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Felicia is stunningly beautiful, 18 year old, high school student. She has long, downy-soft, blond hair which hangs down to her mid back. Her eyes are a cool icy blue. Her lips are full & pouty. Her breasts are a nice firm C-cup with a perfectly shaped ass. Her legs are long & slender. She looks especially hot in her school uniform, her firm breasts complemented by the white blouse & her hips and ass exaggerated by the plaid skirt.

Obviously her incredible beauty has always attracted allot of attention from boys and also allot of grown men who could care less that she was only in high school. Felicia's parents strictly forbade boyfriends and even friends for the most part. Her father was an extremely domineering & old fashioned man who rarely let his precious only daughter go out. Many believed her father had an unhealthy Infatuation with Felicia. Other people close to the family thought that he was sexually abusing her.

One day while the family sat down to dinner, her father announced they would be having guests stay with them for a couple days.

“My old army buddy, Rick and his family will be here later this evening. They’ll be tired when they get here since they are driving here from out of state. They are good God fearing people so let’s make them feel welcome.” He said.

“What time are they due to arrive, Wade?” her mother asked.

“Probably not before 11 or so, I’d say. Rick’s sons are about your age Felicia darling, maybe you can entertain them with one of your board games. I’m sure you’ll all get along, they sound like very nice boys.” He replied.

“Yes, Daddy.” Felicia answered, sounding less than enthused.

“What’s the matter princess?” Her father asked with a puzzled, concerned look on his face.

“Nothing Daddy, I’m fine, just a little tired.” she answered quietly.

“Don’t worry sweetie, you’ll like Rick and his family. You’ll see it’s gonna be fun weekend, OK.” He assured. Her father now standing behind her bent down & gave her a comforting kiss on the cheek.

“Now, go get a nice dress on for the company, OK sweetie.”

“Ok Daddy” she answered.

Her father had a way of always being able to make her feel better. She scampered up the stairs to her bedroom & picked out some dresses to try from her closet. She would doll herself up good as she rarely was aloud to put on make-up & wear a pretty dress. Her father only allowed that sort of thing for special occasions. She had recently convinced her father to finally let her wear make up, he always said it made her look like a jezebel. She was just applying her lipstick when she her mother shout.

“They’re here!”

“Princess come downstairs to greet the guests please.” Her father ordered.

Felicia quietly stepped down the stairs almost unnoticed; she glimpsed her Dad’s army friend ogling her hungrily as everyone was properly introduced. Rick seemed distracted temporarily when her father introduced them. Snapping out of his spell he stammered to introduce his wife And sons.

“Felicia this is my wife, Vivian, my boys Seth and Shane.” Rick barely stumbled through the clumsy intro obviously taken aback by Felicia’s drop dead looks.

“What a beautiful daughter you have!” Vivian commented.

“Felicia, this is Seth, our oldest…” Vivian introduced.

“Hi, pleased to meet ya.” He grinned, looking down into her cleavage.

“…and this is Shane, our youngest.” Vivian continued.

“Hello, how are ya?” he stammered with a quick shake of her dainty hand.

“Nice to meet you all.” Felicia replied, her voice so soft it was barely audible.

Rick’s sons made no secret of the fact she was a hottie, both made clumsy attempts at humor To break the ice & Felicia gave a polite chuckle for their efforts. She felt her skin getting hot And she knew was blushing as she felt their eyes undressing her while they took the quick tour of the house.

Felicia’s dad ended the tour in the basement den where the two boys would be sleeping. Two air mattresses were already setup with blankets & pillows in case they wanted to go to sleep after such a long drive. Once everyone was familiarized with the sleeping arrangements they all sat Around the living room, mostly Ken & Rick just reliving war stories and such. Felicia and the two boys were visibly beyond the human threshold of boredom and her mother suggested they go downstairs to watch some TV or a movie. This was no hard sell as all three were halfway down the stairs before she finished talking.

Seth immediately took control of the remote & began surfing. Felicia was on the opposite end of the long couch barely sitting on the seat cushion while Shane sat alone in the lazy boy recliner. Seth who had a large rugged build looked to be a jock; Felicia guessed maybe he played Football or Hockey. Shane was also a jock but had a tall lanky build, probably a basketball player. At first there wasn’t much in the way of conversation but they could hear the crowd upstairs weren’t lacking for anything to say, they’re frequent loud bursts of laughter drowned out the TV.

Felicia felt increasingly uneasy alone with the two older boys. Either of them were really watching TV, they’re attention was focused on their beautiful young hostess. Both boys seemed smitten with her & were both vying for her attention. They made lewd sexual comments and jokes which she had always been sheltered from by her father. She felt repulsed and offended by their behavior but couldn’t find the courage in her to say something to make them stop. Instead she giggled nervously & tried to hide her uneasiness. Soon she saw that Seth had edged down the couch was now sitting right beside her & Shane was now sitting on the arm of the couch on the other side of her. Her father always warned her about what boys do with pretty young girls like her but he was not there to protect or shield her from this. She was so dependent of her father & felt helplessly trapped by the boys.

Seth wrapped his big right arm around Felicia’s tiny frame and sniffed the scent of her shampoo as he brushed her strong square jawed face into her feathery soft hair; his other hand lay on her Quivering thigh. Seth could feel the fear and anxiety she exuded. He weighed maybe 220 lbs Solid while she weighed just over 100 lbs soaking wet. She couldn’t possibly struggle free of his grasp. She caught sight of the boys giving each other the thumbs up sign, she felt so hot & flustered she felt like she was melting into the couch.

“Its ok baby, we just wanna show you a good time, just relax a little.” Seth urged as he planted kisses on her long dainty neck.

“ Please don’t do this I’m not that kinda girl, I’m a virgin.” she pleaded.

“There are ways of doing it without losing your virginity you know.” Shane interjected, suggestively rubbing his crotch.

“Yeah, you know like ORAL” Seth added & winked slyly at his brother.

“You don’t even have to take any clothes off and feels soooo good!” Shane quickly interrupted.

“You mean sex with your mouth, that’s disgusting!” she swallowed nervously, as Seth & Shane seemed doggedly pursued the subject. Their eyes seemed to pierce her soul adding to the intimidation she already felt.

“No, I mean sex with YOUR mouth. We’re gonna put these pretty lips of yours to good use.” Seth gruffly corrected as he unfastened his pants to relieve pressure from his straining organ.

It now became painfully obvious to her what they her to do. She had never even touched or seen a penis up-close let alone suck one to orgasm. Seth’s hot burning kisses on her neck & ear nibbling was making her feel hot. She felt a burning tingling inside her and skin began to feel sensitive to the touch. Her head was swimming with guilty pleasure as she loosened to Seth’s savvy kisses. She could only moan and whimper her disapproval now.

“Please, no, I’ve never done that before.” She protested faintly.

“There’s a first time for everything you horny sweetheart!” Seth grunted, as he released his huge, veiny cock from its constraints.

Felicia’s eyes widened at the size of it, she was appalled & turned on by it at the same time. Seth placed her small frail hand on it as it twitched under her grasp. Her fingers barely wrapped around its fleshy girth. He guided her hand up & down till she found a steady rhythm. His cock was growing & pulsating in her hand. She could smell its heady scent wafting up to her nostrils.

“Do you like how it feels lil girl?” He hissed.

“It’s so BIG…I – I can’t..Ummph!” she started, unable to stop her head from being shoved into his lap, her lips pressed against now raging hard-on,

“Kiss it!” He growled.

Felicia was gripped in fear and obediently obliged him with soft kisses all over his shaft & head.

“Yesss! Now lick it all over you lil whore!” he demanded impatiently.

She dutifully licked his huge fleshy organ until it glistened in the dim lights of the TV reflection.

“You’re a good lil whore; now get on your knees between my legs.” He barked.

As she sank off the couch in position between his legs, the party upstairs was still going strong. She gently placed her hands on each side of his enormous manhood which jutted straight up to meet her lips. She gave her abuser a final desperate plea with her eyes but he just coldly returned her gaze.

“Suck it! Suck that cock like a good lil whore. I’ll tell you when to stop.” He ordered, forcing her pretty blond head down til he felt the electrifying sensation of her lips and tongue on his aching to be sucked cock.

Felicia’s supple lips engulfed his rock hard cock, drooling heavily on it as more & more of it filled her mouth. As Seth forced her to take more in her inexperienced mouth she let out a muffled whimper before gagging on its girth. Seth’s eyes rolled back in shear delight & his head was thrown back involuntarily as Felicia lips glided down the length of his shaft. Set through off his shirt just as the head of his happy cock hit against the back of her mouth. It was almost enough to set him off right there & then but he managed to hold off. With pursed cheeks she sucked up the length of Seth’s cock and then slowly back down again.

Her feathery soft hair was thrown over the top of her head & tickled his hefty torso while her mouth worked his cock to a frenzy, His orgasm was building up, he could feel it down deep & knew she was gonna have to deal with quite a load. She heightened his pleasure by gently scratching his heavy nut sack. It was a hot & sloppy suck she held his cock in now, swishing slurping sounds could be heard as her saliva mingled with precum that oozed steadily from his plum sized head. As his impending orgasm approached she knew she was in complete control now, she reveled in that momentary position of power & redoubled her efforts. Suddenly Seth’s strong hands held Felicia’s head firmly down & his cock spurted huge jets of hot semen into the back of her mouth. She was choking as her mouth was flooded with spunk causing her to choke & gag, some of his cum oozed out the sides of her mouth as he finally released her head from his grasp.

“God damn! Where’d you learn to suck cock like that?” Seth grunted in-between breaths, struggling to catch his breath holding his spent cock in his hand.

“I dunno, I never did it before.” She replied timidly, not looking him in the eye.

“OK, whatever. That could not have been your first time. You suck like a professional.” Seth argued, shaking his head in disbelief.

Seconds later Shane grabbed a fistful of her long blond hair & pulled her to where he sat on the arm of the sofa. His throbbing cock was not as thick as Seth’s but was definitely longer. A large dollop of precum seeped from the big, spongy, purple head. Felicia could feel tears welling up inside her but she refused to let herself cry as she again, where was Daddy when she needed him.

“C’mon bitch, whatcha waitin’ for? Suck it!” Shane growled with clenched teeth.

Felicia felt pain in her knees, which were by now red & raw from kneeling on the carpet. She gazed half defiantly up into the Shane’s squinty eyes and began licking his eager cock which spasmed under her tongue. She cupped his balls & sucked on them. Shane hissed with blissful delight & gave an approving grin to his brother. Seth watched the young fellatrice work her magic on his brother’s swollen gland. As the head disappeared into her mouth Seth could see a sheen of Her saliva allover his shaft & balls. Once she had thoroughly coated his pulsating member with her hot saliva, her lips slowly engulfed his cock to the hilt.

“OH GOD! Yeah, atta girl! Suck that big dick all the way down…” Shane grunted lewdly, still clasping that fistful of her golden locks.

Slowly she sucked all the way up til only the head remained between her lips then she plunged her lips down his lengthy ramrod again, all the while her tantalizing tongue tickled the underside of his shaft with every stroke. The hot, wet friction on his horny cock felt amazing, like nothing he’d ever felt before. Felicia steadily increased her pace; the younger brother was holding out on her, Seth had already cum by now. Before long Seth rejoined the action & took hold of one of her nipples. He tweaked them between his fingers. She let out a muffled yelp & attempted to lift away from Shane’s cock but his grip on her hair was unrelenting.

“Don’t worry about him. Keep sucking!” he barked.

Sensing Shane was near orgasm she engulfed him until she felt his cock head in her throat, her nose buried in his thick thatch of black pubes. Every deep agonizing stroke made her gag slightly but Shane held her head with both hands as streams of hot cum filled her mouth again. She swallowed almost every drop & continued to suck his spewing cock dry. Shane grunted and heaved loudly & Felicia withdrew his cock from her mouth. There was a long string of saliva Dangling from her lips and his thoroughly blown cock that fell onto her dress as she turned her head. Seth then helped Felicia to her feet and held her tightly against him from behind; his cock was springing back to life as her tight ass was grinding against it. He kissed her soft, perfumed neck & she seemed to wilt under his hot breath. Barely able to stand Seth laid her on the couch.

“I wanna lick your sweet little pussy…” Seth whispered. “Would you like that?”

“Uh huh” she panted.

He hiked her dress above her waist revealing her moist, white cotton panties. She was on fire. Seth savored her womanly aroma as he peeled off her panties. Her pussy hair was as blond as the hair on her head and trimmed in a neat triangle. Seth kissed her teasingly all around her golden mound and inner thighs and she writhed in delicious anticipation. When his tongue finally flicked along her labes she let out a squeal of delight. His tongue electrified her sending jolts of pleasure up and down her spine as he suckled & licked her clit. His tongue penetrated her with long, deep probing licks & her hips undulated to meet his lapping tongue in rhythm. Sensing her on-coming orgasm she grabbed a sofa cushion to bite on to keep her from screaming out loud. Wave after wave of unequalled ecstasy coursed through her whole body as Seth hungrily lapped up her delicious virgin pussy. With her eyes closed, she lost sense of all time & was aware only Of the incredible orgasm she was having. Her fingers ran through Seth’s hair while he brought her off again and again with his tongue. Suddenly he stopped and in a moment she took the pillow away from her face to see why he had stopped. Felicia was surprised to see Shane’s newly hard cock inches from her face. Seth positioned her on all fours & Shane wasted no time stuffing her talented mouth with his cock. He fucked her face unapologetically at a furious pace.

Seth rubbed his cock against her wet pussy & forced his swollen, pulsating cock into her quivering pussy. She let out a muffled yelp as Seth’s manhood inched itself deeper and deeper inside her. Her cunt lips clasped his invading cock. Seth watched his cock bury itself to the hilt & slowly thrusted in and out, as she pushed herself back against his cock. The scent of sex was thick in the air now as he fucked her hard & fast. Her mouth was being exploited equally hard as Shane was close to shooting another load. Seth’s balls slapped loudly against Felicia’s ass with every heart pounding thrust as Shane blasted jets of hot spunk into her mouth once again. Seconds later Seth pulled out as he shot several strings of jizz onto her ass and back. All three of them collapsed limply on the couch for a few minutes.

After getting dressed Felicia went to bed and sobbed in her pillow. She hated herself for allowing herself to be used and abused like that. Felicia felt helpless & so ashamed, she could never tell her father, what would he think of her if he knew what she had done? She wished she was better able to stand up for herself. Felicia replayed the events in her mind over and over. She remembered the comical expressions on their faces while they blew their loads & how helpless & vulnerable they looked after the intense orgasm she had brought them to. Suddenly it occurred to her what a powerful weapon her sexuality was & how she could use it to manipulate men. That weekend she sent those two boys home with aching cocks & smiles on their faces.
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