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Breathing heavily, she pounded on. Every morning, the same routine of jogging until her lungs were going to explode. There were a few reasons she did this, the first being to stay in shape.

A few others were merely because she liked the location. At 5am, it wasn’t even light out yet, so there was absolutely no one to disturb her private thoughts. The air was crisp and clean and smelled so country. The birds and rabbits that inhabited this gravel road she chose had long ago gotten used to her intrusion, so they paid her no heed whatsoever as she pushed herself even harder.

The last and probably most important reason was the most important to her, the most private, a reason she’d never share with anyone. She ran to forget him. Over the past 8 months she had become insanely addicted to him, thinking of him constantly. She knew he liked her too, but did he think of her in the ways she thought of him? She was married for Christ’s sake! So she ran, every morning to push him out of her mind. This morning was no different from any of the others, the harder she ran, and the more she pushed on, the more she thought of him. It was useless to try to forget him she was starting to realize.

Sighing and trying to catch her breath at the mile point, she took consolation in the fact that she would only fantasize about him on her morning runs. Chuckling to herself she thought she’d have to run a lot more.

As she jogged on, she became acutely aware of someone watching her. Shrugging it off as some new wildlife curious in this strange creature invading such a peaceful space, she pushed the thought of someone following her out of her mind. Feeling eyes burning a hole on her backside, she picked up the pace a few minutes later. You’re being ridiculous, she chided herself. Suddenly a blur of motion caught her off guard. Suddenly someone was right beside her reaching out. Grabbing her. Shoving her down. Roughly she was jerked to the ground face first, on her hands and knees first, and then shoved flat down on her face. Her mind was reeling.

WHO was doing this, WHY..what the hell am I going to do?! Well, at least she could breathe now she thought smugly to herself. For a few seconds her mind was going so fast she wasn’t even aware of what was happening. Willing herself to pay attention brought her back to reality. Her reality of being raped was quickly coming back into focus. Berating herself for not bringing her dog, she lay there on the hard gravel and thought everything that she loved about this road was now what was allowing her to be raped with no worries of anyone stumbling upon them.

Panicking as he roughly tied a blindfold around her face; her mind reeled with the possibilities of what could happen to her. She felt his hands, big and very strong holding her wrists down behind her back. He had one knee pressing into her hips while the other was settled neatly between her legs. She couldn’t move. Hearing him breathing over her, she shuddered as he ran his free hand roving up and down her heaving sides. How dare he take such intimate liberties with me, she was seething. She tensed her entire body, shaking with rage. He could sense this because suddenly his hand was gone, and he didn’t touch her again.

“Sshhh, I’m not going to hurt you. In fact, in about 10 minutes, you’ll be begging me not to stop.”

Was he serious?! There would be no begging from her, no matter what. She wouldn’t beg him. She gritted her teeth as his hand started its journey up her arm to her shoulder and began a slow easy massage on the back of her neck. She began to silently explore her options. Fighting him and getting hurt, he was very strong, as she was no weakling; allowing him to do what he wanted and then he’d leave her be. She decided to not fight, but definitely not encourage or help him. Yes, that was the smartest choice.

Smiling to herself she readied for what he decided to do next to her. For the next couple minutes his hand went from her neck to her side, up and down her back, tickling her thighs and even caressed her ass a few times. Lying very quiet and doing her best to think ‘happy thoughts’ she lay still and ignored him. Letting her mind slip away, she thought of him. ‘Him’ being the object of her affection, the man that took up almost all her free waking thoughts, and at least 90% of her sleeping thoughts. She imagined it was his hand running over her hot body. Squeezing her eyes shut tighter she sighed as she felt herself getting excited.

He sensed the change in her immediately. Leaning down to her ear, he whispered to her. “I told you I wasn’t going to hurt you. I know you’re starting to like this. I assure you, you’re going to enjoy this.”

“Get the fuck off me you bastard!” She couldn’t keep quiet any longer as she spat the words at him. “Get your fucking hands off me.”

Leaning down, covering her sweaty body with his, he hissed at her. “Don’t make me get rough with you, you little bitch. I know how you are and I know what you like.” Saying that he wedged his knees in between her thighs, shoving her legs apart. She could feel he was as hard as a rock as he pushed into her ass. She shivered as she felt her pussy starting to heat up. Terrified that he would realize she was getting aroused she tried to struggle to make him move. This only made him push down on her harder, grinding her into the gravel. His mouth was on the back of her neck sending tingles up and down her body as his breath felt icy cold on her hot skin.

Suddenly his weight was off her as he quickly shifted his position and in one fluid movement, he jerked her running shorts down. She gasped in surprise, knowing he was staring at her ass; her panties were lacy hipsters, hiding nothing from his view. He whistled, which in turn made her cheeks burn white hot.

“These must be the new thing for jogging,” referring to her sexy choice of running undergarments.

“Fuck you,” she replied, her embarrassment had already turned to hate as he chided her for her decision. He gave no reply as he swatted her ass with his hand. She bucked under him as her ass cheek was stinging, and he gave the other side a matching red mark.

“Now that you know I mean business,” he said, “let’s get to the business at hand.” She lay quietly now, not wanting another smack. The first 2 were embarrassing enough, not to mention some stranger holding her face first on the road taking liberties with her. His grip on her wrist increased as his other hand started outlining her panties. She bit her lip and willed herself to ignore him. She felt his mouth on the small of her back; instinctively she arched away from him as far as she could. Licking her, he grinned as she pulled away. He liked having this effect on her, he couldn’t wait for the next step in this game.

Jerking her panties, the flimsy fabric gave way easily as he ripped them off her. They were soaked, and he knew it wasn’t just her sweating. He grinned again as he looked back down to her, she was half naked and his dick got even harder as he looked. She had hard firm legs from months of running. Her ass, here he caught his breath again, she had a great ass. Her waist was slim, as it melded into her back. He looked her up and down and decided her ass was her best asset, with her lean toned arms coming in a close second.

He had hoped to get her tits in his mouth, but he couldn’t risk rolling her over. He knew she was a fighter and that she even might be able to get away. Yes, he resigned to himself; he would have to wait until a later date to get his mouth on her beautiful tits. She jerked as he grazed his hand over her bare ass, dipping down between her thighs. His fingers were light and teasing as they ran gently over her cunt lips that were hot and practically dripping. She cussed herself for getting excited over this violation.

As his fingers continued to explore her lips, his thumb dipped gently in, just barely rimming her entrance. Determination to ignore him was losing. She became aware of the heat in her pussy, the gentle incessant probing of his thumb, the rubbing of her clit with his fingers. Sighing she felt herself getting wetter. He could sense a change in her as she yielded her body to him. Working his thumb in deeper, he increased the pressure and speed on her clit. Her hips were beginning to react, her body was betraying her. She didn’t want to respond to him! The grip on her wrists relaxed slightly as her hips began to push back against his hand. He knew she wouldn’t try to escape again, but he just couldn’t chance it. Not yet.

Her breathing was getting heavier, her fingers found his as they gripped around them, squeezing his hand in hers. He wondered who was holding who. His thumb was fucking her gently as her hips were rotating with the rhythm his fingers set on her clit. She was getting close to her release when he withdrew his hand. Suddenly she was empty and she needed his hand back on her. She jerked her head up, willing him to finish what he started.

Grinning to himself he said: “Tell me what you want.”

Seeing red she growled at him, “fuck you, get off me.” Slapping her bare ass, leaving an instant red handprint he said: “now that’s the wrong answer. Tell me what you want.” Taking a finger and running it over her pussy he flicked her clit, and watched her entire body tense up. He drug his hand up over her hip, up along her side up to her face. Shoving his finger under her nose, he said: “smell yourself on me. I know what you want. You have to tell me though, or I won’t finish it.”

Clenching her teeth, she breathed in her scent, mixed with his on his fingers. Of course she wanted him to finish it. She was frustrated, she was so close, on the edge, and she didn’t know if she could ask him. Who was he? How dare he take advantage of her and then make her ask for it.

“Please,” she said, “put your hands on me.” She couldn’t believe she had said it until after it was too late. He grabbed her ass then, squeezing until she gasped. Then dipping his hand back down to her cunt, he squeezed her clit between 2 fingers.

“I’m not sure what you want,” he whispered.

”You bastard,” she said. Barely whispering she said: “fuck me, please.”

With that, he squeezed her clit again, and began his circling as if he had never quit. Her pussy gushed when he started again, and just as he slipped his thumb back into her, she came. Her hands on her back gripping his fingers as she fucked his hand into the gravel. He could feel her clenching his thumb as he buried it inside her. Leaning over her, he licked and kissed her neck, biting her as she came. Working his way up to her ear, he breathed in her scent. How she made him this hard was beyond him. It had never been like this before.

Pressing onto her body he kissed her cheek and asked again: “what do you want? I’ll give you whatever you ask for.”

Jerking her hands free from his, she put one behind his head. Pulling him down close to her she grabbed his hips with the other. She couldn’t pull him down close enough, hard enough on her. Moving her hand around to his zipper, she fumbled with it, trying like mad to get it down and get his cock out. As she pulled his face down to hers, she hesitated but a second, their lips crushed together and their tongues met without reservation.

Helping her with the zipper, he quickly freed himself of his pants, tossing them aside. Running a hand under her body, lifting her slightly he parted her thighs with his knees. They broke their kiss just as he rubbed the swollen head of his cock against her. Burying his face in the back of her neck, breathing in her smell, her hair, her taste, he felt her fingers grabbing his hair, pulling him closer. Losing his restraint he plunged his cock in her.

Gasping, she arched her back and shoved her hips back against him to meet him thrust for thrust. Her fingers sank in his skin where she gripped his hip. Feeling his mouth on her neck, his cocking filling her up, and his other hand massing her clit from the front was too much. She didn’t wait for him and tumbled into a mind shattering orgasm on his third thrust in. Feeling her lose control, he pumped into her hot pussy even faster. He lost all sense of where he was and what was going on, except for her hand pulling him in harder, except for her smell that seemed to be everywhere in his nose, except for how tight her pussy was gripping his cock as he buried in her time and time again.

Biting her neck, he grabbed her hips and slammed into her with renewed energy. His fingers biting into her, she groaned as he pounded into her. Loving every second of it, she was in constant orgasmic bliss. She felt him tensing up and as he slammed into her for the final time she could feel his thick cock pumping his cum into her. Arching her back, she pushed back against him as his cock was still emptying inside her. Running her hand down her stomach, she met his hand still cupping her cunt with her clit still pinched between his thumb and finger. Lazily she laced her fingers into his as their hands as one traveled up her stomach to rest. Reluctantly he pulled out of her and started to stand up.

“Please, don’t go,” she murmured.

Leaning close to her ear he whispered, “I have to go baby, I’ll see you again.” With that, he was gone. She lay there a few more minutes reliving what had just happened. How was she going to explain the ripped panties, the bruises and scrapes on her body….her thoughts were wandering wildly.

In a trance she slowly brought herself to her feet, shakily. Ripping away the blindfold, her mind was a whirlwind trying to process what had just taken place on this dark deserted gravel road. Who was he? Where did he go? She asked herself over and over, nothing about his movements were familiar to her, she had no clue who this stranger was. Who was this man that had awakened such a primal lust in her body that she thought was long dormant…the questions and ‘what if’s’ were endless in her mind.

Slowly pulling her shorts on, she searched for her ripped panties, unsuccessful in finding them. Her mind was flooded again with thoughts of someone walking around with her panties, ripped, and smelling of her, a trophy. Smiling to herself she thought it was a fair trade. She had the memories and he had her panties. Walking back to her car she drove home and headed straight for the shower, not wanting to clue her still sleeping husband in on her morning ordeal.

Washing off her sore and bruised body in the shower she heard the door creak open slowly. She seen the curtain jiggling and then her husband stuck his head through the small opening.

Holding up her ripped panties he smiled slyly at her. “Wonder if I might join you this morning? I thought your jog might have worn you out and I’ll wash your back for you.”

With her insides frozen she stared at the panties dangling from his outstretched hand. She looked back and forth from them to his face looking for some clue as to what was going on.

Again, he smiled and stepped in the shower, putting his arms around her he whispered in her ear; “did you enjoy your morning as much as I did?”

Leaning into him as he began rubbing the soreness out of her shoulders she sighed and whispered, “oh yes, I enjoyed it more than you can ever imagine.”
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