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I felt a pair of hands, casually brushing over my body. I assumed it was a mistake, but then I felt somebody pull the covers off.

I wanted to stop those invading hands, I was feeling cold and I wanted to sleep. I just lay quietly aware of everything that was happening to me but unable to stop it, unable to open my eyes and unable to scream.

All I remembered before this nightmare began was having a sip of that cola, somebody had offered me; and now I lay here.

I could sense at least four men around me. I lay on some kind of a bed or a bunker with very soft mattresses, coz no bed could be so narrow. I was still fully clothed, mercifully, but I was not sure how long this was going to last.

As I began to take note of my surroundings, the hands exploring my body seem to multiply. I could feel hands holding my arms above my head and one on each of my breasts. My legs were pulled apart and there was a hand cradling my crotch. And then somebody threw water on my face.

As I came round, and saw for the first time the leering faces around me. The man who had thrown water on me just took out a knife and slowly started ripping my clothes off me. I tried to struggle but was held too firmly in place.

I watched as my captor picked up the shreds of my clothes and held them aloft so I could see them. He soaked them in alcohol and set them afire, holding them aloft till the flames touched his fingers and then he threw them aside.

“You are not going to need them for a long time now, baby”. From the way he was slurring his words I was only glad that he had cut away only my clothes and not me.

From the moment I had begun to lose my consciousness I was aware that I was going to be raped. I was resigned to it, and I was going to ensure that I was not hurt too badly in the process. My only worry was – I was a virgin.

Let me tell you, how I ended up where I did. I am an 18-year-old blonde, petite and slim. This is my first time in the city as till now I was living with my grandparents in the country.

My parents had died when I was 3 and my grandparents had raised me, whom I called Pa and Ma. I was educated mostly at home, since Pa was a retired teacher. I had very few friends as a child, but never missed being around children my age. Ma was my closest friend and both she and Pa had always treated me as an adult.

It was at college that I first discovered what I had missed. I enjoyed the way men turned to look at me, I enjoyed sharing secrets with girls my age and I enjoyed the freedom of doing what I wanted without having to answer either Pa or Ma.

When my friends told me I that I had a great body, I tended to disbelieve them since Ma always told me that I was only a passable.

I had gone with my friends on a camping holiday and while trekking one day I must have strayed far from my group. When I returned to where I thought we were camping I saw a group of men sitting around a fire and drinking.

They offered to help me locate my friends and I was only too relieved and hurriedly had whatever was offered me. We got onto the truck they had and when I felt dizzy, somebody said it was probably only motion sickness, compounded by the fact that I had not eaten all day.

I don’t remember when I passed out or how far we had traveled. But here I am now and none of the faces around me are those of the guys I had seen around that fire. Are there more men than I had counted?

The man who threw water on my face came up to me and pulled my head up with my hair. “What’s your name?” he rasped.

I tried to answer but my lips wouldn’t open. With a wave of his hand he motioned to the men around me and suddenly my body was free.

He jerked me to a standing position. The sudden movement made me go dizzy again and I was sure if he let go of my hair I would collapse again.

Another yank brought out a groan from me.

“So you are not dumb, are you? And now what’s your name?” “N…n….Nicky” I stammered. “So, Nicky do you know where you are and what’s going to happen to you?” I nodded dumbly and he let go of me. I fell down in a heap at his feet. “Stand Up Nicky, Don’t make it difficult for your self”, I heard a voice in the dim haze that seemed to have enveloped me.

I knew that I had to obey that voice, or any other voice that commanded me as long as I was in captivity. I stood up, though I was not sure how long I would be able to continue standing.

I was keenly aware of my nudity, and had this insane desire to cover myself or curl up in a ball, none of which was possible here. I kept my head bowed, unable to look at the faces of the men around me, afraid to face them.

I could hear a voice in the back of my head urging me to make a note of their faces, so I could identify them later, if needed. But, I knew that whatever was going to happen to me, I would not want to see any of these men ever again. I did not want to know them, remember them. I just wanted, whatever dire future they had in store for me to be over as soon as possible.

Suddenly, I was grabbed from behind and somebody pulled my arms, almost pulling them out of their sockets. I screamed and a hard slap landed on my face. I groaned as I could feel blood filling my mouth. The ordeal had begun.

My hands were pulled tightly behind and tied together. As I spat out the blood, a dirty smelly rag was pushed into my mouth. I choked and gagged, as I shook my head to push out the rag, another blow landed on my face. I again realized the value of cooperating with my own rape. These men were going to get what they wanted anyway.

As I felt the fight drain out of me, two hands grabbed my breasts, and squeezed them painfully. Two more hands pushed my legs apart and kept pushing them apart till I almost fell on my face. Then a hand grabbed my private parts and started massaging there. The hands on my breasts were mauling them now. Squeezing them, pinching them, pulling them out. The hands between my legs were equally rough. Rubbing hard, pinching, and scraping with their nails.

Even though it was pretty rough and painful, I could feel myself reacting. The pain was turning into an exquisite torture, and I was almost driven to the brink of insanity, waiting for the hands or something to enter me. I was humping into the hands at my cunt. My cries of pain had turned into the moans of a woman driven by lust. I had long ago pushed out my gag and the room was filled my cries.

Just when I thought I could take no more of this, all the hands withdrew. Noooooooooooo. That animal cry was mine, but I was no longer a person. I was body aflame with its first unfulfilled desire. The cruel laughter of my captors filled the room.

I was picked up and thrown on the bed. My hands and legs were pulled apart and tied. As I lay spread eagled, I could feel my cum dripping out between my legs. There was no way I could complete the task that was started on me.

I then saw the men leave the room and switch off the lights. I was left alone for I don’t know how long. All I knew was that I wanted to fuck and fuck till the fires in my body were quenched. This waiting was worse than any other torture they could have devised.

Sometime later, somebody entered the room. I felt a hand touch my cunt and feel it. I arched into that hand for the much-needed relief, but he pushed me down. Then I felt something cold on it. The sensation was so wonderful that I came then and there. I heard a low laughter in the darkness.

The shaving cream (for that was what it was) was spread on my pubic hair and as I felt the first touch of a razor, I held my body very still. My cunt was shaved and then I was wiped clean with a wet towel. I was then again left alone, tied up. I drifted into sleep.

When I came to again, I was not alone. The room seemed to be full of naked men. All I could see were the huge penises around me, some erect, some limp, all being massaged by frantic hands.

One of the men came forward and knelt down between my legs, and then he started licking my cunt. As his tongue found my clit, I nearly screamed. And then my hands were freed and guided to two huge dicks. My hands were held firmly and used to masturbate them.

The tongue on my clit had by now entered my hole and I was insane. I could feel a huge orgasm building up. As I opened my mouth to scream, a huge cock was pushed in my mouth. I choked, but the mouth on my cunt seemed to have taken away all my will power. I sucked hungrily.

The mouth at my pussy was replaced by one finger and then two. I could feel the cocks in my hands stiffen up and the one in my mouth grow larger and push in deeper and deeper till I was forced to take him in my throat to not choke.

When I was about to cum the fingers withdrew and I could feel a huge cock try to enter me. I tried to move away but could not move much and then in one savage thrust the dick was fully inside me. I let go of the two cocks in my hand and screamed in pain.

The cock in my mouth let out a spew of sticky stuff in my mouth and my face was covered with the cum of the two cocks I had been masturbating till now. The dick in my mouth withdrew and I was left to the mercy of the man now inside me. The cock in my pussy withdrew fully and then thrust in again to the hilt. I screamed again.

The lips of my rapist found mine and as he kissed my cum filled mouth, his fingers started playing with my clit. As he withdrew slowly this time, my body had begun to adjust to his size. As he thrust in again, I moved to meet him half way; the pleasure that filled my mind was immense.

As he kept pounding into me, I felt a sense of completeness fill me. There was no pain, no fear now. The worst was over, now there was only pleasure. My hands wrapped around his back and I held him closer to me, matching my moves with his. As we both rode on the crest of pleasure filling us together, I could feel him grow harder inside me and then stiffen as he came inside in me. The feeling of his cum filling was so good that I came for the first time that night.