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As the rather large balding 50 year old man rolled off the beautiful 28 year old woman, she was grateful he had cum quickly and only a little. During his grunting she had made the correct noiseís, by grunting and squealing, all just to make him think she too had cum.

In truth it was three months since she had an orgasm and living like this was hell for her. Still she knew one thing, she must make the most of this marriage, it had got to work; others depended on it. So there and then, as she stared at the ceiling she decided to visit a therapist, she had seen the advert in a high quality magazine and now was as good a time as any.

Tuesday afternoon at two she arrived at the address, the brass plate with a name D, Mathews followed by lots of letters, looked promising, so she entered and went into the waiting room. She was the only one there with nothing else to do but look at the receptionist, a very attractive woman in her thirties. After five minutes she was ushered into the consulting room where she was meet by another good looking, if not a little masculine featured brunet who introduced herself as, Doreen Mathews consultant before she said, "Mrs Tracy Renaldo, please take a seat, how may I help you?Ē

As Tracy took a deep breath and started so Mathews pressed a small button under her desk to activate the tape recorder.

"I know it sounds silly but itís my home life and the sex thatís involved in it," she took another deep breath as Mathews nodded for her to continue. "I think all my problems stem from my childhood, as you consulates always say they do.

I went to a top girls school, never anything to do with sex in fact celibate, but at home my sister,Ē she stopped, "Eerrrrr look this goes no further than this room," Mathews slowly nodded.

"My sister was being abused by my father, because of it she tried to kill herself,Ē Tracey took a deep breath, ďShe failed but ended up paralysed and I feel I left her to this fate, so I have taken it on myself, with out fail I must pay for her care.Ē

ďTo be honest I married for money and I have been taking it, in large amounts without his knowledge for years, my father would go to prison if this came out and that would kill my mother, as you can see Iím in a catch 22 position."

"My husband, please donít get me wrong on this Iím very fond of him, but thatís it, no love, in fact I hate it when he touches me but he is a very clever man, a scientist, again Iíll be honest, a wealthy scientist. A nice man who just wants a little normal sex now and again, that I can handle, it was three months ago it all went wrong, it was," she broke down.

Mathews was at her side, "Look Mrs Renaldo or may I call you Tracey? Have a drink, I make it with special herbs and Iíll give you a small injection just to relax you, donít worry this goes no further than us.Ē

Mathews prepared the mixtures her eyes could not help but admire the beauty in front of her. The perfect legs, clad in smoke coloured stockings disappeared up under her pleated skirt towards a tight flat stomach, she had a pert full round bottom, slim waist that filled up to large firm breasts that didnít need support and a face of rare beauty, slightly pouted lips, cute button nose and doleful brown eyes all framed in waves of brown hair, a true beauty, Mathews sat back in the chair and waited, soon the injection and the drink had Tracey totally calm.

"Were was I, oh yes three months ago, we were sitting relaxing, we had just come home and I had changed into my house dress when four masked gunmen broke in.

They wanted something to do with a formula that Hugo had got, he told them it was at the lab and the diagrams would take three days to get. They said no problem they would take me as hostage, I would be unharmed if every thing went right and he would get me back when the ransom, that of the formula, was handed over, one of them would stay with him to make sure no police were involved. Suddenly my wrists were bound behind me, my mouth taped over, a hood over my head and I was bundled into a car and driven to, I know not where.Ē

The drugs were making it easy for Tracey to talk, it was as though it was happening as though she was back there. "I donít know where I am, we have been driving a while then the tyres make a crunching noise and we stopped, I think I can hear water, I was pulled out and pushed and pulled up a set of stairs and through a door, then another door, then sat, my hood was pulled off but they had their masks on, I looked around, it was a cabin, it looked lived in but I guessed not by them as they were looking round too.Ē

Mathews let her sip some more drink before begging her continue; "They are talking to each other in whispers as one came up to me. You are going to be alright just remember if you donít cause trouble than nether will we. Iím going to get some shut-eye as I have things to do later, donít worry the boyís will be around, and donít worry about them I promise no harm will come to you, the money for this job is too good, alright,Ē still gagged I nodded. ď Good I will see you later and we will feed you and get you comfy for the night, I hope it wonít be too long and you husband does his part of the bargain quickly, see you later."

"I felt happier as he left, the others kept whispering and looking in different rooms, one of them had a big smile on his face when he came out of the kitchen his mate asked him what he was smiling about he said. Tell you, no show you later, then they sat behind me still whispering this must have gone on for ten minutes.

Suddenly they are up and one of them is listening at the door to the other room and I hear, Heís asleep, then they both come towards me. Iím stood up and my gag is checked, to make sure my mouth is sealed two more pieces of tape join the other three covering my lips. They make certain my hands are well fastened, with out warning, Iím picked up, my legs are lifted and Iím carried into another room.Ē

Tracy swallowed, a little bead of sweat trickles down her nose, ďIím struggling but their far to strong, they put me down in what would be the dining room and push me back on to the table, holding me, they look at each other. One said I donít think he will hear but we better be quick, I stare at them but they just stare back at me."

Mathews could see her mood change and buzzed for her receptionist, they asked Tracey if she would be more comfortable lying on the couch, Tracey said she would and the two women help her on. When she was comfortable Mathews gave her another injection and in time a very relaxed almost dreamy Tracy Renaldo continued her story.

"Their masks, with the evil eye holes and grinning mouths came close to me as I struggled. Donít fight lady, look at this, it was a picture of me with Hugo when we were on holiday, both of us in swim wear. Still sneering at me; Donít you look good? When we saw what we would be guarding we knew we would have to see what the bumps and hollows were under that swimsuit, so do us and yourself a big favour, just lay still while we do the looking.

A hand immediately undid three buttons on the top of my dress and slid in cupping my breasts, playing on my nipple as another hand started itís way up under my dress, I could feel it on my leg, I tried to twist and turn but the hand carried on up, he smiled at me as he stroked my inner thigh. Donít fight, we are going to have a piece of you. With you married to that old fart we reckon you could do with a good seeing to and we are going to fuck you right now so just keep still while we enjoy you.

Mathews noticed the perspiration on Tracey forehead and how wet her lips where. Also her body was moving slightly, Tracey again swallowed before she continued.

"His hand was now pushed into my pants and stroking my pussy, he said to the other, Her cunt hairs are soft and you wait till you see these lips they feel so full ether side of a very tight slit, this has got to be seen to be believed, leave her titís alone and come here, hold her legs up.

I fought but my leg was pulled up and wide; Thatís great get them right up while I pull her pants to one side, oh yes look at that. My legs where pushed together as he bent them up the other was fingering all over my pussy and even pushing into my bottom, he whispered. Both her holes are as tight and just look, donít they look good enough to eat, hold her, let me give it a suck, I want to tongue her then Iím going to fuck her, you can have her after.

I felt him licking me, I would never let Hugo do that, oh no I thought oral sex filthy but his tongue was in me pushing, he stopped then I felt him, oh no the end was so big and I felt as if I would be torn in half as he pushed and pushed.

Suddenly he was in me, filling me, I had never felt anything so big before and it was in me, I thought he was all in but then he rammed and more filled me, it must have been twice the size of Hugo's, then he slid slowly out before ramming me again, then slowly out before he thumped back and that's how he fucked me, there was no kindness just pure lust.

At first it hurt but as I got wet it got easier and he was touching placeís in me, places that were being touched for the first time.Ē

"His ramming became faster and faster I had to lay there looking up at this mask with a grinning mouth when he pulled out and squirted him self all over my the backs of my legs and my bottom, the grin became wider.

That was one good fuck, he smiled down at me, Gemmy her legs you have some of her, she is one tight pussy and then the other man took his place, his slid in easy but the ramming was just as hard. The first one turned to me, changed arms holding my legs with his right as his left hand pushed into my dress top and he fondled my breast and rolled my nipples between his fingers.

As well as a hot tight cunt you got great tits, is there anything about you that ainít perfect for fucking? He turned to the other one, Ainít she got a fuckable hot tight cunt, as the ramming got harder his mate straggled a shout, Oh yes, as he pulled out and covered me, this time, with his juice.

The first one dropped my legs and told him not to shout, he made him go and listen at the door again saying, I donít want him awake yet I got one more surprise for our guest. I lay there wondering what next, he came back from the door, pulled the top of my dress open and bent down.

Heís still in the land of nod so Iím going to have me some more fun and suck me some tasty tittie`s. I couldnít see the other one, he had gone back into the kitchen, I knew when heíd come out I could hear him but my view was covered by this animal chewing at my nipples.

He came into my view, at the same time the one sucking my nipples looked up. What you got there? I could see, it was a cucumber, a tin and a bottle, he was getting his cock out, grinning like a school boy he put the cucumber against it.

Look about the right length Mrs Renaldo, you seemed to be able to take all of mine up that cunt of yours, and he broke off the cucumber at the same length as his cock, then he covered it in what ever was in the bottle and then dipped it in the tin, he held it up.

Look good to you Mrs Renaldo? Letís see if it fits as good as it looks, hold her leg, the other one stopped squeezing my breasts and got a hold of my leg, as did the other one waited, grinning at me until my legs were wide apart.

Suddenly my pants were pulled to the side again and I could feel this thing being forced in.

He turned to the other, You wanted to know what I was smiling at before, just wait till she gets this up her, Cucumber-a-la Tabasco and chilli pepper, hot stuff, they both laughed as they got it all the way in and pulled me up to sit on it.

As they dressed me I could feel it and when they made me walk back to the chair the feeling was incredible, my walking was making it do all sorts of thing to me inside and it was getting hot.

They sat me on the chair and fastened a rope around my neck to the back of the chair then down under the chair pulling my ankles hard back before tying them tight.

Then my waist was tied to the bottom back stave and crossed over my lap, finally my knees were tied together and then to ether side of the chair holding me completely immobile, then they sat back as the thing brought a heat in me, then the heat became an uncontrollable itch.

I moaned at them through my gag but they just enjoyed my suffering and this went on. It was getting worse as my already aroused pussy needed some sort of relief, I jumped as the sound of short sharp beeps filled the room and in a couple of moments the third one came into the room.

Bloody hell you got her strung up well, he looked me up and down as the other said,

Leave her, we wanted some shuteye too so we made sure she was going nowhere, I looked at him and moaned, his mouth didnít look as evil as the other two.

Donít worry Mrs Renaldo they wonít touch you, I have to go and sort some things out under the cover of darkness but I will be back about ten in the morning.

He turned to the others, listen you two, I know you want to sleep but you have to look after her, tie her comfy for the night and Iíll see you all in the morning, as he left one of them shouted, how shall we tie her and where?

He turned and scowled at them, Just keep her hands and feet tied put her on the bed and loop a rope round her neck to the bed head and make sure she has something to eat and is comfortable, I watched him go as the burning inside became unbearable.

I heard the van drive away, so did they, they got up, one of them went to the bag and pulled out some tape. Close your eyes or this will sting. I closed my eyes and they were covered, then I heard. Thank fuck for that, these masks are fucking stinking, then there was silence I could hear then moving about, my dress was lifted and a hand touched me between my legs.

How's it going up there? Nice and hot, it soon will be, the other one joined in, Now what was it we had to do, oh yes, put her on the bed and feed her, Iíll feed her alright some nice long meat, how do you fancy that Renaldo, you want something nice to suck on? I couldnít think straight the itch between my legs was unbearable and I could feel them untying me from the chair.

I was untied and stood up, Fancy another walk round the rooms Renaldo we know you like it, it seems to do things to you. I tried to guess where they were and shook my head. Oh come on just a little walk about. I felt the buttons on my dress undone from top to bottom exposing my breasts and pants; I was pulled quickly forward, as soon as my legs moved the feeling started again.

They were dragging me round by my nipples, the rubbing between my legs was making me wet, much as I fought moans were escaping from my throat and they knew I was aroused and I was pulled into another room then pushed back falling onto a bed I felt them ether side of me, my nipples were at their mercy again and my pants were being pulled down I was disgusted with myself as I heard.

Mrs Renaldo these are one wet pair of knickers you obviously need a good fucking again but this time we can take as long as we like up that cunt of yours.

I felt fingers pulling at the tape on my mouth and after a sharp pull, it was off, I coughed and wet my lips as he said, No need to think of shouting no-one will hear you, donít bother pleading with us, we got all night and nothing else to do so we have decided to have some fun and do you.

He slid his hand down between my leg and played with the end of the cucumber as soon as it moved the coating sent me into an erotic state, I pleaded in to thin air, For god sake take it out, please donít do this to me, have pity you donít know what your doing to me.

He laughed, No but I have a bloody good idea, how's this feel? He rubbed the nub of my clitoris and my body jerked upwards. Oh she likes that, he was still laughing he knew how wet I was and how it was turning me on, I have never been turned on like that before.Ē

Mathews and Jane the receptionist looked at Tracy they could see her legs squeezing together and they knew the sound of an aroused woman as the story carried on, it became jerky between Tracie's heavy breathing.

"Even the relentless squeezing and chewing of my breasts and nipples were exciting me then he said, You want it out, I bit my lip and nodded, You will have to earn that, he pushed his mate off and pulled me up to sit on it again, Feeding time. I heard his mate say; Oh yes please, the sides of my face were gripped, I heard a zip go down. Open that adorable mouth and get a mouthful of this, I had no choice and he put his cock still with the taste of me on it, in my mouth and started to shove, I never imagined anything so horrid but here I was, for the first time in my life, degraded in to giving oral sex to a man and I didnít know him, while another was playing with the end of a cucumber that was jammed up my pussy.

"My head was being pulled back and forth, I could hear the pleasure in his voice as he told me to lick under his cock while it drove in to my mouth. Come on baby got to teach you how to suck cock for if and when we let you back to that old fart he may like you more so get your tongue under it, hold it there as I use it to fuck your tonsils. All the time this was happening the other one was fingering me, pushing my pussy hard back and with his other hand tickling between my cheeks, forcing my bottom back again making me rock on the cucumber pushing it back and forth inside me, the sensation was unbelievable I orgasmed as I hungrily sucked the huge cock further down my throat even though I knew it would fill my mouth with filth when it came.

There was a nervous, excited tone in Tracyís voice, "He pulled out of me and said, She ainít half bad, by the time she goes home I reckon she could get it all in her mouth and more, you want some head? I heard the other ones zip go down and waited but to my surprise I was pulled up and fingers went between my legs and the cucumber was pulled out, it made the most disgusting noise and I squealed making them laugh even more. On you knees and get your legs and mouth open wide, I knelt and felt his cock on my lips I opened my mouth and again I was sucking another mans cock.Ē

A smile was on Mathews and Jane's faces as they saw the excitement on Tracie's face, her eyes were closed her legs parted her superb breasts were raising stretching the blouse so her hard nipples pointed perfectly upwards, you could almost smell the sex in the room, Janeís hand was on Mathews leg stroking upwards as Tracey moistened her lips.

"As I knelt sucking I could feel hands in my pussy and touching my bottom, I was still hot and the playing fingers were starting me again, my hands were still tied and a cock was being pushed into them and a voice whispered, Tickle my balls get me hard if you want another fucking and you do, you know your cunts dripping for it.

I couldnít help myself I found the underside of his cock and played my fingers onto his sack; his hands came round and massaged my breasts as it began to swell in my hand. Stand up, I did and I was pulled back on to the bed, this time I sat on a hard ridged cock and my head was pulled down so my mouth could continue to suck the huge cock of the other one.

I had only ever had normal sex yet here I was being fucked at both ends, my mouth and cunt were taking two big cocks at once.Ē The two watching women noticed Tracy was starting to use stronger language and began to plan their chance. "I must have been so hot as I knew it was me that was bouncing up and down on the huge cock and as I tried to get as much of the other one down my throat, I kept chocking.

He just took it out let me take a breath and it was immediately rammed back in until I could do it properly and all the time the heat in my cunt drove me towards another orgasm and this time the bastard filled me."
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