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It has been real quiet since her encounter. It makes her nervous no email, no phone ringing. She is wondering where he is. It makes her angry that she is letting him consume her thoughts. Just as she is thinking of him it was as if he is reading her mind. She came home from work late after a night on the town with the girls from work. She got into her nightie and turned on her computer.. As she is going through her email she sees one she has not seen in a long time. She shakes with anticipation. She is scared and a little turned on at the same time. You cut your hair, I like it! She reads on that he thinks he needs to taste her, to fuck her. She signs off and can't sleep. She lays in bed wondering what window he is going to come through.

The next day her boss tells her to stay late to finish the spreadsheets. She gets angry cause her boss is going out to party. She goes down to get some coffee. She turns on the company radio and closes her door to her office. The cleaning people will be here in two hours so she wants to finish so they can do their job. The lights flicker in her office the computer goes down, the lights go out. Great she thinks how the fuck is she going to finish. She gets up goes to open the door and she feels someone standing there.

OH my God No!! Who is it? She feels the face and he has a mask on. He grabs her fast and ties her hands behind her back. Aren't you happy to see me? She tries to get run and break free He pulls her back what's the matter do I make you nervous? All I want is to make you feel good. I want to taste your sweet pussy. I want to fuck you. I want you to taste me. She was trying to resist him. He grabbed her hard and pulled her over to her desk. The rope was digging into her wrists. He lifted her and her skirt up. He put her on the desk. She tried to jump off.

He took out a bigger rope and tied it to her wrists and then to the bottom of the desk. Now she can't go anywhere. Her skirt was lifted to her waist he took a pair of scissors and cut off her panties. She could not believe how wet she was getting. He took the scissors and opened her blouse and cut her bra. She was fully exposed now.. He moaned at the thought of what he was going to do to her. He had the rope in his hands he pulled on it and she moaned as it got tighter around her wrists. He reached out ad grabbed her nipples lightly pinching and massaging them. She was getting so excited her pussy responding as her juices flowed.

He pulled her toward him and put her hard nipples in his mouth pinching and nibbling them. He wanted to ravage her. Ad he is sucking her nipple he moves his fingers to her pussy she is soaking wet. This makes him so hard. He plays with her hard throbbing clit. Moving his fingers in a circular motion. She thrusts her hips to get more. He is moving so slow. His other hand comes around and he thrusts his fingers inside of her. Fucking her hard. He hers her start to moan, she wants him to fuck her so bad. Moving her hips faster and faster fucking his fingers.

He stops just as she is about to cum. He tells her to lay down on the desk her head is hanging off the desk. He goes over to her and takes off his pants. He grabs her hair and makes her take his cock into her mouth She starts to gag as his cock goes down her throat. He slowly fucks her mouth she responds by sucking him. He takes his cock out of her mouth and tells her to suck his balls and lick his ass she sticks out her tongue and runs it up and down his ass lightly sticking her tongue in and out. He is stroking his cock slowly moaning. He pulls away from her and sticks his cock into her mouth. Suck me you who whore deep throat my cock. She is gagging as his cock gets deeper in her throat. Her nipples being rubbed.

He had to pull his cock out of her mouth so he can taste her. He sits down in the chair at the desk and puts her legs on his shoulders and starts licking her clit then her whole pussy slowly up and down when he gets to her clit he flicks his tongue fast going back down he thrusts his tongue into her pussy. She is fucking his face moaning. She hears him rummaging through her draw. He knows this little slut has to have a vibrator in there.. Bingo!! he finds it under the papers. He turns it on and thrusts it into her. She screams, bucking her body as he fucks her and flicks her clit with his tongue He uses his fingers and starts to finger her ass. She is moaning louder now telling him to fuck her faster harder..

She wants to cum Faster and faster he goes. His fingers gets deeper the vibrator gets stronger. He Stops! Takes his cock and rams it in her. She screams as he fucks her so deep and hard. Fucking her so fast that the sweat is pouring off of him. Ramming her harder deeper. She is screaming for him to go harder. He goes deeper into her she is thrusting back and him making him go deeper.

She is cuming hard all over his cock. He can feel her cum dripping out of her and down to his balls. He cant stop fucking her, he is going to cum he cant hold on anymore. He takes his cock out to stop himself. He steps back and loosens the ropes and turns her over to her stomach. She yells out in pain from the rope digging into her wrists. He spreads her legs and her ass. He licks her ass and tastes her cum getting her all nice and wet. He grabs the vibrator tells her to suck it make it nice and wet. He inserts it into her ass. She is trying to get away it hurts.

He moves it around trying to open her up. He takes it out and inserts it into her pussy in and out. in and out. Rubbing her clit with it making her moan. He grabs her hips and slowly puts his cock into her ass.

It is so tight he may cum before he can even fuck her. He slowly moves still vibrating her clit. He can feel her relax his cock goes deeper the vibrator getting faster she is going to cum. His cock moves faster fucking her ass faster and the vibrator making her puss drip. He is going to cum in her ass, fucking her deeper thrusting in and out harder now. She can feel his balls against her pussy.

Moaning and yelling that she is cumming he thrusts his cock on last time and cums in her ass. She lays there on her stomach as he unties her. He touches her back and leans against her he whispers in her ear, baby did you enjoy that? You just get better and better. Baby there are only good times to come!! Bye for now. She closes her eyes as the door to her office closes. She doesn't know how to feel...Excited yet scared. She loves it but at the same time she feels so violated. As she dresses she notices that this time he takes a souvenir, her panties...
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