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When Ben had come home that evening he came into the bedroom and Janet was already in bed, listening to the radio. He told her that when he got to the office that the problem must have corrected itself because the office was locked and dark. He had called John at his home, but his wife told him that John had left and she didn’t know when he was coming home. He would call him in the morning and tell him what he had found.

Ben undressed and moved to the bed where Janet and as he lay down, he held Janet in his arms and kissed her deeply, their tongues enjoying each others mouths. He moved down and sucked on Janet’s tits as his hand moved down and cupped over her pussy, it’s middle finger pushing her hair aside and he stroked her clit. Her legs spread open and she groaned. His face licked and kissed it’s way down her body, until his nose pushed into her pubic hair. His tongue thrust into her slit and found it’s target and he licked along her clit, as his finger slid into her pussy. Her pussy was wet with anticipation and he slid in easily. His tongue began to work along the lips of her pussy, and over her clit in his effort to arouse her. She moaned. He let his finger slip from her pussy as his face buried itself into her. His finger slipped down and touched her asshole and she moved a little bit. He put if back to his mouth and moisten it some more and then pushed it into her ass ass he ate her.

“That feels good Ben, I love it when you eat me” and she started to become very aroused again. She thought of being full of John’s big cock less than an hour ago and she moaned again. Her legs opened wider as Ben ate her pussy, and he pushed his face deeper into her body.

Janet started to breathe harder and then she let her orgasm cover Ben’s face with her juices. He stopped and climbed up and aimed his cock at her opening and pushed his way home. He slid in with much more ease than he was used to, but it didn’t dawn on him until much later what the reason was. He thought she was just so hot from his tonguing that her pussy had opened even more than it usually did.

Ben fucked Janet for about 5 minutes and then he unloaded his second load that evening in her body. He kissed her and then they held onto each other as they drifted off to sleep.

Ben got up the next morning and went to work by 8 and Janet slept in. She dreamed of John that morning and the way he made her feel when he was fucking her, and how full he made her feel. When she awoke her pussy was wet and she was ashamed of how she felt. She loved Ben and she had enjoyed making love to him last night, but there was something about John that aroused her to the point that she wanted to be with him again and to do anything she could to please him and she hated herself for that.

The phone rung at 1030 and she answered it.


“Hello, cocksucker. How are you this morning? Are you as horny as I am?”

“John, I am fine this morning, I just woke up.”

“Bet you would like this hard cock to play with this morning wouldn’t you?”

“I hadn’t thought about it yet.”

“Maybe I should stop by for a few minutes and bring a razor with me.”

Janet’s mind went back to what he said when he called last evening and knew he really meant to shave her pussy. “I don’t know if that’s a good idea, John, maybe Ben will come home early today.”

“I don’t think so, I’ve got him tied up until at least 6 or 7 tonight. Get you ass up and get ready, I am going to come by and shave you, and get a blow job.”

“John, I’ve got something to do.”

“Bullshit, Janet, I’m coming over and be ready for me, and don’t wear anything, I don’t want to waste my time. Understand me?”

“Yes, I understand.”

She hung up the phone and jumped out of bed and headed for the shower. She was actually excited to know that John was coming over, but she didn’t want him to shave her pussy. Maybe she could give him a blowjob and he would forget it for now.

Janet had just gotten out of the shower and dried her hair, when she heard the doorbell ring, and she ran downstairs to answer it. She opened the door and she stood there naked before the UPS man. She reddened and ran to get her robe. When she returned she said, “I’m sorry, I thought you were someone else.”

Nathaniel, the UPS driver told her “I sure don’t mind, lady.”

She signed for the package, closed the door and looked to see where it was from. She didn’t recognize the return label, but it was addressed to her. She started to open it and went into the kitchen to get a knife to help with the damn tape they always seemed to put on packages. When she got the package open she found it filled with clothes, short skirts, tops, and a couple of very small bathing suits. She smiled and looked over the things wondering just when John would want her to wear each one of these.

The doorbell startled her back to reality and she went to answer it. This time she looked through the peephole and saw it was John and she opened it, forgetting that she still had her robe on.

“I told you to not to have anything on. Strip!”

Janet dropped her robe as she explained what had just happened. John laughed, and told her “If I’d been here, I would have had you blow him for his tip. Did you like the clothes I sent you?”

“I just now looked at them. I saw the two bikini’s but I’ve never worn anything like that before.”

“Well, we’re about to make sure that you don’t have any hair pushing out from under the bottoms of those suits.” With that he held up a bag.

“John, how am I going to explain why I’m shaved to Ben?”

“Tell him you did it to enhance your sex life. He’ll probably like it and if he doesn’t it won’t matter. Roger wants to see you that way. Once we finish, I want it kept that way. Don’t let me see you with stubble. Understood?”

Janet nodded, “Yes”

John turned Janet around dropped the bag and reached in front of her and took a breast in each of his hands, squeezing the nipples between his middle and ring fingers. Janet winced and her head went back against his chest. His right hand trailed down over her body, until he cupped her pussy and inserted his middle finger into her. The assault made Janet moan and John leaned down and kissed her as his hand left her pussy and moved over her hip to her ass and he ran his fingers along the crack opening it up a little bit. Then she felt as his finger found her asshole and he pushed slightly against it until the tip entered her. Again she moaned and he said, “Damn, your tight little slut, but we’ll work on that very soon.”

Panic struck Janet as she heard his words because she was afraid she knew what he meant.

John laughed as he told Janet, “Let’s go upstairs to the bathroom, I’m going to enjoy being a barber.”

Janet held John’s hand as she went up the stairs, she was getting used to having this slightly overweight, gray haired man around. She thought to herself, “He’s old enough to be my daddy.”

When they got to the bathroom, John put the bag on the vanity counter and had Janet sit on the edge of the tub. He pulled out an electric trimmer and plugged it in, and knelt before her. She sat down and when his hand touched her knee she spread her legs to allow him access to her pussy. He turned on the trimmer and she listened to the hum as her black pubic hair began to fall to the floor. It only took a minute or so and she was trimmed down to only having short stubble on her pussy. He stood and reached into his bag and pulled out a can of shaving cream, put some on the tips of his fingers and he covered her pussy with it.

He reached in and picked up the razor and started the hot water in the sink. As he started to shave Janet, he held her skin tight. In three of four minutes it was over. He picked up a washcloth and wet it with hot water and then put it on Janet, then stood back to look at his work. Janet looked down and saw her pussy for the first time in the last 17 years completely hairless.

“Looks sorta nice, doesn’t it Janet?” Then she heard his zipper and and looked up to see his already hardening cock before her face. “Made me sorta horny, shaving you. I need some relief.” He pulled back the foreskin on his cock as Janet leaned toward him and took his cock into her mouth, her tongue tasting the precum that had already started. She quickly took as much of him into her mouth as she could and began to move up and down his cock with her lips. John put both hands on Janet’s head and began to buck his hips as he fucked her mouth. Janet kept her mouth open wide and it didn’t take long mercifully for him to expand in her mouth and empty the product of his balls into her throat.

“I needed that.” John said as he pulled his cock from her mouth, and put it back in his pants. As he pulled his zipper up, he told Janet “Better powder up so you don’t get razor burn. I’ll see you next week, I sent Ben out of town for a couple of days so we could spend more time together. I still need to stretch open you up a little, if you know what I mean.”

Janet did know what he meant, but didn’t want to even think about it.

During the next few days, she and Ben spent the hours they were together making love and just being with each other. She loved him so much, and she really hated what she was doing with John. She had covered the fact that she was shaved with her desire to improve their sex life, and it definitely had worked, Ben seemed much happier, and he wasn’t worried about his job any longer. They had raised his salary $10,000 a year and he began to buy her new outfits to wear. She had begun to wear shorter skirts and going braless as Ben had always wanted her to, he enjoyed the way other men looked at her as they went through the malls and when they were out to eat at the nice restaurants they frequented more often. He kept reminding her how much they owed John for all he had done and told her that he definitely wanted to invite him and his wife over for dinner when he returned. That was the only part that Janet dreaded, but she let it go.

On Wednesday Ben got up early and prepared to go to the airport, when he left Janet waved goodbye and knew it wouldn’t be long before John would be calling. She dressed in shorts and a tee shirt and went out for a jog, knowing that when she returned to the house, she would shower, shave her legs, underarms and yes, her pussy and be ready when he came over.

She was in the shower and something startled her. The shower curtain opened and John was standing there. “You almost ready?”

“How did you get in here?”

“I made a copy of Ben’s key Monday, I figured that I wouldn’t have to keep waiting at the door when I came here.”

“You don’t have a right to do that, John.”

“Shut up bitch or I’ll make sure the files about Ben’s problems go to the DA’s office, I have the right to do as I please, you’re my slut now and don’t forget it. “

Janet was angry, but knew she couldn’t do anything about it, so she just said, “I’m sorry, you’re right of course.”

“That’s better. Now get out of the shower, and let me dry you off.”

Janet turned the water off and stepped out of the shower as John held a towel. He began to dry her slowly moving over her entire body, and he seemed to linger on her ass a bit more than he had to.

“Now go dress sexy and pack a bag, you bikini, and an extra change of clothes, you may spend the night tonight.”

She stared in disbelief, wondering why she wouldn’t get home tonight and what if Ben called like he always did. She couldn’t believe what John had just said.

“What if Ben calls me tonight? How will I explain that I’m not at home?”

“You’ll be able to call him. He has to call into the office and you can tell him I called and gave you the number. He mentioned that you and he were going to invite me over. I can’t wait for that.” When he finished he laughed at the thought of having dinner with his employee and his slut.

Janet put on a short skirt, the yellow thong John had bought for her, a pullover tee and sandals. She packed both of the bikini’s that he had given her and went downstairs and put the things that had arrived this morning into her small bag. She took her makeup with her and they headed for John’s car.

On the way over to Roger’s he told her how nice she looked and that Roger would be happy to see her. He told her that Roger had called him almost every day telling him how much he looked forward to seeing her again.

“He told me he couldn’t wait to help you again. He wanted to let you practice some more.”

Janet turned red again remembering how she had sucked the old man’s cock when they had first gone over to his house, she still couldn’t believe it, Roger must be at least 70 or 75 and she had sucked his cock until he came in her mouth.

“I can’t wait to see him again, either.”

They slowed and stopped at the gate, John told him he was here for the meeting and they were ushered in. When they got to the house, Janet noticed that there were around 9 or 10 cars there. They went to the door, the butler opened it and John said, “Hello Jeffrey, would you show Janet to the pool and someplace to change. I’ll go to the meeting and join her later.”

He kissed Janet and slapped her butt as he left.

“Miss Janet, if you would follow me.”

Jeffrey led Janet through the house and opened the door onto the pool area. He pointed out a small building and said, “That is the pool house and you can change in there, there are towels in the linen closet. Is there anything I can bring you madam?”

Janet asked if he would bring her a drink and he nodded and went back into the house. Janet let herself into the pool house and sat her bags down. She pulled her tee off and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She bent over and picked it up and folded it and her shirt and put them on the chair. She pulled her panties over her hips and put them between her shirt and skirt. Her sandals followed.

She looked into the mirror on the back of the door and thought to herself, “Not bad for a 27 year old married woman.” She smiled at her own image and opened her bag and pulled out the two bikinis. One was white and the other was yellow. She decided to put on the white one and slipped the bottom over her feet and pulled it up over her thighs. She positioned everything just right and turned to look at herself in the mirror. Most of the cheeks of her ass were open to look at, but she told herself it didn’t matter, both Roger and John had seen her nude. She picked up the bra and put it over her breasts, the material just barely covered her nipples and they quickly hardened and she tied the string behind her neck and adjusted so her breasts were covered as much as they could be.

When Janet turned around Jeffrey was standing before her with a tray in his hands.

“A glass of Chablis, Miss Janet.”

“Thank you Jeffrey, I love Chablis.”

The butler turned and left and Janet walked out of the door and took a sip of wine before she sat the glass down on the table, then she walked over to the stairs that led into the water. She descended the stairs into the water and when she touched the bottom of the pool she dove into the water and swam the length of the pool and back 8 times. When she had finished this, she walked back up the stairs and picked up her towel and started drying off. She picked up her glass and sipped her wine, then she lay back in the chaise and let the sun begin to bake her. Her olive skin was meant for the sun, she very seldom burned and even when she did, it went away by the next morning and turned into an even darker tan.

She undid the string around her neck so the lines wouldn’t affect her tan and after 30 minutes she decided to turn over. When she laid back down on her stomach, she undid the strap holding her bra in place and let the sun to her back, and she must have dozed a little. The next she knew, she was wakened by the cold sensation of the ice as John put it on her back and she jumped up, her bra falling aside.

“Damn it, that’s cold.”

When her eyes focused she saw a group of men standing on the deck looking at her and she realized that her breasts were open for display. When she reached for her top, John said, “Leave it off, Janet. We are all enjoying the show, and we’re all friends here.”

Janet turned red, but did as John told her. She sat there, her bare breasts for all to see and she looked over at Roger. “Hello Roger, nice to see you again.”

“You too, my dear. I would like you to meet some of the member of the board.”

Janet looked at the men standing around. They were all older men, early to late 60’s and dressed in business suits. Roger introduced each one and they all nodded at Janet as they were introduced.

John said, “I’m going to put on some trunks and get a swim. Anyone else?”

A couple of the men joined him in the pool house and emerged a bit later with swim trunks on. When John came out, Janet admired the way his trunks filled out, and knew what he was holding in them. His cock and balls did seem to fill out a bathing suit. He took her hand and led her to the pool and then threw her in. She splashed in the water and felt someone grab her. When she cleared her eyes, she discovered it was John. He must have dived right after he threw her in. He held her and then he put his lips to hers and his hands went to her ass and held her. He whispered in her ear, “I can’t wait to fuck you, you whore. Like all of these men looking at your tits?”

“No, I don’t, John, but I want to make you happy.”

“You just like my big cock, isn’t that it Janet?”

Again her face turned red, she knew he was right, but she hated herself for it, he was turning her into a whore, she wondered what Ben would think of her now.

John swam to the side of the pool and jumped up on the edge and told her to come over to him. She swam over, passing the other two men who were in the pool with them. When she reached John, she went between his thighs and looked up at him.

“Pull my cock out and suck it.”

“You can’t mean that John, everybody is watching.” She looked at him and knew he meant it. She thought about her husband and him going to jail, and she took the top of John’s trunks and pulled them down a bit and pulled his cock free.

“Suck it.”

Her hand took his cock and pushed the foreskin back and put her lips to the head. She could taste the chlorine from the water and then felt her lips stretch open as the head of his cock passed. Over the pass week she had become accustomed to the size and the taste of cock, especially John’s cock and her head began to bob up and down the length of his shaft, her lips urging the sperm from his shaft.

Roger looked at the men with him and said, “Looks like John’s mistress is giving him a blow job. What do you think?”

Jacob, a member of his board of directors said, “That’s what it looks like to me.” The two them laughed as the watched Janet’s head bob as she sucked John’s cock.

Roger said, “Are you and John going to spend the evening Janet?”

John said, “She’s a lady Roger, she won’t talk with her mouth full.” The men all laughed and Janet felt so embarrassed she almost cried but she kept moving her head urging John to cum in her mouth.

John grabbed Janet’s head and held it as he fucked in and out of her mouth, then he expanded and she felt his cum shoot into her mouth, and she held still as he pumped his load down her throat. When he finished he pulled his cock free and got out of the pool. He reached down and helped Janet out and they walked over to Roger.

“Looks like you are still practicing, my dear.”

“Practice makes perfect, doesn’t it, Roger?”

The men all laughed and Roger took Janet’s hand and pulled her to his lap. She was still wet, and said, “I’m sorry Roger, I’m very wet, do you want me to dry off.”

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