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I went to visit some friends of mine, an older couple, Sharon and her boyfriend Larry. It was agreed in advance that I would stay the night with them since I had a long drive home.

We had dinner, watched a movie and drank wine. I am usually not a drinker and I hadn't realized that wine was so potent. As a result, I didn't manage my intake very well.

When the first movie was over around nine, I was almost black-out drunk and decided to call it a night. I retired to the guest bedroom while they prepared to stay up and watch another movie.

The next thing I remember was being vaguely aware of hands on my tits. For awhile I thought I was dreaming, but then I felt my night shirt being pulled up. Opening my eyes I could just make out Larry in the dark.

My reflexes were slow and I just lay there puzzled for awhile as he groped my now bare tits. I finally managed to croak out "Sharon" in protest. He told me she was asleep, never stopping touching me.

I tried to push him away but I was too weak. He just used one hand to pin my arms and kept groping me with the other. I tried to cry out "No!" but what came out weren't really words. He ignored me and climbed in between my knees, roughly shoving my limp thighs apart with his knees.

I remember crying out "Sharon!" as his cock sunk into me, and him fucking me steadily as he held my hands pinned, hissing "She's asleep" through his teeth.

I was so drunk and weak. I remember feeling him pushing in and out of me for what seemed like forever as the whole room spun. And then he was shoving in me deep and hard, whisper shouting "Oh yeah baby, Daddy's coming!" I felt like I was a little girl being molested in her bedroom.

He got up off of me, and I was too drunk to get up. He pulled my nightshirt down and put the covers back over me. I lay there in my haze, feeling his cum leak and puddle underneath my butt, until the black-out reclaimed me.

The sun shining in my window slowly wakened me the next morning. I was aware that I had a very bad hangover. My head pounded, my mouth was cottony, and the pain/nausea I felt in my stomach was agony. Mixed in with it all was a ball of guilt and anxiety in my gut, which made all of my physical symptoms worse.

I lay there, feeling like shit, for quite a while. A growing need to pee shifted my focus, and the sudden realization that I was slimy with cum hit me like a ton of bricks. The nasty ball in my gut grew and I had to force myself to breathe as the hazy memory of hands on my tits surfaced from the night before.

I lay there stupefied as the other hazy bits pieced themselves together. First I only remembered the sensations, the hands on my tits, and the cock in my pussy. Then I saw the picture of his face in the dim light, floating above me as he thrust and grunted. And then the sound of his voice, combined with his stubble rasping my cheek and the smell of alcohol on his breath..."Oh yeah baby, Daddy's coming!" The wave of nausea washed over me and I jumped from the bed and ran to the toilet, puking again and again.

Lying spent with my head against the cold toilet; I stared blankly at the wall in front of me. Finally I got up and and started going through the motions of taking a shower, brushing my teeth, and getting dressed.

When I walked out to the kitchen everything was maddeningly normal. The coffee was brewing, light streamed in through the window, and Larry and Sharon were sitting at the table reading the paper. I sat down and concealed my state of mind with the hangover excuse.

A month later I missed my period. The ten dollar pregnancy test confirmed what I already knew. I called Sharon and Larry, told them the news, and asked them to be god-parents. Of course they were thrilled, and immediately accepted.

They were there when my little girl was born. After the delivery they visited in the room with me. The nurse wheeled in the little crib and I got to hold my baby for the first time. Larry stood, looking over my shoulder. "She's beautiful." he said, "Just like you."
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