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She walks into the room and looks around, checking out each guy she sees. After getting a beer from the bar and chatting with the bartender, she walks around to room for a bit, inspecting each guy like she's shopping for a pet. Then after a bit more chatting with the bartender she walks up to a scrawny guy sitting at a corner table in back and grabs him by the front of his shirt, pulls him to his feet, and starts dragging him out the door. The rest of the customers are a bit stunned at this; and by the time they think to react, she is already out the door with him, and as one of the customers got up to go after them the bartender told him to stop, and that it wasn't worth his getting hurt over.

Outside she continued to drag the guy around back where she pinned him to the wall by kissing him violently, and then began undoing his pants. Quickly checking to make sure no one can see them she then pulls his pants down enough to fully expose his huge erect cock. As she continued to forcefully thrust her tongue in his mouth he quit resisting and began to respond by slipping his hand inside her skirt to grab her ass, and returning her kisses. While she begins biting the sensitive ridge on his neck she takes his massive member in her hand and strokes it roughly causing him to gasp in response. He takes his free hand and lifts her skirt up, tucking a fold of it into the waistband, then begins fingering her immediately once he notices she isn't wearing panties.

Once she felt him fingering her she shifted her stance to spread her legs more, giving him better access, and then increased the speed at which she was masturbating him. Then after a little bit she grabbed his hand and put it on her ass then guided his dick into her tight shaved pussy as she pushed herself against him. She started grinding her hips back and forth once he was fully inside her and she resumed forcing her tongue down his throat with no resistance.

He was enjoying himself greatly so he enthusiastically thrust against her; forcing his cock in as she was sliding back, then he spun her around so that she was against the wall. He then reached around her and grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted her off her feet so she was supported against the wall by his hands and the pulsing cock inside her. She stopped kissing him and, turning her head to get her hair out of her face, she bit down on his neck and started sucking hard enough to draw blood. His throbbing rod pumped in and out as she bit down hard to keep from screaming in ecstasy, and she dug her nails into his back gouging bloody scratches. As he got close to cumming she pushed him back, took his ripe pole in her mouth, and proceeded to suck him off, digging her nails into his ass as she forced him to fuck her face. When he finally reached his peak, loads of thick hot cum shot into her mouth, and she continued to suck until he was drained of every last drop.

Then, licking her lips, she stood up, took his dick in hand, pressed him against the wall again, and told him that he had better harden up quickly because she wasn't done. He responded by pushing her back, spinning her around, shoving her forward into the side of a car, bending her over, and ramming his still hard cock deep inside her doggy-style while holding her pinned on the hood of the car. She bit down hard on her lip and reached back with her hands to try and get hold of him, but was only able go grasp the edge of the car. So, holding the edge of the car, she slams back against him along with each thrust he makes. After a few moments he grabs her hair and pulls her back to a standing position and, while still inside her, he turned around and sat on the hood. He then bit her on the neck while gripping both breasts firmly. She resumed grinding against him and, reaching behind her head, she grabbed his hair with one hand, pulling his face against her neck, and with the other hand started digging into his upper back. Between the biting and the pulsing mass buried in her nether region she was quickly brought to a wild orgasm.

Simultaneous with her reaching her peak, he hit his as well, shooting a load of sperm deep inside her and causing her to let out an ear piercing scream of passion. They quickly straightened up and readjusted their clothes before slipping through the gap between buildings leading to the street. When bystanders came running to see what was the matter all they saw was some smudges in the dirt on a car, and some footprints in the sand. Once on the street she kissed him fondly on the cheek and said "So Joe, where do you want to meet next time?"
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