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Lesbian Rape Fantasy story below

Note: This story is total fantasy. It does not reflect real-life situations involving real people. If non-consent and humiliation turn you off, read no further. Furthermore, all sexual interaction between individuals (in real life) should take place on an entirely consensual basis. And now with that said on with the story…..

I am awakened hourly throughout the night to be milked. At 6:00 AM. I get up to start my day not really getting much rest throughout the night due to the hourly milkings. I am told by the doctor that hourly milkings are necessary to increase milk production, and it's working. My milk production is increasing. I have also been put on a prenatal vitamin.

All of my shackles are removed, and I am bathed by my chambermaids.

After my bath, I feel somewhat refreshed after the events of the night. The flame in my pussy has subsided for the time being, but I have the feeling that it won't take much to set me afire.

My wrist and collar restraints are replaced. I put on a pair of over the knee boots with four inch heels. They have become my standard attire. The leash is attached to my collar and I am ordered to crawl like a dog to the kitchen to be fed.

My breasts sway back and forth. They have quickly filled since my last milking. They are full and uncomfortable.

I finally reach the kitchen and am famished. A large bowl of food is placed before me on the floor. I dive in eating ravenously.

Suddenly I feel a whack across my left cheek that is totally unexpected and catches me by surprise.

"Good morning, bitch," says the black man standing behind me with a paddle. This is the new man that took the place of the man that the Marquis was displeased with. He looked meaner than the other man. He certainly was bigger and not just in height.

"Assume the position," he spits out. I quickly sit up and place my hands behind my head and spread my knees as far as they will go. This exposes and makes me vulnerable to him. He walks in front of me and looks me up and down.

"You certainly are a big mother," he says as he squeezes my tits. I wince in pain. "Oh, I see that these are milkers and they are full."

He continues to squeeze my tits amusing himself at my expense. I try not to show the pain that I am in.

"Suck on this, motherfucker," he commands as he stands and grabs my hair forcing my mouth over the tip of his large cock. His cock has to be 2 1/2 inches in diameter. It looks like a piece of summer sausage. He continues to force his cock into my mouth and down my throat. He is all business and shows no mercy. My mouth is being stretched to the limit. I'm afraid my lips will rip at the edges. How far can they be parted? They never had to accommodate a cock this large.

His cock is halfway into my mouth. He moves his hips while holding my head and begins ramming in earnest. He is turning my mouth into his private cunt. I gag. He withdraws and rams it in again. I gag. He seems to enjoy the discomfort he is causing me. I begin to drool and foam at the mouth. My eyes are bulging out as he continues to ram his cock down my throat forcing me to take in more with each thrust.

At the same time he moves his bare left foot forward between my legs and works his toes between my pussy lips. He wiggles his toes and moves them forward separating my lips. Now, this I like. My pussy has been ignored lately.

I amaze myself. With his continued ramming, I have taken in almost his entire length with my drool coating his massive shaft. I didn't think my mouth would stretch open that far. But he's not done. He continues to ram my mouth pushing further down my throat. His foot has also been active working its way forward and pressing further into my pussy. I try to spread my legs further apart to allow him better access to my cunt. He needs no encouragement. This is his intent. He is unrelenting and continues to move his foot in and out of my pussy gaining further ground each time.

He's driving me wild. I'm stuffed. If I stopped to think about my situation, I might panic. After all, his foot is a size 11 and is halfway in my love canal already. That's worst then fist fucking, and he's not done yet. My breasts sway back and forth and ache as the milk continues to build in my mammaries.

All of a sudden, all hell breaks loose. He becomes a madman. He quickens his pace and is violently shoving his prick down my throat at a rapid pace. His only concern is getting off. At the same time his foot is going crazy. He is continually ramming his foot up my dilating cunt with great force lifting me off the floor with each thrust. He has almost buried his foot up my cunt.

Then he cums and load after load of cum shoots from his massive cock down my throat into my belly. It has no where to go but down. There is no fear of losing any of his cum. My mouth is stuffed to the hilt with his dick, and he won't withdraw even an inch. If I don't swallow faster, I'm going to choke to death or drown in his cum. What an epitaph! The flow recedes and finally stops. He is sated.

He withdraws his prick from my mouth and lets go of my hair. He leans back with his hands on his hips and continues to work his foot in to my cunt.

"You like that, bitch, don't you?"

My cunt is on fire and I don't respond right away. He bends down and slaps my left tit on the side. Pain mixes with pleasure.

"Answer me when I speak to you, whore."

He rears back and slaps my right tit. More pain. He continues to slap my tits with resounding slaps shooting pain through my bloated tits, but I don't care. My cunt is on fire and I'm ready to cum.

He senses that I am close to an orgasm.

"You like pain, don't you, you pervert," he says as he withdraws his foot from my cunt and retreats several steps. He stands there and looks down on me with disdain.

"Oh God, please don't stop," I beg and cry. "Please, please, make me cum. I need to cum. Shove your foot up my cunt, please."

"Shut up and stop begging."

I reach down and shove my fingers up my cunt trying to bring myself to a climax. The black man kicks my hand from my cunt. I moan and groan and grovel on the floor. I am a pathetic sight.

"Don't you dare touch yourself unless you're told to." He looks at the chambermaids and says, "Take her away. She's pathetic. A man can't even eat in peace around here."

I am led away by my leash, a pathetic sight, whimpering and moaning in pain and humiliation. I am taken back to my chambers. There my wrist restraints are attached to the chain overhead. By means of a pulley the chain is raised until my arms are fully extended upward, and I am standing on my tiptoes. The chambermaids leave.

This day is not getting off to a good start. My body aches all over. My cunt is still on fire. My breasts hang heavily on my chest in desperate need of milking. The sacks are full and must be emptied. As my body produces more milk there is no place for it to go. The Marquis must realize this. He must know. Of course, he does. He knows I am in pain. This pleases him, the sadistic bastard. I cry.

At that moment one of the chambermaids enters. She picks up some towels and before she leaves walks over to me.

"You were very fortunate this morning."

"What do you mean?" I ask between sobs.

"One of the girls that the black man entertained yesterday didn't fair as well as you did.

"What happened to her?"

"She's dead."

"Oh my God, no!" I exclaim in horror. "How?"

"Her cunt couldn't accommodate his foot. He ripped her apart and she bled to death."

"Oh no."

"Remember there are always those that have it worse than you do, no matter how bleak your circumstances might seem," she says as she leaves the room.

I feel so sorry for that girl. What a senseless way to lose your life.

The Marquis enters and walks over to me with a smile on his face.

"Well, how are we feeling this morning, my dear Gwen?"

He feels my breasts and seems to approve of their tautness. His hand wanders down to my cunt. He rubs my clit and then inserts two fingers into my vagina as he continues to talk to me.

"Today should be very enlightening for you."

I'm curious as to what he might mean, but I dare not ask.

I find out soon enough when I am taken to a room I haven't been in before. One wall is all glass which looks into another spacious room with a settee and a king size bed. I am seated in a leather chair facing this glassed wall. The back of the chair is arched. My arms are pulled behind the chair, and my leather wrist cuffs are attached to a short chain at the back of the chair. My legs are drawn back and each ring on my boots is attached to the back leg of the chair spreading my legs wide and exposing my already battered cunt. My leather collar is removed and replaced by a collar that is attached to the back of the chair.

This is what I look like. My back is arched to conform to the shape of the chair causing my tits to jut out and be prominently displayed. They are full of milk and very sensitive. My head is immobile because of the leather collar which holds it back against the chair. My legs are spread wide and back in a painful position. I am very uncomfortable.

One of the chambermaids then reaches under the chair and slides out the center portion of the seat. This exposes my underside and takes away some of the support since I have only the edges of the chair supporting me. Finally a ball gag is placed in my mouth and secured behind my head with the leather strap. I am uncomfortable and this discomfort increases with each passing moment. The human body was not meant to be contorted into all of these weird positions.

"Well, well, well, aren't you a sight for sore eyes. Comfortable, my dear?"


The Marquis squeezes my breasts and milk begins to ooze from my nipples.

"You are producing milk at a phenomenal rate. This is excellent. You were born to be a milkmaid. We will have to milk you immediately."

The chambermaids wheel in the portable milking machine and attach the cups to my areolas. The machine springs to life with the flick of a switch and milk is drawn from my bloated tits. The cups continue to suck on my nipples drawing out the sweet nectar.

"We also have other business we need to attend to. Our guests are arriving. Direct your attention to the scene that unfolds before your eyes," says the Marquis.

I look straight forward as directed and see a beautiful young woman dressed in a smart business suit seated on the settee. What happens next shocks me. My husband walks into the room and over to this woman. Why is my husband here? Maybe he had a change of heart and is coming to rescue me. I can hear every word they say as if I am in the room with them.

"Well, Maxine, do you have my money?" says my husband.

"It's all there, Bill. $100,000 I believe, is the agreed upon amount," says Maxine as she rises.

"Why, here, though? Couldn't we have arranged this meeting closer to home?" Bill asks.

"I only follow orders, Bill. The Marquis said that business transactions are to take place here at the mansion under his supervision. If you have a problem with that, talk to him. "

"No, no, it really doesn't matter. I just thought it would have been simpler elsewhere."

"Well, you received quite a handsome amount for your wife," Maxine says as she wraps her arms around Bill's neck and kisses him.

I break down in tears. He did this to me. I was suffering now because of his greed. And now the Marquis is ready to give me an enema after hooking up the milking machine to my breasts. I feel betrayed and used as this woman kisses my husband.

"Yeah, $100,000 was too tempting. I hope I made the right decision."

Bill gently squeezes Maxine's breast as they embrace.

"Do you know what they're going to do with her?" Maxine asks.

"Burrows didn't go into a lot of detail, but he talked about training her and possible selling her on the white slave market. I didn't pay too much attention. I was too busy thinking about what I was going to do with the money."

"Oh, they've been training her all right. As a matter of fact she has become completely subservient thanks to some hard discipline. "

"Hard discipline?"

I cry as the bulb is inflated in my rectum, and the warm solution begins to fill me. How could he do this to me?

"Actually your wife is here."

"You're crazy? How could she be?"

"This is where the Marquis trains all of his slaves."


"Yes, she has become his slave. As a matter of fact, the Marquis is administering an enema to your wife right at this moment."

"How do you know that?"

"Because he told me. Actually, your wife is observing this whole scene."

"Wait a minute. I was told she would never know what happened?" Bill says in dismay.

"Does it really make a difference, Bill? Can she do anything about it?" Maxine asks as she grabs Bill's cock. "Let me suck on this for you."

Maxine drops down on her knees in front of Bill and unbuckles his belt, undoes his zipper, and lets his pants fall to the floor. She is going to blow him with me watching. As she sucks on his dick, the enema continues to fill be. My stomach is bloated. My tits are also drained as the last of the white milk drains from the tubes into the stainless steel container. The Marquis removes the cups from my breasts.

"Don't they make a nice couple? Look how delicately she sucks on his cock."

The Marquis reaches down and squeezes and pinches my nipples. The enema is still filling me. I am very uncomfortable. I wish I was dead. Bill screams out as he comes in Maxine's mouth. She swallows hungrily. Maxine then licks his dick clean and rises.

"Mmmm. That tastes good. You can come in my mouth anytime."

"Honey, you know how to suck cock."

"Did your wife suck cock as good as I do?" Maxine asks.

"My wife didn't suck cock," says Bill.

"Oh, I think she does. She's sucked a lot of cock since she's been here."

"You're kidding. I could never get her to do anything like that," Bill said sadly.

"I guess it takes a little friendly persuasion."

I don't believe they're talking about me like this.

"Would you like to see her?" Maxine asks.

"I'm not sure that's a good idea," Bill says as he kisses Maxine.

"No, really, I can arrange it, a final goodbye."

"Would Burrows allow that?"

"That's what the Marquis wants. It's part of her training. He wants to teach her humility under all circumstances."

I don't believe this. I don't want to see the bastard, and I certainly don't want him to see me like this. It's humiliating. It's degrading.

"I guess so," Bill says. "Go push the button next to the mirror," Maxine says in a soft, sexy voice.

Bill walks over to the mirror and pushes the button. I could no longer see them. The window has turned into a mirror. I see myself bound to the chair with an enema sticking up my ass. My stomach is bloated from the amount of fluid that had been forced in to my rectum.

Then it dawns on me what is happening. Their mirror has turned into a window. Bill is watching me being degraded and abused. He sees me tied to this chair. He sees the enema up my ass. He sees my arms bound forcing my tits to jut out. He sees my legs spread wide and bound to the legs of the chair. I am humiliated. I feel shame.

Suddenly the mirror returns and I see Bill and Maxine once again.

"That was Gwen? Oh my God, what happened to her?"

"She's in training."

"Is she always bound up like that?"

"Oh she is bound in many positions. She has also been fucked in every hole. She has experienced just about every sex act imaginable."

"This is incredible! I really didn't have any ideas she would be treated like that."

"Like what?"

"You know, so cruelly. After all, she is my wife. I guess I only thought of the money and not what might happen to her."

"Why don't you see her one last time, Bill?" Maxine asks.

"I don't know if that's a good idea. I'm not sure I could face her, "Bill responds.

"Well, let me see if something can be arranged," Maxine says with a thoughtful look on her face.

The Marquis laughs as I look on in disbelief.

"Yes, I knew he would want to see you again, Gwen. This is perfect."

I am uncomfortable. The pressure in my stomach is unbelievable. Cramps are setting in. I have to go to the bathroom so bad. There is no release. The inflated bulb prevents even a drop of liquid from escaping. I am again at the Marquis's mercy.

"You will see your husband one more time, and it won't be a pleasant meeting. Not for you anyway, Gwen. He will have his way with you as a final goodbye. You will see exactly how little he cares for you."

I sob uncontrollably. What a cruel and inhumane thing to do. I have done all that he commands and he still degrades me.

What's in store for poor Gwen? Stay tuned - more to come……… Also, e-mail me with any ideas you may have for Gwen's further transformation.

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