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This is the beginning of a second series of stories a few years after "The Seduction of Venice".


The heavy humidity of August weighed Rome down. Christine weaved her way through the throngs of other passengers as she exited the subway. She and her husband, Alessandro, each had their own cars, but she preferred public transportation for most parts of the city. She was five months pregnant with her second child. She had been shopping in a baby boutique looking at tiny shoes when she had received his phone call.

Leo had something to show her he had said. "I have something to entertain you with—it's my new project. You'll like it, Christine. Come and see."

She rarely liked any of his ideas. She tolerated him, because he was her husband's dearest friend and, at one time, mentor.

She walked into his building. It was cool and very quiet in the lobby as the heels of her shoes clacked across the marble tile. A huge L-S-L monogram in the form of entwined snakes was laid down as a mosaic in the center of the floor. Leonardo Sirilgio Lindetti.

She went up to the 5th floor and made her way past various receptionists and secretaries. Leo's private secretary was not the young, dumb, and beautiful female type. Instead, Leo had chosen the gay, power hungry, sycophant type. He waved Christine inside to Leo's inner sanctum not even pausing to warn Leo of her arrival. "He must have said to send me straight in" she thought.

Leo stood at a window looking down at the street and turned when he heard Christine come in. At 48, he made an imposing figure. He was very tall. His black hair and dark eyes accented his olive skin perfectly. He had but a hint of grey at his temples. He turned to smile at Christine. She was an enjoyable view even 5 months pregnant. Her belly gently rounded and showed underneath her sundress. Her breasts were always nice. And now they swelled ever so slightly more.

As she came up to his desk, he approached her and kissed both her cheeks while rubbing his hands on her arms.

"Christine, you look beautiful. How's my next godchild?"

That irked her. Her daughter, Victoria, was his godchild. She had given into Alessandro's request. She had told her husband that Leo would be a dirty old man and try to fuck his own goddaughter when she came of age. Alessandro took it as a joke. Christine was not so sure she was kidding.

"We're having a boy. We found out yesterday."

"Congratulations, Alessandro's first son."

"First biological son, don't ignore our first child."

"To Italian men, blood matters more."

"Not to Alessandro, not when it comes to our son."

Leo shook his head at Christine. "Don't you want to know why I called?"


"I want you to sit over there on that couch and enjoy the view."

"Of what?" Christine asked.

"My new project. I'm just starting it. I wanted a witness and you came to mind." Leo said. "So sit here" he said as he guided her to the couch. As she sat, he caressed her body. He let his hands swirl around her pregnant belly then up to her breasts. As she glared at him, he laughed a bit.

"Leo, Alessandro is not here. You are only allowed to play with me when he's present as part of our games."

"All I did was touch, Christine," he said kissing her on her forehead. "Does my touch affect you that greatly?" he asked her.

She turned her head slightly. Luckily, she never had to answer. Leo's assistant had buzzed in announcing the arrival of one of the firm's interns. LSL was a very large law firm. It dealt with international trade, corporate, and tax law. Every summer the firm accepted 8 new interns. They were some of the most sought after internships in law. They definitely were the best internships for the type of law the firm did.

The intern walked in quietly. She was very slender and had small perky breasts. She wore a navy short blue skirt with a white button down shirt. She had on heeled loafers. Her hair was very curly and cropped short to her chin. Everything about her said conservative, quiet, and shy. The only interesting thing she wore was a gold crucifix around her neck with rubies set in it.

"Are you Claudia?" Leo asked.

"Si, Signore" she answered.

The conversation flew back across in Italian. Christine missed some parts, but she understood the basics of it.

"Your work has been below satisfactory, Signorina Loretti" Leo stated. Claudia seemed to expect this announcement. And as her face fell she began her litany of excuses.

"I'm so sorry. I know. I have been trying so hard. And I know I mixed up those files at the trial. And now the judge... And then thank God for Vanni—he had the copies... and...." Christine listened to Claudia's emotional explanation.

"Excuses mean nothing to me. I am going to have to ask you to leave the program" she heard Leo tell her.

Christine had no idea why she was here witnessing this. Next thing she knew Claudia was sobbing on her knees asking for another chance. She went on and on about her family, how disappointed they would be, the money they put into paying for her summer housing in the city, how she'd lose credits, and how everyone would talk about her in her class. She was getting really annoying to Christine.

"Exactly what good do you do my firm? Certainly nothing of value at all to any of us here."

"Signore, please I can. I cannot tell my family. I can..." Leo cut her off mid-sentence.

"See this lady here?" he gestured to me.

She turned and seemed to notice me for the first time. "Yes," she said half confused turning back to Leo.

"I wonder if you are so useless that you cannot even help me entertain her a bit."

"I will help you, of course, Signore. But what can I do to..."

"You can be very open with yourself, work with me, and we will amuse her" Leo said with a devil's grin. His voice was smooth and placating now.

"Signorina Loretti, are you a very good girl?"

"What? Yes, of course I'm a good girl. I go to mass every Sunday. I never let boys go very far. Signore, I would never dishonor my family."

"Enough, a sentence or two are sufficient for a response" Leo said rolling his eyes.

"Claudia, if you don't help me with my special project, you're gone. Your work was beyond dismal. Do you understand that if you refuse me on anything, you're gone? And I'll make sure your professors know about your substandard performance."

"I understand, Signore Lindetti." she whispered looking up at him with the fear of God upon her face.

"This is so disgusting, she's pitiful," Christine thought to herself. And right as Leo told her to stand and unbutton her blouse it dawned on Christine what Leo meant by "entertaining her".

"No! Unbutton... No!"

"Then you're fired." Leo said with a smile.

"But" the girl stuttered.

"But what? I was quite clear." he said very bored now.

The girl stood there sobbing, perplexed about what to do. Christine sat there wondering how callous she was to watch this and say nothing. But the girl had no backbone, so she didn't really like her. And she knew she only had so many cards to play against Leo—she wasn't going to waste them on this silly girl. Leo was too dangerous to fight.

"Please leave Signorina Loretti."

"Signore Lindetti, please no," she called out to him.

Leo turned to his desk and pressed the call button. His assistant answered promptly. "I need security to remove Signorina Loretti from these premises now. She's been fired." said Leo.

"At once, Signore" the assistant replied.

"No! Yes, yes, I'll help you" Claudia choked out as she tried to stop blubbering and started to breathe.

She stood up and started unbuttoning her shirt. Leo leaned back to his desk and hit the call button again. "Signore?"

"Cancel that. I've decided to keep Signorina Loretti on. She's learning new skills. However, she's off the intern team." Leo smiled a quick and furious smile at Claudia.

"I'll let them know."

"Claudia, remove your bra as well" Leo quietly commanded. Still sobbing, but more quietly now (thanked Christine's nerves) Claudia reached behind and unclasped her bra. She pulled it off. Her breasts were very small. Christine couldn't decide if they were A or B cup. She really didn't know. "Must be A" she thought.

"Fuck, you're flat, Claudia. I can't fuck those tits can I?" Leo said evenly looking at Christine's breasts with lust. Because he was looking in her general direction, Christine responded "no."

Claudia stayed quiet with her head hung down.

Leo reached out with both hands and grabbed each nipple. He twisted and yanked them ignoring Claudia's yelps.

He shrugged. "Hmph. How old are you?" Leo asked her.

"19" she mumbled.

"Look up, God damn it. Speak to me. You're 19 and a virgin?"

"Yes, I told you before. I am a good girl."

"So be a good girl, and take off your panties."

She started to pull off her shoes first, when Leo stopped her.

"Leave the shoes on. I'm very specific. Just your panties."

Christine watched very interested and she'd never say so—but very entertained.

Claudia pulled off her panties and Leo took them from her. He threw them into his trash bin. Leo told her "you're never to wear panties into the office again."

"Claudia, pull your skirt up and sit in the chair behind you." She complied. Her bare bottom sat on the black leather of his club chair.

Leo walked up. He ran his hands over her legs and spread them as he put each leg up over an arm of the chair. Both he and Christine had quite a view of her pussy and the curls that covered it.

"Touch yourself" Leo commanded.

"Signore, it's bad to do that. Please..." she started crying. Leo glared at her. Christine said "oh Jesus" out loud. Leo turned and grinned at her. He was pleased Christine was indeed interested in his game. He grabbed Claudia off the club chair. He shook her.

"What the fuck did I tell you, cunt? What? And now my guest is not so well entertained. Are you going to pay for it?"

Claudia with her eyes round with fear squeaked out "Yes."

Leo dropped her and went and sat behind his desk. It was a big and imposing structure. He ordered Claudia before him. "Lay over my lap."

Claudia did. She bent over his lap. He pushed her skirt up to reveal her ass. Her head hung down on the side while her legs were bent and her feet braced the floor taking some of her weight. Christine watched from the other side of his desk as Leo started smacking Claudia's ass. She started crying as each blow came down. Christine spoke out then to him, "You're going to bruise her."

"So?" Leonardo asked with one eyebrow raised. "I know you are going to prefer to watch it than be spanked yourself" he said his voice low and threatening.

"I'm pregnant!" she cried her hand covering her belly.

"I would never hurt you nor your child, Christine" he said in an almost perversely loving manner.

He kept right on spanking Claudia until he was happy. When he stopped, she just laid there in the same position crying softly.

"Get up, whore" Leo said sweetly.

Claudia struggled to stand.

"Go back and get in the same position I had you in that chair." Claudia's ass already had large purple and blue welts starting to show on her back side.

Claudia stumbled and moaned in pain as her weight came down on her bruised bottom.

"Touch yourself."

Claudia complied. She feebly parted her lips and began clumsily touching herself.

"Dear God, I bet she's never masturbated" he said as an aside to Christine. Christine raised her eyebrows.

"Stroke yourself, whore."

Claudia tried. Her pussy started to get wet and respond. Leo dug around in his desk and pulled out a gleaming vibrator. He went over to Claudia. He handed it to her. She looked at him confused.

With his hand on hers, he pressed the vibrator along side her clit. Claudia cried out in surprise.

"Hold it there and work it across your clit. There you go" he softly told Claudia. Leo went over to sit beside Christine on the couch. He casually sat there with his arm draped around Christine who stiffened as soon as she felt him. They both watched as Claudia ran the vibrator up and down her pussy.

Claudia had become very slick. Her pink folds were glistening as the vibrator caressed them. Claudia was starting to rock back and forth in the chair and moaning quietly.

"Good, Claudia. Make yourself cum" Leo called to her.

Claudia moaned louder rocking back and forth. She pressed the vibrator against her pussy harder and started working it on her clit with vengeance. Leo looked down at Christine and then kissed the top of her head. He ignored Claudia's ministrations on his chair.

He leaned into Christine and whispered in her ear, "how wet are you, angel?"

Christine said nothing, but tried to control her erratic breathing better, because the answer was she had soaked through her dress already.

Leo turned back to watch his hapless intern fuck herself with the vibrator. He wasn't particularly interested in fucking her so he started to imagine Christine breasts around his dick. He felt himself start to harden.

Then finally, Claudia screamed out and Christine and Leo watched as the orgasm ripped through the girls body.

"Finally," Leo uttered.

Christine looked at him confused. "Finally?" she wondered.

Leo walked over to the girl. "You are such a whore, Claudia. You showed both my guest and I what how easily you fuck yourself in public" he whispered in her ear.

She just looked at him, devastated.

"Stand" he commanded.

She stood. "Walk over to my desk and sit on it," Leo said. Claudia complied wincing only slightly as she hopped up.

Leo walked over to Claudia and reached out and caressed her bruised breasts. He then reached over to the side of his desk into a shallow dish. He pulled out two very small silver laundry clips that were novelty paper clips. Nevertheless, they had a strong biting grip. Leo put the first one on Claudia left nipple. Claudia cried out, "Noooo." Leo ignored her. Her placed the second one on her right nipple and Claudia started sobbing. Leo pulled a little bit on the silver clip on the right nipple. Claudia moaned in pain. Her face contorted. He drew his face close to her and whispered, "Be quiet or I'll twist them." Claudia bit her bottom lit and made an effort to choke back cries.

At this point Christine was subtly rocking her body back and forth on the couch. Her body ached to be fucked and yet she was terrified of what Leo would do next. "Why the hell am I watching this?" she asked herself. "What was his purpose?"

Leo told Claudia to lay back. He pulled her bottom off the desk and spread open her legs. He held her bottom up with one hand and with the other unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He pulled out his dick that was already dripping pre-cum. Between fantasizing about Christine's breasts and focusing on Claudia's virginal state, he was very ready. If there is one thing Leo likes, it's a virgin. He was legendary for it. He rarely did it nicely. He like to terrify virgins and watch their fear. He liked to watch the feeling of futility cross their face as they realize he's changed them forever. If Leo hears about a virgin, he usually changes their status as soon as he is able. He'd overheard a few of his male interns joking one night waiting for the elevator about the very prissy, very conservative Signorina Loretti. They had been lamenting how provincial she was. There were jokes about her devout Catholicism. As it turned out, Claudia was truly a horrible intern. It had been too easy for Leo to be vicious.

Christine admired the cock brought into view. She always had. She would never tell her husband, Alessandro. But the first night that Leo had come over for dinner and the men had coerced her into a threesome, she fell in love with that cock. It was beautiful and large and thick. Her husband's was wonderful too, comparable in size and everything. But Leo's was just wonderful. There was just something about it. Christine was subconsciously wetting her lips as she watched him position himself at Claudia's pussy.

There was no tenderness, no verbal warning of pain, nothing. Leo started pushing himself slowly into Claudia—not in some misguided attempt to slowly acclimate her, but to draw out the pain and wait.

Claudia cried out. She started whispering a prayer. Christine could hear her chant. Leo pushed further in. He took her legs and put them on his shoulders. He grabbed her bottom and finished thrusting all the way in. He smiled at her face as it contorted in pain. "She's nice and wet still from her masturbation session," he thought to himself. Which truly was, of course, all he cared about.

He began pummeling her, lost in the sensation of feeling this virgin for the first time. Claudia kept muttering "Hail Mary's" and tried to take her mind somewhere else. Christine sat on the edge of the couch hypnotized by the scene. It was like watching a violent porn flick except it was real. Her blood quickened from the violence and passion of it.

Leo steadily held her ass and rocked in and out of Claudia, pumping harder and harder. He looked down and watch his dick which was tinged red with blood work in and out ignoring the girl's moans and prayers.

She lay there with her eyes averted and her face contorted. There were tears streaming down her cheeks. Leo felt his dick slide full to the hilt and back out. He thought of how he would fuck Christine later whether she wanted it or not.

And that's when he felt the pressure building and his balls tighten. He finally let himself go and reached out and twisted the little clip on Claudia's nipple. She screamed in agony as he came holding himself deep in her pussy. He pumped until every last drop was milked out.

He stepped back, grabbed a tissue, and wiped himself up. He zipped and buttoned his pants. "That was good enough. Get off my desk, remove the clips off your nipples, put them back where they came from, and put your shirt back on. Do not wipe yourself. And leave, please" he ordered Claudia. She unsteadily rose on his desk. She winced as she unclipped each nipple and put them on his desk. She hobbled over to her shirt and put it on.

Christine and Leo both watched in silence. Claudia turned and looked at Leo who said nothing. Leo's semen was starting to slide down her legs as she made it out of his office.

Leo walked to his desk and pressed the call button. After his assistant answered he replied, "Please do phone Miss Loretti's voicemail and remind her to be at work at 8 AM sharp tomorrow morning. She cannot wear any undergarments."

"At once, Signore Lindetti" was the curt reply.

Leo turned to Christine. He could see the arousal—her face and neck were flushed, she was breathing faster, and he could guarantee she was dripping wet.

"Did you enjoy your entertainment?" Leo asked.

"You raped her."

"Sure, but did you enjoy it? I think you did. I think you're rubbing those thighs together so tightly, because it made you very wet" Leo said as walked over to Christine and reached out for her chin. Cupping her jaw, he drew her face to look directly up at him and asked, "Didn't it?".

She breathed slowly in and released it. She looked at him directly, "Of course, I'm aroused."

"I can't have my best friend's pregnant wife leave unsatisfied and wanting. Alessandro won't be home for hours."

"He's not home until tomorrow night—he's in Milano on business. Didn't you know?" She regretted the words as soon as she said them.

"I didn't know," Leo said smiling. He drew Christine up into a loose embrace. She started shaking and started to pull away. He gripped her arms to hold her there.

"Please, don't hurt me, Leo," she cried out.

He let go of an arm and caressed her face. "Why would you ever think I would hurt you, Christine?"

She just looked him incredulously. "That stupid whore is worthless. I would never torture you so. When Alessandro brought you home and introduced me to his treasure, I instantly recognized the quality he'd managed to find. I was and remain very impressed" he praised.
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