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In spite of herself Janice looked down at her own bush. She was terrified. She was completely at the mercy of a vengeful, sadistic bitch and now a potential audience was approaching. Renee was enjoying it completely. She smiled broadly and peered in through the window at Janice's vulnerable situation.

"You know what I've always wondered?" she asked with her face uncomfortably close to Janice's. She didn't seem to really expect a response and continued. "I always wondered how you would handle being stripped completely bare in front of the entire neighborhood. I mean, they might be surprised to learn that you are unnaturally blonde."

"Oh please." Was all Janice could say. The garbage truck had stopped at the second house and soon would be getting closer. Renee followed her gaze and turned to look at it and the three sanitation workers that were loading the contents of the heavy cans into the back.

"I tell you what. Take off your top too." She nodded for emphasis.

Being bottomless in the SUV and having her pubic hair scrutinized by the bitch was one thing. No one could see into the vehicle, but taking off her top would be evident to anyone who happened to look her way.

"Oh, Renee. Please!" she begged. The pleading seemed to have just the opposite of effects that she had intended. Renee smiled broadly

"Uh……..uh" she said. "Get it off, top heavy."

The words struck like a blow. Janice had always been self-conscious about the enormity of her breasts, so much so, that she was always trying minimize them with conservative apparel. She even went so far, at times, to try to convince herself that they would fit into a 34 D. The truth was, as every saleswoman who had seen her try it would say, she was a double if ever God made one. Now, to her utter shame, she was going to have to expose them to the one person who could utilize the situation to maximum effect. The garbage truck rumbled and coughed a puff of black smoke as it moved another house closer. Janice flushed crimson as she pulled the t-shirt over her head. As it came off, the overly manicured hand of her new mistress appeared in front of her. She surrendered the garment. In spite of herself her head lowered a little. She knew she had to do as she was told, but a part of her wanted to fight back. She was proud by nature and the instinct to tell the horrible woman, who suddenly had control of her actions like some mad puppeteer, to go to hell was intense. Her overriding desire to survive squelched it, but the resulting feeling of suppression was particularly disturbing. Renee seemed to sense it.

"Hmm hmm." She simply cleared her throat. When Janice looked up she raised an expectant eyebrow and cocked her hip. The message was clear, and clearly, she was loving it. Janice could have died. She had no choice, but to beg.

"Please, Renee."

Renee only opened and closed her hand impatiently. With worried glance toward the sanitation truck, Janice reached up and slid her thumbs under the bottom of the bra. She gave it a slight tug, and the tightly stressed lycra slipped upward. It seemed to stretch impossibly as if the material were trying to help delay this final act of subjugation. Then it snapped off with a sudden recoil, that caused her breasts to drop with a tremendous shudder. Immediately the sensation of the cool air caused her thick nipples to crinkle. For a second there was no sound. Janice was too embarrassed to speak. Renee was shocked. When she found her voice, however, she more than made up for the lost seconds.

"Jesus Christ" she said too loudly "those aren't breasts, they're udders."

Janice physically winced. Renee stilled seemed a bit shocked as she stared at the hapless blonde's huge bosom. Her breasts were pale, betraying the fact that Janice constantly kept them modestly under wraps. Despite their size they were only slightly pendulous and turned up delightfully to end in a rosy-pink areola the size of a half dollar. On top of each was a nipple that looked like a fleshy number one pencil erasure. The slight nature of Janice's shoulder's only made them seem all the more outrageously enlarged. Renee looked ecstatic as though the most perfectly evil thought had occurred to her. She fixed a look of contrived curiosity on her face and leaned in closer. She stared at Janice's breasts as though she were trying to determine something uncipherable.

"Hon, are your great….big…..tits real?"

Janice only nodded. Her eyes appeared slightly misty.

"No, no, no." admonished Renee waggling an index finger. "No tears, or things will get so, much worse."

Janice nodded her understanding.

"Good. Now, you didn't answer my question." She looked at Janice like a predator with a sure kill, setting it up for some play before the final close of the fangs. "Are those extremely, unbelievably, large tits, real?"

Janice was whipped. It couldn't get any worse than this, she thought. She nodded and in a small voice answered, "Yes, they're real."

"Hmm" she countered, "You do know, there is only one way to prove that?"

Janice had no idea what she meant, but she was certain that whatever was in the offing wouldn't be good. Renee turned and looked as the garbage truck pulled up to the next house. As she watched she saw the look of incredulity turn into one of intense pleasure as the driver caught sight of Janice. She turned back brightly to face Janice and rose up on her toes for a second before settling back on her heels. She looked positively energized by the nearness of the moment.

"Okay. Out of the car, big tits."

Janice, who had been almost subdued a second before, came alive with panic. "What?" she said.

"Well, you can't exactly make them bounce sitting in your car. Can you?"

She couldn't believe her ears. She shot a look at the garbage men who were blatantly watching her now. "Surely you are joking! I can't do that."

"Fine" said Renee starting to dial her cellphone. "I'm not fucking around with you. You can go to prison."

"Wait." Said Janice grabbing the door handle even as the word escaped her lips. She levered it and the dull thunk of it opening stopped Renee's poised finger above the keypad. She looked over and watched as the door swung open. Her demoralized neighbor was suddenly completely exposed to the world. As Janice swung her legs out of the SUV her thighs parted slightly. The denuded flesh between them flashed openly pink for a fraction of a second, and then she was out of the car. Renee let her stand there, completely bare while the remaining garbagemen got word that an unparalleled impromtu strip show was taking place. They stepped out from behind the truck for the infinitely better look as Janice turned a million shades of red.

Their eyes roamed over her body pausing, almost in unanimity, on her monstrous boobs and the little inverted triangle of dark brown hair that pointed to the more direct object of their attention. Renee gave them their moment. She would be torturing her subject soon enough. She signaled the next faze of exhibitionism with a simple demeaning snap of her fingers. Janice's head snapped toward her accordingly.

"Okay, two-tone." (One of the garbagemen caught the meaning and laughed) "Hop. Make those monsters really bounce."

Janice cast a look at her that pleaded a final request for mercy.

It was met by a cruel smile. With a final loss of resistance she began to jump up and down, nude, as her neighbor and the refuse crew looked on. It was quite a sight. There in the middle of a normal suburban street, a respectable wife and mother with a stupendous figure was hopping, intentionally making her overly large bosom bounce for the scrutiny and entertainment of strangers. The big breasts shook, bobbled, and bounced outrageously as an immediate grove of truncations became apparent in the workmen's pants. The men loved it. They had never seen a proportional specimen of the female form like that one outside of a magazine, and this babe had the magic of animated form to compel their excitement.

Renee noticed. That was why she let her go on for such a long time before telling her to stop. Janice erroneously thought that perhaps her torment and humiliation were almost at an end. In truth it was only about to worsen.

"Very nice, I think there's no doubt that those are real!" said Renee viciously. "Now let's get a little better acquainted in a slightly different fashion. You don't mind do you, big tits?"

It only appeared to be a question. Janice realized her cue to answer. "No." was all she said.

"Good." Said Renee. "Now bend over… the waist. Let them see how they look when they are hanging."

"Oh my God. " she said. But a look from Renee told her what she had to do. Slowly, with an almost painful resignation, she leaned forward until she could feel the weight of her breasts suspended. "Good, now give them a shake."

She could see the dirty men staring at her with huge smiles on their faces. There was something else that was huge that was also becoming apparent. They could clearly hear what Renee was ordering and they were enjoying the little drama that was playing out for their amusement. Janice just closed her eyes. She simply could not risk eye contact when she reformed this next act. She began moving her shoulders from side to side. The great hanging masses of breast tissue began to sway and bounce against each other. Occasionally they collided with enough force that the audible smack could be heard. As something of a rhythm was established she realized that they were all getting a good view of how her large mamms moved when her husband took her from behind. She could hear the hoots and howls of encouragement from the garbagemen, and underlying it, the cruel laughter of Renee.

"Oh my God!" said Renee gleefully. She suddenly saw in the situation of the formerly modest wife and mother now waggling her boobs indiscriminately for a crowd of strangers' entertainment, an unlimited potential for humiliation. As she looked at the lusty working-men moving closer, she thought about the deeply burning embarrassment that Janice was experiencing. The realization of such power over her new –for all practical purposes- slave, elicited a moistness between her own legs. Then her eye caught a flash of inner, upper thigh and another, far more horrible, and completely inspired thought occurred.

"Okay, Juggy," she said using the moniker from that horrible Man's Show, "now I want you to turn around and do it."

Janice's eyes snapped open with shock. The garbage men cheered their approval at an unobstructed view of the real goods. Janice could not help herself. She looked up at Renee without even having the residual resistance to straighten before begging. Renee would hear none of it. She was getting better at this cruel bitch stuff, if she did say so herself.

"Tell you what, we'll let our new friends…..and your new fans, decide." Janice bit her lip at that last part. "Uh, guys, have you had enough or would you like a look at Juggy, here's little pink pussy and asshole."

The response was unanimous. Janice did not think she could endure it, not showing them that. Even with her husband, she was uncomfortable with having the room too lit when he was doing that wonderful thing with his tongue. Still, she found herself turning around. She could feel the eyes on her, and the gasps of delight that came from the men as she faced completely away, touched her profoundly like a searing iron. It was awful. They began talking about it, using the coarsest language.

"Oh yea," said one, "I love it when they shave around their cunt lips and asshole.

Janice flinched involuntarily. It brought an instant response.

"Oh man, she winked it at you."

"Yea, well, I'd like to see it smile too." Then they laughed.

The last statement was really directed to Renee, though from her position Janice could not tell. Renee, however, could. She was standing, looking at her neighbor's most intimate anatomy. With Janice in that posture, she could see the puffy outer lips that framed the slightly thinner, but more extended and perfectly paired, inner two. The darker, slightly tufted hair on her mons was framed in silhouette between the open thighs, and above her pussy, centered almost exactly between the voluptuous globes of her ass was the tiny pucker of her anus. It was, Renee realized, exactly the same dawn-pink as her areolae.

"Uh Janice, dear?" She was using her real name for a reason. "Oh, I guess I should really be using your preferred name. Uh, Juggy, reach back and pull your cheeks open, hon. We can't quite see everything just yet."

With saying a word or looking back Janice reached back and gripped a handful of gluteal flesh. It gave just enough under the pressure of her finger tips to show that her ass was fleshy and firm, but still femininely soft, just perfect for the grip of a strong male hand.

"If I can just get this over with and get out of the street." It was all she could think.

Slowly she pulled her buttocks apart. A draft of air, unlike anything she had experienced in her life, told her exactly how open to the curiously salacious group, she had become. Renee could not believe it, and a stunned silence took them all, as they watched the beautiful helpless blonde's pussy open like a fresh blossom, in the middle of an otherwise ordinary street, in an otherwise ordinary neighborhood, on an anything but ordinary day.

Their frozen moment was suddenly broken by the opening strains of Vivaldi coming from the cellphone in Janice's SUV.
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