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“She’s lying. That’s not how it happened.” I protested to my attorney.

“Settle down William,” she said as she put her hand on my wrist, “we’ll have our turn shortly.”

I had to sit back in a huff and take the false accusations Ms. Flannery was spewing about me to the court. It all started when I went to work for Florence Flannery and her partner, Leila Windsom. They had a stormy relationship, each one argued their way over the other’s in many of the day-to-day as well as longer term decisions. They would come to me to break the tie and I would want to run and hide because I would be making one of them mad at me if I opened my mouth at all about anything.

There was this contest and the winner would receive a lucrative 3-year deal with a Fortune 500 company for their business. Ours was on the brink of collapse. Ms. Flannery and Windsom were so nervous that they proclaimed that if they won, that I would be given a one third partnership for sticking it out and for all of the work I had done for them.

Florence Flannery is probably 15-20 years my senior and Leila is probably just ten. That makes them 40-45 and 35 respectively. Florence is 5 foot 5 and maybe 20-30 pounds over an ideal weight, but she seems to carry it well as it is evenly apportioned about her body. Leila is maybe an inch or two taller and slimmer. Until you would get to know them as I have, you would think that they were both fairly frumpy in their baggy pant suits and smock-like tops. To me they were like a couple of aunts for which I happened to work. Florence used her more senior age to take the final position on things when they could not get me to break a tie.

We were in the city for the contest. The competition was steeper than we expected. Florence insisted that we approach it her way and when push came to shove, I felt it would be our only chance to win. Leila was upset. She would not talk to me nor would she do more than merely cooperate with Florence for business activities. It was icy. Leila had strong words with Florence in private, but it sounded like further negotiations over something or other. Anyway, to make this story shorter:

“And then what happened William?” My attorney asked me, one hand on her hip, the other on the railing of the witness box.

“I learned by a tip-off from the courier carrying the announcement that we were going to win and I raced to the hotel to tell the ladies that we were going to be partners.”

“Go on.”

“Well, I knocked on Ms. Windsom’s door, she let me in, I picked her up in the air in a bear hug and told her that I knew what the announcement was going to be, and we were it.”

“Then what?”

“She was flustered, and a little taken back by the news.”

“Why is that?”

“Well, I thought maybe she was embarrassed that Ms. Flannery’s idea was the winner. Then I thought she was concerned about my share cutting into hers, but I really didn’t think that was it, because she is basically generous and true to her word. So it seemed more like she would not look forward to eating the crow Ms. Flannery would give her to eat.”

“Go on.”

“Well, I wasn’t going to let her reaction bring me down, so I went through the adjoining door to Ms. Flannery’s room. I snuck up behind her while she was fiddling with an earring and gave her a bear hug from behind lifting her off the ground. I was still holding her while I told her the good news in her ear.”

“Was that when she said ‘No?’”

“No, she kind of melted at the news. She put her hand on the back of my head and backed us both up until I tripped over backwards onto the bed.”

“Go on.”

“Well, I was still gleeful, but growing increasingly shocked because she made no effort to get up. In fact, she kind of cozied herself into my body more.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, she kind of shifted her back onto my belly to get herself a little more comfortable.”

“Then what happened?”

“Well, then, a-hum, then she took my left arm and held it to her stomach and took my right hand and placed it on her right breast.”

“She took your hand; it wasn’t that you put it there uninvited.”

“No. She took my hand and placed it on her breast. Then she took my other hand and placed it on her left breast.”

“So William, you are a grown young man, what were you thinking at this point?”

“Well, I was thinking that these breasts are bigger than I thought they would be.”

“Order. I’ll have no more outbursts like that in here.” The judge said to quell the laughter.

“Okay William, what were you thinking about this of act of familiarity on Ms. Flannery’s part?”

“Geez, I didn’t know what to think. I like women and all, but she is old enough to be my mother. She was friendly but demanding to work for, and there was never any kind of sexual thing in the air when I was around them.”

“So, what did you think was supposed to happen then?”

“I was enjoying holding her breasts. I often fantasize about touching women’s breasts.” I testified, as my attorney crossed her arms. “But, I was confused by the situation.”

“What happened next?”

“Well, she took my hands off to the sides, pulled her top off over her head, and put my hands back on her tits.”

My attorney exchanged looks with the judge and then told me to refer to them as “breasts” from now on.

“Yes, breasts.”

“Go on.”

“They were warmer to the touch with just a silky layer over them and I could feel that she was excited because her nipples were hard and poking through.”

“What did you do then?”

“I played with them. They were a fun contrast to the softer fullness of her breasts.”

I could tell I was beginning to frustrate my attorney as she took one of her folded arms and put her forehead in her hand. “No, not with the nipples, what did you do next, in general?”

“I just laid there while she shifted around and I could see the breasts through her bra that I had had my fingers on.”

“Yesss.” My attorney hissed at my pause.

“Well, she started undoing my belt while I lay propped up on my elbows staring at her cleavage.” Everyone in the courtroom shifted a little forward as I went on. “She pulled down my pants to my ankles and cupped my crotch for a few minutes.”

“What did you do about that?”

“Nothing. It felt good, real good. She kind of pulsed …”

“I guess we don’t need that much detail. Go on, what happened next?”

“She stood up and took off her bra.”

“What did you think at this point?”

“I thought that they were beautiful, and not as much sag as I thought an old lady like her would probably have.”

“Your Honor, could we have a recess so I can talk with my client?”

“Yes, Ms. Roper, I think that would be a good idea. It is almost time for the lunch break as it is. Members of the jury…”

We went to a private room, my attorney and I. She arranged for some sandwiches and sat in a chair across from me. “William, we need to stay focused here. I need to show the members of the jury your thoughts and motivations about the events, not so much the details of them. Do you follow what I am trying to tell you?”

“Yes Ms. Roper, I think so.”

“Good. And I also need you to keep on talking until my question to you is answered without my having to prompt you. It is distracting to the jury. Why don’t we just have you tell me the whole story right now and I’ll know when to stop you in court. Okay?”

“Yes Ms. Roper.”

“Okay, go on.”

“Well, it was like this. Ms. Flannery had my pants down around my ankles and she started to remove her clothes. She had a pretty nice body for an old lady, I was surprised.”

“She’s in her early 40’s. That’s not ‘old’, go on.”

“Well, she was kind of swaying to music only she could hear, and it made me even more confused, because I never expected to ever see her naked. It wasn’t bad, she had a pretty nice figure.”

“We’ve been there, go on.”

“Well she swung my legs up on the bed and crawled over me. Then she called for Ms. Windsom.”

“She was naked, next to you on a bed, and she called for Ms. Windsom?”

“Yeah, and then when Ms. Windsom came in she was looking down as if she was embarrassed for doing something bad. Actually, it was because she was supposed to do something she didn’t want to do. It might have been part of a bet or related to whose idea would win the contest or something. Well, anyway, Ms. Flannery took her hand off of my privates.”

“You left out that part.”

“Yeah, when we were on the bed next to each other, she put her hand down my briefs and cupped my hunh and hunh.”

“Your genitals. You can say that. It is accurate. Just avoid using slang. Okay, go on.”

“Well, she took her hand off of my genitals and waved the back of it at Ms. Windsom as if signaling a servant to ‘get on with it’ or something. Ms. Windsom knew what she was supposed to do, because neither of them said anything, and she started to dance for us.”

“What were you and the plaintiff doing while she was dancing?”

“Ms. Flannery had my thing pinned down on my body with her wrist while she cupped my balls. Can I say that?”

“How about penis for ‘thing’ and testicles or scrotum for ‘balls?’”

“Okay, she was holding on to the package between my legs probably enjoying the different movements churning down there.”

“Leave out the parts where you mention what she might be thinking. That is for the jury to decide.”

“Okay, then Ms. Windsom started to take off her clothes. I mean, this whole thing started to get out of hand. She kept dancing and taking off her clothes in a way that got me really excited.”

“I thought you said that you thought of these women as your aunts.”

“I did, but here was one with her naked tits, I’m sorry, breasts pushing onto my bare skin and the other doing her best to tease us with her dancing and stripping. I kind of forgot about the aunt part and started enjoying these two naked women.”

“What did you think when the plaintiff’s partner was naked too?”

“Her body was a little better. The breasts weren’t as big but overall, she had a great body.”

My attorney crossed her legs and folded her arms. “Okay, what did you think was going to happen at this point?”

“Well, I was up for anything at that point. Ms. Flannery had me so frustrated with her cupping my genitals and Ms. Windsom’s sexy dance was getting to my head, I was lucky I didn’t explode all over myself.”

“Come on, don’t make me ask you. What happened next?”

“Well, Ms. Flannery said, ‘So Leila, looks like we need to make him a partner now. A deal is a deal.’ Then she said, ‘he gets an equal share, I think we said.’ I was getting even more excited, because that meant a lot more money. Then Ms. Windsom said, ‘does that mean he gets to share everything?’ Ms. Flannery nodded and squeezed my ball, testicles and surprised me because it hurt just a little bit. Ms. Windsom then came over to the bed and took off my shoes and pants. Then she ran her fingertips up my leg until she got to the briefs and pulled them off of me.” I caught my attorney looking up my legs to my crotch as I spoke. “I tried to cover myself, but Ms. Flannery’s hand was already there, so I just lay back and waited for what was to come next.”

“So what came next?” My attorney asked putting her hand as a visor over her eyes probably hiding the fact that she was blushing, but I could tell.

“Ms. Flannery asked me if I had ever made love to a woman, while Ms. Windsom was cuddling up to me on the other side. Wow, two sets of warm breasts were touching my skin. I was the meat in a warm breast sandwich.”


“Well, I told her that I had done so lots of times, when the truth is that I have only done it a couple of times and those were when the girl showed me what to do for them.” My attorney was now looking at me more intently with her chin in her finger and thumb. “They said that if I was to share everything, I’d better damn well know how to do everything. I nodded okay, then Ms. Flannery climbed over me and knelt down between Ms. Windsom’s legs and kissed her …, you know. What should I call that?”

She looked at me pensively, “Let’s call that her nether region.”

“Nether region then. ‘Okay, now you try,’ she ordered, and I traded places with her. It was kind of exciting to be looking at Ms. Windsom’s nether area, but it kind of smelled like vinegar and tuna fish.” My attorney rolled her eyes. “Okay, but I didn’t mind it, so I put my lips on her lips down there and kind of kissed and sucked while Ms. Flannery continued to play with my genitals from behind and give me instructions. Then she started focusing with her questioning on what I would want to do with my thing, penis. I agreed that I would like to put it inside one of them. I do like that a lot.” There went my attorney again with the eye roll. She didn’t even need to tell me any more. I just knew when I was getting off track by looking at her expressions.

“Ah, that’s when Ms. Flannery left me to do what I was doing. I was missing her touch on my genitals, but she came back and touched them again. I think I kind of groaned while kissing and sucking because Ms. Windsom became very active and undulated her body while gripping my hair. Ms. Flannery’s hands went from my scrotum to pulling my ass cheeks apart. That seemed odd and that felt strange. Why would she want to look there, I wondered. Then I found out. She said that if I was going to get a chance at putting my penis in one of them, that I would have to see what it was like first. With that, she pushed a slippery plastic penis just inside my ass hole and waited for me to adjust to the incredible pain.”

“I didn’t know what to think. I was ready to explode and then that pain in my ass, it was all very confusing.”

“So she was really doing an unwanted sexual thing to you.”

“Yeah, only I started to like it after a while.”

“In your ass?”

“Yeah, it made me feel all tense in a good way, and she was doing all the work. Ms. Windsom had already cum and was just lying there looking at my reaction to being fucked in the ass.”

“You can’t use the word ‘fucked.’”

“Okay, I’m sorry. Screwed? No. How about…”

“How about sodomized?”

“Okay, whatever. She was doing me in the ass and I came all over Ms. Windsom.”

“What happened next?”

“Well, they said that they can’t have any male sperm around so I was to clean her up.” The attorney looked at me quizzically. “You know, like lick her all over and everything. So when I was through Ms. Flannery was lying on her back and her arms outstretched telling me to show her my appreciation for letting me cum. She meant for me to do the same thing I was doing to Ms. Windsom to her now. I was okay with that; I owed her some relief. She was even more demanding than Ms. Windsom was though, she held my head and moved her nether region at the same time.” My attorney blushed warm again. I looked at her more closely, which seemed to embarrass her further.

“And then?” She said trying to get me back to talking and to less of the noticing her.

“And then Ms. Windsom started to play with my genitals. They were hanging kind of loose and relaxed, and she got curious about everything there, sort of like a cat toying with them. It was kind of nice until she patted the nads a little too hard, if you know what I mean.”

“The slang William.”

“Okay, so I looked back at her and she got the message. Some how, I don’t think these two women had much playtime with real live penises.” My attorney glazed over for a brief moment, and then became intent upon what I was saying. “Ms. Windsom’s playfulness was causing me to get hard again. In fact, I felt harder, maybe even painfully hard at that point. When Ms. Flannery finally noticed the stiffy, she told me she would be interested in trying a real live cock, that’s the word she used, for a change.”

“So this aunt-like figure to you asked you to have intercourse with her.”

“Yeah, it wasn’t like aunts anymore, it was more raunchy by that time. But she did say that I could not cum inside of her. Is that important?”

“We’ll see, go on.”

“She didn’t want to look at me when we did it, so she got on her hands and knees and told me to do it doggie style with her. So I did.”

“And that’s it?”

“Well, not exactly.”

“Go on then.”

“Well, I put my penis in her nether region and kind of melted from the fantastic sensation. She wanted me to move it, and reached back and slapped my thigh to break me from my dream. So I moved it. I really got into it. At first, Ms. Windsom just held her open hand just barely touching the base of my scrotum so as I moved, the gentle rubbing from my motion created an incredible sensation. Then she gripped around my balls, I mean testicles when Ms. Flannery warned her to keep me from coming inside of her.”

“So you are saying that the plaintiff put her partner in charge of that.”

“Yeah, I guess. She had a pretty good hold of them. It was distracting me somewhat from achieving my release, but not preventing me from getting closer to it. Ms. Flannery was awfully close though. As I sped up she seemed to get more anxious and started to say ‘No, no, don’t …’ and I thought she meant ‘don’t stop’ because she was so close herself. Well, my nuts, oh whatever, were getting tight and Ms. Windsom was having a difficult time hanging on to them. In one of her grabbing attempts, she more punched them than gripped them and a surprise pain shot me forward into Ms. Flannery. I was pumping like a rabbit at that point. I couldn’t hear them; I was too focused on one thing. Even Ms. Windsom’s clumsy attempts at getting a grip to stop me from cumming inside of Ms. Flannery were not keeping me from cumming like she warned me about.”

“So the time she said ‘No’ was not for the intercourse, it was for the ejaculation.”

“Yeah, ejaculation, that’s the word.”

“Well, I don’t see a problem here.”

“Good, because she said she would make me fry for putting male sperm inside of her. I was fired on the spot. They threw my clothes out into the hall and shooed me out. The next thing I know, I’m arrested, booked, and put in jail like a criminal. I used to like those ladies. We were going to be partners, well, at least I thought we were. They probably planned to get me out when they were talking to each other and trying not to let me hear them. Anyway, I didn’t assault either of them and you’ve got to get me off.”

“I will William. Leave it to me.”

“…and has the Jury reached a verdict in this matter?” The judge asked. I was never more nervous in my life.

“We have your Honor …”

I was so happy that I gave Ms. Roper a thank you bear hug.

“William, William, put me down.” She insisted and scolded me with a look while she straightened her business suit. “If you want to thank me, you could pick up that banker’s box of files and help me out to my car with it.”

“Sure Ms. Roper, anything.” I said. It wasn’t all that heavy, just a two handed job.

“Where’s your car?” She asked.

“I take the bus.”

“Can I give you a lift?”

“Sure, if it is not too much trouble.”

“No trouble at all.”

“Thank you.”

“So, do you want a drink to celebrate your freedom and my 25th case won?”

“You bet.”

“Here is my place. Do you want to come in?”

“Wow, this is nice.”

“Thank you. You can put the files right there.” She said then fixed us some drinks. “Would you like a tour?”

“I would.”

“…and this is where I sleep.”

“Nice and firm but soft.”

“Excuse me?”

“The bed, I mean, the bed is firm but soft, nice combination.”

“Yes, but it is not the only thing like that in here. So, are you happy to be a free man?”

“Oh yes! I can’t thank you enough.”

“Well, maybe you can. I’d like to go over what happened with you and Ms. Flannery, but instead of telling it to me again, why don’t you just show me?”
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