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She was tall, some would say statuesque, her hair jet black and shiny, with upturned breast. Her walk was that of a model, a true Eurasian beauty was how one person described her. When she walked into a room her looks demanded that you take in the beauty no man or woman could resist a glance at her.

Now she lay in the hospital bed, an IV hooked to her arm to aid the dehydration she had suffered. Her wrist and ankles were bruised from the restraints that had been put on her. What other damage both mental and physical would have to be determined after the tests were complete.

It had started on Friday. All the details were scratchy at best but from what the officer on the scene said it looked like she had been held for some time and assaulted by the three women, using all sorts of devices

As she lay there in the bed her mine drifted back over the last two days of terror. She had just left the office and was in the parking garage when a black van pulled up next to her, the door slide open and two girls grabbed her arms while a third applied a rag over her face, it caused her to pass out. The next thing she was a ware of was being on a bed, her hands were handcuffed to the bed, and her feet tied loosely to the bottom of the bed. She was naked, there was a faint light coming from under the door and sounds of people talking. She was unable to understand what they were saying but there was laughter mixed with shouting.

The door was opened and a light came on blinding her for a second. When she was able to adjust her eyes to the light she saw three women in the room. One was dressed in a leather outfit that clung to her like skin. The bra was a half bra, barely holding her large breast, the nipples protruded over the top, large and firm, the pants had a split revealing her pussy and her ass. Her red hair was like a flame on her head. Her make up was barely visible except the hot red lipstick that accented her big lips.

The second was wearing half of a blouse; the front opened up to reveal her buxom breast, stretching the material to its fullest capacity. She was shorter and thinner, she had only a thong on, and her short legs were muscular, as was the rest of her.

The third girl was dressed as if she had just come home from the office, a skirt and blouse outfit that fitted her perfectly; it looked expensive and probably was. Her blonde hair done in a bun, a pearl necklace around her soft neck, she looked like she was a professional with the demeanor of a boss; she was the one in charge.

I thought I should be pleading for my life, but I knew it would fall on deft ears. What did these people want, I had no money, I had no family. I was soon to find out.

The girl in leather was standing by the bed and said" Honey you can make this easy on yourself or we can do it the hard way." She was holding a small cat-o-nine tails." We want to have some fun and you are the one we want to have it with. You will be instructed to perform certain acts and to we will do certain things to you. If you refused you will be punished, if you resist you will be punished, if you cooperate you will be set free in due time and no harm will come to you. The choice is yours."

"You are a lovely girl and it would be a shame to do any damage to your lovely body, so I suggest you cooperate." This was from the professional.

"What is it that you want me to do?" I asked thinking I already knew what to expect.

Then it started. The red head moved to the bed and untied my legs. Then she said to the others, " I have got to have a taste of that pussy." And she spread my legs wide and with her fingers spread the lips of my pussy and her tongue starting licking and probing me. She moaned as her assault brought wetness to my pussy. I found myself enjoying the feel of her hot tongue darting in and out of me, her rapid lapping on my pussy lips, her teeth nibbling on my clit. I started to writhe and raise up my hips wishing my hands were free so I could force her head down and make her go deeper in me.

While I was enjoying the attention from Red, the short girl came over and removed her top and thong, then climbed on the bed and straddled me, putting her pussy in my face. " Eat me you bitch, lick my cunt till I say stop." I found myself driving my tongue in her pussy while she held the lips parted. Lapping and probing her flicking at her clit my senses filling with pleasure. Shorty rode my face sliding back and forth with each new lick, her excitement building. Then a bright light came on and I could see it moving around the room. It was the professional and she was filming the whole scene.

She moved in close to get a close up of my licking as Shorty rode my face as if she were in a saddle. Then she proceeded to catch Red as she was attacking my hot wet pussy now in flames from the constant probing and pressure on my clit so swollen it throbbed. I had already had two orgasms, how many would follow?

After what seemed hours, but was really on minutes, they both stopped. The handcuffs were removed and I was told to lie on my stomach. And bring my knees up under me. Then the handcuffs were replaced. I hadn't proven myself willing enough yet to have them removed. The professional was removing her clothes and neatly placing them over the back of a chair. Then she removed one of her toys and rather large dildo strap on. She put it on and climbed on the bed.

She took her fingers and drove them in my still wet pussy, the juices from my orgasm oozing down my leg. When her hand was wet she ran it through my ass and in my hole to lubricate my ass. I felt the big rubber cock begin to drive in my ass, it spread me open to the limit as she began her rhythmic in and out assault. Her hands held my hips and she pulled herself into me driving the big cock deeper and deeper. The other two watching and cheering her on made her go faster. The pain of the big cock ripping at my ass turned from pain to pleasure some time during the assault. I began to move with her rocking on my arms with each thrust feeling the excitement build. I found myself having another and another orgasm. Finally her passion peaked and she started to jerk and I knew she too was having her orgasm as she fell forward on my back spent.

When she withdrew the big rubber cock there was a pop from my ass and they all laughed. "Sounds like you uncorked her." Said Red. "Maybe we should let her clean her self out now."

They uncuffed me and showed me to the bathroom and told me to shower and clean myself up. I could barely walk. They had fucked me till I was sore both front and back. The hot water was a welcome relief.

When I had finished my shower and returned to the room Red and Shorty were on the bed. They had a double-headed dildo and each was fighting the other for control as they bounced against each other jerking the big cock in and out of each other's pussy. Each was squeezing and pinching the others tits and nipples. Lost in a world of orgasmic pleasure their moans of joy filling the room. I almost envied them, had it been voluntary I would enjoy that action myself.

The professional interrupted my thoughts, "Now baby I want you to eat me and make me cum." She was sitting on a table in the corner of the room that I hadn't noticed before. There was a chair in front of her and she directed me to sit in it and then she placed her legs over my shoulders and I began to give her head. I spread her lips open her pussy smelled of perfume and sex having already had an orgasm her juices were present and I tasted them. She tasted goods to me I had to admit.

I began by probing through her lips slowly licking on the pinkness, tantalizing her and then worked up to a faster pace. My tongue darted in and out of her wetness. Touching on her clit and flicking my tongue over and over on it as the swollen node throbbed. I took her clit in my teeth and bit it firmly causing her to moan. Then with my fingers I began to finger fuck her as I licked at her pussy and clit. Her hips were bouncing up and down to the rhythm of my attack. Moans burst from her lips with each new drive deep in her wet pussy until finally she rose up her hands on m y head forcing me hard against her she jerked once, twice, and a third time as the orgasm shook her.

The noise from the bed had stopped too. I looked over and the two of them lay sprawled back from each other. The rubber cock still in each of their pussies. Sweat beamed from their fore heads, they looked content. They all looked completely spent. Hell I was too; I had been fucked twice and had to eat twice. My body needed rest and so I lay on the floor and soon fell asleep.

I don't know when it was I awoke, but the room was dark again and I was alone. I was starved, so I went to the door but it was locked. I found the light and the door to the bathroom. After relieving myself, I got some water from the tap to drink and wash my face. The smell of pussy juice was in my nose and on my hands, so I washed up too. What was I gonna do now?

My thoughts were soon answered when I heard the door open. Red came in with a pizza box, "Are you hungry" she asked.

"Starved." Was my one word reply. I ate two pieces of pizza and drank the bottle of soda she had brought. I wanted to ask questions but was sure it would make her angry so I waited to see what they had in store for me next. I didn't have to wait long.

"I hope you had fun during the preliminaries. We wanted you to enjoy us as we did you, but now it's my turn to play.' Her sinister loom told me I would not enjoy this like I did the other. When I had finished eating Red opened the door to another room and led me inside. I wanted to run I was scared.

The room looked like a medieval dungeon, with chains and a table and other assorted equipment all around. I didn't know what to expect but I was sure it was gonna hurt. I was led to the table and told to lie down. I was strapped on to the table with leather straps. Then the table was tilted upright. From a machine, which looked like an EKG machine in the hospital, she took two wires with clamps on the end an attached one to each of my nipples. A third wire had a wand with a rubber grip on one end.

When she turned the machine on it made a humming noise like a battery charger on a golf cart. With an evil grin on her face she began turning the dials on the machine. The first tingles of the electricity began surging through my nipples, as she increased the power I felt my breast swell and the pain began. When she was satisfied she reached for another knob and turned it on. Then she took the wand and inserted it in my pussy touching my clit and slowly increased the power. My whole body twitched and jerked from the sensation of the electricity surging through me, I fell like I was being fucked by an electric cock. It made me jump and jerk and writhe. I don't know when it stopped as I fainted from the pain that had turned to pleasure as I had orgasm after orgasm till I was in oblivion.

When I awoke the restraints had been remove and the clips that had been attached to my nipples were gone. The door to the other room was open and light shone in. I got off the table and on wobbly legs walked to the other room and collapsed on the bed. I don't know hoe long I slept before the party got started again.

It was Shorty who came in first; she came to the bed and slapped me on the ass startling me awake. "Time to party baby." She said with a big smile on her face and a large Vibrator in her hand. "Roll on your back bitch let's see how you like the feel of this baby in your hot pussy?"

She got on the bed with me and sat between my legs. With her fingers she spread my pussy lips and slowly slide the big vibrator in my cunt. Then she turned it on and began to roll it around and around touching me on my clit and holding it there. I didn't think I had anymore orgasms in me but I soon founds out I did. She knew just where to touch me and as I began to respond to the feel of the vibrator she picked up the pace ands drove it deep in my now wet pussy and fucked me till I was bouncing up and down with each new drive in me. I was almost ready to burst forth when she suddenly pulled the vibrator out of my pussy. She drove her face between my legs and began licking and probing my cunt with her tongue, lapping at the juices and licking deep inside I finally let go with a squirt of juices. She had wrapped her arms around my legs and was pulling up as she sucked on my lips and my clit. She was ravinish the fury of her assault made me go off twice more. Finally satisfied she stopped and let my legs go. She rose from the bed and said "Baby they were right you do taste good. I'll have more of you later." Then she left the room.

I didn't here the door lock; maybe I can still get away. There was food next tot he table and a glass of milk. I ate some food and drank the glass of milk. When I went to the door I listened to hear if anyone might be on the other side. I had heard a door slam after Shorty left. But the others may still be there. My heads started to swim a little and I felt woozy as I opened the door I peered into the other room and saw no one was there. My clothes were no where in sight. As I walked through the room I became dizzy and faint. I must have been drugged, the food or the milk. It was meant to keep me still while they were gone. I managed to get to the outside of the house and was walking down the street when I must have pasted out.

The next thing I can recall I was in the hospital, but I was safe. Then the nurse came in. It was Red.
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