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Kelly was going door to door selling candy for her school. She just had to beat that brown-noser Prudence. Prudence won every contest and got every honor, but Kelly knew she could beat her.

She was only four streets away from her house, knocking at every door, and she had already raised over $50, so she felt pretty optimistic. She came up on the next house and rang the doorbell. A man in boxer shorts and a white t-shirt answered the door. "What do you want?" he asked abruptly.

"I'm selling candy for Gerald Ford High School. Would you like to buy a chocolate bar? They're only one dollar!" She beamed as she announced.

He looked down at the chocolate, then looked back up at her, then scanned her body. The 18-year-old was wearing a short skirt and tank top because of the warm weather. She could feel his eyes going over her C-cup breasts and down beyond.

"I got a better idea." He grabbed her by the neck, pulled her inside quickly and shut the door behind her. He slammed her against the wall inside and kissed her hard on the lips. She squealed and tried to break free, but he was just too strong. Then he picked her up around the waist, holding her hands to her sides, and carried her into the bedroom. She kicked her legs the whole way.

She was thrown onto the bed, hitting her head on the headboard. Her blond hair was now all disheveled. He used a key to lock the bedroom door, then he put the key in his dresser. She was his now.

As much as she tried to resist, he stripped her shirt from her body. The black bra underneath was seized and ripped until it came off with no problems. He used his own weight to pin her down as he fondled her breasts. She cried but her nipples still became hard from his rough caresses. He slipped one hand down underneath her skirt and felt it cupping at her pussy, which was starting to get wet against her will. He was able to tug her black panties down to her ankles. Her skirt was no help against the intruder. She could feel his organ getting harder inside his shorts, and was then distracted by a large finger entering her private place. The tears streamed down her face.

Kelly's hymen pushed back against the finger like a wall, but she knew that wall would come down soon. As she became more and more wet, he finally slipped out of his drawers and aimed it at her entrance. He whispered in her ear, "You belong to me," and suddenly thrust inside, taking her virginity in one powerful stroke.

He fucked her until he came inside her, which felt like an eternity. When he finished he got off of her and stood. She lay on the bed, sobbing. He took her panties from her and put inside his dresser, removing the key.

He unlocked the door, and she sat up. He tossed some money at her, and told her, "You're not a bad fuck, girl. I wouldn't mind seeing you again." She took the money, slipped her tank top back on over her free breasts, and walked out of the house, her tender pussy still dripping with both his and her juices.

She waited until she was home before she looked at the money she still had in her hand. A thousand dollars! Maybe it wasn't so bad...
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