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Sarah was on her way to her boyfriends house and she was running late. He lived about 25 miles away in the country near a rural town.

It was 9:00 PM already and she still had ten more miles to go. Sarah knew the roads very well and decided to try and make up some time. She was almost there when out of the corner of her eye she spotted a cop along side the road.

Sarah had been doing over 75 miles an hour when he hit her with the lights. Sarah pulled to the side of the road and shut the engine.

The officer came to Sarah's door and shined the flashlight in her eyes. "Keep your hands in plain view and do not make any sudden moves."

Sarah had been here before. She had been known to have somewhat of a lead foot and had just received two tickets in the last month. This would be it, her license would be taken away. Sarah handed the officer her license, batted her big blue eyes and told the cop, "Please Sir, It won't happed again." After all, her looks had gotten her out of tighter jams than this.

The cop took her license and went back to his vehicle for wants and warrants. She prayed as he returned that he would let her go. She had no idea how she would explain this to her boyfriend. He had warned her.

The cop returned and told Sarah, "Get out of the car,"

"What's wrong?" Sarah asked.

The cop yelled at her again, "Get out of the car."

Sarah slowly complied.

Sarah was 5"4" tall and about 120 pounds. She had long blond hair, blue eyes and was dressed to go out on the town.

The officer told Sarah, "Move to the back of her car and face forward."

Sarah walked slowly towards his headlights, watching her step in those high heels. She did what she was told nervously as the cop stood directly behind her. "Put your hands behind your back, you are under arrest."

Sarah turned to the cop to ask why when the officer grabbed her right arm and forced her down to the trunk of her car. She felt the metal cuffs dig into her wrist as the cop grabbed her left arm and forced it hard to cuff the other wrist.

The cop again grabbed Sarah and stood her back up.

"Are you carrying anything that I should know about?"

Sarah whimpered, "No" as the cop kicked her feet apart. He told her, "Just stand still" as he slowly unbuttoned her blouse. He pulled her blouse out of her short skirt and ran his hands around Sarah's firm breasts. His hands slowly ran down her body, over her hips to the hem line of her skirt.

Sarah felt his hands up under her skirt to her tight ass. He ran his hands just inside her thighs and barely touched her thong.

Sarah sighed as he removed his hands. She had thought that the search was over, but the officer had other ideas.

He removed her belt and unzipped Sarah's skirt. Sarah felt her skirt starting to fall and spread her legs further preventing it from doing so.

The cop grabbed Sarah and pushed her forward on the trunk of her car. She felt the cold steel of her car trunk against her tits as she felt the officer pulling off her skirt.

Sarah lay slumped over wear nothing but he high heels and her thong. Her hands were still cuffed behind her back and her blouse just off her shoulders.

Sarah felt her arms being raised behind her, then a sharp sting as the cop lashed her ass with her own belt. Again and again he whipped her ass with the belt and asked her "Are you going to speed again?" Sarah cried, "No" as the cop grabbed her thong and ripped from her body.

The cop yelled at Sarah, "Spread your legs wide," and continued his strip search. Sarah felt his hands on her ass, pulling her cheeks apart, then he just touched her labia.

Sarah was scared, yet fighting her submissive side not to get excited.

He played with her pussy, rubbing it up and down until she could feel herself getting wet. He parted her lips and inserted two fingers deep into Sarah's pussy. He probed her wetness, then slowly pulled his fingers out. He lubricated her asshole from her pussy and inserted a finger into her tight little hole.

Sarah whimpered, "No, please no," begging him to stop.

The cop yelled, "Shut up," and grabbed his night stick. "Would you rather have this cold stick rammed up your ass instead?" "Please no," Sarah whimpered as she felt her pussy lips being parted with the cold, hard object.

The cop slowly inserted his night stick deeper and deeper into Sarah's tight pussy. She felt herself starting to cum and fought the feeling with everything she had. She felt the nightstick being pulled out slowly and then drop to the ground.

She heard the sound of the officer's zipper and the rustle of his clothing falling around his ankles.

She lay there helpless as she felt his hard cock open her wide. He pumped her pussy hard, then stopped. He grabbed Sarah's hair and pulled hard as he felt his hands fumbling from her pussy to her ass.

Sarah felt his cock entering her ass as she tried to resist. "Ow, ow, it hurts," Sarah cried.

He pulled on her hair hard and slid his cock in almost all the way. He worked his cock back and forth gently until it slid in all the way with ease. He rammed his cock harder and harder into Sarah's tight ass as her tits were being smashed against the cool trunk of her car. Sarah moaned loudly, then cried out as she felt herself starting to come. Sarah found herself trying to push her hips backwards to match his thrusts.

"Oh my God, Yeeeees, Yeeeeeees," Sarah screamed as she felt herself gush all over the cop's balls.

She was still helpless as he continued rammed his meat into her forbidden hole. The cop slid his cock in her deep one last time and held it there.

Sarah felt herself exploding again inside. She had never had orgasms with such intensity. She was weak from all the excitement and could still feel the cop's throbbing cock still inside. She whimpered as his cock slid out of her tight hole.

Sarah heard him getting dressed, then gently stood her back up and uncuffed her.

She stood there, still naked, as the cop handed back her drivers license.

"You are free to go," he said.

Sarah grabbed her clothes and without getting dressed, climbed back in her car.

"Slow down.,,, It is much to dangerous to out here in the country to drive so fast."

Sarah smiled at the officer and simply said "Thank-you Sir."
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