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I always looked forward to going out to this one particular client. For one, the work was easy and I was out of the office. Two, there was a girl that sometimes worked there who intrigued me. She was the manager of one of the ice cream shops that we did the accounting work for. When she was not at the store, she was usually at the main office working on the computer for one reason or another.

I first started seeing her during the winter months, and when I did, she was always wearing heavy and loose clothing. As a matter of fact, the first few times I saw her, she did not really strike me as good looking. But about the third or fourth time, the way she talked to me and to others, and her overall body language, not to mention her youngish-looking face and innocent smile, made me look at her in a different way. She was damn cute, and what's more...she had that 'look'. That potential to be a wild lover and it was then I really began to wonder what her prowess between the sheets would be like. I could only hope I would be able to find out.

I never knew how old she was, but by her looks and that most of the people managing the stores appeared to be young people; I guessed that she was between 21-24. The last time I was out at this client's, I checked the personnel file and found out she was 22.

My wife and I were unique in that we had an open marriage. There was not much in the way of rules, but one of them was that any girl I spent time with had to be at least 21, and any guy she spent time with could not be over 50. Don't ask. Another part of the rules was that we always shared our experiences with one another, and although it was not a rule per se, it was always assumed that one or the other could not get more than the other. She was up on me the past few months, and I was hoping that Lindsay (that's her name) would be up for some overtime at least one day during the next couple of days I was going to be at this client's office, even though it was never a given that she'd be there at all.

The next time I was there was really the first time it was warm out in almost six months! After about an hour, Lindsay walked in, and I immediately had to do a double-take. It was over 70 degrees outside and she was dressed like it.

Even though we wear professional attire to this office, she is always dressed casual. Today was no exception. She was wearing form-fitting white shorts and a light blue tank top. It was the first time I could actually see the size and shape of her breasts and I was not disappointed. They were nice and firm, looking to be probably a B cup, maybe even a small C.

What was noticeable to me even though it was warm out, and warm inside the office as well, was that after a few minutes, her nipples were prominent on the outside of her tight top. I even caught her looking my way a few times, which may very well have been because I was frequently looking her way.

Anyway, all seemed good in the "interest" department. It usually did, though. We frequently flirted.

The day went by rather quickly and a few of us who were in one big work area had been casually talking on and off most of the day. When she got a call on her cell phone, I was able to figure out she had a boyfriend from her side of the conversation. However, it ended rather poorly; although hopefully positive from my point of view. She was pissed off at him; and she let him know it, too.

I had been trying to figure out a way to get inside her pants all day and was wondering if I might need to seize the moment. When I worked at this client's office, typically I would work past closing time when both the owner and the few employees would leave. I was planning on doing the same tonight and was hoping that Lindsay would be the last to leave before me. It really had never been the case before, so it really was just wishful thinking. However, within the next hour, the owner had left and most of the employees had as well. What was really shocking to me was when the secretary left a half hour before 5:00 for a dentist appointment and it left just Lindsay and me!

I knew that Lindsay was still upstairs in her office. The office was an old house and there were a few offices upstairs and I could easily hear her walking around. Even though there were two exits, both of them she would have had to walk past where I was working in order to leave. I suddenly then heard her coming down the stairs, and upon seeing that Carol's computer was shut off and light turned off, turned to me and said, "Has everyone gone?"

Looking surprised, I replied, "Yes, I guess. Carol left about five minutes ago. No one else upstairs?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Nope. Guess we're the only hard workers around here," she said and then walked past me and headed for the supply cabinet.

This afforded me a quick opportunity to watch her ass as she walked away from me. Her cheeks were tightly confined in her shorts and allowed very little maneuvering, which was okay even though I sometimes like to gaze at the movements a nice ass such as hers makes.

I pretended to look at the computer in front of me as I knew she could probably feel my eyes on her, even tickling the keys to pretend as if indeed I was working. When she reached the cabinet she looked back and luckily I saw her out of my periphery as I was being good and was looking again at the computer.

"You know, Mark, you don't look like an accountant."

"Thank you, I think," I said.

Just then, she bent down for a ream of paper without bending her knees. It was completely obvious now, and was definitely meant to be seen by me. It was also obvious to me now that there was definite interest on her part.

"You know, Lindsay, you don't actually look like an ice cream worker," I casually said.

Her pack of paper in hand, she strode by me and winked saying, "Thank you. I wonder what I do look like...." and her voice faded away as she climbed the stairs.

I sat there for a full minute without even moving. I honestly did not know what my next move should be. Usually I was in control in situations like this, and the fact I was quite a bit older than her (35 to her 22), I felt that I definitely should had been in more control.

I guess the reason I was more hesitant was because if I made a move with her that she rebuffed, it was possible that she would tell her boss who in turn would tell my boss and I could be out of a job. Luckily, I was snapped out of my daydreaming by the shouts of Lindsay from above.

"FUCK! Goddamnit! Hey Mark, could you come here for a minute?"

I had involuntarily been rubbing my dick since seeing her ass and thinking over the possibilities and was quite hard, and here she was frantically calling me from upstairs.

"Yes?" I shouted back.

"Come here. I need some help. Please? Hurry!!"

I had only been upstairs once before and knew that I had some time for my cock to deflate if I took the steps slowly.

"Yes," I said as I poked my head in her office, not sure what to expect. She was sitting at her desk, acting as casual as could be.

"Thank you for coming up Mark. But I fixed it. Printer was jammed," she said a matter-of-factly.

"Oh sure, no problem," I replied, thinking that her voice sure did sound panicky. It did not seem to me as if she was fighting with the printer only moments before. As a matter of fact, her computer was not even on.

"Working late?" she said.

"Not sure. You?" I countered.

"I'm not sure yet," she said, looking me in the eye, then downward where only a minute or so ago there was a healthy bulge. "Wife expecting you home on time?"

"Sure, unless I call." Again, I did not like not being in charge. She was sitting in her little swivel office chair leaning casually back when I noticed her bra hanging along the edge of her credenza directly behind her, and then noticed her now-protruding nipples through her tank top. She followed my gaze to where her bra and returned to my eyes.

She was in total control but I did not care one bit. I whipped my cell from my belt loop, looking deep into her eyes and not leaving her gaze, punched the speed dial button for home and reached Liz on the second ring.

"Hi hon. I'm gonna work a bit late tonight. Don't know when I'll be home. I've just come across a couple of bumps I have to take care of right away."

Watching Lindsay, her hand started at her shoulder and drifted down her chest, over her left breast and down until it rested on her shorts where she began slowly rubbing her mound.

"OK, hon. I will. See you later." And I flipped the phone closed and off.

"So, staying late to work?" she asked again.

"Well, staying late," I replied.

I could have stood there for a long time watching her and seeing just what she would do. She continued rubbing her pussy through her shorts and looking into my eyes. Had she looked down herself, she would have seen my protruding cock as it came to life.

"I have been dreaming of this moment for months, Mark," she suddenly said.

This, to say the least, surprised me quite a bit.

"Wow, me too," I countered, even though this was not entirely true. But the truth was there was not a place or a woman I would rather be with at the moment, including my wife, than in this office with Lindsay.

I walked around the desk and leaned back against it, my ass resting on her desk. She looked down at my pants and saw the indistinguishable bulge.

"Mmmmmm," she sounded.

She had not stopped what she was doing and I did not discourage her from doing so.

"You are incredibly beautiful and sexy, Lindsay. I could watch you do that all night long."

"Now how much fun would that be?" she inquired.

With that she raised her right leg and tried to put it in my lap. I grabbed it and immediately began rubbing her leg. Her shoes were already off and she was not wearing any socks. It seemed as if she wanted to rub my cock with the heel of her toe, but since I was holding it, I was able to avert her foot from making contact with me. I had to exert some control, I thought. Her legs were smooth and firm yet remarkably soft, and I told her so.

"You should feel my tits," she expressed.

"I bet, Lindsay," I responded.

"No, really, you should feel my tits."

Suddenly she was getting up on her feet standing in front of me between my legs. I was a bit confused. Her youth was beginning to show. I could have massaged her legs for a good half hour or so. I knew I had the time, but it seemed as if she was anxious to move things along.

I must have looked shocked, because she asked me, "What's wrong Mark? Don't you want to feel my tits?"

She flipped her tank top easily up and over her tits, displaying them prominently for me. They were awesome, but it seemed too much I had been in this kind of scene almost twenty years ago when I was in high school. I decided I had to take charge soon or else.

"Yes, I do, Lindsay. They are beautiful. You are beautiful. But let's slow down. Come here," I said, pulling her toward me with my hands behind her back.

We kissed softly, our mouths pressed together. Her pelvis was pushed against my cock and she began a slow grind. Even though her shirt was still up over her tits, I was careful not to reach for them for just yet. She seemed frustrated by this as her kissing became more persistent, more rushed. Her hand moved up to cup her right breast as she roughly began playing with its nipple. My hands remained on her bare back, though, slowly caressing it, careful to not even slip below her waist to her ass, which was still covered in her white shorts.

I was trying to preach restraint, wanting to prolong the inevitable, building up the sexual tension and urgency. But apparently Lindsay was thinking otherwise.

"Dontcha wanna fuck me? Afraid of cheating on your wife?"

She had stood completely up and stepped away from me, pulling her top back down and over her tits. I was not ready to tell her about me and my wife's open marriage agreement, so she continued.

"Think you can get me all worked up, and then what? Leave me all hot and bothered after a few innocent kisses and then go home to your wife and make love to her, leaving me to fend for myself. You goddamn men are all alike!"

Her arms were crossed over her chest and it seemed to me that sex was the farthest thing from her mind. She was giving me an intimidating glare.

"Are you finished?" I stammered.

"Yes, I am. Now please leave."

She turned her back to me and absently picked up her bra. When she turned around again toward me I was right there. I pressed my lips against hers more forceful this time and rammed my tongue down her throat as far as it could go. My hands went roughly to her waist and moved downward cupping her asscheeks and squeezing them hard. She seemed to resist, but I knew that this is what she wanted. If she wanted to be fucked, I would oblige.

She seemed to try and fight me, trying to push me away. So I grabbed her arms by her wrists and said, "You wanna be fucked, huh? Fucked hard and fucked real good, huh? I'll fuck ya. Turn around bitch!" I ordered.

She started to turn slowly, so I knew she was with me, but she was not getting into position quick enough for me. My cock was as hard as it had been this whole time so I grabbed her one shoulder and swung her around.

"Ohhh," she shrieked. "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to fuck you, Lindsay!" I shouted in her right ear. "Gonna fuck that tight little pussy of yours...hard...just like you want it."

"Wait...." She began. "Just wait....!"

My hands had slid up from her waist to over her tits, squeezing them hard. One hand went to cover her mouth to heighten the sensation but had the effect of muffling her words of caution. My one hand roughly played with her right boob, pinching her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, while my other hand was trying to settle her down. My cock was pushing up against her butt, still with her shorts on. My mouth was burned onto the back of her neck, kissing, nibbling and then biting her skin. It was clear to me that she was not used to such animalistic behavior, but it was also clear to me that she liked it. She was grounding her ass back against me, and her moans were loud, yet inviting.

"You want it, want my cock in your pussy so bad. I can feel you wanting it...ohhh yeahhhhh!"

She did want it bad. She was swaying her ass from side to side, moving it across the front of my suit pants, tantalizing my already aroused cock. I avidly knelt down with her ass right in front of me and roughly whipped down her shorts, thong and all. Her ass was firm and so nice. Usually I would spend a lot of time kissing her butt and her back, but she wanted sex and I was determined to give her a serious fucking.

I stood up and ran a finger underneath and quickly along her slit. She was soaking wet. She suddenly looked back at me and said, "Oh do have a condom, right."

It wasn't a question as it was more a statement, but one that I would ignore. With my cock poised and ready to enter her, she realized I was going to fuck her without one and she shrieked. "NOOOO! Please noooo!!!!"

I plowed in and quite easily, too.

She was literally screaming now, begging me to stop. My hands were clamped onto her tits and I began to roughly fuck her from behind.

"Oh gawd, noooooo! Please pull it out!" she screamed.

I pounded away.

"You like it hard and rough from behind, baby? Ripping at your pussy, my balls slapping against your ass?" And they were, too.

"Nooo, pleaseeee Mark! Don't fuck me without protection," she pleaded.

"You wanted sex whore. Calling me up here, your bra already off. I bet you were even playing with your pussy before I came up."

"Uh huhhhh," she replied. "But not fuck me without a condom. Oh my gawd! Stop it, will you?"

"You don't want me to fuck you, Lindsay?" I said, leaving it that.


"You want me to fuck you?"

"Uh huhhh."

"Then shut up and let me do it, baby. I won't cum inside of you."

She quietly whimpered but I was satisfied I was giving her what she wanted. What she begged for. I slapped her butt and grabbed a hold of it, grunting as I continued to push my cock deep into her and back out.

"Beg for it, Lindsay," I ordered.

"Yesss! Fuck me, Mark! Pleaseeee. Fuck me hard! Don't stop fucking me with that big huge cock of yours!"

Suddenly I heard a noise and looked over my shoulder. Standing there was Carol, the 40-something year old secretary. Her hand was inside her blouse tweaking her nipples through her massive bra. I kept quiet to Lindsay about our visitor and kept pounding into her.

I looked over again at Carol who had unbuttoned a few more to the point where I could see her ample white bra with big nipples displayed prominently against it trying to poke through.

Let me tell you a little about Carol and what I was looking at. As I said, she was north of forty, probably forty-four if I had to guess. She was tall, about 5'9 or 5'10" and I would guess about 180 or 185 pounds. A little older than I am used to and definitely bigger than I prefer. Even then, her tits were enormous beyond her big build. She did not have much of a waist and her butt was big, but in proportion to the rest of her body. Her tits looked bigger seeing them in only her bra and with her shirt almost completely open now.

I have always thought about what her tits looked like and I began to think I might get an opportunity to do just that. The rest of her body I was not quite sure about it.

"You're just a hot little bitch, Lindsay, aren't you?"

"Mmmmmhmmmmm," she moaned. "I am hot," she groaned.

I leaned down and grabbed her tits in my hands and held them. When I found her nipples between my fingers, I pinched hard.

"Owwww! Fuck that hurts," she gasped.

"Hurts so good, I bet."

I looked into Carol's eyes as I said this. I noticed now, too, that her shirt was completely open and her hand was gliding over the top of her orbs, which were still confined within her bra.

"Ohhh fuckkk yeahhh," she replied. "I'm almost there. Make me cum, lover. Shoot it on my ass! Pleaseeeee!!!"

"Maybe I will cum inside you after all," I teased. But Lindsay was not up to my teasing.


<< SLAP >>

I hit her butt hard and kept my hand on it, rubbing it hard. Lindsay was whimpering now. Carol looked startled but did not move a muscle. I had a plan and was sticking to it. I did want to cum on her ass but I was punishing her for suggesting it first.

"Relax, Lindsay. I am going to cum on your ass, but you gotta cum first."

I slowed down and let her relax. I looked over and saw that Carol had taken off her bra.

"Holy shit," I muttered.

"Yeah?" Lindsay said. "Gonna cum soon?" As she asked me this, she swung her head back toward me and saw Carol.

"Holy shit!!!" she shouted, repeating what I had just said. "What the fuck?"

I was so mesmerized by Carol's 40EEE's that I almost forgot that I had to pull out soon. But now I had to hold Lindsay down as she tried to free herself.

"Relax, bitch!" I tried to sound rough but it really came out lame. But she took it and did seem to relax. So, I took my thumb on my left hand and traveled down her back until it was at the top of her asscrack.

"Cum Lindsay! Enjoy it!" My left thumb traversed between her cheeks until it rested against her asshole. Suddenly I pushed my thumb inside of her.

"Shitttt..awwww fuckkkkk," she yelped. "I'm cumminggggg."

I looked over at Carol who had one of her breasts held up to her mouth as she ran her tongue over its rigid nipple. I promptly removed my thumb from Lindsay's ass and held my cock as it spurted streaks of my white, hot liquid first onto her back, then onto her perfect young ass. I was pointing my cock right at her asshole when I saw Carol standing next to me. She took hold of my cock and pumped the remaining sperm from my spent rod.
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