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I am a fairly happy middle aged married slut, with long full curly brown hair, blue eyes (that twinkle when I cum), a little fluffier than average womanly body, full ripe 36C-D tits, and three yearning openings that love to receive my lover's hot throbbing hardness. I keep my tasty, always juicy pussy, shaved on the lips, and keep the landing pad above nicely trimmed. My silver dollar sized nipples, with their plump fingertip sized nubs tend to stay semi erect most of the time. I guess, probably because I am always horny and thinking about sex. I am a professional systems administrator, but try hard not to let that get in the way of my pleasure.

My husband of over 30 years, got me started in my slutty ways shortly after we were married, when he invited a friend over and told him if he wanted me to "take me". Hubby watched and later assisted, in my first three way and double penetration(s). Since then, he and many others had their way with me, which brings us to the present. He has lost some of his sex drive, but I have not. My husband still loves to pleasure me and my very horny pussy, but not nearly as often as I have become accustomed to.

So, I introduce my current boyfriend, who is 10 years younger than me, also married, and finds me to be the sexiest woman/slave/slut he has had the honor of pleasuring. He is fit, and trim, with a permanent fur coat that I love to feel rub next to my smoothe body, (front or back). His cock is larger than my husband's and always seems to stretch me when he enters. His imaginative dirty mind has caused me untold excitement and enjoyment as he has bound me and used my body, taken me at public events, shared me with others, and had me submit to some of the nastiest things he could think of. He always finds a way to bring some new excitement to our sex play, but takes good care of me and is careful not to hurt me. This is one of our stories, the first time he shared me with more than one other man.

Several years back my boyfriend talked me into being the entertainment for a bachelor party. His description was for me to do a little strip tease for about 6 guys at a private party and if I felt "comfortable", maybe give the groom-to-be a little oral loving. I agreed to this after several days of deliberating and him asking. It would be pretty safe for me because it was going to be out of town where no one I know should see me. I am after all married to a pretty wonderful guy and really didn't want to lose him over something like this. But the thrill of performing to a group of young men just got my motor running, and I just couldn't say no.

I went shopping with my boyfriend the weekend before the party and he bought me a really sexy set of underclothes for my "strip-tease". We ended up with a matching push-up bra and panty set in bright red with little black ties and trim. I looked damn sexy in them when I tried them on - and flashed my boyfriend and another guy in the store. The bra was a little more than half cup, so if I tried really hard I could *probably* keep most of my big round nipples covered, especially when the tips got hard and caught under the heavy top seam of the cups. The panties were a little more of a problem. They weren't fully crotchless, but the crotch was two overlapping layers of material, that if I wanted I could spread them and show my horny little pussy. I really didn't think that would come up at the party, but certainly would later when me and my boyfriend were together alone. I really liked the way the panties looked normal, but really *weren't*.

Overall, the outfit really looked like a satin lace bikini. I mean how dangerous could that be in a room full of strangers? He also got me a nice striped pair of black thigh highs, (yes, they really do make them in queen size), with red bows at the top. Then we stopped at the shoe store and got me a nice pair of bright red stiletto heels with ankle straps. I already had a nice red and black choker that would look wonderful with this outfit, and finish it off nicely. He told me it would be up to me to decide what to wear over the sexy undies, and how many layers I would want to take off to get to the sexy woman underneath. So, I was ready for the party. I decided to dress in school teacher style, heavy white blouse, long full wraparound skirt, my hair up, and big glasses. With the long skirt, they wouldn't see anything under my skirt till I wanted them to.

Party night as I was dressing, just for "safety", when I tied the pretty red panties on my hips, I put a drop of superglue on each bow tie knot. I figured that, now, there wouldn't be any *accidental* string pulling and the panties coming off when I didn't want it. They would still look all vulnerable and sexy, but wouldn't come off over my full hips. (Smile)

I told hubby I was going out with my girlfriends for the evening and for him not to wait up. Then, I went to meet my boyfriend, where I put on a littler heavier makeup and then we headed off for the party. It was about a 45-minute drive to a small bar with a party room in back. I was a little overdressed to strip, and boyfriend had run the truck A/C up on high to keep me from getting too hot. However, he did pet my neck and ears, and occasionally lifted my skirt and sexy under slip to rub my very damp pussy along the drive. By the time we got there I wanted him to drive around back and relieve my sexual pressure, before we went in. But he said we were just on time and really needed to go on in. I figured I would do my thing, and probably take about 30 minutes to tease the boys so they got nice and hot, then go get dressed and leave. I wasn't really sure about giving the groom any head. I didn't know these guys or what they looked like or much of anything else, I was just horny. In the eloquent words of my hubby, I had a Hole-On.

We went into the back room of the bar and there turned out to be six guys there including my boyfriend. But, he told them that he brought the entertainment and would just hang around to take me back when I was done. He didn't tell them that we were "dating." I looked around the room at all the men in the room and they looked to be mostly guys in their late teens and early 20's. I wondered why they would settle for an older stripper for entertainment. Seemed like this crowd would want a young girl with a nicer, firmer body than mine? Oh well.

I wandered around the small party room and visited with all the young men, as I learned their names, and finally meet the groom. I really liked the best man, he was so virile and sexy looking. If my boyfriend were not with me I just might have jumped his body right then and there. Talk about a really strong urge...

After being with the guys for a while and getting kissed, petted and felt up deliciously by each of the young men, my boyfriend asked me if I was ready to perform. I nervously shook my head, yes, and he went to put some music on. Allanah Miles', Black Velvet - one of my all time favorite songs, started playing. My boyfriend walked past and told me to take my time, he had copied and looped the song to go on forever, then he swatted me on my ass and walked away to watch.

I have never been a good dancer, but he knows that this song makes me move to the music, which I did. As I started swaying to the music and the heavy beat, I closed my eyes and imagined me as a much younger, sexy, vibrant nymph, and my body swayed, bumped and granddad to "her" movements. The room was quiet as the guys watched me dance for them - until I started unbuttoning the sleeves of my blouse. Then they started talking and begging for more. As I undid all the buttons down the front of my heavy white cotton blouse, they could start to see glimpses of my black and red bra, under my full white slip.

In preparation for tonight, I had "worked" on the slip some for a fun surprise later. After I slithered out of my blouse, I started untying the tie of my full wraparound skirt. When the ties were loose, I just let them go and spun around as it slipped over my hips and down my legs. The guys were howling now, as I swayed and danced to the music in my sexy white slip, black hose and red heels. Then, as instructed, my boyfriend walked up behind me and ripped my (rigged) full slip from my body, yelling to all - that this entertainment was taking too long!

I covered my sexy bra and pantied crotch with my hands and looked embarrassed for a few moments, but kept on dancing while I looked around at the guys. There were nice lumps in the front of all their slacks. (smiling) Then I removed my hands from the embarrassed pose and started really getting into the music. Did I mention that I really, really like this song? I started moving around the room getting close to all the guys and rubbing my body up to theirs. My hard nipples had popped out from under their "cover" and were on full display as I danced now. Their hands came to my body and touched me, and caressed me and pinched and pulled my nipples, and stroked my pussy in all the *right* ways as I danced personally for each of them. While rubbing my ass against a very nice hard cocks, hands felt me up and slithered down my front and "found" that my pussy was VERY wet, and juicy wet fingers found their way into my mouth to suck clean. The noise in the room doubled when I did that! From that point on, it was fair game to feast on my nipples, fondle my tits and rub my sexy wet pussy for all the guys, whenever I was in reach. Sometimes the juicy fingers I was offered didn't taste like me. Yum, these sweet boys were being sneaky and feeding me their own pre-cum...

I was starting to feel very good inside. All these young, tight bodied guys, hot, turned on, begging me for More, and touching me in all the right spots as I responded quite visibly to their touch. Damn, who taught these guys what I like??? Or is it all horny women that love to be touched all over like this?

I felt all their stiff cocks through their pants as I stroked their cocks with my hands and rubbed my wet panties against their cocks. Then, while I was returning for another round of crotch grinding and touchy-feely, I felt a naked cock snake its way between my legs and rub across my hot, dripping pussy as I was bent over and rubbing my ass all over my boyfriend's crotch. I was surprised, but it felt soooo good. All the other guys saw this and took it as a green light to get more "familiar" with me.

After finishing that round of grinding naked cocks against my dippy wet panties, sitting on laps, getting my tits pulled and sucked, and very hot tongue kisses I stood up and said, what the hell - to myself. I took off my bra to a room full of hooting and hollering, and threw it at my pile of clothes on the floor. Then, I moved sexily to the groom holding out my nice sized tits for him. I sat on the proud, naked, hard cock in his lap and pulled his head down to my nipples. He attached his mouth to my right nipple and sucked me hard, like he expected a mouth full of milk. Gawd, it felt soooo good, my nipples were so very sensitive after all the handling and really needing some very personal attention. My panty clad pussy jerked on his hard naked cock and drooled all over it from his sucking and chewing mouth actions on my tit, then he tried the other one on for size. Damn, I was in love with this guy already, He knew how to suck my tits and make me feel sparks, lightning and fireworks in my pussy. I know I had kinda promised that I would suck him off, but Dammit, right now I really, really wanted to throw him on the floor and fuck him to death.

But, somehow I got in control again, and slid down his lap and legs to the floor. On my knees now, I was looking at a nice hard throbbing medium sized uncut cock, dripping with my juices and his pre-cum. I was in cock-slut heaven, it was just the right size for sucking, just long enough to reach my throat, so I could swallow his cock head, and just fat enough to still allow me to use all my oral talents. I slowly licked his cock - savoring his flowing pre-cum and my sweet pussy juice.

I don't know which I like better, never have, girlie juices or guy pre-cum. I could suck either all day at times, just can't get enough of either when I get horny like this. I stuck my tongue into his foreskin and licked out what I could find there, and then sucked it into my mouth and moaned from flavors and tastes that he had accumulated there. Then, I pushed his foreskin back with my lips and sucked on his perfect cock's sensitive protected head.

I always love it when I hear an uncut man groan with pleasure when I suck the juices from his slimy cock head, and then push further to turn the foreskin inside out and tongue wash the nasty insides perfectly clean. I'll bet most girls won't do that, they just suck it the way it is, leaving the head covered and the foreskin all full of sexy juices. They never give their guy the real pleasure of sucking the really smoothe, overly sensitive head that is normally covered and protected.

My boyfriend came to my side and said, since it looks like you are gonna suck his cock for a while, why don't you let us handcuff you to the chair till you suck him dry and he gets too soft to cum any more? At the moment, YES, I wanted to empty his balls, to make him a total limp-dicked wimp, so he couldn't get it up for his bride tomorrow night! But, boy howdy, would he ever remember this blow-job! So, I agreed, and was leather cuffed with my hands attached to chair backs, beside and behind him. I liked this, it stretched out my arms kinda around him and left my mouth in his crotch, right at and on his cock. This left just my mouth to service him, but that is the way I like it anyway. Hands are ok if the cock is bigger, so my throat doesn't get so sore, but this cock was just right. I was really gonna enjoy this. So was He...

I started licking and sucking on the head of his dick, the room was wild again. I was there on my knees - red panties, high top black hose, red heels, and my mouth attached to this mans cock till whenever they would let me up. I was in heaven.

This I think, would be a good time to tell you, was my first encounter with a drug called Viagra. I would for the next few hours, suck this guy off and let him cum down my throat, on my face and all over my tits, but he would stay hard and keep asking for more. I had "agreed" to suck him dry and until he was limp, so I kept going at him. It was *my* honor and word that was at stake here! I sucked hard, soft, deep, shallow, licking the shaft and head, sucking his cock like a calf feeding, then licking and sucking his balls, everything, but he stayed (mostly) hard and just kept on cumming...

During this, sometime, I heard and felt my boyfriend rubbing his cock against my ass and pussy from behind. He reached under me and spread my cunt lips and "just happened" to spread my panty flaps enough to open them to expose my hungry pussy. HE made some comment about hey the panties must be crotchless, cause his dick was sliding up and down across my naked cunt. I felt the added friction through my pussy lips and across my clit - and I came - right then and there, grunting and screaming out around the groom's cock in my mouth. He then said, well she must have planned on getting fucked, wearing these panties, so, what cha say guys? Wanna fuck this older woman? This woman that could have been one of your teachers? This woman old enough to be your mother or one of your mother's sexy friends. Want to fuck her tight old pussy, to use her like the slut you always wanted her to be for you? Wanna feel what your Dad feels when he screws your Mom at night? Wanna be a mother-fucker???

There was a lot of loud shouting at this, because as my boyfriend made this last statement, his fat cock repositioned and quickly slid - all the way up - into my hungry waiting pussy, and I came again - *loudly* ...

I wanted him to stop them as I saw clothes flying everywhere around me. I wanted to say how I was worried about catching something, how I was unprotected, why they should use rubbers - but my boyfriend's cock kept grinding away inside me, hitting all the right places like he had a road map of my insides, deeply rooting grinding down on my hard throbbing clit, followed by fast hard pumps inside me, then dragging his fat cock head back and forth across my g-spot... He was setting off rockets and lightning in my head and cunt that I don't think anyone had ever found before...

I couldn't think, I could only *feel*, and let him ride me in front of all those guys, as they watched him wring cum after cum out of me. I felt my hair come down, and boyfriend pull it into two big handfulls, as he fucked my cunt and pulled on my hair like guiding a horse. I was wailing and sucking on the grooms cock. With my head pulled back, the groom could force fuck my throat, and figured this out quickly. I probably scared him that I might bite it off, but he kept holding my head fucking through my mouth and deep, straight into my throat with his tasty, juicy, "perfect" hard cock. I don't know how long I got fucked, but I felt "limp" when boyfriend’s cock pulled from my cunt and his load shoot up across my back. I felt my “reigns” handed to the groom, which must have pulled them behind his back, cause I could no longer get more than a few inches of his cock from my mouth. I then heard that awful word that I knew was coming - "Next?"

From that point on, I had a cock in my mouth that kept on cumming and a cock in my pussy. A cock in my pussy that magically changed shape and size and motion, over and over, for the rest of the night. I was called Mommie, and mom, teach, cunt, bitch, slut, slave, whore, and dad's slut wife, as they all fucked me. They held my hips and got good and deep and hard at times (I loved it), sometimes shallow fucking me and finding my g-spot, then grind in circles reaming my pussy with their cocks, and some would rub my proud standing clit with their fingers or groins. Some would grab my nipples, tugging and twisting as they told me how much they liked fucking their sexy Mom (me!). From their fucking, I would have been proud to call any of them my son and keep up this incestual affair from that day on. Sometime during the onslaught, I felt the welcome warmth of a mouth on my poor tired pussy. It felt so good and soft and delicious after being banged away at for who knows how long. The sucking and tonguing brought me a little back to my senses, until a huge dick started stretching out my tired pussy…

I think they were all pretty much average in size from when I saw and felt them when I was dancing and rubbing crotches, but there was one of them - that felt bigger, fatter and longer than the rest. When he finally(?) fucked me, he really set off my internal bells and whistles. He was also the one that ripped my panties further up, lubed up and started fingering my ass while he fucked my pulsing throbbing creamy cunt. I started cumming anew, from his strong, deep screwing while he fingered and slapped my ass. The others saw this and after him, they also fingered, and slapped my ass while they fucked me.

I truly love to suck my lover’s "dirty" cock after it has been inside me, and how I would have loved to suck each one of, especially this bigger one’s, soft cocks after they fucked me, but this damn groom's cock just wouldn't go away. Such is the stamina of youth, I guessed. Well, HE was all *hot* from me (mommy’s blow-job?) and knowing he was gonna take his virgin bride's cherry tomorrow, so I just figured he was "wired" to fuck.

I was getting tired! Sometime during the last round of "mother fucking", one of the boys had brought me a pillow to kneel on, and let me reposition a little - 'cause my knees were getting red. While I was repositioning, the groom took his pants off (finally). Now that damned zipper would quit biting me. If I didn't know better I would have swore his dick tasted like me. But I looked up and saw his sweet smiling face, and went back to work on his cock. It seemed to have renewed some while it was out of my mouth, so I gave it my all again, while I wasn't cuming and resting from the multi-cocked attack at the other end of my body.
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