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Since your break up with Tommy you had almost become a recluse. Everywhere you went people would ask "Where's Tommy?", and were surprised to hear you had split up, telling you that you had always made such a wonderful couple.

But they didn't know the real Tommy, did they? They didn't have to put up with Tommy insistently asking if he could tie you up to have sex with, and getting irritable when you said "NO".

All they ever saw was the happy face he always had on outside the apartment. Inside he was different. Sometimes he was gentle, sometimes not as gentle and other times when he was almost brutal in his lovemaking. But even then he had always teased you, and had enough control to make sure you finished before he did. But he would keep asking if he could tie you up. Eventually it drove a wedge between you, and the sex grew more infrequent, until there was no sex at all, and shortly after, Tommy moved out.

It has been three months since the split and your best friend, Sally, kept telling you to arrange a blind date. "Put yourself back on the market", was her favorite saying. Sort of let people know that you still had a life after Tommy.

At first you said "No", but Sally has a habit of winding you up, until you agree to anything she wants, and she did so until you finally agreed to put an ad in the personals, believing it to be a waste of time.

You never gave it another thought, and was shocked when Sally brought the paper to you a couple of days later. All the reply said was Love to meet you... Dream Boy

This was a direct response to your ad, which Sally has suggested you sign Dream Girl so no one would know who you really are.

Another week went by as you argued with Sally whether or not you should respond. She, of course, said yes, but you were not too sure, but once again Sally won, and decided to put another response in the paper saying "Dream Girl to Dream Boy...when and where?"

The response was there in the return paper, saying he would meet you Friday at a restaurant in a suburb of the city. Sally saw this as a challenge, and decided that you had to dress for the part, and took you shopping. She insisted that you buy this tight white mini dress, but you kept telling her you could see your panties through it. Sally just smiled, and you ended up giving in again.

Sally arranged to pick you up and drop you off close to the restaurant on the Friday night, but you guessed it was to make sure you wore the dress she had bullied you into buying. As you looked at yourself in the mirror you COULD see your knickers through it, and your nipples, pointing out of the thin material of your bra, and telling you they were there as well.

Sally pulled you out of the apartment before you had a chance to change your mind, and drove off into the early evening.

She had arranged to drop you off one block from the meeting point, so your blind date would not know where you had come from, and on cue she stopped the car, and forced you out, ignoring your hesitance. Before you could change your mind and get back in the car, she drove away, leaving you in a poorly lit area of town you did not know.

You started walking towards the restaurant, looking around you constantly. You noticed that the next streetlight was out, and to make it worse, it started to rain, not heavy, but a fine drizzle that was sure to make your dress translucent. You started to walk a bit faster, passing some hoarding at a vacant lot. As you passed the hoarding a pair of arms shot out and grabbed you, pulling you behind the wooden panels and into the darkness.

You try to scream, but a hand covers your mouth, as you are thrown to the floor, the breath being knocked out of you. The arms grab at you again, as someone sits on your back, pressing your tits into the hard core of the site, and wrapping a blindfold around your eyes. He then grabs both of your arms, pulling them backwards, and you feel cold metal as he snaps a pair of handcuffs on you. The gag is the last thing he did to you, before he pulls you to your feet, and starts to walk you away. You hear him open a car door, and you are bundled inside. And then, the door closes behind you. Seconds later you hear the driverís car open, and close, and the car begins to move.

You have the idea of following the route in your mind, but there are so many twists and turns you soon lose track of where you have been, and lay on the floor of the car, in front of the back seat. thinking of your poor new white dress.

It seems forever, but eventually the car stops, and you hear the driver get out and open your door. He pulls you out and drags you, stumbling, and up three steps, and into a building. A door opens, and you are led down some steep steps, falling as you lose your footing. The man allows you to fall the last two steps, landing in a heap at the bottom, before dragging you to your feet again, and pulling you across the room.

You feel a wall at your back, and as you stand there cold metal snaps around your left ankle. Almost immediately the same coldness snaps to your right ankle. The man then half turns you around, and raises your right arm, and in seconds more cold metal is snapped around it. You scream, but the gag prevents the sound from traveling, as the man competes the job by fastening the last manacle to your left hand, so you are now standing with your arms up over your head, and your legs pulled apart.

You didn't need to see it to know that your dress is in tatters, and the feel of the knife as it cuts through and removes the rest brings further tears to your eyes. You feel the cold touch of the knife inside the waistline of your panties, and in a second, they are gone, lying at your feet with the remnants of your dress, exposing your shaven pussy to whoever wants to see it.

Again the knife touches your skin, where the sides of your bra are, and again the knife moves through the material as if it were not there. In another few seconds you are naked, and can feel hot eyes burning into your large tits, their 38C glory on display, and with no way of covering them up.

A hand reaches out and touches you, lightly at first, but as it takes hold of the fleshy part of one tit, it begins to squeeze a little firmer, and then harder still. Fingers move to your nipple, pinching it, with no gentleness, bringing tears to your eyes, as the pain hits. Another hand moves to your other tit, but it goes straight for the nipple, and pinches it.

Your nipples harden under the pressure of the fingers, and quickly the sharp pain begins to recede, so that it is now bearable. The man twists each nipple, and the pain returns momentarily, but you can feel an excitement growing where there should not be one. How can this assault on you be bringing such a warm feeling deep inside you?

Just then you feel a third hand touching your pussy, massaging your clit, and for the first time realise that there is more than one person here. It had never dawned on you that the man was not alone, and this sudden realisation hits home hard, as you attempt to scream again.

All three hands are moving as one, pinching, squeezing and twisting the parts they have hold of, and still you can feel this warmness inside, getting hotter as the hands continue to work on you. Just then the hands let go, as if on command.

You hear movement away from you, and then returning. You wonder what will happen next, when you feel a real pain on your left nipple, as someone clamps a clothespin to it. The pain is greater than when the fingers had hold, and new pain comes as a second clothespin is fastened to your other nipple. Again your scream is silenced by the gag, but a muffled scream does escape as the third pin it clamped to your clit, the most sensitive and painful part of your body.

Again you hear the movement away from you, and a door closing, then silence. Left alone with the pins burning deep into you, the pain is like you have never felt before, and will not go away.

For what seems like hours you are left alone. You have tried fruitlessly to get your hands free, so you can stop the insistent pain from the pins, but the chains hold you firmly, and eventually you give in. Only then does the pain begin to subside.

You hear the door opening, and two clear sets of footsteps enter. The manacles holding you wrists are undone, and you first instinct is to get the pins off. But before you can do so your arms are grabbed, and pulled behind you, forcing your body away from the wall. The two men slowly lower you to the floor, and as soon as your tits make contact with the floor, a new pain erupts inside you, as the pins fold flat to the floor, and twist and pull at your nipples.

Your hands are then pulled further behind you, and brought up your back, where they are then tied with rope, forearm-to-forearm, wrist to elbow, so that any movement of them is impossible. But in doing so it presses your sore nipples harder at the floor, and again twists the pins holding them.

Someone sits on you, and you feel the pin on your clit getting nearer to the floor, and eventually, it is there. It does not twist, but it does make movement, and again the pain is too much, and a scream is held in check by the gag.

A hand moves from behind you, between your legs, and towards your pussy lips, teasing with the edge of the opening, and feeling the dampness, you were hoping they would not notice. the finger begins to explore further, entering you, and withdrawing, being dragged backwards to your ass hole, and then back to your pussy for another few seconds.

You can feel your own juices forming a stickiness around your ass, and just inside as the fingers begin to probe. Then the body gets off you, and moves between your legs. You feel a new hardness brushing your ass cheeks, and moving deliberately to your ass.

You shake your head and try to scream as you feel the hardness pressing against you, it passage made easier by your own juices. Sharp, agonising shear pain explodes in your ass as the hardness forces it's way in. A little at a time, but getting deeper and deeper. Withdrawing completely, only to be re-inserted seconds later, sending another stab of pain through you. But as the shaft begins to grind away at you, you suddenly start to feel more comfortable with it, it no longer hurts, and is bringing a new warmness to you, a warmness not unlike excitement.

Still deeper the shaft goes, but inside of a scream, you find yourself raising your hips to meet the onslaught, pressing as hard back to it as it is pressing towards you. Then the inevitable happens. Slowly at first, but growing with every thrust, you find yourself losing control, bucking as hard as you can to get the whole of this shaft into you, as you feel the explosion in your stomach, as you cum harder than you ever remember before.

You want the shaft to explode inside you, too, but it is pulled out, and the chains holding your legs are freed instead.

Someone rolls you over onto your back, and you no longer feel the pain as a cock is forced between your lips. You mouth it eagerly, taking it deeper by raising you head to meet it full on. Never before have you been this ravaged, and do not want it to end.

The cock is withdrawn, as you still lift your head up, your mouth open as if trying to find it again. But you feel the weight moving downwards, and soon the cock is at your pussy doors, brushing against your still clamped clit, as it is slowly pushed into you.

You are now impatient, and want it in you as quick as possible, ignoring the sharp tug of pain on your clit as you lift your hips high to meet the oncoming cock, taking it deep inside, and rocking your hips with every stroke.

Again and again you feel yourself cumming, never before experiencing multiple orgasm, and never wanting it to end. You feel hands behind you head, and the gag is untied. You do not scream, except to ask for the cock to be hammered deeper and faster into you, to hurt you.

Again hands are behind you head, and the blindfold is removed.

You take a second or two to recover your vision, but do so just in time to recognise Tommy as the man fucking you, just as you both scream out in utter pleasure and cum simultaneously.