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Rape Videos On Line Fantasy Rape Stories Pictures Young Teen Rape Pics Free Pics Of Henti Rape
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FF/Lesbian/NonConsent/Authoritarian)/Interracial/Domination & Submission/Public Sex/

Cont from Part 1...Busty, conservative housewife is trapped in the ladies' room of a luxurious resort hotel and forced to submit to her husband's female boss' un-relenting sexual advances.

Part One

Jen successfully stifles a groan as Renita's fingers expertly stroke her swollen nipples. She can feel warm fluid leaking from her rose petal as Renita grinds her crotch against her firm ass and her forefingers pull and flick at her huge nipples. Before, Jen had been terrified of the gossipy wind-bags outside the stall hearing them; now, she was strangely turned-on by the prospect of discovery.

The chattering women finally leave, and Renita goes to the next level. Jen does not resist as the other woman un-zips her dress and begins tugging it down to her waist. She assists by slipping her arms from the thin straps, then leaning forward slightly. "Lift your leg, sweetie. Don't wanna get this nice dress dirty"

Jen does as she's told. After hanging the dress on one of the hooks inside the stall, the black woman turns her attention to the knock-out in front of her. Her eyes feast hungrily on the luscious curves of the lingerie-clad beauty. Big, shapely ass, framed so beautifully by the lacy white garters, small waist, and those gorgeous legs in their dark seamed stockings!

Freeing her big cock from confinement, Renita steps forward and embraces Jen again. Her hands resume fondling cupping, hefting, and squeezing. The oversized, blunt tip of her jutting strap-on finds its way between the round, full cheeks of Jen's bottom. She gasps and jerks when this happens, but not like before. Now, she welcomes Renita's touch. Her sexual lust is awakened, and once it rears its head, there's no stopping it. The tip of the artificial penis brushes against Jen's outer labia, making her shudder with sudden heat. A steam of clear, viscous fluid drizzles from between those swollen lips as Renita's experienced fingers spread them apart and capture the straining bud of clitoris between them, squeezing firmly, but gently. At the same time, she pumps her hips, sliding deep into her lover's wet, wanting pink core.

"Oh, my goodness!" Jen whimpers, as her pussy clenches spasmodically around the thick rubber staff. Her vaginal muscles soften, expanding around the magnificent girth. She groans low in her throat; she could give a damn if anyone hears her! Paul is no slouch in the bedroom, but he's never made her feel like this! An incredible horniness sparks in her belly as the rampant dildo pumps faster in her sopping wet tunnel, the heavy "balls" swinging beneath it slap against her oven-hot gash with each inward thrust. Waves of delicious pleasure radiate from her deeply penetrated vagina as the black woman's cock awakens a lust she hasn't felt in a long, long time. Paul's new responsibilities had him working 14-16 hour days, and their previous two or three times a week love-making sessions had dwindled to one-a very cursory one, at that...

Renita's hands, which had been using the lush-bodied wife's ample hips as levers, slide up her sides and beneath her armpits to lustily cup and knead her heavily-swaying, huge-nipples titties, tweaking and flicking the thumb-sized teats while Jen shivers in response. Jen stifles a loud cry just as the outer door pushes open and a set of heels come clacking into the powder room. Renita comes to an abrupt stop, clapping one hand over Jen's mouth to stifle any more out-cries while her fake erection soaks in the rich juices of the panting brunette's stuffed-full pussy. The two lovers wait while the other woman takes her time washing her hands and re-applying her make-up, but as soon as they hear the hydraulic door hinges ease the door shut with a soft "thump", Renita's hips go back into action.

Though she would love to go-on fucking this luscious bitch right here, in this stall, for the rest of the night, Renita realizes that they have been lucky so far, and that their chances of being discovered increase by the minute. Plus, she wants to keep Jen on the very edge of satisfaction, so that any resistance she may put up later will be easily overcome. She withdraws suddenly, eliciting a mewling whine from the horny brunette, who was right on the verge of a powerful orgasm.

"Whaa-what are y-yyou doing?" she gasps. "What's wrong?"

"We have plenty of time for this later, babe" Renita responds, using a big handful of toilet tissue to wipe the honey-like fluids covering her latex dick. "I'll meet you later, after Paul is asleep, and we can finish this then"

"I need to cum!" Jen whines pitiably. "OWWW!" she yelps, as a hard slap to her left butt-cheek interrupts her.

"I said, I'll meet you later, bitch...don't contradict me again, EVER!" In a less harsh tone, she added, "Make sure Paul gets drunk and is out of the picture by 2am; I'll meet you in my room then"

"Yes, ma'am" Jen meekly replies.


The executive has been guzzling alcohol like water, first on the plane, then in the their room, and now here at the party. I should be drunker than this, he thinks boozily, and briefly wondered why he wasn't, until it occurred to him that his constant worrying, plus adrenaline, was probably to blame. He's wracked by guilt, but what else can he do? Gulping more whiskey, he looked around for Renita and Jen, but doesn't see them. Please, God, let this shit work, he prays fervently. Never a religious man, Paul is one of those people who never calls God's name until he needs something. The prayer he just uttered is the first he's said in years.

If I get out of this, I'll be a better husband and father, he vows, grabbing a fresh drink from the tray of a passing waiter and depositing his empty in its place. This last thought reminded him that he hasn't seen Paul, Jr, or Dana, his daughter, in...how long had it been? Well, its not his fault. He has to work like a dog so that his family can have a nice, comfortable life, and he has earned his success. This is the first illegal thing he's ever done, and he shouldn't to lose his family and freedom over it. Hell, corporate big-shots do it all the time, and get off scott-free. He shakes it off. Everything will OK. Renita will take care of it. I must be drunker than I thought, he mused, feeling sorry for myself like some pathetic loser. I better slow down on the booze. But he downs the last of his drink and looks around for a waiter.

Part Two

Yolanda has just finished putting a spit-shine on Laurie's tasty pink clit, and know the two exchange spit, tongues tangling and twining as the lusty Latina transfers the juices coated on her tongue to her lover's oven-hot mouth. Laurie relishes that taste of her own sweet cuntal secretions and prolongs the hot kiss as long as possible. She works one hand between their sweaty bodies and inserts a pair of fingers into her lover's slick pink wetness, wriggling them around until the Latina minx purrs low in her throat in response. Now its Laurie's turn...

Part three will feature the end of this encounter between Yolanda & Laurie, and some more hot sex between Renita and Jen

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