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You were out with the girls. The whole crew was there: Deb, Laura, Tina, Mysti, and of course you. This was the traditional monthly “girl’s night out.” All of you were dressed up in your best “knock em dead” outfit. You would let the guys buy you drinks and then more drinks and then leave them high and dry. All of you loved the heavy flirting and incessant attention that the guys gave you but for the most part, nearly without exception, all of you had been good girls and gone home alone. This particular night you met the girls at the bar by about 10 P.M. Your heart just wasn’t in it so after a short while you declared to the ladies that your night had come to an end and it was time for you to hit the trail.

Laura said, “Dammit Sarah, if you were a man I’d say that you were pussy whipped.” Of course they teased you and ragged you and said that you were wrapped around your new man’s little finger. Without batting an eye you flipped them the bird and said that they were just jealous and that your new man could take care of any of them with both of their hands tied behind their back. With that you got a loud burst from the girls as you got up and collected your things.

As you walked away you heard them sending challenging remarks back to you telling you to send him out when you got home. You just smiled as you walked to the door. Typically all the ladies would leave together to discourage the occasional drunk from following one of the ladies out to the car and creating issues. In your haste to leave to go home for the night you completely forgot to take someone with you until the minute you stepped out the door and realized how alone you really were outside. You looked around and didn’t see a soul. It was about 11:30 P.M., too late for any new people to be coming in and too early for the patrons inside to call it quits.

You hesitated for a moment, considering turning around and getting an escort to the car. In the end you decided you were being too jumpy and decided to just walk to the car by yourself. You had parked around the corner of the building just out of sight of the door. You quickly walked down the steps and hurriedly rounded the corner. Once reaching your car you fumbled in your purse for your keys and were relieved when you finally placed the key in the lock. Before you could turn the key you felt a strong hand reach from around behind you and cover your mouth silencing your scream before you could even get it out. The grip was almost suffocating. With all of your senses alert you tried to struggle until you saw him hold a knife blade in front of your face. Pure fear entered your heart as you heard him gruffly say, “Say a word and I’ll cut your throat.” He asked if you understood and you stiffly nodded your head. Why had you left without someone to walk with you? He drug you around to the front of the car, deeper under the shadows of the night. Keeping you in front so you couldn’t see him he kept the sharp blade of the knife fixed on your throat, almost daring you to make a sound. Then he pulled a blindfold over your eyes and tied it tightly. It was so tight that it pressed hard against your eye balls and was almost unbearable. Interestingly, before he tied the blindfold behind your head he pulled your long blonde hair over the blindfold around the back of your neck so that your hair would hang over the blindfold.

You struggled through the fright in your mind to decide what to do. You thought back to that self defense course you had taken, frantically trying to push some thought of reasoning into your terrified mind. There was only so much you could do as long as he kept that knife to your throat. You felt him pull your arms behind your back and tie them together with a rope. He did it so quickly that you never even had a chance to resist. It was almost as if he knew what he was doing or that he had done this before. He pushed you back against a wall with you facing him. You were breathing heavy now and you could feel your chest heaving against each breath. He wouldn’t have much resistance from your clothing. You had worn a white blouse that fit tightly and had spaghetti straps. Since this was a “girls night out” you were in full tease mode and hadn’t worn a bra under your shirt to show off all of your curves. Even though you were over 30 and had kids you had worked hard to keep your body in shape. Gravity had been good to you and your perfect B Cup breasts didn’t sag a bit and you took every opportunity to show them off as much as was legally possible.

You had donned a mid thigh, low cut, hip hugging blue jean skirt that showed off both your nice shapely legs and your very sexy midriff. And of course no panties. You were totally at his mercy and even though you couldn’t see a thing you could almost feel his eyes feasting on your body. He stepped back and released you. After several seconds that seemed like several minutes you started to speak to see if he, or if someone, was there. As soon as you began to open your mouth you felt the cold steel point of the blade under your chin. In that same rough voice he reminded you not to utter a sound. He slowly reached around behind your head and wove his fingers through your hair.

When he reached the back of your head he clinched his fist and pulled your hair tight pulling your head back. Now that he had you completely under his control he slowed down his efforts. He knew he had you helpless and he was taking his time and enjoying himself. As he pulled your hair tight you could feel his closeness. You could feel his breath and you could smell his scent. Strangely neither were repulsive. He took his knife and ran the side of the blade down your check and neck. As the blade passed over your shoulders you felt him slide it under one spaghetti strap and then pull the blade against the thread. It easily cut through the strap and you could feel it fall and dangle against your breast.

You thought your heart was about to beat through your chest. Your worst fear had become reality. He easily cut through the other strap in the same fashion. Everything seemed to turn into slow motion as he adeptly worked his hands over your body. Even though you were obviously terrified you could sense a calmness, a confidence in this man. At no point did he seem nervous or unsure of himself. Maybe this is what calmed you because you slowly felt your terror subside. You couldn’t imagine what was wrong with you. This should be the most terrifying moment in your life and you were no longer feeling total terror. There was no doubt that you were scared, but the terror was gone. Still holding your head strongly in his grip you could feel his knife slowly sliding over your right breast as he brought the blade down your chest and tummy.

You felt the knife tuck under your shirt and your shirt wadded up as he pulled the blade upward. You heart leaped again as his blade cut through the fabric leaving your breasts fully exposed. The cool breeze wisped across your breasts and you could feel your nipples harden. You couldn’t believe that you were standing here, fully exposed to this man, and totally at his mercy. Suddenly the man placed his mouth and lips on your left breast. It wasn’t rough and hard like you would have expected. Instead he took his time and slowly sucked each nipple with soft lips and a soft mouth. Then he took more of your breast in his mouth and sucked more fully still holding your head back. With your head pulled back and your arms tied tightly behind your back your breasts really stuck out and he took full advantage of that situation.

All thought of trying to escape had left your brain. You were totally concentrating on what he was doing and trying to predict what he would do next. After several minutes he gripped your hair behind your head with his other hand. He just held you there for a short time and then you could hear him working with something. Then you heard his zipper open on his pants. Fearfully you struggled but he held you tight. Tighter than you ever imagined. He whipped you around so that his back was against the wall. Slowly he started forcing your head downwards. He pulled your head against his stomach and continued to force your head downward. You pushed hard against him but his strength was over powering. Finally, with you down on your knees, you could feel his cock rubbing against your face. His scent was strong now. That strong masculine scent. You’ve always love the smell of a man. Even now in this predicament you couldn’t deny the pleasure of that smell.

He rubbed his hard cock lightly on the cheeks of your face. You could feel the heat that his cock projected as he stroked his smooth manhood across your tightened lips and then to the other cheek. The combination of his strong confidence and strong manly scent was intoxicating and you no longer struggled against his grip. Noticing this he started to push the head of his cock against your lips. Not getting any progress he stroked the side of his cock with your lips but couldn’t get his cock in your mouth through your clinched teeth. Not only was his scent strong now but even through clinched teeth you could taste him. This man was all man, something you found very attractive. Suddenly without warning he jerked you up to his face and said in his threatening voice, “Suck my cock and don’t you dare bite or this knife will slice your throat.”

With that he pushed your head back down and his cock easily slid into your mouth. He pushed past your lips and teeth and you could feel the head of his cock push against the roof of your mouth as he filled your mouth. With each stroke of his cock inside your mouth you lost resistance. Without resistance he moved your head back and forth as he pleasured himself with your mouth. He would take long, slow, deep strokes completely filling your mouth and throat with is cock. Then he would pull his cock out and hold it in front of your mouth almost as if he were teasing you with it. Then he bumped your lips with the head of his cock and you started to suck on the head. Then almost taking over you started to lick down each side of his cock. You couldn’t believe what was happening.

This man was raping you and you were enjoying it!! You knew that you should stop but you couldn’t stop yourself. In fact you could feel the heat building between your own legs. Pulling your head back he pulled your open mouth to his balls and let you gently lick and suck each ball. Then he pulled your mouth back to his cock and you hungrily engulfed it. All you could think about was pleasing this man. Blind to sight and now blind to passion you licked and sucked while allowing him to control your movements. In one swift movement he picked you up and leaned you against the wall. Still holding tight with his fist full of hair he reached behind you with the other hand and unzipped your skirt. Your head was spinning out of control and you didn’t know whether you should cry out of fright or cry out of passion.

The next thing you knew he was lifting you up and putting your legs on his hips. He drove his cock into you deep with the first thrust. He continued thrusting harder. By this time you were over the edge. All of your emotions came pouring out as you started to cum. Your body started to shiver as the intensity of your orgasms spread over you time and time again. He kept thrusting faster and with nearly every thrust the orgasm seemed to explode. His fist clinched even tighter and his thrusts got more powerful and you could hear a low growl deep in his throat. One last thrust and his orgasm burst from his loins. In a couple of minutes he set you down on the ground and pulled something on your ropes and then just disappeared. You didn’t even hear him leave. You loosened your hands and then pulled your blindfold off. It was dark but not as dark as behind the blindfold and it took your eyes a moment to adjust to the small amount of light. You staggered while getting up, not quite knowing what to do.

Your mind was still spinning from everything that had just happened. Picking up what was left of your blouse and then your skirt you walked to your car and was happy to find that your keys were still in the door and your purse was on the ground untouched. You opened the door and got in. The leather seats were cool compared to your still warm and sweating body. You started the engine and started toward home. You could feel the vent blowing over your still naked skin and you could feel your nipples tighten a little. You let your hands fall between your legs and you stroked the insides of your thighs feeling the mixture of your juices. Your clit was still very much aroused and it didn’t take much playing until you came again, although not as intensely as before. When you got home he met you at the door with a smile. “Hey Baby! Wow, from the looks of it you’ve had an eventful evening. Why don’t you come tell me about it? I’ve prepared a warm bubble bath for you.” With that he pulled you in close with a soft tight hug. That familiar masculine scent came back to you….

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