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Chapter 1-Late at Night

Cleo was on her knees, her legs spread so wide her panties began to tear. Her knees were tied to the base of one of the metal preparation tables with rope holding them pinned to opposite ends. Another rope around her waist held her pinned to the middle shelf, while a final rope was tied tightly around her neck, pinning her head to the top counter. Her arms were pulled up high and then back behind the top counter, thrusting her breasts out, offering them to her assailant.

Her head was beating hard against the counter top as her assailant fucked his big cock in and out of her mouth. Her hazel eyes pleaded with her assailant but he paid her no heed. She was just another fuck toy, needing to be punished. His cock grew harder as he heard her choking and gasping on the cock forcing itself down her throat. He had started out slow, showing her how to suck his cock, how to run her tongue up and down it, how to take it down her throat. She had complied willingly, the whisk shoved into her mouth showed her he meant business. Now he wanted to cum. And cum hard. He was fucking her face with all of his strength, pushing his stomach into her lips, smashing them into her teeth, blood covering his cock as he fucked her. She would have to pay. Pay for fucking with him. And he had another whole day to do it and a kitchen full of instruments to use on her tender body. When he finished with the cunt, she would always think of cooking in a new light.

It had started out to be a good day for Cleo. She was the Executive Chef at Victoria Island's most famous restaurant. Cleo loved Canada, her husband and her had moved to Victoria Island when she got an opportunity to be executive chef at one of the most prestigious restaurants on the island. Her husband was an accountant and since he worked for a large Canadian firm he could transfer to any location. Cleo was young for an executive chef at such a renowned restaurant. At twenty-five she had surpassed most of her peers.

While she enjoyed her job, her home life was not as satisfying. Cleo was 5'7" tall, 155 pounds with a pair of 38C's. She was of Portuguese descent, dark skin, lovely hazel eyes and a pair of succulent lips that were made for sex. When you saw her smile, all you could think about was those lips wrapped around your cock, those hazel eyes watching you as you fed her your big cock, that innocent face that just begged "fuck me, hurt me." Her sex life with her husband had diminished to almost nothing. The only way she could get him to fuck her was to seduce him. Even when he did fuck her, it always left her unfulfilled. She was not sure what, she just knew that there must be something more.

The day had started out good. It was the last day of the week, the restaurant closed on Mondays. Her husband had to go out of town for two days so he would not be home until Tuesday so she could go home and relax. When her husband was out of town she would get on the Internet and seek out sex stories. One of her favorite authors was Powerone. She loved how all of the women in his stories only purpose were to please the men. To do whatever they wished, when and how. It did not make a difference if it involved pain or pleasure. To please man. She would have time to lay on the bed, her vibrator in her pussy, masturbating herself to one of many cums from reading his stories. She could feel herself beginning to get wet when she thought about it. She must put it out of her mind. She had more important things to do.

Michael, one of the assistant cooks was chronically late or absent and he was already one hour late when he came in. He breezed around the kitchen like it was nothing. Michael was in his mid-forties, dirty blonde hair, good build but he had an attitude. He did not like women, or at least working for a woman. This makes it tough when your boss is a woman, an aggressive women at work. But that did not stop Cleo from looking at him. She caught him eyeing her many times and she noticed the bulge in his pants. A very big bulge. Today would be different. Cleo was going to fire him. He had only worked for the restaurant for two months, his absenteeism and lateness record was terrible. When she confronted him there was a big blow out. Luckily the restaurant was not open yet, the shouting heard throughout the building. Cleo held her own. After an extended time she finally got him to leave with a promise to have his final check ready before closing. He finally had calmed down enough, even though she could still see the rage in his eyes, he left, promising to return later for his check. He said he would need it, he would be leaving town tonight since he no longer had a job.

As soon as he left, Cleo went from one crisis to another but took care of each in her commanding way. The day flew by, the customers coming and going, the kitchen staff working even better then usual without Michael. The day was almost over, the last of the help had just left. She locked the door behind them and went back to her office. She had about 1/2 hour of paperwork to do before she would go home. She liked the peace and quiet of an empty restaurant.

Michael had been watching the restaurant for the last two hours. They had closed over and hour ago and he watched through the windows as the help cleaned the restaurant for the next day. The restaurant was at the end of a dead end street, located prominently on one of the many public parks in Victoria Island. Once nightfall came and the restaurant closed, it became deserted. He had heard Cleo tell the hostess that her husband was to be out of town today and tomorrow and she was going to enjoy her day off alone. He counted the employees as they left until he knew the final one was gone. He would give her ten minutes until he would knock on the door to get his check.

He was going to get his revenge on the cunt. She had fired him in front of the others, embarrassing him. She would have to pay for that. He would have quit soon anyway. They would start asking about his name, or at least the phony one he gave them as soon as payroll reports were filed. They always did. He would end up quitting instead of telling them his real name. They would fire him anyway had they known his real name, they would not hire convicted felons. Especially ones with records for rape, sodomy and kidnapping. He had done ten years for the last one, prison overpopulation giving the system a chance to throw him out early. It was almost worth it. They had only caught him for one. And it was only because the mother complained. Most of the others were too embarrassed to admit that they were raped or sodomized. How do you tell your husband that some stranger fucked you in your asshole and made you cum?

Michael went to the front door, putting down his bag next to the door. He was already packed and ready to leave town once his work was finished with Cleo. His bag also contained various things he needed tonight. A good supply of rope. He would improvise with the rest of the toys. There were more then enough instruments in the kitchen that could be inserted into Cleo's various orifices to make her cum. And he would make her cum. Over and over. He knocked on the glass door, seeing the light come out of the office in the rear, illuminating the dining room. Cleo came up to the door, seeing Michael standing there, her face trying to hide the fear she felt.

"It's late, Michael, I will have your check on Tuesday," she yelled through the glass.

"You said tonight and that's the law. I'm leaving town now," lifting his bag to show her, "and I need my check. C'mon, you already fired me, give me my money so I can catch the next bus."

Cleo knew he was right. She had forgotten his check. It was the law that if you were terminated, you must pay the employee within 24 hours. Let's get this crap over with and get rid of him, she thought. "Give me 2 minutes and I will be back with your check."

"O.K., thanks." Michael smiled as he saw her walk back to her office. What an ass on the bitch. Wonder what she will think about my cock up her asshole.

Cleo went back to her office and grabbed the checkbook and made out the check, thinking more about getting home and her day off. She grabbed the check and went back to the front door, her keys in her hand.

She put the key in the door and unlocked it, opening it a little over a foot wide and put her hand out with the check in it. "Here you go, your check........" Suddenly she was pushed back, Michael throwing his weight behind the door, Cleo falling on the floor on her backside, her skirt riding up her thighs. "What the fuck...."

"Shut up cunt," a revolver pointed at her face. She could not make out much of his face, the dining room already darkened, but there was no mistake about the gun. It was pointed directly in front of her face. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up until she was standing. "You fucked with the wrong person, bitch. You gotta pay for that. Now lock the door."

Cleo felt herself pushed over to the door and she nervously locked the door, almost unable to put the key in the lock. She was scared. Michael was not the type of person to fuck with. "If you just leave now, I wouldn't call the police. Otherwise, you're going to be in trouble."

"Listen, Cleo. I'm a convicted felon. I gave you a phony name and I spent ten years in the slammer for rape, sodomy and kidnapping. And that wasn't the first. There were many more. Never got caught for them. You're goin' to pay for fucking with me. I know your fuckin' faggot husband will be gone for a few days and with the restaurant closed tomorrow, we've gotta couple of days before anyone even knows your missing. We're going to play and play hard. I'm going to fuck you so hard and so many times, you wouldn't even be able to walk for a week. If you cooperate, you will live. If not, they'll find your naked body over in the corner on Tuesday and I will be out of the country before they even figure out it was me. If you want to live you'd better learn to please me real quick. I'm gonna hurt you, but you will survive. Next time you will think twice about who'd you fuck with. Now into the kitchen. I got a big cock just waitin' for you."

Cleo felt the gun in her back as she was pushed into the kitchen. He was right, nobody was expecting her for a couple of days. The restaurant was secluded from the main street and nobody would come into work until Tuesday, two days from now. She knew she would have to do whatever was necessary to survive. At least until she could figure out how to get away. She was a lot smarter then he was, she would find a way to get the upper hand. She always did. Cleo pushed through the double doors into the kitchen, Michael closely behind her, the gun pushing into the middle of her back. The doors closed behind them with a swoosh, now trapped into the back room of the restaurant, away from the windows.

"Now, we can do this the hard way or we can do it the easy way. I personally like the hard way better, but it's up to you." Michael's hand reached around her waist, pulling her up against him, his crotch rubbing up against her ass cheeks. "Can you feel that cock. Most women wouldn't fuck me because it's too big. No cock is too big, just too small a pussy. But you ain't got a choice. You're goin' to take it everywhere. Now we can fuck or I will hurt you first and then we will fuck. Then maybe I'll hurt you anyway. You can scream all you like. It ain't fuckin' unless it hurts. And you're screamin' will make my cock harder. Now on your knees in front of the metal prep table. You're goin' to learn how to suck a cock the right way."

Cleo was pushed over in front of the metal table. Hands on her shoulders pushed her to the ground until she was on her knees, her face level with his groin. She could see the bulge in his pants and she felt it when he pushed against her ass. It was big. Much bigger then her husbands. She knew it was going to hurt her when he fucked her. She saw him go into his bag and bring out a bunch of rope. Oh, God, he was going to tie her up. This was going to be harder then she thought. If she was tied, she had no chance to get away and she would be vulnerable to whatever he wanted to do to her. Rough hands grabbed her wrist and wrapped a cord around one, pulling it tightly, almost cutting off the circulation in her hand. Another rope to the other wrist and he now threw them through the middle shelf onto the other side.

"Don't move, cunt." Michael moved to the other side and retrieved the two ropes and began to pull them. "Put your arms up," watching as she complied. What a cunt, once you showed them who was boss they became real submissive. Let you do anything to 'em. He pulled on the ropes, pulling her arms behind her head, watching as they pulled towards him. He couldn't wait until they were tied. He knew it would leave her tits pushed up high on her chest. Just waiting for him. "Keep your knee's on the floor, bitch."

Cleo felt her arms aching from being pulled behind her, forcing her body to arch up. She felt her breasts straining her blouse as her back was arched. She began to get off her knees as her body was arched higher and higher. She heard his command, quickly lowering her body to her knees again, arching her back higher to accommodate the pull on her arms. She felt the top button of her blouse pop open, her breasts pushed upward. She felt the ropes being tied, her arms now securely behind her, her body strained in the bondage.

Michael moved to the front of the table, gleaming as he saw her kneeling, her tits pushed out, the top button undone, her cleavage showing. He looked down at her trembling body, "nice tits, goin' to get to know them real nice." He grabbed another rope and bent down over her body. He whispered in her ear, "you're goin' to look real good in rope, love a cunt all tied up. That's the way all cunts should be, naked and bound. Ready to be fucked." He grabbed another rope and threw it around her waist, dragging both ends onto the middle shelf. "Now don't go nowhere, cunt," he laughed. He got up and went to the other side of the table again. "Suck in a deep breath, bitch, it's goin' to be your last." He pulled on both ends of the rope and felt them tighten up. He heard her gasping as the rope pushed into her stomach. He tied them both to the end. "Now, don't you look pretty, all nice and tight." He watched as she took shallow breaths, the rope pushed deep into her stomach, restricting her breathing.

"I can't hardly breathe, it's too tight," she begged, her eyes wide open in terror as he stood over her again.

"You'll breathe when I tell you to. I own you bitch, for the next two days. You're going to fuck and suck until I'm tired of you. Now let's get you spread open for me, baby. Then you can start suckin' dick, big dick." He moved down to the floor again, rope in his hand again. He loved tying bitches up. Loved spreading them open, hearing their cries of pain, begging for him to release them.

Cleo's chest rose and fell, taking short breaths as the ropes restricted her breathing, her breasts heaving on her chest. He was next to her face again as she saw more rope. Oh, God, how much rope does he have. She felt his large hand grab her left leg, hand on the inside of her thigh, under her skirt. She felt it tighten, a moan of pain escaping from her lips.

"Great thighs bitch, nice and firm. You must work out. You gonna need it. I going to bend your body every way I can. I like my women naked and bound. Stops any arguments about what I'm goin' to do." He pushed out on her thigh, watching as her left knee slid along the floor, pushing out toward the table leg, a gleaming stainless steel projection rising from the floor.

She felt her crotch splitting as her leg was pulled wide. The large hand took the rope and ran it around her thigh and the table leg, three times, each time pulling tight until she could not feel anything in her toes. He moved over a bit and grabbed her right thigh, his hand rubbing the silky skin harshly.

"This is gonna hurt a little, bitch," he laughed as he began pulling her right thigh outward toward the other table leg. "You gonna have to spread real wide for me, cunt."

Cleo tried to shuffle forward or back as her legs were spread wide. She felt her panties pushing deeper into her pussy as they stretched. Another shove and she felt the silk relax, finally tearing as they stretched wide. She could feel cool air from the floor rise up between her legs. "AAAWWWW, you're going to rip me up the middle."

Michael looked at her face, the pain showing as her legs were spread wide. He hooked the rope around her thigh and table, three times, tightly binding her to the table leg. He looked back at her and his cock hardened. Bound to the table, a rope around her neck pulling her head back, another around her waist holding her tightly to it and finally on her knees, her legs spread obscenely to the legs. "You look fuckable, Cleo, a real slut. Now I'm going to teach you who's the boss. Then I'm gonna fuck your face and fill you with a load of my cum. The first of many."

Michael went over to the drawer and pulled out the metal whisk. It was a large one, about a foot long and the end was shaped like a light bulb, the metal rising out from the handle, expanding wider until they stood out almost three inches wide. It was used for rapidly whipping mixtures, but Michael had other ideas for it. He had many ideas for the cooking instruments in the kitchen and Cleo would not like any of them. Most would make great instruments for probing the intimate openings of a female. He poured some olive oil that was on the counter onto it. "See how nice I am, slut. Gonna grease it up for you a little. Now this is just a little reminder of what could happen if I feel even a tiny bit of your teeth on my cock. You're gonna suck my cock, or I should say, you're gonna swallow my cock. If you fuck up, I'm gonna heat this whisk next time and then push it into your mouth. You wouldn't be biting another cock after that. Now open up real wide, I'm gonna give you a lesson." He put his fingers over her nose, pinching down tightly on it. He watched as Cleo kept her lips tightly closed. "I like a bitch that fights. But you gonna lose. I can wait all day until you run out of air. Or I can do this," his fist flying down to her stomach, pushing harshly into her tender flesh, a whoosh escaping from her lips as the air was forced rapidly from her mouth. He pushed the whisk against her lips, watching as her lips began to spread wide to accept the metal instrument.

Cleo could not catch her breath. Her breasts were rising up and down, her lungs trying to fill themselves, the rope preventing it. She began to get dizzy from lack of air and her stomach was turning over and over from the brutal punch. When she thought it could not get any worse she felt Michael pushing the whisk into her mouth. Her lips began to spread, the oil making it slide further into her mouth. "NNNNGGG," she managed to spit out of her mouth before the whisk began to win the fight and her lips began to spread over the edges of it. It felt like the corners of her mouth were going to tear as her mouth opened wider then it ever had to before. She had sucked cock before, but nothing this big was ever placed in her mouth. "AAAGGWWW," her body jerked as the whisk popped in her mouth, her lips now closing over it. "AAGGGHHHH," Michael pushing on it, forcing it further into her mouth, pushing her tongue aside like it was butter. Over half of it was in and the pressure continued as more and more of the metal instrument was pushed in. A final push and Cleo choked as the whisk pushed against the back of her mouth, her mouth now a gaping hole, her cheeks puffed out, her lips almost cracking as they stretched. She felt Michael begin to twirl it in her mouth, the metal scraping along the inside of her cheeks, the metal mashing against her teeth, her lips beginning to cut from the metal over her dry, cracked lips.
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