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He often went to the cinema in the late afternoons, it was so quiet at that time often he was the only one there. It was the latest blockbuster and as there were so few customers, he could sit anywhere he liked. At 32 he was one of the youngest lottery winner for such a large amount, 8.7 million. He still couldn't quite believe it himself even though it had been a year ago. He had quit his job in computers as soon as he could but he had still given them a beyond contract 2 months notice.

He had all the cars and a big house the only trouble was that the money was making him lazy and it made the loneliness worse. He didn't have a girlfriend, sure he could have paid for call girls or taken up with one of the girls he met with dollar signs in her eyes, but he didn't want a relationship based on money. Now he wasn't working of course his prospects were even slimmer. It sounds funny but the money had alienated him from the rest of the world, he was known in the local pub since buying the manor house, all the fake yes m'lord no m'lord meant it was difficult to find any real friends.

Recently to change his life, he had bought a medium car, he had sold the manor and was going to start work again in a effort to lead a more down to earth life. The sessions at the local health club were paying off too he felt so much more alive recently. He bounded up the stairs to cinema no 1 slowing as he went through the door and giving his eyes time to adjust. looking around, yes it was empty. He sat in the middle two rows from the back taking off his coat and settling in to watch the adverts.

He heard the door open to the side and two women came in and headed towards the back. Wow he thought looking them over as best he could without being too obvious about it. They sat on the aisle behind him and chatted discreetly. The film started and he settled back into his seat to watch. About 10 minutes into the film he noticed that the women were moving, one had moved forward a row and was walking towards him. Her friend passed behind him on the other side. She reached the end and moved into his row sitting down next to him. He was startled to say the least as the women sat on either side of him, nervously he said 'hi' and the women smiled back at him but didn't say anything. There he was sat between two attractive young women! 'I must be in heaven' he thought to himself.

He could smell their feminine perfume wafting over him, he basked in it and he could feel his cock responding. He was getting a bit uncomfortable sat between them to say the least. The women seemed to be watching the film so he decided to play it cool.

He was just beginning to relax again when the woman on his left suddenly touched his left hand very gently. She took his unresisting hand in hers and pulled it across to her lap where she began to stroke it and smooth it. He was looking at her wide eyed, she smiled at him reassuringly but suddenly the woman on his right did the same! The women then started rubbing his hands over the cool material of their skirts, up and down their thighs. His cock was rock hard and tenting his trousers.

One of the women held his hand in hers and started to run her fingers over his chest with her other hand she was now looking directly at him. Suddenly she spoke for the first time, hold his hands back Lisa, The girl to his side suddenly reached around him turning him in his seat and pulling both his arms back quite forcefully. He was now beginning to wonder what the heck was going on but he was so hard in his pants and he found she was quite strong so he couldn't move from her grip anyway. As they turned him side on in his seat, Abby the other woman pushed his legs apart and moved between them stroking his chest.

She started to undo his shirt and then slid her hands under his shirt and all over his tummy. Looking at him, she spoke softly 'Just relax baby, you're in our hands now' she smiled and her hands grasped his belt undoing it. She grinned as she lowered the zip and started to ease his pants down. He was struggling to move but Abby had him firmly in an arm lock. He couldn't believe this he half wanted to shout out but was beginning to enjoy it. Abby pulled down his boxers and took hold of his hard cock allowing it to rise up erect. Her hand stroked his shaft and then she pushed his boxers right down to his ankles.

She grasped his erection and lowered her head to kiss him. She put her hands on his hips and stroked up and down. Stroking right around to his ass cheeks. His cock was raging hard and she licked the underside. Lisa who was holding him began to stoke his hair and pull him back further over the arm of the seat. Abby had her arms around his waist and was licking his cock.

She kissed the head, He watched as her red lips surrounded his cock as she took him into her mouth. She was making little sucking sounds as she took his manhood in her mouth. He felt his cock sink into her warm moist mouth and he started to thrust. His balls were full and he could feel his fluids rising as he became so hard. Abyss hand reached around and touched his balls. She cupped his balls in her hand and she could feel them throbbing. He became so tense now his cock became harder and more erect he felt himself rising.

Abby was sucking on his cock wildly, Lisa holding him in place firmly. His balls tensed and Abby felt it, mmmm she sucked harder and gripped him, he felt his cock come alive in her mouth and rise and suddenly his cock throbbed hard and he came hard bucking his hips wildly as he pumped all his cum into her hot wet mouth. He had never cum harder in his life. He gasped as Abby and Lisa stroked his sweat covered body. Abby licked him clean and kissed him on the lips 'Thank you so much' she said beaming at him. Lisa released him and stood up. They both left hurriedly but not before Abby had written her phone number on his chest.

6 Months later they were married but neither of them could remember film's plot.

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