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This is my account of a play session with my slut, FreeGal, told in the form of a story. She has also written a story about the session. Please check hers out! It's called: The Rape - As Told By Her. We had loads of fun writing these and we hope you enjoy reading them!


This was it!

I was going to do it, it was going to happen.

"The bitch is gonna get it," I told myself. "She's going to get what's coming to her, the dirty little slut," I said out loud.

I had to talk to myself like that. I had to build myself up, get into the "zone."

We had been building it up for a few days, talking about it on the phone. She knew I was coming but she didn't know when. That said, she did know I was coming today, it was fairly obvious.

"One day between Monday and Friday," I had told her. I intended to go on the Thursday, but had been required to change my plan at the last minute due to work requirements, which left only the Friday. I had tried to leave some element of surprise by telling her it would be Friday or Monday, but we both knew today was the day. There was no other option for either of us really, so here I was, in my car driving to her house.

I was going to rape her.

It was a fantasy she had shared with me some time ago, during the usual, "Tell me your fantasy and I'll tell you mine" conversation all couples come to.

"Hmmm, mental note, rape the slut sometime!" had been my thought when she told me.

I found her house easily. The directions she had emailed me were very accurate. The house was a 2 bedroom house on the end of a small terrace, side on to a fairly busy but not main residential street. I was careful not to be seen from the house but made a point of seeing enough from the junction to finalise my plan of approach. I drove past the turning and went anti-clockwise around the block to find somewhere to park out of site.

It didn't take long, then I had to wait for her text message. I had to be sure it was clear at her end. I sat in the car, placed my mobile phone so that the signal was best and opened the newspaper. The nerves were beginning to vibrate in my stomach as I read.

"I'll put up a fight!" She had told me.

"Oh really!" had been my casual reply.

I had gone on to tell her how I'd be upon her so hard and so fast that she'd not realise what the hell was happening. I had used the word "onslaught" in my description, as that's what I intended it to be. I'm a fairly large guy at 6 foot and well built, and although smaller than me, she's not a small woman at around 5'9". Attractive and curvy, she was very sexy with long thick dark brown hair, just the way I love it.

I put down the paper. I was in no mood to read it. My nerves were increasing. How much of a fight she would provide was a cause for minor concern. I didn't want to hurt her and I certainly didn't want to leave marks, but it had to be forceful. She wanted to be raped and I was going to see to it that she was.

I began talking to myself again, building up my resolve, getting into "the zone" as I was coming to know it. I knew, if I went into this with the normal level of concern that I have for people, I wouldn't be able to carry it through properly. Not to the extent that it would be as entirely realistic as possible for both of us, as we both wanted it to be.

My phone bleeped into life, announcing of the arrival of a text message. It was from her.

"All clear here," was it's simple wording, as it had been every other day that week. I reacted quickly, to catch her as unawares as possible and also in order to spend as much time as possible with her.

"How did it come to this?" I found myself wondering as I strolled from the car in her direction. She felt that she had fallen into a rut. She was bored with her life and wanted more. I sympathised with her but could do nothing for her except add some excitement to her life on this, very infrequent basis, as she did mine. I had found myself being strongly attracted to her when we first conversed on the internet some months before. When we had discussed, quite innocently at first, our favourite sexual practices along with things we would like to try, etc, we found we were a very close match. The relationship had developed from there. It was very much purely sexual at this point, we just wanted more than we had.

So here I was, at the back gate to her house, dedicated to fulfilling both our fantasies, calling up her number on my mobile.

"Hello," She answered.

"It's me!"

"Oh hello."

I could hear the nerves in her voice. I didn't want to change that. I wanted her to get the full buzz out of this.

"Where are you?" I asked.

"In the kitchen."

I was crouching by her back gate at this point, ready for the moment to enter, hidden by the high walls surrounding her garden. In all honesty I wasn't sure how I wanted to get in. I had, in previous conversations with her ascertained what options there were. She had freed up the back gate, and ensured it was unlocked so as to allow me that way in if I wanted. All her rear windows though, had good visibility of this and even though I had instructed her to ensure her back door was unlocked, there was a good chance she'd see me coming.

As I wanted to maintain some element of surprise I decided against this. As we spoke she was walking around the house, partially at my suggestion, looking out of the windows to try and see me. She still didn't know for certain if I was there and I wanted to keep it that way. The front door was the only other option. The advantage of the front door was that she would have to open it, which at least put her nearby and therefore accessible as I entered.

I stood and walked around the garden wall to the front door, still talking with her on my mobile as I went, teasing her, keeping her guessing, maintaining the suspense. Then she walked right into my hands.

With the excitement draining from her voice, she said, "You're not here are you?"

There was more than a slight sound of disappointment in her voice. After all the teasing and frustration of the week, she was fearing the worst. My teasing had got to her

"I don't know, am I?"

"I don't know!" She wailed. Her frustration was cutting into her. It was clear in her voice.

I was at the front door, it was time.



"Knock knock."

I rapped loudly on her front door, turning off my phone and quickly putting it in my pocket. I saw her silhouette through the opaque glass move to the door. Her hand became visible at the latch. As she turned it I moved.

I knew her first concern would be to lock the door as I entered, she had told me as much. My main concern however was to shock, surprise and stun her with my forcefulness.

I was in the door as it opened and I turned towards her. My heart was thundering in my chest as I pushed the door closed quickly and heard her turn the lock. I noticed her hair was still wet from the bath as I reached to the back of her head with my right hand and grabbed a large handfull and pushed her around me and into her lounge that was ahead from the front door.

I pulled downwards to get her on the floor, growling, snarling through my teeth.


I heard her voice but didn't take in any words she said. I think it was all cries of shock, pain and horror. The desired effect!

"Get down there, on the floor, you fucking stay down there, do you hear me!"

She went face down onto the floor and I practically fell on top of her. I still had that large handfull of hair in my hand. I pushed her head into the floor, to keep her still and straddled her on my knees. She couldn't move. The poor girl hadn't a fucking chance against me, I had completely overwhelmed her. Most of her hair it seemed was over her face. that suited me. I didn't want to see her face, didn't want to see the human side of her that would threaten my resolve. She was a bitch slut whore and she was getting what she deserved, what she wanted!

I let go of her hair and slapped her semi-lightly around the back of the head a few times.

"Now you fucking slut, you keep fucking quiet do you hear me? One fucking word or sound, just one, and you'll know the meaning of fucking pain. Do you hear me? Do you? Do you fucking understand me whore?"

I saw her head move in a nodding motion. I wasn't sure but I thought she might already be crying.

I moved off her slightly, keeping enough weight on her to keep her down and pulled her arms behind her. Quickly I pulled the cord from my pocket and tied her wrists together. Now she was powerless to resist. I had a spare thin belt in my pocket too, to act as a gag. I pulled it around her face ensuring it went into her mouth and pulled the end through the buckle. I pulled it tight, but couldn't do it up. There wasn't a hole in it at that point for the spigot to go through. Fuck! I hadn't thought of that. It was time to get on with it so I wrapped it around itself as best as I could.

I was talking to her, or rather snarling at her throughout, telling her to keep fucking quiet, how it would be better for her if she did. How she was a dirty disgusting slut of a whore.

Then I lifted her up by her upper arms and shoulders and pulled her towards her settee. I told her in no uncertain terms to help me and she tried, but with her arms behind her she couldn't do much. She was heavier than I expected and I struggled with her a bit but soon enough she was where I wanted her, on her knees, face down over her settee.

I wasn't going to waste any time. I pulled her skirt roughly up over her hips. Sure enough she'd got some thin black lacy knickers on. I'd told her to wear a pair she didn't mind losing. I grabbed them and unconditionally ripped them from her. They tore easily, but didn't come off. the waist elastic was too strong. I heard her yelp as I pulled, I hurt her I think but I didn't care. I pulled at them again but although they tore some more, again they resisted. They had torn enough though, so I pulled their remnants out of the way and felt for her cunt.

It was then I began to realise that I wasn't hard. I was about to fuck her and I wasn't hard. Fuck! I felt at her cunt and felt the first stirrings in my loins.

"Good!" I thought as I pushed 2 fingers inside her. She wasn't very wet but she was wet enough I decided. It didn't fucking matter anyway I remember thinking. I pulled my fingers from her and undid my jeans then I pulled my semi-hard cock out through the opening of my boxers and pulled the foreskin back a couple of times, the reaction was as I desired, I felt some more blood pump into it and I positioned myself behind her, my cock in hand and began to try to force it inside her.

Before very long I was there. The first couple of thrusts didn't go very deep, but provided enough friction to make my cock grow some more. From here on in it was bigger each time as I forced myself inside her. I heard her gasp and groan the first few times. It wasn't entirely comfortable for her but then it wasn't intended to be. Once fully inside her I fucked at her forcefully. I continued to swear at her and abuse her. I don't think I've ever fucked so furiously and incessantly.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang! I went at her as hard and fast as I could. Imagine the fastest you've ever fucked or been fucked, then double it. I was right in that zone. So focussed on giving this fucking bitch what she deserved, the world could have exploded, I wouldn't have noticed.

I banged and banged and banged at her. The fucking slut was a whore and she was getting what she deserved whether she wanted it or not. I was so zoned with this I had no concern at all for anything other than giving this bitch whatever I wanted.

The whole experience then began to overwhelm me as I felt the stirrings of orgasm. I stared down at the helpless slut, fully absorbing what the fuck I was doing to her and began to come inside her.

It wasn't the best orgasm of my life, I still wasn't fully hard or aroused, but it was fully intense. It was the intensity that took me over and made me come. I continued to force fuck her as I spent my load inside her willing, yet unwilling cunt.

Eventually, once my orgasm had fully subsided, I stopped and opened my eyes to look down at her again. I couldn't believe how heavily I was breathing. I felt exhausted, something that hadn't happened to me in sex for a very long time, if ever, to quite this extent.

She was crying. The extremity of emotion had got to her such that she was sobbing into her own cushions. I released the gag and undid her hands. She thanked me but didn't move much, other than her arms. I'm not sure she could.

I collapsed onto the settee beside her, completely out of breath and pulled her to me. We ended up standing and I held her close. She sobbed some more, coming to terms with her feelings. I felt quite ashamed of doing this to her, I hate hurting people in any way, and this was quite painful for me.

Eventually her tears subsided, and we kissed. We sat down together and held each other for a few minutes. I was still breathing heavily. I could still feel my heart pounding and I badly needed a drink.

She began to move as if to get up, and I told her I was thirsty. She agreed that she was too.

"Well make me a cup of tea then you slut," I smiled at her, "Once you've sucked my cock!"

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