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Melissa was disappointed. Her husband, Jeff, was working late. They always enjoyed greeting the costumed children together on Halloween, doling out candy for smiles and a chorus of "thank you" from happy trick-or-treaters. They would both dress up themselves for the evening, delighting the children that came to their door. Then when they ran out of candy they would lock the doors and turn off the lights and do a little role-playing with whatever costumes they had chosen. The sex was always so incredible. By the time the night was through they would both lay panting on the bed too exhausted to move, and they had never missed a year until now.

Melissa still dressed up, as a cheerleader this year. The counterpart to her costume was still upstairs laid out on the bed. Jeff hadn't known until that evening that he was working late. He was to have been the triumphant football player, and make a conquest out of her after winning the championship game. Oh well, there was always next year. She answered the door with a smile each time, making much of the children's costumes as they asked for candy.

Unknown to Melissa, someone else smiled every time she answered the door. A lone figure watched from across the street. Dressed in dark clothing and a dark face mask, a man pressed into the shadows against a neighbor's garage. When the candy finally ran out, she turned off the lights and locked the door as always, then made her way upstairs to the bedroom. The mysterious watcher laughed quietly to himself as the lights went out, then another went on upstairs.

Melissa sighed as she longingly put Jeff's costume away, thinking of what they could be doing right now if he were home. The man had stamina that was amazing, and he knew exactly what to do to bring her to a screaming orgasm every time. The costumes and role-play just made things more exciting. Melissa was just taking her hair out of her cheerleader pigtails when she thought she heard a noise. She dismissed it as maybe some trick-or-treaters had come all the way to the front door before realizing they were really done for the night. Then she heard another noise, that sounded like someone bumping lightly against something in the dark living room downstairs.

Melissa shook her head. She was letting the feel of the night spook her. She had checked both the doors, she knew there couldn't be anyone inside the house. She went in and turned on the tap in the tub. A nice warm bubble bath would relax her jitters, and help her pass the time. Jeff would be home in a few hours, so maybe she could stay up and wait for him. She walked back into the bedroom to get undressed and suddenly she was grabbed from behind and a gloved hand was clapped over her mouth. A gruff voice told her not to scream or she would regret it. Panicked, Melissa wished she had paid attention to the noises she'd heard. She kicked and squirmed, trying to escape, but her attacker picked her up, carried her to the bed and threw her on it face down. Before she could jump up he was on top of her holding her down, again warning her again not to scream. A blindfold was tied on her, and then he turned her over, kneeling on her arms so she was pinned helpless beneath him. As soon as she was blindfolded the man took off his gloves and mask. They had served their purpose in concealing his identity. By this time Melissa was truly frightened. Was this man here to rob her? Or was he here for an even more sinister purpose?

Her captor spoke again. "A cheerleader, huh? Waiting for the football jock to come and fuck you, honey? Well don't worry, I'll make sure you get what's coming to you." Melissa opened her mouth to scream, but his hand instantly slapped over it and she couldn't make a sound. "Now you don't want to scream, then I'll just have to gag you."

She stopped struggling and calmed herself. Maybe there was some way she could escape her captor. Now that her panic was subsiding, Melissa tried to clear her head and think. The fog of terror lifted a little, and she realized something. That gruff voice she'd first heard in her ear sounded vaguely familiar, but she couldn't identify it. Then his hands were ripping at her sweater and it was torn from her body. She was wearing no bra, so her breasts were instantly exposed. She heard the man growl some sort of approval, and his now gloveless hands were all over her breasts, roughly squeezing and kneading them. He was rough, but he hadn't actually hurt her, yet. She was sure that would change quickly, because she had every intention of trying to escape this.

He lifted a knee off one arm to take off his pants, and Melissa took that as a chance to try and get away. She twisted beneath him while shoving him as hard as she could with her free arm. She knocked him off balance a little, but he was built like a football player, and he just grabbed both her hands together and yanked them up over her head, hard. She yelped and he shoved one of his gloves into her mouth. Held her down while he kicked off his pants and then ripped off the flimsy costume skirt and her panties at the same time. He wedged his knees between her legs, forcing them apart with his strong legs.

Melissa thrashed beneath her attacker, but he was too strong and held her too tightly. She felt him hard against her as he leaned close, his cock a menacing weapon. She shook her head trying to dislodge the glove from her mouth. He paused, ready to enter her, and she wondered what was stopping him. Then, just before he thrust into her, he removed her blindfold. Melissa could not believe her eyes! Her attacker was Jeff!

Jeff looked deep into her eyes and whispered I love you," then slid into her gently. He began to stroke slowly in and out, letting her get over her shock.

Melissa gasped as he revealed himself, then gasped again as he entered her. She instinctively reacted, meeting him as he lowered himself into her, still getting over the shock. Her adrenaline level was high from the fear and struggle. She came as Jeff pressed against her again and again, his cock sliding against her inner walls, her legs tightening around him as he kept rocking his body with hers. He groaned as she squeezed him, her whole body shuddering.

As Melissa's breathing began to slow, Jeff picked up his pace and began to thrust into her faster. She suddenly stopped him and told him to turn over. He did with a smile, and she squatted over him, poised to engulf his glistening shaft. She sank slowly onto him, enjoying each inch of his hardness. He reached up and took Melissa's nipples between his fingers as she rose and fell on him, pinching and rolling them back and forth, making her moan. She reached down and began to rub her clit as she rode his cock. Jeff watched the pleasure on her face as he moved his hands down to her hips, and began lifting her and pulling her back down harder onto him.

They both moaned as their bodies thrust toward one another, straining, eyes locked on each other's faces. Jeff pulled Melissa hard against him one more time as his body stiffened and his cock erupted inside her. Moaning, he dug his fingers into her skin as his body convulsed. She cried out as her own spasms began and their bodies ground together in the throes of ecstasy. He drew her to him as she collapsed on top of him shaking.

They laid together for awhile, just holding each other. Then Melissa asked, "How long have you been planning to do this?"

"I've read all the stories and comments you wrote for the adult message boards," he told her. "Even the ones under the names you think I don't know about. I read your comments to a similar story and thought this might be just the way to give you a Halloween to remember."
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