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He was waiting for her when she got home. The house had been in complete darkness. The alarm system had failed her so many times recently and she had forgotten to complain to the security company. With her working long hours at the nursing home she never seemed to remember. She walked into the kitchen, swearing as the outside sensor light had not activated itself. Things had been harder since Nick had moved out. He had looked after all the house maintenance and everything had worked like clockwork till he left her for that slut Sandy.

Sandy, her closest friend till she had discovered the pleasures of Nick's fantastic prick and the tongue he gave. Stacey's pussy tightened and contracted just thinking of how well Nick's tongue fitted into her pussy and satisfied her. Again and again and again. No other man had made her scream and beg and moan till she came against his mouth and tongue as he had. And what a bonus that he had such a big dick too, his girth was so large that she found it a stretch to fit him into her mouth, and she thought to herself, he knew exactly what to do with that huge prick to make her cum so quickly and satisfy her more than once. Stacey felt a little damp thinking of how many times she'd had multiple orgasms with Nick.

It had been hard enough to see as it was without a working streetlight as well. Stacey had fiddled with the key till she managed to get it into the lock. She turned the handle and opened the door expecting Honey to be immediately entertaining herself around her legs. Stacey wondered as she went to turn on the kitchen light where Honey was. She was always there, waiting by the door, when Stacey came home from her shift's at the nursing home. "Honey? Puss? Puss? Where are you puss puss?" Stacey crooned to her cat. No meow was the answer. Stacey thought Honey was in a mood, she was late tonight, damn the last minute hold ups. She had an ex-husband who was annoyed at her as well as her cat.

Nick had thought that when he had left her for Sandy that he could just come back and see her whenever he wanted. Cheating bastard. Not likely. He could go to hell. Screwing around on her was bad enough but did it have to be with a friend of hers? And as for Sandy, she would never cross her doorstep again. Stacey had confided many times over cups of coffee about Nick's and her amazing sex experiences, never dreaming that Sandy secretly wished to taste these pleasures for herself. When Stacey thought of how close she and Sandy had been it made her madder still. They had even talked about their fantasies. Things that they had not spoken to anyone else about. There had even been that time that Stacey and her had been so drunk that they had climbed into bed together while Nick was on a business trip. Taking all their clothes off they had reached for each other, giggling from the effects of too much alcohol. Their inhibitions all gone.

Sandy had kissed her first and Stacey had responded immediately. The kiss had been so arousing. Sandy's sweet breath upon her face, before her lips tenderly kissed her. They had so easily progressed, kissing one another, touching, feeling and intimately stroking. Nuzzling, caressing breasts, sucking on nipples, it seemed so natural. Becoming braver Stacey had stroked Sandy's wet pussy lips, teasing a little before plunging her fingers into the depths of Sandy's warm, tight, welcoming pussy. Sandy had groaned and moaned, trying to force Stacey's fingers further inside her. Stacey could feel the vaginal muscles clenching her finger, knowing that Sandy was close to release but was still surprised when Sandy's cum juices, warm against her hand, ran down her arm. She withdrew and gave a little moan of joyous surprise when Sandy reached for her.

Finding and teasing her clit, flicking, gently rubbing the little hard nub till she felt she could not hold back much longer. Sandy stopped and the feeling eased a little but Stacey ached, wanting to cum, to feel the orgasmic relief that her body ached for. Sandy kissed Stacey, easing lower, nibbling , slowly licking and sucking on her nipples. When Sandy's tongue scraped across her inflamed pussy lips she almost instantly came but held herself back hoping for more. Stacey wanted penetration. Sandy slipped one finger into Stacey's wet tight pussy, slowly moving it in circles, then in and out so slow, stopping when Stacey began to buck her hips. Waiting till Stacey calmed a little and then easing another finger inside her, thrusting harder, faster this time till Stacey came . They then took turns pleasuring each other with their fingers, tongues and mouths. Kissing, stroking, licking, thrusting.. Again and again they had both ended up cumming in such amazing climaxes till they slumped, exhausted, falling asleep in each other's arms.

Stacey threw her keys onto the kitchen countertop. She was dying for a pee so she raced into the bathroom, and quickly pulled her panties down, sighing as she relieved herself. Stacey finished her toilet. And passing the bathroom mirror, stopped and looked at herself. What she saw in the full length mirror pleased her. She was 28 and with a careful diet and strenuous exercise she had maintaining her very trim waist. There was no sign of slackening tummy muscles at all. She looked great. A slender, pretty, young woman and the fact that she had big breasts just accentuated her thin waist. Stacey loved the push up bras she always wore and was never seen without her breasts held proudly up. The uniform was a little drab but it was still obvious that Stacey was slender and sexy. She pouted at herself in the mirror and laughed at the image. Nick was a fool to have left her. So many of his mates had made passes at her. She had laughed them off. But now she wished she had returned their advances. It was times like this, late at night, on her own that Stacey missed Nick the most.

Stacey went to the fridge. Honey might ignore her but she couldn't do that about her food. She opened the fridge and was grabbed from behind. She gave a muffled scream and the rough hand held against her mouth got even tighter. The more she struggled the more the assailant tightened his hold. At first she panicked and tried to get away. The panic alarm was useless even if she could get to the button which was under the kitchen countertop near the sink. It wouldn't work if the alarm wasn't. She tried to calm herself. She might have surprised him as he was burgling the place. If she stopped fighting he might relax his hold and just blindfold her and leave her while he finished looting the place.

She slumped, letting all the fight slip away, hoping she was right about what he would do next. Her assailant did not loosen his grip, he dragged her to the kitchen table and she saw him grab a chair. Forcing her down onto it, very roughly. Stacey looked up, the man is dressed completely in dark clothing. He wore sunglasses and a balaclava on his face. He pulled some thin cord out of his pocket, touching his gloved finger to his lips. Silence he requested from her. Stacey began to cry. The man has come prepared. He must mean to do more than steal her things.

Stacey tried to leap from the chair and rush past him but he was too fast and strong for her. She could feel his muscles through the jersey he wore. He obviously worked out. He effortlessly scooped her up and placed her back in the chair. Taking the thin cord he tied her hands and feet in front of her. Stacey wondered why he was not tying her to the chair. She whimpered as he took a scarf out of his pocket. "No, please, no." She begged. He took no notice and blindfolded her, adjusting the scarf to ensure she could not see at all. She heard the noise of a zip being undone and was terrified at what he might be going to do next. Stacey felt him close, he touched her face and then placed something against her lips, it felt like material. He was gagging her as well now.

She felt his hands touching her. His hands under her uniform, stroking the inside of her thigh, slowly going higher. Stacey shut her thighs firmly to stop him going further. She wriggled to move away from his exploring hands. He forced her legs open, spread far, slapping her on the leg. Stacey flinched at this treatment. The more she moved the rougher he was. Stacey moaned in pain at his rough treatment, he pinched her tender flesh. She kept still and her captor returned to being gentle. She understood now and sat very still.

He removed his hands and she heard his footsteps fading as he walked away. Stacey tried desperately to loosen her hands, straining against the cord. She heard low voices as the footsteps returned, but she could hear more, someone with squeaking shoes. There was more than one! He had returned with an accomplice. Stacey began to cry. God, what had she done to deserve this? Stacey was so scared. The footsteps closer now. The voices quiet. Stacey sobbed. Then there were hands on her head and on her feet. What were they doing now? The hands picked her up and were carrying her. Where to? Oh my god she realised, as she heard their footsteps cross the gravel driveway, they're taking me away from the house. She struggled harder knowing she was now fighting for her life. Not caring that she felt her uniform creep up her thighs exposing her panty clad bottom to the night air. She must get loose!

The hands held her tight. But she fought them, till she felt a small sharp stinging sensation in her upper thigh. She felt herself drifting, being shifted from the car and laid on a bed, her hands and feet tied spread-eagled to the bed. What had she been given? Everything seemed so dream like. She felt her blindfold being removed and then the gag. She fell back into semiconscious. Vaguely aware occasionally of someone taking her clothes off, unable to even protest. Blinking, it was dark, where was she now? As her eyes focused and adjusted to the dark she saw that she is in a small room. She lifted her head, trying to get a better look at her surroundings. Only the moonlight came through the uncurtained window allowing her to see dimly. Stacey saw that she still had her bra and skimpy knickers on. She prayed that they had not interfered with her as she had lain drugged. She heard footsteps and quickly closed her eyes. The door opened, whoever it was quickly checked her restraints and left again.

Why had they brought her here? Was she a sex slave or did they intend to party with her and dump her body somewhere when finished with her? Stacey heard movement from the corner of the room and realised that someone was sitting there, staring at her. Peering into the gloom, Stacey said, "Who are you?" The figure did not answer but moved to her side. Sitting on the bed beside her. Stacey could not see the person clearly, they leaned closer and Stacey realised the person was wearing a mask. The mask of a grinning devil. Stacey could smell that this person was masculine, his scent strong, mixed with a definite male aftershave. He leaned so close that she felt his breath on her face. He kissed her full on the lips, she turned her head but he made her turn her head back and forced her to kiss him. She thought about biting him as he probed her mouth with his rough tongue. He tasted of mouthwash.

The door opened again and the other person entered. Nearing the bed Stacey could tell by the silhouette that it was a woman. Definite female curves. The male figure stood up and left the room. The woman came towards the bed. She smelt of expensive perfume. She reached for Stacey, touching her intimately. So forward as to stroke her mons through her sheer panties. Stacey tried to move, but could not. She was trapped by the bonds that tied her to the bed. The woman slipped her fingers under the elastic of Stacy's panties, easing her fingers under the material. Stacey groaned, moving her hips, hoping to discourage the woman's fingers from their exploring quest. The woman used this movement to her advantage and stroked Stacey's pussy. Stacey whimpered, she could not move enough to stop this woman from touching her. The woman continued her exploration. Stacey could hear the woman's breathing change, she was excited by the contact. Stacey's back hurt from fighting against her restraints. She was forced to relax to stop the pain from being excruciating.

Just at the moment of Stacey relaxing the woman slipped her finger inside Stacey. She gasped in response to the woman's finger inside her pussy.

To Be Continued ...

* * * * *

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