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(fictional story, wm/bf, nc)

Foreword: No whales were harmed during the writing of this story. This is a work of fiction. None of the people in this story are real. None of these events ever happened. This story is nothing more than words that came from my imagination. Any similarity to any real people, places, or events is purely coincidental.


Andrea walked up to the whale tank at Oceanic Research Labs in southern California. She trilled three short whistles. A moment later, a huge sperm whale jumped out of the tank and flopped back into the water with a huge splash that drenched Andrea.

Jill walked up behind Andrea, "She got you good, Andrea."

"Yeah! I'm soaked. So what's the diagnosis?"

"I still think she has some kind of parasite. There's traces of fecal matter coming from her blowhole that suggests something we've never encountered before."

"Ewww! Poor Jane!"

"I'm still puzzled at that cut just below her lung under her body. It's too clean and straight! It looks almost like someone had performed surgery on her at one time. I just wish there was an x-ray machine big enough for a whale."

Later that day, Andrea returned from lunch to a commotion in the whale tank. The whale was partly out of the tank on the walkway that surrounded the tank.

"What happened?" Andrea asked.

"Jane tried to jump the tank. She landed with a _smack_ on the walkway."

"Oh dear! Jane! She'll suffocate under her own weight if we don't get her back in the water quickly!"

"Don't worry! We're prepared for this. We're lowering the walkway into the tank. Jane will be fine!"

They lowered the whale into the tank without fuss, and Jill examined her and proclaimed her unhurt from her escape attempt.

The following day, when Andrea arrived for work, she saw blood stains surrounding Jane's blowhole. She immediately ran back to Jill's office yelling, "Jill! Jill! Come quick! Something's wrong with Jane! I think she really got hurt yesterday!"

Jill jumped out of her chair spilling veterinary records all over her desk. She grabbed a whale kit and ran with Andrea out to the whale tanks.

Exiting out to the tanks, Jane was swimming blissfully around the edge of the tank. Andrea reached out and patted Jane on her dorsal fin while Jill held a stethoscope up to different parts of Jane's body.

"Jane's fine, Andrea. Let me take a sample of that blood and send it off to the lab."

While Andrea continued to calm Jane, Jill used a long cotton swap to take a sample of the blood around her blowhole.

"We won't know for a couple of days, but Jane seems fine. Probably just a bloody nose, er, blowhole," Jill said with a laugh.

The following two days were uneventful until Jill walked into Andrea's office. Andrea was going over some dolphin migration charts when Jill said, "We need to take another blood sample from Jane."

"Why," asked Andrea.

"Oh, the lab screwed up! They say we sent them human blood. From two different people, at that."

"Idiots! Also, I've noticed that Jane has become more sluggish since her accident. I really think there's something wrong with her."

Jill and Andrea returned to the whale tank. Andrea called Jane over while Jill stuck another swab into Jane's blowhole.

"There's still plenty of blood in there," Jill said. Jill took the swab back to her office and Andrea returned to her work.

The following day Jill returned to Andrea's office.


"Oh, Hi Jill! Did you get Jane's blood work back yet?"

"Yes, and you're not going to believe it. A different lab reported the exact same results as the first lab. Exact same! Human blood -- a mix of Type O and type A."

"How is that possible? Could Jane have eaten anyone?"

"No, whales don't eat people. Even if she could have, the blood wouldn't be coming from her blowhole!"

The following day, Jill scheduled surgery for Jane. Several marine biologists and veterinarians arrived at the day of the surgery. Andrea asked Jill, "What's going on?"

"We're going to perform exploratory surgery to see what is behind that scar under Jane's lung. My hunch is that we'll find the answer to Jane's health problems in there."

Jane was raised partially out of the water and on her side ad she was given anesthesia. As Andrea watched, one of the doctors made an incision over Jane's scar.

"This is interesting," Jill called out. "There's an identical incision on Jane's ling directly beneath the incision on her skin."

The team of doctors cut into Jane's lung and probed the incision with their medical instruments.

"Oh my God!" the team of doctors shouted in unison.

"What?" Andrea asked back.

"Stand back, Andrea," Jill answered, apparently quite flustered.

The doctors reached in and pulled out -- a human body.

"Urp! I'm going to be sick!" Andrea choked as she ran off to the nearest trash bin.

A few minutes later, a steeled Andrea returned to the scene to see two, relatively undamaged, human remains, and a few of other unidentified mangled masses of tissue, lying on the floor next to Jane.

One was a while man, the other a black woman.

"Oh Lord!" Andrea said to Jill, "So whales don't eat people?"

Two of the doctors looked at Andrea, and one said, "Jane didn't eat these people. They were inside her lung, not her stomach."

"But! How?" Andrea stammered. "How did two people get inside Jane's lung?"

"Don't ask me," Jill answered, "And there was more than just those two adults. We also found a number of premature fetuses. Plus, their legs were smeared with their combined excrement."

"Oh gross! Did you have to tell me that?"

"Sorry. Anyway, I'm calling 9-1-1. This is out of our hands, now."

Andrea walked back to her office and locked up, deciding to take the rest of the day off. Jill walked in just as Andrea was about to leave for the day.

"Hi Jill. What's the police say?"

"I gave them a very preliminary report. Their bodied were preserved quite well considering that they have to have been inside Jane's lung for the two months that we've had her. It doesn't make sense, but my first impression is that they've only been dead for a few days. But that's patently impossible, of course."

"Can you tell the cause of death?"

"That's a job for the coroner, but their bodies had been literally crushed. They obviously had to have been dead long before this, but maybe their bodies were crushed when Jane jumped out of the tank, causing their blood to drain out her blowhole."

"I'm sorry, Andrea. But I've just got to take the rest of the day off. You have my number. See you tomorrow."

"Sure Andrea. See you tomorrow."


The mad scientist was having a bad day. He wasn't really mad, though, just mildly annoyed. It had taken _forever_ to catch that last sperm whale. He'd need a few more to finish his _project._


Alan woke with a huge headache. That fraternity rush party last night was outrageous, but where was he now? He had wanted to join a frat house during his first year of college and make all his high school pals envious. His grades were good, and he might just pull off an invitation.

But now, he sat up from his bed. It was actually a cot -- and obviously _not_ at the frat house. Rather, he was in some kind of jail cell. Three walls were concrete block with a window on one far wall. The other far wall was barred and faced into a corridor lined with like cells. The cell opposite him was occupied with a cute red-headed girl. He was about to try to get her attention and speak to her when he heard activity come from the window. Walking over to the window, he looked out. The window looked into a large hangar type room from what seemed to be the third floor above. The scene below was incredulous. On one side was a huge pool, like at Sea World, and it was full of whales. On the other side was a shallow pool. One whale was lying on its side on a platform over the shallow pool with all kinds of tubes hooked to the top of its head. Some guys in medical lab coats were performing surgery on it. He watched as they cut a slit in the whale's side, and then inserted some kind of medical instrument into the cut. This procedure went on for about an hour when two people, a blond guy and a red-headed woman, were brought out of a side door. Not only that, but they were both naked. The man was forced to lie down on some kind of un-cushioned steel stretcher. Then the woman was forced to lie down on top of him. Their legs were shackled at the base of the stretcher. Alan could hardly believe what happened next. A boom arm lifted the stretcher up and inserted it, along with the couple -- feet first, into the incision in the whale's body. _Holy shit!_ Alan thought to himself. The boom then pulled the stretcher out, lacking the couple on it. The doctors, if that's what they were, then worked inside the whale for a bit longer, then they stitched the wound closed on the whale's body. After that, the platform on which the wale rested was lowered slowly into the water as the whale sputtered back to life. A moment later, the whale swam off into the larger tank to join its brethren.

The rest of the day was uneventful. That evening, the guards came around and slid a bowl of rice and a cup of orange juice through the gap between the floor and the bottom of the bars.

Alex tried to speak to the guards, "Hey! What's going on here?"

The guards ignored him, and he persisted, "Answer me, damn it!"

The guards slid food into each of the cells and left without speaking to anyone.

Alex ate his meal and, having nothing else to do, lied down in the cot and slept.

The following morning, a commotion from outside his cell woke him. The guards were dragging a guy down the corridor, and they dragged him through a door at the end of the corridor. They returned a few minutes later, went into another cell, and dragged that redhead out of the opposite cell and down the corridor. A little later, he heard activity outside the window. Once again, a whale was lifted onto that platform, resting on its side, and they cut an incision into its side. That guy and girl were made to lie naked on a stretcher. Once again, they were inserted, feet first, into the incision in the whale's body. The stretcher was withdrawn, the doctors closed the incision, and the whale was returned to the big tank.

Again, the rest of the day was uneventful. Dinner that night was baked beans and prune juice -- what a combination! Still, the guards refused to answer him, and he was clueless what was going on. So he lied down to sleep once again after finishing his meal.

Alex was startled awake the next morning. Two burly guards were standing over his cot telling him to, "Wake up!"

"What's going on?" he asked them.

Instead of answering, they each grabbed him by the arms and dragged him out of his cell and down the corridor. They dragged him through the door and down two flights of stairs.

"Please!" Alex begged, "You're not going to put me inside a whale like those others, are you?"

The guards didn't answer. Alex struggled against their grip, but the guards were too many and too strong. They brought him to a smaller room where they simply pointed at a bench and told him, "Get undressed, then sit there."

"Why?" Alex asked.

In answer, one of the guards pulled a gun from its holster and pointed it at him.

Alex undressed and sat on the bench.

A few minutes later, more guards brought a black woman into the room.

_A black woman?_ Alex thought to himself. _Couldn't they at least have put me with a white girl? They just dragged me past a cell with cute blonde a few minutes ago._

Alex watched the black woman remove her clothes and sit next to him on the bench as the guards told her to do. She was big-boned and muscular, and had long braided hair. She brushed her braids back over her shoulders and glared defiantly at Alex. Not knowing how to react, he just smiled meekly back at her.

Alex didn't try to speak to her as they sat there for quite a while under the glare of the guards standing over them.

After about an hour of uneasy silence, more guards came into the room and whispered to the others. Then the guards announced, "Come this way, you two."

Alex and the black girl stood and walked out another door surrounded by guards. They were escorted out into that large room that Alex had seen before. The scene was familiar. There was a whale lying on its side, partially submerged in the water, with a long incision cut into its belly.

A wild-eyed mad-scientist type walked up to them and grinned wickedly.

"You two are going to be test subjects in my experiment."

"What experiment?" Alex asked.

"What experiment, indeed! You're going to live inside the lung of this whale. You can eat by drinking its blood. And your wastes will be blown out its blowhole. Why, you can live for _years_ if you're lucky -- or unlucky -- depending on how you look at it."

He let out an evil laugh and motioned at the guards.

The guards prodded him over to the stretcher he had seen several times before. They induced him to lie on his back on the stretcher and set his feet into open shackles.

"Eeeyyooww!" he yelped as his back touched the cold steel of the stretcher.

Next, they prodded the black girl to lie, face down, on top of Alex. They then closed the shackles onto their ankles.

The stretcher started to lift and Alex yelled out, "Wait! Please! You can't do this to us! This is inhuman!"

His cries went unanswered as the stretcher was slowly inserted into the gash in the whale's belly. The black woman's naked body was writhing against his as hot slippery blubber enveloped his feet, then up his legs, then his chest.

He yelled out, "No!" as his head was engulfed by the open wound. Upon being plunged into darkness, the fishy stench was practically unbearable. The slick motion against his body felt weird as hot fishy slime just oozed all over his body as he was pushed deeper and deeper into the whale's lung.

The pressure was also unreal. The farther they were inserted, the tighter the compression he felt.

After a short time, the motion stopped. The crushing pressure between the whale's flesh under his back and the girl's body on top of his chest was nearly unbearable now. Further, every time the whale took a breath, the already crushing pressure increased even more.

He felt the clamps release from his ankles, then the stretcher slid out against his back as he and the girl remained motionless inside the whale.

After that, he heard some noises from over his head as the mad scientists sutured the wounds closed, sealing him inside with this unknown black girl.

"So, what's your name?" Alex asked her.

"Ayesha," she answered.

"Oh, you're named after a famous African queen!" Alex said.

"Yeah! How you know that, white boy?"

"Well, uhm, I had to take a black studies class in my first semester at college."

"No shit!"

"Yeah. And my name is Alex."

"So, you's so smart, Alex, how we's get out of here?"

"I haven't a clue, Ayesha. So I hope that you and I like the taste of whale blood."


Robert, the county coroner, walked over as three cops wheeled several gurneys into the morgue early that afternoon.

Several hours later, after performing autopsies on the victims, he wrote in his notes:

"A marine biologist as Oceanic Research Labs had found two bodies and four fetuses implanted in the lung of a sperm whale."

"One of the adults was a while male in his early to mid forties. Dental records don't match any people reported missing in the past month."

"The other adult was a black female, also in her early to mid forties. Cause of death was also internal injuries resulting from being crushed. Time of death was within past seven days, probably at the same time of the white male. Likewise, her dental records don't match any recently missing persons. The black female was approximately three-months pregnant at the time of death."

"Also, there are four fetuses of mixed race. Each fetus was premature by about four to six months. Their bodies were badly decayed and the time of death is indeterminate, but at least four months prior. DNA tests give them a 99% plus probability of being the offspring of the white male and the black female..."

The phone rang at that moment, and Robert answered it, "Hello, morgue here."


"Yes, this is Bob. Nope, I'm just writing up some preliminary findings. Any leads on the dental records?"




"You don't say! The guy's a college kid missing from a fraternity party twenty years ago?"


"Yeah? Assumed he got drunk and fell into a sewer pipe or something? Hah! What about the girl?"


"No records or missing persons reports, huh?"


"Okay. Thanks! I'll add it to my report."


"Yeah. You too. Bye."

Robert hung up the phone, then slid the bodies and the fetuses into the freezer bays, and called it a day.

- END -

Interracial Rape Pics