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LITTLE KATIE was picking flowers by the brook, on her eighteenth birthday, when the huge man silently approached from behind, a harsh hand clamped around the young girl’s mouth. She was pitched face forward to the ground, and suddenly she knew! She knew what was going to happen to her, and a wave of wild panic surged through her.

One huge hand muffled her screams as the other yanked at her bathing suit, stripping it from her still-burgeoning body. Suddenly, she felt the horrible contact of the man's powerful, merciless prick against her buns.

Katie was still virgin, and still quite innocent at the tender young age of 18. She had no idea what a man's prick was all about. She felt the fleshy rod cleave through her buns, and then felt it rummaging around her ass cleft, as the brutal, lascivious head of it searched for her tight, pink anal opening.

When the man found what he was looking for, he pressed inward. The intense burning agony took her breath away, and almost her consciousness, as the man's thick, huge, powerful sword pierced her rectal opening--stretching her rectal walls brutally.

Katie quivered, an almost mindless mass of panic and pain, as the man grunted with the effort of filling her tight after passage. Katie's tension in the face of her fear and her pain didn't help. The man's prick made its inexorable way into her asshole, her tensed buttocks squeezed the portion of the shaft that was about to enter her body, and her spasming colon clung wetly to the part already admitted.

In all of her 18 years, she'd never felt such unique suffering.

Katie felt as if she were being split in two as her assailant's prick punched its way deeper and deeper into her shit chute. She had reached the point of no return. She lay helpless on her belly, struggling for breath, and weakened from her initial shock, her body started to relax, a little, which saved her from further damage.

The man grunted as he continued to drive his hard, cruel rod deeper and deeper into Katie's burning asshole. Finally she felt his hairy balls pressing against her virginal, lightly-haired muff.

As he pulled out, Katie felt that he was pulling all her internal organs with him. She experienced a downward rushing sensation that made her stomach turn over in her belly, and flutter with slight waves of nausea. She swallowed hard, and the sick feeling faded.

The man pumped into her asshole harder and faster, as her rectal walls stretched somewhat, easing his passage in and out of her. Her body relaxed even more. She felt strange; felt hot in her insides and cold in her limbs. Her head swam, and tears had long since blurred her eyes.

The man's prick hammered in and out of her asshole for what felt to the young girl like an eternity. She winced as she felt her love mound being mashed into the ground.

And then, as the man continued to slam his prick into the depths of her bowels, only to pull out and slam in again, she felt a strange tingling in her pussy flesh. The tingling became stronger and stronger, and her heart started to beat with a new kind of excitement.

Katie didn't know what it was she was experiencing. She hadn't ever fingered herself, being one of those rare girls who took her mother's admonitions for the most part, seriously.

She shivered, her concentration moving from her ass-fucking and the humiliation she felt, to the new sensations which prickled her insides, and made her feel increasingly wonderful in a strange way she couldn't quite fathom.

As her arousal became stronger, the pain faded even more until the rhythmic, rough-pumping prick actually became somewhat of a pleasure.

Her body trembled, and she felt juices gushing out of her virginal pussy. She was no longer able to sort out the sensations which confused her, but also pleased her.

Her tits seemed to swell and press against the grass, throbbing with sensations of their own, which flowed through her and heightened the carnal excitement which she was feeling.

Suddenly, she was going crazy with her first climax! Her little ass cheeks started to buck TOWARD the rapist; her colon walls collapsing tightly onto his rapidly thrusting member.

The man growled, as his balls slapped heavily against her quivering sex flesh, and then she felt the hot flow of his come as it sprayed out of his come slit, and spewed into her shit chute.

The come cream from the man's prick flowed downward, lubricating her after passage, enhancing the joy which had already driven Katie crazy with lustful release.

Her ravaged asshole was contracted rhythmically around the man's prick as he plunged into her over and over again, each inward thrust spewing more of his hot scum into her quivering bung hole.

Then the soon-to-be serial rapist withdrew, dressed, and ran away into the woods. On the other side of the woods, was…

KATIE’S MOM, age 33, was the only one left on the course, and was hurrying to finish her golf game before sundown. The man could have no way of knowing that this was the mother of the girl he’d just ravaged; nor could Theodora know that her only daughter had just been sodomized, less than a mile away. Or that she too was about to be savagely ass-raped!

Theodora felt an impact, and was suddenly face-down in the sandtrap, having been tackled from behind. As the man reached under her short skirt and ripped her panties away, her pussy began to throb and gush wetly with wild anticipation. The thought that a man would want her badly enough to take her in such a way had always been a powerful fantasy for Theodora!

She heard his fly release, then felt a monstrous pole cleaving into her buttocks. He was going to fuck her in the ass!

Suddenly, the massive mushroom popped in, and she gasped at the somewhat familiar pain. She’d been butt-fucked before, of course, and it always hurt. But never quite this badly. She forced herself to relax, and the prick quickly filled her ass all the way up. Her butt was about to be reamed as it had never been reamed before.

The thrusts began. Powerful, hard, and fast. Her insides went from empty to full a hundred times, as the man solidly sodomized her with long strokes. She felt as if she were being turned inside out, the enormous pole wreaking havoc on her guts—pounding them to a pulp.

The agony, however had a sweetness to it, and syrup continued to flow heavily from her teeming twat. She started to buck her buttocks upward, ramming the soft mounds against the clothed abdomen of her assailant, making sure his prick drove painfully to the hilt every time.

With a final thrust against one another; with her bowels completely filled with hot, hard cock; and with her teetering on the very edge of orgasm, the man came! His cock expanded; her colon contracted—and tore. Salty semen was massaged into the abrasions of her ripped bowel flesh, like pure salt rubbed into an open wound. The pain was, was…

DELICIOUS! She screamed in agony and ecstasy as she was walloped by the weirdest, wildest and certainly the most powerful sexual release she’d ever had! The sensation so overwhelmed her that at its peak, she lost consciousness from the bizarre mixture of agony and bliss, passing out before she had time to fear death or dismemberment at the hands of the dangerous sex criminal….

The Medowbrook Ass-Bandit!!!!
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