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He gripped my thighs with his strong fingers, forcing them apart making me gurgle in surprise and more than a little pain.

"Please…no….don't…" I heard myself say but it was no use, he was much stronger than me and he had tied my hands over my head to the low hanging branch just above me so I couldn't pull free.

I tried to wiggle my hips but my movement was somewhat restricted due to him holding me down. I felt his fingers against my panty covered crotch, he pushed three fingers under the lacy material and then he was inside me, moving his digits slowly at first, making me buck albeit unwillingly against his invading and unwelcome hand.

"How very easily your body betrays you" was all I could think of at that moment and I groaned, not wanting too but his fingers had quickly found the nub that was my clit and the rough treatment he subjected it too forced a response from me much to my shame.

"…stop…oh God…please stop…"

My flimsy panties were ripped easily from my body and he cast them aside with a flick of his wrist whilst the cold night air bathed my now naked lower body.

It was dark under the tree he had dragged me too, and my vision was somewhat blurred as he had pulled my glasses from my face and I was almost blinded without them.

I inwardly berated myself. Why hadn't I listened to my mom in the first place? She had warned me not to come through the park at night on my own but I knew better than her, right? Wrong!

I had done it once too often and now I was paying the price for my stupidity. None of the other girls from school would walk alone through the park at such a late hour. They waited for the bus or got lifts but not me, like I said before, I knew better, didn't I?

I was Clara the invincible Senior from Private Catholic School who had more sense than anyone else, oh the arrogance of the young, and I was to pay a bitter-sweet price for my stupidity.

I was on my way home, after drama practice, I had chatted to a few friends outside the school gates then saw it was getting dark and had quickly waved goodbye to them.

I didn't tell them I was going to take the short cut; they'd stop me and make me wait for the bus with them. I let them believe I was meeting a friend further up the road.

I was clad in my Catholic School uniform, purple pleated skirt, crisp white blouse and my smart lilac and gold blazer. I had taken off my school tie and stuffed it into my coat pocket, whilst my school pumps were now on my bare feet as we had been doing dancing practice in the gymnasium for the pageant next month. I had also taken off my school socks and along with my school bag had put them into my locker to retrieve the next day.

My house keys were tucked into my blazer pocket with my tie so I was unfettered of any encumbrances or for that matter any way of defending myself!

I had entered the park confidently; through the tall iron gates and along the wood cutting covered pathway, there was some lighting though it was not all that bright but all I was aware of was how chilly it was and that I should have put on my heavy school coat.

I increased my pace, happy to have time to myself to think about what the future held for a clever girl like myself.

I was 18 years old, petite and pretty with long golden hair tied back into a neat pony tail and large guileless blue eyes in a round face. I wore glasses; I was trying to take to contact lenses but had been having trouble using them, so for the moment I was forced to wear spectacles to correct my rather myopic eyesight.

I was lucky to have a trim figure that was well toned from dancing and swimming and since I started going to the gym with my mom each week my breasts had started to tone up too, I was a nice "D" cup, not too big but certainly not too small either and I had an even honey coloured tan, courtesy of my mom's new sun bed.

The park was actually a large piece of recently cultivated scrub land that was smack in the middle of my home town.

Someone had left a stack of money in their will for it to be turned into a public park which it had been done in the last few months.

The park was well used during the day with the kids from schools and nearby office blocks coming to have lunch and sun themselves but at night it was as empty as a graveyard, and it was not yet regularly patrolled by the local police, that was being arranged for the near future, so all us kids were told not to use it as a short cut after dark because it simply wasn't safe even if it now had lighting and benches all over the place.

I hadn't even heard him come up behind me that was how quiet he was. He had stunned me, a sharp knock to the head and then he had yanked my glasses off my face.

I was disorientated rather than frightened at first and I was suddenly aware that I was half running, not willingly for the man who had come up behind me was making me run with him, away from the pathway toward a large clump of very large bushes.

I had opened my mouth to shout but he had clamped his hand over my mouth and then he had dragged me along to the bushes, he had one hand over my mouth; the other was wrapped across my chest to stop me from breaking free but he was also getting a good feel of my bouncing breasts that were covered by my white school shirt.

"No one will hear you!" he had whispered in my ear as he squeezed my plump nubile mounds, making me squirm against the odd sensation rippling through my chest as his fingers clawed and pinched at my covered flesh, "The Park's empty now, but if you do scream I'll gag you with your panties!"

I knew he meant it. My mouth clamped shut. I struggled though, thinking I could break free but he was far too strong and then he kicked my legs from under me so suddenly that I went down very hard and it took all the wind right out of my body and momentarily stunned me.

By the time I got my breath back he had both my arms over my head, and I was trussed up like a chicken.

Now I had no panties on, and the man was still rubbing my clit, and the sensation much to my disgust was making me jerk and tremble despite myself and I could feel my crotch becoming moist and slippery under this rough touch.

I also didn't think my legs could be spread so wide as they were spread right then, he was holding them apart by my thighs with his knees I think in what I can only describe as a new way to do the "you're going to get fucked" splits.

My crotch tingled and throbbed as he moved his fingers back and forth, and I could imagine him feeling his way across my smooth pussy only recently shaved and oiled. Would he like the feel of the moist hot flesh, almost hairless, with its pink parting lips and reluctant trembles as it was touched, rubbed and aroused against its will?

"Oh yeeeeeeees…" I heard him breathe and as my blurred vision began to focus ever so slightly I caught a glimpse of a shock of fair hair and a youthful face that suddenly lowered itself between my legs.

My eyes went like saucers when I felt his tongue push inside me, he rolled it into a thick fleshy wet tube that he used to lap at me, moving his head back and forth, side to side, making my clit even more sensitive than it already was.

I struggled, I really did, I dragged my buttocks from side to side, trying to jerk his head out of my pussy, it was only then I became aware that I was lying on some sort of heavy cloth; obviously he had been waiting for someone like me to come through the park on their own; a stupid, little school girl who didn't know any better.

I bucked harder, now more fearful than before but the bobbing head was moving faster between my legs and my own head began to swim and swirl and the wet tingling sensation down below was getting the better of me second by second.

"…You're so very juicy…" he mumbled and he licked harder, not just my clit but all over my cunt and whilst he was licking, he pushed one of his fingers inside me, pressing down on the passage way that separates my cunt from my anus and I almost creamed myself there and then.

"No…no…!" I groaned out loud whilst squeezing my eyes closed in sheer desperation, "Please…no…don't…oh God…please…stop."

Of course he didn't stop; what's more I think he knew that secretly I didn't want him to stop. He licked, lapped, nibbled and sucked at my clit, stopping every now and then for a couple of seconds so he wouldn't push me quite over the edge to an early orgasm.

My body was responding to the forced stimulation and arousal it was receiving. On an emotional level I didn't want what was happening to me but on a physical level I had no choice in the matter, it seemed that nature was winning the battle of the senses. I whimpered over and over like a trapped animal and felt tears fill my eyes.

He came up for air and through my tear blurred eyes I caught another brief glimpse of his face though it was still in the shadows.

"You might as well enjoy it," he said with a chuckle, his voice was not old, but I was just guessing, "Because you aren't going anywhere until I've raped you good and proper!"

I let out a moan and a sob. My hands chaffed against the rope and I begged him to untie me, and let me go but of course he ignored my plea.

He held me down with the weight of his body and I felt his hands reaching for my breasts, I tried to jerk away but he grabbed my face and gripped it with a strong hand that smelt strongly of my juices.

"Listen my little Catholic School Girl," he said in a voice that sounded almost amused, "I can undo your blouse to get at your tits or I can rip it open, which do you want? Think about it carefully, how will you explain a ripped blouse and bra to your mom when you get home tonight?"

I certainly didn't want my mom to know what had happened to me tonight, she had warned me about using the park as a short cut, she's go mad. I stopped struggling immediately.

He undid my blouse and the cool park air caressed my breasts and I felt my nipples tingle and ripple, he pushed my pink lace bra over my breasts and then he used both his hands to get a proper feel of them.

He wasn't gentle; he intended to get a good long rough fondle, along with squeezing and pinching of my tits until I was whimpering with both pleasure and pain.

"You've got nice big jugs for a schoolgirl," he said in a satisfied voice and then he was cupping one breast and lowering his mouth to fill it with my now sore but somewhat hardening nipple.

A surge of electricity shot through my body, I jerked against his face, crying out as I did. I certainly wasn't expecting that to happen that was for sure!

He laughed lifting his mouth from my nipple which had gone rock hard in less than a second, "I think you liked that!" he said slyly and he squeezed the engorged teat between two fingers and then lowered his head down again and began to roll his tongue over the sensitive flesh.

To my complete and utter shame I cried out again, it was even more pleasurable than before. He also tormented me mercilessly, licking and pinching each of my teats alternately.

He taunted me too, calling me a dumb little school girl who deserved to get raped for being so stupid to walk through an empty park in the dead of night on her own.

I sobbed and pleaded with him to let me go but I was being aroused all the time, my breath was getting shorter and shorter, my head was throbbing with wicked unspoken thoughts whilst my struggles of protest were fast becoming squirms and jerks of reluctant pleasure.

I hated and loved the sensation rippling through my body in the same breath. He used his other hand to rub my crotch whilst he sucked and licked my nipples, he cupped my mound of Venus and flicked my ultra sensitive clit with his forefinger, making me jerk even more, cry out and heave against the weight of his body.

And then when I was almost at my pinnacle and was groaning and writhing under him, he stopped, yes he stopped, just like that, so suddenly I almost fainted.

I lay were I was, my hands tied over my head, my body spread eagled on the canvas carpet my butt was pressed on, whilst above I could hear the wind shifting through the tree we were under and the dark shadows around me made me aware that we were totally surrounded by heavy foliage that would probably even protect us from the rain.

My heart was still hammering in my chest, now more from exertion rather than fear. He moved his hands slowly down to my hips and pushed my school skirt over my pelvis.

"Shall I stop? I'll stop if you really want me too?" he said almost playfully and my crotch contracted painfully, and my leaking juices filled the air with a ripe sexual aroma, of course I should say yes, but he would know I was lying, my body was aroused like it had never been aroused before, and he knew it.

More tears leaked out of the corner of my eyes. I was trapped, I wanted to say yes, I wanted him to stop, of course I did but my body won over my mind and crushed it with the pleasure it wanted to receive at the hands of this terrible man who had dragged me into the bushes to rape me.

"No," I whispered when I finally answered and shame filled up inside of me especially when I heard him chuckle at my reply.

He untied my hands then, with a flick his wrist my hands were free of the rope chaffing them but I did not try and escape because almost instantaneously he was fondling my breasts again and I was clawing at his back, and gasping with pleasure.

"Oh yes, yes, yes!" I heard myself say over and over again and when he pushed his face into mine to kiss me and I let him, his tongue was salty and he tasted of me and coffee.

I felt something hard and cold scrape against me by chest, like a badge almost, but he pulled at it and I heard a tearing sound and he threw it to one side.

Oh what a shameless little slut I was but I couldn't help it, I just couldn't!

He got his hand between my legs again and began to work on my clit, this time I parted my legs willingly, and he went deeper inside of me and I gurgled out my enjoyment, bucking against him. He pulled one of my legs over his shoulder so he had much better access to my cunt and it was a lot more comfortable for me too.

My hands moved over his body, he was well muscled, I could feel the shape of his arms, he worked out I thought instinctively, he wasn't some dirty tramp that was for sure, for starters he smelt too clean, and his face when it rubbed against mine was smooth and hairless.

"I wish I had my glasses on!" I gasped as his fingers went deeper and deeper inside of me as he hand fucked me with considerable expertise. He kissed my throat with hot wet sloppy kisses before saying.

"You can have them back after I've finished raping you."

To my everlasting shame my stomach trembled at his words but it was with gratification rather than revulsion, I couldn't believe that, he was going to rape me and I wasn't going to try and stop him, in fact I was looking forward to it!

"You shameless little slut!" my mind screamed at me inwardly and the little slut inside of me responded with equal swiftness and determination, "He's going to fuck you until explode so let him get on with it!"

At that moment the man pulled my blouse into a position so that it trapped my arms by my side and then he said in a voice that was so matter of fact it took me by surprise.

"Have you ever sucked a cock before?"

I hadn't and I knew better than to lie, I had done some heavy petting with a boy or two but that was it. I was to all intents and purposes a virgin but I was lucky that my hymen had been ruptured because of all the horse riding I had done in the past so I was pretty much open down there, luckily for me!

"No," I admitted and I felt my cheeks go hot as I answered.

"Well you're going to learn tonight," he said with a guttural laugh, "My mom always told me to fuck Catholic girls if I got the chance, they're real easy she said, and you know what? She's right!"

I wanted to deny his words, but there was some truth in what he was saying, most of my friends were sexually active, and had been for some time, the only reason I wasn't was that I had so much extra-curricular activity outside of school I just didn't have the time.

He knelt in front of me whilst unzipping his pants. I saw a brief flash of pink and smelt carbolic and surprisingly baby powder and then my head was being forcibly lowered down toward his crotch and he was guiding my face to his midriff whilst giving me instructions.

"Use your tongue, let it come all the way out of your mouth, that's it, wrap it around the helmet, now lick it, oh yeeeees, keep on doing that, now start to suck, not so hard, just gently, good girl you're a fast learning, now with each lick, see how much cock you can take in your mo…..oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeees!"

I was obviously doing something right and I continued obediently, my head moving back and forth, whilst he steadied me by my shoulders as my arms were trapped in my blouse.

I was surprised that I liked the feel of the stiff member in my mouth, as sticky and as hot as it was. He leaked pre-cum over my lips and down my chin and he arched his back as he began to thrust harder in my mouth.

His cock pulsated between my lips and he gripped my shoulders and encouraged me, lick, suck, deeper down, lick, suck, deeper down…I did this for at least five whole minutes before he drew my mouth off his cock, he was panting and sweating as much as I was in the cold park night air but he had it all under control, making the sensation last for him whilst teaching me a thing or two along the way.

I marvelled how I had barely gagged when he had started to thrust down my throat; it was if my mouth and throat was made of lubricated elastic.

"You're a natural!" he gasped as he pressed down on my shoulders, "A cock-sucking natural!"

He lifted his thick rigid cock up with one hand and then gripped my golden pony tale with the other hand.

"Right," he said seconds later as he guided my head to where his balls hung heavy and equally pulsating, like me he shaved down below as well, his genital area was smooth and smelt of musk and soap and he rubbed my face against his crotch, "Let's see how good you are at this!"

I flicked my tongue out almost eagerly and he laughed softly.

"That's it my good little Catholic School Girl, lick my balls, oh yeeeeeeees, get your lips around them, that's it, kiss them….hmmmmmm…you are a quick learner aren't you?"

I certainly was! He reached downward to tweak at my tits, making me gasp and my cunt contract violently, my eyes watered and I felt myself lapping and licking his balls harder and harder to each contraction that was building up between my legs. He pulled me up five minutes later; I was sweating and heaving, as well as moaning and mewling.

He cupped both my breasts and massaged them and I almost came there and then, he sucked one nipple and caressed the other heaving teenage mound. He yanked my blouse back over my shoulders so my arms were suddenly free of constraints.

"On your back," he barked out the order abruptly whilst shoving me backwards onto the ground making me gasp in surprise, and then my legs were rapidly being parted into the pre-fuck splits and I felt his fuck ready cock head pressed hard at the mouth of my throbbing gaping cunt.

He didn't bother with being gentle; virgin or not I was ready to be fucked and fucked hard. He just rammed his cock inside of me, up and inside of me with one strong brutal thrust that made my buttocks rise high up off the canvas, my eyes would have popped out on stalks if they could have, as it was they bulged in their sockets, my lips puckered and fluttered like a peach kiss, all my breath exploded from my diaphragm in one long WHOOOOOSH!

It was like being filled totally to the brim with a long hard wide throbbing flesh rod. I was almost sure he was fucking me up to my tonsils; I could feel his cock everywhere inside me. My cervix was being brutally assaulted, my womb was widening and contracting to take the huge girth of his cock and my clit was being stroked so hard by the ridges on his shaft I thought it was going to be shaved right off.
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