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I am a 34-year-old guy who one day had an sexual encounter, that to this day I have no idea if it was a planned encounter or not. I was dating this girl that I met at a friends party a few months earlier. She was sweet looking thing about 35 years of age. I found out after a few dates that she had an 18-year-old daughter that she had from a previous marriage that was short lived. I was not really into dating a woman who had kids but she was really hot and she swept me off my feet. She was the kind of girl who loved to tease a man to the fullest.

During the course of our time together, she would try all types of sexual things on me in bed. She really knew how to please a man and of course, who was I to argue. One of her favorite things to do was to tie me up to the bed, binding my hands and feet and play sexual games using my cock and balls to make me do what she wanted to her. She would stroke my cock and suck it sometimes so much that I would beg her to make me cum because my cock was so hard that it hurt. Sometimes she would blindfold me so I could not see what she was doing or when she was going to do it. I'm telling you, the girl was really hot.

She had a nice set of tits with big nipples that would please any man. Her tight little pussy combined with a nice firm ass really made sex with her a very enjoyable experience, so I didn't mind at all doing what she wanted me to. The only problem that I had was getting time with her alone. Like I said she had a kid and finding so time alone was a problem most of the time. I used to get really frustrated every time I wanted to come over and have sex with her mother and she would be there watching TV or talking on the phone with one of her girlfriends. This was why I didn't want to be with a woman who had kids because they can be such a pain in the ass. Every time we would go into the bedroom to fool around, we would have to be quite so her daughter couldn't hear us. A few times I heard her at the door trying to listen under the door to hear what we were doing.

Last week my girl called me up and said that she had good news for me. Her daughter was going to a sleep over for the weekend at her friend's house and we would have the whole weekend to ourselves. She told me that she wanted to tie me up and blindfold me and tease my cock for hours. She wanted me to be very submissive to her and that she was going to make me beg for relief. The thought of me having her for the weekend without any interruptions and what she was going to do to me really made me horny and I couldn't wait for the end of the week to come.

When I showed up Saturday night, she was wearing a white lace teddy with high heals. Her hair was all done up and with a big smile she said that we were going to have fun tonight. I felt my cock getting hard already with the thought of this sexy woman taking her time on me and making me her slave. She told me to get my clothes off and to get into bed. She said that she had a lot of things she wanted to do to me and she can wait any longer. So I took off my clothes as she said and got into the bed. As I lay there on my back, my cock semi-hard with anticipation, she took out the restrains from her dresser and began to strap me down.

After she finished with the restrains and made sure that I couldn't move, she told me that I was a very bad boy this week and that I was going to be punished. I don't know what that meant but the way she said it really excited me. She began with my cock, stroking it from my balls to my head. I could feel the blood flowing into my cock and my heart was pumping with the excitement of what she was going to do to me. It didn't take long for my cock to get to full length and for the head of my cock to begin throbbing, dripping with precum. I told her that I was not going to last if she didn't stop stroking my cock the way she was.

She told me that I knew what the rules of the game were and that she bought something to insure that I would not be able to cum until she allowed me. She walked out into the other room and came in with a bag of toys that she had purchase earlier that day. She put the bag on the bed beside me and pulled out a cock ring. She had never used that on me before and to tell you the truth I never wore one. She began to lick up my inner thigh, moving her tongue up over my balls to the head of my cock, licking the precum from the head. She placed the cock ring over my stiff cock to the base of my rod and adjusted it to fit me snug. She then told me that only if I was a good boy that she would release the ring and let me cum. She then began to deep throat my swollen cock making it swell even more in her warm little mouth. I could feel my balls tightening up, trying to release my juices but because of the cock ring, it couldn't. After she got my cock swollen to the point were the veins in my cock were protruding out, and my head was swollen beyond belief, she stood up on the bed and lifted up her teddy exposing her moist little pussy lips. This girl had the sexiest pussy I have ever seen on a woman. She had a light fluff of hair at the top of her pussy and her lips would hang down with little drops of moisture at the ends. She moved, positioning her pussy just above my face and told me to stick my tongue out and lick the juices from her lips. I did as she wanted and stuck my tongue out as far as I could. When my tongue reached her wet pussy, she began to move it back and forth on my tongue. Her juices tasted so good and I could feel her pussy getting wetter with every motion. My cock was throbbing with the anticipation of having that little pussy rapped around my shaft. I asked her if she could sit on my aching cock so that I could feel the warmth of her moist hole. She told me that if I promised I would be a good boy that she would. I promised I would and with that she moved down over my throbbing cock and swatted down over the head letting her moist pussy lips just touch the tip and asked me again to promise that I would do whatever she wanted. With a defined "yes" I said "anything" and with that she grabbed my stiff shaft and worked it in to her tight moist hole. As she lowered her pussy on my cock, she let out a loud moan as she felt the ridges of my swollen cock spreading her little tight love canal. The feeling was incredible. I could feel the inside of her pussy contracting on my cock as she began to slide up and down my shaft, from my balls to my swollen head. The pressure in my balls began to increase and I felt them begin to swell as well, filling up with cum. She leaned over me and began to kiss and lick my ears, whispering to me that my cock felt fantastic and asked me if I would mind if she played with her nipples. I said no, and she lifted herself up and while riding my shaft, she moved the top of her teddy to each side exposing her beautiful tits. Her nipples were enormous, dark in color, protruding straight out, as hard as rocks. I felt my cock stutter at the sight of them and she must have felt it too because she said to me, "OH, you like that, do you?"

She then began to play with them, pulling them between her fingers asking me if I would like to suck on them. Between her riding my cock and seeing her play with her tits, my cock was in a frenzy with no way to release. She told me if I would be a good boy, she would let me suck on her nipples. I pleaded with her to bring them to me so I could, and as I was pleading with her she reached back with her hand and began lightly stroking my swollen balls with her finger tips, and with a sensual voice asked me if I was sure I was going to be a good boy. My heart stopped with the sensation she was giving me. My cock was going to explode. I was surprised that the release string on the cock ring didn't let go. Just as she was about to let me suck on her nipples, the phone rang. It was her daughter. She had forgotten her pajamas and toothbrush and she need her to bring them over to her friend's house.

She had told her daughter that she was in the middle of something and asked her if she could wait awhile, but her daughter started to complain that she needed it now and she had to come right away. She said all right and hung up the phone. She told me that she had to bring something's to her daughter and that she would be right back. I lost my temper and said that I was tired of her daughter's crap and that she shouldn't go now. I told her that if she went, I was leaving. She told me not to get upset and that I was being a bad boy and if I didn't stop, she was not going to let me cum when she got back. I was so pissed and I wanted to get up but I couldn't move. She told me to calm down and relax that she would be back soon. She then got dressed, grabbed the things her daughter wanted and left the house.

After about 5 minutes, I began to calm down and thought about how good she was making me feel. My cock was still at attention and throbbing. I was so horny and frustrated, I need to cum so bad it hurt. She had me so excited that I could feel the pressure of my cum trying to break through the restraint of the cock ring. About a minute later I heard the front door open and I was anxious to get back to where we were. To my surprise, her daughter Sara walked into the room. My face turned beet red at the thought of what she must be thinking. My first reaction was to get up and cover myself, but I couldn't due to the restrains.

A silence filled the room for about a second before she put a smile on her face and said, "so this is what you do in here at night." I always wanted to know what all the noise was about and now I see. I asked her where her mother was and she told me that we called her on her car phone and had her go to the supermarket to get us some food. I then asked her in a questionable voice, "who are we?" With that two of her friends came into sight in the doorway. My heart stopped. Here I was, a grown man lying naked strapped to the bed with a ripping erection with three girls, one being my girlfriends daughter giggling at the site of me.

After a minute of eyeing my cock, Sara walked into the room and sat by my side on the bed. She began to ask me why I was tied up and asked me what the thing on my cock was. I told her that this was something she should not see and that she better leave before her mom gets back. She then, with a devilish smile said that I was not in any position to be telling her what to do. She told me that she was not to young to know about sex and that she is in the sex education class in school this semester. She told me that her friends and her planned to come over to spy on us to see what it was all about. She knew that if she was leaving for the weekend that we would be having sex and they were interested in watching us.

When they saw what was going on, they decided to trick her mom into leaving the house so they could get a closer look. I quickly became angry and told her to take her friends out of the house and to call her mother to come home. She looked at me with that devilish grin again and said "You are not going to be a bad boy again, are you" and with that she slowly took her hand and began to stroke my stiff cock. I started fighting, trying to release myself from the restrains that held me to the bed, but to no avail. She must have seen and heard what we were doing and thought she would copy her mom. The other girls looked on as Sara was stroking my swollen cock. I couldn't help but get aroused at what was going on. She must have felt that I was enjoying what she was doing because she smiled and asked me if I wanted her to move her hand faster. I nodded and she started caressing my cock at a faster pace.

I couldn't help but moan at the feeling she was giving me. She then noticed that I was getting wet at the tip of my cock. She asked me if that was cum. I told her that it was precum and that it was normal because of how I was feeling. She then asked me what it tasted like and I told her that her mom thought it tasted good and that she loved to lick it off. Sara stared at it for a moment and then moved down to have a taste. When her little mouth touched the head of my cock, I thought I would die. I began to moan as she licked the fluid off of my swollen head. I told her to stop what she was doing, that this was wrong but she told me that she wanted to do it and I couldn't stop her. I looked up at her friends that were still standing in the doorway.

I notice that one of the girls was running her fingers between her legs. She looked like what Sara was doing was really exciting her. When Sara was finished licking my juices from my swollen head, she looked up at her friends and told them to take off their clothes. She said that they were going to start class earlier this year. The girls looked at each other and began removing their clothes. Sara told her friend Kim to come over and suck on my cock. Kim moved between my legs and began working her mouth around my cock. The other girl moved to the side of Kim and started playing with my balls. Holding them in her hand and fondling them. My cock was in a state of shock. I then watched as Sara began taking off her clothes standing beside me.

She had a body like her mom and was getting off on watching her friends work my cock. When she was finished undressing, she lifted her leg onto the bed and started playing with her hot little pussy. My cock was screaming hard as I watched the little bitch fingering her moist pussy, getting off on watching her friends playing with my stiff shaft. After about a minute, she told her friends to stop playing with me and watch as she was going to fuck me. My heart jumped and I told Sara that she couldn't do that. She just proceeded to climb on the bed, positioning her little pink pussy over the head of my throbbing cock. I tried to squirm my cock away from her but she grabbed my stiff shaft and worked it in her tight little hole.

She let out a load scream as my cock entered her young love canal. I told her to stop what she was doing because it was wrong and that her mom would be really upset. She just ignored me and began riding my cock the best she could. I felt my cock spread that little pussy and break threw her inner barrier. She screamed with pleasure as she felt the swollen veins of my throbbing shaft part her virgin pussy and sent a pleasure threw her entire body. I started to moan uncontrollably with her pussy sliding on my shaft. She asked me if I was going to cum and I told her that I couldn't. She asked me if it was because of the ring on my shaft that was causing the problem.

I told her yes, and that it was better that way because she was just to young to be doing this and that she should stop. She then got up from my cock and with a smile on her face told her girlfriends to play with and suck my cock lick it was there favorite lollypop. They all got down around my cock and began to caress it and suck it. I began to grown with pleasure as these horny young girls were making my cock swell beyond belief. I told them I need to cum and pleaded with them to release the cock ring. Sara then looked up at me and in a devious voice, pointed at the release string and said as she was stroking my cock, "this string?"

I said yes and asked her to do it. She told me that she would take it off if I would lick her girlfriend's pussies until they came. I immediately said no, that I couldn't do that. It would be wrong. She said "ok then" and began to lick the swollen head of my cock. Running her tongue around the head as she stroked my ball with her finger tips. The excitement was killing me. I had to cum and I had no choice but to do what she asked of me. I told her I would do what ever she wanted and with that she told one of the girls to position her pussy by my mouth. While I was eating this girl's pussy, Sara and her other friend were still playing with my cock. It didn't take long for the girl's pussy to spasm and to shoot her orgasm in my mouth.

She tasted so sweet and that little pussy came so much that it was dripping down her leg. She then got down with Sara and took over for the other girl so I could do her. After I made her cum, I asked Sara if she could take the ring off. Sara said that I had to do her too and that she wanted it like I do it to her mom. Sara climbed on my face, in a 69 position, sticking her sweet wet pussy in my mouth as she helped her friends play with my throbbing cock. As I licked her pussy. She started to moan with pleasure. It wasn't long before I saw that her clit was swollen. I then positioned my mouth that I could lick the tip of the little bitches' clit sending her into sexual frenzy. As I licked her swollen clit, I felt my cock ring release and my cock-expanded cock like a balloon, it was so swollen and heavy with all of the cum waiting to release. As I felt her pussy ready to cum in my mouth, she started moaning and grabbed my swollen cock jerking me off as the other girls licked the head of my cock.

I ran my tongue over her tight little hole and she erupted with a stream of cum in my mouth and on my tongue. As she was cumming one of the girls started licking my balls, I felt the pressure in my cock build up and my balls tightened up and I exploded in a eruption of cum that shot up and sprayed the girls from head to toe. I came witch felt like gallons of cum. After I was finished cumming, the girls got dressed and told me that if I told her mother what they did that she would tell her that I had raped them and that I would go to jail. With that, the girls left me tied up, covered with cum with a lot of explaining to do to her mom. I regretfully say that we are no longer together, but I will never forget that night for the rest of my life.

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