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The sun had set on Aberdeen Proving Ground, leaving all the basic trainees there to finally get some sleep after their long day. It was about one month into their training and things were much more routine than they had been at first. Now the new privates had more time to think, and with that time they started to think of things they missed. This was what was on Pvt. James Newberry's mind as he waited in the stair well, watching Alpha Company's laundry room. His basic training unit was a coed unit, which proved to be a big enough temptation that he now sat and awaited the opportunity to commit a terrible crime. Had he thought it through a bit more, he would never have done it, but his hard on strained against his PT shorts and his sense of reason evaporated with it.

After only a few minutes one of the girls came out of their stairwell and walked the short distance to the wash room. It was Spc. Chloe Miller, she was carrying three green laundry bags full of cloths from the female barracks and would be in there for at least an hour. Laundry guard was usually an hour and a half shift, but some of that was picking up the bags before coming down and returning them after they were done, so he figured he had an hour to make his move. James couldn't have been happier that Spc. Miller was the one to wander into his trap. He had a special loathing for her, despite (or perhaps in part because of) her good looks. Chloe was large breasted and they hung a bit low due to their size. She had a flat stomach and nice hips, and was very pretty in the face. Her dark hair was usually pulled up to meet regulations, but since it was after hours it now hung down past her shoulders. What bothered him the most about her was her attitude, she was a Specialist instead of a Private like him, all because she had high school JROTC and some college credits. She liked to talk down to the other Privates and often seemed to think she was smarter and better than everyone. With all this in mind James decided that God must be smiling on him tonight.

James watched her round ass shake in her tight PT shorts as she walked into the laundry room, he then waited a few minutes and left his stairwell following her path to the laundry room, pulling his makeshift weapon from his pocket. He opened the door a crack to make sure some washers were going and then he went in. Chloe didn't hear him enter because of the noise from the washers, which James thought was very clever of him. He was lucky enough to have entered while her back was to him and she was sorting cloths into groups. He walked up behind her and readied his weapon he had fashioned for the occasion, which was a piece of 550 cord about a foot long with two hand holds at either end. He intended to use it like an assassin and strangle her with it. His attempt was, for the most part, successful. She noticed his shadow and got a quarter turn in before he had her.

His attack was swift and violent, as he wrapped the cord around her neck and swung her into the washer so that it hit her in the stomach. Her reaction came late, she was already bent over the washer before her hands got to the cord, which was so tight by then that she couldn't get a grip on it. He had her and her panicked mind knew it, though she did not yet know why. Her mouth was open, gasping for air that she wasn't going to get.

"Do what I say and you can breath again," he said into her ear. He had no need to whisper since the walls buffered out most of the noise and the room was full of noisy washers that drowned out the rest.

"Just like wrestling, tap out if you give, otherwise I'll just kill you."

Chloe felt herself getting lightheaded, so she tapped quickly, not knowing in her panic what else to do. James eased up on the cord and Chloe sucked in air, trying to get her bearings, but before she could James was speaking again.

"Pull down your shorts or I cut off the air again."

"Please don't...," she started to say, but was cut off by him repeating his command.

"Pull down your shorts or I cut off the fucking air, you goddamn bitch." When she hesitated he explained further, "Understand, it is past 2300 and Drill Sergeant Reid is asleep in the day room. Nobody is gonna miss you for another hour at least and by then I'll have gotten what I wanted from you, or I'll have finished you. Now pull down your goddamn shorts!"

She gave in and reached behind herself and pulled her shorts down past her full ass, but no further since she couldn't reach that far. James then yanked her up into a standing position and using his knee and then his foot he pushed her shorts the rest of the way down.

"Now step out of your shorts, then pull your shirt up over your tits." When she had complied he further instructed her to spread her legs apart, which she did, then he pushed her back down over the washer. "Now pull my cock out, and don't try anything or I'll pop your damn head off, bitch."

She could feel his hard cock pressing into her ass through his shorts. She guided her hand behind herself and pulled his shorts down a bit and freed his five inch dick. She felt so ashamed, vulnerable, and humiliated. There she was, a supposed strong Army woman, exposed and bent over a washer, about to be penetrated by a moron who couldn't even pull his own cock out.

"Now, I don't care what hole I get bitch, so you best be ready for some pain." With that he started clumsily thrusting his cock into her soft backside, randomly searching for a hole. After a second something gave and he dryly pushed himself into her virgin ass. Her body went tense and she stifled a scream, as her mind reeled from the most pain she had felt in a long time.

James figured she wasn't going to be wet, but he was surprised to feel how tight she was, after that thought formed in his mind he realized that he had her ass. He had only gotten the head of his cock in and already he felt as though he could cum. He held back, though, because he wanted to make this last as long as possible. He thrust in a few more times and finally worked his dick into her all the way, causing her to gasp and tighten up to try and push him out of her. Her clenching only caused her pain to worsen, as James started to pick up the pace of his thrusting. He finally established a steady pace and was beginning to enjoy himself when it happened.

There was a loud "clank" and James' head snapped forward. The pain came quickly after that, causing his head to swim and his body to collapse on top of Chloe's bent over form. After a moment of no movement James fell sideways, and with his hands still wrapped in the cord around Chloe's neck, brought her down on top of him on the floor. James hit his head on the concrete floor and lay stunned for a moment, which allowed Chloe the time she needed to get the cord from around her neck and free his cock from her sore ass. He managed to regain his senses as she was getting up off of him and pulling up her shorts.

"You dumb fuck, you had your back to the door." James recognized the voice, but couldn't quite place it. He rolled his head to the side and looked behind him to see who was speaking, it turned out to be PFC. Josh Warburton, on of James' squad members.

James tried to think on his feet, "Oh, uh, hey man. Let's hit this together, she's got plenty of holes, nobody'd know."

"No, shithead, that's not gonna happen. Not to her anyways."

"You mean you wanna get another bitch? You got any idea how?"

"Yeah, I gotta good idea how to get another bitch. She'll be her in a second, her name is Jamie." Warburton then stepped over to Chloe, who was standing there, unsure what to do and whispered something into her ear. She looked at him questioningly but nodded.

"You mean that little bitch in third platoon? What's her name, Thomas, I think?"

"Nah, it's not Jamie Thomas. It's someone you know, but you haven't met yet." Warburton then turned to Chloe, who had been digging through the girls laundry and took two items from her.

"Most of the girls wear sports bras and boxers, but a few of them still have some simple bras and bikini cut bottoms, ya know?"

James sat up and felt the back of his head, there was no blood, but two nice lumps were forming. He looked at Josh, not quite understanding why he cared what the girls wore under their uniforms.

"You see I like my bitches to be appropriately dressed before I fuck 'em, ya know?" As he said this, Josh tossed a plain white bra and a pair of white cotton panties at James.

"Put those on, right now, or life is gonna get real unhappy for you," Warburton said as he ever so slightly lifted up the e-tool he had used to hit James in the head to accentuate his point.

James wasn't bright, but he had a good idea where this might be heading. He was trying desperately to piece it all together.

"Wait a sec, what were you doing coming to the laundry room with an e-tool for?"

"You stupid shit, you were in that damn stairwell for almost 45 mikes. So I watched you, trying to figure out what you were up too. When I saw you follow Miller into the laundry room without any laundry and while working that damn cord around your hands, it was pretty clear. So I went back to my bunk and got my e-tool off my ruck and followed you in. Who would've guessed you'd be dumb enough to leave your back to the door. Now get dressed before I beat you half to death and tell the drill sergeant how I caught you raping Miller. See now you can be my bitch, willingly, or you can face what you've done. Roger?"

"You fucking faggot! I ain't lettin' you fuck me, I ain't wearin' this shit, fuck you, faggot!"

Warburton laughed, "Sissy, the only fag here is you. Me, you might say I'm bi, but I only date chicks. I just happen to get a kick out of makin' lesser men my bitches. It gives me a rush to dominate them, to steal their manhood. Trust me, once you get what I have to give you, you'll be changed forever."

"Nah, fuck it, you'll have to kill me first."

Chloe finally spoke up, "Look idiot, if he beats you with that thing, it'll fuck you up for life, plus then you'll face rape and assault charges. That shit is a felony, you'll be in for no less than twenty, and then you'll get this anyway. So you can let him fuck you once, or let them fuck you every night in prison."

James looked at Josh, who was a full foot taller than him and built like a brick shit house. As he thought about it, the truth of it all sank into him, and he saw no other way out. He pulled his shirt and shorts off and put on the panties and bra, feeling so humiliated that the woman he was fucking just moments earlier was now sneering at him as he stood trying to clasp the bra behind his back. Chloe walked over to him, and clasped it for him, eager to see the event that was about to unfold. When she finished, she called him an amateur and walk away, hopping up on one of the active washers and sat, waiting for the show.

Josh looked at James, and felt rush surge through him as he thought about how absolutely ridiculous James looked in the bra and panties with his hairy body, slightly feminine figure, and bald head. Josh started think that with some work and a bit of hormones, James would make a convincing woman, but not tonight. With that thought Warburton stripped off his shirt and shorts, leaving him naked and exposing his seven and a half inch, half hard cock.

"Your first lesson is cock sucking, Jamie, so on your knees and get to work, bitch."

James face burned red, but he did as he was told. Once on his knees he took Josh's cock in his hand and gave it a few strokes to harden it up. Remembering all the porn he had watched and the few blow jobs he had received, he started doing what seemed natural. He licked the underside of the head and then down the shaft to Josh's balls, then back up again. He then enveloped the head in his mouth and started to bob on it, taking a little bit more in his mouth each time as he grew accustomed to the size of it in his mouth. Still gripping the base, he stroked his hand in sync with his head bobs to work the entire length of Warburton's large sized cock, all the while licking the underside of the head with his tongue on the up stroke. James would hate to admit it, but he was actually finding this to be easy and somewhat fun. The smoothness of the head and the taste of the other mans cock was quite nice.

After a few minutes of sucking on Josh's cock, James heard Josh say to Chloe, "She sure seems to be a natural at this, huh?"

"I'll say!" was Chloe's only reply.

"Time to stop now, Jamie. It's time for me to take your cherry, little girl."

With that Warburton grabbed James up and pushed him up against a washer, just as he had done Chloe. James understood the symbolism and accepted his fate. Josh pulled the white panties aside and grabbed a hold of his saliva coated cock and guided it towards James asshole. James felt his ass cheeks pushed apart by the head of Josh's cock and braced himself with his hand on the washer.

"If you tense up, it will only hurt worse." With those words of encouragement Josh plunged his cock into James ass over half of it's length. James squealed in pain and shock as his ass felt suddenly impossibly full. Josh then pulled back and then thrust in hard again, this time getting his full length all the way in James ass. James felt as though his eyes would bug out of his head and could not find the strength to close his mouth. Had he been a woman he would have been making the perfect fuck face. Josh then started to establish a rhythm, and began to steadily fuck James hard against the washer machine.

Chloe was thrilled at the sight before her. She had always enjoyed gay male porn and the idea of men fucking each other, but to see it happening right before her was almost too much. The shock of her rape had faded fast as her makeshift savior now made her attacker his absolute bitch. The fact that James was straight made it feel even naughtier to her, and between the washers vibrations and the sexy sight before her, she couldn't help but to start playing with herself. She was close to orgasm, and working her clit with one hand while working four fingers into her cunt, which was so wet it was soaking a dark spot into her shorts.

After a few minutes James loosened up, and the pain receded, giving way to pleasure. Before long, James was unable to deny the fact that those powerful thrusts felt great in his ass, and he even caught himself humping back to meet the thrusts from his new lover. The thought shocked James, he had just thought of the man fucking his ass as his lover, but as he formed that thought Josh thrust in again and the wave of pleasure caused James to abandon his cares. It felt good, and that was really all he had been after tonight.

"Time for a change, get on your hands and knees, and face Miller. I want her to see your face while I pound your slutty ass."

James did as he was told, secretly loving the way Josh spoke to him. He wanted more hard cock in his ass, but he didn't dare show his desire.

"Oh my God!" Chloe squealed, "His cock is hard! He fucking loves it, he's a fag!"

"Shut up, Miller. SHE is simply enjoying what I am giving HER. It is only natural that her clit would swell up, isn't that right Jamie?"

James heard himself being referred to as a woman, as Jamie, and inside he felt it to be true. He must be a slut and a wannabe woman to love cock in his ass. His raging hard on confirmed that he loved it, everyone knew now, so he saw no reason to deny it.

"yes," was his entire reply, spoken so meekly that Chloe couldn't here it over the washer machines noise. Josh heard it though, and knew that if he kept up, the boy in front of him would be forever changed.

"Be sure to hold your head up, so Miller can see you face, ok slut?" As he said this Josh pulled James' panties aside again and readied himself to fuck the boy again. James did as instructed and as Josh pushed inside of him Chloe could read it all right on James' face. The boy was being stretched open again, but this time, he was loving it. Josh grabbed James' waist and pushed in the rest of the way, feeling James' soft full ass press into his crotch. When James felt Warburton's big hands on his waist he felt small and feminine, and when he felt Josh finally push in all the way and rest against his ass, a moan escaped his lips.

James opened his eyes with shock when he heard the moan, it came from him, but it didn't sound like him, it sounded too.........girlie. Then Josh pulled back and thrust in again, and again, getting back into a steady pace. Each thrust in felt so deep in his ass and caused him such powerful ecstasy that soon James was moaning like a whore. The powerful feelings he got from this were ten times the pleasure he had ever gotten from his very limited sexual contact with women, and he saw no reason to ever go back. Jamie was here to stay.

James again started to hump back against Josh as he fucked his ass with wild thrusts, each time gripping tight around his waist, underscoring how much more powerful Josh was than James. Chloe watched it all on James face and even noted the change in his demeanor, he now was moaning and humping as wildly as any girl would. She was soon overcome by her third orgasm of the night as she stretched herself out as much as he could with her four fingers.

Finally James was overcome by the thrusts, the feeling of the bra tight around him, and the panties that contained his throbbing cock. He knew what he needed, and now that he was overcome by his own horniness he had the courage to ask for it.

"Flip me over, I want to be fucked on my back." The voice that spoke was not his usual voice, it was softer, more feminine. It was Jamie's voice. "Please, baby, fuck me on my back like a woman, let me feel what that is like."

"Well, well, it seems I have broken you haven't I?"

"No, not broken. You helped me find my true self, and you showed me what real pleasure is like. Now please, fuck me. Fuck Jamie while she is on her slutty back."

With that Josh obliged, rolling James over onto his back without ever taking his cock out of him. James wrapped his legs around Josh and put his arms around his neck as Josh resumed fucking him. James was moaning and smiling, wishing that Josh would kiss him, but Josh pushed him down every time he tried. James dick was peeking out from under his panties as Josh picked up his pace. Josh was close to cumming and with each thrust he got harder and fucked James more fiercely. Finally Josh thrust deep and James felt him swell and the shoot his cum. The feeling was amazing, he felt the warm rush in his ass, he felt the pressure on his prostate, and he felt that amazing cock twitching deep in him. With that James shot his load, without ever having touched his cock. His first spurt was so powerful it hit him in the left cheek just under the corner of his eye, the second landed on his mouth. The third and fourth spurts landed on his chest and bra, and the last two on his stomach and below his belly button, leaving his cock oozing the rest into the waist band of his panties.

Josh thrust a few more times, emptying himself into his new bitch completely before climbing off of him. Josh grabbed one of the girls laundry bags from nearby and cleaned himself off before getting dressed again. He looked over at Chloe who was licking her hand clean and trying to arrange herself. She was now becoming aware of her neck and how badly it hurt.

Chloe and Josh both stood over the newly christened slut and looked down at the cum covered boy. He looked just as ridiculous in bra and panties, now with his own cum dripping off of his face, pooling on his chest and stomach, and Joshes cum leaking out his ass. He was in a daze, then slowly he took one of his hands and started gathering the cum up, and licking it off of his fingers.
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