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Plumper Forced Sex

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© 2004 by MLyons

Author's Note: The following story and the characters within it are purely a product of my imagination, and they are meant to be enjoyed only as a fantasy. Any similarity to real people or events is unintentional.

Reproduction of this story in any form without express written permission from the author is prohibited.

Synopsis of Chapter 3: Johnson's present from Cindy was revealed as a lifelike sex doll, complete with silicone skin and an anatomically correct skeleton. After further teasing, which included forcing him on his knees in his garage to lick her feet and loosen the straps of her heels with his teeth, she forced him to dress the doll in Cindy's slut outfit, kiss it, lick its pussy, and finally fuck it. Johnson was completely debased, and so desperate to fuck anything that the doll more than satisfied his needs, even while Cindy fucked with his mind and got off on it in the process. Afterwards, Johnson was made to lay on top of the heavy toy while Cindy strapped him completely to it with packing straps. Johnson finally drifted off to sleep in that position as he heard Cindy masturbating in his own bedroom down the hall.

My sincere apologies to those who have read the original versions of Chapters 1-3 (Prior to August 2004). They have changed a bit and are now finalized. The story is a shade darker now, and my apologies again if it is not your cup of tea. The synopses now included in each chapter (see above) are meant as a quick catch up for those who don't wish to re-read them. I beg your indulgence and thank you for your patience.

Chapter 4

"Time to wake up, Mister Sleepy-head."

Johnson's eyes opened as he groaned himself to consciousness. His cheek rested on the doll's face. He instinctively tried to get up but was quickly reminded that he couldn't move. The 150 pounds of rubber and steel he was strapped to was weighting him down like an anchor. As he regained his senses, he felt a tickling sensation on his balls. The blanket covering him was gone, and Cindy was running her fingers along his scrotum. Sometime during the night his cock had softened and slipped out of the doll, but morning wood had struck him. She had already applied more lube to his cock and was coaxing it back into the doll's pussy.

"You know, I had a slave once Professor." He saw her cross in front of him, still wearing her nighty.

"Cindy," Johnson said weakly. His body was so sore.

"Yeah, it was about a year ago. He was cute. You wouldn't believe the kind of things he'd let me do. He really wanted me to go out with him," she giggled. "I figured it would be good practice for when I met you. 'Course, I didn't really make him do anything, he just really liked it."

Johnson could not free his stubborn hard on from the confines of the rubber pussy. Each time he tried, it simply rubbed against the slicked walls--making his cock that much harder. He watched as Cindy climbed up on the arm of the couch next to his head.

"Cindy, please, let me go."

"I guess you really don't want to hear about him," she said bashfully. "But I'll tell you a secret." Cindy sat on the arm and spread her legs so that her ankles rested beside his prone head. Lifting her nighty up so that it bunched across her tummy, she edged her bare pussy toward his face and grabbed his hair. "You're a lot more fun than he was."

She pulled his head up and planted her pussy directly underneath it so that her bottom rested on the doll's forehead. He could tell she was already worked up. He saw a glimmer of juice just along her outer folds, and could smell the familiar mixture of her sex with the perfume of her laundered, cotton nighty.

"Lick me off, slave."

Johnson was in a daze. His body was sore, his cock was being subtly massaged, and Cindy's ripe pussy was waiting for his tongue. She released his hair and despite his unbelievable situation, he found himself licking hungrily at the tender lips of her vagina.

"Good boy, keep licking like a good little doggy." Cindy reached back behind her and grabbed the phone receiver off the end-table. "I found this in your office last night, Professor." She dangled a rolodex card in front of his eyes. "I'm not sure if he'll go for this, but I thought it might be fun. It's worth a try anyway, right?"

Johnson couldn't see the card before she yanked it out of his line of sight, and he had no idea what she was talking about. He moved his tongue up to her engorged clit--flicking it and tasting her young pussy. His cock was a rock, and he wanted her so badly. Her taste simply intoxicated him. He couldn't help it. Cindy, meanwhile, had been dialing a number on the phone.

"Cindy, who are you calling? What are you doing?"

"Shhh, lick slave," she whispered looking down at him. "This is so exciting!"

Johnson didn't know what else to do but follow her order.

"Hello," she said brightly, seemingly unphased by Johnson's dutiful tongue. "Is this Mister Ronald Tyrney?"

"Cindy!" Johnson desperately whispered. "What the fuck are you doing?"

She covered the phone. "Shhh--quiet, doggy!" she hissed. "Lick!"

"Yeah, Mister Tyrney, my name is Lisa, how are you? Yeah, I know it's kinda early on a Sunday. Sorry about that, but I was kinda horny and thought I'd give you a ring."

What the fuck was she doing? Was she insane? Tyrney was his boss--the man she threatened to call to alert him to Johnson's theft from Young Industries. Johnson's heart sank when he realized that Tyrney was just the type of sleaze ball who would fall victim to Cindy's charms.

Cindy held the phone away from her ear briefly as she adjusted her body in front of Johnson. He could hear the suspicious male voice on the other end. It was Tyrney alright. He couldn't believe this.

"No, no, Mister Tyrney. A colleague of yours gave me your number. It's kind of a surprise. No, he thought you might need a little pick me up, that's all. Well, I can't tell you that now can I? I don't want to get him into trouble." Cindy poked Johnson's nose as she looked at him, smiling.

"Oh, did I wake you up? Well, gosh I'm really sorry about that, but tell me this Mister Tyrney. Do you sleep naked?"

Johnson abruptly stopped working on Cindy's slit, waiting to see if Tyrney was going to take the bait. Cindy reached down and flicked his ear. Gazing at him with her best puppy dog eyes, she mouthed the word, "Please?" Then she pouted. Johnson got the message, and continued lapping at her as if he was preparing her for his cock.

"You do? Wow. Well, Ronald--can I call you Ronald? Yay! Well, Ronald, I've got blonde hair, and I'm nineteen years old." Cindy giggled adorably as she reacted to Tyrney's obvious acceptance of what she was offering him. It fucking figured.

"Yeah, I'm just out of high school. I just started college this year."

Johnson nervously ran his tongue along her slit. His cock showed no sign of rest. It was lodged firmly into the doll's folds--slipping ever so slightly against them and driving him mad.

"Well, I'm kinda small, but the boys all tell me I have a great little body. You know, the kind that guys like to toss around in bed? Oh you do? Well there's no problem there then, huh?" she giggled again. "You want to know what I'm wearing? Well, I'm still wearing my pretty night gown, but I don't have any panties on underneath. Nope! No, I don't like to wear them. You know what else, Ronald? I'm all shaved too. Yep--its totally smooth. Ha, ha. Well, no I'm not exactly touching myself, but my slave is down there licking my pussy for me."

Johnson could hear an almost inaudible breath escape Cindy's lips as she reacted to his tongue. He could feel her getting wetter as she closed her eyes and let her head list to the side. He felt his chin disappear into the sex-doll's mouth as he wriggled his tongue inside of her and tasted her fresh juice.

"Ooo," she shuddered slightly above him--reacting to his probing tongue. "Yeah my slave. Yep, she's all shaved too. Yeah, you like that, huh? Well, she's doing a pretty good job, but I think she needs a little more practice." Cindy winked playfully at Johnson. "What are you doing right now, Ronald? Oh yeah? Is it hard? Mmm, I'll bet that would feel good in my little pussy. Ooo, that sounds good. I'll bet you really know how to fuck a girl, don't you, Ronald?" Cindy had sexual instinct to spare. She was a master.

Johnson couldn't help but react to her himself. His cock slipped in tiny jerks--he tried to move his hips but he was so restricted that all he served to do was tease himself. He lapped at Cindy's luscious pussy lips, and then flicked her clit with his tongue.

"Would you like to suggest some pointers for my slave here? What should she do to me?" Cindy laughed girlishly. It drove Johnson insane. "No she can't really do that. She's not allowed. Besides, I've kinda got her tied up. All she can do is use her mouth on me. What should she do?" Cindy listened to a voice Johnson could not hear as she gazed down at him and laughed like giddy child.

"Okay, I'll tell her. Slave, Ronald says you should nibble on my thighs." Cindy edged down and closed her sleek legs around Johnson's face. He looked at her with a conflicted longing he didn't understand as she encouraged him with stern blue eyes. "Well, go ahead. Yeah, Ronald, she can be a little bitch sometimes. Sometimes I have to punish her. Well, I gave her a spanking yesterday. Yeah, it even hurt my hand. Yeah her poor little bottom was all red. Well she deserved it!" Her girlish laughter tortured him. Johnson craned his neck so that his mouth was touching the thigh next to her slit. He bared his teeth and slipped a fold of her tight skin between them--nibbling just as he had been told.

"Oh, Ronald that feels really good." Cindy's thighs shifted around him. He could see a drop of juice and saliva fall from her shaved slit into the doll's mouth. "God yes, she's teasing my thighs with her teeth. I'm so wet, Ronald. My pussy is just aching for a big cock. Is it? Oh goody! What else should my slave do? Well, yeah, she's been kinda naughty. Wow, Okay. Slave, Ronald says you should lick my ass."

Cindy edged forward a bit more and leaned back against the end table. Her free hand rested behind her, holding up her weight as her thighs framed Johnson's face and the soft cheeks of her bottom molded around the doll's pliable features.

"Oh, this is going to feel so good, Ronald. I can't wait!" She edged her ass forward so that her tight cheeks wrapped around his face and nose. "Ronald wants you to lick it, Slave." Johnson could see Cindy's juice leaking out of her sweet pussy and dripping toward her puckered ass. All he had to do was stick out his tongue. The realization that his boss--quite possibly one of the most foul, greedy and ruthless men he'd ever met next to Karl Young himself--was literally directing Johnson's very debasement washed over him like grim death.

"Oh my God, Ronald! Yeah, her tongue is so wet. She's lapping up the pussy juice that leaked down there. Oh, she's so pretty, Ronald." Cindy smiled down at Johnson, grinding her ass cheeks into his lips.

"Oh, are you close? My slave and I are getting you all hot and bothered, huh? Oh wow, really? You're making me blush Ronald! Okay. Slave, Ronald says you should flick my clit with your tongue until I cum. He says if you don't do a good job, I should. . . What? Wow, Ronald that's really nasty. I like the way you think." Cindy once again shifted her weight forward, bringing her jutting clit within reach of Johnson's tongue.

"Are you touching your cock, Ronald? Ooo, I'll bet it's really big, huh? Oh, yeah, if you fucked a little girl like me with it you might just split me open. I'm not sure if I could handle you." Cindy's breath quickened. Johnson nervously lapped at her wet clit, both excited and disgusted with himself as his hard cock rubbed in the tiniest of strokes inside the doll's pussy. Her body started to spasm erratically. "Yeah, is that what you want to do? Ooo, you're naughty Ronald." She began reacting in earnest to Johnson's laboring tongue.

"Oh, God, Ronald, you're making me all horny. Yeah, my slave is licking at my clit like a good little girl. Yeah, I'm kind of bad aren't I?" she breathed. "You want to teach me a lesson? Oh my God." Cindy looked down at Johnson with intensity, and if he didn't know any better, affection in her eyes. He knew he was making her feel good. Her spasms and her short intakes of air indicated that she was nearing her peak. "Oh my God Ronald, you're so nasty. Do you want to fuck my throat before you cum? Yeah? Do you want to cum in my face? Are you man enough to use me like a little slut?"

Johnson's mouth ached. His neck was sore and exhausted. He tongued Cindy's hard clit--finding himself aching to see her cum once more, but at the same time never wanting to see the sadistic little bitch again. Her words to Tyrney had once again filled his mind with filthy images that he could not erase, but he was unable to satisfy his cock within his confinement.

"Oh, good, Ronald. Yes, all over my face. Squirt your hot cum all over my pretty face. Show me what a man you are. Oh yeah? You want to show me my place? Oh, I'm so bad. You want to teach me a lesson? Yeah, that's right. Grab my hair, Ronald. Force my face where you want it so that you can soil me properly. Are you? Oh, it's dripping off my cheek, Ronald. It's getting into my eyes. Yeah, you're squirting it all over my mouth. Mmmmm. It's so hot and sticky Ronald. Wow you cum a lot. Oh my God. You really know how to use little girls like me, don't you? Oh, it makes me want to cum too." Cindy locked her eyes onto Johnson's, daring him to look away. Her face was racked with feeling, her wet eyes sparkled in the light. He let his lips wrap around her clit as his tongue snaked between them, flicking it hard and fast.

"You're going to make me cum, Ronald!" she told Johnson with a beautiful, pleading voice. "Oh, God. Ohhh." Cindy slurred her words. "Holy cow!" Her eyes rolled back into her head and she almost dropped the phone--catching it between her forearm and her breast. Her body quaked silently with another of her intense orgasms. Johnson's cock was desperate. He felt an inexplicable, giddy excitement as he made the teenager cum. Pussy juice seemed to gush out of her as her body quivered above him. His chin was covered with her aromatic sex. Her beautiful orgasm took his breath away and made him lose sight of his pain and worries, even if only for an instant.

"Ohh, oh. Oh my gosh, doggy," she whispered as she affectionately squeezed his head between her soft thighs. Her arms fumbled to get the phone back up to her ear. "Oh, yes. Oh my God. That was good, huh Ronald?" Cindy grabbed Johnson's hair again, and lifted his head up to face her. "Really? Well, okay." Cindy lifted her crotch up with her legs and started smearing her pussy all over Johnson's face--covering his nose, cheeks and lips with the remainder of her juice. "Yeah, I did. She's so pretty. Oh, you're such a perverted stud. I wish you could see her. Well, I'm glad you had a good time, Ronald. I sure did. Yeah, no problem. Don't thank me, thank your co-worker friend. Oops, I can't tell you that, remember?" She giggled again.

"Okay, Ronald. Maybe I'll talk to you later. Okay. Bye bye, sweety."

"Wow, that was fun! Your phone number is unlisted, right Professor?" Cindy tittered at Johnson as she reached down and mussed up his hair, his chin still planted on her vulnerable twat.

Johnson was awestruck at what she had just done, and strangely both humiliated and excited by the part he had played in it.

"You wanna cum? Doggy wanna cum?" she said playfully.

"Yes. Yes, please." His exhausted mouth drooled involuntarily onto her sticky pussy.

"Well, I'll tell you what, Professor." Cindy reached back and put the phone down. "You did really good on my pussy," she threw her head the side and ogled the words. "I'm even still shaking a little. This'll be your only chance for a while. Are you sure you want it?"

"Yes. Fuck you! Yes!" He felt like nothing more than a depraved human accessory to the toy he was attached to.

"Well, okay then. I'll only give you two minutes though. If you can't cum in two minutes--"

"Untie me, Cindy. Get me off this fucking doll." Two minutes was a lifetime. He could cum in seconds if she just unstrapped him.

"No, no Professor, just like that. You're already inside her. All you have to do is fuck her."

He moved against the doll--the tight packing straps were unrelenting. The doll might as well have been a part of him. His biggest movements only exacerbated his desperate need without bringing him any closer to climax. His mind was flooding with the images Cindy had described to his boss only moments ago.

"I can't fucking move, Cindy!" He felt his sweaty skin against the doll's. His hard cock was hopelessly buried into it, his shaved balls hanging in front of the doll's artificial ass-hole.

Cindy glanced at the clock on the wall. "Your down to a one minute-fourty, Professor."

He moved against the doll, he squeezed his cock into it--puckering his ass and forcing even more blood into his engorged member. His arms and legs thrashed--jerking the dolls appendages with them.

"Fuck, Cindy!"

"Here, maybe I can help." Cindy reached over Johnson's head and grabbed something off his back. Other than his lube bottle, he didn't realize anything else was there.

"See this, Professor?" A clear acrylic shape emerged in front of the old man's anguished face. It was a butt-plug. It was a small one, not much wider than a finger, but with enough of a tapered bulge to fulfill its purpose. She must have put it there before she woke him up with her cursed ball tickling. Cindy spread her legs again, leaning back so that her puckered ass was in clear view.

"You want to see this go in here?" Cindy teased the tip of the clear plastic on her butt cheek adjacent to her tight opening. "Would that help you cum, doggy?"

Johnson's chin rested on the doll's lips. His neck was terribly strained, but he couldn't take his eyes away from Cindy's anal offering. He jerked his body against the toy, his aching cock slipping in tiny movements in its silicone envelope.

"Here, lube it up for me." She pointed the tip of the plug toward Johnson's drooling mouth. He parted his lips and she slid it inside. "Good little doggy. Are you going to cum for me?"

"Mmm," was all he could manage.

She removed the toy from his mouth, stringers of his saliva followed it back to her anus.

"Mmm, look at that." Cindy's flesh refracted heavily through the wet acrylic toy. She pressed the small tip against the threshold of her ass. Johnson's saliva dripped off of it and down the ridge of her cheeks onto the doll's face.

"You wish this was your cock?"

Johnson thrashed--150 pounds of sweat slicked ballast working against him. He could practically feel Cindy's tight ass ring reacting to the touch of the smooth acrylic nub. His work finally started to result in a meaningful rhythm. If he could just keep moving his cock just that way, he might be able to let go. How was she able to keep doing this to him?

"Oop, thirty seconds, dirty doggy." Her anus stretched around the tip, allowing the toy's slow entry into her.

"Ooooh, my gosh," she sighed.

Johnson could do nothing but let out a loud cry of anguish and frustration. He was so close, so close.

"Uh oh." Suddenly, Cindy removed the tip of the butt plug from her ass. She swung her leg around his head and stood next to him, letting her nighty cascade over her legs again.

"Twenty seconds, Professor. Are you close?"

Johnson's exhausted body thrashed against the doll--his cock dodging between the precipice of orgasm and the frustration of denial. The couch shook underneath him.

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