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Tom was excited because tonight he was going to have a poker game with his buddies from work. He worked as a general contractor for a small company with a good bunch of guys. His wife Lori helped get everything ready, she prepared a bunch of mini subs, bowls of chips, pretzels and filled a cooler full of beer. The game was all set up and around seven p.m. all of Tom's buddies started arriving.

Three of the guys Steve, Rick, and Bill were the same age as Tom and Lori in their mid thirties, Big Hal was an older pot bellied guy who was the foreman and Brian a young new guy who could not have been more than twenty. Lori met all the guys and retired to the living room couch to watch one of those Lifetime movies and a book.

The game was in full swing and everyone was having a good time playing cards and eating. The beer was going pretty quick too as the guys were also pounding them down pretty quick. Whenever Tom got up to go take a piss or give his wife a quick update of what a goodtime they were having they guys took advantage of it to talk about his wife.

"Wow Tom's ole lady sure has a nice rack" Rick said.

"She sure does have a nice ass in those tight jeans she's wearing." Bill added.

"Quiet down you is going to give the kid a hard on thinking of her." Hal chuckled.

The game was over and everyone was probably over the limit to drive home so Lori offered to give the guys a ride home in the mini van. Tom without thinking said that sounded like a good idea to him, he could bring the guys over after work to get their vehicles.

The guys got in the van with Hal in the front passenger seat and the other four guys in the back bench seats. Driving down the street and on the way to Rick's house first, Hal said he forgot a set of estimates he needed to mail out first thing in the morning. So Lori reluctantly agreed to run them over to the current job site to let Hal pick up the papers he needed. Upon arriving Hal said they should show Lori the job site and all the neat things they've done to place.

The four guys led Lori around showing her the new siding they put on, the new windows they installed and around to the huge backyard. A huge deck was being built on the back of the house that would be a great place to relax or entertain.

"Wow this is awesome." Lori whispered.

"You don't have to whisper the owners are out of town." Rick explained.

Steve came up behind Lori and wrapped his arms around the sexy blonde wife, she gasped surprised he would do this. Steve was trying to feel her tits as she did her best to try and stop his busy hands.

"Stop it Steve this is not funny." She said.

"You guys going to help get some of this or do I have to do it all by myself." He exclaimed.

Before Lori knew Bill and Rick grabbed her legs and Brian grabbed her arms they pulled her down to the wooden floor of the deck. The two men on her legs pulled her jeans and panties off and the two men who had her arms ripped her shirt off and unhooked her bra. The men stopped and looked at her great body in awe, even though Lori had two kids her tits were nice and firm, her stretch marks have faded, she was slim and her pussy was shaved.

Rick held both of her legs and kept them spread apart to reveal her nice pink gash, Bill began to licked her pussy. Steve held her arms while Brian began to suck on her firm tits and puffy nipples.

"NO Stop NO don't rape me please." She begged the men.

This did not stop them because some how Rick got his cock out and pulled Lori down towards him. It was nicely wet from Bill's lapping allowing him to easily slide it into her pussy. Rick pounded her pussy and Bill went up to hold her arms, Steve took the opportunity to get his cock out and he shoved it into her mouth.

"This will keep the little bitch quiet." He said.

It was not long and both men were filling her full of cum, Steve shot so much Lori could not swallow it all as it dribbled down her chin onto her tits. Bill quickly grabbed her hard by the back of the head and rolled her over to suck his cock. Brian pulled his cock out and all the guys cheered, the kid had a piece of meat in his pants that would put most porno stars to shame. The kid slid inch by inch up Lori's already abused cunt, forcing her to spit out Bill's cock to breathe.

"If you have not come already you will when I fuck you with this you little bitch." He said.

He was right to the more and more he slid in and stretched her cunt out the more sensation she felt. She had never been filled so fully with cock in her whole life as the young man finally got the whole thing in. He slowly pumped his huge cock in and out of her tight cunt and too Lori's shame her body was reacting to it.

"Oh god fuck me with that huge cock, fucks me, fuck me." She begged over and over.

Brian began to pick up the pace fucking her harder with each stroke, Bill got his cock back in her mouth as she sucked it off and on. Steve began to get under her to suck on her tits, while Rick reached under and fingered her clit while the kid fucked her. Lori nearly loss consciousness from all the sensations her body was feeling at once. She could not keep track of all the orgasms she was now having.

Bill grabbed the back of her head and slammed it all the way down on his cock shooting his load in her mouth. She swallowed what she could and the rest rolled down her chin. Brian too was ready to cum only he pulled his cock out and shot the big thick streams of cum all over her ass and back. Lori lay on the cold hard wood deck trying to catch her breath, she never felt so ashamed or humiliated in all her life.

Hal was standing just a few feet away with a video camera he found in the house filming the whole thing. Lori knew that it would be hard to claim rape because if Hal caught her enjoying Brian's huge cock on tape she would have no case.

"Got you boys a little insurance right here." The pudgy man said.

"Please Hal don't show my husband, It will ruin our marriage." She sobbed.

"Well honey I won't show Tom this tape, but for our next game we expect to be waited on. Not only that you better be dressed very sexy and be able to satisfy the boys after the game again." He explained.

"There is no guarantee that this could happen again." She sniffed.

"You will figure out a way for us to get off on you again or he will see the tape." Hal said.

"Hey boss you going to get a turn." Bill yelled.

"I would love too." He said. "Unfortunately I can't."

"Why not boss?" yelled Steve.

"Erectile dysfunction." He explained. "My old lady is so fat and ugly I never felt the need to get viagara. I think I will be making a doctor appointment really soon though. Come on you guys we will take the company truck home."

The guys collected themselves and left leaving Lori alone on the deck looking up at the stars. She had cum dripping out of her pussy, dried cum on her face and cum now drying on her back. She slid her jeans and panties back on and her bra, lucky for her she had a sweat shirt in the van.

Using some wet naps from the glove box she kept on hand for the kids she wiped her face off. When she got home Tom was already fast asleep, so she threw away the ruined shirt and got in the shower. She douched whatever cum was left inside of her and threw a nightgown over her head.

Getting in bed next to her husband she quietly sobbed herself to sleep over the terrible debacle she had just experienced.
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