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"Rape me," Wendy said.

The TV was on with the sound muted; some old Pop Idol shit neither of us were really interested but we both got a kick from making fun of the contestants. The light was off and flickering shadows from the TV screen danced on the walls. We were just getting intimate on her couch when she pulled back and smiled at me and said it.

There was a look in her eyes I hadn't seen before; a smile with a healthy dose of lust. The hot, pouting, I dare you look a lot of the strutting female pop stars have perfected. You see it if you watch their videos.

She turned it on for me and it turned me on for her.

"-Just for fun," Wendy said. "If you want too."

She was leaning back on the couch and watching me. She has great eyes, dark, sexy eyes that sparkle. She was smouldering then. The light from the TV flickered on her cheek bones and shadows crossed her face. She pulled me close and kissed me, a deep, lingering kiss that had my already straining erection aching like a bastard for action.

She kissed my cheek and moved against me. Her body was all soft curves just waiting to be explored. She smelt good, she was exciting. She nuzzled my neck. Her hand was on my chest and I took hold of her wrist and held it down beside her. She smiled and tried to pull free and when I tried to kiss her she turned her face away. I was getting into it then. It was just a game but it was starting to feel real. She was making it real.

I tried to kiss her again. I wanted her more than ever.

"-No," she said.

She wouldn't let me. She was slipping down on the couch, leaning away from me, and I followed, trying to find her lips. I kissed her neck, her ear, her chin. My excitement rose another notch. Her hair was in the way and she was turning her head side to side, avoiding me.

"Please, no," she said and the breathless way she said it and the little moaning sounds she made when she clamped her lips shut to stop me kissing her had me wondering how long I'd last. I was practically on top of her and she was moving under me. I was trying to kiss her and she kept resisting.

She kept trying to pull her arm free so I grabbed it with my other hand and held it over her head. I groped her left breast with my free hand. I did it roughly, pawing and squeezing, and Wend arched her back like she didn't want it. She moaned. It made me want her even more.

I held her chin and kissed her then. She tried to turn her face away and couldn't. I kissed her roughly, the way I thought a rapist might. I even grabbed a handful of her hair and held it tight, held her still that way and kissed her. I could feel something powerful inside me. It was sexy and intense.

I nibbled her ear. I could do anything I wanted. "I'm going to fuck you," I whispered. I said it without thinking and Wend immediately moaned and strained against me. She was wearing a skirt and I got my hand down and started pulling it up. I felt her bare leg.

"Don't, please don't," Wend whispered.

She was breathing faster and trying to stop me. It was crazy, like it was real or something, and all I could think about was getting inside her. I was forcing myself against her, pushing my erection against her stomach. We were straining against each other. I was sweating. Her hair was in her lovely eyes, now and again I saw their whites, saw the desire and excitement in them.

She moaned again when I got my hand under her and squeezed her ass. I wanted to feel everything at once and I forced myself on her, kissing her neck urgently and running my hand quickly up and down her body, pawing at her chest and then grabbing her ass, touching her wherever I wanted. All the time Wend was trying to stop me, not trying too hard, but enough to make it seem real.

We took it onto the floor and I got her on her back in front of the TV. She looked beautiful lying there; wonton, sexy, vulnerable. Her blouse had pulled out, it was creased, she was panting and I could see her chest rising and falling. I could see her navel. Her skirt had risen almost to her waist and I lay beside her and I got my leg between hers and I pinned both of her hands above her head with one of mine and looked down at her. I kissed her cheek and she turned her face away. Her mouth was open and we were both breathing hard.

The light from the TV flickered as I put my hand on her breast. I squeezed gently and Wend moaned. I took my time feeling her up, enjoying it like it was the first time. She couldn't do anything to stop me with her arms pinned. I moved my hand leisurely from one breast to the other. I like breasts and I liked the idea of fondling Wend's when she couldn't prevent it. It was weird, it was great. Something had kicked in; it was like I was someone else and Wend was someone else.

"You want it," I said. Any other time it would have sounded lame or something, but not then and not like that.

Wend arched her back again. It made her breasts stand out firm and round under her clothes, made them more of a handful. When I started to undo the buttons she writhed underneath me.

I unfastened all the buttons and slowly opened her blouse. She was wearing a white bra and it was a stand-out sexy moment to look down and see her lying there vulnerable and helpless. I caressed her again, excited by what we were doing, and at the role play fantasy unfolding. I ducked my head to kiss the swell of each breast above the cups of her bra, her skin white and soft in the changing light from the TV flickering over us.

Wend was moaning again, soft sighing sounds of resistance, low, deeply arousing and provocative and I slowly eased down the cups of her bra to expose one plump white breast at a time. I fondled her at my leisure again, one breast then the other, letting my hand rove back and fore, caressing and exploring her. I squeezed the pliant flesh and pushed them together and when I brushed my palm lightly over her distended nipples Wend shivered. I moved my leg between hers, my hip against her lower stomach, and when I looked up Wend was watching me closely. Her hair was in her eyes and she was looking through it and her mouth was open. She had the most intense look of desire in her eyes I've ever seen. I kissed her and this time she didn't turn her face away.

We kissed for long moments, deep kisses, passionate but controlled and then we rested together for a moment, cheek to cheek. I released her wrists and she held me and hugged me tight. I could feel her hot breath on my face.

"All right?" I said. I was still breathing fast. My erection felt like a permanent feature cramped inside my jeans.

Wend nodded and she took in a deep breath. She was clinging to me and I felt it filling her and then she let it out. We rubbed noses and looked at each other and she smiled, then pulling me close she nibbled my ear.

"-Rape me," she whispered and her soft voice was heavy with barely controlled emotion. Her hot tongue flicked my ear.

My erection strained and I slowly took a good thick handful of her hair. I turned her face to mine and kissed her. She was mine, I could do anything with her, and when I reached down and moved her legs apart Wend didn't resist.

She was wet, wetter than I've ever known her to be. She had soaked her panties. She was hot and wet and exciting and she gasped and moved against my hand as I explored her. I tried to do it the way a rapist might. I was bold and fumbled on as Wend pushed weakly against me. I rubbed her between the legs and I pressed one finger deep into the sodden material of her panties. Wend moaned and my erection ached fit to explode. I pawed her inner thighs and ran my fingers either side of her vagina, up and down, but not touching it. I moved my hand under her to explore her ass again. My face was next to hers and I was lying half on top of her, pinning her to the floor. I kissed her neck as I let my hand move wherever it wanted to go. I stroked her thighs and she raised one leg and I followed the smooth flesh back to her vagina. I could hear her panting and I found her ear lobe and nibbled it as Wend moved her hips in response to what I was doing between her legs.

Soon I could feel any semblance of control slipping away and started pulling urgently at her panties, yanking them down, wanting more and more to be inside her. Wend was still play-acting and now she struggled weakly to stop me. It was sexy as hell. One of her hands was on mine as I tugged her panties down. They wouldn't go down. They were wet and they twisted and I had to roll them down her legs. I played rough in my excitement.

"Please, please don't hurt me," Wend begged me and then her panties were off and I threw them away wet and tangled and twisted. She was breathing fast and clinging to me and I thrust my hand between her legs. She gasped and her hips bucked and she dug her fingernails into my back.

There wasn't time for anything fancy. I had a sweet , warm, wet vagina under my hand, I was aching for it and it had been going on too long. She was slick with her own juices and I smeared them about and Wend writhed and twitched and moaned under me. I slipped a finger inside her and as it went in Wend raised her hips to meet it and I knew I had to get inside her before it was too late.

It was degenerating into a crazy, mad rush and Wend started urging me on top of her. I opened my jeans and freed my erection and it sprang out at last, thick and hard. I slipped between Wend's thighs and maneuvered myself and when I was in position I pushed into her and slipped smoothly, deliciously all the way inside. I buried myself inside her and Wend cried out in pleasure and lifted both legs and hooked them round behind me in welcome. Her hands clawed at my ass.

I backed out and eased it in again, trying to hold on to some slender thread of control and make it last. Trying not to think about cumming. I put my hands on the floor so I could push myself up and look down at her and I ground my hips against her. Her blouse was open and her breasts showed over the pulled down cups of her bra.

I took her hands then, held her wrists, hoping I could last and pinned her hands up by her shoulders. Her fists clenched and opened and she turned her head from side to side and then I started to fuck her, moving slowly at first, long slow and deep, deep thrusts.

Wend looked up at me and I felt the power of my erection as I thrust smoothly into her. Her breasts trembled attractively each time we came together and Wend moved her hips to meet every stroke.

It couldn't last, it was too perfect to last, and a couple of thrusts later whatever shred of control I'd manage to maintain until then was gone. Our rhythm picked up and the sounds we made grew louder. Wend was moaning under me and I was holding myself above her. Her breasts bounced as our bodies thumped slickly together. She got her hands free and held my hips. The floor beneath her was hard with no give in it and every thrust drove home with feeling and passion.

I think Wend climaxed but my only thought by then was for my own satisfaction. There was nothing else. My erection was buried where I needed it and I was pounding into her, thrusting stiffly into her. We were a tangle of hot, sweaty flesh, all arms and legs, gasping and groaning and grappling on the floor. Moving together. Getting vocal. My climax was coming and I kept thrusting, stabbing into her, straining for it, eager to reach it, overwhelmed with the irresistible need to cum.

I exploded inside Wend; that's how it felt for a couple of seconds; like I was pissing inside her, like everything was coming out of me and then I lost coordination. My hips shuddered and Wend cried out. I think she dug her nails into my ass. My climax broke our slick rhythm and I got all spastic and twitching like a feeb. We picked it up again but now the impetus was gone and without it I was really just going through the motions and trying to wring a little more from it and keep it going for Wend's sake. We shuddered together and after a few increasingly half hearted thrusts I gave it up and collapsed panting on top of her. She slowly moved her legs, releasing me, but I didn't move to get off her. It was over and I found I wanted to laugh about it. It was weird. I think I smiled, lying there on top of her, feeling happy but wasted. Spent, as if there would never be another good fuck in me but knowing it wasn't true.

It was nice coming back down together, lying there, and catching our breath, taking stock, getting our shit back together. We didn't speak for a while and I got off her sometime. I looked at her chest and her nipples were still up. I looked her up and down; Wend looked as if she'd had a good seeing to and I felt sort of proud of myself. She saw me looking and smiled. Wend has a great smile.

"All right?" I said and she nodded and blew out her cheeks and brushed a few strands of hair away from her mouth.

"You?" she said and we both smiled.

We lay there for a little while longer and shadows from the TV marched along the walls. Some chubby guy was singing on the screen but the sound was muted. He was really giving it all he had.