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The host and the two contestants followed path 17. When they got to the end, the path simply led into a clearing. There was nothing there at all. Nancy looked around confused. She didn't remember what this game was and wondered what they were supposed to do.

Bink did his usual explaining. The game was Scissors-Rock-Paper. The host asked if they both knew how to play, and Nancy and Howie both told him they did. Then, Bink said, the game was simple. He would count 1-2-3-throw. On throw they would put their hands out in scissors, rock, or paper. The first player to win three games won the event.

Howie was all set to go, but Nancy was trying to steady herself. She knew what was riding on this event, and the butterflies were getting really active in her stomach. Nancy took a deep breath and tried to concentrate. She wasn't sure what strategy really existed in this game, but she certainly had a better chance if she was thinking clearly.

When Nancy and Howie both indicated they were ready, Bink called 1-2-3-Throw! Howie put his hand out flat for paper. Then he looked over and saw Nancy's scissors. Shoot! He was down 1 to 0.

The next game had Nancy and Howie both showing scissors. A draw, still 1 to 0. Howie decided to try repeating the same thing. Bink called 1-2-3-Throw! Howie showed his scissors and Nancy had rock. Darn, this was getting serious. He was down 2 to 0. One more loss and this game was over. He needed to think, but there was no time. Bink was counting again.

Bink counted for the next game and Howie hoped for the best and showed rock. He looked over and Nancy had rock as well. It was another tie. Howie was still down 2 to 0. He had to win one soon.

Howie tried to think back on the games they had played and find a pattern. He couldn't see one and Bink was counting again. Howie couldn't wait. Bink counted and Howie showed paper. Howie looked over and he was still alive. Nancy had paper as well.

While he hadn't lost, Howie hadn't gained anything either. He needed to win soon, and there had to be a pattern. Howie was about to give up and wait for the next round when it came to him. Nancy was always showing what would have beaten his last throw. Howie needed to test this quick. They had both showed paper last time. That meant Nancy would go to scissors.

Bink counted 1-2-3-Throw and Howie hoped he was right. Howie put out rock. He looked over and sure enough, there was Nancy with scissors. The game was now 2 to 1.

Would it work again. Howie figured it had to. It certainly was his best chance. If the pattern held true, Nancy would throw paper. Bink was counting and Howie was ready. Howie heard the 1-2-3-Throw and put out scissors. Hoping he was still alive, he looked over at Nancy. There she was with paper. The game was all even at 2 to 2. The next win would decide it.

Nancy was terrified. She had been ahead 2 to 0 and had been so sure she would escape this game. Now, one loss and she was in terrible trouble. She had to win. What to do. Nancy tried to think. Howie had thrown scissors and won. Maybe he would try it again. Nancy heard Bink count 1-2-3-throw and with a lump in her throat, Nancy showed rock.

Howie jumped into the air and screamed. It had worked. His paper beat Nancy's rock and he had won three in a row. More importantly he had won the event 3 to 2. Howie couldn't wait to collect his reward.

Nancy couldn't believe it. She just held her hand out there and stared. It couldn't be true. She couldn't really have lost this game. But Bink was announcing the final score as Howie 3 and her only 2. Then he was telling them to walk back to the yard. Nancy put her hand down and quietly followed Howie and Bink back up the path. They were getting quite a bit ahead of her, but she just couldn't seem to go any faster. What was she going to do. When she got up there, Howie was going to stick his penis into her anus. INTO HER ANUS! Nancy wasn't even sure it could fit in there, but she was sure that Howie would try. Dear God, please give me a sign. Am I supposed to allow this?

Nancy finally made it back to the yard. Howie was already walking over to the stands and Bink was walking over to Carol. Nancy had to take a second look at Carol. She remembered that while Carol had been sucking on Howie, he had pulled her big boobs out of her top. She wondered why Carol had never put her breasts back. But she was just standing there with her huge boobs hanging out. In fact Bink was walking up behind her. He was putting his arms around her and grabbing her boobs. Now he was using his hands to literally wave those monstrous things at the crowd. The audience was applauding like crazy. Finally, Bink tweaked each of Carol's nipples and walked over to Howie. Nancy walked over to meet them. When they all got there, Carol announced that Howie had won game 17.

Carol Blondy was not a happy woman. While the players were gone, she had been forced to stand there with her tits hanging out. Since that ass Howie had pulled them out, she wasn't allowed to put them back. Of course she couldn't let the crowd know that she wasn't absolutely thrilled to be showing them her boobs. Carol just smiled and waved, while the crowd cheered. Then the game ended and everybody returned.

Howie was walking to the stands and Nancy was straggling way behind. Bink, of course, was walking up behind her. Since her boobs were out, he certainly wouldn't miss a chance to play with them. Lord she despised that sleazeball. Sure enough, Bink came up behind her. Carol was going to announce the game results, but she knew she'd have to wait until Bink finished with her tits. Carol just put her arms out, so Bink could get under them. Then Bink reached around her and lifted both of her boobs. Bink was actually laughing as he used his hands to wave her boobs at the crowd. Her tits wobbled around and the audience cheered Bink on. Carol wanted to kill him, but she just stood there and let him shake her boobs. Finally, he let go of them. Bink reached around and gave her nipples a little tweak and walked away. Carol would have been grateful, except that she knew Bink would be back at her tits after the next game. Oh well, she had her job to do. Carol waited until all three people had reached the stands and then she announced that Howie had won game 17.

The whole audience stood and cheered. They were chanting Howie's name and waving at him.

Nancy just didn't understand it. The audience was treating Howie like a hero because he was about to put his penis into her bottom. Why was this such a thrill? Why were all these guys so excited to watch her get a large penis stuck up her anus? Nancy certainly wasn't excited about it.

Bink brought the horse over again and asked Nancy if she would be cooperative. He seriously suggested that she would want to be. This would be a lot more uncomfortable if her hands were tied up. That actually confused Nancy. She really didn't know why having her hands tied would make any difference and she asked Bink that. The answer was not reassuring. Bink told her that she would very likely be trying to reach back and spread herself as wide open as she could later on. He told her she would not be happy if she was unable to spread herself.

She thought about running or fighting, but Nancy knew that in the end they would just tie her over this thing. So she quietly told Bink she would cooperate. With that Nancy bent herself once more over the horse. Then she waited for what was coming. Nancy prayed that this wouldn't be as bad as she thought.

Howie started over to Nancy. As he walked over, Bink handed him a tube of lubricant. Howie thought about getting some more sucking from Carol, but that was hopeless. There was no way he wasn't going to stay hard with that gorgeous ass just waiting for him. Howie opened the tube and spread a good amount of the stuff on his dick. Then he poured a little into Nancy's crack. Finally, after he had smeared it around a little, he put even more on his finger and stuck it deep into Nancy's ass. God did she squim when that finger went in. Howie moved his finger all around in there, so the lube would get spread out. When everything was good and slippery, Howie popped his finger out of that tight butt. Then he put the head of his dick right against Nancy's asshole. Howie could swear he saw it cringe when his cock touched it. When he had his dick centered right on the asshole, Howie began to push his way in.

Nancy lay bent over the horse. Bink had put the microphone in front of her. Nancy knew she was supposed to describe everything that happened, but right now she was just to scared to talk. A few second passed with nothing happening. Then, all of a sudden, a cold liquid landed on her butt. Nancy jumped and Bink asked her what happened. Nancy shuddered and told him. "Something cold just landed on my bottom. Now Howie is rubbing it around. He's smearing it in the crack of my behind. It's so cold. It stopped. Now he's back. He's using his finger to smear it around my hole. OOOOHHH! HE'S STUCK THE FINGER UP MY BOTTOM. He's smearing that stuff around inside my anus. His finger's moving all around in there. Please make him STOP!! AHH! The finger is out... Oh DEAR GOD! I CAN FEEL HIS PENIS AGAINST MY ANUS! He's rubbing it around back there. Now it's right on my hole. NOOO! HE'S PUSHING IT IN!!!"

Howie pushed, and for a moment nothing happened. Then suddenly the head of his dick popped inside Nancy's butt. When his dick popped in, Howie could see Nancy's head pop up. He couldn't see her face, but he could imagine what it looked like. Howie just held his dick there for a moment. It felt so good. But he didn't have a lot of time, so Howie knew he'd better get moving. He moved his dick in and out just a little. Then he just shoved it all the way in.

Nancy's head popped way up this time. Howie still couldn't see her face, but he sure heard the shriek she let out. Howie just stayed in there real deep for a moment. Then he began to move in and out. God was it tight. It felt sooo good. Then Nancy was reaching back to pull her butt cheeks open. She was trying to spread her ass as wide as she could. It was great. With her pulling her butt open, Howie could get in even deeper. Howie pumped as far into that butt as he could get. After just a few strokes, however, Bink tapped him on the shoulder. He told Howie it was time for Nancy's interview, so he should just rest there for a few moments. Howie had no objection. He stuck his dick as far into Nancy's ass as he could get. Then he just waited for Bink to tell him to start screwing it again.

Nancy continued yelling. "IT'S PUSHING AT MY ANUS!! Thank God, it can't seem to get in. AIIE! IT'S IN!! IT'S IN!! Oh Lord. I can feel the head of that penis stuck in my bottom. It's too big!! OOH! He's moving it back and forth a little. Please make him stop. Please, make him AAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!! HE'S STUCK THAT WHOLE THING UP MY ANUS!!! IT'S TOO BIG!!! I'M TOO TIGHT BACK THERE!! OOOH! He's pulling it out. That's better. NOOO!!!! HE STUCK IT ALL THE WAY IN AGAIN. NOW HE'S JUST PUSHING IT IN AND OUT. I'M JUST TOO TIGHT. I'VE GOT TO OPEN UP MORE. I'VE GOT TO SPREAD!!!!!" With that Nancy stopped talking and reached back to grab her cheeks. As soon as she had them, Nancy pulled them apart as far as she possibly could. Spreading herself open helped a little, but God that thing stuck in her was huge.

She could feel Howie continue to move in and out. Each stroke seemed to go in even farther than the one before. Nancy just held onto her cheeks and opened herself up as much as she possibly could. Then Howie stopped moving. He just stuck his penis all the way into her bottom and held it there. Nancy started to say something, but then Bink was still holding the microphone by her mouth and asking her how she felt.

Nancy wanted to scream at him, but she just couldn't. All she could do was pull her bottom open as wide as possible and beg. "P-P-Please have him take it out. It's too big in there." Bink told her he was sorry, but Howie seemed to really like it inside her ass. "B-B-But he's been in my anus long enough. Surely the minute is up."

Bink just smiled at her and told her interview time didn't count. "Howie's just resting his dick in your butt right now. As soon as we're done, I'll tell him to start buttfucking you again. Would you like that?" Nancy just nodded. Anything to end this and get that penis out of her anus. It was stretching her so wide. Also, her hands were getting tired and it was getting hard to hold her behind open.

After she nodded at him, Bink told Nancy what she needed to do. "You give our audience a really nice description of what you're doing, and how you feel with Howie's dick in your ass. After that ask me nicely to have Howie start buttfucking you again. I'll have him ram you, and thirty second later you'll be done. How does that sound?"

Nancy just told him that sounded fine. Anything would sound fine that had a chance of getting Howie to pull out of her behind. Nancy took a deep breath and spoke into the mike. "I'm bent over and Howie's behind me with his penis inside my anus. He's not moving. He's just holding it all the way in my behind. It's too big and it feels like it's stretching my poor anus. I'm using my hands to pull my bottom open as far as I can, but it just isn't wide enough. That penis is too big for my little hole. GOD! I FELT IT MOVE WAY UP IN THERE!! I can't believe how far inside my bottom I can feel that thing. Now please tell me that's enough."

Bink just nodded at Nancy. She waited for something to happen, but that penis just stayed lodged all the way up her butt. WHY WASN'T IT MOVING! Then Nancy remembered. She had to make that awful request. Well if that was what she had to say, then she'd say it. Anything to get that penis in her bottom moving. Nancy sobbed a little and then spoke into the mike once more. "Please sir, ask Howie to start buttfucking me again."

Nancy saw Bink move away. Then a moment later, the penis started moving out of her ass. Nancy started to sigh with relief, but suddenly her eyes almost popped out of her head as the thing slammed all the way back in. Her hands had started to relax, but when that penis rammed its way back in, Nancy started spreading her butt again for all she was worth. She had to get that hole as wide open as possible. That huge thing was pistoning in and out of her anus. It would pull almost completely out, then ram all the way back in. It seemed to go on forever, but it actually couldn't have been very long. Finally, on one backwards stroke it kept going and popped out of her bottom. For a moment, Nancy didn't even realize it was gone. Then she just collapsed onto the horse. She was so worn out, she could barely move.

Howie had just stood with his dick up Nancy's wonderful butt during the entire interview. He loved having his dick in there, but he was beginning to wish Bink would hurry up. The longer he stayed in there, the harder it would be not to cum when he actually started fucking it again. He was so hard, his dick was starting to twitch again. It felt so weird to feel his cock jerk inside Nancy's asshole. Wierd, but really nice. Finally, Bink came back over to Howie, and told him to start ramming that hole. Howie didn't need to be told twice. He started screwing that asshole as hard as he could. It felt wonderful. Howie knew he would cum if this lasted much longer, but it felt so good he just didn't care. Before that happened, however, Bink tapped him on the shoulder and told him to pull out. Howie took one last good thrust way into that hole, and then pulled his dick out. Lord this was a wonderful day.

After Howie pulled out of Nancy's ass, Bink waited a minute to allow Nancy to collect herself. Then he announced game 18.

Howie, of course, headed right for the path. Nancy, however, just stayed bent over the horse for a little while. She just wanted a moment to allow her bottom to finish closing. Right now it felt like her anus was still a huge gaping hole, and it was uncomfortable. It was another half a minute before Nancy felt her anus finish closing and was able to move. Slowly she got up off the horse and followed the two men down the path.

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