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It was raining and Rachel had too many things on her mind as she got back into her car. She had picked a few items up from the local supermarket and couldn’t remember if she had everything. Both her car and house payments were in arrears. What was worse, her job for the estate agents was in real difficulties. She had to at least sell one house soon or everything was going to come falling down around her. At 38 she didn’t want to restart her career. All these problems circled her thoughts as she reversed out of the parking spot.

Dan had just been to the cash machine to withdraw some money and was just preparing for a long 3-hour drive down to London. He felt comfortable in a pair of loose fitting black pants and white shirt; he was never a guy to wear a t-shirt when there was always a good shirt to wear. The car he was driving was stolen to order. A good car thief, he always made the point of making the deliveries on time. It was a standard Jaguar XJ model, 2 years old, but very little miles on the clock and also in the requested colour. He was not only proud of himself for ‘acquiring’ it but he was going to be 3 days early for delivery. Moving himself down in the seat, he prepared for a long drive. This was when Rachel’s car hit his.

There were too many people in the car park for Dan to just floor it and leave, so he decided to play along. The car had false plates if anyone tried to check up on it, and once out of here all he had to do would be to leave it in a bad part of town and let the local youths have some fun. After getting out he inspected the front wing and found it so twisted in that it was jammed hard against the tire. Damn, he’d have to find another Jag. A worried woman in a suit was standing there, gaping at the damage. She was driving a Shogun and the damage was almost non-existent on hers. He looked her up and down. She looked late thirties, maybe early forties, shoulder length dark brown hair. She was not bad looking at all, in fact with her knee length skirt on with a big split up the side, he found her quite sexy. He moved closer. “Did you do this?”

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry! My back window was misted up! I didn’t see you!” Her words tumbled out of her mouth in quick succession.

As she stood staring at the damage, Dan took a step back and let his eyes examine her from behind. She had a very nice trim figure from this angle and he resisted the temptation of reaching out and checking how firm that arse of hers was. His eyes went straight back to the damage of the car as she span round. “Let me get my documents, they’re in my glove box.” She quickly trotted over to her car and began searching. Dan was trying to think of what was under that suit, when a young couple came across

“She came straight out and into you.” Spoke the woman “I saw the whole thing!”

Her husband on the other hand, just stood open mouthed and stared morosely at the cars. He was just taking her address and phone number, acting as a concerned driver, when Rachel came walking back.

“This is Gillian Ashcroft.” He said pointing to the woman and her husband “Gillian is just giving me her phone number as an independent witness.” His eyes returned to Rachel and examined her face. Her make up was done very well, and not too much. What ever she did she was a woman who prided herself on her appearance and how others perceived her.

As Gillian and her un-conversational husband wandered off, Rachel bit her lip and leaned forward. “I have a slight problem.” She whispered.

Dan could see this was going to be a lengthy explanation. “Lets sit in you car and get out of the rain.” He closed his door and walked with her to her car and got in the passenger side. She got in and closed the door. “I have a slight problem with my insurance.”

She turned slightly to him and did her best to look the damsel in distress. “Unfortunately, my insurance ran out last week.” She saw his frown and knew this was going to be easy and she would have to lay it on thick. “I’ll pay for the damage to your car, I promise!” She gulped nervously and carried on “If we can keep the insurance companies and more importantly the police out of this I would be very grateful!”

Dan couldn’t believe his ears. Obviously being in a stolen car he didn’t have insurance either. A morbid fascination came over him and he wondered just how far he could push his luck. He turned in the seat so more of his body was staring at her. This gave the impression that he knew how serious this situation was, and it also freed his rapidly erecting cock down his pant leg where it wasn’t so crushed. “Why don’t you want the police involved in this? No insurance is a £250 fine and 6 points on your license.”

“I already have 8 points. 12 or more and I loose my license.” She could feel the weight of the situation bearing down on her shoulders. “I need my car for my job.” She went on to explain everything to him. She explained her job, how the mortgage was in arrears, the car payment was late. At the end of her speech, she felt drained and the silence in the car did not help.

Dan was mesmerised by her. He knew that she was there for the taking, but still he played his game further, just to see if he could. “Well, how was you going to pay for the repair to my car? Weekly?” She had turned to face him, trying to make him understand her problems, but Dan wasn’t interested in them. “No” he said firmly “I think it would be better if I left it to my insurance company to sort out the details.”

Rachel panicked and pleaded with him. “Look please don’t, please. Somehow I’ll get the money together. Maybe I can miss another payment on my house. That will give me a few hundred.” She started rambling about little bits of money she could gather.

Dan decided she needed to be guided in another direction. “How about.” She stopped talking and hoped he had seen reason. Dan waited a few seconds before starting again. “How about we work this out in a different sort of way?” Just to emphasise exactly what he wanted, he reached over and placed his hand on her knee and squeezed. The expression on her face told him that she wasn’t prepared to consider it, but she remained frozen under his hand. He wanted her to do this willingly. “In return, I tell the insurance people that this accident was done late at night a long way from here.” His hand remained on her leg, his fingers circling her knee. “This whole incident never took place. You can carry on with your life as if nothing ever happened.”

Rachel could feel his fingers toying with her leg. What he was saying was tempting, but she had always been faithful to her husband. “I can’t, I’m married,” She thought of all the ways she could get out of this. “I’m meeting him in 30 minutes.”

Dan carried on with his game and removed his hand from her knee. “Oh well, I guess you don’t want to keep your nice job, the car, the house. Do you think your husband will stay as well?” He watched her expression start to turn to defeat and inside he cried out triumphantly. His hand returned to her knee and he slid his finger under the hem of her skirt. She didn’t resist.

Rachel fought back the tears that threatened to fall. “What do you want then?”

“First we move my car out of the way. Then we’ll return to the business at hand.” As he was about to get out of her car, he leaned across and whispered in her ear. “Don’t think of driving off otherwise the words ‘hit and run’ will also be brought up. Rachel remained seated and faced forward.

Dan got out and drove the Jag as best he could into a vacant parking spot. From the back seat he got his rucksack with his tools in and left the car. Hell, he still had three days, he could find another car. He climbed back into her Shogun and smiled at her. His hand moved back onto her thigh and found the split in her skirt, caressing her leg underneath. “This is the deal and it’s the only one on the table. We go to your place; we are going to fuck each other a few times until you’ve paid off the damage. After that I’ll leave and we’ll never see each other again. Do we have a deal?” He loved the feel of her thigh; it was covered by a thin layer of nylon, firm and getting warmer by the minute. He satisfied himself with squeezing and caressing her thigh whilst he waited for her answer. She finally nodded.

Rachel decided to detach her feelings about what was to happen. She was to have sex with him, have a hot bath afterwards and pretend none of this happened. This would be the secret she would take to her grave. She could feel his hand on her upper thigh, his fingers between her legs. An inch higher and they would be where only her husband had been. She pulled into a petrol station and stopped the engine. “I’m getting some condoms. I hope you don’t have any objections to wearing one, but we won’t be fucking without them.” She made the statement so she could at least have some say in about what was to happen. As she queued up to pay for the condoms, she thought of where they were to go. Before going shopping she had shown a couple around a partly furnished house not too far from here. If anyone saw her driving up, she could make out like he was here to view the premises. She patted her jacket pocket and found the keys reassuringly still there.

Dan was waiting happily inside the car when she got back in.

“We’re not going back to my house.” She said, “There’s a house a few miles from here that I was showing people around before. That way my husband wont walk in on us.” Dan didn’t care. He had lost a car and was going to get a fuck instead. His hand returned to its position on Rachel’s leg and rested there for the remainder of the trip.

The house was set back off the road. It had remained unsold for 3 years and the grass and bushes grew quite wild. In the early evening rain, it looked vaguely sinister and Rachel started to have doubts about what was to happen.

Dan walked in and closed the door as Rachel found the lights. She stood staring at him, waiting. “Well?” She finally said.

“Why not show me around?” He smiled “I might like the place better.”

Rachel walked from room to room, giving the sales patter that she reserved for clients. Every time that she finished describing the room she found him standing close behind her. Twice she had felt his hand on her backside, just placed there and nothing else. She stood at the bottom f the stairs. He hadn’t truly made a pass on her yet and she knew he was waiting until they got upstairs. She watched as he smiled at her and gestured upstairs. “Shall we?” He grinned.

Dan thought as they climbed the stairs about just pushing her against them and fucking her. He decided against it and continued with his game. He would wait for he right moment. He followed her around the upstairs as she showed him from room to room. Her voice commented on the features as they toured. Then they came to the Master bedroom. It was still partly furnished with big brass bed in the middle. The room smelt slightly musty and unused and he knew this would be the perfect place. As she commented on the view from the window about what could be seen, Dan closed the door and leaned against it.

Rachel heard the bedroom door close. She turned to face him but didn’t make any other move. He beckoned her over, and after a deep breath she went to him.

Dan could hear her breathing hard and rapid. This was going to be so much fun. He walked around and stood behind her. Moving her hair aside he leant forward and kissed the side of her neck. She reacted instantly and he could feel her body tense harder as he licked from her shoulder to her ear.

“Take off your jacket,” he instructed.

Rachel took her handbag off her shoulder and quickly removed her jacket. Folding it she placed it on the bed.

“Now the blouse please.”

Rachel slowly unbuttoned her blouse as instructed. She was not enjoying this at all, he was standing at her shoulder looking down and smiling as more of her flesh came into view. She hoped he didn’t have any strange fantasies or ideas. She tensed up again as she felt his cool hands slide up and cup her breasts through her bra. Biting her lip as his mouth kissed her neck again. She knew he was trying to seduce her, toying with her, but why?. She thought a quick grope followed by a quick intercourse and everything would be over. His hand lingered on her breast as he moved in front of her, and when he removed his hand she noticed how cold the room was.

Dan couldn’t believe how good she looked. Her breasts were beautiful and full and were held neatly aloft by a satin white bra. Rachel’s stomach was flat without being muscular. He could see her eyes not meeting his as she undressed, but he didn’t care. “Now the skirt.” She hesitated and looked at him. “The skirt, now!” He watched as she reached behind herself and stepped out of the skirt. His hard on was forcing the front of his trousers out as he gazed at what he was about to receive. Below she wore thin white knickers, above these were a tanned pair of nylon tights. He was going to have fun ripping them apart. He went and sat on the bed “Now, get on your knees.” She closed her eyes but obeyed. He loved the feeling of power he had over her. He spread his knees wide.

Rachel was very nervous and was having second thoughts about everything. She should of phoned her husband and explained the situation, or at least told him where she was going. If this man got violent, what then? He was after all a well-built guy. She looked up at him, her eyes filled with worry and waited for him.

He looked down at her. “I think you know what I would like. Unzip me.”

She chewed nervously on her lip as she gingerly reached forward and unfastened his trousers. He lifted himself up and let her pull them down to his ankles. The large bulge in his boxer shorts filled her with a strange curiosity. As she pulled them down his cock sprang free and stood before her. It was only slightly bigger than her husbands but thicker. She felt his hand on the back of her head, impatiently urging her forward. She closed her eyes and imagined it was her husband in front of her. Placing her hand around him, Rachel leant forward and took it gently into her mouth.

Dan kept his hand on the back of her head as she took his dick into her warm and willing mouth. He had expected some last minute pleas, and was looking forward to dashing each one, but this was better. She had one very luck husband. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the feelings from her; the way her tongue tried to wrap itself around his length, scraping her teeth gently on him and the feeling, as she would go to withdraw him from her mouth before running her tongue up and down the slit in his dick. This was heaven.

She sucked hard on his cock and knew she had pleasured him when a few minutes later he exploded into her mouth and throat. She hoped that this was to be enough for him; maybe he wouldn’t want a fuck after this. Inside she knew it wouldn’t be like that, but she could hope. Still trying to imagine her husband in front of her, she kept his cock in her mouth and carried on sucking and cleaning it. Her body was also imagining her husband in front of her and was starting to get excited.

Dan pulled her head gently from him and tilted her face to him. “Get on the bed.” She obeyed and sat next to him on the bed, but left a gap between them. Kneeling himself down in front of her, he placed his hands on her knees and pushed them apart.

Rachel knew they shouldn’t be doing this. “Please. Reconsider.” But she knew not to ask again when he didn’t even bother to look up. She decided she didn’t want to see what was to happen and closed her eyes, and tried desperately to pretend this man was her husband. She felt his hand on her stomach, pushing her to lie back on the bed. Rachel imagined that it was her husband’s hot breath that she could feel moving between her parted thighs. Inhaling sharply as she felt his mouth kissing her inner thighs she clutched at the sheet on the bed. She felt his hands now moving up her legs, exploring. Rachel’s breathing came faster as she felt his hands now slide between her thighs, moving upwards. Without warning she felt them rip open the crotch of her tights and stifled a scream.

Dan looked at the prize before him. Her legs spread apart, her white panties on show, haloed by a rip in her darker coloured tights. Moving his mouth forward, he gently breathed on the sides of her crotch, before letting his tongue take a slow leisurely lick at the front of her panties. Even through her panties the response was clear, as her thighs clamped onto his head. “I’m sorry I’m sorry,” she blurted out. As her legs relaxed slightly he pushed them apart again and pulled the crotch of her panties aside. A well-trimmed pussy was on display before him. A slight probe from his tongue found her hot, wet and not as reluctant as she was making out. He pushed in further and felt her thighs tightening again. His mouth enveloped her mound and his tongue entered her. Her legs stiffened and she screamed out. He ignored her and carried on eating.

Rachel’s nails dug into the sheets as he explored her insides. She wanted to shout out as her body reacted to him. Her husband in all the 12 years they had been married had only been down on her twice. She shouldn’t have been pretending that this was her husband, because her body was now very stimulated. His tongue probed and explored her before pulling out and circling her clitoris, making her scream out every time. Her head was spinning as she was delved into. She could feel her lower body being lifted as his hands worked underneath and grasped her ass. The excitement was becoming too much when she felt her insides spasm and she screamed as a wave of pleasure ran through her. She fell back onto the bed exhausted.

Gripping the crotch of her thin white panties in hand he tore them apart. Dan got up from the floor, his face wet, and his dick hard and eager for her. Looking down he saw that she still hadn’t recovered, but he knew everything he wanted was his for the taking. Swinging her legs onto the bed he clambered between them. Lifting her calves up and onto his shoulders, he prepared her for his new assault.

Rachel was just coming around, when she noticed her new position. She could feel his hands pushing at the backs of her legs. “Wait, the condoms. Use a condom!” As she uttered the last word he entered her brutally. She gasped as he pushed fully inside, not pausing. Instead of withdrawing he pressed harder against her, forcing his engorged cock deeper. Clenching her teeth as he descended further in, She asked him again for him to use a condom. He passed her the handbag and carried on fucking as she frantically searched inside. Trying desperately to open the plastic on the box as he used long hard strokes inside her, pushing her thighs back onto her chest. She finally opened the box and took a rubber out.

Dan wanted to continue, but pulled out. He watched as she quickly rolled on the condom and resumed her position. All of her reluctance had gone and she was now eager for this to continue. He wasn’t a man to disappoint and lunged forward again, spearing her.

Rachel knew she should protest about the way he was treating her, but her husband had never fucked her this way. Rough fucking was his downfall and he could only last less than a minute. This man obviously didn’t have that problem, he pulled back before thrusting his swollen dick far into her. Her hands went onto the back of his shoulders and encouraged him to continue. She could feel his hands shredding her bra and attacking her breasts, his mouth leaning down and sucking her swollen sore nipples into his waiting mouth. Again she could feel the building inside her as another wave of gratification prepared to pass through her. She opted for digging her nails into his back and shouted as the orgasm tore through.
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