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‘So, let me get this straight. Women on this planet are basically sex objects? They serve no other purpose?’ asked Tom with complete disbelief.

Lex was quick to reply, ‘That’s not strictly true. From the looks of things, most women here have jobs, menial jobs. But on the whole they only work so that they can meet men, and basically shag as many blokes as they can.’

Deana started at Tasha in stunned silence. Tasha turned to face Lex, and asked, ‘What else?’

‘It’s a crime for a woman to refuse a man sex. He can have her arrested. Prisons hold both male and female convicts together. You end up with one of those places, and you can kiss your sanity goodbye! If the male prisoners don’t gang rape you, then the wardens certainly will.’

‘No’ said Deana weakly, shaking her head.

Lex took a deep breath, ‘I’m sorry but it’s true. I haven’t discovered any mention of any woman in a position of authority. It’s the same in every country, without exception.’

‘Are you telling me that if I walk out that door, I either have to shag every bloke that asks me or I get locked up?’ Tasha was getting angrier by the second.

‘I’m never leaving this apartment, ever,’ said Deana in a panicked voice.

‘It appears that the only time a guy won’t ask a woman for sex is if she’s accompanied by another guy,’ said Lex trying to help.

Suddenly the phone rang which made everyone jump. Lex answered, and after a quick conversation hung up. He turned to Tom and said, ‘That was Barbie, she’s been waiting for you at your home, she’s been worried sick, wondering why you haven’t gone home. I told her you would be along shortly.’

‘Christ!’ said Tom, ‘I didn’t think that I would be married in this universe!’

‘You’re not.’ corrected Lex, ‘It’s not called marriage here, its called a binding. She is basically your exclusive sex slave. You paid the government a hefty price for her, so that no one else can touch her.’

Tom shook his head and headed for the door. Deana ran after him, and grabbing his arm whispered, ‘don’t leave me Tom. I need you, you’re the only one keeping me sane in this God-forsaken place.’

Tom touched her hand soothingly, ‘don’t worry Deana, I won’t be away for long. I need to check on my wife. I promise I’ll be back shortly.’


Tom borrowed Lex’s sports car to drive over to his luxury home. He stared at the blond figure waiting for him as he neared the front entrance. It was Barbie, but there was something different about her. It took him a few moments to realise what the difference was - she was smiling. He couldn’t remember the last time he had seen her smile. He reflected momentarily on the last few years of their marriage and wondered how they had managed to stay together when all they had done was argue and fight.

The sight of Barbie bounding towards him in a tight tee-shirt took his mind off everything. Everything that is, except for the amazing jugs that where being violently thrown in all directions as she rushed towards him.

He got out of the car and was immediately pinned to the bonnet as she wrapped her arms around his neck and stuck her tongue down his throat. He opened his eyes wide with complete shock. This was not her usual welcome.

He prised her off and held her at arms-length while getting his breath back. ‘Are your feeling ok?’ he gasped.

‘Now that you’ve finally made it home, I feel absolutely wonderful.’ She tried to get closer to him again, but his grip on her shoulders was tight.

‘Will you please give me a second,’ said Tom, still trying to cope with the unexpected burst affection from his other half.

Biting the side of her lip with mischief in mind, Barbie reached her hand forward towards Tom’s crotch. She unzipped his jeans while Tom still held both her shoulders, and whipped out his dick. After adjusting her hold on his penis she started to escort Tom by using his exposed penis as a steering rod to navigate her husband into their home. Tom was too dumbfounded to do anything apart from be led in this unconventional manner.

She slammed the door shut behind them and looked into his eyes. ‘Did you miss me, Tom?’ He nodded his head still unable to speak. She grabbed his hands and put then onto her tee-shirt over her huge natural breasts. ‘I bet you missed them too?’ she teased.

Again, all Tom could do was nod. In a very cute voice she said, ‘in all the excitement Tom, I forgot to put on a bra - see?’ She lifted her tee-shirt to expose her giant tits. They flopped out and wobbled about for a while before settling.

He smiled, mesmerised by her breasts. Barbie looked down as his rock hard cock protruding from his jeans. She continued with her teasing, ‘looks like part of you really, really missed me! Give me a sec. while I say hello.’ Before Tom could react, Barbie was crouch in front of him, in the hallway sucking on his dick.

He took in a deep breath as he experienced his first ever blowjob. He started down at the blond haired Goddess that was swallowing his cock. The warm wet sensation felt incredible, and Tom was soon feeling extremely light-headed. His heart was pounding hard against his shirt, and his whole body tingled every time her playful tongue flicked a different part of his dick.

He swore under his breath as her head bobbed backwards and forwards at varying speeds. He grabbed the wall behind him to stop himself, as the sensation grew more and more pleasurable.

She looked up at him with his cock deep inside her mouth. The sight of his beautiful wife with her baby blue eyes staring up at him, and seven inches of cock stuffed down her throat was just too much for his and he felt himself needing to release.

Feeling a bit awkward about coming anywhere except inside her pussy he started to pull his cock away from her lips. Barbie was not ready to let him escape that quickly. She placed her hands on the back pockets of his jeans and forced his cock deep down her throat again. Tom rocked forward and steadied himself by grabbing hold of her head. She picked up the pace and started pounding on his dick with more and more force. Tom could hear the squelch of her saliva as she kept his dick well lubricated. He was lost in the moment and started to run his fingers through her hair while she kept busy pumping his cock. He knew he couldn't hold off any longer. Tom's first spurt of cum shot out with such force that it completely blocked the back of Barbie's throat, making her gag and pull her face away from his still loaded cock. Tom had complete lost control and sent a second shot of hot cum at Barbie's face. It splashed on her forehead and started making its way down towards her eyes. She coughed just as a third burst made its way into her open mouth, causing a cloudy bubble of cum to briefly appear around Barbie's lips. She smiled as the bubble burst, and a fourth spurt covered her lovely white teeth. She spat cum off her teeth onto the doormat. Her blond hair was the recipient of his final burst.

'Christ! I've never seen so much cum in my life, Tom! What did they feed you in that spaceship!'

Tom's head was still swirling as he realised his biggest fantasy had finally become a reality.

Barbie wiped some of the cum off her eyebrows, and said, 'you must have really missed me.' She stood up catching the dripping cum in her hands so that it wouldn't ruin the expensive carpet. 'I was going to make you something to eat, but maybe I should have a shower first?'

Tom managed a grunt, as he felt a shuddering aftershock of pleasure. As Barbie made her way carefully up the stairs to the bathroom, she added, 'you could always join me?'

Tom didn't need to be asked twice!

** Deana shook her head, 'don't go other there Tasha, you know what they'll do to you.'

Tasha took hold of Deana's hand. 'I'll be fine. Lex said he would come with me. They won't touch me if I'm with a man. I just have to see for myself. I've got a lot to figure out, and I don't like the thought of being a prisoner in this apartment for the rest of my life. Anyway we both need new clothes. I mean we can’t keep borrowing Lex’s shirts and jeans, now can we? I’ll go past my place and bring us back some proper clothes.'

Deana swallowed hard and turned to Lex. 'You mean you're going to leave me all alone in here? All by myself?'

'We won't be away long. I promise, we'll be back before you miss us.' Lex winked at Deana and tapped her lightly on her head before making for the door.

Tasha closed the door behind them, 'I'm worried about Deana. Do you think she's going to be ok?'

Lex pressed against the door. 'This is a reinforced solid oak door. You couldn't force it with a battering ram.’

Deana sat in silence staring at the wall clock.

After a few moments, she could feel her eyelids getting heavy, and she started blinking slowly. Suddenly there was a loud tap on the large south facing apartment window. Deana approached the window apprehensively. There was another tap as she got closer and then she realised that it was just the window cleaners on their pulley driven hoist. The tapping was the scraping noise of the hoist as it touched the window.

She turned to walk back into another room when she heard a voice at the window. ‘Excuse me. Hey, can you hear me?’

Deana turned to face the window. A young blond man was waving at her. She nodded in his direction, and he pointed at his bucket. She figured out that he was asking her for some water.

Deana, reluctantly nodded and opened the window lock. He climbed in and smiled. He couldn’t have been older than seventeen. He was thin and quite short. He didn’t look threatening in any way, and his squeaky voice made him sound even younger, ‘where’s the kitchen, Miss?’

Deana led the way without saying a word. As he was waiting for the bucket to fill, he turned and smiled again. ‘Nice place, Miss. Lived here long?’

Deana shook her head. The boy nodded, and feeling a bit embarrassed by her cold shoulder, turned to watch his bucket fill.

Deana sensing his awkwardness and feeling a bit embarrassed at her attitude towards the teenager, conjured up a smile and offered the young man some coffee.

‘I don’t drink coffee,’ he said, not looking directly at her.

‘Can I get you anything else then, maybe a Pepsi?’ replied Deana trying to be hospitable.

‘Well,’ the boy was still looking at his bucket; ‘I wouldn’t mind a blowjob.’

Deana turned bright red. ‘I think you’d better leave!’ she demanded, pointing in the direction of the window.

‘I don’t think you heard me correctly, Miss,’ said the teenager as he asked her again, ‘I just want a blowjob.’

Deana wasn’t in any mood to argue with the rude young man, ‘I heard you fine, now take your bucket and please fuck off!’

‘Lady, no one talks to me like that,’ he said with widening eyes.

‘Well there’s a first time for everything isn’t there? Now leave,’ continued Deana in a clear voice.

The boy stood sulking, and an impatient Deana approached him to take hold of his arm. She started leading him out of the kitchen and made it to the living room before he managed to break free from her tight grip. She tried to grab his arm again, but he swerved as she got near.

He giggled excitedly at the game. Deana tried to grab him again, but he was just too fast for her. As he swerved again he managed a quick grope of her tit. He laughed out loud and said, ‘Fuck I had no idea they were that big. You shouldn’t wear such baggy shirts.’

Deana made a fist and swung at the impertinent youth. She made contact with his jaw and sent him tumbling to the floor.

He spat out blood from his burst lip and slowly got to his feet. He raised his hand as if in submission and then suddenly smacked Deana on the side of the head. As she raised her hands to protect her head, he punched her in the stomach. This time it was a winded Deana that met the floor.

The next thing she saw was a large boot coming towards her face. Then, everything went black.

She had no idea how long she had been knocked out. What she did know was that she had a splitting headache, her writs seemed to be stuck together, and she had been moved onto a soft bed.

‘You’re awake then? Good. I want you to be conscious when I fuck you!’ whispered the window cleaner.

Deana tried to move away from him, but he put all his weight on top of her, and placed his thigh between her legs. With his left hand he kept her bound wrists at arms length above her head, and he was using his right hand to undo the buttons on the borrowed shirt.

The teenager gasped as he pulled back the shirt to reveal a huge plain white bra. ‘I’ve never seen a set this big before,’ he said excitedly. He began to press his thin fingers against the full bra. Deana started to struggle and almost caught his balls with her right knee. He avoided the contact and made a fist in front of her eyes.

Taking a deep breath he warned, ‘try to resist me and I’ll hurt you bad. Do you understand? I could have you arrested for refusing me the way you did. If you behave we’ll have a little fun, then I’ll be on my way.’

‘Don’t hit me again!’ sobbed Deana.

‘Don’t make me hit you,’ he said distracted by her huge breasts. He cupped her bra-covered tits, and then squashed them together. He massaged her two sacks, enjoying every moment. Deana closed her eyes and continued to whimper hoping her ordeal would end quickly. She cursed Lex and Tasha for having left her alone.

‘Turn around!’ ordered the teenager.

Deana did as she was told. He took several attempts before finally managing to undo her super-strength bra. He ordered her to turn around again before staring to unzip her jeans.

He released his hold on Deana so that he could take off his own clothes. That was the opportunity she had been waiting for. With his overalls around his ankles it was easy for Deana to push him off the bed, and make a dash for the front door.

She ran naked through the hall and started turning the front door handle. It was locked tight. She frantically looked around for a key but found nothing.

‘Looking for this?’ asked the young naked man dangling a large key in front of her. In his other hand he carried a large kitchen knife.

‘Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t slit your throat right now.’ He was furious.

Deana had nowhere to run. She dropped to her knees in defeat and waited quietly for her punishment.

The teenager walked over and stood naked in front of her. He told her to open her eyes so that she could see his thin, limp dick. ‘Take it in your mouth, bitch. Suck on it to make it nice and hard!’ he said hurriedly.

She noticed the cold blade that he held menacingly. He tapped the kitchen knife on her shoulder and told her to open her mouth.

She had never given a blowjob before, but knew what to do based on all the vivid, detailed reports her friends had given her during many teenage phone calls.

She sucked his cock, whirling her tongue around his tip. Within seconds she could feel his cock growing larger in her mouth. She sucked harder and faster until he was so hard that she couldn’t move her tongue.

His breathing had become louder, so she figured that she must be doing something right. 'Look at me!' he ordered.

She stared up, feeling repulsed at his huge grin. Deana kept his cock firmly in her mouth, breathing through her nose. She wanted so badly to bite hard into his cock, but didn't fancy the repercussions. He let out a quiet moan and started moving his pelvis back and forth.

She raised her hands, and started rubbing his cock between mouthfuls. She was trying everything to end her ordeal as quickly as possible. His pelvic thrusts were driving his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. She closed her eyes, concentrating, trying not to gag on his small uncomfortable dick.

'Grab my ass and suck harder!' he gasped, with sweat glistening on his skinny frame. She touched his bum and felt his cheek muscles contract every time he drove into her mouth.

'You're too slow, bitch!' he shouted, grabbing the sides of her head. He forced her head forward until her nose was buried deep into his blond pubic hair. He pulled her out slightly and then started violently rocking her head back and forth at high speed. Her neck muscles were straining as she resisted, so she tried to relax and concentrated on sucking as hard as she could.

Her throat was getting really sore and he didn't seem anywhere near ready to cum. Moments later he started to slow down. She was starting to worry about what else he wanted to do to her next.

His hands left the side of her head and there was a popping noise as his dick finally vacated her saliva filled mouth.

'Lie down on the floor,' he instructed, out of breath.

She obeyed feeling petrified at the thought of this little freak trying to enter her virgin pussy. He walked around her admiring his prey. She didn't take her eyes of his erect penis as circled her.

He noticed her panicked breathing, and the way her fabulous chest wobbled with every exhale. He sat clumsily on her stomach, and leaned forward. He wrapped his dick in deep folds of breast and started massaging her breasts harshly.

'Now you,' he said quietly.

She pushed her breasts together and held them locked around his dick. He thrust his dick repeatedly between her tits. ‘That’s perfect sweet-heart,’ he whispered slightly out of breath. His eyes focused greedily on her amazing breasts as he continued pounding. With his left hand he started flicked her right nipple. The nipple responded quickly to his touch, which pleased the young abuser.

He leaned back a little and his wondering right hand stroked her stomach and made its way towards her pussy. He grabbed a handful of dark pubic hair and started tangling it between his thin pale fingers.

Deana’s eyes widened. This was not how she had imagined her first time would have been. He giggled as he tugged at her pubic hair gaining pleasure from her discomfort. Then one outstretched finger started making its way towards her clit.

She wanted to scream but knew that the more she struggled and complained the more harm the thug would cause. She changed tact, and her tone, ‘Oh yes, that feels great big boy! Play with my clit, yes, just like that. Keep rubbing there, don’t go any lower. No one has ever played with me like that before. It feels so good!’

The teenager’s face radiated with pride at the thought of being such an accomplished lover. His tit-fuck pace quickened as he continued playing with her large nipple with one hand, and kept rubbing the top of her clit with the other.

She kept encouraging him to stay at the top of her pussy, secretly dreading the thought of his finger actually entering her now wet hole.

‘Your dick feels so good between my tits!’ she lied, faking pleasure, ‘I want you to come on my tits now!’ Deana figure better there, than in her mouth.

The teenager’s face turned bright red as he swore and shot his load, spraying her breasts with milky cum. He quickly crawled up her body pinning her arms with his knees and ordered her to open her mouth.

She closed her eyes and obeyed. He held his dick an inch away from her mouth and shot his seed down her throat. She gagged on his cum, but he held her head still by pressing on her forehead. His final shot landed in the middle of her tongue and then trickled down towards her throat.

She tried not to swallow cum, but some of it had already made its way into her stomach. The rest was swirling around in her mouth.

Completely drained, he collapsed on top of her.

Suddenly there was a loud thud on the window. One of the other cleaners was peering in. ‘Oi, Jonno, get your ass out here now! Me and Tony can’t do the whole block by ourselves.’

The teenager shot up and started putting on his overalls. The older cleaner in the window focussed on him. ‘You little shit! Did I tell you that you could have a fuck-break?’

Little Girl Rape Fantasies