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The day was to be a busy one; I had appointments to keep and errands to run. First, I had to pick up my dry cleaning, then off to the store for some groceries, and finally to rush home and wait for the people from the contracting company. I was extending my patio behind my pool, and the people were going to have a survey of the property, before we set down the details. I finally made it home, and as it was a hot day, I jumped in the shower to clean off, put on a bikini, and went out to the pool for a swim before the contracting company people arrived. The water was nice, and the breeze was a bit cold. Gliding through the cool water always made me feel so erotic. It wasn't long before my back gate opened, and in came 4 men. All were wearing thick black work boots, blue jeans, and various t-shirts. One approached the side of the pool, and said, "Hello."

I swam over to the side, and climbed out. The breeze instantly found my nipples making them rock hard and clearly visible through the wet fabric. The men were all quite a bit bigger than me, and I felt a bit awkward as I felt their eyes all over my body. I looked around for my towel, and didn't see it outside. I must have forgotten it in the bathroom. I replied to the man, with, "Hello, I'm Sarah, pleased to meet you." I smiled and reached out my hand to shake his.

While his hand was firmly grasped on mine, he smiled back and introduced himself as Paul. He also introduced the men with him as his 'workers': Ceez, Rob, and Jason. I smiled at the other 3 men, and said hello. All smiling they each nodded at me and said some form of hello. Paul explained to me that thy needed to look at the state of the property before they could give me any estimates as to what the job would cost. I told him okay, and that I would be right over here laying out in the sun.

The men all walked around to the back of the pool, and started taking measurements and what not, and I went to lay down on one of the patio recliners sitting by the water. I was already completely dry and the sun was quite warm beating down on my smooth white skin. I turned over to lie on my stomach, and undid the back of my top to avoid tan lines. I opened my eyes for a moment, and noticed a couple of the men gawking in my direction, and talking back and forth. I dismissed it, and lay there quietly.

Before long, I must have fallen asleep. I awoke with the four men standing over me, and jumped up not realizing that my top was still undone. My 34c tits, jutted out in front of me bobbing back and forth with my surprise. Realizing quickly that I was exposed, I immediately began to blush, and I grabbed my swimsuit top, and quickly put it on. Paul looked down at me and said, “We’re done looking at the property Sarah, do you think we could go inside and discuss the details of the job?”

“Sure.” I said, and got up from the lounger, still blushing, and led the men through the back door and into the living room. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed five beers. Back in the living room, I offered the men a beer, they all gratefully accepted, and I opened mine and sat down on the couch. Two of the men sat down on either side of me, and the other two men sat down on the couch directly opposite us. Paul began talking about the dimensions of the property, and all that sort of business. Jason finished up his beer, and I told him there was more in the fridge. He left the room to get more for all of us, and Paul continued to speak. About 20 minutes later, we were all on our 4th or 5th beers, and the conversation was tuning to a more personal nature. Ceez was asking me how often I swim, and telling me that I had lovely legs. I smiled, and at that point the whole conversation seemed to focus on me.

I was a bit tipsy, when Paul, sitting beside me placed his hand on my leg. I looked up at him, and tried to move my leg back, but he only gripped it tighter, smiling. I set my beer on the coffee table, and grabbed his hand to pull it away. His grip was unbreakable. Jason, who was now sitting on my other side, began to caress my other leg. At this point, I said, “Just what the fuck do you think you fuckers are doing?!”

With their hands still caressing my legs tightly, Paul said, “Shut the fuck up bitch, and just maybe we won’t hurt you.” I looked at Ceez and Rob sitting across from me, and they were both smiling and looking at my chest. Jason reached his hand around behind me, and with one quick movement unclasped my bikini top, and it fell down in front of me. I crossed my arms in front of my chest, and begged, “Please don’t do this to me, please!!!”

Rob seemed amused, he stood up, and walked behind the couch I was sitting on, and grabbed my wrists and pulled them up above my head. He pulled a small bit of rope from his pocket, and tied my wrists together, leaned down and whispered in my ear: “We will do what ever the hell we want to you. However we want. You are the stupid slut prancing around almost naked in front of four grown men. We’re just treating you the way you deserve to be treated you little whore.”

A couple of the men laughed, and Paul reached with his other hand and grabbed one of my tits. Almost at the same time, Jason grabbed the other one, and they both suckled at each. Pinching and pulling at my nipples with their teeth, and fingers alternately, they soon became, hard and sore. Ceez, took off his boots, jumped up from the couch and dropped his pants and boxers. He then walked over in front of me, grabbed me by the back of my head, and pressed my lips to his cock. “Suck it, bitch!” He demanded. He pushed his fat cock into my mouth, and against the back of my throat. I gagged a bit, and the men all laughed.

With his hands on the back of my head, he fucked my mouth relentlessly. Jason and Paul grabbed and pulled at my breasts and nipples, and rob held my hands still above my head. Jason reached his hand down and untied the sides of my bikini bottom. “Please, please stop!” I chimed in again, and struggled against them. Ceez smacked me across the face, and shoved his cock back into my mouth.

“Shut your mouth, bitch,” Paul whispered in my ear. Ceez pulled his dick from my mouth, and Rob pulled my wrists up hire. Jason and Paul turned me over, so I was leaning over the back of the couch. Rob pulled his cock out and shoved it in my mouth, while the other three men took turns smacking my ass. With each slap I twitched and let out a muffled scream. It wasn’t too long before Paul got behind me. I could feel the tip of his cock pressing against my tightly shut pussy lips. With Rob’s cock still in my mouth, my body quivered as Paul’s dick pushing into me. His cock was very large; I’d estimate a good 8 inches, and quite fat. As he pressed himself against me, my muscles were forced open, and stretched farther than I could take. I screamed around Rob’s cock, as Paul forced his huge cock into my pussy. I felt his balls slap against my lips with each thundering stroke. Relentlessly he pounded at me. Rob had reached his point, withdrew himself from my mouth and shot his hot cum all over my face. I could taste his salty semen on my tongue. I was mortified. I again struggled, only making Paul ram into me harder, and slap my ass, already glowing a bright red. He was ferocious with his assault, and then when he was ready, he slammed his cock into me, deeper than I imagined it could be, and I let out a shrill scream as his cum shot deep into me. He held me tightly fixed on his cock until my muscles had squeezed out every last drop of his cum, and then pulled out as quickly as he entered.

Before I could take a breath, Jason shoved his dick in my mouth. Quickly he thrust against my face, and deep into my throat. At that point Ceez took his place behind me and began to rub my ass. His hands almost hurt as they grabbed at me, He reached a couple fingers into my pussy, and I let out a bit of a moan. I could hear quiet laughter, but could not tell from who it was. Ceez removed his fingers from my pussy, and pressed the tip of one to my asshole. I squirmed and fought against him, but he easily managed to slip it in. After a couple shorts strokes he inserted another finger and started to move faster. My virgin ass was burning as he thrust those two fingers in and out. After a minute or two, he pulled them out, and shoved his dick into my pussy. He pumped me hard three times, pulled out, and pressed his cock to my asshole. I shook with fear, as I could already feel what was about to happen.

Distracting me, Jason pulled his cock from my mouth, and shot his load in my face. I could feel his cum dripping down my cheeks when suddenly Ceez thrust his cock into my asshole. My mouth now free, I screamed out, and begged Ceez to stop his brutal assault on my ass. I was only answered with him thrusting his hard fat cock harder and deeper into my ass. It seemed like forever that he fucked me. I could feel my asshole tearing as he pounded away. He let out a loud grunt, and came in my ass. I could feel his warm cream seeping around his cock, and as he pulled out, his cum followed running down my ass.

For about two hours they all took turns fucking my pussy, mouth, and ass. They grabbed at me, and slapped my body. My ass was swollen and glowing red. Cum had dried and caked on my face and in my hair. When they were all satisfied, they slipped on their pants and boots; Rob walked over to one of their toolboxes, and popped out a video tape which he handed to Paul. Paul turned on my television, and popped the tape into my VCR. It was the whole scene being played out in front of me. He turned to me, and got about 6 inches from my face and told me that if I don’t want this to be mailed to my friends, family, and colleagues, that I had better keep my mouth shut. He also told me that he might have to come by frequently to check on the property. The men headed towards the door, and Paul called out to me, that I should get myself cleaned up, and that he left an estimate for the patio work on the coffee table. I stumbled toward the shower aching and coyly smiling at the best sex I’d had in months.