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As the next few days went by, Jay became more and more possessive of Cinnamon. He beat another guard so badly he was hospitalized for entering Cinnamon's cell. It was genuinely, an honest mistake. However, Jay wasn't hearing of ANY other man possibly touching what was HIS property.

The pregnancy made Jay desire Cinnamon more than ever. The tiny "bump" that was in her belly made him hard instantly. He loved to look at his work. Proud his seed was growing inside of a such a beautiful woman. A woman who served him well, giving her body to him whenever he did so desire. A woman who's beauty and grace surpassed all others who had entered Piney Cross. She was his, and that was all that mattered.

After lights out, Cinnamon entered her cell. Preparing for bed, as she had so many nights before. As she began to get undressed, she noticed a white box sitting on her bed. Opening the box, she saw a white lace bra and panties set, with a garter belt and thigh-hi's. A small note inside read, "For my angel, wear, and serve me well."

Cinnamon took off her clothes, putting on the demi-cup bra and panties, then the garter belt and thigh-hi's. Hearing a knock on her cell door, she grabbed her white gown, putting it on.

"Yes." She replied to the knock, hearing the lock turning.

"Sergeant Walsh sent me to get you. I'm to take you to his office." The young guard stated nervously.

Cinnamon nodded at him, walking out of the cell into the dark hall. She became nervous as they walked down the long, dark hall. Jay had never sent for her before. He had always come for her. As they approached his office, the guard stood back.

"He's expecting you." The guard said, waiting for Cinnamon to enter Jay's office.

Walking in, she sees him sitting behind his desk, not even looking up from his paperwork at her. Hurt that he sent for her, left her this beautiful lingerie, and isn't paying any attention to her. She decided that this opportunity wasn't going to waste. Taking off her gown, she walked over to Jay shyly. Embarrassed of her changing body. Her once flat belly, now beginning to show the first signs of the baby inside of her. Her breasts, so swollen, tender, and bruised- but knowing that turned Jay on all the more.

Jay leans back in his chair, cock painfully erect, pressing against his uniform pants. His eyes scan Cinnamon's beautiful body.

"Take off your bra, Cinnamon. Let me see those big tits." Jay commands as he sits Cinnamon up on his desk.

Taking off her bra, Cinnamon shyly cups her big, bruised breasts, looking into Jay's eyes.

"I bet that pussy is dripping wet, isn't it?" Jay asked, pulling her panties to the side, shoving two big fingers inside of her.

"Just as I thought," Jay replied.

His big fingers fucking Cinnamon's pussy hard. Her legs spread wide, shamelessly on his desk.

"You need fucking, badly, don't you?" Jay asked, licking his lips as he watched his girl pinching her hard nipples.

Nodding her head, "yes," Cinnamon replied. Her pussy dripping wet. Her clit aching to be rubbed.

Spreading her legs wider, watching as Jay takes his nightstick from his belt.

"Mmmmmmmmm, you're getting it good tonight, Doll." Grinning wickedly, as he shoves the nightstick deep inside of her tight pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssss!" Cinnamon moaned, as Jay began to fuck her pussy with the nightstick.

"You like that, Doll? You're such a dirty girl. Getting fucked by my nightstick." Jay asked, fucking her harder.

"Jay, ohhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, so good!" She purred, lost in pleasure, wanting to cum so badly.

"You want more? Oh, you're gonna get MORE. Rub your clit, Cinnamon." Jay commanded.

"Jay, ohhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhh, fuck me.... Fuck me harder... I need to cum!" Cinnamon screamed out.

Reaching down, she rubbed his hard cock through his pants. Whimpering in pain as he slapped her breasts. She looked up at him tearfully. Her breasts hurting, but her pussy on fire. Dripping wet, and aching, needing to cum so badly. Cinnamon rubbed her clitty furiously, looking up into Jay's eyes.

"Jay, ohhhhhhhhhhh, Jay.... I... I'm cumming, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm cumming!!!!" Cinnamon scream out.

Throwing her head back, rubbing her clit hard, she came. She came harder than she ever had before, drenching his nightstick. Wave after wave of pleasure rushed through Cinnamon's pregnant little body. Panting, lost in desire, she never wanted it to end.

Moaning softly as Jay pulls the nightstick from her tender pussy. Opening her eyes, looking up at him, trying to catch her breath. Licking her lips, she took the nightstick from Jay. Slick with her sweet girl-cum, she opened her mouth. Seductively, taking the nightstick into her mouth. Sucking it slowly, teasingly, just like she did his cock. Moaning with pleasure, wanting to drive him wild as she gave him a "show". When he could no longer take anymore, he pulled the stick from Cinnamon's mouth, kissing her hungrily. He moaned as he tasted her sweet cum on her lips.

"Damn, that's the sweetest pussy I've ever tasted!" Jay moaned hotly.

His head moved instantly between her legs, licking and sucking on her tender pink petals. Biting her lip, moaning as Jay ate her so good. His tongue darted in and out of her, sucking out all of the sweet cum he could get. Her taste was intoxicating. Always so sensitive after cumming, Cinnamon was unable to stand anymore. She pushed Jay's head away, looking down at his cum-covered face.

"Jay, I want to suck your cock so badly. Please, let me taste it." Cinnamon begged.

Jay, dumbfounded, pulled his pants down, sitting back in his chair. Watching as Cinnamon got onto her knees. Taking his thick cock in her hands, she rubbed the big head over both of her nipples, looking up into his eyes shyly, moaning.

"That feels so good!" She moaned, blushing as she moved her mouth down to the thick head.

Looking directly into his eyes, Cinnamon began working his thick shaft with her hands, while her mouth teased the big head. Slowly, her mouth made it's way down his shaft, teasing it with her tongue. She began to pump his cock with her mouth. Her small hands moved to his cum heavy balls, cupping and rolling them as she sucked.

"Fuck yeah, Cinnamon, suck your man's big cock!" Jay grunted with pleasure, holding Cinnamon's head to his big cock.

Cinnamon had grown to love sucking Jay off. She felt so much pleasure knowing she was pleasing him. His thick cock was throbbing in her mouth. She knew she was doing a good job as she tightened her lips around his shaft, deep throating him. Jay was lost in pleasure, but knew he didn't want to cum in her mouth.

He pulled Cinnamon off of his cock, jerking her petite body up, kissing her deeply. He pushed her face down onto his desk, ripping her tiny panties off of her, slapping her ass hard.

"Are you ready to get a good, hard, fucking, Cinnamon?" Jay asked, as he shoved his thick cock deep into her tight pussy.

"Jay!" Cinnamon whimpered, feeling the thick head ramming against her cervix.

"Yeahhhhhhhhhh, take it Cinnamon, take this fucking!" Jay grunted, thrusting hard.

His cum heavy balls slapped against Cinnamon's clit with each thrust. His strong hand slapping her ass hard, leaving an imprint that stung. With his free hand, he reached around to rub her clit. Her pussy was extremely tight to begin with, but when she came on his cock, it was almost unbearable tight.

"Jay, ohhhhhhhhhh, rub me, Jay, ohhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh!" Cinnamon panted, so close to cumming once more. Her body torn between pleasure and pain.

The thrusts became more urgent. Jay's balls were so swollen, aching for release. His fingers worked her clit harder, rubbing it furiously. Cinnamon could hold back no longer. She screamed with pleasure, laying her head against the desk, panting as she came. Her pussy clenching Jay's cock so hard he can barely thrust.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkk yeah!" Jay screamed, throwing his head back, cumming deep inside of Cinnamon.

One, two, three, four hot loads shot deep into Cinnamon's tender pussy. Her legs were so weak, she could barely support herself against his desk. After what seemed like an eternity, Jay pulled out of her. Cinnamon didn't want it to end. The first time, SHE hadn't wanted it to end. Unable to stand up, she felt Jay cleaning her. She turned her head, smiling over her shoulder at him.

"That was so good, Jay." Cinnamon said softly. Her eyes still watering from the slaps and hard fucking.

Jay grinned, patting his lap as he sat down.

"You're always good, Cinnamon." Jay said softly as she sat on his lap, straddling him.

Cinnamon placed her head on his shoulder, snuggling in close. After all of this time, still starved for affection.

"You know that I need to be rough with you, right?" Jay said as he ran his fingers through Cinnamon's long red tresses.

"Yes," she replied softly.

"You know that I only do what I do, because I love you, don't you?" Jay said a little softer, wrapping his arms around Cinnamon.

"You.... you, love.... you love me, too?" Cinnamon asked, dumbfounded.

"Yes, Cinnamon. I love you." Jay admitted for the first time.

This strong, brute-like man, admitting he loved the perfect, angel that is Cinnamon.

"I love you, too, I've loved since you the first day. I always knew." Cinnamon said, overcome by emotion, beginning to cry.

Wiping her eyes, Jay looked down at her. "Don't get all weepy on me now"

"I... I'm sorry, it's these damn hormones!" Cinnamon said, laughing through the tears.

"You take good care of this." Jay replied softly, rubbing her belly protectively.

"I will, as long as you take care of me." Looking up into Jay's eyes, snuggling in, feeling safe and loved for the first time in a long time...

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