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We slowly recover from the great sex we just had and move to stand, slowly washing each other's bodies down when we hear the door rattling. I stand quickly and motion for you to hide in the back of the shower. I walk towards the door and wrapping a towel around me I quickly dress and open the door.

Outside stands the coach, his face grinning as he stares into the room past me. "So she finally came to you did she, nice piece of ass, I'm sure you won't mind sharing." I stare at him and start to bluster, saying there was no one here and I didn't know what he meant. He just looked at me and stood there.

As stared at me then explained he had watched her walk in, heard the noises, and would kick me off the team if I disagreed with anything he said. He then quickly shoved me out of the way and strode into the showers. I just stood there in shock, if I wasn't on the team I would lose the scholarship and without that I was gone from here, couldn't afford it without.

I hear Jenny scream as I run in after the coach; he has dragged her out from hiding and is now staring at her naked body, licking his lips, his cock already tenting in his pants. His eyes flicked over your body, pausing at her breasts and then her trimmed pussy. "Damm but you are one hot chick and I would hate to see the trouble you would get in if I happened to mention what you were up to with your young friend here!"

She stares in horror at him, "but you wouldn't, they would kick me out of school and my parents would kill me... please..." She watches him as he suddenly lets her go walks back and locks the door again. "I guess you need to persuade me not to tell them my pretty".

He stares at her and slowly and purposefully unzips his fly, "no way" she screams as she sees his hard length of cock erupt from his pants. He rises to his feet sweeping her off hers she drops to the floor, her knees banging into the hard tiled floor making her gasp. As she cries out he rams his cock into her throat, thrusting it all the way to the back and into her throat making her gag.

"If you bite bitch I will hurt you, now suck". I watch as you slowly begin to suck his cock, the insistent movement of his hips forcing it further and further into the back of your throat, till finally at first you gag then is slides into your throat, I can feel myself getting hard despite myself, I try to hide it but the coach notices and grins at me... "Oh to be that young again"

As her saliva coats his cock he finally pulls out and lifts her into the air, she screams as he drops her down onto his cock, impaling that hole I so recently had fucked. He slowly begins bouncing her on his shaft, she rocks up and down, her eyes squeezed tight shut as his shaft slips in and out of her very wet and stretched pussy.

With a quick insistent motion he points to her ass. She looks over her shoulder, her eyes begging "please no" as he slowly bounces her up and down on his shaft. "Go on lad, you might as well put that hard cock to good use, I'm willing to bet this slut has never had it in her ass"

As his cock plunges up and down inside her slit her sobs slowly turn to moans of sexual pleasure, the pounding of the cock up and down in her pussy, pushing right to the back of her hot hole is turning her on again, his fingers pinching her nipples as his cock rubs her clit make her moan louder and louder.

She looks over her shoulder again but this time it's with pure lust in her eyes; she reaches back to stretch her ass cheeks apart, obviously now wanting me. I move swiftly and with the juices from her pussy and the shower water still coating us I slowly begin forcing my shaft into her ass.

I hear her cry out in pain again and start moving slowly again, I can feel myself slowly slipping inside her, inches by agonizing inch sliding into that virgin hole. The coach is still pumping his cock in and out of her pussy and I can hear her grunts every time he hammers inside her.
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