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This story is fantasy only. I do not believe you should act out revenge on anyone for any purpose. It is for entertainment only.

He was mine, or at least I thought he was – until she came in our lives. Now all I had on my mind was how I could get back at the both of them. My mind was devising a truly wicked plan to punish them and break them up. Not that I wanted him back after what he did to me. The only flaw in my plan was how to get them into my power. I had to come up with a way to get them right where I wanted them, in my clutches so I could carry out my punishment of them both. But I’m getting ahead of myself, let me give the details first of why I came to the conclusion that I had to have my revenge.

I met him a few months ago at a bar I frequently visited. I was enjoying myself, drinking way too much, when he walked up to me and asked me to dance. So we danced to a slow song and it was one of my favorites. After the dance, he asked me if I’d like to go shoot a game of pool with him. Seeing as how by this time I was well on my way to being drunk, I decided to make the game interesting. Even though we were in a bar, I told him if he could make difficult shots I would take something off or show him bare skin after we left. I never in a million years thought he could make the shots he made, but he did. Maybe it was the promise of skin that helped him along, Ill never know.

After that night we were together every day for nearly 3 months. It was the happiest time of my life, then that little whore came into our lives and messed everything up. He had just started a new job and it was only a couple days into that job that he mentioned her name to me. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but I realize now that I should have. Every day he came home from work talking about her, about how nice she was and how helpful she was. It made me sick.

Then came what was to be our last weekend together. We went out of town for the weekend to be away from everything and everyone. I had noticed a slight distance in the way he spoke and acted towards me, but once again thought nothing of it. The weekend turned out to be a total flop. Nothing went the way I had planned and I think we were both miserable. He dropped me off at home and left which upset me greatly. I didn’t hear from him the next day and it wasn’t till a few days later I was informed that he was staying with his bitch from work.

So now we are back to my plan. I called him up and asked him to meet me so I could give him back his things he had left at my house. I told him he couldn’t come to my house because it would be too painful to have him there where we shared so many memories. I told him to meet me at a motel 5 miles out of town. It was a dive really, only used for afternoon quickies and secret affairs. I then called her up and told her he wanted her to meet him there. I rushed ahead to get there before either of them and set things up. I had maxed out my credit card at a sex shop buying all kinds of bondage and discipline equipment.

She arrived first; letting herself in with the key I left at the front desk for her. As she entered the room, she saw me decked out in black leather hell bent on revenge. She started to run back out the door, but I ran and blocked the door before she could reach it. I overpowered her and quickly had her restrained with cuffs and thick rope. I added the ball gag to keep her from warning him from coming in. As we waited for him to arrive I informed her of my plan. I told her if she had just left him alone she wouldn’t be in the predicament right now and after I was through with the both of them, she wouldn’t want him anymore and he wouldn’t want her, but the real surprise was that I wasn’t doing this to get him back because I no longer wanted him either.

It was another 10 minutes before I heard him knock at the door. Before I answered it, I pulled the sheets up over her body and completely covered her. I opened the door to let him in and surprised him with my leather outfit. He told me he didn’t come there to have sex with me, to which I just replied that I didn’t want to have sex with him either. He started to leave but I stopped him by pulling down the sheet and showing him his new love lying there naked in all her ugliness and bound as tight as I could get her. He charged towards me with anger in his eyes. I simply told him if he didn’t want her to be hurt he would stop and sit down immediately. He quickly sat down.

He looked into my eyes and asked me why I was doing this. I told him it was my sweet revenge for what he had done to me; that no one got away with breaking my heart. I went to get more restraints to make sure I had no problems out of him. I told him to strip down completely and sit back down in the chair. I quickly had him tied up just as tightly as I did her. I informed him that I was going to make him watch every bit of what I did to her and if he even once averted his eyes it would be more painful for her. He agreed to what I told him and as I turned away from him, I saw tears in his eyes.

I then called for my friend to come out of the bathroom where he had been waiting for his fun. Mike looked at her spread eagle on the bed naked as the day she was born and said it would take a lot for him to get hard enough to fuck her. She did not turn him on in the least bit, which I could easily understand. I turned to my ex and told him he was to watch me get Mike hard enough to torture Tamara. He begged me to stop what I was doing, that he couldn’t stand not only to see Tamara get raped by Mike, but he couldn’t stand to watch me with another man because he was still in love with me. I flippantly replied that he should of thought of that before he cheated on me.

I slowly took off all my leather and pressed my nude body up against Mike’s. I slid down till I got to his dick, which limp was an impressive 10 inches and as thick as my wrist, and I knew from experience that it grew to be much larger when completely hard. I then put my mouth over the head of his awaiting cock and sucked it into my mouth as deeply as I could. I had never been able to take the whole thing in my mouth before, but not for lack of trying. I could feel him growing harder in my mouth. I glanced over once again at my ex and the tears that were in his eyes before were now streaming down his face. I saw how much he loved me, which made made me feel bad for just an instant, till I remembered the reason for my revenge. I felt pity for him; however, I got a sick pleasure out of his tears.

Mike was finally hard and ready to take Tamara any way I said for him to. I reluctantly removed my mouth and directed him over to her. She also was crying; her eyes begging me not to go though with this. Mike reached down and ran his fingers over her clit, massaging it to get her wet. Her body starting shaking with a combination of tears and orgasm. He applied more pressure to her clit bringing her to an instant orgasm. The tears were running quickly down her face leaving red streaks on her cheeks. I picked up a bag that was full of many different devices to use on her. I had him attach a set of nipple clamps to her hard nipples. After they were on, I reached for the chain hanging between them and gave it a hard pull, ripping a scream from her gagged mouth. It was a sadistic pleasure I felt hearing her scream of pain.

I looked at Mike and with a nod from me, he entered her, slowly at first letting her get accustomed to his size. He had inserted maybe 5 inches of his cock when he slammed the remaining inches deep into her. I was surprised that she didn’t flinch in the least bit at having that much cock shoved into her at once. Mike looked over at me, also surprised, and told me he could barely feel a thing. She was exactly what I thought her to be – a loose whore who had screwed more than your average prostitute. With this information, I walked over to her, tugging the chain on her nipple clamps, emitting another scream from her, and untied her legs from the bed. I told Mike to flip her over and stick it in her ass, maybe she could feel that. I heard my ex protest at that. He begged me once again to stop. He couldn’t stand to see her doing these things, knowing what kind of whore she was. I ignored his pleas and told Mike to continue.

Mike pulled her ass up into the air slightly and pressed the head of his dick against her ass. Without any lubrication, he entered her. Tamara once again had tears in her eyes; however, she was moving against his dick like a bitch in heat. Mike said it was tighter than her pussy was, but he could tell she was enjoying it. Before long she was screaming with the intensity of her orgasm and yelling for him to fuck her hard. This was better than I expected. My ex couldn’t believe what he was seeing and hearing from her. He asked me to untie him so he could see her face while being sodomized. I complied with his wishes, knowing I had broken them up. He walked around and looked at her face and saw the look of complete ecstasy she was exhibiting.

He then looked at me and begged me to forgive him. I told him that was impossible for me to do. He had hurt me and broken my heart. He was crying, as I’d never seen him cry before when he professed his love for me. I considered what he was saying for a few minutes, before telling him I would think about taking him back, but only if he promised to abide by all my rules. I was allowed to see whomever I wanted and could have sex with anyone I pleased, in front of him if I chose to do so. Whereas, he would have to be completely faithful to me, not even allowed to look at other women. If I found out he had broken any of my rules he would be gone from my life forever. I also told him he had to find a different job, because I didn’t want him working anywhere near Tamara and if I ever found out they had contacted each other, I would make sure both his life and hers was ruined forever. He agreed to my rules and we left while Mike was still pounding Tamara’s ass as hard as he could.

I found out later from Mike that after he finished screwing Tamara for over two hours, she was begging to see him again and he told her the only reason he touched her was because I had paid him to do so. She came to me threatening to report me, however, I had a video camera in the room that started recording after I tied her up and showed her begging Mike to fuck her. I told her no one would believe I had her “raped”. Ashamed, she walked away from me and we never heard from her again. As for me and my ex, I found out he has been cheating on me again. What can I do this time to make him pay?
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