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Chapter 1

Gonzalez looked back at the woman. She was clearly most uncomfortable. After riding three hours, tied tightly to the mule, her muscles were cramping. His captive was moaning in pain.

Gonzalez stopped at his adobe. He brought the woman inside and laid her on the floor.

Just as Juanita Vallejo began to recover normal circulation, Gonzalez threw a rope over the central ceiling beam and pulled, hard. It yanked her wrists over her head and stretched her until her feet could barely touch the floor. Then her clothes were violently ripped off.

Finished, Gonzalez stood back to admire his handiwork. Before him was a beautiful, full figured, middle-age woman. She had big tits, a big ass, and a body, hard and firm, from a life spent working on a rancheria.

"Mrs. Vallejo," Gonzalez began, "I want to welcome you to my home." This was the first time he'd used her name. Sweating, the woman stared at him with fear in her eyes.

"You are probably wondering why I've brought you here. Well, your husband brought a lot of pain into my life. He owes me some pleasure. You are going to pay his debt..."

Chapter 2

"Here's what we're going to do," Gonzalez explained to the naked woman. "I'm going to tell you my story. I'll stop at intervals for a demonstration." The vaquero paused as he looked angrily into her eyes. "Then it will be your choice - a painful or a pleasurable demonstration."

Gonzalez told her how he and two of his compadres had been drifting east, heading for Sonoma. They'd worked as vaquero's long enough to know that old Pedro Vallejo didn't like uninvited guests on his land.

But Vallejo owned 46,000 acres. The ranchero was so big that it was difficult to identify the location of a boundary line. There were no signs, posts or fences marking the border. Gonzalez and his compadres guessed - and they guessed wrong.

Pedro Vallejo and 50 of his men rode up one evening and attacked Gonzalez and his two friends. They came in at gun point, without warning. Outnumbered and surrounded, the trio surrendered. They were brutally beaten. But one of his amigos was a fighter, Gonzalez explained, so old Pedro shot him...

"Now, Mrs. Vallejo, time for our first demonstration. Your choice for pleasure or pain. You can willingly fuck me or I'll use you for target practice. Tell me what you want." Gonzalez removed her gag. Juanita Vallejo stared at him, hesitating for a moment, then spit in his face.

Gonzalez smiled as he wiped the spittle off, then suddenly, hit her face with a vicious slap. "OK, bitch, target practice."

Gonzalez hung an apple just above her head, then turned and walked away. Quickly, he whirled and, in one motion, drew his revolver and fired. It split the apple in two. A terrified Juanita blushed as a brown stream of shit ran down her leg. Gonzalez sat down on a stool and continued his tale...

...Gonzalez lay in agony on the ground after the beating. He knew he had several broken bones. The men interrupted his painful rest, stripped him of his clothes, lifted him up and tied him to a tree. Then they gave him 25 lashes with a bullwhip...

"Now its time for our second demonstration, madam. Your choice of pleasure or pain. Either you fuck me willingly or I use this whip." Juanita Vallejo watched fearfully as Gonzalez lifted a bullwhip in front of her eyes. She cringed at the sight, but then, courageously, stiffened her back, turned her head, and once again, spit in the vaquero's face.

Gonzalez stepped back, letting the whip fall out to its full length, then pulled it through the air with all his might. It hit Mrs. Vallejo's back like a thunderclap. She screamed in pain.

By the third stroke, Juanita began blubbering incoherently. By the sixth, her will broke. By the eighth, she was promising to do whatever Gonzalez wanted. After the tenth stroke, she passed out.

After a brief respite, Gonzalez threw a bucket of ice cold water on his captive, reviving her. As Juanita looked around, she could see that she was still in the adobe, still hanging from the center pole, and still naked. Oh, how her back hurt! She watched as Gonzalez sat down to continue his story...

To Be Continued...