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This is one incident I would never forget in a hurry. I was around 22 then. Just the week before I had returned to India from the USA after my graduation. Dad set up an elaborate program to celebrate my homecoming. He said that he would drive us, my Ma and me, down to our ancestral home and refresh us over the week.

However, the day before we were to leave, Dad said that he would not be able to come with us as an important meeting had come up. He asked me to drive Ma down to our forefather's home and said that he would join us after the weekend.

So, on that fateful day, very early in the morning, I left with Ma in our favorite old Amby for our ancestral home around 180 km from Kolkata. I was driving. We stopped at a roadside stall for a warm breakfast of pakora and tea. And then stopped again for a filling lunch of rice, dal, fish and chutney.

Ma was fun to be with. She had a very good sense of humor. Though she was over 45 then, she had a rather voluptuous figure. After nearly 25 years of living with my Dad, she had started putting on some weight. (By the way, that is the way I like my women, mature and slightly plump.) She was also a well-read person who had given up her job as a college teacher to look after husband and son. A good singer, she was always in demand at our family dos.

On the way, she sang a lot. We also talked about college and her student days. I could feel she was relaxed and happy that I was home.

When we reached our family home, it was still a few hours to dusk. Mom said she would have a shower since she was all dusty from the journey. She went into the bathroom and I decided to look around. After all, the place held many childhood memories.

This was the place where I saw a woman nude first and masturbated for the first time in life.

I was in class VII then. I had come to the village with my parents. The house was palatial, surrounded by a big garden and well fenced. Dasrath kaka, the gardener or mali, looked after the garden and the house in our absence. He used to stay in the servants' quarters with his wife. I was playing in the garden, just below the window of the servants' quarter. Suddenly, there was a rustling sound inside the room. I don't know why, but I decided to hide and peek. It was Dasrath kaka's bathroom and his wife was taking a bath. What I saw took my breath away. Dasrath kaka's wife was totally nude.

Rupa kaki, Dasrath kaka's wife, was soaping herself. She was a middle-aged woman then. She first soaped her big pendulous breasts and then her hairy armpits. Her hand traveled to her hairy cunt. Soap, water and hair mixed to give a hazy look to it. She was rubbing her cunt as my penis shot to erection. My hands automatically started rubbing my crotch. I had never seen a cunt before and here was a middle-aged woman, old enough to be my mother, groping her own cunt. I stood transfixed. I was so engrossed in what has happening before me that I jumped when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

It was Dasrath kaka! I didn't know where to hide. He held me by my ear and took me inside. Rupa kaki came in. I was so ashamed that I could not look into her eyes.

"Look! I have caught a brat. He was watching you bath from the window and I have caught him red-handed," (Dekho! Ami kake dhorechi. Janla diye unki marchilo aar ami hate-nate dhore felechi.) Dasrath kaka said.

Rupa kaki laughed a tinkling laugh. "So, our Baba has grown up. He has started watching women." (Amader Baba tahole boro hoye geche. Meye deche.)

She was still in her petticoat, tied around her breasts. I was tongue-tied. I could not say anything. Instead, tears started rolling down my cheeks. I wondered what would happen to me if Mom and Dad came to know of the incident. They would kill me for sure.

"Dasu, let's have some fun." (Dasu, esho ektu maja kori.)

I thought they were going to take me to Mom and Dad. I started sobbing loudly.

I started pleading with them. But Dasu kaka and his wife laughed.

Suddenly Dasu kaka pulled down my pants from my hips. I tried to hide myself, covering my crotch with both hands. But Dasu kaka pulled my hands away. I started fighting with him. "Let me go!" (Amake chere dao.) I cried. But I was easily overpowered by Dasu kaka. I was held in all my naked glory in front of Rupa kaki. I closed my eyes in shame and anguish. But someone's soft hands touched my penis.

My eyes flew open to find Rupa kaki fondling my cock. She was cupping it in her hands, slowly brushing away the newly grown hair around my crotch. I closed my eyes again. Oh! It was heavenly! Rupa kaki was pulling the foreskin back to expose the head. Her tongue shot out suddenly and she started licking my piss hole, all the while masturbating me.

Dasu kaka was still holding my hands from behind and laughing. I was unable to move and yet I was writhing in pleasure. Currents of pleasure seemed to shoot up my spine. I had never known anything more pleasurable in life.

"Open your petticoat and show him some tits and cunt," (Tomar saya khule oke ektu gud aar chuchi dekhiye dao.) Dasu kaka told Rupa kaki. "Show him what the 'gateway to heaven' looks like. Open your eyes kid." (Oke swrgadwar darshan koriye dao. Ei beta, chokh khol.)

Dasu kaka's words seemed to take the fight out of me and I opened my eyes. As if on cue, Rupa kaki untied the knot of her petticoat and let it drop around her ankles.

Oh! What a sight!

Her tits were really large with huge dark nipples. Lower down, her cunt was covered by a dark thatch of hair. I later came to know that she had never shaved in her life. And she was standing in front of me in all her nude glory.

My eyes nearly jumped out of their sockets. So this is what my friends talk about though none of them have seen it in flesh. Rupa kaki's nipples were slowly standing to erection. She cupped her breasts in her hands and pinched and rolled her nipples between her fingers.

Dasu kaka let go of my hands. But I stood there, transfixed.

"Let him have a look at your cunt," (Oke tomar gud dekhte dao.) laughed Dasu kaka.

Rupa kaki set down on the small cot in the room and spread her legs.

And the 'gateway to heaven' opened its gates.

It was pink, as pink as pink can be. And wet. And glistening.

Rupa kaki parted her cunt hairs. Dasu kaka pulled me forward. "Go, have a look," (Dekho, dekho.) he exhorted.

I knelt down in front of the cot where Rupa kaki was sitting with legs spread to have a grandstand view of her cunt. Rupa kaki spread her legs wider. I was mesmerized. It was as if I was looking at Rupa kaki's cunt in zoom view. My vision wandered nowhere other than her cunt.

My cock was already straining to cum. It was such a pleasurable feeling. Dasu kaka suddenly moved forward and blocked my view. He had thrown away the lungi (sarong) he was wearing. All three of us were now nude.

Dasu kaka had a very small cock. It was erect with its veins standing out. Rupa kaki laughed at him. "Look at what the kid has. This is what I call a cock and not the small itsy-bitsy thing of yours." (Eitukuni bachchar ki ache dekho. Etakei laora bole, tomar oi puchke jinistake noi.)

"Come here, son," (Edike ai Baba) Rupa kaki told me. "Let me have a closer look at that gorgeous cock of yours." (Amake tor banrata bhalo kore dekhte de.)

I moved closer to where Rupa kaki was sitting. She took my cock and started masturbating me. Dasu kaka, meanwhile, snubbed by his wife was jerking his cock furiously and fondling his balls.

It took only a few strokes from Rupa kaki and I started spurting all over her tits. All of us were groaning. Rupa kaki's full tits were covered with my first cum that was trickling down towards her navel and cunt.

"Don't waste that load Dasu, come to me," (Malta noshto koro na, amar kache esho.) said Rupa kaki and opened her arms. Dasu kaka nearly jumped upon her and slid his cock into her cunt. I was looking at my first fuck. Dasu kaka's hairy ass pumped up and down. The cot creaked.

Dasu kaka suddenly and cried "Ahhhhh!"

I instinctively knew he was cumming and was shooting his load into Rupa kaki's cunt. He rolled away from Rupa kaki. His sticky cock had started to grow limp. But Rupa kaki had suddenly become a tigress. Her eyes seemed to be afire as she jumped upon Dasu kaka. Little did I know then that there was a fire raging in her loins.

Someone suddenly called out my name and I ran outside.

It was Ma. She had finished her bath and wanted to know if I would like to have one. I was feeling horny remembering the incident and did not let go of the opportunity and ran into the shower.

After all, I was all of 22 now and had the right to jerk off when horny. That was what I did in the shower.

When I came out of the shower, it was very dark. Being a village the darkness seemed thicker. Ma was in the kitchen, instructing Dasu kaka what to cook for dinner.

Since there was always a fear of power cuts we decided on an early dinner. I had plans to get between the sheets as early as possible with the thriller I had with me. Ma said that she too was tired after the long drive and would like to call it a day as soon as possible. However, neither of us guessed that it was going to be a long and memorable night.

It was half past eight when we finished our dinner. Ma said, "Son, since you are back after a long time, I'm not going to lock my door. Call me if you need anything." (Baba tui onek din bade eshechis. Amar darja khola roilo. Dorkar porle dakis.) She left for her room leaving Dasu kaka to clean up.

I too went to my room with the thriller but could not read for long as the journey had been too tiring, what with the bad roads, et al.

It must have been past midnight when I heard some voices. Being in a new place, I was wide-awake in an instant. I could not make out what they were saying. My first impression was that a burglary was taking place. And the voices seemed to come from somewhere near my mother's room. I was concerned about her safety and creeping out stealthily from my room I approached my mother's room. I could make out Ma's voice as well as Dasu kaka and Rupa kaki's. But there were two other voices that belonged to a couple of strangers. And the four of them were arguing.

I was curious. What were these people doing in Ma's room well past midnight? What were they up to? I was also afraid. What if Dasu kaka and Rupa kaki were planning to rob us in league with the strangers?

However, curiosity got the better of fear and I peeped in through the door that was ajar. And I will never forget what I saw.

Ma was lying spread-eagled on the floor. Dasu kaki and Rupa kaki were holding her hands while the strangers were holding on to her legs. Ma's clothes were in shambles. One of her nipples was peeping out of her torn nightie. And Ma was crying and pleading with them to let her go.

They were trying to rape Ma!

The four of them were arguing about who was going to take Ma first. I was shocked, stunned and angry. My first urge was to lunge at them and free Ma. Then Ma suddenly turned her head towards me. She was looking straight at me and her moist eyes seemed to urge me not to do anything rash. I was confused until reality dawned on me. I was heavily outnumbered. There were four of them, probably armed and I was unarmed and alone. Even Dasu kaka and Rupa kaki were involved. She was concerned about my safety even now!

I slipped in behind a sofa waiting for an opportunity to raise a cry.

Meanwhile, their argument is over. It has been decided that Dasu kaka will have the honour of first go at Ma since he was the Man Friday of the house. And Rupa kaki, being Dasu kaka's legally wedded wife and the maid of the house, will have the honour of preparing Ma for the assault.

Ma was still pleading even though she seemed to know the futility of it all. "Please let me go. I am old and I have a grown up son. How can I face him? What if he wakes up and comes here? I'll die of shame!" (Amake chere dao. Ami buri hoye gechi aar amar ekta jawan chele ache. Ami take much dekhabo ki kore? O jadi uthe ekhane chole ashe? Ami lajjaye more jabo.)

The two strangers laughed at her prayer and Dasu kaka said, "Your son has a large cock. Rupa is nuts about his size. If you don't shut up, I am going to call him here, let him see us fuck you and then kill you both. You have treated me as a servant for long. We are going to treat you like a bitch now!" (Tor cheler banra khub boro. Oar size dekhe Rupar matha kharap hoye geche. Tui jadi chup na koris, ami oke ekhane niye eshe dekhabo amra kemon kore toke chudi, tarpor toder dujonkei shesh kore debo. Tui amar sathe onek din chakorer moto babohar korechis. Aaj ami toke kutti banabo, s-a-l-i.) I could tell that Ma cringed at his words and he meant business. Ma stopped pleading and stated sobbing.

Rupa kaki was busy tearing apart whatever remained of Ma's clothes. When she was through, Ma lay nude in her glorious splendour. She did not have even a single piece of string on her body. She had huge, gorgeous breasts – the size of melons, a slightly flabby stomach with a few layers of flab around her waist and she was shaved clean almost like a newborn. But what held my gaze was her cunt. Since she was spread-eagled her shaved cunt was wide open. It was large, very large and the insides were as red as a ripe melon's.

I held my breath. Would I ever be able to see her cunt again?

Rupa kaki meanwhile had thrown away her clothes and she was also absolutely nude. She dived between Ma's legs and started to hungrily lap her cunt while her own cunt was raised in the air giving me a grandstand view of her cunt after many years.

The two strangers had now changed position and one had moved towards Ma's head while the other had moved behind Rupa kaki's raised ass.

Both of them threw off their lungis now and I was horrified at the size of their dicks. Going by their sizes it seemed perhaps they were twins. Their cocks were hard and erect now and I felt they were capable were tearing apart any cunt. The cocks were simply huge.

The one at Ma's head suddenly pressed her cheeks and as she opened her mouth he inserted his demon-sized cock in her mouth. It seemed that his cock would tear apart Ma's mouth. Her lips were stretched to their limits. She started gagging on his cock but he refused to take it out. Instead he pulled it out a little and shoved it back into her throat again. This happened a few times more and the stranger seemed to fall into a rhythm. What surprised the hell out of me was the fact that Ma seemed to follow suit. Though she was still sobbing, in spite of the pain and humiliation she was going through there was a glint of pleasure in Ma's eyes. Her rapists were too busy to notice anything.

The other stranger was trying to push his cock up Rupa kaki's cunt but she refused to have anything to do with him. "Let Dasu fuck her while I lubricate your cock," Dasu oke chuduk, ami totokhon toma banrata tel-tele kori.) Rupa kaki said as she moved aside for Dasu kaka. Dasu kaka small cock was unusually hard as he put it into Ma's cunt.

Rupa kaki was now sucking the second stranger's cock's tip as Dasu kaka started fucking Ma. But all this excitement was too much for him and he shot his cum into Ma's cunt quickly.

Rupa kaki was sucking the second stranger's cock hungrily and as soon as Dasu kaka was through with Ma's cunt she took some of her own cunt juice and rubbed it on the second stranger's cock. "Let's see if you can tear apart the bitch's cunt," (Dekhi Sali kuttir gud phatate paris kina!) she challenged him.

I shuddered at what it might do to Ma's cunt!

Ma was helpless, pinned down as she was between the two strangers and Rupa kaki with a naked Dasu kaka on overall supervision. The second stranger with his huge cock lubricated with Rupa kaki's cunt juice placed himself between Ma's legs and placed his cock tip at the mouth of Ma's cunt. Ma was unable to see what was going on between her legs as the first stranger's cock was still in her mouth.

The second stranger started to push his cock into Ma's cunt with ample encouragement and cheer from Rupa kaki and Dasu kaka. The tip went in easily and then seemed to hit a roadblock inside Ma's cunt. He brought his cock out and tried once more. But it would not go in. This happened a few more times. Still unsuccessful, he lifted Ma by the waist and gave a huge shove. Something inside Ma's cunt seemed to give away and his extraordinarily large cock ploughed straight into her cunt. Ma gave a whimpering sound but as her mouth was busy with the other stranger's cock she couldn't even cry out. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Rupa kaki moved behind the second stranger and started rubbing her tits on his back. Her other hand was busy in her cunt and she was fingering herself madly. The first stranger was still busy mouth-fucking Ma.

I was mesmerized by what was happening. My mother was being fucked by a bunch of uncouth louts with simply enormous cocks, and she was still in her senses!

The second stranger started to cum and Ma was still holding on for dear life. As the stranger started cumming Ma turned her head towards me and though she was still crying there were unmistakable signs of victory and longing in her eyes. She knew I was watching and my pajama was filled with cum.

It was now the turn of the first stranger to fuck Ma as the second stranger rolled away from her. It seemed to me that this man's cock has grown thicker than the other one's after all the lip service from Ma.

The man moved behind Ma's still open legs and placed his cock-head inside Ma's cum-filled pussy. Rupa kaki took his at Ma's mouth and placed her cunt for Ma to suck on and baffle any sound that may escape her lips. The man put Ma's legs on his shulder and started to push his cock inside Ma's cunt. This was even too much for Ma and she gave out a muffled cry. At this, Rupa kaki who was sitting on Ma's face gave a stinging slap on her cheek. "Don't shout, you cunt-sucker," (Chechas na gud-chusi) she said. The man's cock, meanwhile, was buried to the hilt inside Ma's cunt.

I was angry, helpless, unable to protect Ma and my cock was so hard yet again that it was painful. Tears rolled down my cheeks too as all the emotions mingled.

The man started to fuck Ma with long and hard strokes. When the cock was on its way out Ma's cunt seemed to cling to it unwilling to let it go and on its way in her cunt seemed to welcome it. Rupa kaki was rubbing her cunt on Ma's face and saying, "Suck my cunt harder, whore, put your tounge in." (Aro jore jore chos khanki magi, jiv dhkiye chos.) Dasu kaka and the other stranger were watching the show with avid interest.

The man was going on and on. I lost all sense of time. I don't know for how long he fucked Ma. He was fucking Ma like a stud and suddenly his tempo grew faster. I knew he was approaching his climax. Rupa kaki also started riding Ma like a rodeo. She too was approaching her climax.

Ma turned her head towards me and our eyes were locked for an instant. I instinctively knew that she was aware that I was a spectator for the whole show and have enjoyed it as much as her.

As Rupa kaki arched her back the man suddenly impaled his enormous cock inside Ma's cunt. I could guess that both of them were cumming.

But Ma was cumming too!!!

Ma's ass hole puckered up and the relaxed as a drop of cum from her cum-drenched pussy slowly trickled down towards it.

All the four were too engrossed to watch anything else.

But Ma was looking at me, our tearful eyes locked, as she was cumming. I knew that having her son watch her being raped has given her an all-time high. I was proud that the four of them had failed to break Ma's spirit and she had taken them on and beaten them at their own game.