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I told you in my last story about my black friend Andrew forcing himself upon my wife, Dana. For months I could think of nothing but the visual of his cock in her mouth and the vision of his massive black body mounting her as she struggled was forever burned in my memory. Every time we made love I would think back to that night and for some sick reason I was so turned on the intensity of my orgasm was overwhelming. Andrew continued to visit as if nothing had ever happened. He and Dana seemed to be friendlier than ever.

I never let on to Dana that I knew what happened. As the months wore on I began to push her in bed about making my fantasy a reality of watching her sleep with another man. She seemed to be more accommodating now for reasons that I now know.

One night, eight months after the incident of her being taken we in the middle of lovemaking, I was massaging her between her legs softly as I kissed and licked her nipples. I whispered to her, “ Baby how would you like to have a big strange cock?”

Normally she would have just nodded and moaned a little, this time was different, very different.

Softly she spoke,”Oh yes baby, I want a big cock,” My heart raced, I couldn’t believe she started to open up.

“That’s hot baby, yes I like that tell me more.”

“I want a big cock so bad.” She continued whispering to me.” I don’t know if I should say all this to you.”

I quickly reassured her, ”Please baby tell me more I love it, it makes me so hot, I want to see you with another man so bad.”

“What would you want me to do baby, are you sure you would want to see it?” Dana seemed to be questioning me for some reason.

“Oh god yes, oh yes baby I want to see it so bad please tell me what you would do with another man.”

Dana started and from this point on it never stopped. She started to masturbate as she talked, ”Ohhhh I want to take his huge cock in my mouth and suck him so good, I want to hear him grunt as I suck and slob him, I want his cock to be so big that I go crazy, Then I want him to take me, pin me down and slide his massive meat inside of me splitting me open and driving deep in me till he unloads inside of me.”

With that I started jerking my cock so fast “Oh god baby yes, Oh god baby I love that, that’s going to make me cum, please tell me more.”

Dana then surprised me even more, I couldn’t believe it, her hips bucked up and down,“Oh god Jeff, then I want him to pull his big black cock out of me with his cum all over it and I want him to straddle my face and fuck my mouth with his big balls bouncing off my chin.”

As those words spilled from Dana’s mouth, I grunted and came intensely, I could not believe Dana was fantasizing about a black man after what she had been through. I massaged and kissed her breast as she came so hard. We both rolled over and went to sleep.

The next day I came home from work and told her what a wonderful time I had and asked her how was it for her. She told me how good it was to be open like that. That night in bed we began to talk and she asked me if our episode last night made me feel insecure or anything. I told her it was quite the opposite. I told her how excited I was and how I thought about it all day. I asked Dana if she would really do something like that so I could watch.

“I don’t think so, I don’t think you could really deal with something like that.” Dana told me like she was asking me if I could.

“ Yes I could deal with it and would love nothing more than to see you pleasured like that.”

I told her that I often fantasized of her with a black man and she would be so hot for him that she would devour him with her mouth and surrender to him.

I told her,” I wish so bad you had been with a black man before so you could tell me about it.”

‘Would you really want to hear about it.” She said.

‘Yes I would, I would want you to tell me every detail.”

“Do you mean while we were married or before?” Dana stared me in the eyes as she spoke.

‘Oh baby I mean while we were married, I want you to have done it while we were married and tell me all about it.”

“And you wouldn’t leave or be mad at all Jeff, are you sure you would want to know about it.”

“Yes Dana yes, I would want you to tell me every detail, I want that so bad that. I think I would feel so close to you for sharing it with me.”

With that Dana started talking, ”Well I have something to say then, I hope you are ready.” my heart pounded, “ For the past six months I have been having an affair with Andrew”

“Are you kidding, really big black Andrew?”

“Yes, I have been seeing him about once a week.”

I started kissing her passionately, moving my hand between her legs, kissing her breast and asking her,” where do you see him at where do you have sex at.

“In my van usually up the road in the woods and twice here, one time while you were asleep and one time in our bathroom while you and the other guys were outside.”

I was so excited I asked her. “how big is he and do you like it?”

“Andrew is huge and powerful and I love it so much I about do anything he wants and when he wants it I make sure I please him.”

Dana’s hips were rotating as she began to buck, “ I love to suck his big cock oh god I love it when he pounds me oh go oh god yessssssss.” Dana came.

Dana then sucked me off and we went to sleep.

I called her from work the next day, she asked me how I felt and I told her I could not get it off my mind that I loved it. Truth is, I was somewhat confused and felt jealous and aroused at the same time. Just felt crazy. I told her I wanted to watch her and Andrew make love so bad. Dana told me she didn’t know if she could do that or if he would.

That evening when I got home I badgered her about it and begged her to let me watch. She finally gave in and said she would speak to Andrew about it. We ate supper and I was watching television as she came upstairs she sat beside me, smiled and said, “ok you win.”

“What do you mean?”

“ I just got off the phone with Andrew and he said you could watch us get it on.”

I could not believe it. This was really happening, everything was in a whirlwind.

That weekend was setup for the kids to go to grandma’s and Andrew would come over Saturday night for dinner drinks and some of Dana. I was so excited when Saturday finally rolled around. Dana wore a short black skirt sleeveless top with lots of cleavage.

The doorbell rang, I got up to get it but Dana said, “I’ll get it.”

She opened the door, Andrew entered and they embraced right before me. As they hugged, Andrew looked at me and said. “Is this what you want?”

“Yes please Andrew just take her and do with her what you want, pretend I am not here.”

He started to kiss her, she kissed back, they tongued each others mouth. He caressed her butt softly. Their embrace broke as I got up and poured them both a glass of wine. The two of them sat on the sofa as I sat in the chair across from them. We chit chatted while they drank. I could tell Dana was getting a little tipsy as she giggled and started touching Andrew. She put her glass on the coffee table and looked at me and started to kiss Andrew. They caressed one another as they kissed passionately. His hand moved to her knee and worked its way up her milky white thigh. My heart raced faster and faster as I watched frozen in my chair. The lamplight shined on the two of them. Dana parted her legs for Andrew, he didn’t even have to work for it. I crouched down a little so I could see under her skirt to find she had no panties on. Andrews hand made its way to the lips of her cunt and caressed softly. She moaned a little with her tongue inside his mouth. Her little white hand had made its way to his crotch and the bulge in his pants was growing at a rapid pace. Her hips began to rotate as she unbuttoned his pants started to unzip him, her hand disappeared in his slacks. Dana broke the kiss and looked at me.

“Can you handle it, is this what you want to see.”

I uttered just one word. ”Yes.”

Andrew lifted his hips and pulled his pants down. My God I thought as his cock flopped out, looking at it was unbelievable. I thought, just a huge piece of dark meat. Dana’s small white hand wrapped around the girth and started stroking him. She looked at me as she started lowering her head, staring me in the eyes she spoke softly, “Are you sure this is what you want to see Jeff?”

“Yes yes yes.”

“Are you sure you can handle what is going to happen to me tonight,” her mouth moved closer and closer to his cock, ”Are you sure you can handle what I am going to do?”

“Yes god please, yes Dana, do it baby.”

Her mouth opened wide, I gazed as the head of his huge black cock disappeared in my wife’s mouth. He laid his head back on the sofa as Dana began to suck, her head slowly bobbing up and down over his cock. Moaning as she sucked , Dana stroked him pulling her mouth off to kiss and lick the head and then she would lower her mouth slowly back over his cock and she would slide her mouth as far down as she could. He caressed her breasts as she made love to his cock. Her sucking became more passionate as she moaned and moved her hips. I could see her cunt was glistening, she was soaking wet and the lips of her pussy were so swollen.

Dana pulled her mouth off, slightly lifted her head, looked me in the eyes, ‘God I love his dick so much.” She then lowered her head again and started licking and sucking his nuts. Andrew spread his legs and Dana moved her mouth to under his nuts and started licking. I couldn’t tell if she was licking his asshole or not but she had to be right there and Andrew’s moans became louder. I

I had now pulled my small cock out and was stroking myself. I could stroke much or would cum quickly. Dana moved her mouth to his cock once again and started bobbing her mouth up and down quickly while her little white hand was stroking the base of his cock. Andrew had put his feet on the coffee table and spread his legs wide, my wife’s head buried in his lap moving up and down, her mouth slobbing his cock, her hand could not fit around the entire thickness of his cock but she was stroking him faster now. He started to buck raising his hips. Dana’s hand worked his cock faster, she kept the head of his cock in her mouth licking and sucking just the head as she was trying to milk him. Andrew grunted loudly, shuddered as his cum ran from Dana’s mouth over the shaft of his cock.

Dana moaned, “Mmmmmmmmmmmm,” As she continued sucking him.

Andrew looked at me, ‘Damn your wife can suck cock man.”

I jerked my little dick until I came. I kept watching her, she sucked for about five more minutes till he got stood and said, “its time for your little lady to get fucked.”

That turned me on so much but I had grown soft and I was wishing it was over. I was feeling threatened and jealous. He pushed her to her back parted her legs, and mounted her. Andrew asked her, “You ready for this, tell me,”

“Oh god yes please Andrew please,”

“Please what baby.”

“Please fuck me Andrew please fuck me now.” Dana begged him to fuck her as she raised her hips to meet him.

Andrew mounted my wife with his massive black body, I jumped from the chair moved to the end of the sofa just in time to see him penetrate her. I never saw her pussy like that before. Dana threw her head back, grasped his ass with her hands as he plunged inside her. She gasped, ‘OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!”

I watched as her cunt took all of his cock, he went deep, he drove into her, pounding her into submission. Her cunt was spread wider than I ever thought possible. He began the most powerful fuck I have ever witnessed. Her feet bounced in the air and she groaned and moaned in such an ecstasy I have never heard. She pulled his head to hers and locked her mouth on his as he pounded away. I stood watching in awe as this black man was mounted between my wife’s legs driving her into our sofa. She was making sounds I had never heard before. I know she came a few times, her toes curled and she gasped and moaned intensely. He broke their kiss and asked her, “You like that dick baby?”

“Oh god yes yes yes I love it baby nobody can fuck like you, yes yes please fuck me baby I love your dick so much.”

Andrew started to pound even harder in her as he started to grunt, I moved a little closer to see as his cum was on his shaft as he pulled out then plunging in again. He then came to a stop, resting on to of Dana they kissed with his cock buried deep in her.

Andrew then stood up. Dana was laying on our sofa sprawled out. I moved in close between her legs to look and he pussy was gaped open with Andrew’s cum oozing out. Her cunt was soaked and swollen. I felt weird but was on my knees staring at her face and cunt as I stroked. I came very hard, it was a little embarrassing as they both watched as cum dribbled from my little white dick.

I had witnessed my wife beg for black cock and then love it. I was troubled by this and think there is a little something wrong with me for liking this. I don’t know what it is psychologically but it is strange. It is not right. This began a relationship with Andrew and others. I have many more true stories to tell. I only tell them sometimes. I am troubled by them but deeply aroused. I cant stop it and don’t think she would stop now. No one in our family knows at this time but there are friends of ours who know and have witnessed some of the sexual encounters of her with black men. I will divulge more later. Hi to our friends reading this in Alabama. Will write the stories where you watched later on.

Dana, my wife, the black cock whore.