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Chantelle works nights in the warehouse of a 24hr supermarket to provide shelf stackers lists to stack the shelves for the busy periods in the store. She is a lively 43 year old married lady who in a moment of drunken intoxication a few month ago had let slip to her Svengali Mr. Butt her fantasy. It is for some of the teenagers at the warehouse to take her unexpectedly, treat her to the full sexual works before sexually humiliating her in public. She was encouraged by Mr.Butt to always be dressed sexily for work. This usually meant underwear, as the job required a sort of uniform for when she was actually working.

On this particular day she goes to work as usual, dressed in a tight sweater on top of her quarter cup bra. Her panties today were French cut that left a lot of space for air to circulate around her hairy cunt or for wandering fingers to slide up beneath her skirt to tease her. The skirt she wore was very full and was very short, about 4" above the knee. She goes to her locker in the ladies room and changes out of her sexy tight skinny rib sweater and short skirt into her usual working uniform. She works normally for her whole shift, being kept very much busier than normal for a midweek shift. Finishing time was fast approaching and she was able to finish her last list with minutes to spare. She decides it is time to return to the ladies room to remove her uniform and change back into her sexy clothes. Then whilst on her way home she would recall the scenes from the XXX rated DVD that she and Mr. Butt had watched the previous evening. This should arouse her and get her pussy juices flowing before she arrives home. She was hoping that today, before going to work himself, close acquaintance will be aroused enough by her dress and demeanour to give her a good seeing to before she retires to sleep and he departs for work.

Before she reaches the ladies room she hears footsteps behind her. Before she can turn around to see who is following, she is grabbed from behind and her arms pulled back behind her and handcuffs attached. She is now bundled into the men's room instead of the ladies room. Here she realises that four teenage youth workers have grabbed her. Two of them hold her whilst the handcuffs are removed by one of the others. One of the lads now moves in front of her and slowly unbuttons her supermarket uniform blouse, a button at a time. Slowly her bra is revealed and they all gasp as they see what a superb pair of tits she is almost concealing within the bra. Being a quarter cup bra most of the abundant flesh of her titties is on view. Only the nipples are still hidden from the gasping lad's view.

When the skirt is removed she is now standing in just her panties and flat-heeled shoes below the waist. They proceed to remove her shoes leaving her in just bra and panties. She is now blindfolded and one of the youths unclips the bra, letting her 38DD tits fall out completely into their view. After ogling her heavy luscious tits for a while two of the lads take one breast each into their hands and proceed to maul her, flicking her nipples at the same time. She is becoming a little aroused by now and the nipples start to erect. After they each have had their fondle of her mighty breasts and tweak of her large erect nipples they decide it is time to remove her panties. They are slowly pulled down from her waist, down her thighs, over her knees and then they are allowed to fall in a puddle at her feet. Yet again the lads find something to ogle at. Her lovely fleecy pussy in all its glory is now revealed. They cannot believe what they have uncovered. How can such an old (to them) lady be so beautiful. What a superb figure for a woman of her age.

Tentatively one of the youths moves his fingers towards her fleece. He rubs slowly through the fleece, moving his fingers along the lips before slowly sliding one inside. A second and soon afterwards a third shortly follow this. He finger fucks her for a while before removing his fingers to allow one of the others to take his place. After removing his fingers he puts them in his mouth, giving himself the taste of her aroused pussy. When all four have had their share of finger fucking and tit mauling she finds herself being manoeuvred into one of the cubicles.

She is backed into the cubicle and then lowered down into a sort of squatting position, facing outwards. She wonders for a minute why they were doing this until her ass strikes upon some male flesh. One of the lads is sitting on top of the 'throne', completely naked and as she is backed towards him, his erect prick impinges upon her rear. With a slight adjustment she finds that his weapon is at the entrance to her waiting pussy. Pushed back even further, the waiting prick slides into her an inch at a time. It is a nice size, especially for his age. He puts his arms around her to give balance, gripping solidly at her wondrous tits as a consequence. She now finds herself being well fucked. She begins to enjoy herself and in fact helps herself to be fucked by raising and lowering herself onto the prick fucking her. To her surprise she feels an orgasm approaching and as she lets out a little squeal of pleasure she feels the lad stiffen and guesses correctly that he is about to fill her with his sperm. The lad grunts and lets fly, filling her as she had guessed. As the lads prick slowly softens and begins to slide out of her filled pussy; she is pulled up from him and pulled back into the main area of the men's room where she is made to squat over one of the other lads lying on the floor. She is held in place so the youth can 'clean her up' by licking at her clit and taking all the other youth's sperm into his mouth.

What next she wonders. Again she does not have to wait long. As soon as she has been cleaned up another of the youths gets her to assume the all fours doggie position and as soon as she is in place he stuffs his long thin erect prick straight up her upturned ass. At the same time yet another approaches her from the front and waggles his erect weapon in front of her face. She quickly takes the hint and lets it enter her mouth. Now she is being fucked from both ends. Who will come first? Actually it is Chantelle, but only just. As she lets forth a shriek the lad in her mouth fills her with his bountiful supply of man juice. Only a few seconds later the youth in her ass grunts and lets his contribution be fired deep in her bowels. The youth that had originally cleaned her up is now waiting his turn. As the youth in her ass finds his deflating prick slowly oozing out of her he is pushed to one side and the final youth stuffs his large, long, fat prick into her aroused pussy. As he begins fucking her, starting slowly and then speeding up, the sperm from within her ass starts dripping down onto the piston like prick. This of course gives more lubrication and in fact lowers the sensitivity of the sexual contact between them. Consequently the final youth lasts much longer and she has at least three more orgasms before the youth can hold back no longer and deposit his potent sperm deep within her pussy.

Is this the end of her ordeal? In one sense it is but another far more embarrassing one is to come very shortly.

They pull her to her feet and one after the other embrace her and kiss her, lips, nipples and pussy. The last one was even so bold as to kiss her leaking ass as well. They move her over to the urinal and hold her as she releases her pent up pee into the trough. Her first embarrassment but certainly not her last. When the lads had all had their fill of enjoying her gorgeous body and embarrassing her by watching her pee, she wonders what will happen next. Will they release her or have they more plans for her.

In fact they do indeed have more plans for her. They suddenly produce some rope and wrap it tightly round her tits. They put a ball-gag in her mouth, fasten her hands to her sides and force her onto a mechanical sydian (a mechanical dildo) that pushes in and out remorselessly quite rapidly. They take it in turn to squeeze her tits whilst she is suffering innumerable orgasms as the prick never deflates and never stops. Finally when they think she has had enough they remove her from the machine.

They attach a spreader to her ankles, which forces her legs well apart. This also means that her dripping pussy is well in evidence. They finally put a sort of mask across her eyes such that she may see through the mask but her identity will be difficult for anyone to determine. She is chained to a sort of platform, lying horizontally on her back. The four lads take one corner each and carry her out of the men's room. They head towards the main part of the store that is open 24hrs. "No!" she screams as she realises what they plan. "Oh YES!!!" they chorus in return. They proceed to parade her round the superstore, which by now has started to be filled with more customers. Up and down each and every aisle, the only consolation she has is that they have at least permitted her to wear a mask over her face. Every time a group of customers is encountered they stop for a while so she can be viewed at leisure. As they pass one of the freezers one of the lads picks up a couple of ice cubes and stuffs them into her red-hot pussy. When they have taken her around the store a few times she is taken back to the warehouse.

They remove the spreader and the ropes from around her tits. They suddenly produce a special bra for her. It is one with cut outs in the front such that her nipples and quite a bit of her nice coloured areolae poke through. On her lower body they get her to step into a pair of crotchless panties, showing her lovely golden brown fleece to anyone who cares to look. They now produce a novel butt plug. It is quite large at the end that is being inserted into her ass and has three sorts of steps. Each of the steps is fatter than the previous one. At the other end is what appears to be a horse's tail. So when they, with difficulty due to the size of the final step, insert it fully into her ass she appears to have a horses tail sticking out behind her. On her legs they now pull on a pair of black spangled hold up stockings and to finish off they let her step into a pair of 6" heels. To complete the look they now attach nipple clamps to her titties and these are linked with a fine golden chain. The final adornment is to fit a gold link ankle chain to her left ankle. She realises what is going to happen now.

Once again she is led out of the warehouse but this time she is not being carried but walking on her own two feet with the four lads as escorts. They lead her out of the warehouse again towards the store. "No!" she screams again but they obviously ignore her pleas. "Oh YES!!!" they chorus again in return. They proceed to parade her again round the superstore. Up and down every aisle, past the current customers who give their various reactions to the sight of her. Most of the women are disgusted of course but most of the men are secretly delighted at the wonderful sight of her dressed to thrill! This time after they have taken her all round the store they end up at the clothing department.

Here the manager is waiting for her. He and Mr. Butt had planned it all and now the manager was going to get his reward, namely Chantelle's gorgeous body. The manager and Mr. Butt are waiting in a quiet part of the store and have arranged a nice soft spot for her. Mr. Butt remains out of sight so he can secretly watch what the manager is about to do to her. When the procession arrives the manager thanks the lads who now all go back to the warehouse to clock off. It is quite noticeable that her pussy is starting to drip from all the fucking she had received from the lads. It is also noticeable that her fantastic titties are hanging down, gloriously weighed down with the clamps. Her ass cannot leak like her pussy because of the large plug it has had inserted. The manager removes the mask and replaces it with a blindfold again. He now removes the clamps after tugging on each one in turn, causing more little squeals from Chantelle.

He now asks her to assume the all fours, also known as doggie, position. At the same time Mr. Butt stands in front of her and introduces his cock into her mouth. The manager slides under her and takes her tits and nipples into his hands. He plays for a while with these marvels, making sure that her nipples stay erect before moving down to suck her clit, alternating with sucking the spunk out of her pussy and ass. When he is satisfied there is none left he releases her tits and stands up. He moves behind her and rams his monster prick straight up her slimy pussy. It is like putting a hot knife through butter. She apparently feels no pain at all as her pussy had previously been well reamed by his workers. He takes great pleasure in pulling his prick so that only the head remains within her pussy before slamming the whole length back into her time and time again.

After about twenty minutes of this vigorous in and out fucking he pulls out of her pussy. He now grabs hold of the horse's tail and without any warning yanks it out with one mighty heave. She screams and screams at the pain and is just about to scream yet again when he, slowly this time, thrusts his well-lubricated prick into her still open ass. This causes her no extra pain, in fact the original pain completely masks his entrance. Before long the short sharp pains dissipate and in almost no time at all she has two climaxes with him in her ass and close acquaintance in her mouth. She lets out a huge sigh of pleasure as he finally gets his weapon up to the hilt in her large opened up ass. Whilst fucking her ass he enjoys playing again with her hanging down super special titties. He does enjoy playing with such a lovely large pair. After fucking her ass to give her yet another huge climax, he slowly pulls out and gets her to let him lie down under her so she can lower herself down onto his sticking up erect weapon.

Before she is able to lower herself, Mr.Butt stifles a grunt as he fills her mouth with his contribution to the party. There is much too much for her to take in and so lots of it dribbles down her face. She now lowers herself with great pleasure and soon she is riding the manager as she would a horse. Up and down, getting quicker as her latest orgasm rapidly approaches. He is able to stimulate her tits yet again whilst being ridden to more of her ecstatic orgasms. She is so overwhelmed that she just about loses consciousness and only stays upright because close acquaintance steps in and takes such a firm grasp on her.

As she slowly recovers she realises that a couple of the lads have reappeared and are standing before her with dangling cocks at mouth level. She has no choice, the waiting cocks are fed into her mouth alternately and so she has yet more sexual stimulation. The manager decides it is about time to cum so gives a signal to the lads. As he pours his abundant spunk deep into her pussy the lads spray her hair, face and tits with theirs too. They lift her up off him and take it in turns to give her long french kisses whilst the manager arises and gets dressed.

When the manager is ready the lads move away and he puts the clamps back onto her nipples and the plug again forced into her suffering ass. She is now paraded around the store again, slowly, very slowly. Making sure that as many customers as possible get a chance to see her in all her finery. With cum in her hair, on her face and dripping out of her pussy and ass leaving a trail of where she has been taken. Eventually they all get her back to the warehouse where the lads again greet her with enthusiasm.

Has she had enough? Would she like more now? Or would she prefer to be cleaned up by the lads' mouths and allowed to return home before embarking on more adventures as devised by Mr. Butt?
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