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"That's a straight flush," Wes said, "I win another hand."

"Damn it," Amy said. She was about to lose her pants, leaving her in only he bra and underwear. She stood up and undid her jeans. She had no problem with letting her best friend see her in her underwear but was feeling nervous about the possibility of losing the next two hands.

She slid her jeans down to the floor and stepped out of them. Holding her hands out as if to say, 'hear I am, you won another show', she heard a click.

Wes, who sat comfortably in a pair of jeans, had taken a picture of her with his digital camera and was snickering as he looked at it on the display.

"What are you doing!"

Wes turned the camera around and let her see the picture of herself standing there in white bra and matching panties with her jeans at her feet and her petite breasts filling the half cups.

"That's funny Wes. You have to delete that."

"No," Wes said laughing. It's my house and my camera. You came here to play strip poker willingly.

"C'mon," she protested. "What if somebody sees that?"

"Somebody will. Me."

"You know what I mean. What if you accidentally lose it or it ends up on the net somehow?"

"I won't lose it. I'll put it in a locked file on my computer," he said getting a sarcastic look from Amy. "It will be fine. C'mon let me keep it. It's no secret I've got the hots for you. Last summer you caught me jacking off when you had been sunbathing, all you did was wink and go back to what you were doing. How is this any different?"

"Because Wes, if anybody accused me of posing for you while you jacked off I could just deny it. This could get me in a lot of trouble. I have a boyfriend."

"Look who's all of a sudden so good and loyal. You came here to play strip poker, we had it planned for a week. What would your boyfriend say if he saw this?"

"It's a dare that's all. There's nothing sexual about it. It's like the time you dared me to run around the block in my underwear. Is that what this is about? You want this to be sexual? Here," she said reaching behind her, "if you delete the picture, you automatically win the next two hands."

Wes looked her up and down playfully. "Okay."

Amy heard the chime on the camera.

"Is it gone?" she asked. After Wes had nodded yes she unclasped her bra and pulled down her panties and stepped out of them. Her thin petite body stood there hands out like before. That's just how she coped with being nervous. "There you go. Just for you."

Wes was trying not to laugh.

"What is so funny?" Amy said smiling. She was just beginning to feel a little safer when she heard another chime.

Wes was looking over her slender legs, following them up to her hips and belly, when he turned the camera around again to show her video of herself taking off her bra and panties and posing.

"Wes! This is getting out of hand! Give me the camera," she said holding out her hand.

He held it out to her but pulled it back when she reached for it. She stepped closer but he held it up over his head.

"I'm not falling for this," she said. "You are not going to get me to wrestle you until I have my clothes back on." She began slipping her panties back on and looked up, Wes got out of his seat and left the room. "Hey! Don't even think about hiding that on me!"

After getting dressed, Amy found Wes at his computer in his room just in time to read 99% on the computer screen, then it disappeared.

"Ninety nine percent what Wes?" she demanded.

"I was just taking some things off the camera and putting them on the computer," he said calmly.

"Wes stop fooling around please."

"I don't see what the big deal is. If I jack off when you are sunbathing or if I jack off to a video clip of you what's the difference?" He was serious now.

"The difference is you are not my boyfriend. Those kinds of things are for my boyfriend. Yes, I've teased you, but those are the kind of things we can get away with and this is dangerous."

A grin returned to his face, "you'll never believe what you'll have to do to get me to delete these."

She felt a little pang of anger but she was at his mercy so she did her best to remain calm. "And what would that be?"

"Blow me," he said.

"How did I know you were going to say that? Wes I can't. I am not single. I have to be loyal to my boyfriend."

"Teasing me to get my cock hard is being loyal?"

"I've never actually touched you."

"I promise I'll delete everything if you do it this once."

She hesitated. "Open the file where you have them."

Wes double clicked on a folder and two files appeared inside. One a picture and the other a video.

"If I do this you will get rid of them? You already fooled me once."

"If you do this you can get rid of them yourself."

She stood there thinking about it for a minute then slowly knelt in front of his computer chair.

"You are such a jerk Wes," she said as she unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans. "I can't believe you. I'll never forgive you for this."

She pulled his cock free and it finished growing in her hands. She gave it a couple loving strokes.

Wes looked down at her, waiting.

Finally, she lowered her head slowly and took the tip in her mouth.

It was true, she had been a tease, but this was the first time the two actually touched sexually. His thick cock slowly filled her mouth inch by inch as she reluctantly lowered her head.

She pulled back dragging it along her tongue. She felt guilty that she admired his cock and liked the way it felt in her mouth and it scared her. She decided she better just get the job done. She tried to keep her boyfriend on her mind as she began to bob her head in Wes' lap faster and harder. The head worked its way back toward her throat with every stroke.

Wes tipped his head back in his chair, arms at rest on the armrests, feeling Amy's warm mouth glide over every vein. He felt it get tighter as the head of his cock reached her throat each time.

Amy was vigorously bobbing her head and massaging his balls trying to finish him off for several minutes before she had to stop for a breath. "You are doing this on purpose aren't you?"

"We'll get there. It feels so good," he said.

She dropped her head back down to his cock and slid her lips down to the base; Wes' scrotum resting on her chin. She hummed.

"When the time comes do you want a warning?"

"Hell yeah," she said taking another break, "I don't like it in my mouth it's disgusting."

"Shouldn't you take off your shirt then? To be safe? And your bra?"

"Damn it," she said after giving it some thought. She peeled her t-shirt off and unclasped the bra again. She didn't chit chat anymore just went back to the blowjob. She was desperate to just get it over with but Wes enjoyed the vigor at which she sucked his cock.

She nearly gagged the last time she took the entire thing into her mouth but his legs finally started to shake. She took the sign to keep going and bobbed her head faster and harder then before.

"I'm gonna cum," Wes grunted as his hip lifted up off the seat.

Amy pulled his cock out of her mouth and tipped her head back and closed her eyes waiting for the spray. Nothing. She opened her eyes and his hard cock was still there in her face.

"You stopped," he said.

"I told you I'm not swallowing it."

"That's fine but you still have to make it shoot."

Amy's past boyfriends would jack the last few seconds off themselves to shoot a load on her face. Wes wanted her to get the cum out herself. She took his cock in her hands and started stroking.

"The deal was for a blowjob," he said.

She put the head of his cock in her mouth. It was a game of reflexes now. She sucked on the head, rolling her tongue around it, feeling his legs begin to tremble again. His hips started to buck a little then they remained elevated off the seat. She took that to mean he was about to cum and gave the head of his cock three for four quick sucks and pulled her mouth away. She had timed it right. Thick ropes of cum shot out onto her face and tits. She couldn't believe how much cum he had.

She didn't want to leave him alone to copy or move any files so she took the mouse and clicked on each file before going to clean up. Wes looked her sexy body over; messy face.

Satisfied that those were the files of her she dragged them each to the trash and emptied it. Then she went to the bathroom to clean up. She felt used but she would get over it. That's the thing about having been best friends with somebody since you were just a child: they know you will love them no matter what and start to feel like they can get away with things.
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