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This story contains adult oriented material and is not suitable for minors, and that means people under the age of 18 or 21 – depending where you are.

This story is completely fictitious and any character similarities to person/persons in real life are entirely chance.


My name is John. I am 35, and married. I am about to tell you a story of my wife (just turned 20 and yes I know – lucky old me) Faye.

Id love to hear your feedback, seen as this is my first story.


I had always had a thing about seeing my wife with another woman. And my wife would always say no. To be honest, my wife is pretty prudish, no ass fucking, no oral, and if I tried to get any thing she disapproved of, she called me a weirdo.

Weird I maybe, but thats the way it is.

One day when I was on my way home from work, I saw a woman who could only be described as a high?class hooker, she carried a briefcase, which I guessed to be full of toy. I didnt really know because Id never needed to visit one before.

But I had an idea.

I pulled over and talked to her, asking for her name, (Anita) and the price to see her and another woman. She said $200. I told her that I would give her $300 to be part of my little deception. She was to wear the same suit that she was now. (A sober charcoal skirt and jacket with a plunging neckline) I would prepare my wife and she must knock on the door and ask to come in and talk about a conservatory (Faye had been nagging me to buy one for a while now) I would leave the room and she would make a move on my wife.

She was not to take no for an answer.

She hopped into the car with me, and I drove to the house, reminding her to wait in the car for at least 20 minutes.

When I left the car, I had a spring in my step. As I walked through the door, my wife planted a kiss on my lips and grabbed at my cock, asking what had taken me so long. I explained that I had by chance met with a friend of mine for lunch, and that his wife worked for a double glazing company, that happened to do conservatories. She was overjoyed and was thrilled to bits, practically screaming that she knew I would come round and get her one. I told that if she was grateful then she would go and change clothes for me.

She swallowed the bait and ran upstairs and came down within 10 minutes in a short, red, halter neck dress. Perfectly on time, Anita rang the doorbell. Faye ran to the door, intending to get rid of whoever it was.

Hello madam, I am here about a conservatory, I believe you were expecting me?

Faye looked at me furiously, but stepped aside none the less. She said something about changing her clothes but I steered her into the living room and sat her down next to Anita. First I introduced them, this is Anita, this is Faye… blah, blah, blah etc.

Then I offered Anita a drink, lemonade perhaps. She gracefully accepted, and I hurried of to the kitchen to fetch it. I waited a while then I went back to the doorway, to see what was happening in there.

I saw Anita, her hand on my wifes thigh, talking earnestly to her. The general gist was that she found Faye to be a very attractive woman. She said that she would like to kiss her. I guess my wife felt sorry for her, because she said that she could. Anita leaned forward and placed her lips against Fayes, slowly massaging. After a while, my wife tried to break off, but just like I said, Faye wouldnt let up, she grabbed the back of my wifes head and pulled it towards her, starting to undo the tie at the back of my wifes dress. At this point, I realised that Faye wasnt gonna make this easy, so I rushed to the medicine cupboard (finally glad that Faye had got her way to having it downstairs) and put a couple of mild sedatives into a glass with some lemonade. I poured two more glasses and took them through to the living room, coughing loudly before I entered.

I thought you might want a glass as well I told Faye

I handed her the glass with the sedatives and she drank almost the whole thing in a couple of gulps. So I said cheerfully Have we decided any thing? to which the answer came not really, but weve been communicating ideas I made my excuses again and went upstairs. In my room (warm red walls, seven?foot square bed) I set up a video camera on a tripod. I checked the angle. Perfect. I went again downstairs, to find my wife pretty much incapacitated, and Anita looking worried. I explained to her about the sedatives, and then I carried her upstairs, (Im 5 11 while Faye is a mere 5 1 – you do the math) and laid her on the bed. Anita, who had followed, arranged her on the bed in a convenient position removed her clothes (except he red silk strapless bra and panties) and cuffed her to the bedstead, hand and foot.

She asked me to bring her briefcase, which I gladly did, first turning on the video camera.

When I returned, she and Faye were kissing passionately and Faye showed no signs of backing away this time. But Anita did.

She stood up and told Faye that she was a naughty, naughty girl, and that she needed punishing. Faye was clearly afraid, and it showed. She apologised to Anita and begged forgiveness and mercy, and tried to tell Anita that she just wasnt ready for a woman. This was obviously just what Anita wanted, she said to my wife that she had two choices – lick her pussy or be spanked. Faye began to sob but Anita didnt seem to care, she rolled Faye over in her cuffs and began raining blows onto the tight ass I had tried so often to persuade my wife to let me fuck.

Faye let out cry after cry, bur Anita carried on spanking her for at least ten minutes, after which she said again – lick my pussy or get spanked. My wife obediently said she would lick Anita's pussy. Her wrists were released from the cuffs and she sat up. Anita stripped, revealing purple satin bra and panties, (which she removed) she piled two pillows on the bed, about a foot in front of my wife. Anita lay down, the pillows supporting her hips and Faye bent down and tentatively licked. She considered the taste and, seeming to like it, she took another lap, then another, growing faster and faster. I began to thank god that I had this on video camera.

Suddenly, Anita clenched all her muscles and came. She dressed and left the house, leaving me with only the words I will come back to see your lovely wife again.
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