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How is it possible for a dream to turn into a nightmare?

The Dream I married my childhood sweetheart. Kathy was the only girl I ever wanted, in fact, the only girl I ever dated. I would best describe her as a petite sexy blond. Her long honey blond hair framed her innocent looking little girl face. She was 20 years old when I married her but her big green eyes, the way she would often bite her lower lip, and the way she would giggle made her look more like 15.

Every guy in college was after her, but she did not date much. Rumor had it that her two ex boyfriends had both raped her. She liked me because I was shy and did not try and feel her up every date. Her goodnight kisses used to get me so hot, but she let me know she was not interested in sex until she married. Soon after I graduated and found a job we were married. For 5 months I was living the American dream. I had a new wife, a new job, and a new house. Then disaster struck.

Nightmare 1

The recession had struck suddenly and deeply. Only a month ago Kathy and I attended our first Christmas party at my boss’s place. All employees had received a Christmas bonus and to celebrate everyone was invited to a party, and could bring their husbands or wives. That was my first mistake, letting my lecherous boss see Kathy. Fred was about 50 years old. He had been married and divorced twice. I liked my job, though Fred often made it difficult with his arrogant demanding ways.

The night of the party he came to our table and after being introduced to Kathy spent a good part of the evening dancing with her. I didn’t mind that part as I don’t care much for dancing and Kathy loves it. Then Kathy says I have to dance with her. On the dance floor she complains my boss keeps feeling her up and he talks dirty to her.

“What did he say?”

“During the last dance he said I would look good on my knees in front of him sucking his cock. The previous dance he tried to get me to go with him to his bedroom so he could seduce me. I am afraid he is going to make me go with him.”

I am angry, but he is my boss, so I tell her to just refuse the next time he asks her to dance.

At the same table with us sat Charles, a co-worker hired about the same time as I, and his wife Diane. When Kathy refused my boss’s next dance, he got annoyed, then went to Diane and danced with her. He was even more obnoxious with Charles wife than he had been with mine. He would make her do open mouth kissing and feel her ass through her miniskirt. He made her put her arms around his neck, so he could feel her breasts. We all had a lot to drink by this time, but at one point he made her put her hand on his cock and jerk him through his pants. The next dance he backed Diane against a wall and humped her. It was difficult to tell if he had his cock out or not. I couldn’t stay quiet any longer.

“Don’t you see what he is doing to your wife? How can you put up with that?”

“He is just having a good time, beside, what can I do? He is my boss too you know.”

Maybe it was because they were both blacks that he thought he could get away with that. I had to admit though, that Diane was a young pretty black girl in her sexy white mini dress.

That was a month ago, and now I was called into my boss’s office. He told me that the recession was cutting into his profits, so to reduce costs he had to let me or Charles go. The remaining one would have to pick up the slack. This would mean working every Saturday and 3 nights a week with no extra pay. I did not like the idea, but with a recession in full bloom my chances of getting a job elsewhere were nil, so I accepted and so had Charles. Since we both agreed to work overtime with no extra pay, Fred said he would give the job to whoever wanted it the most. His plan was for each of us to invite him to our homes for dinner. As a bachelor, he liked pretty girls making a fuss over him, so each of our wives should wear something sexy for him, and cook him a good dinner. I did not like the sound of, “something sexy,” and neither did Kathy but we agreed.

The night of the dinner he showed up a half-hour late, and I could see he had been drinking. Kathy would not wear a mini skirt, as she said she didn’t want him to run his hand up her bare leg to her pussy the way he had at the Christmas party. She did wear a blouse with the top 3 buttons undone and no bra so he could see her breasts when she bent over to serve him. He had a great time, but Kathy and I were constantly embarrassed. He told me I should call him Sir from now on to show some respect, and if he says kiss my ass, I should say what cheek. He thought it was a funny joke, and I felt like telling him what he could do with his job, but I had a mortgage to pay and a new wife to look after.

He was even worse with Kathy asking her things like how many guys had she fucked before me, did she like sucking cock, or did she make out with her teachers for better grades. He said most dads and brothers loved fucking submissive little girls like her, and he wanted Kathy to tell him how many times she had been fucked at home. Kathy in tears denied all these things. Then he told her I wanted to see her pleasure him. I told Kathy this was not true. I was embarrassed and Kathy was in tears, but I could see all of this was turning him on.

After dinner he made Kathy sit on the sofa beside him while we watched a porno movie he had brought. I sat on a chair near the kitchen door as he ordered me to bring them drinks and make snacks. He told me as host, I should not drink so that I could serve them better. It was like he was going out of the way to humiliate me in front of my wife. It was worse for Kathy. He had the lights turned off so it was difficult to see but I think he was feeling her up. Every once in a while I would hear her say in her soft voice, “Stop that,” or, “Don’t make me do that,” but after a while I think she just gave up and let him do what he wanted.

Later I heard him say, “Now that was good; that’s the way I like you to show me respect.” It was so dark I could not see what my wife did, nor was I sure I wanted to know. I breathed a sigh of relief when he finally left about eleven.

Kathy was mad. “How could you just sit there? He practically fucked me right in front of you and all you did was bring him a drink whenever he wanted one.” That night I slept in the guest bedroom.

Three days later I was called into his office again. “I have made up my mind and you are history, because you can’t match the offer Diane and Charles gave me, so consider this your one weeks notice and clean out your desk by Friday.”

I started to panic. “But wait, you didn’t even give us a chance to match their offer. I’m sure we would agree to whatever they did.”

“OK, I’ll give you one chance as I prefer white women to black. If you agree to everything they did the job is yours. You already know your part; work every Saturday and 3 nights a week for no extra pay. Kathy will come to my house every Friday afternoon, cook my dinner and have it ready for me when I get home from the office. After dinner she will act as hostess for my guests if I have any, or be my maid if I do not. She will stay overnight at my place so she can get up early on Saturday and clean my house, do my washing and ironing, make my breakfast and lunch, and go home in the afternoon. This should not be a problem for you as you work Saturdays anyway.”

That bastard; he was playing one couple off against the other. I did not think Kathy would go for it but I had to try. Otherwise there goes my job, my house, and probably Kathy as I would be a husband that could not support her. At first she flatly refused saying she would prefer to go back and live with her parents. I kept pleading with her saying, “ I’ll start looking for another job right away, and as soon as I have a job offer I will quit, probably won’t take more than a month.”

“So are you saying you don’t mind him having sex with me?” Kathy asked.

“He won’t lay a hand on you. I’ll make sure he understands that. You are there as a maid only.”

“You are so naïve,” Kathy sighed.

So, I kept my job under the new circumstances. 3 nights a week I worked until nine at night, only to come home to a cold supper. Then Kathy suggested I eat out those nights. It was only later that I found out Kathy was cooking his dinner those nights also. There were other changes in Kathy. While she used to be perky and full of fun, now she seemed sad and withdrawn. It seamed like she was mad at me most of the time and our sex life went down the tubes. Saturdays used to be our big night. We often went out to dinner and a movie to celebrate the weekend, but now Kathy was getting home later and later on Saturdays, until one night it must have been after eleven when she got in, and I could smell liquor on her breath.

I was annoyed. “Why didn’t you call? I was worried about you.” That let out all the pent up anger Kathy had been holding.

“You are not worried about me. All you are worried about is your stupid job. Why else would you let your boss fuck me whenever he likes, and make me do other degrading things to please him. You are so clueless, why do you think I am not giving you any sex? Your boss wants to be the only one getting into my pussy, while you have to jerk off. What do you think he does every Friday night and now on about 2 other occasions during the week. He laughs that he is fucking your wife while you work at his office for no pay.

“He is going to cancel the office-cleaning contract and make you do that also. He likes the fact that he gets all the sex he wants from me while you get none. He plays you for a sucker while he makes me suck him off. Remember last Saturday when he called you at work? I was licking his balls and sucking his cock while he talked to you on the phone. I’m not a maid; I am a sex slave. I let him spank me because it gives him a hard on. I let him suck my breasts until they are sore just because he likes to do it. He makes me suck his toes and lick his asshole because degrading me turns him on, and all because you want to hang on to your job.”

“I had no idea this was going on. I will see him first thing in the morning and tell him I quit; also that I am going to report him to the police.”

When I confronted him in his office he just smirked. “I like this arrangement. When I proposed this to Charles and Diane they both said get lost. I only told you they had agreed so that you would also. This arrangement ends when I get tired of fucking your wife. Until then you do exactly as I say. I have decided I want your wife to stay with me Saturday night as well as Friday. I want to teach her how to suck me off properly. That should not matter to you, as you don’t get any anyway. Ha Ha.

“As to quitting, if you try and quit I’ll have you arrested and sent to prison for embezzlement. I have already cooked the books to make it look like you are stealing from me. So go back to your desk and get to work. I am not paying you to argue with me.”

I quit on the spot, walking out and slamming the door as I went. Kathy was so pleased, “Maybe you love me after all.”

A short time later there was a knock on the door; it was the police. “I have a warrant for your arrest on the charge of embezzlement. Please come with me.”


It all happened so quickly. At my trial, even though I had a lawyer, the evidence presented by my boss’s lawyer convinced the judge, and I was sentenced to 2 years in the state prison. I was not even allowed to kiss Kathy as I was led away in handcuffs. The rest is kind of a blur. Transported to prison in an armored van, I was fingerprinted, issued a prison outfit and assigned to a cell. My cellmate was a big black guy doing 5 years for armed robbery. He had only 6 months left so he would be out before me even if I got time off for good behavior. He knew all the ropes and seamed to have pull with the prison guards, plus he was built like a gorilla. I didn’t want to mess with him and he knew it. I got paid 3 dollars a day for working in the prison laundry and all prisoners were given 2 cigarettes each day. Jason, my cellmate, took my money and cigarettes each day. He called it payment for protection. I don’t smoke so cigarettes meant nothing but some money would have been nice to buy stuff like books, candy, newspapers etc. in the prison store. However, I did not want anything to interfere with my time off for good behavior, nor did I want to get beat up by Jason.

After the first month we were allowed visitors once a week, and conjugal visits once every 2 weeks. I eagerly awaited Kathy’s first visit even if it was in a big room with other prisoners and watching guards. We were escorted into the large room and sat at a table, then the visitors were allowed in to sit on the other side, with guards watching to see nothing was passed to the prisoners. Kathy was easily the most stunning visitor. She wore a mini skirt and open V-neck blouse. Her blond hair shimmered in the artificial light and her saucy walk made me ache for her. Of course my first question was how was she doing.

“I had to move in with your old boss. He got a court order to seize our house, sell it and keep any profit. He threaten to report me to the police as a prostitute unless I moved in with him There was nothing else I could do, I had no source of income, so it was either peddle my ass on the street or move in with him. We now live together like man and wife. He likes to humiliate me by making me sleep with some of his customers, or he gives me to one of his salesman for the night as a reward for top sales, and he fucks me about 3 times a week. He gets off on making me suck his cock and lick his balls or stick my tongue in his asshole. He makes me talk dirty to him. If I don’t say it with conviction he slaps my face.”

So my nightmare continues. I’m in jail while my ex boss, who put me here, sleeps with my wife. However, she has forgiven me and agreed to come next week for our first conjugal visit.

Back in my cell Jason wanted to know who the blond was and how a dork like me could ever get a girl like that. It seems single guys like Jason, if they had the right connections could get a girlfriend to come for their conjugal visits which took place in one of six cabins, all in a row near the back wall of the prison.

“Maybe we should trade. I’ll fuck your wife and you can fuck my women,” he joked. It was a sick joke at best. I thought nothing more about it until one night after lights out Jason said, “The price of protection just went up. Either we trade next week or I remove my protection. Do you know what happens to people like you in prison with no protection? We stretch your asshole with a wooden plug so that you can take all the cocks that are going to be stuffed up your ass. You become an expert cocksucker because you are going to get so much practice. By the time you get out of here you won’t be able to get a hard on, and the only sex you will want, will not be from your wife but from her boyfriend. I’ll give you a half-hour to get your wife to agree to the trade or you are on your way to becoming a sissy boy.”

At first I said no way, but the more I thought about it, what choice did I really have? I could even die in prison if I didn’t go along, so reluctantly I told Jason that I would try and talk Kathy into it.


Kathy looked shocked when I told her, yet she didn’t put up as much of a fuss as I expected. The agreement being I was to bring Kathy next door to the cabin where Jason was, then return to my cabin with his girlfriend. Entering his cabin the first thing I saw was Jason lounging on the bed wearing only a robe, open in front, showing his half hard dick. Kathy’s eyes widen when she saw the size of it. Beside him was a fat middle aged black woman. Jason speaks. “I decided my girlfriend’s mother would be a more suitable companion for you. This is Bulah. Why don’t you suck her cunt while your wife sucks my cock, as a way of introducing us to each other.”

Kathy had no fight left in her. She just went over to Jason and got between his knees. Bulah lifted her skirt. She was not wearing anything underneath and her body odor was bad. I don’t think she has had a bath in weeks. “Come on boy, show mama a good time. Get busy with that tongue.”

Fighting nausea and afraid I might throw up, I did as she asked. Jason sighs, “Damn, your wife is good at that. I like the way she takes it right down her throat and squeezes the end of my cock in her throat. Bulah, take lover boy next door, I want to be alone with this hot bitch.”

“Get a move on,” Bulah said, “and your cock had better be better than your tongue or I’m going to whip your ass.”

I did not look back. It would be too much to see my wife sucking someone else’s cock, something she has never done for me.

Back in our cabin I could not get a hard on. She was too fat and ugly, and she smelled bad. It made her mad and she beat me with her belt, then made me suck her off. It was disgusting. I had to fight to keep from vomiting.

Back in the cell, Jason was in top spirits. “Your wife is a really good fuck. She agreed to come back and see me in 2 weeks. Maybe I’ll take a picture of her sucking me off so that you can have something to jerk off to. Better yet, I think I’ll take several pictures of her getting fucked. There are lots of horney guys here like you, that get no sex and would be happy to buy a picture from me. Since she is your wife I’ll give you a 20% discount.”

The following week I told Kathy she does not have to do this, and what Jason was planning for her if she showed up next week. Kathy said it didn’t matter. Jason had told her what he would do to me unless he got her willing co-operation. “Fucking one more guy does not make much difference. Fred has made me go to work for him as his personal secretary. He makes me dress like a slut and once I had to suck him off under his desk while he held a meeting. Every Friday night I spend with the top salesman of the week and if a customer places a big enough order he gets me for the weekend. Of course Fred still likes to fuck me three times a week and get sucked off most mornings. So what is one more cock?”

What could I do? I was trapped between Jason and Fred. My best bet was to do whatever was necessary to get my parole, then get Kathy and move far away from here.

Next visitors day I did not even see Kathy as she spent it in the guest cabin with Jason. He did take pictures of her, told her to get them developed, 12 copies each and bring them to me on her next visit. I looked forward to Kathy coming as now I only see her once every 2 weeks while Jason gets to fuck her and spend time with her in the cabins on the other week.

When I saw her walk in, she looked tired and sad. “I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Fred’s daughter, Brenda, is home from college and she is a lesbian. To reward her for good marks he has given me to her as her personal maid. I sleep on the floor in her room, if I am not called to Fred’s room, or away entertaining salesmen and customers. She is not only a lesbian but a sadist also. She has a hard rubber club, something like a policeman’s clubs that she beats me with anytime I do something not to her liking. She beats me until I am crying and begging her to stop. She says this gets her very hot, and she then makes me suck her off. I spend a lot of time between her legs making her feel good while my knees ache and my tongue gets sore. Each morning I bathe her and brush her hair. I lay out the clothes that she wants to wear, clothes that I hand wash, and help her dress. I wash her hair and her body, and when she feels like it, lick her feet.

“The worst part is she makes me drink her pee right from her cunt. She says every good maid does this. If she wakes up during the night and needs to go, she makes me get into her bed, seal my mouth over her cunt and drink down all she has. I even have to wipe her ass. Once when she was mad at me, she made me eat the dirty toilet paper while she smirked.
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