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"That's about what I would expect from this bitch," Amanda replied looking at Ann, after asking Margie whether or not Ann had properly thanked her for going through life with a nasty scar on her stomach as a result of the c-section that was needed to birth her, "Margie, take a seat in the chair. Stand up Debbie."

Everyone's attention was drawn to Ann's 18-year old sister who had been silent the entire time. As I said earlier, whereas Ann is just barely on the overweight side of average for her age, Debbie is simply overweight. However, she isn't enormous--at 5'8, 200 pounds. Unlike her mom and sister, her breasts are very large and are obvious in nearly everything she wears. I predict that her breasts are in the DD range. It is obvious, though, by the shape of the bras she wears that they sag. Debbie was wearing a striped, cap sleeved polo shirt and blue jeans. The v-neck polo shirt showed a fair amount of cleavage and it was really tight on her, easily showing the enormous swells of her breasts.

Amanda stared at the Debbie's cleavage for a moment and asked, "Debbie, how large are your tits?"

"That's none of your business," she replied curtly.

Amanda smiled and replied, "I KNOW you haven't forgotten the ass whippings your mom and sister just got! Would you like one too? I am going to let that sassy remark slide and will ask you only one more time what size your tits are."

Debbie looked at her mom seemingly for guidance and then said, "They are 38DD."

"Was that so difficult Debbie?" Amanda asked, "Take off your shirt and bra. I would like to see them."

Debbie looked like she was completely shocked. Her eyes got big and she froze.

"Now Debbie!" Amanda said loudly, regaining the 18-year old girl's attention. Seeming to snap out of it, with shaking hands, Debbie pulled her shirt over her head leaving her enormous tits encased only in a full-cup, white bra.

Amanda slid the shoulder straps down Debbie's arms and then pulled the tops of both cups downward, tucking them under her tits. This pushed Debbie's tits up slightly. Her huge areoles were the same light brown color as her mother's and sister's. She also had long nipples, even though they seemed to be unaroused at the moment.

Filling both of her hands with tit flesh, Amanda said, "I love your tits Debbie. They are much bigger than your mother's and sister's. Unclasp your bra and let it fall to the floor."

Debbie did as she was told, leaving her naked from the waist up. Amanda let go of her tits, allowing them to come to rest in their natural position. Both of her nipples looked downward, though not directly to the floor. She moved her hand down over Debbie's large belly, squeezing a roll, "You need to lose some weight. You could be very attractive."

Amanda unsnapped Debbie's jeans and unzipped them. She pushed her hands into the sides of her jeans and panties, pushing them down to her knees.

"Finish taking them off," Amanda ordered. Debbie did as she was told and then stood back up allowing everyone to see her untanned, overweight legs, and her thick patch of black pubic hair--though you could see her pussy lips, it was just barely.

"You have a much thicker bush than your mom or sister," Amanda commented.

Though her mom and sister had touches of cellulite, Debbie had quite a bit on the backs of her thighs and on her ass cheeks.

Amanda asked, as she was standing directly against Debbie, face-to-face, while cupping her pussy, "Has anyone ever seen you naked before?"

After a moment, Debbie replied, "Just mama and Ann."

"I'm talking about a guy," Amanda replied.

"No," Debbie responded.

"Lose a little weight and most likely you will have a lot of potential boyfriends. Do you like me playing with your pussy?" Amanda continued.

"No I don't," Debbie replied quickly.

Amanda stopped fondling Debbie and turned to Margie, "Slide your ass to the very edge of your chair and then hang your legs over each arm."

Margie didn't really comprehend the directions until Amanda repeated them. This position opened Margie's pussy totally. It also partially opened her asshole.

"Ann, get on your knees in front of your mom. I want you to each her pussy without stopping until I tell you to do so," Amanda ordered helping Ann up from her seat on the couch and uncuffing her.

"I am not going to do that!" Ann protested.

"Of course you will and now you will also owe me another punishment," Amanda replied quickly. Knowing there was nothing she could do about it, Ann slowly dropped to her knees, leaned down, and slowly began licking her mom's open pussy, "Hold your lips open for her Margie."

Amanda then unzipped the duffel bag and pulled out a 10-inch strap-on dildo.

"Debbie, have you ever seen one of these?" Amanda asked.

"No," she replied.

"Do you know what it is?" Amanda asked again.

"Not really," she replied.

"Well, I am going to put it on you and then I will tell you what I want you to do with it," Amanda replied helping Debbie put it on while Ann continued to eat their mother's pussy. I had zoomed in on Margie's pussy as she was holding her lips open for her daughter. I then backed the picture up to record the fact that Margie had her eyes closed AND she was flicking one of her nipples.

"Do you like that Margie," Amanda asked snapping the woman out of her state of bliss.

"Of course I don't!" Margie replied embarrassed.

"Yeah right," Amanda said, "Now Ann, I want you to keep doing what you are doing, but I want you to place the palms of each of your hands on the floor—so you are on your hands and knees."

Ann did as she was told.

"Now Debbie, get on your knees behind Ann," Amanda continued. This caused Ann to stop licking and almost turn before Amanda demanded that she continue. Ann went back to eating her mom's pussy while her sister got on her knees behind her with a 10-inch strap-on. Ann had no idea what was happening behind her other than her sister was on her knees.

"When I say 'push,' push! Understand?" Amanda asked Debbie as she moved the head of the dildo to the entrance of Ann's pussy, "Ann, I want you to eat your mom's asshole right now.

Ann wanted to throw up, but dared not disobey. Her mom's asshole was only partially opened up in her current position, so Ann had to push her face down into her mom's ass cheeks to get her tongue to it.

Amanda made sure Ann was rimming her mom and then said, PUSH Debbie!"

When Amanda said 'push,' Debbie thrusted forward seemingly as hard as she could, driving the 10-inch phallus as deep into her sister's pussy as it would go.

"OH MY GOD!" Ann screamed as she popped up!

"I didn't tell you to stopped rimming her! Now get back to it!" Amanda ordered pissed that Ann had stopped, "How does it feel to eat your mom's ass while your sister fucks your pussy?"

"Debbie, simply pull the dildo back until just before it pops out and shove it back in," Amanda coached her, "Don't stop until I tell you too."

Debbie did as she was told, fucking her sister relatively hard.

"Reach around her and play with her tits," Amanda ordered Debbie. She reached around and under her sister, cupping both of her swinging tits, "Have you ever seen her tits before now?"

"Yes," Debbie replied.

"Have you ever touched them?" Amanda continued asking.

"No," Debbie replied.

"What do you think of such small tits?" Amanda asked.

"They are pretty small," was Debbie's reply. She continued to squeeze her sister's tits as she fucked her.

As they continued, Ann began moving her hips back. Amanda and I could tell she was getting into it, even if it was forced on her. A few minutes later, when Amanda was sure Ann was on the brink, she ordered Debbie to pull out.

Ann whirled around and seemed like she was going to say something but caught herself.

"Almost there Ann?" Amanda taunted her. She didn't reply verbally, but it was apparent she was unhappy about not being able to get off, "I want everyone to go into the master bathroom."

We all walked down the hallway, into the master bedroom, and into the bathroom.

"Debbie, stand by the tub. Margie, you can sit on that chair," Amanda said pointing to a chair just inside the bathroom door, "Now, Ann, you will shave your both your sister's and mom's pussies and assholes."

Amanda gave her a pair of small hair cutting scissors and a razor. Ann began by using the scissors on her sister's thick bush. When she had gotten the hair down to what a razor could handle, she ran warm water over a wash cloth, and pressed the warm cloth to her sister's crotch. She then began to shave the remaining hair. She would have Debbie put a foot up on the toilet seat so that she could get to her easier.

"Okay, Debbie," Amanda said after Ann had finished shaving her pussy, "Turn around, spread your feet about shoulder width, bend over, and pull your ass cheeks open so your sister can shave your asshole."

Debbie did as she was told and soon the hair around her asshole was gone. Amanda said, "Kiss her ass Ann."

Ann leaned in and gave her sister a quick kiss on the asshole.

"Give it a good licking right around her little, winking, rosebud. Make sure to press as deeply as you can," Amanda ordered her. Ann did as she was told, pressing her face into her sister's ass crack in order to push her tongue into her asshole.

"Now, give her pussy a nice long lick," Amanda continued. Ann hated having to do it, but licked her sister's long, fat pussy lips as she was told.

Next, Amanda had Ann shave her mom.

"Now, I want you to lick your mom's asshole too. Only this time, I want you to lick her entire ass crack. Lick it good!" Amanda ordered. Again Ann was repulsed but did as she was told. She started just below her mom's pussy and dragged her tongue the length of her mom's ass crack and then went back down. She then pressed her tongue into Margie's asshole as deeply as it would go.

"Now eat her cunt," Amanda said after seeing enough of Ann rimming her mom, "Make sure to hold her lips open so you can get in there deep!"

Ann held her mom's pussy lips open with her pointer and middle fingers on her left hand as she buried her face into her mother's snatch. Her nose was, incidently, buried in her mother's asshole.

Finally, they got around to Margie shaving Ann.

"Okay, great," Amanda said feeling Margie's and Ann's pussies simultaneously, "Nice and smooth. That's what I like."

"Ann, go lie down on the bed," Amanda ordered, "Margie, take my jeans and panties off."

Margie walked up to Amanda and proceeded to unbutton and unzip her tight blue jeans. She then pulled her jeans and panties down at the same time, revealing Amanda's shaved cunt. Margie pushed Amanda's jeans and panties to her knees and stood back up.

"No. I want you to push them all the way down," Amanda demanded. Margie kneeled down and pushed each jean leg down and off. In this position, Margie was eye level with Amanda's cunt, "Taste me."

Margie was repulsed, but didn't argue. She scooted as far between Amanda's legs as she could, tilted her head upwards, and tasted her capturers slit.

"Have you ever licked a pussy before Margie?" Amanda asked enjoying Margie's tongue on her slit.

"No I haven't," Margie said briefly stopping her eating to answer the question. After a couple of minutes, Amanda ordered her to lick her asshole. Several minutes later, she pushed Margie away and told her, "I want you to bring that chair into the bedroom."

Margie did as she was told and found herself handcuffed and sitting down once again.

Amanda put on the strap-on dildo and climbed on the bed in between Ann's legs. She had ordered Debbie to sit on the bed next to them.

"I want you to watch your sister get fucked Debbie," Amanda said as she placed the dildo's head at Ann's opening and pushed inward. Ann's back rose slightly off the bed, her eyes widened, and her mouth formed an 'O' as she felt the large 10 inch phallus quickly fill her. She was still wet from earlier when Debbie was fucking her with it and didn't take long before she was fucking Amanda back.

Amanda had elected to lie down on Ann to begin with, their tits smashing together. She slowly and deeply fucked Ann, sucking on her tits, and kissing her neck, cheeks, and lips.

"Do you like this Ann? Do you like me fucking you?" Amanda whispered in her ear. Ann said nothing as she wrapped her legs around Amanda to pull her in closer, pushing the phallus deeper into her sopping wet cunt.

"Tell me before you cum," Amanda ordered as she propped herself up on her hands and begin to really fuck Ann.

It probably didn't take five minutes of hard fucking when Ann proclaimed, "I am going to cum!!"

Amanda immediately pulled out tauntingly saying, "Not yet you aren't."

Again, Ann didn't say anything verbally, but you could tell she was getting to the point that she really needed to get off.

Amanda got off the bed, walked over to Margie, helped her out of the chair and took her into the bathroom. They had taken the telephone into the bathroom with them. I had no idea what they were saying or doing.

When they reappeared, Amanda helped Margie sit back down. She sat Debbie in a chair beside the bed and cuffed her to the bedpost. She also cuffed Ann to a bedpost, but had her lying on the bed.

"Joe, we are going to have a visitor. You need to get the stun gun and get ready," Amanda said after making sure everyone was secured properly to something that wouldn't move.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I asked stunned that she would call someone else over here.

"You'll see. Just go in the living room and be ready. When they get here, bring them back here," she replied.

I wasn't going to argue with her. So I gave her the camera and I moved to the living room to watch the driveway. Ten minutes later a vehicle pulled in—it was Ann's dad! I was shocked that Amanda would call him!

"Amanda! What the hell are you thinking!?!" I said shocked as she began taping the impending confrontation. Ann's dad, Chuck, stood around 6'4 and weighed around 250. He wasn't cut, but he had broad shoulders and was a really big man. He had black hair and eyes, and sported a light tan. He was around 45 years old.

The living room was dark and so when I opened the door, Chuck couldn't immediately see anything. However, when he saw a gun (he didn't know it was just a stun gun) that was all he needed to see to know that he should cooperate.

"Don't do anything stupid Chuck. Just walk inside normally and keep your hands where I can see them," I ordered him.

"What in the hell is going on here Joe?" he asked genuinely confused. He and I had never really gotten along and only did so because he loved his daughter and figured that he would have to like me in case she actually married me.

"Shut the fuck up Chuck," I said as I closed the door, "Put your hands behind your back."

He did as I told him. I then handcuffed him and ordered him down the hallway and into the bedroom. As soon as he walked into the room, he was greeted with the sight of his wife and two daughter's completely naked.

"What the fuck is going on!?!" he roared.

"I ask the questions in this house Chuck," Amanda answered curtly walking up to him with a large knife in hand. She waved the large knife at him and said, "Now Chuck, I want you to be a good boy. I wouldn't want to cut anything important with this knife. I'm going to strip you Chuck and then you are going to sit down in that chair. Understand?"

"You're not going to do a fucking thing! Joe, I'm going to break your fucking neck the first chance I get!" he continued to roar.

"Chuck, you will not speak to me or Joe like that anymore. That's your warning. The next time you disobey an order, you will be punished," Amanda informed him.

"Go fuck yourself bitch!" he replied to her.

"Have it your way," she replied sliding the blade of the knife into the neck of his shirt, slicing it completely down the middle. She then cut each arm of the simply orange t-shirt, causing it to fall to the floor. As I said he is a big man, though not overweight, he does have a slight belly overhang.

She then dropped to her knees, unsnapped and unzipped his jeans, and slid them and his underwear down and off, leaving him completely naked. His cock was limp.

"How big does your cock get Chuck?" she asked beginning to play with him.

"I don't know," he said quickly.

"It's a nice looking cock," she continued as she put the entire length of it into her mouth. They were turned so that Margie had a perfect view of her husband's cock in Amanda's mouth. She continued to suck it until he was rock hard and then pulled it out, "There, it looks like it is about as hard as it can get. I'd say it's at least 6 inches."

She stood up and said, "Have you ever seen tits like mine Chuck? Margie's aren't bad, but mine are bigger."

She pulled his head down and pushed it in her cleavage, "Suck my nipples Chuck baby."

And he did, sucking her nipples and licking her breasts.

"That's enough Chuck," she said pulling away, "It's too bad you had to be a bad boy a few minutes ago. It's time for your punishment. Go lie down across the foot of the bed."

"I will do no such thing," he protested. In response Amanda grabbed the stun gun and popped him with it causing him immense pain. When he recovered she said, "Don't make me use this on your boys (referring to his nuts)."

He got the message. She pulled his leather belt out of his jeans as he did what he was told to do. Lying across the foot of the bed, which was at least three feet off the floor, caused his ass to be pushed outward a little. This gave Amanda a perfect target.

"I am going to give you fifty licks. You are going to count them. If you fail to count, we will start over. Understand?" she asked before starting.

"Yes," he replied just as she landed lick number one. He jump hard from the sting but didn't say anything.

"That's zero," Amanda said, "We will start counting when you do."

He counted on the next lick and the punishment began. By lick number twenty-five, he was begging for mercy.

"Please stop! I won't disobey you anymore! I swear!" he screamed.


"Twenty-six," he counted, "Please, I will do anything you want!"

She stopped at that.

"Anything?" she asked.

"Yes! Anything you want," he replied raising his head slightly.

"Okay, I will let the other twenty-four slide for the moment, but if you fuck up just one time, I will not only finish the twenty-four remaining licks, but I will add one hundred to that! Understand?" Amanda said with authority.

"I understand," he replied.

"Good," Amanda said, "I want you to lie down on the bed, face up."

Amanda walked around to un-cuff Ann and helped her off the bed. She then un-cuffed Margie and ordered her to lie next to Chuck.

"Ann, I know how bad you have been needing to get off," Amanda said sinking her fingers into Ann's soaking wet pussy, "It looks like you really enjoyed your daddy's spanking."

Amanda moved around the bed and presented her fingers that were dripping with Ann's pussy juices to Chuck to clean. Chuck reluctantly sucked them into his mouth, tasting his daughter for the first time.

"Ann, you have a choice," Amanda began, "You can get off by fucking your daddy or you can get off by having your mom eat you out. If you choose your daddy, you still owe me that punishment. If you choose your mom, I'm going to have Joe fuck your daddy in the ass immediately after you get off--your choice."

Ann was totally silent for a moment. She didn't really know what to do.

"I don't need to get off," Ann said trying to get out of the situation.

"Yes you do. You're not getting out of this that easily. Either you chose or I will have Joe fuck everyone in the ass AND you will be eaten out by your mom while your dad fucks your ass at the same time."
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