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Pat was pissed when she woke up to my tape job. I had to use my knee in her back to make sure the last few turns around her wrists were done right.

That's when she started spewing some of the filthiest langue I've ever heard. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a prude or anything, I've said a lot of bad words in my time, but this was simply unacceptable. I wasn't the least bit sorry for her when I held her head between my knees and firmly put a generous helping of tape over her foul mouth.

The ruckus had woke Jen, and once she had blinked herself fully awake, I saw I had been right about her wanting to see her cousin paid back for earlier in the night.

"Make her eat me." Jen said maliciously.

"That wouldn't be a punishment," I said softly as I cupped her face, "eating you is the most wonderful thing in the world."

Her lower lip came out in a pout, and my breath caught with how adorable she looked.

"Oh, baby. We'll punish her, I promise. I'll do anything you want to her." Pat's growls of rage suddenly went still when my words sank in.

"Will you kiss me now, please?" I said.

She was still tied up and I could have taken a kiss by force, but feeling those soft lips seeking mine would be better than sex.

She wrinkled her nose, oh god she was cute, and puckered up in a childishly funny way.

Her eyes were closed and I covered her puckered lips with my mouth and ran my tongue along the line where her lips met. Her pucker softened and her mouth opened to accept me, and the special thrill of my very first kiss washed over me again.

I'm glade she didn't ask, but at that moment I would have killed Pat if she'd wanted me to.

I was breathless by the end of that kiss, and I searched Jen's face hoping for a sign that she had felt a tenth of the magic that I had.

It wasn't there. All I saw was a smug little smile that said: "look what I did."

"What should we do to her?" I said, hiding my disappointment.

"Spank her." Jen said. "Spank her real hard." She bobbed her head in one decisive nod.

I reached over to turn Pat, but she rolled into position with my hand only resting on her hip. I reared back and left a bright red handprint on her ass as her flesh rippled from the slap.

She cried out in a most satisfactory way, and she cried out even louder when I put another bright mark next to the first.

I saw it the first time I hit her, but Jen didn't notice it until after the third swat. Pat was holding her ass up for her spanking, and there was something suspiciously erotic in her cries.

"She likes it." Jen said. "Stop, stop. She likes it."

I laid one more on her, as if I hadn't understood fast enough, and left my hand on Pat's warm bottom as I looked up.

I don't think Jen would have noticed my hand slipping between Pat's ass cheeks if Pat hadn't lifted her ass up another half foot when I did it.

"Don't touch her smelly old ass, she likes it too much." Jen said as her brow furrowed in thought.

Pat actually has a very nice ass, and only Jen could have pulled me away from it at that moment.

"How can we punish her if she likes everything we do?" Jen said.

"Maybe we shouldn't worry about punishing her until we've thought it over." I said.

My hand had strayed to her ass again, and I had an urge to lie on top of her.

"Could you untie me so I can sleep?" Jen said.

I was biting my lip and she must have seen the pain in my eyes.

"What?" she said.

"I'm afraid," I started, but I had to stop before my voice cracked.

"Afraid of what?" She demanded.

"I'm afraid you'll leave me." I said. My eyes dropped and I saw myself wringing my hands.

"I might." She said, with her nose pointing up at the ceiling. "Now untie me." She said with petulant anger.

I got the tape off despite the way she was bouncing, and she jumped all over the bed like a little kid once she was free. She ended her little romp with a long series of hand slaps all up and down Pat's body.

"You may molest Pat, if you like." She said with an imperious flick of her wrist, "I'm going to get some sleep. Don't wake me, I think I'm going to sleep in tomorrow."

"Jen said I could molest you." I smiled at Pat.

Her puzzled look told me she didn't understand what had happened yet. Jen had become our mistress, and Pat would become my fellow slave or spend the rest of her life tied up as our sex toy.

I tucked a bunch of pillows and comforters tightly around Pat and lay down on top of her.

It was funny the way things had come full circle. When I had come in, a wonderful lifetime ago, I couldn't see Jen because Pat was lying on top of her and hiding her under the blankets and pillows. Now Pat was the one who was invisible. She was trapped in a soft prison under me, and I was using her like I had used a large teddy bare when I was young.

I don't have orgasms very often, and Pat didn't give me an orgasm that night. But I do like sex even if it doesn't end in an orgasm. Holding Pat's warm body between my legs, sometimes rubbing, sometimes just squeezing my legs around her, was better than most of sex I've had.

There must have been something about being buried under all that bed stuff, not to mention me, that made it hard for her to sleep. She never stopped moving and I could hear some of the noises she was making even through all those pillows. Sometimes she got pretty wild and I couldn't help making little sounds myself as I pressed my pussy against her squirming body.

Before any of you start feeling sorry for me because I don't have dozens of orgasms every night, consider this: I first got sexually aroused when Jen and I shared that kiss. I was still excited as I got Pat arranged for the night. Pat's constant squirming kept me aroused as I drifted off to sleep, and the dreams you have when something warm is rubbing your pussy are like nothing the real world could ever offer. Don't feel sorry for me. If anything, I should feel sorry for you girls who blow your wads like teenage boys and never feel the joy of a whole night of uninterrupted ecstasy.

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