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It was just after midnight on Saturday and Jack had everything he needed safely stashed near the home of the wealthy guy who wanted to buy the Super Bowl ring. Arrangements had been made to sell the ring on Sunday morning, but Jack instinctively didn't trust the guy. Having put himself in jeopardy by stealing the ring in the first place, Jack needed to make sure his investment was secure.

So he planned to pay the guy an expected visit. Jack parked his rental car at the train station and walked the three miles to the man's isolated house in the country. The house was dark and quiet. He wasn't sure how many people were in the home, but his plan covered every contingency.

When the security system that Jack himself had installed was disabled, he silently entered the home. Jack was very careful and extremely quiet as he searched the house to ascertain how many people were home. He found his ring-buyer in the master bedroom all alone. In two other bedrooms, he found single women. And lastly, he found a couple in the far back of the house that he presumed was the servants' quarters.

As he walked into the room, Jack flicked on the light switch rousing the sleeping couple. Brandishing his revolving, Jack ordered them onto their stomachs and quickly wrapped their ankles and wrists with duct tape. Next he stuffed gags in their mouths and secured them with more tape. Then he tied a short length of rope around each of their necks and attached the ends to the headboard.

"If you try to roll off the bed or jerk around too much, you just might strangle yourself," Jack said. "So, if you don't want to die, just stay still on the bed. Somebody will find you sooner or later."

Quickly, he made his way back to the main part of the house. Making certain everyone was still asleep, he opened the doors to all three bedrooms. The girls' rooms were at one end of a long hall and connected by a bathroom. The master bedroom was at the other end.

He entered the far room and stood next to the girl in the bed. In one swift motion, he grabbed her around the waist and jerked her out of bed and through the bathroom into the other bedroom. Without letting go of the first girl, he grabbed the second girl, who was just sitting up in bed, by the hair and jostled them both out into the hall.

Jack and the two girls were two steps into the hall when the light came on and they looked down toward the master bedroom to see the homeowner pointing a shotgun at them.

Seeing the intruder holding his daughter and her Chinese friend, Walter Winters was scared half out of his wits. "Let the girls go or I'll shoot."

"Don't be stupid. You don't want to kill these girls. Put your gun down and let's all go into your bedroom," Jack suggested, waving his gun so Walter could see it. When Walter didn't move as quickly as Jack wanted him to, Jack shouted, "Put the fucking gun down now!!! Someone is going to get hurt-maybe even killed-unless you do exactly what I say. Put the gun on the floor."

Fearing for his life and the lives of his daughter and her friend, Walter did as he was told. Jack had all three lay facedown on the floor, wrapped Walter's wrists and ankles with duct tape, and then hog-tied him. Walter wasn't going anywhere without help. Jack tied up the daughter in a similar fashion, then had the little Asian girl stand up.

Little was hardly the right adjective. She was taller than Jack with straight black hair that came to just below her ears. She wore blue boxer shorts that showed off her long, thin legs and a white undershirt that revealed her apple-sized breasts in all their glory. She probably didn't weigh more than a hundred ten pounds, but with her puffed out lips and teary eyes, she was still a delectable morsel. Jack urged her onto a professional-sized treadmill that was in one corner of the room and taped her hands to the handles.

"Your name is?" Jack asked the Chinese girl.

"Wu Lon," she responded. "I'm from Taiwan."

"Well, you're very pretty," Jack said as he turned on the machine. He watched Wu Lon struggle to stay upright on the machine. "Very pretty indeed," he said, placing his hand on her ass.

"Ohhhh . . . please don't do that . . . please!" Wu Lon wailed as she started to fall.

Jack wrapped one arm around her upper chest to help support her, firmly grasping one of her pointy tits through her shirt. With his other hand, he pulled her shorts down to her knees, forcing her to kick them free to keep walking on the treadmill. Jack cupped her bare pussy, the resulting friction of her thighs on his hand exciting Jack, causing his erection to grow longer and harder.

When Jack worked his middle finger up inside her snatch, she collapsed so Jack had to hold her up while her feet dragged on the machine. He turned the power off and Wu Lon was able to stand. Jack withdrew his finger from her pussy and brought it to his nose and lips.

"Very tasty. Very tasty indeed," Jack said, licking his finger. "I think I'll fuck that sweet pussy of yours before the night is over."

Stepping away from the treadmill, Jack took out his pocketknife and knelt near the young girl on the floor. He cut her bindings and forced her to stand before asking her name.

Whitney had taken a self-defense class at Florida State and the one rule she remembered was . . . if given the chance, strike quickly and get the upper hand. Without answering Jack, she tried to kick his groin and jab her fingers into his eyes. The kick hit Jack on the hip and in the effort to deflect the jab to his eyes, he dropped the knife. But the one hundred-twenty pound, five-foot-six girl was no match for the bigger and stronger Jack. A short powerful jab under her breastbone dropped her to her knees.

While she sucked in shallow breaths, Jack dragged her to the bed and secured her hands to the headboard.

"Now little lady, I asked you your name," Jack said.

"Fuck you!" was her response that came out in a rasping wheeze.

Jack retrieved his knife from the floor and went back to Whitney, who wore dark-blue bikini panties and a white T-shirt. Jack grabbed the crotch of her panties with one hand and just held on while Whitney tried to kick and squirm away from his hand. When she ceased struggling for a second, Jack cut the two-inch wide cotton panel, exposing the light-brown hair covering her pussy. Then he sliced her T-shirt down the middle, revealing her large C-cup breasts.

Pinching a nipple between his thumb and forefinger, he said, "I've always wanted a nipple of my own. If you don't stay still, I'll take one of yours. Now, tell me your name."

Scared beyond comprehension, Whitney lay completely motionless and told him her name.

Then Jack went to Walter and knelt by his head. "Okay, Mr. Bigshot. If I'm caught, they'll more than likely put me behind bars for the rest of my life. It doesn't make any difference if I add murder to the list. Understand? So, tell me where you keep your money and valuables. And don't try to play any games."

"The safe is built into the bottom right-hand drawer of my desk in my office. The combination is right-eight, left-sixteen, right-three, and left-eleven." Walter was quick to respond, because of his fear and embarrassment. When the intruder threaten to cut off his daughter's nipple, Walter urinated all over himself. As he lay bound on the floor, he could feel the dampness at his crotch and he could smell the undeniable odor.

Jack had no trouble finding and opening the safe and was pleasantly surprised to find over twenty thousand dollars in cash plus over a quarter of a million dollars in bearer bonds. A small velvet bag contained several loose diamonds and other precious jewels. Everything fit nicely into a briefcase Jack found near the desk.

When Jack got back to the bedroom, he cut the tape securing Wu Lon to the treadmill. "Take the top off, pretty lady, and get on the bed with Whitney. I want to see you eat her pussy."

"Noooooo . . . I can't do that," cried Wu Lon, her stomach doing a complete summersault. In fact, she was a lesbian and had lusted for Whitney ever since they'd met two years ago.

"Do it!" Jack demanded and watched as the tall Asian girl climbed onto the bed between the attractive blonde's legs.

Wu Lon didn't want the intruder or Whitney to know she secretly wanted to do this, so she started tentatively, just licking the skin next to the neatly-trimmed, delicious-looking pussy before her. However, the feminine aroma affected her brain and before she knew it, she was lapping away at the folds and creases of the glorious cunt beneath her tongue.

Whitney had always been a horny bitch. She loved sex-every kind of sex. Although she'd never been with a woman, she'd been curious. But she'd never had the nerve to explore the possibility. She was amazed how wonderful a soft knowing tongue felt without a man's bristly whiskers scrapping against her sensitive thighs. She was stunned when Wu Lon's lips captured her engorged clit, sucking it into her mouth.

"Oh my God!!!" Whitney cried with uncontrolled passion, thrusting her legs as far apart as they would go. "Oh God, Oh God, Ohhhhh."

Wu Lon doubled her efforts, burying her face in the flowing fountain that was her friend's vagina. Lapping, slurping, and lightly biting Whitney's extended clitoris, Wu Lon was in seventh heaven. Wu Lon's own secretions were now dripping down her widely spread thighs as she knelt at the shrine before her.

The scent of aroused female filled the room. Watching the dark-haired Chinese vixen servicing the blonde beauty made Jack hard as a rock. He dropped his trousers to the floor and took his cock in his hand. The head was already coated with pre-cum. Unable to wait any longer, Jack moved behind Wu Lon and imbedded his stiff rod between her hairless, puffy nether lips in one smooth motion.

Whitney arched her hips and pressed her pussy into the face of her friend, coming with such passion she fainted from the exertion. Sensing her friend's orgasm, Wu Lon's vaginal muscles clamped down with her own orgasm, causing Jack to shoot buckets of cream into her uterus. Deep in the thralls of pleasure, both Wu Lon and Jack collapsed on top of Whitney.

After Jack finally withdrew his soft manhood from Wu Lon's velvet sheath, he got his roll of duct tape and taped Wu Lon's hands to the headboard beside Whitney's hands. When the blonde recovered from her swoon, she noticed her own pussy juices smeared on the face of her friend and marveled at her own taste as they swapped tongues.

Jack picked up the briefcase on his way out of the house, briefly stopping to remove the ropes around the necks of the servants. He knew the girls would be able to remove their bonds with their teeth after they finished their lovefest. In less than a half an hour, Jack was back in his car and on the freeway, now a fairly rich man.

Ten o'clock the following Saturday morning, Jack mingled with a hundred or so people gathered at the General Aviation terminal behind the Regional Airport. The professional football team was almost ready to depart for their Sunday afternoon game on the West Coast. He spotted Sara and Mr. Quarterback. When the quarterback pecked Sara on the nose and turned to board the charter plane, Jack went to his rental car and waited.

Sara was looking forward to the weekend away from her husband. They'd been at each other's throats since the robbery and assault. The quarterback knew she'd been aroused, but he wouldn't admit he'd also found the experience very erotic. Sara couldn't get over the fact that she'd never felt so sexy and immodest. Her obscene and raunchy behavior had been a real turn-on. Her juices started to flow every time she recalled what a submissive slut she'd been.

When the black Escalade pulled onto the expressway heading home, Jack sped up and headed for the gated subdivision. Like most other semi-secluded housing developments, an electronic gate was the only guard at the entrance. Jack easily bypassed the code and parked his car near the quarterback's home and waited.

Sara failed to notice Jack sitting in the car nearby and concentrated on pushing the button on her sun visor to open the garage door. However, Jack was ready and slipped into the garage as the door started down again. When Sara stepped out of her car Jack was standing by the tailgate.

"Oh my God!!" was all Sara could say. Feeling weak in the knees, she had to lean back against her car to keep from falling.

"Well, well, well . . . surprised to see me? Let's go in the house, my little slut slave. I've brought you a couple of gifts." Jack chuckled as he took Sara's elbow and led her through her kitchen and back to her bedroom.

"You asshole! Why did you come back? What is it you want this time? You've already stolen everything we had of value. Please leave me alone," Sara babbled, tears forming in the corner of her eyes as she slouched near the bed.

"Sara! Shut up! Stand up straight! You'll do as you're told or suffer the consequences. Do you understand?" Jack shouted. "Now, you're wearing way to many clothes. Let's take the sweater and jeans off."

Looking into the eyes of the domineering man standing before her, Sara stood up straight and pulled her sweater over her head. Kicking her tennis shoes off, she released the button on her jeans and lowered the zipper before pushing the pants down to the floor. Stepping out of the pants, she stood tall in her thin satin bra and white bikini panties.

"You are one beautiful bitch," Jack said, watching Sara's nipples stiffen under the sexy sheer bra. "Turn around and bend over. I want to see that glorious ass of yours."

Complying, Sara felt humiliated and excited at the same time. She could feel her panties dampening and when she bent over, she hoped no stain showed through. She felt Jack's hand slide up her leg from her knee to her crotch and knew it would only be moments before the man became aware of her heat.

"Okay, Sara, turn around and show me your tits," Jack instructed.

Blushing, Sara removed her bra and following Jack's instruction, slid her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them. Now wearing only her anklets, Sara stood erect and horny under Jack's staring eyes.

"Sit and lean back," Jack whispered. When she did as directed, he lifted her legs, pushed them apart, and knelt between her thighs.

"Ooooh," moaned Sara as she felt her pussy lips being parted by the invading tongue of the man she hated. How could she be so turned on by an asshole she wanted to murder? Why would her body dance to a different drummer than her mind? Why did this man make her such a submissive slut? Why was she having such an intense orgasm when she didn't want to? "Ohhhh . . . Ohhhh . . . Ohhh . . . "

Jack stood, dropped his pants, pointed his pipe-hard cock at her dripping hole, and slowly slid it home until their pubic hair intermingled. He started out slowly, but in a matter of minutes, he picked up speed until he was slamming it home as hard and as fast as he could. His long, slim prick banging against the entrance to her womb, Jack couldn't prevent his sperm from spurting when he felt Sara's vagina grab and hold his cock.

With Sara still spread wide on the bed and their combined juices seeping from her open and swollen pussy, Jack stood and removed the rest of his clothing.

"Come on, Sara," Jack said, extending his hand to her. "Let's go sit in the hot tub."

Sara meekly followed Jack to the tub, which sat just outside the bedroom on a small deck shielded from prying eyes. When the bubbling hot water engulfed their bodies, Jack leaned back, put his arms along the edge, and relaxed.

"Climb on my lap and feed me your nipples," Jack said.

Without hesitation, Sara did as he wished.

"Does that feel nice?" Jack asked.

"Yes," Sara said softly.

"Do you like the way I fuck you?" Jack asked.

"I don't want to, but I can't help myself. Yes, I love the way you fuck me," Sara whimpered, putting her arms around his neck, hugging him with both her arms and her legs.

They stayed locked together in the swirling water for another fifteen minutes until Jack led Sara out of the water and back into the bedroom. While they dried each other off, Jack became erect again. He placed Sara in the center of the bed and he climbed on top of her. Sucking one nipple while rolling the other between his thumb and forefinger, Jack went from one breast to the other. His cock found its own way into her leaking pussy and he rocked slowly back and forth.

Pulling out of Sara's tight cunt, Jack rose to his knees. Leaning back on his heals, Jack told Sara to get the KY jelly out of the nightstand next to the bed.

After giving the tube to Jack, she brought her knees up to her ears and spread the cheeks of her ass wide apart without being asked or told what to do. Jack coated Sara's rear door and his skinny tool with the slippery grease, then Jack slowly sunk his cock into her waiting opening.

"Ohm . . . fuck my filthy ass," Sara screamed as Jack pounded into her. Out of her mind with lust, she fucked back as best she could, pushing her wide-open cunt against her ass-fucker's pubic bone. For only the second time in her life, she had a cock stuck up her shit hole and it felt wonderful.

When Jack's seed finally burst forth, they both lay back on the bed exhausted. After several minutes, they both turned on their sides and looked at each other.

"I'm such a slut," Sara said. "I hate you with every bone in my body, but if you could get it up again, I'm willing to fuck you one more time."

"Well, I don't think I'll be ready for a while, Miss slut, but in the mean time, why don't we take a shower together?" Jack said, moving off the bed and taking her hand.

Under the cascading hot water, Jack enjoyed running his hands over Sara's smooth flesh. With slippery, soapy hands, he washed her vulva and boobs over and over again. Even though his prick was soft, he enjoyed the feel of it pressed between the crack of her ass.

After washing Jack's genitals, Sara dropped to her knees and tried without success to get him hard one more time. When the hot water ran out, they got out of the shower and dried off. Jack put his clothes back on and Sara draped a transparent negligee over her exquisite body.

"I'm out of here," Jack said, walking to the front door. "But the other reason I came back was to bring you this stuff." He handed her the velvet bag with her diamond and pearl necklaces as well as the Super Bowl ring. "I'm sorry I took advantage of you. You're the best fuck I've ever had and I'm going to miss you."

Almost before Sara could shut the front door after him, Jack was in his car and on the expressway, heading toward his new life.

I want to thank my editor SexySoBeChick for her support and friendship. Also thanks to the reader for letting me know what you think of my writing.
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