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As I was laying in bed that night I still I could not believe what had happened and was happening to my lovely wife. But I also could not believe how turned on I was just thinking about her being forced to give blowjobs to co-workers. We were not sure what to do and even though we spoke for hours about it. Connie wanted to quit but was frightened of the promised ramifications. Her parents, friends, family, etc. would all see the pictures. This could not happen under any circumstances.

She did not know if this was a lifetime sentence or if her boss would grow tired of the game and give her all the pictures. The problem was she was young and hot so we knew it would not end anytime soon. She described that although it had been a fantasy to be taken by unknown assailants the reality of it was another thing. She did not know the names or faces of those men she was being forced to service, every day. Connie dealt with many co-workers and on any given day she never knew whose cock might have been in her mouth earlier or later in the day.

She was Humiliated and felt she had no control. She always was able to control men because of her looks, her way of smiling and tilting her head in such a way that she looked vulnerable. She also always used her body to get what she wanted, by flirting. She had men eating out of her hands and never had to do anything but giggle and show some cleavage. Now she was a suck slut.

She sucked someone every day for the last 3 weeks. She also was on call and sometimes was told to come in early or stay late. The routine was always the same. She is called to the office and told to close the door. She is then ordered to blindfold herself and to strip completely. This woman who always controlled men was now ordered to remove her clothes in an office where the door was not locked and where anyone could walk in at any moment. Once she is completely stripped she is told to kneel and place her head between her legs until she is given further orders. Then she hears her boss leave the room and return a short time later (which feels like hours because of the possibility of being seen) with another person. She feels a tug on her hair to rise up and then feels a cock by her lips. She takes it in and begins to suck until it is hard and then ultimately until it fills her mouth with warm cum.

On Monday morning she got a call at 6:15 AM and was told to come to her bossís office by 7 AM sharp. What choice did we have, so she left the house and went straight to his office. As soon as she left I played with myself thinking about what she would be forced to do and came very quickly. We did not speak during the day and when she came home I could not wait to hear what humiliation she suffered during the day.

She told me that she arrived, walked into the office and closed the door to await further instructions. This time was different. She was ordered to blindfold herself and to stand in the room and stay clothed. As usual, her boss left and then returned a few minutes later with someone else. She was now told that she would be removing her blindfold, but that if she said a word or made a gasp the pictures would be released immediately. She said she understood and would comply.

When the blindfold came off she was staring at Bill. Bill was someone she fired several months before and who she had arrested for stealing company property. He hated her for being fired and for the humiliation of being taken out of the office in handcuffs. He pleaded with her to not call the police and begged her to allow him to get arrested outside the office. She simply said no.

Bill told Connie to strip. She wanted to run and yell to the world that she was being blackmailed, she wanted to punch them both in the face for the way she was being treated. She was the prom queen, she was always in charge and manipulated men. She felt debased and she felt helpless but knew she had no other alternative. She removed all her clothes in front of a man she loathed and who loathed her. Once naked he ordered her to play with herself and to beg to suck his cock. She did both. He then ordered her to remove his pants with one hand and continue playing with her clit with the other. Once his cock was freed she was told to put it in her mouth. He held her head and fucked her face until he was about to cum. He pulled out and shot his load all over my sweet wifeís face. Her boss then told her that she would be Billís slave for the weekend so she can learn that men are in charge of her now and that she had no control.

I got so hard from the story that we fucked. She knew it turned me on and this was the one place where she said she actually enjoys the sex now. I wonder what she will say when she finds out that I set the whole thing up and was now a suck slut because that is what I want her to be.
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