Your ass is looking extremely ..."

"Hold your horses, Morris," King cautioned, looking through the duffle bag. "She's a virgin. We have to warm her up first."

"Warm me up?" Laurie's eyebrows raised.

"She talks too much, don't you think?" said King, tossing a ball-gag to Morris. "Put that in."

"No! Please! I-" Laurie's protests were cut off as Morris slid the gag into her mouth and tied it behind her head.

"Your red lips look so pretty wrapped around that piece of metal... I'm thinking there's another use we can put them to later on," King whispered, bending close. "I get first fuck, Morris."

"Fine. But I get first lick." And Morris moved out of Laurie's view. Warm hands grasped her hips. Then a tongue was in her cunt.

"Jesus! Haven't you ever heard of teasing?" King asked.

"Mm-mm-mm. Fresh, young farm girl," Morris signed, pulling back. "Couldn't resist."

Laurie felt him pull away and nearly moaned. That warm wet feeling... God... Morris moved his mouth to her thighs.

"Ummm..."she groaned.

"Oh, I love that sound," King grinned. "I think those tits need some attention too." He crouched on his heels, reached underneath Laurie and took her heavy melons into his hands. "You like that, don't you," he crooned, rubbing the soft flesh under her nipples. "You want me to suck them? Take those red berries into my mouth and lash them with my tongue? Maybe bite them just a bit? Harder later, when my cock is deep in your cunt and you can't get away."

"She can't really get away now, King," Morris observed between licks.

"No she can't. She's all ours. All night. That's right baby," he whispered in her ear. "We get you for two full hours. It's a long time but there's so many ways to take a girl. Especially one who doesn't want it."

Laurie's eyes were closed. God. This was how they spoke in her fantasies, the men who held her down. But they had never licked like this... and her breasts felt like they were conductors for fire. Morris' tongue was back in her cunt, and she could feel her body getting hotter. Glowing.

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