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After the New Year had gotten of to a bang, actually, make that two bangs (Refer to the New Year's Party and The New Year), I had to go back to work. I was dreading work a bit, after what had happened with Mr Wong. Mr Wong was THE Senior Partner in the law firm that I worked at. At his New Year's Eve party, I had blown and fucked the other two Senior Partners, Mr Cheong and Mr Tan. I had intended to do the same to Mr Wong, but he had turned the tables. He ass-raped me, then organized a gang bang in his garage the night of the party, comprised of the drivers of the rich lawyers at the party. And knowing what a good lawyer he is, I fully expect him to have a ton of evidence, namely pictures and videos of me in, well, very compromising circumstances.

I limped into the office, my ass and pussy still sore from the massive fucking I had starred in the day before – I had sneaked into a primary school classroom with a good fuck buddy to fulfill a fantasy of fucking in class, and several boys, well, a whole soccer team playing at the school field had caught us in the act enroute to the changing rooms. Well, one thing had led to another and I had been caught quite literally in the middle of things, things being large, thick dicks that invaded mouth and pussy and ass. It was all a blur to me – there were so many things happening – so many guys and so many cocks. I was manhandled and shifted into all sorts of positions – I can't even remember clearly what went on anymore, actually. All I remember from that classroom bang on the New Year's Day public holiday were spinning images – my vision totally obscured by flesh and cock and pubic hair. All I remember were the incredible sensations that ripped through my body, my pussy, my tits – they had been on fire. I can't remember much from that gang bang – it had been a three hour long procession of cocks all over the shop – till my pussy and assholes were gaping, cum-filled wrecks and my jaw ached. I do remember being covered from head to toe in cum. I remember cum was getting into my eyes and I was trying to wipe it off but I had no cloth, and my hands were covered with cum as well. I remember Jack, the fuck buddy who I had started fucking in the classroom, had bundled me up in a blanket and dragged me back home, and had so kindly stayed to help me wash up and put me to bed and made sure my alarm clock rang – Jack, I love you! And I remember that my whole body ached all over like I had run a marathon.

When I had woken up, I was relieved to see that everything looked more or less sane, although my bed sheets were quite soaked in all the cum that had leaked out of my pussy and ass during the night, and that although my boobs and butt and inner thighs were covered in love bites, I was still quite presentable in my lawyer-wear – a black jacket, a white blouse and a skirt.

I entered the office, still waddling a bit, and trying not to show it. "Mr Wong wants to see you in his office when you get in, Sue." The receptionist told me as I passed her. I nodded, and I felt her gaze on me and my duck-waddle as I entered the office.

It was still early yet. Mr Wong's secretary beckoned me into the office and to close the door. It was a spacious corner office, with a magnificent view of the city. It had a desk and a couch and a few Herman Miller chairs, and not much else. Mr Wong wasn't wearing his usual business suit. He was bare-bodied, and wearing shorts and track shoes. He was sweating a puddle. "I run to work, you see." Mr Wong told me. It showed. He was tanned and fit and tall for a man I thought was in his mid-fifties. "It gives me time to think. And a chance to use the shower in the executive toilet." He pointed out the toilet to me, the one that connected to his office ensuite. "Sue, I have something I want to show you."

"I just want you to know that..." I started, but my heart caught in my mouth when he swiveled his LCD computer screen to face me and I saw myself.

"Not what you thought, huh." Mr Wong laughed. "You're quite the slut, Sue."

It was the video of me in the classroom with Jack, fucking over a primary school table. Suddenly, the screen swelled with people – the soccer team – and then from the same angle, (Jack had mounted the camera on a cupboard in front of the class) I watched myself as I began to get fucked by everyone.

"Where – where...where did you get this?" I asked, incredulously. "Jack would have never given you this." All I thought Mr Wong had was the videos and pictures of me in the garage.

"You'd be surprised on how small the world is, Sue." Mr Wong laughed again. "Jack, your beloved fuck buddy, is an associate of mine. That's how I knew all about you at the New Year's Eve party. I should have told my partners to watch out for you, but – you know what? Screw them too!" He laughed at his own joke. "Screw them..." Mr Wong sniggered, and suddenly looked serious. "Get used to it. You'll be doing it a lot." He clicked on the mouse a few times, and I got a slideshow of my pictures in Mr Wong's garage. There were at least a hundred. And there was more video.

I was blushing fiercely when he shut the screen off. "What do you want?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing much, Sue." Mr Wong paced closer to me, and I could smell his sweat, and almost feel his sweaty skin. "Nothing that you couldn't offer. I want what you can offer." He said, walking around me. "This." Mr Wong grabbed a handful of butt cheek. "This." Mr Wong grabbed a handful of boob, under my jacket. "And on demand." He said. "If you don't, well..." I knew what lay in store for me if the pictures and the videos ever went public.

I would have been disbarred, and my license to practise law in Singapore revoked. I would lose my cushy job and I would lose all respect, from everyone. Singaporeans don't really like sluts.

I really didn't have much of a choice. I nodded in agreement. It didn't sound that bad – to provide pussy to the boss on demand. I might even get a promotion.

"Smart girl." Mr Wong clapped his hand. "First things first. You'll be transferred to my office to be my personal legal assistant so that you'll be always available for my staff and me. Next, since that's actually a demotion because you'll never get to hit associate as an over-qualified legal assistant, I'm going to cut your salary as well, to say, a legal assistant's wages. And thirdly, if you quit – then I release this to the Bar association. You'll never be able to practise again." He smiled.

I stared at him in shock and disbelief. The bastard. The fucking bastard. "You can't do this to me." I said. "That's not fair."

"Oh, then what is? Attempting to seduce my senior partners into giving you promotions? You can call this karma, then." Mr Wong remarked snidely. "And if you have any problems... well, let's just say you won't be mama's girl anymore."

I acquiesced. There was nothing I could do. I nodded my head weakly, and took sudden interest in the carpet.

"Good! I'm glad you understand." Mr Wong smiled. I hated him there and then. "Very well, you may begin your duties. Lock the door, please."

I did as I was told. "Now strip. Slowly! Seductively, like a cheap dancer begging for money." He clicked his mouse and some soft jazz began to play. It sounded awfully like porno music.

I unbuttoned my jacket, and shrugged it off to the floor. And then, swaying to the music, swaying to the music, I unbuttoned my blouse, a button at the time. It fell apart to reveal a sheer bra. Still swaying to the music, I undid my skirt, and it slowly slid down my legs to the floor. I hadn't worn any underwear because I was aching so. I regretted that.

"What a capital idea! I'm so glad you're not wearing panties. In fact, from now on, no underwear to the work place, unless it's that time of the month." Mr Wong clapped. I stepped out of the pool of black my skirt had made on the floor. As I danced, I took off my blouse. I was now dancing only in a bra in front of my boss, my shaved pussy on full view for him. I reached behind my back, and I undid the bra strap. The bra fluttered to the ground. As it did, I remembered just a day ago, Mr Wong had tied my wrists up behind my back with a bra and had bent me over the bonnet of his car to sodomize me. And now, I was dancing for him.

I was now naked and dancing. I noticed the view, and I wondered how many people could see into this office, see me dancing. A man had been arrested in Singapore for walking naked around his flat. I was dancing naked in my bosses' office. But I took comfort that if anyone tried to arrest me; I had Mr Wong looking out for me.

"You dance so nicely, Sue." Mr Wong said. "It's a very nice show you're putting on not just for me, but also the security." He pointed at a security camera tucked away in the corner. It was aimed right at me. I swore under my breath – why hadn't I noticed it straight away? More and more people are seeing me naked. He beckoned me to approach him. He was perched on his desk, still only in his running shorts and shoes. "Bend over the desk, Sue." He said, "And arch your back and thrust your butt out." The cold desk made my nipples tingle as I did as I was told. My ass and pussy were very prime targets for Mr Wong.

The first stroke caught me by surprise, and I yelped in pain. I looked around – he was using a flogger to hit my butt. Now where had that come from? He hit me again, and I yelped a bit more. He began to increase the intensity and speed and strength of the stroke – he was hitting my pussy flush on and my butt – and they felt like they were on fire – they were so hot, oh my God. My pussy and ass were burning up. Mr Wong told me to look back, and I saw him carrying a mirror that showed my butt – it was as red as a tomato. He kept flogging me, quickly and smartly – and surprise, surprise – I found myself wet. I was so horny, and I wanted to get off so badly, and Mr Wong wouldn't let me. He suddenly began to stroke my pussy with his free hand, and began to alternate flogging with stroking, and soon, I was pushing back against his fingers, and when I pushed back to far and too aggressively, then I was rewarded with more flogging to my butt and pussy.

"Sue, I can tell you're desperate for a fuck. Are you desperate for a good, hard, fucking, Sue?" Mr Wong sneered, as he toyed with my clit, keeping me on the edge. His fingers danced away as I pushed back on them. It was so frustrating I thought I would die. "Just have to ask, you know. Ask me nicely, Sue."

"Please, Mr Wong, ple....please fuck me." I whispered.

"What?" Mr Wong leaned closer. "I can't hear you."

"Please, fuck me." I said, louder.

"Beg your pardon, what do you want me to do?"

"Please fuck me!" I nearly yelled. I think the secretary could hear it. And all the rumours would start. "Please fuck me!" I began to tear, even as I thrust back on his fingers, which danced away some more, keeping me from the release I so desperately craved.

"Yes. That's more like it." Mr Wong laughed. He pulled down his shorts, and I felt his erection invade my sopping pussy with one smooth stroke, and I came explosively, thrashing about, bent over the desk. He began to pump and piston in and out of me, slowly at first, and then faster and faster, then back to slow, then faster and faster. I felt like I was going to heaven. My ass was really on fire, and a warm glow permeated from my ass and pussy as I got fucked, hard.

I came once more, fifteen minutes later, looking at the clock on his computer screen. I felt him stiffening in me, then he pulled out. Mr Wong yanked me by my hair and shoved me to my knees in front of him, and shot his sperm right onto my face. There was a lot of it, and it hit my forehead and cheeks and nose, and I closed my eyes. I felt some spurt onto my boobs, and felt it flow down my face to my mouth and chin. He made me clean his cock, and I flicked at his balls with my tongue.

"Good girl," he told me. "Good girl."

Mr Wong held my hair tightly, and I knelt on the ground before him, face dripping his sperm. It felt strangely satisfying to receive a compliment from the boss, who was usually stingy in giving praise.

"Good girl." Mr Wong pulled my hair, then he sneered, a horrid, leering sneer. "Get used to this."