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The first thing that I noticed about Toni were her eyes. They shone this startling silvery-blue, like ice, and just made my skin crawl every time I looked into them. She was a mentally strong woman, who had control of every situation she was in .. which made breaking her even more fun.

I've never been good at judging a woman's height .. but Toni was a short girl, with plenty of curves to leave your mouth watering. She moved with an innate grace through the halls, and every flash of skin she'd show would beg to be bitten, licked .. generally devoured in the heat of passion. I'd go to sleep every night longing to see that creamy white skin of hers flushed and covered in a sheen of sweat. She became an obsession. Every day I'd see those flashing eyes, that cloud of jet-black hair .. those full red lips pouting with her teasing smile. I knew that I had to have her, no matter what the cost.

As luck would have it, I attended the same classes as Toni, as we both were working towards art degrees. On this particular day, I was sitting a few seats down, trying to ignore the perfume that danced from her skin, and focus on the lesson .. but, I failed miserably. The professor let the class go early, in order to jump-start the latest project he had in store, but stopped me in my tracks as I was heading out the door.

"Mr. Kent? I need to speak to you. I've noticed that in the past few weeks, your grades have been falling behind. Now, I won't interfere with your personal life, if you're having problems I know that you have to deal with them yourself ... but I wanted to remind you about our peer tutor program. I hope that you don't mind, I took the liberty of asking Ms. Chanter if she would be interested in helping you out, and she's graciously accepted."

It wasn't until he mentioned her name, that I realized Toni had remained behind, as well. She walked next to me, and rested her schoolbooks on one of those luscious hips of hers. Her lips parted to show the edge of pearly white teeth, quite friendly in her ignorance.

"I'd be happy to help you out, Andy", she added, in a friendly, but sober voice.

It seemed as if the situation had been decided for me, and though I was sure that they wouldn't help me in my classes, I readily agreed. The professor helped arrange a time with which Toni and I could study quietly, and we parted ways, to meet once more later on that night. The rest of the day's classes seemed to drag by, and the lingering thought of her kept bringing to life inconvenient erections in the midst of my lessons. Somehow, however, I made it through the day, only slightly worse for wear, and rushed to my dorm to wash up.

When I arrived in the campus library, it was bustling with activity, and I had to search to find space at one of the long tables. I'd come early, but it didn't take long until my eyes caught sight of her strutting towards me - in the most delicious little outfit I could've imagined. Her breasts were not the largest I've seen, but they were a generous handful, and barely contained by the tight gray cotton of her spaghetti-strap tank-top. As for her pants, they were low-waisted sweat-pants, that clung suggestively to her ass, and didn't quite manage to cover the black thong that rode up on her hips, nor the maddening slope of her lower torso that led between her thighs.

She gave me a warmer smile than before, and comfortably slipped into the chair next to me. After a bit of polite small-talk she got down to business, and began going over the previous weeks lesson with me. I'm sure she was very proficient at the subject, and that she could've helped me immensely, but my mind was focused on the steady heaving of her chest, and the jiggle of her breasts as she animated the words with her hands.

Hours must've passed this way, before she looked to the clock, and started gathering her books. I blinked myself out of my daze, and cast a glance around the library to find it unusually empty of people .. it was far later than I had thought, and I shifted my weight around my uncomfortable erection as she turned back to me, and spoke with an amused tone.

"Well, I hope I helped you out .. though I don't think you were listening to a single word I said ..", she shook her head and pushed herself to her feet, looking down at me with an almost condescending smile. Her words startled me, at first .. I hadn't even thought that she might realize my lack of attention to her words, being so used to watching her from afar. Then, however, I couldn't help but feel a rather justified anger .. after all, this was the woman who had been driving me mad, and flunking me from my class, for the past month or two. How dare she, I thought, come to a tutor session dressed so, and then mock me for being aroused?

"You'd better shape up, Andy, or you're going to throw this entire thing away. I'll ask that you get a male tutor next time .. maybe then you'll be able to keep your eyes in the books." As she spoke, she reached to grab her neat stack of books. As she lifted them, I placed my hand upon them, and pushed them down as I stood, towering nearly a foot over her. I was not an abnormally strong man, or violent, but I was not about to sit here and let even this girl make fun of me ... especially this girl!

"Listen, I have to get going, I have an early class tomorrow. I wasted my entire night here already ... I really don't feel like wasting anymore." Her hand lifted to remove mine, but my other flew up to catch her wrist. Seized by some fey urge, the hand upon her books grabbed her other wrist, and crossed her arms before her in an X. Her breasts were pressed together by her arms, and the barest edge of one rosy areola peeked above the low neckline, boiling my blood in it's veins.

Toni swore at me in anger, and I reacted instinctively, jerking one arm to twirl her around, so that her back was pressed against my chest, where it was easy to hold both of her small wrists in one hand, as the other lifted to cover her mouth. She gave a protest, but it was muffled against my hand as I scanned the room to affirm that it was, indeed, empty. I hurriedly pushed her forward with my knee, and her own buckled, making her lurch forward step by step, despite her struggles, where we lost ourselves amidst the towering bookshelves.

Hidden in the labyrinth of the aisles were several reading nooks, nicely appointed with sofas, tables, desks and the like. As we passed by one, I pinned her between my body, and the wall, so that she could not wrench free her arms, and ripped away her flimsy tank top once and for all. She gave another muffled scream against my hand at this indignity, and began to struggle, but I only pulled her back against me, and towards the couch.

Throwing her onto the couch face-first, I pinned a knee against her shoulders, so that her face was buried in the thick cushion, and she had no leverage to escape. I grabbed both of her wrists once more, and blessed Boy Scouts as I tied her hands together, palm-to-palm, with the remnants of her tank top. Once there was a firm knot, I jerked her wrists up, which was sure to send a sharp pain through her shoulders as the joint strained, and addressed her with a growl.

"Listen, baby, I am going to do this whether you like it or not. You have been distracting me for months, now, and I need to get you out of my system, before I go insane." As I spoke, my free hand was roaming down to her sweatpants. My throbbing member urged speed, and I yanked them, and her thong, down over her plump ass with a single jerk, but couldn't fully remove them from my angle.

"You came here tonight because you wanted to get fucked, don't deny it." Her protests and soft groan of pain was muted against my hand as I pulled her back off of the couch, to bend her over the arm. From this angle it was far easier to remove her pants, and I did so my pushing them from her satiny skin with my knee, as I held her wrists and mouth. "My cock has been aching for you, Toni .."

Oh, how I wanted to lick every inch of her skin, to taste her juices, and nibble my way across those delectable breasts of hers .. but the constant arousal of the day had taken it's toll, and at that moment I wanted nothing more than release. I dug her bound hands into her lower back, forcing her face against the arm of the couch, though it didn't muffle her as well as the cushion had. This released one of my hands to unbutton my jeans, and push them from my hips. My cock arched from the hole of my boxers, throbbing a deep red, and the head of it already glistened with precum. I gave a small moan as the cold air pressed against the hot, firm flesh, and positioned it against her folds without wasting a second.

With one swift stroke, I impaled her writhing body with my cock, and had to dig my teeth into my lower lip to contain a victorious cry of pleasure as I was surrounded by her hot .. and WET .. walls. A part of me had expected to find her dry, and unexcited, but this was indisputable proof that she was most definitely enjoying this.

"You slut!" I gave a low groan, and ground my hips against her firm ass. "You're really getting into this, aren't you?" My hand moved from her wrists, to tangle in that curtain of jet-black hair, yanking her head up by it, and spying the humiliated red of her skin. "Do you like being abused like this, Toni?" I bent my knees and pulled almost completely from her, as my other hand lifted to grab onto her breast, tugging the nipple into a hard peak. "I knew you wanted me to fuck you .." Before she could respond I straightened my knees, and drove myself hard into her wet pussy, producing a breathless cry from her lips.

"Oh, god .. Andy, stop this right now!", she managed, as I slowly slid from her, bending my knees once more. Her wrists jerked at the tank-top binding them, trying to pull free, but failing. "Stop .. let me go and I swear I won't tell anyone!" My only response was to thrust into her once more, using my body's weight and height to plow deep inside of her, certainly bruising her inner walls, and causing her to cry out once more, before the hand on her hip lifted to press against her mouth.

I began to steadily plow into her tight pussy, as my hand mauled her large, soft breast. I tried to maintain a slow pace, not wanting to lose the glorious sensation of her velvety walls on my hyper-sensitive skin, but wasn't doing a very good job, as I felt my cum rising, straining to burst free, and into her sweet hole. With a painful groan, I pulled from her pussy, with the hope of delaying my climax just a little longer. Her entire body seemed to slump, as if thinking that her ordeal was over.

I kept my cock from her pussy for a moment, but the cum just didn't want to be put at bay, and I knew that no matter how long I waited, I wouldn't be able to hold back much longer. And this got my mind working, as her body lay there, calm, hoping to be let go soon. My eyes scanned down her back, to her bound hands .. the round slope of her ass, with her dripping pussy, and that tight star peeking from her cheeks. I made my decision, then .. if I was going to cum, it was going to be in her ass, I'd come to far to quit now.

I pushed my cock back into her pussy, and her body jerked with surprise, as I stroked it in and out with aching slowness, coating it with her slick juices, before pulling out once more. Her body nearly vibrated with her tense confusion, and she nearly screamed as I pressed the bulbous head against her ass, and started pushing forward. Her body was flailing, her hips trying to wiggle and avoid my member, and so I pulled both hands from restraining her wrists and mouth, to dig my fingers into the flesh of her hips. With one forceful stroke, I ripped through her tight muscle, and forced the head of my raging penis into her.

"Oh, shit!" I groaned, as her ass seemed like a vise, even around the head of my cock. I pressed further, and managed to dig further into her, though every inch was nearly painful as the steaming walls tried to force me out. My nails bit her skin as my fingers gripped her tighter, forcing myself forward with powerful bursts, until I was buried in her to the hilt. From here it was easier, and I slowly pulled myself out, before shoving the entire length into her ass with one thrust.

I quickly picked up a manic, hurried pace, as I slammed into her, over and over again. Her tears were soaking into the arm of the couch, and every thrust produced a weak whimper of pain .. but even as my cum rose in my cock, her whimpers became more frequent, until she buried her own face against the arm in an attempt to mask her sounds of pleasure. Even as I gave a cry of victory, and felt my balls tighten to shoot, she gave a strangled scream of orgasm, and as thick ropes of my seed spilled into her bowels, her own juices flowed from her aching cunt like a fountain, soaking my balls through my boxers.

I gave a long, low moan, and left my cock inside of her until every last drop of sperm was released. Finally I carefully pulled from her, wincing as her skin rubbed against the hyper-sensitive head, and came free with a pop, and a trickle of cum. I released her hips, and pushed my slowly-softening member back through the hole of my boxers, before pulling up my jeans. She was softly sobbing into the material of the sofa, and after buttoning my jeans, I leaned over her, carefully untying her wrists, and pressing a kiss to her cheek, as I whispered into her ear.

"You were so good, baby .. " I pressed another kiss to her skin, this time on her ear-lobe. "I need tutoring in Art History, as well, so I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of each other." I gave a sharp bite to the ear-lobe, and stood straight again, giving her perky ass a nice smack, before turning in the direction of our books. "Talk to you later, Toni!" With that, I grabbed my books, and walked from the library, whistling cheerfully to myself.