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Allie had been 20 minutes into an intense game of Highway Tag with a delicious looking boy in a red Jeep when her car started to sputter. She was in the lead at this point and thought surely he would pull over if she did.

"Stupid car." She grumbled to herself as she pulled to the shoulder.

Almost midnight on a Tuesday, US Highway 29 was quiet. Irritated she flipped her mirror down to do a quick makeup check and hair fluff. Afterall, if this boy did stop for her she wanted to look good. As she stepped out of the car she saw headlights approaching.

"Shit, I hope this is him. Hope he didn't exit back there." She thought while smoothing down her top and leaning against her car.

The Jeep slowed down and pulled over. The man behind the wheel did nothing. Allie approached the passenger's side window and looked in. The window was now up and she could not see through the tinted windows. This was definately the same Jeep, though. She rapped on the window and the car door swung open.

"Get in." He said with a wicked smile.

Suddenly, Allie wasn't so sure about this guy. She looked him over now that he was so close. His well shaped forearms were covered in an intricately designed tattoos and jutted out from a rolled sleeve. The pearl snap shirt was unbuttoned far enough down to see that his chest was sleek and hairless. Her pulse quickened when she saw the bulge in this jeans. His eyes followed hers down to his lap and he grinned, unapologetic. The dimples on his face eased her. Allie climbed in and reached for the seatbelt. He pulled back onto the highway and said nothing.

"So, I'm not sure what's wrong with my-"

"Shut up." He cut her off, "Don't play games with me. There ain't nothin wrong with your piece of shit car. You and I both know what you need."

"What the fuck are you talking about? Look, fuck this. Let me out." Allie said not quite as confidently as she would have liked.

She began to reach in her purse for the can of pepper spray her Dad had always insisted she keep.

"Don't play coy. And whatever it is your diggin for, quit it. Or I might have to get ugly." He said after pulling out a small but menacing looking knife.

"Please, Mister. Please, I was just having fun back there. I thought you were cute and I-"

"Bitch, shut the fuck up! You thought I was cute and so you decided to tease me? Is that what you do for kicks? You get dolled up in a tight little sweater and tease guys? Well, that's going to change today. You're going to finish the job today."

Allie knew she should be terrified. She knew this could very well be the end for her. Despite all this knowing, she felt the unmistakable tightening in her pelvis. She felt the heat washing up from her groin. She felt the butterflies flitting up into her bellybutton. She felt her chest and face flush. She felt...

"Now, this is how it's going to play out. I'm taking the next exit and we're stopping at the 29 Motel. You are going to get out of the car and get into a room with me. After we are alone in the room, you are going to remove your clothes. You're going to lay back on the bed and be still while I lick from your knees to your pussy. How does that sound?"

Allie could not respond. Her brain could not believe this was happening, and yet this is all she wanted.

He folded the knife to the closed position and with it in hand, shoved his fist under her skirt. Using the closed knife he traced up and down against her labia through her panties. He glanced at her and smiled.

"You want this don't you? Answer me you little slut!"

"No." She managed to breathe out.

Moving the knife a little faster and applying more pressure he asked again, "Don't you?"

God yes, this is what she wanted. Allie tilted her pelvis up ever so slightly and knew she was already soaking through her panties.

The Jeep pulled into the motel and came to a stop. The man grabbed Allie by the wrist and pulled her out the driver's side door. Weak kneed she followed him into the motel office. As he paid for the room, she debated her options. The motel clerk didn't seem at all interested in them.

"I should just start screaming. I should run. I should kick his balls in and run screaming." These thoughts raced through her head, but ultimately Allie did nothing. She sized up the man beside her and knew that she couldn't fight him on her own. She also knew she didn't want to fight him. She wanted nothing more than to surrender, to let him overpower her.

After all transactions were settled, she was led out the door. He shoved her along towards their room. After they rounded a corner he grabbed the back of her neck and slid his hand up through her hair, wrapping his fingers around a handful.

"You're a good girl for not making a scene back there. Keep up this behavior and I might take it easy on you." He whispered in her ear.

Once inside the room he looked her over and instructed her to undress.

"Mister, don't you think this has gone far enough? I'm scared, ok? You've made your point, I won't tease any-" She started.

"Silence!" He shouted. "No, this hasn't gone far enough. It won't be over until you're full of my cum and I slide out of you."

Stunned, Allie blinked back tears. Hands shaking, she started to slowly undress. The heat in her groin grew. The conflicting feelings inside her swirled around. She wanted to run, but needed desperately to be fucked. She wanted his rough hands on her, squeezing her breasts and flicking her clit. She wanted his mouth on hers, his tongue in her mouth and on her body. Her knees began to buckle and he saw her quivering.

"Let me help you." He growled as he jerked her sweater off.

He gazed down at her breasts still hiding in her bra. Using a feather light touch he traced the top of her bra, then without warning grabbed between her breasts and tore it off her. He dipped his head down and flicked her left nipple with his tongue while pinching the right between his fingers. Her breasts swelled with desire and she found herself fighting for air. The man then moved his hand down her side, obviously appreciating the curve of her hip. He slid his his hand back under her skirt and found his way to the waistband of her panties. Yanking them down, he moved his mouth to hers and devoured it. Allie gave in and let him explore her mouth with his. Cupping her left breast he groped for her mound. He held all of her in his hand then allowed his middle finger to slip between her wet lips. Probing, searching with that one finger he found what he was looking for. Her clit was tight with need. He applied pressure but did not move. Allie found herself swaying her hips trying to make friction against his finger. He pulled back and glared at her.

"Stop." Was all he said. He then stepped back and removed his own clothing.

"I want-" Allie started to say while taking a step towards him.

"Shut the fuck up!" He slapped her and she fell back on the bed.

She held her burning cheek as tears welled up in her eyes. He looked down at her and for a moment she saw remorse for his action. He placed his hands on her knees and shoved them apart then stood looking at her appreciatively. He knew that pussy would soon be his. He moved his hands lightly up her thighs. His cock stood at complete attention. Allie looked down at it and a moan escaped her when she saw his size. He smiled with satisfaction and drove two fingers deep inside her. His thumb found her clit and moved in the slowest, lightest, circular motion. Allie tried to thrust her pelvis, she needed more. The man placed his other hand on her stomach and forcibly kept her still. Seeing that she really couldn't take much more he stopped. Her drenched, swollen pussy was begging for more. He stood up and backed away from her, enjoying the look of pure animalistic want on her face. Allie slid her hand down and touched herself.

"No no, there'll be none of that." He said as he climbed back on top. He grabbed her arms and held them above her head with one hand. Using the other hand to guid his cock he traced every nook and cranny of her womanhood. Allie moaned with need and jutted her hips up. He finally took the hint and headed down to her opening. He placed just the tip inside.

"Do you want me to fill you up? Do you want my big cock all the way inside?" He growled in her ear.

"Yes.. I need it." She breathed.

"You're going to have to come for me before you get it." He said while swirling a finger around her clit.

"You're pussy is so warm and wet, I can't wait to dive all the way inside. I'm going to fuck you so hard you'll come again and again. I'm going to fuck you until you bleed. You're my little bitch tonight." He said while moving his finger on her clit over and over. He felt how hard it was, felt the heat pouring out of her.

"Please..." She started to beg. She knew if he would just ram his cock in her she would explode with orgasm.

He continued his torture. She looked up at him and knew he wouldn't be able to take much more, himself.

"Allie, I need to fuck you before I explode!" He yelled while plunging into her.

He body convulsed with orgasm, pussy gripping and releasing his cock. As soon as she was done she pushed him off her.

"Goddamnit, Joe. What the fuck are you doing breaking character right when I'm about to come. You fucking ruined it for me. Get your clothes on and take me back to my car." She yelled at him.

"Wait! I'm not done! Please..." Joe's cock was harder than it had ever been and he decided he loved this new game.

"No way. You're not getting shit from me tonight. You fucking blew it." She shouted while dressing.

Allie was furious. So tired of dominating the relationship she wanted just one night...

"Men. Can't ever do anything right." She thought with disgust and headed out the door.

She glanced back and saw how pitiful Joe looked, like a hurt puppy. A smile of satisfaction spread across her face.

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