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We had spoken a few times on the phone and exchanged e-mails and instant messages, but this was to be our first meeting. I knew we thought alike as several arousing conversations had confirmed and I was eagerly looking forward to our first face to face get together.

I was in the Valley and had some time to spare, so I had called to see if we could meet for a cup of coffee at the Starbucks near Rhonda's Office. As it turns out my timing was good because Rhonda agreed to meet, but as it turns out she was just about to leave the office. Apparently her cable was out and she had to head home to wait for the Service Rep to show up. As usual the company had said anytime between 1 and 5 so Rhonda suggested we meet at her place instead. It didn't matter to me as long as she was comfortable having me over. I don't even care that much for Starbucks coffee anyway.

As I walked in the door we greeted each other with a hug and peck on the cheek and she invited me in to the living room. Surprisingly it seemed we both at ease and began chatting as if we had known each other for years as opposed to having met through Literotica. Rhonda was easy to talk to and of course we had lots of experiences to share about some of the 'interesting' encounters with other Literotica members. Although we talked about a lot of things and the time passed quickly, we never talked about each other and our prior conversations but I figured that would come another time, and although many things were left unsaid I could definitely sense an underlying air of tension and chemistry.

After an hour or so I realized that I needed to think about getting going to complete my other errands on time, and I let Rhonda know that I did need to leave. I could sense she was a little disappointed and frankly so was I. I had really enjoyed her company and looked forward to seeing her again.

I got up to leave and walked over to say goodbye when Rhonda asked if I could just wait a couple of minutes since she had a surprise for me. I said I could but it would have to be quick since I really had to get going. She asked me to wait in the living room for a minute while she went to retrieve the surprise. Although I really had to leave I was intrigued enough to wait more than few minutes to see just what she had in mind.

It took about a few minutes and she walked back into the room. I was stunned. She had changed into some kind of leotard with a leopard skin pattern and was wearing nothing underneath from what I could tell by the panty lines - or perhaps lack of them is more accurate. Her full breasts were almost exposed and I could see the shape of her nipples underneath the material. She was wearing a pair of high heels with open toes and she stalked around the room and me like a cat.

There was a new tone to her voice as she playfully said "You can't leave now. Look I bought this wrestling outfit just for you Mr. Big Talker. I've been planning to kick your ass ever since you made me wet at the office telling me how you were going to make me your bitch. I think you need to be taught a lesson regarding just who is stronger and in charge here. You aren't scared of a little girl like me are you?"

For a few moments I was so surprised I did not even know how to react. She then kicked off her high heels and stood with her hands on her hips and stared right into my eyes. I was aroused and surprised at the same time, and could not believe what was happening. Was she really up for it?

Rhonda must have sensed she had me at a loss, and said "Look at my nice toes. I just had a pedicure and they could really do with some attention. After I make you MY bitch I might just let you suck on them if you beg me nicely enough."

I think that broke the spell, and I said "Tempting as it may be I really, really do have to get going, and besides I'm a lot stronger than you anyway. I seriously doubt there is going to be any ass kicking or anything else where we are concerned. I have never wrestled with anyone, let alone a woman and I am not about to start now."

I truly was tempted, but knew I did not have the time so I walked over to her for a quick goodbye hug and turned towards the door to let myself out. I sensed her moving behind me and assumed it was to lock the door after I left. Was I wrong! As I reached for the handle she suddenly came up behind me and pinned me against the wall. She was surprisingly strong and I felt all her weight against me and could not really move. I tried to reach my hands back to grab her and push her away but I just flailed around helplessly.

I felt her knees between my legs as she spread them apart and the next thing I knew her hand reached between my legs and started rubbing my already becoming aroused cock. "Fuck you" I said " I really need to get going. Let me free." But she just giggled and said "Make me you big strong man., and besides I might fuck YOU if you ask me nicely".

I tried as hard as I could, but she had me at her mercy and I started to feel embarrassed and humiliated and even more aroused all at the same time. The more I struggled the more I realized that maybe she was stronger than me and I might just be in a world of trouble. "Ooooo look at you" she said "not such a big talker right now." Rhonda kept rubbing my now rock hard cock between her hand and the wall. "I think someone likes having a woman in control." Fuck You!" I replied with a little more conviction, or so I thought, but all that happened was that Rhonda laughed out loud and kept teasing me."

Finally I said "Fine. If you want to wrestle let's do it. I am happy to teach you a lesson, but let's start over. You grabbed me from behind when I was not ready."

I felt her release the pressure as she stepped away and as I turned she again stood with her hands on her hips and said "What a big baby you are . Worried that things are not fair? You want fair you'll get your do-over. And I am still going to totally overpower you."

"Let's settle it" I said as I stripped down to my underwear with what I hoped was a look of confidence. "You need a good spanking."

Once I was stripped down we circled around each other and I waited for an opening. I decided to rush in and try to grab her, but as soon as I made the move I realized my mistake. She was waiting for me, and stepped back, using my momentum to get me off balance. I stumbled and she pushed me to the floor where I ended up on my hands and knees. Before I could recover she had taken a step forward and trapped my head between her thighs. I tried to pry her legs apart but they were too strong, and she laughed at my efforts. "Should I keep you there bitch?" she asked in her playful, mocking tone. "Too bad you are not face up or I would make you sit there for hours and eat my wet pussy." She was not lying about the wet pussy as I could feel the heat on the back of my head.

"Let me go. Now!" I pleaded as waves of pleasure rushed over me. I was totally confused. Here I was being humiliated by a woman and it was just so incredibly arousing. But instead of letting me go I just felt her lean over me and pull down my underwear. The next thing I felt was he palm smacking my now exposed ass. "So just who is spanking who? Hmmmmm?" I tried again to pry apart her legs as she kept spanking my ass but she was just too powerful for me. "What a big baby you are" she continued. "Look at the nice spanking you're getting. Maybe this will teach you a lesson you won't forget too soon."

I finally felt some movement in her legs and thought I had a chance to escape. I pulled away and started to turn over and get to my feet when I realized that was exactly what she wanted. Before I could get away I found myself flat on my back with Rhonda straddling my chest facing my feet. He knees were pinning my arms and shoulders, and all I could see was the wet spot on the material where her pussy would be as it hovered just out of my reach. Slowly she lowered herself, closer and closer to my mouth as I struggled and wriggled to get away but to no avail. I saw her hand come down between her legs as she pulled aside the material in her crotch. "See how nice and aroused I become when I show a man who is the more powerful sex?"

I was about to tell her to fuck off again, when she lowered her pussy onto my lips and forced me to stick my tongue deep inside her. I could feel her clit pressing against my tongue and lips as I sucked and licked and nibbled. I heard her moan and felt her body shudder with pleasure as I kept eating her hot pussy. I still felt utterly humiliated and tried to wriggle away, but Rhonda just kept me pinned there. I felt her weight shift, and then as she moaned and kept grinding her cunt on my mouth she leaned forward, and began to softly stroke and suck my cock. It was making me crazy. I wanted more. I was aching to bury my cock in her pussy and her ass, but she just kept going. Softly sucking on me and teasing my cock with her soft lips and tongue. As she leaned further forward he knees lifted slightly and I struggled again, hoping to break free, but she was too much for me. Rhonda began moaning a little more loudly, which aroused me even more if that were even possible, and as her weight shifted forward I wondered what she was up to. Mmmmmm.....her mouth on my cock felt so good and I felt just about ready to explode. Too late I realized it was not what she had in mind at all.

I felt her mouth stop sucking my cock as she slid a little further down my chest. " Did you think I would allow you to come in my mouth bitch? You don't deserve that you pansy ass weakling." Her dripping pussy and all her weight was still on my chest, and I was no closer to escaping. Things then got even worse or better. By now she was resting on her knees, when she raised one of her feet and jammed her toes in my mouth. 'I told you that you were going to suck my toes you bitch, and I never make idle threats." I had no choice but to suck and lick them, caressing them softly and hungrily with my lips and tongue.

Rhonda moaned even louder, and as I sensed she was about to come I made my move. I slipped out from under her and as she started to get to her hands and knees to stand up I was right behind her. Now it was my turn to put my full body weight on her back and she dropped to the floor. Nothing was going to stop me now. I was consumed with passion.

I grabbed her by the hair and ordered her to crawl on her hands and knees to the couch. She struggled and begged me to release her and even promise to let me come in her n mouth but it was way too late for that. She crawled over to the couch and I instructed her to put her arms hands on the pillows and remain on her hands and knees.

I kept a firm grip on her hair as I started to spank her delicious ass, and spread her legs apart with my knees. I continued to spank her ass as I shoved my cock against the material. "You're my cunt now!!" I said, as stopped spanking for a minute and reached around and pinched her nipples. "You're gonna get a good spanking, and when I am done I am going to fuck you in the ass and teach you a lesson you will never forget."

We both moaned in pleasure as I continued spanking and rubbing against her, reaching in between her legs and sliding my hand under the clothing and my fingers into her pussy. I spanked her even harder, and told her to shove her own fingers inside, and although she begged me to stop it was my turn. I had her and she knew it. As she lid her fingers in and out and I felt her body tense and her moans get louder as she was about to explode, I roughly shoved aside the material and began to insert my throbbing and aching cock into her ass. We both moaned as I slowly slid it inside her, and held it there for a minute as I felt her muscles contract around it., and then I slowly started sliding it in and out. I held her hair with one hand, pinning her to the sofa, and with the other I kept spanking her ass I moaned louder and louder. I felt my body stiffen as the tension built up, and then I could not take it anymore. I gave one last moan as I exploded deep inside her ass, and felt her spasm as we came together, and then collapsed in a heap of tangled sweaty bodies.

We just lay there for a few moments, unable to speak and no words were needed, until finally I said "Wow. I am so glad the cable guy did not walk in on that!"

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