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This is a true story...I've written this in response to those who do not believe that a girl, who becomes a wife, may be totally comfortable with having sexual relations with a man of a different race...This is how it happened to me! Like I said, this is a true story. It took me years to be able to talk about this, let alone write about it.

It was the 4th of July! And it was Saturday! The whole neighborhood was going to have a block party, and it was so exciting! I can remember having to help my parents clean up the yard, and the house, to get ready for the celebration. The whole street was working to fix things up, and make the necessary preparations. At one point, I nervously approached my Daddy, to ask him if it was alright if my boyfriend joined us for the evening. My Dad didn't like him, because he was from India, and he was somewhat mild-mannered, but his eyes, and his smile were devastating on me!

I meekly sidled up to Daddy as I sensed the right time to do it, and smiled by best "Daddy, please give me everything I want" smile, and quietly asked if Atal could join us. I was nearly floored when he didn't even put up an argument. Timing was everything, I guess! I called Atal, and made the invitation, which he quickly accepted. The rest of the day began to fly past me as I helped complete the set up for the party, my thoughts more consumed by being with my new boyfriend. We had met in high school, and on Grad Night at Disneyland, sort of became an item. It all started when my friends ditched me when I went into the ladies room, and when I came out, they were gone. I wandered about for a few minutes, before I literally bumped into him. So we got to chatting, taking a seat to watch the crowds go by, when he just leaned forward and kissed me. Just a quick peck, but his lips made mine tingle, and the look of his dark eyes and long lashes just hit me the right way!

As we dated for the next couple of weeks, the subject of sex came up (of course!), but since I was a virgin, I wasn't going to go to bed with him. My body was for my marriage! He took it rather well, but I know he was disappointed that I was not going to put out. As I look back, I now understand why he wanted me so badly; I was five feet, four inches tall, and about 110 pounds, with C-cup breasts and long brown hair, past my shoulders. My Daddy made sure I knew enough to stay away from the Seniors in high school when I was younger, and when I became a Senior myself, I didn't want to have anything to do with my classmates. They seemed so young and immature! Atal was different, though, and I was beginning to be tempted by his advances. We had made out a bunch of times, once I even let his hand reach up my dress and grope my crotch, but that was as far as he had gotten with me.

It was time to get ready, and after showering, I started to play the dressing game with Daddy. Even though I had just turned 18, since I was still living in his house, I had to live by his rules. So I picked out three outfits, one I wanted to wear, and two I didn't but knew Daddy would reject. The first was a thin, pale yellow sun dress, one that I had worn before, but when I was younger. Daddy didn't mind so much back then, but now I filled it out much better, with my breasts straining at the bodice, and the hemline much higher. One look from Daddy told me that it was on his reject list. So I pretended to sigh, and changed again. This time I picked out a crop top and short shorts, and auditioned. I don't remember the exact wording, but something like "No fucking way!" sounds right.

I changed again, this time into my Champaign satin blouse and black circle skirt. The hem was down to just above my knees, and as I walked out, I made sure to wear my flat sandals, so my butt wouldn't wiggle as much. Daddy looked me over pretty hard, then sighed, and looked at Mom. She nodded, and so Daddy gave a slow, doubtful approval. At the time I was pleased to know I had put one over on Daddy, but later I would wish he had dressed me in a suit of armor! My blouse buttoned down the front, but I left the top two buttons undone, as it was hot, but more because I wanted to look hot, too! My breasts made the thin material strain a bit, and my nipples would show easily, but I was wearing a bra, so there wasn't much else to do about it. I was brushing my hair, and putting on makeup when my parents left for the party. Atal was picking me up (well, actually meeting me at the door) in about 15 minutes, so I finished getting ready by digging out my 4 inch heels.

Atal was actually a couple of minutes late, which was surprising as he was always so punctual, and when I opened the door, he was there smiling, in a casual shirt and shorts. His smile almost turned me to a pool of liquid right there, and we kissed, quickly at first, then a long, passionate, tongue caressing one. I could tell he loved my blouse, as his hands roved all over my body, feeling the soft slippery fabric. We broke the kiss and headed towards the throng of people gathering in the street, hand in hand. The sundowner winds were kicking up, and I had to drop one hand to gather my skirt. Daddy was around someplace, and if he saw my skirt out of control, I would see him out of control. Not a pretty sight.

Atal and I ate, and talked, we walked about, me introducing Atal to my friends and neighbors, Atal just smiling and holding my hand. I did notice that the crowd had grown, and there were a bunch of people there I had never seen before. I asked one of my neighbors who all these people were, and he showed me a flyer someone had made and left at the liquor store. The word was out, and the party was starting to pick up steam. Someone had brought out speakers, and loud music was blaring across the neighborhood. At first, it was fun, and Atal and I danced a little, until he twirled me, and the hem of my skirt went straight out to my waist! I stopped, and quickly looked around, my face grinning and blush red as I noticed a couple of guys clapping, making a rude comment about what they saw. What they saw was my black lace bikini-cut panties!

I was both embarrassed and relieved. Relieved that Daddy hadn't seen me, otherwise I would have been grounded, and Atal probably killed or worse, and embarrassed that Atal had made me show my body to the whole neighborhood. I had to escape, as I led Atal away from the crowd, and we went down a few houses before the crowd thinned out enough. I was amazed at how many partiers were there, as we were only planning on those families making up the neighborhood. Now there must have been 200 "guests". The music was blaring, and everyone seemed to be having a good time, and it was quite dark out. We could hear the concussion of fireworks as they were testing them, or whatever it is fireworks people do, so I wanted to find a good spot to watch. From past experience, I knew the best place was in the Simpson's backyard at the end of the street. It was small, had only a couple of small trees, but it had a iron fence in back, and they had a park bench to sit on.

I took Atal there, and we sat down, snuggled together on the bench. It was very romantic, the breeze now a gentle rush that cooled us, rather then chilled, the crickets chirping, and Atal's arm draped over my shoulder. I sighed as he kissed me, my mind lost in him. The moment was soon spoiled, ad we heard a pair of footsteps approach.

"Antonio, that you?" a man's voice called out.

"No, he's not here!" Atal answered him. "Go away!"

The footsteps grew closer and Atal turned to see who it was. I recognized him as one of the new neighbors, who moved in from New York. He was tall, at least tall to me, but then everyone was. He was also pretty big, certainly much bigger than Atal. He was also black. "What you mean, 'Go Away'?" the man answered.

Atal got up, and stepped to him. He told the guy to just leave, that Antonio wasn't here, and this was our place. He could have been nicer, I guess, but he was defending our perfect spot! It was over in a flash.

The flash was the man's fist punching Atal in the stomach, doubling him over, knocking the wind out of him. Atal went down, and the man raised his fist to punch him again. I ran to Atal, crying out for him to stop, that we weren't hurting anyone. He kicked at Atal, hitting Atal in the stomach again. He was just curled up in a ball, his eyes tightly closed as he tried to gasp for air. The black man raised his fist, and I reached for it, trying to stop Atal from being beaten. I grasped the man's arm, and was yanked forward by the man's strength! "Stop it!" I cried.

The next thing I saw was stars. Not from the fireworks, but from the hard, vicious slap that I got from the guy. It sent me sprawling, and I landed on my side in the grass. My head was spinning, and I lost all sense of time. I was vaguely aware of Atal being beaten some more. My eyes were tearing, and I flinched as the first fireworks really went off. It was then I felt the hand on my body...

My head throbbed so hard I couldn't even think. I felt the hand grasp my leg, and pull me over, onto my back. I had no sense of modesty as my skirt was lifted up to my waist, and I felt fingers grope my crotch. I moved my hand to my crotch, to cover me, and another hand yanked it away. The fingers groped inside my panties and I felt the sharp yank and heard the ripping of fabric as my panties were turned into shreds, a memory of my purity. My head began to clear, and I opened my eyes to see the fireworks going off, the black man over me as he removed his pants in the weird, eerily flashing lights. "To the victor goes the spoils..." he said laughingly as he knelt. I began to close my legs, and he reached down, grasping my neck with his big, strong hand and applied a little pressure. I choked a bit as my windpipe was restricted. "You're gonna' be a good girl, aintcha?" he snarled.

His other hand grasped my leg, and pulled it apart, my body and lips trembling in fear as my eyes watched him relocate to between my feet, kneeling down, his proud, throbbing black penis bouncing in front of him. He grasped my ankles and lifted them up and apart, exposing my pussy to him fully. As he did so, my labia must a spread a bit, because he smiled at me, looking me directly in the eyes, and told me that he was going to make sure that I stayed a black cock lover.

My next sensation was one of pain, a sharp, quick pain as I felt my body violated by him. My back arched as he entered me, my mouth open as I cried out. He held my ankles open and lowered himself on me, my arms outstretched and apart, gripping a clump of grass between my fingers. It seemed to take forever for his first entry, his cock entering me until he lay atop me, my face staring at his chest. He lay on me for a moment, then began to gyrate his hips, grunting as his cock moved inside my vagina. He did this for a moment, and I began to wonder if this was what sex was. If so, it was highly overrated!

All I had felt was pain, followed by his weight on me. It was then he began to withdraw. I had a moment of relief, as I though maybe it was over. It was then he began to thrust, his cock repeatedly filling my void. I whimpered and grunted at first, then I felt the first real bolt of pleasure inside me. A deep tingle that I cannot describe. As his pace increased, my pussy began to tingle, and the fear and trembling all of the sudden left me. His cock was pleasing me. I didn't understand it, but it felt so good. I moaned once. He must have noticed, as he changed his thrusting or something, and it made me moan more.

At one point he stopped, and grabbed my ankles, putting them on his shoulders. I no longer resisted him, but complied easily. He resumed forcing his manhood deep within me, and became lost in the pangs and jolts of pleasure, both from this friction of his cock in me, and his pelvis grinding against my clit. I had masturbated before, but this was something else, entirely! My legs began to slide off his shoulders, and they draped over his massive arms at the elbows as he grabbed my wrists, pulling me downwards onto him as he thrust upwards into me. My head turned and I could see Atal, laying there, bleeding as he watched me raped. Our eyes met, and I could feel the pain he was going through, both the physical and the emotional. Then my vagina flexed with passion, and my attention was again drawn to my attacker, his thrusting reaching a fever pitch. I was moaning and panting as he took one massive thrust and erupted into me, his voice a loud growl.

He then leaned forward and mashed his lips over mine, my open mouth taking his extended tongue as he kissed me. I returned the kiss, my tongue intertwined with his as he lay on me, filling my womb. He lay on me for a minute or so, kissing me and giving my body a quick pelvic thrust every so often. "For a virgin, you are a dynamite fuck!" he jeered.

He rose from me, his softening cock withdrawing from my body, and he rose to dress. He looked down at Atal, and snorted. "A real man would have already been fucking her." He sneered, "Then I just would have watched!"

I lay there, my one heel caught in the soft grass, knee bent, my other leg laying on the grass, thighs wide apart. My skirt was wide on my stomach, and I could feel a wetness trailing down my butt to the grass. I began to cry.


Atal actually got up and left me lying there. It was the end of our relationship. The worst was dreading my father finding out. So I hid it from him. I got up, and went home, only to find the lights on. I peeked in and found Daddy asleep on the couch. I went around back and snuck into the house, hiding in my room until the next day. I ran into the man who took my virginity 5 days later. Little did I know that the 4th of July was the beginning of my living an alternate lifestyle...
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