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Theodora Kingsley found it particularly odd that her internet lover, who referred to himself only as Jack, wasn't logged in. She stared at the computer screen, distaste clearly written on her face. She was incredibly horny today and no one could get her hotter than Jack. She'd had yet another grueling day at the office, and what with the Cranson file to be hurried along, she was stressed to her eyeballs. Just thinking about Jacks way with words had a pit of lust curling up inside her stomach.

She sat there for another five minutes, hoping he would show, but when he did not, she sighed and went to draw a bath. Theo, as her friends and close co-workers called her, eased into the extremely hot tub and rested her head on the rim. The heat and steam did nothing to ease the ache in her, and she found her thoughts drifting towards their past few internet conversations.

Three months ago, if someone would have told her she would be cybering on the internet, she would have laughed in their face. When a long time friend encouraged her to explore chat rooms, she had to admit she was intrigued by the adult chat and began to frequent them. Theo had diddled in a few starter conversations with other amateurs, but it wasn't until she met Jack that she became really turned on.

From the get-go he was a demanding person, very blunt and to the point. He had a baser side, and when he wrote words they opened up a part of her she had never known existed. Several times she had masturbated herself into a fury, cumming so hard that she felt as if her head would explode. He dominated her in every way that was possible in cyber space, torturing her with his words. He had refused to give her any way to get in touch with him, not even an email address. She was a bit disappointed, but the more she thought of it, the more she knew it was for the better. What would the CEO of a huge accounting firm do with a man like that?

Theo's thoughts continued on, recalling bits and pieces of their last encounter. Jack had clearly worded a vision in her mind. He had described how he would tie her up, in an almost painful position, so she couldn't even stretch her limbs, and force her to go down on him. She could see it in her head, his raging cock shoved deep in her throat, choking her even, stretching the sides of her mouth painfully. The eroticism of it had her soaking wet even now, and she pinched one of her nipples hard.

With the picture of it clearly etched in her mind, Theo slid her hands over her soapy body, making tendrils of lust embed in her stomach. She loved to be touched, but even now she ached so that even her own touch wasn't enough. She wanted a man's hands on her body, rough hands. Not the hands of a pompous executive who had a manicure every week, but a working mans hands. A pair that were callused and hard, that scratched over her body like sandpaper.

She slid her manicured hand between her legs, fondling herself beneath the water. There in her stylish bathtub, in her stylish apartment, she fingered herself into a frenzy, moaning in pleasure. With only her mind for a catalyst, she panted in pure lust, using one hand to drive her towards orgasm and the other to pinch her nipples so hard she gasped in pain once or twice.

When she finally climaxed, crying out so loud she feared being heard, her limp body slid deeper into the water. With her brain buzzing and her body burning, she relaxed, taking a few deep breaths to calm herself.

Her eyes shot open and she tensed.

She heard a footstep.

Theo didn't move, just strained to listen, fear in her belly. When she didn't hear it again, she chalked it up to nerves and laughed. It was her imagination. Besides, no one could get past the doorman and up to her apartment without her knowing it.

She let the water out and reached for a towel. Wrapping it around her body, she checked her reflection in the mirror.

Theo had to admit she liked what she saw. Her body was still fit and trim for her forty years, though she knew it was partly because she hadn't had children or been through the stress of a marriage. That and her weekly round of tennis and the Club, she added in her head. She studied her trim haircut, fashioned in a neat bob, its color a deep black without a hint of grey, and her wide green eyes. She looked every bit the part of a perfect buisnesswoman.

Chuckling to herself, she left the mirror and made her way out of the bathroom.

When the gloved hands snatched her into the darkness and covered her mouth, she panicked. Fear encased her and she struggled, batting out at the large figure that was dragging her down the hallway. Her mind chanted "get away...get away", but as she twisted and kicked, she realized that his iron grip on her refused to budge. She tried to bite him but only got the bitter taste of leather in her mouth.

Theo realized just where it was he was dragging her to and big tears welled up in her eyes. He was taking her to her bedroom. She felt cold steel of fear as she realized that he had more than likely stood there, outside her bathroom door, listening to her as she came. How had he gotten in? How long had he been here? What was he going to do?

Thoughts whirled in her head, and then she was being slung onto the bed, hands gripping her hard and she tried to roll and run. She almost made it off the bed, but a strong hand grasped her hair and yanked hard. She felt the ripping pain and collapsed onto the bed, tears rolling down her cheeks. Before she could scream he had stuffed a cloth into her mouth and covered it with duct tape. The next minute went by in a hazy blur. Somehow her arms had been tied together with a stiff rope and then tied to the bed, and her legs were spread eagled in a rather painful way, stretching her sockets. She was left with her arms tied above her head and her legs wide open. Her towel had fell sometime before.

In the darkness she could make out a form and she strained her eyes. She wanted to see who was doing this to her, but her tears blurred her vision. And then the figure was coming towards her again, and she knew what he was going to do. A blindfold was slipped over her eyes and tied crudely behind her head. She was blind now, and the fear set in her even deeper now. She was completely helpless. Her tears soaked her face and neck, and she tried to cry out. Her voice was muffled and sounded weak and pathetic to her own ears. Theo became mad then. All her life she had hated to be weak, and had never let herself be beat down.

A voice in the back of her head mocked her. Well, Theo, looks like the times have changed....

She lay there and listened, her hands struggling against the ropes, feeling her skin break and a trickle of blood slid down her wrist. She could hear him breathing, and it was even and controlled. Then she sensed him, moving towards her, and felt the bed sink down as his weight eased onto it. She tensed, fearing the worst, and when his gloved hand touched her face she jerked her head away. Sickened, she lay there as he ran his leather fingers down her neck and chest, ignoring her breasts and heading straight for her stomach. It was a cold touch, and she thought for a moment she would be sick and choke to death on her own vomit. She forced herself to calm, praying he would only rape her and not kill her. It was evident she wouldn't be escaping.

Theo couldn't ignore his touch when he slid his hands back up to her breasts and fondled her openly. She cringed inwardly, forcing herself not to flinch when he pinched a nipple to the point of pain, ignoring the fact that his breathing hadn't changed. He sounded...almost amused.

He rose then, and Theo strained to hear where he was going. But he didn't leave the bedside and when she heard the rustling of clothing she knew that he was undressing. She found it odd that he was taking off his clothing. In her mind, rapists didn't rape their victims naked.

She felt the bed give again, and lay in horror and he straddled her. He smelled of some pine scented cologne, and underneath that the smell of man, strong and salty. When he ripped the duct tape from her mouth, she cried out. He leaned down to her, and she could sense his lips close to her ear.

"If you scream, you will regret it. If you bite, I'll kill you. You'd be better off to just cooperate. This will be over soon."

Theo nodded, relieved that he wasn't going to hack her to pieces afterward. Then she thought that he could be lying, and was frightened again. Nevertheless, she feared for her life, and so she complied. He snatched out the cloth and was shoving his cock deep in her mouth. She gagged purely by reflex, and then as he slid deeper, she gagged at his size. He was long and thick, as a man should be, and tasted lightly of salt.

His hands gripped her head, fisted in her hair, and he pumped into her, forcing her head back into the pillows. He slid deeper with each thrust, and Theodora felt pain at his oral rape. Her throat was being violated and it caused her eyes to tear once more. They ran down her face in trickles, mixing with sweat. She felt every thrust of him as if he were part of her, and it frightened her. She realized with horror that she was wet between her legs and the tears that came then were that of shame. Surely she wasn't enjoying this. It was brutal.

Theo lay there, determined to ignore the sensations that were pooling in her middle and stretching their fingers to other parts of her body. Like liquid fire her body began to heat and that slow familiar ache began. Somewhere in the next minute, she came to the conclusion that she was a whore for liking this, and damned herself to hell when she began to suck at him like a starved woman.

He didn't seem the least bit surprised, but only moaned and speeded his up his intrusion. She was bewildered when he paused mid stroke, and slid all the way in, and kept it there, unmoving for a while. It occurred to her that he might have been about to cum and was attempting to ease off. Theo felt sick to her stomach when she couldn't stand it any longer and began to move her mouth up and down on his length. The need had build up inside of her until she couldn't stand it anymore, and she sucked at him eagerly, like a cat at cream.

He groaned and gripped at the pillows next to her head, refusing to move, letting her do all the work. She tasted his pre-cum, and felt her body tingle all over when his hands reached down to fondle her breasts. His hands were big and rough, and they bruised her soft flesh in their explorations, making her shake with need. Theodora felt his cock begin to swell in the back of her throat, and she moaned when his grip on her breasts tightened harshly. He let out a guttural cry and gave a harsh pump, forcing his cock to slide deep. She strained against her ties, mouth latched onto him hotly, and then she felt him harden and throb and knew he was going to cum.

The stranger pounded into her mouth harder and harder still, and then he was tensing. She could almost feel the muscles in his body tighten in ecstasy, and when the rush of his orgasm pumped out of him she found it hard to breathe. She swallowed the whole of him, gagging a bit at the forcefulness of his orgasm, tasting that taste that lingered hot on her tongue. He shuddered several times, his hands squeezing her breasts as she milked the last of him.

When it was over, he slid his cock from her lips and covered her mouth with his hand. Theodora was burning from need and she wondered what he was going to do next. She felt him reach for something and the next instant her mouth was covered with cloth once more. Before her brain could register what was going on, she felt herself sliding into darkness....

Morning light awakened her. Theo opened her eyes, struggling to focus on her surroundings. The brightness of the sun made her head pound, and her mouth was dry and gritty. Shock hit her as she rememberd what happened, and with a start she scrambled to her knees. She was no longer tied. In fact, the room was tidy and the ropes gone from her bedposts. Briefly, she wondered if it had been a nightmare, but when she swallowed her throat reminded her that it had indeed been real. She felt bruised and put a hand to her neck. She saw the chafing of her wrists and looked down to see similar evidence on her ankles.

Wide eyed she stared around the room, as if she expected to see him standing there.

There was no one, and she felt horrified that she was disappointed.

The sound of her alarm going off had her crying out and almost falling out of bed. It was time for her to get ready for work. Another day at the office. A quick glance in her bedside mirror showed her body covered with bruises, their purple contrasting with her pale skin.

With a grim smile, Theodora got to her feet and made her way to the closet. She needed something long with sleeves to cover the evidence of her pleasurable pains.