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Autumn had just arrived home from picking up groceries for the barbecue that her boyfriend and Matthew would be hosting the next day.

She set the groceries down on the smooth counter top and made her way into the cool living room.

Not seeing Matthew in the room, she called out "I'm home with the groceries!" Getting no response, Autumn made her way to the entry way, thinking Matthew was outside.

As she walked by the door to the bedroom she shared with Matthew, someone grabbed her from behind and dragged her into the darkened bedroom.

Autumn struggled against her attacker, but could not break free. She was soon gagged and blindfolded, and was lifted onto the bed.

Autumn began to sob as her attacker easily ripped of her summery tank top she had been wearing. She wasn't wearing a bra because her shirt had a shelf top in it, making a bra unnecessary.

The man fondled her breasts, alternately pinching and rubbing. "He's so rough with me" thought Autumn who was slowly being turned on.

The man then removed her gag and spoke, "I want you to suck my cock you dirty slut", Autumn then realized her attacker was non other than her boyfriend Matthew.

"Come on Matthew, this isn't funny" she protested.

"Nonsense you dirty whore, you were enjoying being fondled by a stranger, now I'm going to show you how I want things to be from now on."

With one swift motion, Matthew flipped Autumn onto her stomach, then pulled off her little black skirt, then removed her black thong which was soaking wet in her pussy juices.

He pulled her hot ass up so she was on her hands and knees, then he tore off his pants and boxers, revealing his 8 inch, swollen cock.

He rammed his cock into her pussy from behind and began thrusting until he was buried in her hot, dripping pussy.

Autumn began to sob "Please Matthew, be gentle, please, no no please don't"

Matthew ignored all her protests and kept thrusting into her hard and fast.

Autumn soon surrendered to Matthew and thrust against him in rhythm with his throbbing cock.

"Ooohh harder, harder, please" moaned Autumn.

At this Matthew immediately pulled out, and smacked her luscious bottom. "Oh no honey, this isn't for you to enjoy, this is all for me" Then he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her until she was on her knees facing him.

"Suck your pussy juices off my cock" he said angrily.

With little choice, Autumn took his cock in her hand and put it in her mouth.

She had never sucked his cock before, it was one thing she refused to do, and Matthew always said he had understood, but now he was pulling her face towards him, forcing his cock down her throat.

Autumn gagged, but Matthew moved her face back and forth, he was fucking her face.

Autumn felt Matthew cum in her throat and she gagged again and whimpered.

"Come on slut, swallow it all" said Matthew, pulling her face closer, Autumn tried to swallow, but cum was dribbling from between her lips. She began whimpering again.

"I suppose that is good enough for now" Matthew told her, "but you'll learn how to swallow it all soon"

With that, Matthew pulled his cock from Autumn's mouth.

Autumn fell back on the bed, Matthew's cum had dripped down her neck and onto her breasts. Matthew rose from the bed and went to the TV, he put a tape in the VCR, and a porno came onto the screen.

Coming back to the bed, Matthew lifted Autumn's head to look at the TV "See that?" he said. "Whatever happens on this, is going to happen here"

The opening scene was a woman being fucked up the ass.

"Get on your hands and knees" Matthew ordered Autumn. Autumn being afraid, did as she was told.

With Autumn in position, Matthew stuck his index finger in her pussy, coating it in her juices. He then rubbed her juices over her ass hole then placed his cock on it. Teasing his cock in, he then rammed it all the way in. Autumn screamed out in pain. This only turned Matthew on more, he began to thrust, Autumn cried out again. Matthew thrust his cock into her harder and faster and soon came. We took his cock out of Autumn's ass and turned her over. Autumn lay on the bed and resigned herself to whatever Matthew had in store for her.

On the TV screen the woman was letting her lover suck her breasts, Matthew put his lips to one of Autumn's nipples which quickly hardened, he put his hand on her other breast and massaged it while sucking her nipple. Autumn was quickly turned on by the attention being lavished on her breasts and began to play with her clit. Upon noticing this, Matthew said" now you're getting the hang of this"

Autumn then brought her hand to Matthew's erection and proceeded to give him a hand job.

Matthew soon erupted all over Autumn's hand and she brought it to her mouth and licked off the cum.

"I knew there was some slut in you Autumn, all it took was a little push" said Matthew as he intently watched Autumn clean the cum off of her hand.

"Matthew fuck me hard, tell me I'm a whore" Autumn said huskily, she had begun to enjoy Matthew's lesson for her, and wanted it to continue.

Matthew willingly obliged, he had finally taught Autumn how he wanted to fuck, and she had learned quickly, he knew things were going to be different from now on.