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I waited for Miss Chaste to go to sleep. She was wearing a white cotton gown and cotton panties. How like a good Catholic churchgoer to not indulge her flesh in sexy nighties that would show off her sexy body. Tonight her body was going to be used again and again until she begged for more. I had put laced her tea with a sexual stimulant that would make her body to my every touch so when I defiled her she would feel the inner shame of her body warring against her puritanical tendencies. I'd setup a video camera in the bedroom to capture every moment of her defilement. It was almost showtime so to speak. She was drinking her tea laced with a big shot of vodka...it was her only indulgence of the flesh she allowed. She justified it under needing a good night's sleep.

She turned on her radio to a classical music station as she placed her tea glass down on the bedside stand by her bed. Despite the hot humid heat of a Florida night, Miss Chaste refused to turn on her air conditioner though she could easily afford it. She didn't believe in any indulgences because it weakened one's resolve against the flesh. She fell asleep quickly not thinking tonight would change her life.

I crept out of her closet. I was dressed in Catholic priest's robes with nothing under it but my hard throbbing cock. My brother was wearing a dark black cloak that covered up his nakedness and the upper portion of face was covered by a goat's head mask(the symbol of Satan). He worked quickly to tie her hands to her bedpost before she woke up. I took out an sliver of an ice cube from her glass and started rubbing it on her face.

"Miss Chaste, get up , bitch ....time for you to learn the pleasures of being a whore for a man," I said roughly as I watched terror fill her eyes. She tried to move her

face away from my hand. I slapped her roughly across the face.

"Be still, bitch, and do what we tell you to do....you may find yourself begging for men to fill your cunt with their seed after tonight," I said.

I watched as my brother took a knife and cut off her nightgown. He gently rubbed his knife across her breasts. God, she had been hiding 42dd's under all her church woman look. She had big dark nipples that stood out against her snowwhite skin. I couldn't wait until he got down to her pussy. I loved a woman with dark hair. He drew a little blood on one breast....

She flinched and trembled .

"Please don't do this...I'm a virgin. I promised God to never let my body be used for wanton pleasures....I will be defiled for breaking my vow to God....I'll give you money, anything but this," she said with tears of humiliation.

"Ah, but what better bride for Satan, "my brother said with a sneer as his knife cut away her panties. He racked his knife over her black pubic hairs. She tried to move out of the knife's way when I yanked her legs open and smacked her hard on her pussy lips again and again. Her pink cunt lips reddened under my spankings.

She attempted to scream when my brother stuffed her panties into her mouth to muffle the sound. I took off my robes and my brother his cloak.

Miss Chaste tried to shut her eyes when she saw our naked bodies.

My brother took one of nipples and twisted it unmercifully . She tried to cry out in pain.

"Keep those eyes open or you'll get more of this, bitch!" he ordered.

She opened her eyes and tears of shame were running down her cheeks. This

couldn't be happening to her she thought. This is some kind of a bad dream.

I came up to her face and started slapping my cock across her face. My brother began to suck, lick, rub and pinch her nipples. Her body started to react the sexual stimulant and she began moaning loudly . He started to leave love bite marks on her breasts as I went down to eat out her virginal honey pot. Her sheets were already wet from her cumming from my brother's attention to her breasts.

I started to lick and suck on her pussy until she came again and again. Then I would spank her pussy and make it sore and enlarged, I then would take a sliver

of ice and run it up and down her hot sore pussy . Her cunt would convulse in wetness as it reacted to the ice.

I watched as my brother took out the panties out of her mouth and stuffed his thick

large cock down her throat. She was gasping for air and gagging as he started to fuck her mouth deep and hard. Tears were streaming down here cheeks but her body was that of a whore wanting more and more .I watched as she nearly choked

on my brother's cum. He untied her from the bedpost.

"Scream out and your throat will be slit," he said,"Get on all fours ,bitch. Brother, take her tight virgin cunt and make it ready for me to impregnate her."

I watched as my brother thrust his limp cock into her face.

"Lick my cock and balls well my brother fucks your tight cunt ," he ordered.

I thrust my cock deep into her cunt....only to be stopped by hymen. I decided to take her rough so she'd always remember losing her virginity. I thrust deep, hard,

and roughly into her cunt until I felt her hymen tear. It turned me on. I started pump harder and harder each time. I heard her moan more and more loudly.

I started slapping her nice round white ass. It caused her already tight cunt lips to tighten even more around my cock. She had cum and cum repeated on my cock

as I pumped her. I felt her cunt milk my seed out of cock. I pulled out of her to see what my brother had plans for next.

My brother's cock had revived to Miss Chaste's tongue action.

He laid himself down on the bed.

Miss Chaste had the look of a bitch in heat who had only just begun to fuck the pack. She tried to straddle my brother's erect cock when he pushed her away.

"Beg for it, like the whore you know you are. Tell me, you want it in your cunt and up your ass. Tell me you want me to impregnate you with the seed of Satan.

Once I fill you with my seed, you will only want to live a life of whore. You will seduce, defile many who are chaste like yourself." He said as if he had power over her. The only true power over her he had was the sexual stimulant I had put into her tea but my brother and I had learned whores believe anything you tell them.

" Please fill me with your seed....I can't get enough cock. Put it in my cunt and ass. Make me pregnant w/the seed of Satan. Let me become a whore for Satan.

I was so wrong in denying my flesh," Miss Chaste groveled before my brother's thick , large erect purple cock.

"Slut , mount my cock and brother fuck her up the ass while I fuck her cunt."

Miss Chaste reacted like a bitch in heat ...she met our hard thrusts with thrusts of her own.

"Fuck me, I was made to be a whore. Harder, harder. "She cried out.

I slapped her red ass cheeks again each time I thrust deep into her ass. My brother and I came at the same time . Miss Chaste fell exhausted on the bed...my brother and I quickly dressed while it was still dark outside and away.

In our serial defilements of women, Miss Chaste has turned out better than we had hoped. She ended up birthing twin boys...something of a family legacy that we gave her that night. You see, my brother and I are identical twins. In all the serial defilements we have done to women, she has exceed our dreams. She became known as the whore where ever she is.....she is quite accomplished at seducing men and women who are intent on living a chaste life. You see, it wasn't the sexual stimulant that changed her into a whore...she had repressed it under her pious repressed sexuality. It took a good fucking to free her of her repression.

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