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Laying inside of you in our cabana in Jamaica, it hardly feels like we just arrived at our vacation site. It feels as if we were made to be right where we are. After talking about getting together for a special trip for what seems like years, we finally arranged an entire week alone. Knowing that our passions needed to be unleashed, we choose a hedonistic vacation package after spending months reviewing the web site and planning our get away. Promising unbridled meeting of all desires and that is just what we intend to do. Our people at home are on their own vacations with friends, so no one expects to hear from us until after the trip.

Lying there, we hatch a plan. I have brought along a deck of cards, which I reach for while still keeping myself inside of your soft walls. The deal we devise is rather simple. Every few hours we will draw for high card. The loser has to do whatever the winner decides; whatever the winner decides. We talk through what this may include and agree, because we know no one here and we will never see them again, that anything goes. We both swear on this as I set the cards aside for now. On top of you, I renew my deep penetration and fill you to your depths very slowly. You can feel my flesh passing through your walls as I slide deeply within you and then equally slowly slide my hard cock back out to the very edge of your lips before plunging back inside again. My solid chest rubs firmly against your breasts and a thin layer of sweat forms between us. My hands reach back to your cheeks and I part you wide to allow deeper access to your sweet pussy. While I continue to fuck you, I massage and grab your ass cheeks and kneed them in my hands causing you to explode repeatedly with earth shattering orgasms. Finally you feel me building inside of you and you can tell that you will soon feel my cum pouring inside of you, so you fuck me harder. I cry out like a caged beast as my orgasm takes me to the brink of passing out on top of you. Exhausted I crash down on top of you, once again staying deeply inside.

An hour later, we awake as a cool breeze blows in from the beach. Ours is a clothing optional beach and we can see from our cabana that many of the couples are taking advantage of it. We kiss and hold one another while looking at the beautiful bodies playing on the beach. I reach over for the cards and lay them on your chest. "Shall we draw?" nervously you agree and reach for a card drawing a 2 as I draw a 3; I win.

My first challenge is a simple of one, but with your natural shyness, that will be a test of your willingness to fulfill your promise. I challenge you to simply open the door, walk to the ocean, past the other couples, singles and staff, wearing nothing at all. Oh, and for a little extra challenge, on the way back from the ocean you have to stare at one couple, checking them out until you pass them by. Your nerves are instantly on edge knowing that this is just the first task.

Boldly, you rise naked from the bed. You realize that you cannot think about it for a second or you will be unable to go through with it. I am instantly in awe of your beautiful body and stare at you as you approach the door. I look loving and lustfully at your butt, legs, incredible hair and your delicious skin as you pull the sliding glass door open and leave the safety of the room. Walking slowly but confidently, you move down the long beach to the ocean, which seems miles away. You can feel the dozens of eyes on you. You can see the stud cabana boys looking you up and down and to your surprise, rather than being horrified, you are completely turned on. As you walk on, you can feel how wet you are becoming and this in turn increases the confidence of your walk until, by the time you reach the surf, every eye on the beach is on you. They all watch as you disappear into the crystal blue ocean. More than anyone, I am stunned by the vision I have just watched.

Moments later you emerge from the water your body glistening and your hair trailing down your spine. Looking ahead, you remember the last part of the bargain. However, to my surprise you decide to push the envelope. As you stroll back to me, you stare lustfully at every couple; every cabana worker, men and women. Your hand occasionally passes over your shaved pussy as you lightly touch yourself practically making people cum just by watching you. Finally, you return to the patio just outside of the room and like a servant to a Greek Goddess I can only bow at your feet. You sit in a high back bamboo chair and parting your legs give me the signal that demands my worship. While everyone can look on, I kneel between your legs and service your sweet pussy.

The first day shot by and we are astounded by the number of different things we have done. Your walk from the beach seemed to have permanently emboldened you. We have had sex in every imaginable way thus far and we have refused each other nothing. We went to bed that night exhausted from all we had done. When we arrived, I was afraid I might push you to hard, but that is clearly not the case. Just before bed we draw cards again, for who will start the next day, again you lose. Seconds, before we drift off to sleep you whisper in my ear, "push my limits tomorrow." We kiss and fall asleep in each other's arms.

In the morning, you awake and can feel that I am not in bed with you. You move to open your eyes, but quickly you feel a hand placed firmly over them. "Open your mouth and he gets it!" Says and angry voice. "Nod your head if you understand what I am saying!"

You nod your head with fear. "You are going to do everything we say or things are going to get unpleasant, understand!" Again, you nod, not wanting to see me hurt.

Your head is held down while a blindfold is stretched tightly across your eyes. Feeling the sheets and blanket being torn away and it is at this moment you realize that there is more than one of them. Hands roughly grab at your naked body. They pull on your breasts and despite your efforts to prevent it, the same hands' slip between your legs. They flip you over, and you feel fingers penetrating deeply into your pussy and ass as others tear at your body. "Bitch, I am going to feed you my dick and you are going to suck it like your life depends upon it, because it does!" With that your head is pulled up by your hair and a stiff cock is forced between your lips. You want to gag, you want to escape, but you realize that if you fuck things up it may cost me my life, so you suck him into your mouth. You soon feel another cock pressing against your tight ass and realize that your ass will be the first to be raped. Without hesitation, one of them slams his cock into your taut hole, which almost causes you to cry out, but for the cock in your mouth. Eventually they are moving rhythmically inside of you. One cock buried in the back of your throat and another pressed to the hilt up your ass. Despite fighting the feeling, you soon realize that you are loving the sensations and you move your body with them. "I think this bitch is cumming." Just then, you start to cum; both men pour their loads into your waiting mouth and butt.

Certain that is the end of your abuse, but it is then you realize there is more than two guys in the room. Several powerful arms lift you from the bed and then your ass is lowered onto another stiff dick. As the breath escapes you another mounts on top of you and pushing your legs apart shoves himself as far as possible. His fucking is hard and punishing. He moves so quickly and hard inside your pussy you cannot help but cum repeatedly. Using your arms, you raise and lower yourself onto the cock in your butt, while still keeping, your legs open for the full penetration in your front. Your head is pulled back and a stiff rod is once again pressing against your lips. Opening your mouth, you can feel it slip all the way down your throat. Holding your head he starts to fuck your mouth as if it was a pussy. Once again the momentum builds and cum is pouring in every hole. Your body is completely out of your control and you find yourself having climax after climax.

Gang Rape Stories And Pictures